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Circle Jerk

I'd been on an Internet chat site for several months, and the guy I'd formed the closest attachment with was "Naturalman," (real name Bob) whose handle denoted that he was uncut, like me. We'd cyber-jacked a few times, then gotten into fantasy as well. Fantasy had the advantage that anything went, because "safe sex" was irrelevant. This Saturday afternoon I lay back in my recliner, with glycerin lube and lots of paper towels, and began another fantasy: We'd decided to meet at a hotel in the mid-West this time, and when I arrived I asked for Bob's room. He hugged me as I slipped in, and I saw he was already bare. It was a hot day, and I quickly stripped down, giving him a good look at me. Bob had the better build, as he worked out regularly, although at 5'7" he was quite a bit shorter than my 6'2". It didn't matter when we sat on the bed facing each other, our hooded pricks arcing above our tight scrotums. I noticed a large sparkling drop of cock-dew filling the pucker of his foreskin. He shaved his balls, unlike me, and I cupped them in my left hand because I knew how much this turned him on. The outline of his sexy helmet-shaped cock-head was very visible through the long wrinkled hood, and I grasped the end between two fingers. His fingers lightly brushed my cock, and I gasped as a hot tingle shot through my penis. He squeezed my bulging glans through its covering, making my cock-root throb in response. We both became hard and watched as his hood drew partly back from his big bulging head. My long thick foreskin nipple vanished, but the bulky purple helmet remained covered, with only a small opening in the hood revealing the promise underneath. My prick pointed straight at his face. "Your slit's like a teardrop now that it's hard," he said, as he gently jiggled the hood back and forth over the slippery dome. I saw the wrinkles in his foreskin smooth out as the hood stretched over his head. Our cocks were about the same length: mine exactly six inches and his slightly shorter. My cock-head was also slightly bulkier than his. The lips of his slit pouted, as a clear drop forced them apart. With the partial uncovering of our cock-heads, the strong, masculine odor of wet glans and foreskin filled the room, arousing us. We looked at each other and quickly scrambled into a "69" position, and in seconds I was lapping at the dripping wet lips of his piss-slit. I felt his warm tongue probe under my hood, first around the hole, then farther back to caress the rim and the deep groove behind it. I drew the protective hood back off his precious head and tongued it thoroughly, enjoying the taste and the smooth texture of the sensitive surface as my tongue explored the flaring rim and deep groove behind it. "Your lube tastes salty," he commented as he raised his head for a moment. "So does yours," I replied as I removed my mouth to go down on his shaven balls. The heavy odor of his sweat and his pubic hair filled my nostrils, although his scrotum was bare, and my tongue worked lovingly over the sensitive surface. I was working his foreskin forward again as I lapped his balls, stroking it sensually over the swollen head. I felt his other hand cup my balls. "I know you like that as much as I do," Bob said as he gently kneaded my tight scrotum. I felt his tongue probe deeper, around the groove behind my ridge, then run down until it slid between the twin lobes under my glans. My foreskin began slipping back, and Bob's fingers pulled back gently on my shaft skin, dragging the hood off the head. His lips locked into the groove behind the head, and he began a hot hard suction. Ooooh, Bob, that feels so good," I said, as his tongue began a frenzied tickling of my pee-hole. I removed my mouth from his prick and began a strong pumping up and down, massaging his swollen glans with his foreskin. As I pulled it all the way forward, the end formed a wrinkled pucker in front of the head, masking it until I pulled it back again to bare the helmet. It was purple, lighter in front near the orifice, and becoming darker towards the rear. Right around the pouting slit, it was reddish, while his flaring corona was deep purple, like mine. "How would you like me to slip my hood over your tip?" I asked. "I'd love it," he replied quickly. "I've wondered how docking would feel ever since we first chatted and I found out you had a really long skin." We shuffled around until we were face to face and tip to tip, and I grasped the edges of my foreskin to widen the opening. I pulled it forward and out, and Bob slowly slipped his shiny purple cock-head inside until the nose touched the front dome of my glans. I gasped when I first felt his hot hard head pressing against mine, and then stretched my hood until it encased his ridge. I pulled a bit farther until the edge dropped into the groove behind his corona, and removed my hands to let him stretch his foreskin forward over mine. Now we were locked together, tip to tip, and enjoying the heavenly feeling. It was warm and slippery inside, as Bob was oozing enough lubricant for us both. We hardly moved, relishing the delicious sensations inside our overlapping hoods. I squeezed his glans through the skin, and felt it throb against mine. Bob's fingers wrapped around my shaft, twisting the skin and sending messages of joy into my nerve endings. I grasped his prick and gently began massaging his ridge through the skin with my thumb. He was very sensitive there, and reacted immediately. Bob's eyes opened wide as they stared into mine, and I heard him begin a soft "AH-AH" with each stroke. His twisting motion was having its effect on my prick, and I felt the head and shaft swelling as my excitement mounted. I also felt his ridge swell and harden under my thumb as I worked it, and heard his "AH-AH-AH" become louder. My other hand cupped his smooth balls, and his tone deepened as he neared the peak. Bob cried out "HAH-HAH-HAH!" as his eyes closed and I felt his glans throb hard against mine. "Jack!" he yelled as the hot heavy gush erupted from his tip, shooting into my teardrop orifice and down my tube like a torrent of lava, searing the sensitive inside of my urethra. The hot hard spike of sensation drove down through my prick to the root, triggering my first spasm. I cried out "Bob, Bob" as I writhed in sensation, feeling the rush of juice in my prick, and the tickling sensation as it gushed through the lips of my orifice to bathe both our cock-heads in cream. Bob's hot helmet throbbed again, as did mine, as we gushed again and again. My hot tingling cock-head was awash in boiling lava, and I felt his tip throb against it, as all conscious thought was suspended and the rush of sensations overpowered me. Dimly, I was aware of Bob's body straining against mine, as helpless as I was. My eyes were closed because all my attention was focused on the delicious sensations in my prick. As I drained myself, it felt as if gallons of hot juice were pouring out of my distended cock, stretching my hood. As I opened my eyes, I saw our overlapping foreskins ballooned with our discharges, our cock-heads swimming somewhere inside. Bob kissed me lightly on the lips, and said: "Maybe we'd better get into the shower." I agreed, and we gingerly lifted ourselves from the bed and carefully edged our way into the shower enclosure, our softening dicks still joined at the ends. Under the hot water, Bob rolled his foreskin back, and we watched the creamy gush erupt from under my hood to land between our feet. I skinned back to let the water rinse the cum from my cock-head. We stood facing each other, feeling the hot torrent bathing our still tender tips, and I felt an overpowering urge to pee. So did Bob, because we saw our yellow streams mix in the water at our feet. I opened my eyes to find myself on the recliner, the eye in the big purple head of my cock staring at me, still drooling cream onto the paper towels on my stomach. I scooped up the towels, and padded off to the bathroom, because I really did have to pee. Then I showered and lay down for several hours' sleep.

