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Kids Servant


This is a work of fiction, and those people who are prevented from reading such fictional works either by age, by preference (homosexual content), or by law should stop reading and go back on your browser.

All of the characters presented here are fictional representations.

It's just a story. Please enjoy.

Chapter 1

I did not come form a very wealthy family. My dad moved from minimum wage job to minimum wage job, and my mom was a waitress in a run down diner. We used to have a small house, but we were evicted and forced to live in a small apartment building considered "the projects".

I didn't mind though because it was all I ever knew. I was 22 years old and knew I was poor and probably always would be. At the store I worked at, I saw rich people all the time tossing their money around like it grew on trees. While I received minimum wage and worked 50 hours a week, many of these people never worked a day in their lives. It made me jealous and angry, but I was forced to serve them.

The worst was when these rich people brought their little brats in. These kids had no respect for money. I had to cater to and be subservient to these little brats while they whined about not having the newest electronics, and taking their anger out on me.

One day a man in his late 40's came into the store I worked at. I was stationed in the electronics department that day, and was busy wiping down the display case. The man wore an expensive suit and a perfectly ironed shirt. Walking next to him was a boy. I guessed his age to be about 11. The boy was very handsome with sleek black hair and smooth white legs. He was wearing khaki shorts and a t-shit that had a few superheroes on it.

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High School Dude Brad

This story was written by me, Trix (which you actually pronounce as, Tric). If you are younger than 18 years old, please leave now.

These four stories should only be posted on nifty. I did, however give permission to a friend to post these short stories on another website (not sure which one though).

These short stories are completely fictional. You may notice in the stories that the main character is always named, Brad. The name, Brad does not have any significance in my life, I don't even know anyone called, Brad, and I have no idea why I always use, Brad, at all.

Each short story is not connected with the next, except of course the name, Brad.

The reason why these stories are all put together is because I wrote them, basically around the same time as each other, also because the stories are quite short.

I have also written, Brad's Story which can be found in the gay-high school section, and I will be posting the next chapter of that, soon.

I would love to hear any of your views or comments so please email me at: trixnight@gmail.com

Mr Ferge, the Biology teacher (1)

I entered my last lesson of the day, Biology, 20 minutes late. As I burst into the classroom, Mr Ferge looked up from his desk. The class was quiet. All were wide eyed looking from me to Mr Ferge.

"Brad, late again. You'll stay behind after class to make up for loss time" shouted Mr Ferge.

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Shower Surprise

My name's Trevor, and I'm a junior in high school.I work after school as a janitor, sweeping the halls and cleaning the locker rooms.Scrubbing out toilets after the football team has used them is not a good time, but the money was good and I worked later at night, so none of my friends were around to smell me after a few hours on the job.

I had been slacking off for a few days, leaving my work undone because the real janitor was out of town and I'm a lazy shit.He was coming back tomorrow, though, so I had to get it done quick.It was almost eight when I got around to the locker room, and I was surprised to see lights since the building was supposed to be empty long before.

The school locker rooms are a big maze down in the basement of the building, down the hall from the gym.The first room is a large bathroom, with a long row of stalls on one wall and urinals opposite.A door led into a room full of sinks, and past that through another door into the lockers and shower area.My supply closet is in the locker area, set in the wall between the lockers and showers, with doors leading to both.

As I unlocked the closet door I heard water running, and voices.I walked through the closet to the other door and peeked out through the small door window into the shower area.In the far corner, under the spray of a couple of showerheads, was a built football player, maybe 6'2.With four legs.And an extra set of hands clinging to his ass.His broad, smooth back hid whoever he was with, but the extra legs had a light dusting of dark hair.

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How To Make Love To A Woman

"You're kidding me!" Clif said as he plonked down on the bed next to me. "You've never had sex with a woman?" As we were both sophomores in college and twenty years old, his incredulity had some basis.

I shrugged uncomfortably. "I just...well...never got to it."

"So how far have you gone?"


"I mean, have you done any rubbing against a woman, maybe shoot in your pants that way?"


"How about feeling her boobs under her sweater and she's not wearing a bra?"


"On top of her sweater and bra?"


"Lance...have you ever even kissed a girl?"

I shook my head miserably. "I...I figured I'd better tell you. Before you set me up with this weekend."

Clif wanted me to go with a couple of co-eds from the college up to a mountain cabin for a three-day weekend retreat. We would have a lake to swim in, cool weather to enjoy, lots of other people to hang with...and at night, one of these girls would join me in my bed. Oh, she knew who I was, liked my body and face and what she knew of me, thought sex with me would be fun, and was ready to spend three days finding out how much fun that was. If that didn't work out, there would be other girls, they would switch beds or such. Just casual sex, condoms and birth control pills required, fun for everyone.

Only the thought of that scared the shit out of me!

