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Early To Work

Ian emerged from his car. It was already hot and the sky was just getting light. It had been hot all night long.

He set the alarm early deciding to beat the hot commute by going to work very early. So the alarm sounded at 4 am and he reluctantly put clothing on his naked body. He always slept in the nude but during these hot nights he slept nude on top of the bedcovers.

Carrying his work clothes on a hanger, he walked from the parking lot to the building wearing his shorts and wife beater. Ian wasn't expecting anybody else there.

"Hi" The man was handsome, smiling and dressed in a suit. "I'd ask if it was hot enough for you but I see you found a way to beat it."

Ian nodded "yea figured I'll get dressed later once the building air conditioning chills the place down".

"Good idea" the man said "Maybe I'll strip down till then too. You headed for the 8th floor?" he asked as he got in the elevator.

"Yes Sir, you?" Ian asked hoping his cock wasn't revealing his attraction to the man. He had his usual morning wood when he woke up but decided to ignore it. Now he wished he had milked it.

"Yea, thanks. Meet you in the john in about fifteen minutes" the man said smiling and scratching his crotch.

Ian wasn't sure is he had heard correctly. He unlocked the door and a rush of hot air came from the offices where he worked.

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David And Tyler

Usual rules apply. No under 18's, or 21 depending from where you come from. You know the rules.