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Chinese Take Away

A Chinese Take Away =================== by Andy Macdonald

I was restless.It was the start of two weeks of holiday and my company had just loused up my holiday plans.I'd booked to go to Tenerife, one of the Canary Isles, to get some well earned sun and fun but they'd "asked" me if I would cover for a colleague and postpone my holiday for a month.I really enjoyed my job and wanted to stay with the company so, reluctantly, I'd agreed.

Now the postponed holiday had arrived and although I'd cancelled all the original bookings and the firm had reimbursed me for my out of pocket losses, I hadn't booked anything in its place.

So here I was in London, two weeks free of work and nothing planned.It was Sunday and I'd enjoyed a long lie in, the sense of not having to get up and go to work, no rushing around the flat, grabbing a furtive breakfast and heading for the overcrowded tube train.Bliss!

Then I'd spent a couple of hours catching up with my private E-Mail and doing a bit of surfing.Down to the local pub for a bit too much beer home again to sleep it off and now I was restless.Where to go this evening?

The West End beckoned.I thought I'd start with a troll around some of the Soho pubs so I climbed into a smart pair of tailored jeans, put on my best Versace shirt - it had cost a bomb but was really cool - and a pair of tan boots.I felt expensively dressed and I hoped the result would be appreciated.It was, at least by Wayne, the young porter on duty.As I passed the desk by the entrance the young guy looked up.

