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Tom was my roommate, an arrogant asshole, and a self proclaimed BMOC.He was captain of the football team, and a strikingly handsome guy.Chicks loved him, fell all over him, and lined up to be his next conquest.He looked like the all-American quarterback jock: blond hair, cut just long enough that one lock always fell across his brow, but not across his eyes. He had the classic apple cheeked, squared jaw face, and piercing blue eyes.

He would high five all of his friends in the halls, locker rooms, and showers.He worked out every day of the week, was very proud of his body, and had no problems showing it off either.He was always one to shoot someone the moon, or grab his crotch in the "eat this" manner, flex his biceps for the girls, and used any excuse to show off his body; not that he was a muscle builder or anything like that. He just had that perfectly cut, well-defined body of an athlete.

I am not shabby by any means, but I just don't seem to measure up to Tom's assets.When I am with him, chicks ignore me, and sometimes push me out of the way.In the showers, I can see that he is more endowed than I am, and the couple of times I have glimpsed his morning wood, I know that he is bigger than I am.

He doesn't spend a lot of time in the room naked.He comes back from the showers, drops his towel, and dresses casually in boxers, cargo shorts and a t-shirt.I took my cue from him, and don't spend time naked in the room as well.The only time I have to myself is when he is in class, in a game, off to practice, or on a date.This is the only time I get to jerk off and relieve some of the tension from not getting as many girls as Tom does.I have had a couple since we started rooming together, but not as many as he has.

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Coach Gilbert And Me

Disclaimer: This story is complete fiction.

My name is Clark, my first time was in the ninth grade. I was the typical queer, I excelled at everything a boy shouldn't excel at and hated gym class. I resented everything about gym: the goddamn blue uniforms we had to wear, the prepubescent boys trying to out-jock each other, I even hated shower time. During showers, the boys would have to strip down to their nakedness and use soap. I would try to find a shower away from the rest of the boys, so that I wouldn't get caught if I looking or be hazed if an erection would start to sprout. I would also move myself directly in front of the mirrors that were hung up around the locker room. Coach Gilbert would stand by the door to his office; he would stare into the mirror just to make sure things were "business as usual" in the showers.

The boys were in the midst of puberty.Some of them were beginning to work out because they would enter high school next year and wanted to be on the varsity teams. So they were this perfect hybrid of boy and man. Their bodies were beginning to develop muscles and most of them were beautiful. As I lathered myself up, I fantasized about any one of them sneaking up behind me and grabbing the soap. We would lather one another softly.

I was a swimmer. I was really serious about it too. Most days I would work out both in the morning and at night and had damaged hair and constantly smelled of chlorine. My shoulders were broad and my arms were toned. I didn't have a six-pack, but my stomach didn't stick out either. I have short brown hair and had hairs beginning to cultivate around my stomach and chest, which I resented. Swimming is extremely tiring, however most jocks don't consider it a real sport.

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Basketball Players Get Their Due

This story concerns the outcome of a "good will" game between a local private college and a public, inner city community college. This private college, located in an exclusive suburban area outside a major city, is truly a pleasant place to visit, and a wonderful place to learn. Its buildings, covered with ivy, ("ivy league?"), were old, but elegant, and reflected the proud Quaker tradition of the place. On the campus there was a duck pond, several statues, a library, etc. etc. The campus itself is surrounded by a wooded area, where people could take walks, or jog. Frequently sports teams used it for their workouts when they were bored with using the track.

At the center of the school was the college's small athletic complex. (It was a small, private college, not a big university). Inside there was an indoor track, which the school had in addition to the outdoor one. At its center was a basketball court. At almost every evening, around seven o'clock, the intramural basketball team practiced. For a small private college they were not at all that bad. The players, all proudly wearing their black white and red basketball uniforms, were all tall and athletic. As beyond that a physical description would have to include the fact that they were not as integrated as the color of these uniforms would suggest. The players were, to a man, all white, as was most of the rest of the school.

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Dont Ask Dont Tell

Don't Ask Don't Tell


Little Dan

`You are hereby requested to report to the United States Army Induction Center at 122 Peabody Street, Scarsborough, New Hampshire at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday the 19th of September.'

I held the letter in my hand and stared at it uncomprehendingly.They had just recently reinstated the draft, and now they were drafting me. If I passed the physical, (and why wouldn't I?) I would be going into the army.Horrible thought.

