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Circle Jerk

I'd been on an Internet chat site for several months, and the guy I'd formed the closest attachment with was "Naturalman," (real name Bob) whose handle denoted that he was uncut, like me. We'd cyber-jacked a few times, then gotten into fantasy as well. Fantasy had the advantage that anything went, because "safe sex" was irrelevant. This Saturday afternoon I lay back in my recliner, with glycerin lube and lots of paper towels, and began another fantasy: We'd decided to meet at a hotel in the mid-West this time, and when I arrived I asked for Bob's room. He hugged me as I slipped in, and I saw he was already bare. It was a hot day, and I quickly stripped down, giving him a good look at me. Bob had the better build, as he worked out regularly, although at 5'7" he was quite a bit shorter than my 6'2". It didn't matter when we sat on the bed facing each other, our hooded pricks arcing above our tight scrotums. I noticed a large sparkling drop of cock-dew filling the pucker of his foreskin. He shaved his balls, unlike me, and I cupped them in my left hand because I knew how much this turned him on. The outline of his sexy helmet-shaped cock-head was very visible through the long wrinkled hood, and I grasped the end between two fingers. His fingers lightly brushed my cock, and I gasped as a hot tingle shot through my penis. He squeezed my bulging glans through its covering, making my cock-root throb in response. We both became hard and watched as his hood drew partly back from his big bulging head. My long thick foreskin nipple vanished, but the bulky purple helmet remained covered, with only a small opening in the hood revealing the promise underneath. My prick pointed straight at his face. "Your slit's like a teardrop now that it's hard," he said, as he gently jiggled the hood back and forth over the slippery dome. I saw the wrinkles in his foreskin smooth out as the hood stretched over his head. Our cocks were about the same length: mine exactly six inches and his slightly shorter. My cock-head was also slightly bulkier than his. The lips of his slit pouted, as a clear drop forced them apart. With the partial uncovering of our cock-heads, the strong, masculine odor of wet glans and foreskin filled the room, arousing us. We looked at each other and quickly scrambled into a "69" position, and in seconds I was lapping at the dripping wet lips of his piss-slit. I felt his warm tongue probe under my hood, first around the hole, then farther back to caress the rim and the deep groove behind it. I drew the protective hood back off his precious head and tongued it thoroughly, enjoying the taste and the smooth texture of the sensitive surface as my tongue explored the flaring rim and deep groove behind it. "Your lube tastes salty," he commented as he raised his head for a moment. "So does yours," I replied as I removed my mouth to go down on his shaven balls. The heavy odor of his sweat and his pubic hair filled my nostrils, although his scrotum was bare, and my tongue worked lovingly over the sensitive surface. I was working his foreskin forward again as I lapped his balls, stroking it sensually over the swollen head. I felt his other hand cup my balls. "I know you like that as much as I do," Bob said as he gently kneaded my tight scrotum. I felt his tongue probe deeper, around the groove behind my ridge, then run down until it slid between the twin lobes under my glans. My foreskin began slipping back, and Bob's fingers pulled back gently on my shaft skin, dragging the hood off the head. His lips locked into the groove behind the head, and he began a hot hard suction. Ooooh, Bob, that feels so good," I said, as his tongue began a frenzied tickling of my pee-hole. I removed my mouth from his prick and began a strong pumping up and down, massaging his swollen glans with his foreskin. As I pulled it all the way forward, the end formed a wrinkled pucker in front of the head, masking it until I pulled it back again to bare the helmet. It was purple, lighter in front near the orifice, and becoming darker towards the rear. Right around the pouting slit, it was reddish, while his flaring corona was deep purple, like mine. "How would you like me to slip my hood over your tip?" I asked. "I'd love it," he replied quickly. "I've wondered how docking would feel ever since we first chatted and I found out you had a really long skin." We shuffled around until we were face to face and tip to tip, and I grasped the edges of my foreskin to widen the opening. I pulled it forward and out, and Bob slowly slipped his shiny purple cock-head inside until the nose touched the front dome of my glans. I gasped when I first felt his hot hard head pressing against mine, and then stretched my hood until it encased his ridge. I pulled a bit farther until the edge dropped into the groove behind his corona, and removed my hands to let him stretch his foreskin forward over mine. Now we were locked together, tip to tip, and enjoying the heavenly feeling. It was warm and slippery inside, as Bob was oozing enough lubricant for us both. We hardly moved, relishing the delicious sensations inside our overlapping hoods. I squeezed his glans through the skin, and felt it throb against mine. Bob's fingers wrapped around my shaft, twisting the skin and sending messages of joy into my nerve endings. I grasped his prick and gently began massaging his ridge through the skin with my thumb. He was very sensitive there, and reacted immediately. Bob's eyes opened wide as they stared into mine, and I heard him begin a soft "AH-AH" with each stroke. His twisting motion was having its effect on my prick, and I felt the head and shaft swelling as my excitement mounted. I also felt his ridge swell and harden under my thumb as I worked it, and heard his "AH-AH-AH" become louder. My other hand cupped his smooth balls, and his tone deepened as he neared the peak. Bob cried out "HAH-HAH-HAH!" as his eyes closed and I felt his glans throb hard against mine. "Jack!" he yelled as the hot heavy gush erupted from his tip, shooting into my teardrop orifice and down my tube like a torrent of lava, searing the sensitive inside of my urethra. The hot hard spike of sensation drove down through my prick to the root, triggering my first spasm. I cried out "Bob, Bob" as I writhed in sensation, feeling the rush of juice in my prick, and the tickling sensation as it gushed through the lips of my orifice to bathe both our cock-heads in cream. Bob's hot helmet throbbed again, as did mine, as we gushed again and again. My hot tingling cock-head was awash in boiling lava, and I felt his tip throb against it, as all conscious thought was suspended and the rush of sensations overpowered me. Dimly, I was aware of Bob's body straining against mine, as helpless as I was. My eyes were closed because all my attention was focused on the delicious sensations in my prick. As I drained myself, it felt as if gallons of hot juice were pouring out of my distended cock, stretching my hood. As I opened my eyes, I saw our overlapping foreskins ballooned with our discharges, our cock-heads swimming somewhere inside. Bob kissed me lightly on the lips, and said: "Maybe we'd better get into the shower." I agreed, and we gingerly lifted ourselves from the bed and carefully edged our way into the shower enclosure, our softening dicks still joined at the ends. Under the hot water, Bob rolled his foreskin back, and we watched the creamy gush erupt from under my hood to land between our feet. I skinned back to let the water rinse the cum from my cock-head. We stood facing each other, feeling the hot torrent bathing our still tender tips, and I felt an overpowering urge to pee. So did Bob, because we saw our yellow streams mix in the water at our feet. I opened my eyes to find myself on the recliner, the eye in the big purple head of my cock staring at me, still drooling cream onto the paper towels on my stomach. I scooped up the towels, and padded off to the bathroom, because I really did have to pee. Then I showered and lay down for several hours' sleep.

