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Jeremy And Kyle

Jeremy and Kyle had been best friends for almost three years now. They were both 15 and sophomores in high school. Jeremy was 5'8" with a slender build and medium length brown hair that he kept swept to the side and emerald green eyes. "Hey Kyle" he shouted to his bud as he came up to the bus stop. Kyle was the same height and build as Jeremy but with curly blonde "surfer" hair. "Hey Jeremy," only he called Jeremy that, well maybe his mother did too. "So whatcha doing after school man?" he said sitting down next to his friend. "Nothing really, you?" Kyle murmured. "Hey! Wanna go Laser Tagging? That new place opened up only a block or so from my house" he said excitedly. "Ya sure, I'd love to" Kyle remembers the new place. "Cool, meet me at my house after school" Jeremy said right as the bus pulled up. School was pretty uneventful as both dragged themselves through all the classes.

Finally school was over and Kyle was walking up to Jeremy's door. He was so ready to go. He had on his 'athletic' clothes, which consisted of shorts and a skin tight t-shirt. He knocked and Jeremy's mom answered. "Hello Ms.Perterson" he smiled, "oh hello Kyle, Jeremy's almost ready, Jeremy! Kyle?s here" She shouted towards the stairs. "Coming, just finishing getting ready" came Jeremy's voice as he came downstairs wearing only shorts and shoes as he was holding his shirt about to put it on. ?Hey Kyle, almost ready,? Kyle couldn?t help but stare at Jeremy?s shirtless body. His chest was completely hairless; he had small perfectly shaped nipples, and the developing of a six pack. He also noted his friend had some underarm and leg hair but no more than him. He slipped his shirt on, told his mom bye, and they headed out the door. Jeremy noticed Kyle staring at him but he had been guilty of it too a couple of times. Jeremy knew he liked Kyle since he first met him, and now he was wondering if his friend felt the same.

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My Skater

This is a work of adult fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, places orevents is coincidental. All readers should be over the age of 18, or the age of legal maturity in their society.

I watched "my" skater boys closely for months, secretly wishing I knew them personally and not just from a distance. I went over the concept in my head so many times. I considered going up to them and telling them what I wanted to do with them, after all, I just wanted to lick on their sneakers and maybe get one of them to rub my back with their soles like if I was a skateboard. Nothing too unusual about that right? No, what if they thought I was a freak and wanted to beat me up? Could I handle being rejected by them? How would I explain to other people who knew me if I did get beaten up?

Spending so much time secretly watching my skaters I learned much about them. Brad is the part time skater and part time basketball jock, very tall, strong, fast and definately hot. Brad spends a lot of time with his girlfriend. Josh is kind of short, really nice short hair, has a nice upper body build and has some really cool board tricks. Josh doesn't seem to have a girlfriend, but seems to be independantly happy.Next, there is Jake. Jake is a little shy seeming, he is pretty quiet in his group. Early in my observations, Jake always had his girlfriend around, but a few weeks ago, mysteriously, seemingly without reason, there was no more girlfriend. When Jake's girl was around, he at least seemed happy, but now it seemed like all he wanted to do was hang around with his skater friends, and even spend some time at the park when the rest of his group wasn't around. It was on one such evening that I decided to get up the balls to talk to Jake. I went up to him, pretty calmly, and asked him if I could lick his sneakers. I got about what I expected, I was called a freak and sent away. A few days later I approached him a little differently, I was still calm, but I approached and began appologizing for being so forward with my request previously. He accepted my appology, but then informed me that "we don't need any fags hanging around here". I was completely crushed. I couldn't even hang around with my skaters, they hate homos. I spyed on my skaters less for the next two weeks, as I got more depressed about the situation that I had gotten myself into. After a few days of not watching the skaters at all, I went back to my usual spot and started watching again. As I saw Jake with his friends, realizing that I would never even get the chance to really know him in any way but from a distance, I began to cry. When I finished crying, I became a little more determined to get what I wanted. Since I wasn't given the chance to prove my character, just sent away as an "unwanted fag", I decided that I needed to have a chance to tell Jake how I feel, but it wasn't like I could just walk up to him and tell him. I devised a plan, a quite devious plan, to capture Jake.

