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Confined To Quarters

Cadet Mark Phillips and I stood at rigid attention in Colonel Burke's office, side by side, while he thundered at us. "By God, I want the truth and I will have the truth out of you if I have to keep you here all day!" he blasted right into our faces, the first half into mine and the second into Phillips'.

"You!" he jerked his face back and rammed it into mine, so close that if I had moved the slightest bit, I would have bumped noses with him. "Did you give Cadet Phillips the answers to the test?"

"No, sir!" I shouted back at him. That's how you do things in military academy, everything has to be done at the top of your lungs.

"Did he give you the answers?" he bellowed.

"No, sir!" I bellowed right back at him.

"Then explain to me why you two got identical answers on the test, and missed the same questions in the same way, all the way right down the line, CAH-DET!"

"I don't know, sir!" I said. Actually, I had my suspicions about Phillips, but that was beside the point.

He turned to Phillips and issued the same questions at him and got the same answers. Feeling wronged...I didn't know what had happened, but I knew darned well I hadn't cheated!...I said, "Sir, it must be a coincidence!"

He was back in my face in an instant. "Oh, so you both just thought the capital of Peru was LA PAZ?" He asked. "Are you so stupid you don't even know that La Paz is in BOW-LIH-VIH-YAH!"

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Fair Game

A story about sexual activity between 2 boys. There is nothing true about this story it's a figment of an over active imagination. I refer to a story titled FLAT BELLIED BOY that I posted at Nifty on 4.22.08 in the adult youth folder. Aside from than, all the usual warnings and platitudes apply. Above all N-Joi

Hugs Tag_m

"Well," I thought to myself, "This could just turn out to be an alright weekend after all."

It hadn't started out that way particularly. It wasn't that I minded working it was just that school would be out in less than a month and I had work to do. I'd been off the first week of the month with the crud and was working hard to catch up. I had every intention of graduating from high school the following year with a high enough GPA and scholarships to enter the U-Dub in September with an eventual goal of entering med school or getting a PhD in clinical psychology. Getting anything less than an A wasn't an option for me and I was sitting on the fence between that and a B in physics.

My mom had been sympathetic to my situation but the fact was that both she and my little brother were about two days into what I'd had, or something similar, and ya just couldn't run a booth at a fair or festival when ya had to shit or puke every five minutes. It just wasn't good for business. So I'd hooked our new 28 foot travel trailer up to our three year old bright red Dodge Ram and headed off to the Olympic Peninsula for something called the Juan De Fuca festival, yet another craft fair.

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Gangbanged In Yellow Cab

It was a thursday nite, and I was hanging out with my boiz in one of the clubs in town; getting high and acting stupid. My boi Terrence had some killa weed, and we smoked a couple blunts before leaving. I said my good-byes to my hom-boiz, planning on catching up with them over the weekend sometime. I walked out of the club, and tried to flag down a cab. Being a young black man in New York, it's sometime hard to get a cab to stop for you.Five cabs passed me by before one finally stopped. I got in, and directed the driver to where I wanted to go.

Once on the road, I could feel the blunts I smoked with my boiz starting to kick into high gear. It hit me like a ton of bricks, and it seemed the world started spinning out of control. I decided to check my wallet, to get the money out before I got too fucked up to do it later. That's when I found out that I'd been pick pocketed.

The cab driver pulled into my neighborhood in the projects. As soon as he brought the car to a stop, I jumped out and tried to get away without paying. The cab driver jumped out and gave chase. I was so fucked up, that I couldn't keep my footing. I fell down to the ground, and couldn't get up. The cabby was on top of me before I knew it, dragging me back to his cab by my jacket collar.

I remember him shoving me into the back seat. I landed face down. I heard the door slam, then felt the car take off. I figured he was probably driving to the police station, to file a report and have me arrested. Whatever Terrence had put in that blunt had me so zonked, that I sort of passed out right then and there. I'm not sure just how long I was out, but I woke up to a searing pain shooting through my rectum. Someone was on top of me, shoving his dick up into my butt.

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Forced To Shoot

Peace, D.D.


When I was thirteen, I often hung out at the public outdoor-pool in the summer. The place was always packed, chicks everywhere, and it never took long before my dick got heavy. It had totally grown out of proportion in the past year and even though I liked that I was also very aware that there was no way I could hide a hardon in my trunks any more. So I did what I always did: I showered and then went in to one of the toilet stalls to beat off.

This time, while I was in the middle of working my bone, I suddenly realized that there was a dude checking me out from above. He was standing on the toilet in the stall next to mine, and he had a full view of what I was doing.