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Rick The Hottie

This is a true story, but is intended for people who are 18 years of age or older.If you are not at least 18 years of age, or are offended by man on man sex, then leave now.

I was a fifteen-year-old boy growing up in South Florida in the 70's who was sexually and physically mature for my age.I was 5'9", had brown hair, brown eyes, and a great body because I was on the gymnastics team.I had a lot of girls chasing after me, and I had already had sex with a girl in our neighborhood.If you can call it sex, I stuck it in pumped a few times and it was over, but we kept "practicing" and it got better, but I knew something was missing.I found out what that something was when some new neighbors moved in next door.I was walking home from a friend's house, when I saw a moving truck in the driveway next door.There was two regular looking adults in their late thirties standing there talking to the movers, and I thought "oh great, more adults, nobody to hang with".About that time, this blonde-haired (his hair was almost white), blue-eyed boy came walking out of the house in nothing but white gym shorts.He was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.His skin was a smooth, tanned golden brown without any hair, except for a wonderful small line of that beautiful blonde hair starting just below his belly button and going straight down into his gym shorts.He had the most magnificent body I had ever seen.He was about 5' 11", and looked like a god, only better because he was in real life in front of me.He brought the term six pack abs to a new level, and his pecs, biceps, and triceps were incredible.He literally had no body fat at all.His beautiful skin laid on those muscled so tight, you could see every one of them working.I have never been so fascinated with someone (male or female) in my entire life.I couldn't take my eyes off of him.I realized through all this staring that he was looking right back at me and smiling.What a beautiful smile he had.Teeth as white as snow, and those blue eyes were irridescent.He walked right up to me stuck out his hand and said "Hi, I'm Rick, what's your name".I could hardly speak, but managed to mumble "Hi Rick, I'm Michael".

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Boot Camp Runners

Boot Camp Runners (Revised)