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The Rivals

I wasn't at The Half-Time Grille on Saturday night when the bet was made. And the reports of how it all happened were pretty confused and contradictory. But as near as I can figure out what happened, it was like this. You see, the football team of Wedgemore High has a long-standing rivalry with the team of nearby Stanfield Prep. Any game between the two teams was heavily attended regardless of our Conference rankings. But this year, we had one of our best quarterbacks ever, James McHaggerty, who had moved to Wedgemore the summer before and had dazzled the entire team when he tried out. He was a tall, broad-shouldered, good-looking guy with legs that let him cut the most amazing corners and jumps on the field. He had edged out the last quarterback for the Wedgemore Panthers, a nice guy named Kelly Billings, who had been moved to half-back position. His deep brown hair he kept cut short and combed neatly when it wasn't mashed under a helmet. His eyes were a startling steel gray color, his skin fair and clean and unblemished, his cheeks were large and flat, and when he turned those eyes and his smile on you, you felt a pool of warmth stir in your stomach no matter who you were. He could charm the pants off anyone he wanted, and I had my pants ready to go off if he'd ever aim that smile in my direction. Ah, the agonies of adolescent horniness! Facing him was our old nemesis, Ted Chalmers. Chalmers had been quarterback of the Stanfield Centurions for three years now. He was a handsome blond-haired guy with blue eyes and an arrogant know-it-all attitude that made you want to punch him the moment you saw him. His father had money, a lot of it, and he drove a fancy car and could steal any guy's girlfriend he chose to. He seemed to take a great deal of pleasure of doing just that to the guys on the Panther's offensive line. Let any of the guys be seen by Chalmers in public with a nice girl and he would usually make a play for her. And pretty soon, the girl would be in his car and the Panther would be back to looking for a new girl for when Chalmers was done with such a girl, he would usually pass her on to one of his teammates. So now you are ready for what happened that Saturday night several years ago. "Back to the Future" had opened at the Majestic Theatre that night and after the show, members of both teams ended up at the nearby Half-Time Grille like they always did. James had been talking with a pretty new girl who had been sitting by herself at a booth when he had walked in with his friends, only to find out when Ted Chalmers returned from the bathroom that she was his niece in town for a visit. Heavy words were exchanged. Again, I wasn't there but at some point the argument shifted from Ted's niece to the upcoming Wedgemore/Stanfield game. Just what was said in the heat of the argument, however, was very clear and recited with relish at every corner of our school the following Monday. Ted: "You want to place a wager on the game, numbnut?" James: "Always throwing money at your problems, Ted? Why not bet something you'd really hate to lose?" Ted: "Like what?" James: "If Wedgemore beats Stanfield on the eighteenth, you have to get down and kiss my ass right in the middle of the playing field." Ted: "Not big enough. If we're going to bet something other than money, let's make it something really humiliating!" James: "Like what?" Ted: "The losing quarterback, that's you or me, has to go to the lockerroom of the other team after the game and, right in the middle of all his teammates, suck the cock of the winning quarterback. And I mean suck all the way off!" James: "Huh?" Ted: "Afraid of this hot dog, numbnut?" And Ted grabbed his crotch. "Odds a little too high for you?" I think Ted was hoping James would back down. James: "No! Not high enough! Both teams watching. And we both keep our football uniform on, and anyone who wants pictures can take them. How's that for odds, preppie? That'd look really good in your yearbook, wouldn't it?" They say Ted stood there looking at James dead-silent for almost a minute. Then he said, very quietly. "Okay. You're on. You'd better practice on bananas for the next two weeks or you're going to be sucking a while." James' face was red with anger, and then he looked around at the crowd watching him, and then he walked off and drove away, leaving his friends stranded at the Grille. I was glad I'd heard the full story at least three times before that Monday afternoon. I was ready when the principal walked in and announced that practice would be extended an extra two hours each afternoon. He looked like he wanted to say more, but we all knew he was thinking of the pictures that would be around town for years if Wedgemore lost. And what such pictures could do to his career! But he knew better than to try to stop it outright. Betting on the game was a time-honored tradition. We'd just never had a wager like this on the game before. All he could do was his part to get us as ready as possible to win that game. Practice was rough, with the coaches grinding us well into the dusk and pointing out every mistake. What mistakes the coaches didn't catch, James did and he was quick to point them out. "Hedge!" he called to me. Hedge was my nickname, that or Hedgehog. "You have to watch the halfback when you're playing that position. He can cut around you and get to me. Careful!" "All