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Entirely Jason


Elliott crushed out another cigarette. He finished his buttered muffin with a swallow of cold coffee, fished in his pocket for three crumpled dollar bills, and left them, balled up from his damp fist, upon the table top. He slid out of the booth, slung his green book bag over his shoulder and rushed out of the luncheonette onto a crowded Broadway.

He was wheezing as he took the steps at Philosophy Hall and damp with perspiration oncehe sat slouching in his chair in the lecture hall. Professor Dupee was explaining the significance of Forster's idea of "connecting" and what his debt was to Shelley's great ode on the death of Keats."'The one remains,'" he quoted, dragging on a cigarette. "Mrs. Wilcox has been," he continued, "transmuted from a person into the central idea of the novel, becoming its unifying spirit."

Elliott cut gym and stayed reading in Butler library until after night had fallen, then walked back to his room on a hundred and sixth street after ten. His eyes were aching.

Not just in song, but in fact, autumn in New York is a difficult time for people who are alone.In Elliott's case, an inchoate longing without an object plagued him like a physical symptom of an undiscoverable disease.

Fagged out from jerking off without coming and unable to sleep, he got dressed and walked south along Central Park West down to Columbus Circle and then back.The air was still balmy. He didn't walk on the park side. There, statuesque guys in tight jeans and body hugging muscle shirts slouched against the low stone wall. Some lounged on the benches lining the street. Others were poised with cigarettes and distant countenances, advertisements for themselves. He kept to the west side of the street, passing the facades of the sumptuous towers where wealth and glamour had installed their favorites.

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Entertainment Slut

Here is a new story. Hope you enjoy it.

