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Becoming Grandpas Slave

I : How It Began

I was born in August 1989 into a middle-class family living in the suburbs. My parents were involved in a car accident when I was just 3, leaving me in the care of my grandparents who lived a little outside the city. I remember my childhood being mostly happy, and I loved living in their big house with a great garden. However, when I was 5 my grandmother passed away, leaving just me and my grandpa, Bruce. He was 65, but still in pretty good condition as he kept busy with maintaining the old house and expansive garden. He was balding a little, and his face was beginning to age yet when I look at photos of him now he still seems very attractive. My favourite photo of him shows him working in his beloved garden wearing just a pair of shorts that barely covered his toned ass. His chest and arms were thick and muscled, tanned and coated with fine blonde hair. His short brown hair was just beginning to thin, and was matted to his face with sweat, his features glistening in the afternoon sun. His nipples protruded about a half inch from his chest, thick and hard. The workshorts he wore were stretched tight against his hard legs and ass, and the bulge of his long cock was clearly visible.

As to my appearance, I was told I resembled my father. I had blonde hair that my grandpa let me grow down to my shoulders. I had blue eyes, and sharp features, both inherited from my dad. My skin was smooth and white, despite the time I spent running around in the sun. As a very active kid who ate nothing but healthy homegrown veges I was very slim and my body was perfect. Despite this, I was never arrogant, always polite and cheerful, a result of my grandparents' strict upbringing.

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Another Showtime

I was a regular at the rocks off Bee Road, which is near my neighborhood. I found out earlier in the year that guys cruised in the north end of the rocks. The first time I was in the area I met a guy, named David, also from my neighborhood. He was married although he was just a couple of years older than me. He told me his wife was expecting his first baby and he was so horny he was looking for someone to give him some head. After falling in love with his large cock springing from his red pubic hairs, I ended up giving him the first of many blowjobs.

My routine was to "cruise" the rocks after school daily. I had just turned eighteen and was in my last year of high school. Today, I arrived at the rocks at three thirty. There were two other "cruisers" in the area. Cruiser's "prey" is a guy who wants a blowjob. Prey, usually, were straight white males from sixteen to fifty.

I had a few regular "preys" that I knew would let me blow them. Sex at the rocks was seldom safe and often random, but always stupid. Today I saw David moving my way with a couple of other men. Dave introduced me to the two tall teenage black guys. David said they were friends who were working construction nearby and he asked me to service them. He was on his way home.

I was nervous being with David's black friends. This was the South where bigotry was a way of life. But I was intrigued with the idea of blowing them. Color did not matter to a cruiser as long as the cum was white and the cock was hard. I moved in front of one of them and I sank down on my knees. "What are you doing?", He asked suddenly. I told him I was going to suck him off. He laughed as he said "Boy, you know what would happen to us if we were caught out here. Shit we could be lynched."

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Delivery Driver Jacking

Four A.M. Delivery drivers wake up early. The dull light of the streetlights peeked through a crack in my curtains, sending a shaft of light running over my hairy pecs, down my abs, and on my thick, nine-inch morning glory -- hard and dripping just as it had been every morning for the past 33 years. The summer was hot, and even though I was naked and on top of the covers my body had a sheen of sweat, filling the room with the musk of man, cock, and precum. I sniffed and grabbed my cock, and a fresh spurt of pre oozed out. I gripped my pole and started to slowly slide along its full length, stretching the foreskin. I added my other hand and started rocking my hips, thrusting my dick in and out of my hands. My breathing began to get ragged and I stopped. I didn't want to cum yet.

I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Inside, I positioned myself in front of the urinal. I live alone, and I prefer my own company, so I can have whatever crazy shit I like. It was one of those troughs that I salvaged from the ball park I used to play at when I was a kid when they renovated it. A lot of memories were built up in this thing. All of the dads used to go there to jack off together when we were at practice. I used to skip out on practice and look on, and I was proud that my dad had the biggest cock out of all of them. It was the first place where I jacked, both alone and with others -- and it remained my favorite place to whack it for years. I let loose a stream of piss so hard that some of it splashed back on me. I milked the last few drops out, and began to whack my cock. I closed my eyes as I stroked, remembering when I was fifteen, standing around this same urinal with my dad and my friends' dads, all of us naked, all of us jacking off. The men were slapping their big hairy cocks, grunting and swearing. I stood in the center, my body just starting to get hairy, jerking my oversized cock, too horny to think -- just grunting and sweating. My dad placed his hand on my shoulder, proud of his son; proud of his son's big dick; proud of the way his son stroked his cock like a man. My balls tightened up, and I stopped again. I didn't want to cum yet.

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Will wasn't a fan of the game per sey. He rarely watched it on TV at home unless his Dad or brothers were watching.

But he would say, "goin to bball" when his mother asked where he was goin.

And biking across town, he went from one court to another watching half naked guys sweat until they glowed under the sun.

Tall, short, black, white, great players and not so good alike were easy to watch. He rarely played always perferring to go to crowded courts where nobody would notice him watching.