We were thirteen weeks into basic training and I was getting hornier by the day; almost by the hour if I let myself think about it, which was most of the time.The nights were the worst, lying in my bunk after a shower with time to let my thoughts drift.Sleeping naked was permitted but I couldn't do it unless I slept on my stomach.I needed a pair of shorts to keep my hardon restrained. I was ribbed more than once by guys who walked past my bunk in the morning and saw my shorts tented. I remembered the lecture from the First Sergeant on our first day. "Keep your hands above your waist except to wipe your ass, tie your boots and take a piss and don't shake your dick more than twice or you're playing with it." It was getting so bad that I was actually taking the risk of shaking it a lot more than twice and even milking it a few times when nobody was looking.It was the closest thing I could get to jacking off. There just wasn't any safe place to do it. It was weird how the diet and training affected us differently.Most of the guys complained that they hadn't had a hardon since they started basic training.There was a rumor that they put salt-peter in the food to prevent the men from getting erections. If they were, it wasn't affecting me one dam bit.If I could only jack off!But that was a big NO-NO in the army.They didn't just frown on it, it was tantamount to an admission of being gay and that got you in real big trouble. Their philosophy was; why would you get a hardon around a bunch of other guys if you weren't gay?Hello!I got a hardon when I was alone, and I wasn't queer for myself.Well, maybe a little; queer enough to want to jack off. Not that every guy in the barracks and the corporals and the sergeants never jacked off.But there wasn't a speck of privacy.It was un-natural, a hundred men isolated from women for four months and expect them to forget they had testosterone.I thought it would be a healthy thing to let a guy jack off freely now and then to get rid of the pressure and make easier for him to concentrate on training. More often than not I woke up with a hardon and had to walk through the barracks with my cock swaying back and forth like a battering ram.I didn't even bother trying to cover it up with a towel around my waist; it would've looked like I was carrying a tent in front of me.It happened to some of the other guys, too, but as far as I could tell I had the biggest cock in the whole damned barracks so I got a lot of ribbing about it.Guys ducked out of the way when I walked by. "Goddam, Gordon, are they feeding you a special diet?I haven't had hardon for three months and yours hasn't gone down," one of the guys complained. "I wanta know what you're eating to make it so goddamn BIG," said another. "I guess it's all in the genes," I said modestly as I walked past them to my own bunk. "Hell, I'm sleeping on it to keep it from getting any bigger." "The hell; your humping your mattress." Cold showers didn't work.Sometimes taking a piss brought down a morning hardon or at least turned it to hard rubber instead of solid steel. One of the other guys was complaining about his own agony."Shit, if I could just find a place to jack off!"Billie Brown moaned. "There are places," Travis Mitchell said. "Where?"Billie asked. "You just gotta know where to look," Travis said. Travis was a man's soldier and a woman's dream.He was male and muscle personified.He was built to a fault, and so damned good looking he turned guys' heads.He wasn't a huge bodybuilder type; he was about my size...five-ten, one-eighty-five with a body that the Greeks would've called classic.He was solid muscle.His stomach was tight as a drum. Even his butt muscles rippled and flexed when he walked. "Where, man, tell me," Billie begged. "If I told you, you'd be there all the time.Find your own place," Travis said. "I'm thinking about cutting a hole in my mattress and sleeping on my stomach," another guy said. "Now there's a place for you, under his bunk," Travis told Billie. "Just crawl under there when he's sleeping on his stomach and jack off to your heart' s content while he fucks your face." "Fuck you," Billie growled. "Don't you wish." I said Travis was a man's soldier. He endured the training better than most, but so did I.I was in exceptionally good shape, too, from all the weightlifting I did in high school and that one year of college.I could've been on my way to being a bodybuilder if I hadn't joined the army. Travis was a little sharper in the head than me.It might take me a couple of minutes longer to figure something out, like disarming a mine.He heard the directions and saw the demonstration once and did it.The physical part of it that brought most of the guys down was a piece of cake for us. It both impressed the cadre and pissed them off.If they asked for fifty pushups we were well on our way to a hundred before they stopped us.If they wanted a hundred sit-ups we strived for at least two hundred, but they wouldn't give us time to do them.While some guys struggled to do pull-ups at the bars just outside the mess hall, Travis grabbed the bar and counted them out at one-second intervals.Sometimes he showed off by adding one-arm pull-ups. Once when the corporal was berating a man for not being able to perform the requisite dozen pull-ups before getting into the mess hall, Travis did his own twelve and kept right on going to do twenty-six before the corporal stopped him. "There, I did mine, and his and his and his," he said, pointing to the guys around him. It pissed the corporal off and he ordered him to do another dozen pull-ups.He did them, no sweat. We happened to end up on the same line at chow one day, out on maneuvers. "Well, here's Mr. Hardon himself," he joked. "Yeah, look who's talking." "I get a hardon.You get a HARDON!"he said, laughing. "Looks like we have got the same problem, though." "Worse than most," I said."You said you're doing something about it.Are you, or were you just shitting the guys?" "Wanta come running with me tonight?"he asked with a cocky grin. "Depends on how far you're running." "Nothing you can't handle," he said. "Okay." He was a physical nut.After a grueling day of training, after he ate and showered, he would lie down for a short rest then go off running. It was no wonder you couldn't pinch any fat on him.He must have had about a minus-four percent body-fat. After chow, we showered and took a short rest, then changed into our PT shorts and jockstraps. "Where're you going?"Billie asked. "Running with Travis.If I can keep up with him," I replied. Billie didn't even offer to go; he knew he couldn't keep up with us. There was a ten-mile running course with quarter, half and full-mile markers but we took off down a narrow dirt road.It was a nice easy pace, quiet and peaceful in the early evening sun.I was able to carry on a conversation without gasping for air.I wanted to work the conversation around to sex; or our lack of it, and what could be done about it.I had a feeling Travis had the answer. "When you asked me if I wanted to come running with you.....you were telling me something, right?" "I was if you're serious about getting your rocks off.And if you keep your mouth shut," he said. "Yes, and yes.No, HELL yes, and