My heart was pounding as I led Tyler to my room. We had our school production's dress rehearsal the next day, and as we were a boarding school and Tyler lived in America, he had to come back to school early. Luckily, he asked to stay at my house. I agreed instantly! I had been in love with this boy for two years, and I was determined to make something of it tonight. We'd fondled a couple of times before, the most interesting of these times being at his sixteenth birthday. We were surrounded by our friends in the back of a limo, all rather out of it on champagne. I'd been stroking his almost bald leg, then he grabbed my hand and forced it down the back of his jeans! I was in heaven! A note here: Tyler, at the time of this story was sixteen, and I, David, was fifteen. Most of the night passed without anything interesting to report, until Tyler asked, quite impassively, as if asking for a drink, "So, you have any gay porn on your laptop?" ''Eh?" I asked, unsure of what had just happened. "Gay porn. You have any?" "Erm," I said, mouth dry. "None on my hard drive, but I know some sites!" I grabbed my laptop, and quickly opened up Safari. Typing in 'blboys.com' (my favourite porn site) my cock began to grow in anticipation. My cock was pretty impressive for a fifteen year old, a good five inches soft and seven inches hard. Tyler saw my excitement and grinned. So did I, nervously. A selection of pictures from Mike 18 was our first stop, and Tyler leaned closer in, dangerously close to my cock. "That's so hot... Like, so much rougher than straight sex. Isn't it?" "You've not looked at porn, before?" "I live at school. Kinda hard to." "Well, it depends what porn you're into. But my first hand experience of straight sex wasn't rough," I said, feeling nervous. I'd never told him I'd had sex with a girl, despite him being my best friend. "You had sex with a girl? Who?" "Not saying." "What's it like, then. Tell me that!" I grinned at being more sexually advanced than my older friend. "It's like a wank, without the hand movements. Your orgasm is longer and better, and you cum more." "What about gay sex?" Once more, I was nearly speechless at his forwardness. "Never had it. Just, you know, hand jobs and blow jobs..." I muttered. "Cool," he said, in the beautiful Maryland accent that made me melt. He glanced back at the selection of pictures that were now up. It was mainly two guys groping each other, with their hands under each others clothes. "Dude, this is boring! I want action." "Come on, this is suspense. Anyway, you liked it when it was my hand down your jeans." "I fucking loved it," he whispered. I glanced over to where he was, just at my side, and our eyes met. As one, we moved forwards, but I moved to kiss him. He stopped me. "Dude... no kissing." "Eh?" "Just... no pulling, right?" (pulling was, at the time, what you called a full on tongue kiss.) "Erm, okay." I nuzzled into his neck, licking it slightly, kissing it and nibbling it, as my hard cock throbbed, aching to get out of my jeans. As if reading my mind, Tyler deftly unbuttoned my fly and unzipped me. My seven inch cock sprang out. He gazed down at it, while I gazed at him. I moved towards his crotch, hand outstretched, but he jolted back. "Erm, Davie, I dunno." "Wha- why?" I spluttered, a bit miffed that my cock had made an appearance due to his whim, and he was procrastinating getting his out. However, I could understand his thinking. I'd always been more pubescently advanced than Tyler, and I assumed due to my overall larger frame, I was probably more well hung than him. "I dunno, it's just-" I moved forwards and grabbed his crotch, face to face with him. "Tyler, it's you that I want here tonight, you're all that matters right now. I don't care if your knob is huge, or tiny. I really don't care." He looked at me with his deep brown eyes, so similar to mine, gave a slight nod, And threw himself back onto my bed. I unbuttoned his jeans. He was in boxer briefs, and his bulge was still small, due to his evident nerves. Kissing the flaccid cock, through the material, I rubbed his thighs, then brought his underwear down. My suspicions had been correct. His cock resembled mine at age 12 (this said I had been a very early starter, having had the first pubic hair and armpit hair in my school year), maybe three and a half inches, although quite thick. His pubic hair had not yet begun to spread to his thighs, as was the current bane of myself and a few other close friends, but formed a nearly perfect triangle for three inches up his abdomen, where there was no sign of a treasure trail. His balls, utterly hairless, were still quite packaged close to his body, and were covered in a soft, silky skin. His 'gooch', the area between ball-sack and arse was likewise hairless. "I love it," I whispered. "Really, it's perfect." "It's kinda small though. Smaller than yours." "Mine's raging hard at the moment. And I started puberty earlier than you. And I am above average. Wait till your gets hard, I bet it'll be fine." Again, I moved to his crotch, and kissed the shaft, which I felt begin to stiffen, thicken and lengthen instantly. I licked one of his balls, taking it into my mouth, listening to his moaning. "I'm hard now..." he gasped. I moved back to look. He wasn't small, but he wasn't large, either. He was probably about five and a half inches, but I really didn't care. At that moment, I loved him. I loved everything about him. I looked down at the dick that lay below me. It was thick for its length, with a deep purple head, that looked out of place on the shaft as it was a pretty damn huge head! I leaned down and once more began to lick it, savouring the sweaty taste, and the saltiness of the pre-cum that had begun to seep out. I also listened to the noises he made. His deep breathing. The slight groans. Long exhalation. "Wank me," he murmured. Without saying anything, I obliged. It wasn't the easiest feat I have ever done, as I was used to giving hand jobs to people with cocks a bit longer than six inches, but I found a decent motion. I used my thumb, fore finger and middle finger, gripping tightly and moving his foreskin up and down. I was thankful that he wasn't circumcised, as the only circumcised guy I had ever done anything with had moaned I was to rough. I had retorted that other people hadn't moaned, but then again, I was used to using the foreskin to toss them off. I had to use lube on that guy. But Tyler was loving this. "Harder, faster!" "Better, stronger," I muttered, but my humour was lost on this boy, who was gliding through pleasure land. I continued to stroke him for a few minutes, until I heard him say, "Gonna cum..." I continued, focussing on the head, even larger, more swollen and purple than before. I felt the cock tense between my fingers, and he shot three spurts of very lumpy cum onto his lower abdomen. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Wow..." "Yeah, I'm good." He laughed. I leant forward to kiss him, but again, he stopped me. I glanced at him for a while, while I mopped the cum off his stomach with a tissue. He glanced at my still throbbing cock. "Your turn," he said quietly. My insides leaped. "Sure, but first..." I took my t-shirt off. "... We get naked." Tyler glanced at my fifteen-year-old chest that had already begun to grow a sparse amount of dark hair, and slowly removed his shirt. I gasped as his armpits came into view. He was sporting a small patch of underarm hair, that made me even more excited. I have always had a thing about young guy's armpits, provided they're hot, of course. And Tyler really was. He sat up and pulled his jeans properly off, as I did the same. He then grabbed me, and lay me on my bed. He began to nibble my nipples and play with my armpit hair. I've described Tyler, so I think I'll describe me now. I was, at the time, about 5 11 tall, with broad shoulders and muscled arms. My pubes were nigh on out of control, coming five inches up from the base of my cock, and spreading onto my thighs. My treasure trail led up to my navel with coarse hair, that was oddly the same colour as the hair on my head, as is the rest of my body hair. My armpits had a good amount of hair as well. I was not an abnormally hairy teenage, I just managed to somehow give off that impression. Tyler began to mimic the moves I had demonstrated on him, licking my shaft, sucking on my balls. He seemed to not to enjoy the latter, as I, unlike him, had quite wiry hair on my sack. "You've got hair on your balls," he said. "Yeah... it's not uncommon. You're just... pleasantly unhairy." He glanced at my sack, shrugged, and went back to licking my cock. It was nice enough, but a little boring. However, I was surprised when I felt my cock head enter a warm, moist surrounding. Opening my eyes, I saw he had taken my cockhead into his mouth. "Keep doing that... It's great..." I felt his tongue cross over my tip, and I squirmed with pleasure. As I felt my climax building, I pulled him off my cock. "I don't wanna cum in your mouth.... Not at your first blow job. Wank me, for a bit." He did so, and I just lay back, and let my pleasure build. He was good! There was speed, and rough. He pulled my skin back as far as it would go, causing a slight amount of pain, which I loved. I began to thrust into his hand, my hairy arse lifting off my mattress. "Gonna cum..." I echoed, just before I shot five pressurised loads onto my chest. Tyler looked pleased with himself, causing me to laugh as I cleaned my self down. "That was... intense." "Mmm hmm," I agreed "Still horny though." "I can tell," I said, seeing his cock aiming at me. "What else do you want to do?" "I dunno, you're more experienced than me." "Go on, say anything!" "Okay... finger me!" "Eh?" "Stick your finger up my ass." "Okay..." Tyler lay on his back and opened his legs. I lay my head on his chest, and ran my hand down his hairless gooch, until I reached his hole. I could feel some soft, downy hair around it, as I teased his rim. With my middle finger, I pushed it in, and felt the warm of his inside. He moaned with pleasure. "Stick in another... make it two..." I tried to push in another finger, but it wouldn't go. "Not gonna happen, mate." "My tight ass hole." "You're not kidding." We lay in silence for a while, gazing at each other. "How much do you like me?" he asked. "Hmm?" "How much do you like me?" "I love you..." "Really?" "Really. I love you so much." He looked at me, then my dick. "Stick your dick up my ass." "Wha-?" "Stick it up me." "You're kidding..." "No, go for it!" "You want me to actually have sex with you?" "Sure, why not?" I regarded him for a while, then nodded. I leaned to the gap behind my bed and pulled out a condom and my KY Jelly. I tore open the foil packaging and rolled the thin latex covering down over my shaft, savouring the feeling of the rubber grasping my cock. Tyler rolled over onto his front, and knelt down exposing his arse to me. I was right. There was a small wheel of hair around his pink arse hole. It all lay flat and was set out in a perfect circle. I bent down and licked the pucker, causing him to jump. "Is that your tongue?" "Yeah. It's called rimming. You like it?" "Yeah... Doesn't it taste bad?" "Nope. Not of anything." "Oh. Cool" I moved back and pulled my KY Jelly closer, and I dribbled some onto my covered cock, and rubbed it, causing an even coverage. I put some on my finger and pushed it into Tyler's hole. "I'm going to push my dick in now." "Okay." "I'll go slowly... Tell me if it hurts." "Okay." "You have to push, as if you're taking a shit, when my cock begins to go in. Make it easier." "Right." I aimed my aching cock at his hole, and moved forwards. My head made contact with his arse, and it began to slid in. I felt Tyler push out, and suddenly my cock shot in, the head enveloped. He gasped. "You okay?" "Yeah, it just took me by surprise. Keep going." "Right." I looked down and once more started to push. It slid in with ease, until my thick pubes were tickling Tyler's sparse arse hair. "Gonna thrust now." "Okay." I thrusted backwards and forwards, bringing my cock almost all the way out, then forced it back in. There were times where I knew I must have hit Tyler's prostate, as he shuddered with pleasure. I tried to compare the feeling of my cock in Tyler's arse to when I had fucked the girl, but I couldn't focus. All I could think about was the increasing pleasure I had building. "Oh no..." "What?" I asked through gritted teeth. "Gonna cum again..." "Not on my sheets..." But I felt his arse contract around my cock. The sudden tightening added the last slice of stimulation I needed to go over the edge. I pumped a huge amount of cum into the condom, and I fell onto Tyler's back, where we both lay, until my cock softened, when it just fell out of Tyler's arse. I rolled off him, and he rolled onto his back. His puddle of cum wasn't huge, and his cock had shrunk back to its flaccid three and a half inches. "You said you loved me," he said. "I do...." "Okay..." "Do you love me?" There was a pause. "No, I don't." My stomach tightened, but I kept my cool. "Fair enough." He looked at me, and must have seen something in my eyes, because at that moment he leaned forwards and kissed me. His tongue felt so natural in my mouth, as if it was merely an extension of mine, like it belonged. The kiss was heaven. But it couldn't last forever. "Davie... I'm not gay." "Nor am I! I'm Bi!" "I mean... I'm straight." "Well, I just don't believe that!" "This was a... gift. For you. I led you on, so I thought you should get something in return." "No..." My eyes had begun to tear. "You can't do this to me. Why would you do that?" "Didn't you like it?" "Yeah, it was the best night of my life, and you can't say it didn't mean anything." "I'm gonna go to my room now. I'll see you in the morning." "Ty..." "Night Davie." He left my room and closed the door behind him. I pulled the condom off of my soft cock and fell back onto my bed, tears escaping full and fast, as huge sobs wracked my body.