Entertainment Slut, By jjboytoy

We had emailed back and forth a couple times and finally agreed on a time I should come over. I had put an ad out saying that I wanted to be fucked hard and rough by a group of guys and that they could do whatever they wanted with me. He was going to do just that. I never got his name and was just told to call him sir. He said that some friends were going to be coming over this weekend to watch the boxing matches on pay per view and that he wanted some extra entertainment. I was to come to his house at 5 and probably stay until midnight. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted to me and that I would even sign a contract saying as much. I arrived on time not knowing what to expect. The man who opened the door was just a little taller then me and seemed to be in good shape. I was ordered to strip before I could come inside and after a moments hesitation I did exactly that and was led in. He tossed me a pink thong that was made of a strong stretchy material and said that no one wanted to see my worthless cock. As I slipped into it he moved behind me and as soon as I finished he grabbed both my arms and pulled them behind my back. I heard a distinct clicking sound and realized with more then a little fear that my freedom was now gone. I tried to get loose from the handcuffs and told him that this wasn't part of the deal. All I got for my effort was a hard punch to the stomach dropping me to the ground. As I sucked in my breath he told me what was really going to happen. "Shut the fuck up slut. I don't care what you wanted. This is what I want. You are going to sign that contract and get the shit fucked out of you whether you like it or not. If you ever want me to release you after we're done tonight then you had better do exactly as I say. And if I you talk back or talk to me without saying sir one more time then I am going to kick your ass out into the street exactly as you are." With that he put a pen in my hands behind my back and led me to a table where there was a contract waiting to be signed. I knew that I didn't have a choice but I couldn't believe what I had gotten myself into. I signed it awkwardly with my hands behind my back and was then led into his living room and forced down onto my knees. Without a word he pulled out his cock and put the head to my lips. I was reluctant to do what he wanted but a sharp slap to my face reminded me of my position. I opened my mouth a crack which was enough for him to slam his cock into my mouth. It was about average length, maybe around 6 or 7 inches but thick enough to force my mouth open as far as it would go. He slammed all the way to the back of my mouth before pulling out and thrusting back in. Over and over he slammed into my mouth making me gag and causing my eyes to water. I had always thought this was what I wanted but never imagined it would be this bad. He started picking up pace and I guessed he was about to cum. Pushing as deep as he could he groaned and shot 3 or 4 spurts into my mouth before ordering me to swallow every last drop. I did as ordered and he pulled out just as the doorbell rang. I heard him greet someone and soon enough he led another guy into the room. He was a little taller but that's about all I was able to take in before he had his dick out and in my mouth. More and more guys showed up until there were 8 in all. As each new one came in he waited his turn to fuck my mouth before grabbing a beer and chilling out with the rest. The TV was soon turned on and the boxing matches started. Once they had all had one go with me they just sat down on the couches around me and left me kneeling in the middle of the room wearing the pink thong with my hands cuffed behind my back. "Hey fag get the fuck out from in front of the TV youre blocking it!" This was met by a round of laughter as I awkwardly tried to crawl off to the side. Then my new master came up to me saying he had an idea for something that would keep me busy. He left the room for a minute and returned with a small platform with a black box attached to a 12 inch dildo. He attached it to eye sockets already mounted in the wall. Grabbing a fistful of my hair he led me over to it turning me around so that my back was to it. I looked back to see him spread a little lube on the dildo but didn't see how it was anywhere near enough. Then he bent me over and told me to get that fucking cock in my pussy. I backed up until I felt the head of it at my ass but before I could slowly get it in me he pushed back on my shoulders forcing the giant dildo painfully into my ass. By the time the pain subsided enough for me to realize what was going on around me he had attached my handcuffs to the mount with a short length of chain keeping me from getting far enough away to get the head of the dildo out of my ass. "This should entertain you slut. If you stop fucking yourself on this for more then two seconds the dildo with shock your pussy to get you jumpstarted. And just to make sure you are really enjoying it, you will also get shocked if you don't go all the way down to the base at least once out of every four thrusts." He then reached behind me, flicked on a switch and went to sit back down to the laughter of the other guys around me. The first shock came quickly and got me moving. It felt as though my ass were being torn when the shock hit. I quickly started fucking the dildo into my sore ass, but forgot that I had to go all the way down. The next shock drew a pained gasp from me and another round of laughter from my audience. Here I was with a thong pulled to the side so I could have a dildo in my ass with my hands cuffed and fucking myself to keep from getting shocked. I was so humiliated but was shocked when I looked down to see my own dick getting hard. One of them noticed and was quick to comment on how I must be enjoying myself. My whole body was getting tired by the time the first bout ended so I was glad when my master came and unhooked me from that horrible machine. He led me over to the couch where he sat back down and pulled out his cock. Grabbing my head he pulled my mouth down onto it and skull fucked me deep. A couple times he stopped and tried to pull my head all the way down but just wouldn't fit in my throat. Every time he failed he seemed to get more frustrated and fucked my mouth harder. Finally he pulled me all the way down and shot off into my mouth again. Before passing me on to the next guy he reached into his pocket and pulled out a leather dog collar with a chain attached that he locked around my neck using a small padlock. The next guy on the couch quickly made use of the leash to pull me over to his hard cock. I got passed around and around some skull fucking me like my master had and others using the leash to pull me down onto their cocks. The fight started back up but they continued to pass me around from cock to cock until I had sucked off all 8 of them again. While I had been sucking off his friends my master had left and gotten another contraption of some sort. It was another box with a dildo, this one about 8 inches long that sat a little above my waist height which he set up facing the other machine. After the last guy had pumped his load into my stomach my master grabbed me and led me back to the wall mounts and explained the new machine. "You really need to work on your deepthroating slut so this is going to teach you. Its