yes." I guess we'd run for about six miles when he turned off onto another narrower road that was overgrown with trees and grown over with grass.I was guessing the run was about over.We went around a bend and Travis stopped, still running in place.I bent over with my hands on my knees, sucking in air. Travis leaned his butt back against what was left of an old concrete wall. "Are we done?"I asked. "Half way.We gotta run back," he said. "Man, I'm in good shape, but fuck, don't you ever run down?" He just laughed as he casually groped the front of his shorts. "I love it out here on nights like this, when the moon is out and there's a soft, warm breeze," he said.He groped harder."Dam, it gives me a hardon." "Running this far would make most guys stay limp," I said. "Not me, man. Any kind of physical exertion gets the old testosterone pumping," he said."Hell, you're the one always running around with a big hardon at the end of the day." "Not after running twenty miles," I said. "We barely made six," he said. "Well, this is what we came for," he said as he shoved his hand down inside his shorts and hauled out his cock. He shoved the waistband of his shorts down under his balls and began stroking his cock, which was already hard. "Shit, you don't waste any time with that thing, do you?"I said. "It's been like this for the last hundred yards.It knows where it's headed," he said with that same mischievous smile "This is were you come?" I asked, trying not to ogle his manhood. "Hey, I don't go running just for the cardio," he said. Then he asked, "Are you gonna do it?" "Oh, hell, yeah," I said as I shoved my shorts and jock down to free my own cock.It wasn't quite hard but it was getting there.My cock didn't snap to like a lot of guys, I guess because it was so damned big it took awhile for that much blood to get down there. "You've got the biggest fuckin' cock I ever saw, except on a horse," Travis said.He laughed."No wonder you get winded, hauling all of that around." We were quiet for a moment and the only sounds were the night noises; the crickets and maybe animals moving around through the brush. Travis shoved his shorts and jock down and took them off.He was naked except for his running shoes. "I like being naked out here," he said. "Aren't you afraid someone might come along?" "Who the hell would come along here at this hour?Besides, if they did, I could outrun them before they could see who it was.Go ahead, take yours off," he said. I stripped off my shorts and jockstrap so I was as naked as he was. "Feels good, don't it?" "Yeah," I had to admit.It felt good.But it wasn't just being naked that felt good.It was being naked with Travis, and that scared me. Hell, I got naked back in the barracks all the time, but this was different.It was just me and only one other soldier, who happened to be the studliest soldier on the base.Besides being naked, alone with another guy, we were jacking off; something forbidden by the army. Travis was watching me and I began to wonder what he might be thinking....wondered if it was akin to the strange thoughts creeping into my head. "Shit, you dam near need two hands," he said. "Is that an offer?Do you wanta lend me one of yours?"I joked. I didn't know where that came from but the words were out before I knew it and I prayed that he knew I was only joking.IF I was only joking. I wasn't sure myself, and I couldn't explain the lump in my throat. "I guess we could trade hands, if you want to," he said. I watched in horror as Travis reached out for my cock.I gasped when he wrapped his hand around it and I tried to swallow the lump but it was stuck there, blocking my air. "Fuck, I can't even get my hand around it," he said. I swallowed again but I couldn't speak.I was numb at the feel of the guy's big, strong hand slowly pumping my cock. "I haven't done this since I was a little boy, with the neighbor kid," he said.He looked up from my cock in his hand and must have seen the funny look on my face.He stopped moving his hand but didn't let go of my cock. "Hey, are you okay with this?I mean, I didn't mean anything by it, except two buddies helping each other out.If you don't wanta do it....." I grabbed his hand before he could let go of my cock to let him know that I wanted him to keep jacking me off.With one heroic effort I gulped down the frog in my throat so I could speak. "I'm okay with it," I said, almost in a gasp.I coughed to clear my throat. "More than okay with it."I reached out for his cock.It was hot, and hard as steel. "Awwhh," he moaned softly as he bore his cock through my fist like he was fucking my hand."How come another guy's hand always feels better?" "How many other guys' hands have been wrapped around this?"I asked. "A few," he replied. I paused in my hand motions, taken aback for a second. "A few?Guys from the barracks?" "No.Shit, no.Guy's I've met in bars and places.Haven't you ever got in close like this with another guy?" "No," I said, although I didn't know exactly what he meant by in close. "Not even as a kid?" "Yeah, I played around with a couple of other kids, but they weren't guys, they were kids." His cock felt good in my hand.Too good, maybe.So goddamn hard and so hot and alive, it was throbbing and quivering in my hand and I got the feel of his warm, slick ball juice coming out of the wide slit.I swallowed to soothe my parched throat, surprised to gulp down a mouthful of spit.Why was my mouth watering? "Does my hand feel better than yours?" he asked. "Oh, yeah," I said."But then, I've been so desperate for some relief, I guess anybody's hand would feel good." Travis stepped around in front of me and took both of our cocks in his two hands to jack them off together.I put my hands on my hips and watched him. "Dam, you're huge!Look at that, you're a good inch bigger than me." "That don't take anything away from your cock," I said."I think you're thicker." "I need another pair of hands here," he said. I reached down and wrapped my hands around both of our cocks along with his and we jacked off together. "The goddamned army would be smart to stop being so fuckin' homophobic and just let guys do this," he said. "Maybe they're afraid they would do more than just jack off," I said. "Well, if they did, it's between the two guys doing it.You know, any port in a storm.Confining a bunch of guys to an army base without women is not natural, so what would it hurt if guys helped each other out, like we're doing. Do you feel like there's anything wrong with what we're doing?" "No," I said."And even if I did, I would still do it.There's just so much a guy can take." "Exactly." I took hold of his wrists to stop his motions."I don't wanta come yet," I said hoarsely. Travis laughed."You just want relief, huh? Right," he chided me. "If you're holding off from coming, you're getting more out of it than relief.You're enjoying it." "Hell, yeah, why not make it last as long as we can?Do you want to just shoot off and head back?" "No.Hell, no." Travis was more right than he knew.I was enjoying it immensely. Not just our hands wrapped around our cocks together; I was enjoying Travis.His naked, muscular body.I let go of our cocks with one hand and without thinking, I touched his chest.He looked up at me with a