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Interesting Challenge

An Interesting Challenge

By Collage Maker

[A reworking of "An Interesting Challenge" by an anonymous author in Kaa Starhunter's Anthrosaur site at http:///www.furnation.com/kaa/stories/challenge_1.htm and http:///www.furnation.com/kaa/stories/challenge_2.htm .]

His sweat-covered muscles gleamed as he sailed upwards in a graceful arc, the all-permeating light of the gymnasium illuminating the hard curvature of his body. All around him countless cameras flashed, catching him at the height of his flight, the strobe making him seem to hang in midair. He twisted exactly once before falling, his meaty feet catching the mat with a perfect synchronous thud. He stood erect and raised sinewy arms triumphantly, facing the crowd.

Tense quiet erupted into cheers and shouts, the gathered spectators applauding his performance. More cameras photographed his six feet three of naked muscle, setting his deeply tanned body, chiseled abdomen, thick black hair, alert brown eyes, and brilliant white smile onto film for posterity; proudly on display for (literally) the whole planet to see. He held his dismount pose a moment for the papers before relaxing and stepping off the mat, conscious of the eyes on him.

He enjoyed the eyes. They were half the reward of winning, to his mind, the other half being to have won. He could feel the proud watch of his countrymen, the grudging admiration of foreigners; the men judging him for his ability as an athlete, the women contemplating his prowess at more essentially male tasks. He imagined he could hear them murmur to one another, sharing whispered fantasies of the pressure of his great cock against swollen labia. He turned to look at the crowd again, and gave them all his familiar wry smile as he made his way across the floor. As he left the announcer read out his final score.

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John E. Smith P.O. Box 7762 Port St. Lucie, FL 34985-7762


In times past, before the scourge of AIDS, when gays could have sex promiscuously, with only the fear of the police or of contracting a curable disease like syphilis to inhibit them, I used to cruise the New York subway T-rooms.After a night class in Abnormal Psychology at New York University, onmy way home, I usually cruised the men's room on the mezzanine of the WestFourth subway station.This T-room had been an excitingly active homosexualmeeting place with group orgies taking place right there; but, it had becomeless active because plain-clothed cops, acting as paid Peeping Toms, gettingtheir voyeurist kicks by looking through the gratings, had made several arrests.