right." I waved. I was a lineman, and not such a good football player, but I had the bulk and enough agility to make a decent offensive lineman and I concentrated on doing that, or on breaking the lines when I was playing defensive to let the other guys get practice. I went home utterly exhausted. I could kiss my life good-bye until after the big game. Practice all weekend; my parents didn't mind. They'd always been big on football in my town, and the rivalry was enough. Or perhaps they had heard of the bet. I was approached three times during the course of the week, twice to ask me to help throw the game for money, and once to find out if I had taken the money. I hadn't. I don't think any of the guys did. The image of that photograph, James in Panther colors sucking on Ted Chalmers' cock would haunt us for years, and I still had two more years of school to go. The game was rough, very rough. Fred Thompson broke his arm in one pile-up and a Centurion named Willoughby was carried off the field with what turned out to be a minor concussion. I got a nasty cut on my cheek when one of the Centurion's helmets managed to snake inside my guard during another pile-up. When one side was close to making a goal, the game got even rougher. The crowds were eating it up and I actually feared they'd come down onto the field if a goal was actually scored. But time and again, we fought it back or got fought back at the very edge of the fields, prevented or preventing goals. In the last few minutes of the final quarter, the game was still 0-0. I watched the other team wearily as Chalmers made some substitutions in the defensive line. Watched puzzled, as the ones he chose, while fresh, were some of his weaker players. Lined up for the push. We were still 30 yards from the goal, and only two minutes left to play. Sudden-death loomed like a specter over the field. Why did Chalmers send in his weaker players in such a situation? Yes, his first team was exhausted, but so were we! I looked at the freshman opposite me, who was trying to grimace meanly, and I knew right then that he was scared, that I could take this new guy out. I gave McHaggerty the signal and he waved. When the ball was snapped, I hit the Centurion defensive lineman hard and he went over just as I had expected. And McHaggerty dove right through the hole I had opened up and past the defensive line. A linebacker took him down, but not quite soon enough, the ball went over the line as he fell with his hands outstretched, and the goal was scored. We missed the point, and after that, played out the clock, winning the game, 6-0. I went back to the lockerroom, my brain in overdrive. This hadn't made any sense to me! It was like Chalmers had wanted to lose. But want to lose? Even assuming you were gay and wanted a chance to suck off James McHaggerty, an admittedly very cute guy, you wouldn't want to do it in front of all your friends and with flash cameras recording the moment for posterity, would you? I came out of the shower to see someone talking to James, some guy in a business suit. James was saying no, pushing the guy away. The guy actually pulled out a wad of money bigger than any I had seen before and offered it, but James just said, "Get the hell out of here! A bet's a bet, and I'm going to collect! You tell Chalmers to get over here." I walked over to James and said, "Someone from Stanfield?" "One of Chalmer's father's friends. Tried to get me to call off the bet. Hell, Chalmers has got to come over her and go down!" "You're going to go through with it?" I asked him. "Get a blow-job with everyone watching?" James looked at me and smiled. "And taking pictures, too. I've wanted to wipe that smirk off Chalmer's face for a very long time. Can you think of any better way to take that cocky grin off his face than with a cock in his mouth?" "I know I couldn't even get it up in front of a crowd." I said. "But I notice that you aren't drawing quite the crowd I had expected." We were nearly alone in the alcove where we were. "Yeah." James seemed disappointed. "I wanted every one on my team to be watching this. And every one of his team." "Watch you blow a wad into Chalmers' mouth?" I said. "You're going to be here, won't you, Hedge?" "Uh, sure!" I said. "Wouldn't miss it for the world." "Great." James seemed pleased by this. "Would you take the pictures for me? I got my own camera here and I can develop them myself. My uncle has a dark room." "Sure." I said, then got braver. "If I can have a set of prints?" "I intend to give everyone a set of prints, Hedge." James said. "Yours will be the first." "Great!" I said, and meant it. James handed me the camera. "You be sure you get a close-up of his face on my cock." James walked off to get his own shower. I started to get dressed, but then Porky Coggins poked his head around and said, "Hey, come on!" "What is it?" "Chalmers is here. The guy actually showed up!" I pulled back on my lockerroom towel, a wrap around with Velcro for the waist, and went to the main area, just an open spot in the middle of the room where the team would gather to hear the coach and so on. No wonder there hadn't been more excitement, everyone had expected Chalmers to welsh on the bet! I went out to see that Chalmers had arrived, in uniform, with four of his buddies. The look on his face was awesome. Stolid, determined. But NOT embarrassed. I expected him to be blushing outright, hiding his face. He stood there