The envelope dropped from my fingers onto the floor without my even noticing. I sat down heavily on the couch and stared over and over at the awful sheet of paper.I had never even considered that this type of thing could happen to me.The army was a place for farm kids. For factory kids.For high-school dropouts who wanted to continue their education.

I was a college graduate with a top job in advertising.I didn't want to lose my job.I had fought hard to get it and I wasn't going to let the army take me away from it.Oh God.Where was Hilda? She was usually home before me.She was the one who usually picked up the mail.But today I had picked up the mail. I had picked up the letter from the United States Army.

I heard the key in the door.It was Hilda.She looked at my face and knew right away something was up."What's wrong?" she asked.

She approached the couch, and I held out the letter.She took it and read it.

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Black Wii Fun

My name is Trevor, I am 6'2", Afro-American weigh 150, skinny, and age 15. Now granted this may seem average for any other person my age out there but there is just one problem...I AM GAY!! Now you may be thinking "This dude must be good at basketball right?" WRONG!! I suck at all sports especially basketball. I have been out hooped by people several feet shorter than me.

Anyways I am a homo (no offense), and as a teen I only have one ambition in life, to get butt naked with a guy like me and go fucking nuts! But that has never even happened to me, the closest I ever get to seeing another brother naked is in gym or on the computer. I beat my 7" dick every single day but I have no one to share it with. Just give me one person to share my life and girth with and I'll be the happiest person alive.

I live in a small town in Maryland called Kruckersville and the population mostly consists of latino families although a few are black, the latinos live in the wealthier houses. Anywho, there is an old house at the top of my street that had got abandoned because my old neighbors had kept a bunch of pet rats that had died in their basement. The house eventually got fixed but now the only people who seemed to look at it were wealthy latino families. I seemed like the only gay black in my neighborhood; the other black families had multiple children who were not my age or where in some sort of gang. I hated the fact that it seemed like I was the only person like me in this world.

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Look Whos Watching

The day started early Saturday morning with the usual errands; the grocery store, cleaners and post office. It was a rather hectic day and I could not wait to get home and relax.(I live in an apartment building with houses directly across the street; sometimes with views from front to back).

I have a new young neighbor in his twenties, standing at 6 feet tall, around 220, just damn handsome.I do believe he has a girlfriend, but for some reason is comfortable walking around the house in plain view, knowing other houses are close by.

One day, during the summer, I happened to go to the window and there he was standing in the living room in all his glory.Pecs, ass, 8 inches of dick, I couldn't stop looking.This went on for a while, before he either realized he was being watched or because now that it's winter, and he needed to close the blinds.

This particular Saturday, after all of my errands, I grabbed a quick bite and hopped in the bed for a nap. For some strange reason, in the midst of my sleep, the smoke detector in my apartment went off.I quickly hopped out of bed to see what was going on, but all was well in my building.I then peered out of the window to see if there was anything around me going on and to my surprise, I could see my young neighbor sitting on the couch.Was he doing what I think he was????YES!!!!He's stroking his dick.I could feel the rise in my own shorts as I watched him pinching his nipples stroking his hard, erect, massive dick.Slowly he stroked, as I perceived him to be watching porn.As he stroked, I began to stroke my dick that was now leaking with precum.I watched him massage his body, play with his balls all the while, I'm getting harder and harder.

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Born To Serve

Kip thought of himself as being lucky in life. Most other 12 year old juveniles would not have thought the same if they had found themselves in Kip's position.

Kip was a slave, he had been born a slave and as far as he was concerned would always be a slave. He was different to the free citizens he served. He didn't look it, but deep inside he felt it. He had that slave feeling! He had been born and bred for the sole purpose of being a slave for life. As a slave Kip was never considered a citizen and never would have any rights, only obligations to his masters unless in a very exceptional circumstance, some future master set him free.

Born on a breeding farm near Bountiful, in Antipodes County, the adjoining county to Eastbrook's, Tallahatchie County, Kip had been brought up with no parental presence. When he was born he was first placed in a crèche, then the farm nursery, then when about six years old into activity groups, and finally when ten years old into a junior work group. He would have stayed there till he was sixteen years old and was eligible by law to be sold into general labouring tasks if he had not been sold. As Kip was younger than sixteen, by law an education program had to be implemented by his master and restrictions upon his use as a slave applied and were strictly enforced. This tended to lower the slave's value and worth until they turned 16 so this is why Kip considered himself lucky to be sold to a master before he was sixteen.

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