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Relaxation Masturbation

It's a balmy 70 degrees outside today in the month of February on Florida's East Coast. I'm sitting outside overlooking the Atlantic Ocean watching the sea gulls fly off in the distance and hearing the roar of the ocean waves crashing on shore. There isn't a person in sight for miles as I sit in my lawn chair with no shirt on soaking up the mid-day sun. A nice gentle breeze filters through my hair and the smell of fresh sea air is apparent. As I sit there in a state of complete mental relaxation a totally powerful, incredibly provocative, and alarmingly erotic mental image takes up residence in my mind and consumes my thoughts. I feel strong stirrings beginning to take place in my groin. I look down towards the porch and realize my cock is hanging out of my boxers dangling back and forth with the breeze. Before long I notice my nipples are as hard as pencil erasers. I look down and see tiny droplets of precum drizzling from the tip of my penis and landing on the porch. I start to touch my ball sack. It's so warm, so soft, and so hairy. Then I run my fingers up underneath my balls and towards my ass to touch that area between your nuts and your hole feeling the intensity, back and forth, back and forth. My cock is now rock hard sticking straight up towards the sky.

I move my right hand slowly in a circular fashion stroking the tip of my cock to massage the precum all around my cockhead. I jerk off faster now and my balls start banging up against the seat of the chair all the while my left hand is fingering my hole in and out with my index finger. At the same time my right hand jacking my cock up and down. I start to feel a tiny quivering inside my groin area signaling the start of an incredible orgasm. I feel it increasing slowly yet steadily rising, gaining power in exponential intensity. I feel my ball juices start to flow into my cock like a stopped up drain fills with water. Right hand up and down, left hand in and out. I look down and see that my nipples are extraordinarily hard right now sticking out as if to pick up something writhing in pleasure. My head falls back in the chair and my mouth opens up gasping for air. My eyes are opening slowly and then closing again, the world seems to dim and fade, spin and stop. I can't help it; this feeling is so inundating and alive. A rush from a distant dimension of my fantasy caught up with reality. My ball juices have filled up my penis like an overflowing swimming pool.

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This is a true story.It took place some years ago.


It was Friday and the hot late afternoon sun beat down on the tarmac like a giant blowtorch blasting the heat onto my uniform and making me sweat uncomfortably.I'll sure be glad when that damn airplane gets down and I can get out of this heat and into the air conditioned comfort of the terminal, I thought as I saw it begin its final approach to the runway.The job of meeting this new guy was given me by the Commander because we were the same rank and about the same age.He's 24 and I'm `senior' by a year at 25.I'm the unit Communications Officer and he will be the new Chief of Security meaning he'll be responsible for the security of our aircraft. We'll be living in the BOQ with separate bedrooms but sharing a connecting bathroom.It'll be nice having someone my age living next door, I thought. The previous guy was an unaccompanied (married guy who's family remained back in the states) Captain twenty years older than me.He finally got his wish and was transferred out of this hot-as-hell base about three weeks ago. He was the Chief of Security but had some problems with his men and had his tour of duty here shortened by order of the Colonel, our Commander. Since he was still a Captain at 45 he must have had problems at his prior assignments as well.I don't think he will remain in the service for much longer with his poor record.There were whispered rumors that he tried to force one of his young airmen to have sex with him and was caught by a non-com.But it was hushed up and he left in a hurry.

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First Night Of August

I was standing right at the edge of the 4 feet high ramp, with Dolan, a straight Irish friend whose Italian girlfriend used to work for my company, and some other friends and acquaintances casually distributed in my vicinity. Dolan freaked out to the sounds of "Crazy", one of these high-energy songs that make you shake and shag more than your flesh and bones can bear. We laughed and had fun, beer and a few cigarettes.

Julian noticed him first. He was standing about 5 feet in front of me with his back turned towards me. His well-defined arms and shoulders mesmerized me, the attractive view of this back, the dark tan. Muscular Asian bodies are sculptured like no others. Their muscles hardly ever look bulgy and fleshly, but gentle, soft, simply breathtaking. This is the breed of men I have fallen for.

I reached forward and tapped the guy's shoulder. He reacted, turning around. With a gesture of my left hand and a winning smile, I invited him to step up to the platform and dance with me here. He smiled the smile of angels, shook his head, and turned around.

He was dancing with a seldom grace, no professional dancer, mind you, but swaying hips I would die for. His white and blue striped muscle shirt made his tan look healthy and his skin soft. I longed for a touch, when I realized the hand.

A white, hairy hand reached behind the boy's back, pressing him towards the body in front. Lovers. Although I enjoy the look of embracing males, I saw my chances dwindling as the Asian hunk's enthralling body pressed itself to the fat and hairy back of an elderly white man, who, at that moment, turned around.

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