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Two Friends Lust

John is twenty years old and is an engineering student at Dublin City University and David, twenty-one, studies medicine at University College Cork.This is the story of how they got to know each other and how they got ready to meet for a week's holiday together sailing near Bantry in the beautiful west of County Cork.First they'd arranged to meet up in David's home in Cork City.

I should tell you that they are both fine young men.John is five foot nine, with fair hair and blue eyes and David is five ten with brown hair. I don't know what colour his eyes are but I've heard that they're really sexy. They're nicely proportioned lads, not too muscular, but strong enough nevertheless. Flawless skin and plenty of outdoor sports on the beach in the summer has left them with a nice tan."A tan?", I hear you ask.Well even in Ireland the sun shines sometimes!

Well-proportioned chests, flat stomachs and luscious butts completes the picture of each of them running on the beach, larking around with friends. I'm told they each look mouth-wateringly irresitable in speedos and I can well believe it!John and David have each occupied the lustful minds of quite a number of young women since they were about sixteen years old.

I dare say that there have been some young men too who have felt a certain stirring. If they had been able to see the beautiful uncut cocks of these two young men, well, I think they'd lose it altogether and need to get away from the crowds on the beach to deal decently with their excitement.

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Meet The Players

Meet the Players

This was the fourth year in a row I was attending the State U. alumni athletic auxiliary "meet the players" fundraising banquet.Call it school spirit for my alma mater, if you like, but it basically boiled down to being a huge State football fan and having money to burn. I was hitting my stride professionally, as chief financial officer of a growing regional gas station company. My growing salary kept the wife and kids more or less content, and my penthouse office and golf-on-Wednesdays schedule kept me happy.

These banquets were essentially a who's who of the city's business community, the guestlist a rolodex of the big players in the Chamber of Commerce and city business planning committee. I was hardly the only diehard fan of the State ball team here.

Normally, I'm seated next to other contributors, but I guess the extra mid-year topoff gift I gave had perks, cause this year I was sitting next to none other than Mike Herrick. Herrick was the sophomore phenom already working wonders in State's offensive line, with hunky looks and a clean cut image to boot. Sincere, confident, FCA, faith-and-family, decent student, the whole works.Essentially an NCAA PR guy's wet dream.

Here he was, his broad shouldered frame dressed in Sunday suit and tie, unfurling his napkin, and shaking my hand.

"Hello, sir. I'm Mike Herrick." Nineteen years old, dirty blonde, round cheeked, with a slight beak nose. Posterboy jock. Let's just say those forbidden thoughts were flooding in hard and fast.

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New Assignment

Ted couldn't believe his new assignment. Population 8,700, in the sticks, with the sound of banjo music faintly playing in the background. What the hell would a terrorist be doing in this area? That's right. Some drug connection, or gensing, or...it just seemed so pointless. Why would a Navy Seal need to be doing undercover work in po-dunkville? Oh, that's right. He'd mouthed off one too many times. He walked into the rental house. Plain. Dull. Bordering on small. Furnished. An hour later, Ted had his sheets on the bed, his plates in the cupboard, and some other stuff placed. He'd venture out in a bit and find the farm he was to investigate as a nature photographer. Unfortunately, he didn't have good directions, and by nightfall he'd returned to the house disappointed. He checked out the local bars. Skanks. He thought he'd get lucky with the one who spoke a few 2-syllable words, until he caught her in the light and saw too many missing teeth. "Barkeep, what is the deal around here?" Ted asked the bartender at close. "New in town?" the bartender Ben asked. "Yeah, I'm living over on Clover Street. I went out today to shoot some nature shots, but I can't find anything," Ted said. "But it's the women. They're gross." "Pretty slim pickings, if you're choosey. Most guys round these parts aren't," Ben replied. "You're kidding? Wow. So, what do people do around here for fun?" Ted inquired. "Sex, usually. Go out to a creek and get plowed, um, drunk; well, then plowed, too," Ben chuckled. "Drink and go to church. Amen." Ted took a second look at Ben. The guy couldn't have been more than 25, dark haired, about 6', average build. Ted was in great shape as a Navy Seal, standing 6'3" tall, a slightly bulky swimmers build. He shaved almost every where since he was a swimmer, something he'd considered pursuing professionally, but he'd decided to serve his country. He kept his dark brown hair at just regulation. He noticed Ben's hair wasn't regulation; locks of it hung into his eyes. Ted noticed "regulation" on others all the time. "Sex, drinking and church. What a combination," Ted observed. "You're telling me. Nothing like serving a minister drinks and watching him go home with any of the town sluts, then knowing he's delivering a sermon in the morning," Ben said. "Really? I guess I expected that stereotypical small town life," Ted sighed, standing to leave. "Well, compared to what? As far as I know, this has always been small town life. Just different kinds of sins from the city," Ben teased. "I guess it's just different degrees," Ted said. "I'm heading home." "If I can be of any help, you know where to find me," Ben said.

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Young Bitch Experience

All of the normal legalities apply. If you're underage don't read, if you aren't interested in male/male etc don't read. This story is true, with only a few exaggerations for better story telling.