I stopped stroking, of course, thinking that he'll go away now that he was found out. But he didn't. He just stood there, staring down at me.

Now, going to the stall straight from the showers, I hadn't grabbed my towel nor my shorts. With nothing to cover myself - and my cock hard as marble - leaving the stall was not an option. Embarrassed and ashamed, I sat there for a minute or so, hoping that my erection would go down.

As I waited, the man could study every inch of my birthday-suit. And he did. My long, smooth legs; my hairless stomach; my small, stiff nipples; my well developed arms; my penis, a boy's but already bigger than many men's - all of it was laid out for his eager looks.

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Four Days In Greece

If it is illegal for you to read this story, do not read it. This story is purely fictional, involving oral and anal sex of two guys. If this is not your cup of tea, do not read further. Otherwise, enjoy!


I had been living with my dad in the US during my high school and college years, and I spent my summers with my mom in Greece.One particular summer, when I was 18 and in sophomore year in college (I had done a few test outs and independent studies, and otherwise held a full schedule to jump ahead like this), still remains in memory as the best one.It was about mid-July, and very hot.My mom came up with a proposition for me to cool off a bit.She lived in Athens, and that place got really hot and really crowded in the summer.Her parents lived in a house right next to the sea, on the western-most of the three "fingers" of the Greek peninsula.

Apparently, the two wanted to come up and visit their daughter, for a change of pace and scenery, but were way too paranoid about leaving their house.So, mom proposed that I go down there and housesit for a week, so they could come visit her.She persuaded them that I was very responsible (I had to be, to get such a jump in my schooling), and all was set.Now, the one thing that was bothering me was the rules my grandparents set forth.I was not allowed to go further than the beach, which was a mere sixty feet from their house, and the few shops in pretty much the same radius.If I left the house, I was to lock up all doors and close and lock all windows, and even lock the gate.That would last forever, considering that the thing was a two-story mansion with a large front and back yard. Lastly, there was one quasi-relief-- I was allowed to bring friends over, but that was limited to one person at a time.That did not bother me much-- I did not know a lot of people down there, seeing as how I visited my grandparents only during the past two years.

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Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

by Jingjok


WARNING: The following material relates events in a relationship between adult males. If the laws of your jurisdiction do not permit you to view such material, please leave here at once and go to where you can learn how to work to change the laws of your jurisdiction. If you are offended by such material, please seek psychiatric counseling to discuss why you are here in the first place.

On the other hand, if you simply don't care for the type of material indicated by the story codes, well, have a nice day.

SONG NOTE: "Some Enchanted Evening," lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, music by Richard Rodgers.


Valentine's Day

I looked around the house and found it. That souvenir of a day eight years ago. One of many that remind me of the happy years that have since come and gone.

A little red bunny. Brown seed for a nose on his white face. Ruff of white fur around his neck. Red heart on his white belly, bearing white letters that spell "Love."

His letter, written in carefully crafted block letters, had come in early December. "Our love will last forever. When are you coming back to Thailand?"

I'd given up eagerly checking the mail by then, a month and a half after I returned from my post-retirement trip around the world. Then, with his letter in hand, and my reply in the nearest mailbox, I'd booked my flights and meticulously planned our honeymoon tour of Thailand. A few days at the beach, a few days in the north, prepaid hotel rooms. Nowadays I let him plan our tours. After all, it's his country.

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Lockeroom Fun

There was this thing after school were we were able to walk about a mile around the town and talk with some friends, I had done it every week for the past few months. My friends had always gone with me.

Many other kids went as well. One in particular was a totally hot guy Chris, he looked like Brad Pitt, but 17, blonde streaks in his hair, and a 8 pack. He was built just like him too. Anyway, my friends couldn't make it this week so I went alone. I hadn't noticed it but I was walking beside him down the road. We began to talk.

It was 90 degrees as we walked and we both were sweating profusely and our white T-Shirts were soaked. "So, are you gonna take a shower when we get back?" He asked in his deep sexy voice?

"Oh yeah, you?" The way our school was was that you could enter the locker rooms from right out side. They were behind the school and in the basement.


I was so horney and kept taking side glances at him and saw through his shirt. When we got back to the school they rest of the people went to there cars and left as Chris and I went into the locker rooms.

I walked to the laundry rooms and got two towels for each of us. As I walked back to were the shower stalls were he was naked accept for his black leather thong, his cheeks were so round and voluptuous. His 6 inch soft penis was in a pouch and hanging down.

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