funny look but he didn't say anything and I brushed my fingers across his broad chest to the other side. "You've got great pecs," I said, my voice strangely hoarse, like the frog was returning. "Thanks." With his tacit approval, it seemed perfectly natural to let my hand move down his rock-hard abs.Hell, why not?What could be un-natural about feeling the guy's muscles when I had his cock in my other hand? "Fuckin' great abs, too," I said."Shit your stomach feels like a steel plate." He laughed softly and thanked me again."Your hand feels good," he said. "Which one?"I quipped. "Both of them." His voice was hoarse too.He let go of our cocks with one of his hands and flattened it over my right pec."Not so bad yourself," he said.He smashed his hand hard against my muscle and ground it around."Dam nice tits, too." "Thanks...I guess," I said.I'd never had anybody compliment my tits before. "I wish I had big tits like yours.I think it's a sign of raw virility to have a pair of headlights sticking out like that." "Shit, I don't have anything you ought to be wishing for," I said. "Not with a body like yours." "Hell, every guy in the barracks wishes he had your cock," he said. "Tell me who, he can have it," I said. "You know what I mean." "Yeah, and every guy in the barracks wishes he was built like you are," I said. We were quiet again, jacking each other's cock now as we felt each other's muscles.I was weakening inside; everything in me was crying out to succumb to the strange feelings I was having.Only fear held me back. Fear of what Travis would think or say or do if I... "Hey, we ought to go into town together when they decide to give us passes," he said."Pick up a couple of chicks." "I'm gonna need more than one chick when they turn me loose," I said. Travis laughed and squeezed my cock."Man, you are in bad shape, shit, your cock just bolted hard as steel just talking about chicks." "I've got testosterone boiling through my veins," I said. I heard Travis swallow hard as he watched his hand moving on my cock.My one hand was down around his hip now, my fingers touching the curvature of his butt.It was solid, too.Suddenly, Travis reached down and cupped my balls with his other hand. "Hung like a horse, balls like a bull," he said. "Yeah, think of what a package I would be if I had your muscles to go along with it," I said. "You're a fuckin' package already, without my muscles.You've got plenty of muscles of your own." "I'm not as hard and ripped as you are." "I could help you get that way," he said. "Okay, how?When?" "Starting in the morning.Stick beside me.At breakfast tomorrow, and every other meal, you eat what I eat.And there's exercise movements you can do all day to get your muscles hard and ripped." Travis pushed both of our cocks upward and moved in closer to smash them between our stomachs.My hands naturally moved around his hips to pull him tighter against me and he flexed his butt muscles for me. "Dam, your ass feels like two bowling balls," I said.I started to move my hands down the side of his thighs but caught myself. "Go ahead and feel my legs," he said. I ran my hands freely down his thighs, squeezing the hard muscles. I sort of crouched down to reach to his knees and his cock poked up at my chest, between my pecs. "Go ahead....you can feel my calves. They're like baseballs," he said. It was a natural progression to move from the crouch to a squat in front of him.I moved my head to the side to avoid his manhood. He was right, his calves were like baseballs. I squeezed the hard muscles and stayed in the squat as I moved my hands back up his thighs and wrapped them around his hard butt. "Your hands feel good on my ass," he said. "Your ass feels good in my hands," I said.Fuck, where did that come from! Dam, I was sounding like I was making it with some chick. "Hey....stud....would it be....taking things too far if we....took things....a little farther?"he asked. "How far?"I asked, my voice barely a whisper. "Whatever you want to do...while you're down there...," he said, letting his voice trail off. The situation was getting scary. My thighs burned under the strain of holding the squat position. I tried to straighten but my legs were trembling so bad they wouldn't work.Travis saw that I was trying to stand and he cupped his hands in my armpits and pulled me to my feet.I half-wished he hadn't. Something inside of me wanted me to be on my knees in front of the muscular stud. "Sorry," I mumbled. "It's okay, man," he said.He swallowed, hard, an audible gulp. "I'll do you first," he said as he went to his knees in front of me."I don't know what I'm gonna do with this big fucker, but I'll try."With that, he warped his mouth around the head of my cock! "Awwwhhhhhh!"I cried aloud as he began sucking my cock. "Hey, not so much noise," he said as he fisted my slick cock.Then he went back down on it. I rested my butt back against the wall before me legs collapsed completely and sat there gaping down in total shock at the handsome head moving back and forth at my crotch.I put my hands on his shoulders and dug my fingers in the hard muscles.I stared in disbelief.Nobody back at the barracks would believe this!I didn't' believe it. The battalion stallion was on his knees sucking my cock!I couldn't believe it and I was seeing it...feeling it. "Aww, Geezusss, Travis!"I moaned softly. He got off."I guess that means I'm doing okay." "Aww, fuck, you're doing more than okay," I said."Fuck, I never felt anything like it in my life!" He chuckled and went back to sucking my cock while I tried to claw my way up out of the stupor of disbelief.I wondered if this was the first time he'd ever done this.It sure felt like he had some experience, but then I didn't know what inexperience felt like. Maybe it came natural, once you had your mouth around a cock. Maybe I would be just as good as it. I know it was feeling incredible, especially the underside of my cockhead sliding back and forth across his tongue, and the way he slathered his tongue all around the head, like he was licking a big lollipop.Maybe he would wonder the same thing about me when I...I balked at the thought, even though I knew, now, I would do the same for him if he asked me to again. Maybe he had asked me; he'd said he was doing me first.First meant there was a second, and I was going to be the second one on my knees taking my turn at his cock.Well, I owed him that. Yeah, I was going to suck cock! Horrified as I was at the notion of doing such a thing, my mouth was watering and I was anxious to drop down to my knees and try it. Travis sucked me like he was doing more than just helping out a buddy. He was slobbering and making a lot of noise and moaning around my cock like he was enjoying it. He got off of my cock again. "Hey, don't go off in my mouth," he said. "Okay," I said hoarsely.I started to reach down and bring him to his feet, to trade places with him but he was back on my cock too quick and I didn't want to stop him.I put my hands loosely around his head and pumped my cock in and out of his mouth. He dropped his hands to his sides and let me fuck his mouth. Finally, I pulled back and eased his head back. "Getting close?"he asked. "Yeah, too close for comfort," I said. "Do you wanta