hooked up to the other one so if you screw up at either end you will get shocked in the ass. You have three minutes to work that cock all the way into your throat and then you will need to wrap your lips around the base every single time you go down. If your lips don't reach the base you get shocked. If you stop on either end you get shocked. Now get practicing slut." I was once again mounted with the dildo in my ass which he pushed me all the way back on before adjusting the one in my mouth so that it was two inches in. My cuffs were attached to the mount behind me and my leash was attached to the one in front ensuring that I wouldn't get either dildo out. I saw him start to walk behind me and started moving before he could turn it on so I wouldn't get shocked. I could barely get halfway down the cock in my mouth but knew I only had three minutes. I tried forcing it down but could not get it in. I kept rocking back and forth fucking myself at both ends but no matter how hard I went forward all I got was gagging and watery eyes. I thought it was hopeless until the first shock hit. I gasped and shot forward at the same time which opened my throat enough to allow the dildo all the way in. My lips wrapped around the base as the guys in the room starting cheering and laughing at me. I must have made quite a sight kneeling on the ground in a little pink thong fucking myself on two dildos. Another shock reminded me that I couldn't stop though and I got back to fucking the machines. At the end of the second fight master once again came and released me from the machines telling me that it was time I put that practice to some good use. He led me to a footrest off to the side of the room and pulled me backwards over it. It was big enough to go from my shoulders down to about mid thigh but my arms were immediately sore even with the padding. He attached a chain from the end with my feet to the handcuffs and then pulled my leash back and attached it below my head keeping my head hanging backwards off the footrest. Kneeling in front of my mouth I realized he was going to fuck my throat just like it was a pussy. He lined up and thrust deep on the first one but didn't make it all the way into my throat. I knew I had to relax if I was going to stay off those machines so I tried to relax my throat to allow his cock in. On the next thrust I felt his cock pop in as his balls bounced against my nose. He held in for a while there until I was struggling for air and then pulled back just long enough to allow a quick breath before plunging back in. Over and over again he thrust into my throat until I felt like it was being ripped apart. I couldn't believe he could stay hard for this many times but soon enough he was picking up speed again and then shooting his load straight down my throat into my stomach. As he stepped away I saw the guys passing around a bottle of some pills, and, seeing me looking, one of the guys decided to tell me what it was with a laugh, "Viagra bitch. This way we can fuck you many more times tonight like the little slut that you are." Before I could respond the next one stepped up to me and once again I was getting my mouth fucked and my throat torn open. Repeatedly his balls bounced against my nose as he slammed in. Just like before I was kept this way until all of them had finished using me and then I was once again mounted on the dildos and left to fuck myself. I was left through both of the last two fights before being released this time. I had completely lost track of all time by then and didn't realize what was happening until my master pulled me off the dildos by my hair. I was once again taken to the middle of the room and then left on my knees. I just wanted this night to be over but apparently they still had one more humiliation for me before letting me go. I could hear something playing on the TV behind me even though the matches were apparently over, but before I could turn and see what it was one of the guys pushed my head down until my back was flat and then kneeled in front of me se his cock was at my mouth level. I didn't get why he wanted me bent over like this until my master spoke up again. "Now you would really want to waste all that practice with your pussy now would you slut. We are all going to get one more shot at both holes before you home tonight and if youre good I might even uncuff you before kicking your slut ass out." I tried to pull off the cock in my mouth but he held my head tight and continued to pump into my mouth and throat. I felt someone step behind me who I figured had to be master. Spreading my ass cheeks apart with his hands he positioned his cock head at my hole, and then grabbing onto my cuffed wrists he slammed all the way in. I was already pretty loosened up from having been fucking myself for the last couple of hours but it still stung when he rammed in like that. Soon they got a rhythm down where one would be thrusting in as the other was pulling out and then the other direction. The guy in my mouth soon came and was replaced by another. As he got started in my mouth I felt my master picking up speed and knew he was going to cum soon. He started slamming into my sore ass as hard as he could and then grabbing onto my hair he slammed all the way back in one more time and sprayed his load inside me. As he pulled out another one took his place as I was continuously fucked at both ends. It seemed to go on for hours as I had to service each of them one more time with both my mouth and ass. I stayed on my knees with my hands cuffed behind my back and my pink thong on as they plowed into me. My stomach was full of their seed and I could feel it dripping out of my ass and down my legs as the last two finished up. I collapsed on the ground but wasn't left alone long before my master pulled me back up to my knees. Everyone was standing around me as he turned me around to watch the TV. I froze in shock that slowly turned into horror. I was watching myself first getting fucked in my throat on the footrest and then put back onto the dildos where I started fucking myself seemingly willingly. He must have had a camera hidden somewhere! "That's right slut, we got the whole thing on tape. And remember that little contract you signed? Well it gives me full permission to sell and distribute this tape however I see fit. You're going to make me a lot of money slut. Now I will be fair and for now only distribute these in stores in Europe where there seem to be a lot of people who enjoy watching young American boys getting fucked, but if you don't do exactly as I say these will find their way into stores across the States. Once a month you will come here on the weekend and do exactly as I say to shoot another film. If you don't show up, I will distribute here. Once a week you will come here and I will fuck both your holes just to make sure you are still ready to take cock. You will get 10% of the profits and I will keep the rest. I am going to enjoy fucking your tight slut ass for a long time faggot." He then pulled me up by my hair and led me to the door. Unlocking my cuffs he pushed me outside where my wallet and keys had been left but none of my clothes. I stumbled to my car in shock, not even realizing that I was wearing nothing more then a pink thong with cum leaking out of my ass. Even as I drove home I knew I didn't have a choice and that my life had definitely changed tonight.