Young Bitch Experience - Chapter 1 By John

Looking back this was one of the first great experiences of my life. I suppose I should tell you about myself (at that time at least.) My name is John, and I was 15, almost 16. I was about 5 foot 6, with a good body, not muscular. I have dark brown hair, green eyes, and glasses. My balls are smaller, and I had a 5-inch cut cock. For a few years I had known I was into guys, I don't think girls ever made me horny. First I looked at guys my age in boxers, and I became more and more interested in leather and found out about dominance and submission. I immediately felt the need to be submissive and be some ones bitch.

Obviously, at the age of 14-15, this was a difficult task. I would look for someone, have to lie about my age, but never actually be able to do anything.One day, I did that such thing. I Instant Message a man, who I found out to be named Jack, who was about 55. He lived in my area and I told him I was 30 and looking for a master. He seemed very pleased with me, and I jacked off to the images of being his slave several times.

One of the times I was really upset that I could never be his slave and fulfill the reason I was put on this earth for, that I told him I was 15. He didn't seem disappointed, but actually rather happy. He told me that he "always wanted a hot virgin teen ass." And my ass was virgin, I had sucked a few dicks, but there wasn't much around my area. I never actually thought I could meet this guy but he seemed very interested. He told me he wanted a teen boy to suck his cock, and take his cum, he wanted a long boy to suck his pierced nipples and lick his pits. He would end every sentence with bitch or slave or boi and it would make my cock jump. He sometimes only referred to me in the second person, as if I was insignificant, which I loved. I become to call him sir and master after every sentence.

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"PONG" - a short story by a Gay Asian and Male Bondage lover

"Please be at the gate 30 minutes before departure".I could have sworn the hunky Thai ground host was showing more than a casual interest as he smiled and looked directly at the "Gay Guide to Bangkok" that was among the papers I was carrying.I was in such a rush to make my flight that I didn't spend the time to properly pack before I left the hotel.I couldn't help but admire his clean muscled looks in that tight form-fitting shirt and slacks.My two weeks vacation in Thailand left me wanting more of these georgious men.I was on an extended summer vacation just following college graduation - my gift from a wealthy and favorite uncle - the only family I really had having lost my parents when I was ten.

As I approached Immigration I sighed as I saw the long lines - tourism was at it's peak in this fun filled country.After the passport formalities I headed toward the departure area past the final customs check when I heard "One moment please!" - looking back I saw a young Thai customs officer beckoning me to a counter."Final check -please".Annoyed more than anything else at this stage I unzipped my hand carry bag carrying a change of clothes for the long flight back to Phoenix via San Francisco.The officer couldn't have been older than 22 - chisled face that looked very serious - even for someone so young.He didn't look the type to appreciate small-talk despite his looks.I noticed he packed a side-arm and a cuff-case on a black leather belt strapped to his narrow hips.

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The Purpose Of Sex

I use sex for many things. No seriously, here's what I use sex for.

First when I get on a plane and hear about "light rain" or "high level storms" or just feel the plane bump around. I close my eyes and think of sex - naked men and boys frolicking together, group showers, 2am orgies, or just one on one kissing, petting, stripping, licking, sucking and fucking. It works.

Then there are those long boring lectures reiterating what I read in the prescribed reading. As a precaution I record it on my little recorder too. So I can let my eyes wander and my brain strip down the other bored students in the hall. There's the red headed farm boy who would look better wearing nothing but bib overalls with side buttons open so my hands can examine him whenever I want.

The very butch tattooed shouldered buzz cut blonde guy who would call me baby, honey and other mushy things as I knelt over him in bed licking his ball sac, sucking his fatty cock and lifting his thick thighs so I could use my tongue across his butt hole melting him into a willing bottom boy.

Even the scholastic glasses adorned Professor assistant sitting on his appointed stool, his eyes moving from his mentor to the bored students. His open collar shirt revealing a smooth chest and a mysterious leather necklace with an ivory tooth dangling pointing towards where he'd rather have me looking.

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Study Room Suck

I will always remember my first taste of a man's juices. It was way back in high school when I was a small skinny kid.

I wasn't a particularly good student so I found that I had to use the schools private study rooms most afternoons. These rooms weren't very big; they just had room for one desk and had two doors, one leading to the corridor which could be locked and one leading to an adjoining classroom.

Now I had know for some time I was gay although I had never actively done anything about it. There was this one teacher though that I had fantasised about, he was the German teacher and very much a loner likes me. He was around 65 years old, about 350lbs and had the most wonderful full beard I had ever seen. He used to walk around the school wearing pants and shirts that must have been 2 or 3 sizes too small for him so you could see every bump and bulge. At that age it drove me wild and I must have walked around school with a permanent erection.

On one afternoon I found myself in the study room next to his classroom and from my position behind my desk I had a great view of him sat behind his desk marking papers. Every few mins he would lean back and stretch showing off his huge stomach. I got so turned on watching him I started to stroke my pants, it didn't take long before I had my zip undone and my hard and dripping wet cock was out and I was jacking off.

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