try it?" he asked, looking up at me. "Yeah." He stood up and I dropped down. "You oughta be able to handle me okay, I did okay with that big horse cock of yours." I wet my lips and slid them over the head of his cock, without hesitation, like I was following an order. "Ohh, fuckkkkk!"he cried softly as he began humping my face. I kept my hands on his hips to keep him from getting out of control and ramming his cock down my throat.He kept trying but I was scared to let him do it. I didn't know how much damage he could do. I kept thinking that if his cock wasn't so hard, I might be able to take it all the way. Geezuss, why would I want to?Why was I doing this in the first place. Yeah, I owed him...right! For the moment I took comfort that he had gone first and I was repaying a debt. Travis pulled his cock free. "Hey, let's do this at the same time," he said. With his help I struggled to my feet...my legs were still trembling...and grabbed up my shorts and jockstrap and followed him further down the road.We went around behind the concrete barrier where there was a lot of tall grass. "This is a good place," he said as he began trampling the grass down to make a bed of sorts.I helped him till we had a circle big enough to lie down. "Go ahead, lay down," he said. I laid down first, which put him on top. He lay astraddle me in a sixty-nine position.I loved the position.His powerful, smooth thighs on either side of my head, his big cock and balls looming over my face. I had to pull his cock down and had my mouth open to take it when he took mine and a groan came out.As he started sucking me, I took his cock in my mouth.It was only natural for him to bear down with his hips, like he was fucking a girl, and his cock bore right into my throat!I was shocked how easily it slipped through and buried itself deep in my throat.It must be the different position we were in, I thought. His cock, aimed this way, conformed to the curvature of my throat, and there I was getting my throat fucked for the very first time.I guess part of it was because he was sucking me at the same time and that sort of swept me up in it so I would do about anything to return the pleasure. We went at it for too long, I thought.I glanced at my watch at one point and we'd been gone from the barracks for over two hours.But I couldn't bring myself to stop or say anything.Right then, I was ready to go till the sun came up.It was the most incredible feeling; I constantly felt like I wanted to come but I easily held it off.Godd, it was good. Not just getting my cock sucked; I liked the feel of his cock in my mouth, and the taste of it, and the feel of his muscles rippling over me. Travis raised up. "I told you not to go off in my mouth.I changed my mind," he said."I'm so fuckin' hot I wanta see it all the way to the finish.Is that okay?You don't have to take my load if you don't want to." "No, it's okay.I'll try it if you do," I said. "Okay, let's try to work it up at the same time.I'm just gonna keep sucking and you ease me off when you get close till you're ready, then really give it to me, so I'll know you're ready to come." We worked like a team; Sarge would be proud of our teamwork.I had to ease him off a couple of times till he started getting wild and thrashing his hips around and fucking my throat like it was a hot pussy and then the way he was groaning I figured he was getting close. "I'm gonna come!" he hissed then went back down on my cock. I think we shot off at the exact same split second.His cock bolted even harder, if that was possible, then exploded in my mouth.He shot come that splattered against the roof of my mouth with such force I imagined my head was thrown back.It was hot and thick but I couldn't taste anything till there was so much of it that it covered my tongue and I got my first taste of come.I couldn't decide whether I liked it or not, but it didn't matter.It was Travis' come shooting out of his beautiful, hard cock and I didn't care what it tasted like.I was blasting Travis's tonsils and he was choking and sucking and gobbling my cock like he was hungry for come.I figured he was probably just trying to get through it, like I was. My mouth was filling up and if he didn't stop and pull his cock out I was going to have to start swallowing the stuff. I didn't know if I could do that.Then I felt and heard Travis swallowing my load.He gulped and sucked and swallowed and sucked harder to get it all out of my cock.I was still holding his load, wallowing it around his cock, but it was starting to run out the corners of my mouth and down my face. "Swallow it.It's not so bad," he told me. I had to do what he said; I had no choice. My mouth was full of come and there was more still coming.I relaxed my throat muscles and let the stuff slide down my gullet.He was still coming and he shoved his cock down my throat to expel several more shots. I started choking but he didn't raise up.I was determined to finish him off right like he did me.I choked and gagged but fought it down till he rested his pubes gently on my face with his big cock buried deep in my throat.His cock lost some of its hardness and he settled down enough that I could lie there and hold his cock in my throat with ease and continue to gulp and swallow his come around it. Travis rolled to one side and we lay there, trying to catch our breath. Finally he raised up, propped up on one arm. "Fuck, that's worse than running five miles," he said, almost gasping.He ran his hand up and down my leg."You okay, buddy?" "Yeah," I said weakly. "As okay as can be expected anyway." "That was something." "Yeah, it was," I agreed. He sat up with his legs crossed and pulled me up."Do you believe what we just did?" "It hasn't soaked in yet," I said. He shook his head in disbelief, laughing."We came out here to jack off.We just sucked each other's cocks.We ate each other's come." "The army would never approve," I said. "Fuck the army." "You talk big, sitting out here in the ass end of nowhere behind a concrete barrier," I said. "I guess we'd better get back," he said.He stood up and put his hand down to pull me to my feet. "We're not running back, are we?"I asked. "We'll probably have to crawl back," he said, laughing. We put on our jocks and running shorts and I followed Travis in a trot.I wasn't sure my legs were going to hold up but I had to keep up with him. "Hey, I liked what we did back there," Travis said as he trotted along the moon-lit road. "I would be lying if I didn't say I did too," I said. "Wanta do it again sometime?" "Yeah," I said. "You ever do anything like that before?" he asked. "No.Hell, it never entered my mind.Oh, the jacking off part, but not the rest," I said."Was that the first time you ever did that?"I asked. "Yep."He turned to me with a big grin."If you're thinking I was too good at it to be my first time, you were pretty damned good at it, too." "It was my first time," I assured him. "I feel sorry for those poor slobs back in the barracks," he said, laughing. "They're tossing and turning or lying there squeezing their hard cocks, just dying to jack off and we're gonna go back completely satisfied and rearing to go tomorrow." "I just hope my legs work tomorrow," I said. I slept good that night.