The strong legs, the intense expressions, the smooth or hairy chests, the rounded buttocks, the long shorts and the short shorts were all wonderful to see.

Every now and then he felt the eyes of those looking and he'd smile or nod or ignore depending on who it was.

If their expressions were blank he would return the same. If they seemed angry as if they knew what he was doing, he'd look away. If they seemed friendly he'd smile back and if they seemed more then just curious, he'd nod.

"Hey you ever play?"

"Sometimes, but I learn by watching you guys. Your jump shots are hot" He used the key word to see what happened. Will had learned well.

"Thanks, you look like you're a player too. Maybe we can do some one on one sometime"

"Yea but away from the others, one on one is better that way" Will would take things a step further.

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At The Pool

Patrick and Danny had been members of the same club for many years. Danny was a year older than Patrick and they were not friends.They were both equally popular in their own grades, they had many friends and any girl they wanted.

Danny was 18 years old, 5' 11" with dirty blonde hair and a swimmers build.He had been swimming on the club swim team since he was younger. Patrick was 6'2" and very muscular.He was a star on the high school football and hockey team.Danny was secretly attracted to men and had always admired Patrick and imagined him naked and all of the things that he would do if he could be with him.

Patrick left his house to head over to the pool with his friends.It was a beautiful day, and summer vacation had just started.He grabbed his swimsuit and ran out to his friends waiting car.They were planning on spending the afternoon poolside with a group of friends.

Danny had been at the club all day.He arrived in the morning to play tennis with his usual tennis partners.They played two matches and then decided to hit the showers and the pool.As the four lathered up the shower, it took every ounce of effort to keep Danny from getting hard. He looked around the showers, three of his closest friends along with four other guys a few years younger.

He watched as one of his friends, Matt, washed himself.He couldn't keep his eyes off of his hot cock.It was about 5inches when soft with a big mushroom tip.He had never seen it hard but could only imagine what it would be like.His two other friends were smaller, about 3 or 4 inches when soft.But Jake, like Danny, was uncircumcised.Danny's own cock was about 3.5 inches when soft and grew to about 5.5 when hard.He had a long foreskin which he loved to play with when he jerked off.When he looked around the room at the other younger guys, he noticed their cocks as well.The four of them had smallish cocks, not unusual for 12 and 14yr olds.They were all cut and had some hair on them.Danny's imagination was going wild in the showers, he wanted nothing more than to gobble down some cocks and taste their cum.

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Bad Happy Ending

**This story is very sexual and for mature readers only.If you are under 18, you are not welcome.

Foreword: You've read stories here and elsewhere about About a college student's roommate being a guy's Sexual ideal and the frustration of being gay and He being straight.Most stories make the reader Happy, you know, the straight guy is secretly gay And they become lovers.Does this happen in real Life?Not often.You know that too.Anyway here Goes.Hope it's not too much of a downer.

I am Craig.Any boi would love to get their hands on me, but they won't. I will stay a virgin until Jeff decides to have sex with me.That might be never.He is about as straight as a guy can be.Although he looks like a male model, curly dark hair, slight beard shadow, great shoulders and narrow waist he doesn't even realize that he's hot.Even his toes are outstanding, perfectly straight with three hairs on each one.His smile make you squint your eyes, it's so bright.

Jeff is an all around good guy.He plays baseball for the Uni. But manages to devote time to tutoring at the local adolescent Detention Center.

He likes me!But he never shows any sexual interest.I don't think he has ever looked down past my waist.He's totally uninterested in male equipment, although his is excellent (I don't mind looking.)Naturally it's untrimmed, plenty of hair there but his meat and large hanging balls can be seen through the jungle.Most of his body in hairless, but he has some around each large nipple surround....cute.He also has a trail going down to his essentials.

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Breaking The Spell

Clint was on his bed wearing his cotton bathrobe. He wasn't sure if it had been tied closed when he began his nap or just slightly opened.

David and Clint had been roommates for about two months by then. Both seemed happy with the arrangement, two bedrooms, shared bathroom, nice living room which even had it's own fold out couch.

"We can pull in a third roomate if we need too" Clint said looking a the couch.

"Or just open it up for fun" David smiled and his eye twinkled. Clint saw it and nudged him thinking the landlord would take offense.

"You boys seem perfect, if you want the place it's yours" the landlord said. She was an older woman with a nice smile and a funny waddle in her walk due to her size.

When Clint came home from work one day he saw David was painting his bedroom. He was totally naked.

"Dont want to ruin the clothes" he said smiling at Clint.Clint stayed there talking and enjoying seeing his new roommate stretch, move and flex as he continued painting the ceiling.

"Hope you don't mind, I mean we are roomies so we better get used to seeing each other naked, you know?" David said.

Clint had moved away to hide his erection. In fact he went to his own bedroom, stripped naked and had to masturbate to calm down.

So two months went by and each got used to the other's habits, friends and seeing each other naked now and then.

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