My reason for cruising this T-room, even though it was risky, was because, like a pilot fish, swimming, for protection, under the belly of a shark, I thought that I could do it safely and turn the police presence to my advantage. I was not an obvious homosexual -- I did not swish and scream outrageously.I even wore a wedding ring, for social camouflage, when I was cruising.Therefore, the police did not drive me off, as they had driven off the flaming queens, who, in safer T-rooms, always stole the really desirable tricks away from me.As a result, I was sometimes able to pick up some lovely, bladder-heavy straight, who had not heard that the big action had moved elsewhere.He had to settle for me, in desperation, because he could not risk loitering.

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Bathtub Stimulation

I'd been feeling an insistent but pleasant itch in my glans since I'd awakened that morning. I knew I was getting horny, and needed self-release that day. Two things regularly make me horny. One is when I haven't had a cum in a week or longer, and the pressure in my sperm tanks builds up to demand relief. I usually don't let this happen unless I'm looking forward to an encounter with another guy, when I like to save up for a big, blasting orgasm.

The other thing is the build-up of smegma under my foreskin. I don't bother to wash every day, because it isn't necessary and because the build-up creates the pleasant itch that tells me I need an orgasm. Then I empty myself and wash my cock-head at the same time, as I was about to do right then.

I began running water into the bathtub, making it as hot as I could stand it. I enjoy soaking in hot water, and it relaxes my cock and balls as well. I saw my cock floating in the water, the skin coming out from my pubic bush smoothly along the shaft, expanding at the bulge of my cock-head, then tapering to form a nipple in front of the glans. The hot water gave me an urge to pee, but I resisted because I knew that the pressure in my bladder would enhance my sensations. I read a book for half an hour, with just a trickle of hot water keeping the temperature up where I like it. The pleasant itch had settled in my corona, and was at the edge of my consciousness as I read. Then I put down the book and reached for my prick with my left hand.

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"Actually,"Mr. Casey's hand fell onto the small of my back, and I froze, "I do need to use this,"I couldn't move, and as much as I willed my lips to respond, it just wouldn't happen.His hand just felt so warm, even through the shirt and thick hoodie that I now wore in the heat of the summer.

"I have to find an article," I nodded, the only thing I could do.Finally, my fingers broke the trance and I moved the mouse, exited the program I was in, and stepped aside.His hand stayed on my back until I took the step, placing me out of reach.

I wouldn't allow myself to think it.Mr. Casey was married with children.And plus, he was my teacher.He couldn't be...no, that's impossible.There was no way.I kept repeating this to myself the entire second half of class, as he went on about environmental economics, holding my gaze for just a tad too long every time he scanned the class.

I popped a grape in my mouth, scanning the lines of the manuscript a friend had sent to me by email.It was ok.

"Anyone sitting here?"I shook my head, not looking up, and also, not really listening.In the story, this man's boss was hitting on him.

"Is it that good?"The voice asked.Annoyed, I looked up to see who was interrupting me on my way to an erection.Sitting in the chair across from me was the person I'd been trying to avoid outside of class all week, Mr. Casey.I nodded.

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The Lieutenant And The Lifeguard

This story is not copy righted, who in hell would want to copy right this, so go ahead and plagiarize if you want.So, just sit back, unzip and enjoy!That is what it is all about isn't it?


Lieutenant Andrew McLean had just flown back from Kuwait and was ordered to report to the Base as an instructor in desert warfare.He had checked out his fire engine red corvette from the local town vehicle storage company and found his uniforms and gear in the Base storage warehouse.

When he had strippedfromhis cammiesand changed into his pressed green uniform with his two rows of ribbons, he drove to the Base Headquarters where he checked in with the Base Adjutants Office.

The Lieutenant was a hunk.Just under6 foot with brown hair and green eyes he had a toned body that weighed just over 170 pounds.His face and hands had the desert tan of the middle east.The Corporal who checked him in at the Base Adjutant's office looked him over and thought how much he would have liked to roll with the Lieutenantin the sack!Those deep green eyes and that great looking package really turned the Corporal on!

"I will check you in"the Corporal said, "and then you can see the Base Adjutant, Major Holtze.He likes to talk to all of the new officers.I can check you in to the BOQ, and show you to where your new outfit is".(BOQ, Dudes, is the Bachelors Officers Quarters.Usually it is just a long building with a row of rooms and Baths along each side of a corridor down the middle of the building. Most times it is a two story building.)

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