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Banged By A Black Bantamweight

I first took up amateur boxing when I was thirteen and gave it up a few weeks short of my eighteenth birthday. My reasons for abandoning the Noble Art were that I was leaving school, starting a good job on the Stock Exchange and was fed up with a life which was limited to studying and training. My last fight was to be against Errol Collins, a black guy who I had fought on a number of previous occasions. At first the fights ended with Errol stopping me, but as we got older I learnt to avoid the black fighter's lethal swings, making us very evenly matched. In the last year, I had fought Errol three times and won comfortably each time. I therefore, approached my last bout with a great deal of confidence. When I got to the York Hall, I made directly for the changing rooms and found my opponent already getting changed. "Hi Errol " I said, "are you ready for another beating."Errol looked at me and smiled, " I have got a new trainer, a new way of boxing, and am going to whip your lily white ass. Of course, if you don't believe me we can always have a little side bet - let's say fifty pounds.""You are at work Errol and I'm still at school", I replied, " which is a shame cos it would be the easiest money that I've ever earned."The guy gave me a funny look as if looking into my soul before saying, " OK, this is the deal, you win you get fifty quid, I win I get to abuse that cute little white ass of your's." I had no idea that the guy was anything but straight, but like me boxing had been so much part of his life that he never had time for girls and like me he was properly as horny as hell, without any outlet.I thought about it, knowing that I could beat him hollow and heard myself say " OK guy, you have deal." From the first bell I knew that I was in serious trouble, Errol was a totally different boxer, gone were the wild swings and uppercuts replaced by an effective stick and run technique. He wasn't hurting me but his combinations were putting him steadily ahead on points. At the end of the last round I realised that he had won and my body belonged to him. We went down stairs to the changing rooms where we had our gloves and tapes removed. I started to go to the showers but my victor said, " shag first- shower later." I followed him through a maze of corridors until we came to the boiler room, which had a table and chairs set in front of the two large boilers. He pulled down my shorts and box, leaving me naked apart from my boxing boots. Having stripped himselfhe showed me his large, black, semi erect cock and said, "I think I would like you to start off by getting this hard, with those pretty lips of yours."I sank to my knees and took the weapon between my lips. I had never even thought of sucking another guy's cock but set about my task like a veteran cocksucker. Before he filled my mouth with cum , he pulled me to my feet , bent me over the table, smeared Vaseline into my bottom with his fingers and said , "time for the main event. " As his cock started on it's journey into my bowels I was terrified that he would split me but, due to good luck and lubrication he managed to impale my virgin ass up to the hilt. He then started to shag my ass with long slow strokes. Each stroke more painful than the last. After about five minutes the pain started to go off and I realised what I had allowed to happen to me. I was stark naked apart from my red boxing boots, I was bending over a table in front of two large boilers while a black guy wasfucking me legless, and I was loving it. Realising that I was getting into the fucking, he grabbed my waist and increased the speed and power of his thrusts.I was in heaven, clenching my ass muscles around his mighty cock and pushing my butt back against the thrusts. He must have fucked my ass for about twenty minutes before gasping as his huge dick emptied spurted jet after jet into my somewhat sore ass hole. I didn't realise but during this assault on my poor bottom I had got the mother of all hard on's.Errol gave me one of his lop sided smiles and said, " I think that needs a good sucking, but then you will owe me another fuck.""just get your lips round it Errol." I replied, "As far as I'm concerned you can fuck me to eternity." All this was ten years ago, Errol turned pro and became the British Bantamweight Champion, I progressed up he promotion ladder to become a team leader with my own dealing team. In two years time Errol will shake off the square ring , I will shake off the square mile, and we will buy a hotel on one of the Greek Islands.All of this being due to the fact that I thought that I was a better boxer than I actually was.