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Jamies Nylon Brief Encounters

[In collaboration with a cyber friend]

When Jamie landed the Saturday job at the local branch of a well-known chain of clothes shops, he was not over-keen at the prospect.Although he needed money badly, the idea of standing behind a till for hours on end was not his idea of fun.And although he was only 17, he had big ideas for himself, and somehow felt that he could do better than shop work.On the other hand, he persuaded himself that this was only at weekends, that all his friends had jobs, and needs must.

It was quite a small branch in a provincial town.There was a small nucleus of full- time staff for weekday business, but as most trade was done on Saturdays quite a lot of hourly-paid staff were brought in then. There was a fairly large section for women, and a smaller men's unit upstairs where he was based.Jamie was an intelligent, alert lad, with sharp features and short fair hair.He was a keen sportsman - he was in his school soccer first 11 - and aiming towards university.His teachers had encouraged him to think about applying for one of the better provincial universities.His parents were proud of this ambition, not having been particularly well-educated themselves, and were determined to make financial sacrifices for him.But there were also two younger brothers to consider, and Jamie accepted that he must play his part too in trying to get some finances together.

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Tide Pool

Tide Pool By Wolf

The "Tide Pool" was a small bar located on the bus line between the Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego and the bridge connecting Coronado Island where the North Island Naval Air Station is located. I had enjoyed hanging out there when I was a Navy Corpsman.Being a young sailor that was a blond and freckled faced made me look a lot younger than I was.I had no more than reported to the Balboa Hospital that an old Master Chief singled me out as his boy.He saw to it that I was always on duty with him.

The other corpsman knew the Chief was coursing after me.Even the doctors were aware of his desire to get in my pants.I was too young to recognize that he was flirting with me.

I had jerked off a few friends and sucked cocks growing up.I never thought much about it.It was just something to do with my friends until we started dating girls.I had fucked a couple of girls before joining the Navy.My mother had been a nurse so I scored high on the medical aptitude test.They encouraged me to accept the corpsman "A" school.I did well enough during the school to choose what I wanted to specialize in.They wanted me to become a surgical assistant.The perk for accepting that was that I would not have to pull ward duty.

The Master Chief trained me to assist the doctors performing surgery and kept an eye on me until I was comfortable with the way each of the surgeons worked.When we were not working the Chief would invite me to have a beer with him.He owned a PT Cruiser.That was cool being friends with the Chief and being taken to bars even though I was too young to drink in California.It never dawned on me that he was seducing me.One night after we were pretty drunk he parked his car on a side street not far from the hospital and reached over and rubbed the front of my 13-button trousers.I just sat there as he pulled at the flap.When the flap was undone and pulled down he reached inside the fly of my regulation under pants and found my cock.

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Derrick And Bryan

The Camping Trip - Pt. 1

Usual mumbo-jumbo. If you're underage, don't bother reading this, turn around, so on and so forth. You know the deal, I probably shouldn't bother because you'll probably read it anyway. But, just in case, avert your eyes, and go watch shit on YouTube.

This story is the copyrighted work of Rob Houston. If I see you reproducing this work without my written permission, I'm going to sue you. Think I'm kidding?

This story also contains sexual interaction between High School students which is of a homosexual nature. If this offends you, take your head out of your ass, open your eyes, and get off the gay story websites, you closet queer.

One last thing. If you think this actually happened, you're a dreamer. This is a work of fiction. I don't even know anyone named Bryan.

Derrick and Bryan had been friends for quite a long time. They went to church together, played soccer and basketball together, slept over at eachothers houses, so on and so forth. They were both completely straight...or so they thought.

They were both "preps", wearing primarily clothes from Abercrombie, A&E, Hollister, Express and other high-end, fashion forward stores. Bryan was about average height, not too built, but not fat either. He had a mess of hair that was anywhere from brown to blonde, depending on how much light it was in. Not too much hair on him, under the arms, a little around the nipples, pubes, slight happy trail, dusting on the legs -- the usual. Derrick was just a year younger then Bryan, and had even less development. Barely any under the arms, clean chest and stomach, occasionally some hair on the legs -- basically just kept a small bush above his penis.

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