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Spring Games

The weather was warm, unseasonably warm in fact. It seemed like only a week ago it was raining or even snowing.

Spring break was just ahead of them but for now they huddled around their books cramming to make up for all the misspent hourse of not studying. Exams were looming over them like an English Axe ready to separate their heads from their trim, firm bodies.

Occasionally there would be screams as one or more would need to release their frustrations. There wasn't even time for the darkness shrouded busy hands that would rleive their pent up sex.

Instead of the sounds of rustling sheets and muffled moans in the dark of night there were only snores of those that had given up or those that fell sleeping at their desks leaving only their low wattage desk lamp to cascade yellow illumination over their fallen heads.

The exams came and Barry and his roomates longed for it to end. One would return to the dorm room and collapse while another would get best wishes before he left the room to subject himself to the tension of another one hour of torture.

Barry lay on the bed having completed all his mid terms. He wasn't relieved so much as exhausted and yet not so exhausted as apprehensive as to what results he'd get. "3.5 and I get to go to Florida" he sighed. "4.0 and they pay for everything" he added not wanting to hope for the 3.5 let along the 4.0. He was a good student. His gpa had hovered around the 3.5 to 4.0 throughout high school. But college was different, harder, challenging and an imaginary facade of doubtful goals he had to achieve.

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Moving To The Suburbs

This story is a work of fiction. And is Copyrighted 2002 by the author Me. The names in the story are not real, and if they are and your not gay I'm sorry. So just enjoy.

Moving to the Suburbs

It was a cold day and my dad was already bitching about that he didn't know that packing was going to be so difficult, and that if he knew that it was this hard he would of never have took the promotion. Yes, thats right were moving, my dad is a high class lawyer and his job is sending him to a law office in California because it gives him a chance to become senior partner at one of the most prestigious law offices in the world. We were just getting the last boxes packed before we left for the airport, and I was just looking back over my room to make sure I didn't forget anything and just reminiscing about the house i was born in and the house I had to go grow up in without my mother who left me and my dad when I was one.

I'm 17 years old going to be a senior in highschool, have my own car, and did I forget to say I'm Bi-racial. My mom was white with blond hair, and my dad is black. So I ended up with light skin with Curly brown hair with blond streaks sort of like Justin Timberlakes, And I'm tall just like my dad and I got the family jewels from him too.

Then I hear my dad call me saying that the Limo's here, sometimes I hate being rich and would just wish that someone would just steal all our money from out of my dads bank account. So we headed for the airport to board our private jet, they said that it would take about 2 hours to get from Washington to California so I decided to sleep the whole time. When I awoke from my sleep I noticed that we were at the LAX unboarding and we were going to take the limo waiting to take us to our new home. The whole limo ride I was depressed and very quiet and I felt like crying, until I saw our next door neighbour outside as we pulled up working in the yard. He was tall, slim, blond hair, blue eyes, and a nice ass -- he was your typical boy next door, but he was rich. I new I had to have him.

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The Puppy And The Corvette

That was a fucking Corvette in there. Brad looked at it through the dirty glass window in an attitude approaching awe. Un-fucking-believable! How did the Armstrong brothers get hold of a Corvette! They must have stolen it, everyone knew the Armstrongs were a bunch of no-goods.

Liberating that Corvette for a brief ride around town would be nothing more than charitable on his part. And if he got caught by the police with it, he'd just tell them where he'd gotten it and let the Armstrongs catch the heat. They'd be rolling him to testify against them and he'd sing like a chicken about to get its head cut off!

The Armstrongs' pickup wasn't home, so they weren't home. Coast was clear. Only problem now was how to get inside. The window was locked. Brad peered at it, it wasn't one of the really tough locks, just an aluminum latch with a bent-over top part to hold the window shut. Less an order to keep out than a suggestion! Apply a little pressure and it ought to bend up and out of the way...say by a judicially applied tire iron.

Brad found the latch much tougher than he'd figured but by jiggling the window he got the lower part to spin slowly around, and after nearly a half-hour of making a racket that he would have worried about if the Armstrongs had had neighbors anywhere within a half-mile, he got the window open. Now to work his way on in and get to that sweet, sweet ride! He could take it up to Carver and tool around main street. He could get a chick in that other seat in no time. And like they said, you can't get laid in a Corvette, but you can get laid the minute you step out of one!

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