like a man with a duty to perform. And I had expected the guys to be making rude, crude comments. Our team was dead silent, a silence to which I contributed. This was awesome! "Hey, James!" someone yelled. "Chalmers is here." "Be right out." James said. "Someone fetch me my spare uniform. I brought it special for tonight. Want to look my best." Porky fetched James his costume and Chalmers stood to one side as Porky went past, talking to his friends nearly calmly. Like I said, less the humiliation of defeat as a guy who has to perform an unpleasant chore and just wants to get it over with. Downright classy; I was impressed. The look slipped as he saw my camera. Then he looked at my face. "You're the one who broke the line, aren't you?" he said to me. "Yep." I said. "Your new player lost his nerve." "I'll have to have a talk with Fredericks." Chalmers said and turned away. James came out a bit later in his uniform. "Where to give everyone a view?" he said and looked around. "Ah!" James stepped up on the bench at the end of the area. "I'll stand here and face this way." he said. "That way everyone can get a good look. Hedge, you ready?" "Ready, James." I said. "Come on, Chalmers." James teased. "It's your suppertime and you're having sausage." That got hoots from my teammates, and I moved in to get shots. No one else had a camera, and by general consensus, I got a wide area in front to move around in. Chalmers walked over slowly, steadily. He had to straddle the bench to get in position. "Now, reach up and open my flap nice and slow. Start snapping, Hedge." James said. "That roll has 36 exposures, and I want the entire roll shot." I nodded and took a wide-angle shot of the situation, James in the Panthers purple and white, Chalmers in Centurion's yellow and blue. James had his helmet on and Chalmers had his with him, he set it down between James' legs and then reached up, his hands still bandaged, to untie the lacing of James' fly. You could tell by the way the fly moved that James hadn't put on his protector. I had wondered about that. I moved in for a close-up, getting Chalmer's face and hands doing his job. His face was still stoic and composed. A soldier marching to certain death must wear that look on his face, I remember thinking. Then, jeez, where's the coach? Or any of the grown-ups? It was like they all understood that this was our time, our ritual, and that they weren't welcome. I found out later that the coach was in the middle of a shouting match down the way, Chalmers' father had found out his son was going through with it and trying to get the Coach to interfere, while betters were there blocking the way to make sure his son paid his debt, as they put it. A few more Centurions wandered in, mostly in regular clothing and carrying their bags, trying to act nonchalant. Our lockerrooms were next to each other, so they didn't have any trouble getting in, just a few steps to cover. Ted Chalmers finished unlacing the fly and opened the pants wide. You don't have an actual fly there, just extra material, which laps over and lets you lace up and tie the pants tight to your body. So what Ted did was to pull down the pants some and expose James' cock to the assembled players. James wasn't hard at first. With that many guys watching, I wouldn't have been either. But I snapped the shutter again and that seemed to inspire James, his cock rose up and Ted grasped it, stroked it for him. James gasped and Ted then guided the cock to his mouth. I just got the picture as James' cock touched Ted's lips. Then Ted dived onto James' cock and James sort of groaned. "Oh, yeah, who's the numbnut now?" he chided Ted. "Come on, cocksucker, get to working it. Oh, yeah!" Ted HAD to have been practicing for this. Think about it--you may have to suck a cock for the first time in your life. If you do it badly, it'll take you forever to finish the job. But if you know how, it'll be over quicker. Wouldn't you practice? So he slathered James' cock with his saliva, running his tongue back and forth over the cockhead and I backed up to get another good shot of both of them full-body, and then back in for more detail. I got pictures of Ted holding just the head in his mouth, the entire cock shiny with his spit, and pictures where his face was buried against James' crotch. James wasn't just getting a blow-job, he was getting deep- throated. I don't think James expected such a servicing out of this, because he was losing his cool rapidly under the long, deep strokes. "Oh, yeah, God, yeah, Ted, suck it! Suck it!" he groaned. "You motherfucking bastard, suck my dick! Yeah! Oh, yeah!" I heard first a groan from one of my teammates, and then it seemed to echo down through the group. I looked around to see Porky Coggins rubbing his crotch. Porky earned his nickname for obvious reasons, he was a round-bellied dude but a fearsome defensive lineman. "Enjoying the show, Porky?" James gasped out. "Oh, yeah!" "Great show, James!" Porky conceded. "Getting me really hot." "So take it out and stroke it." James said. "Join in the fun. I don't mind. Enjoy this, the Centurions' quarterback is sucking me off, and he's got to swallow it, too. How's that for showing which team's the best?" Ted speeded up and James lost the ability to talk, I think. He just groaned and threw his head back and got all wobbly in the knees. I got the pictures and looked around to see several guys rubbing their crotches now. Some pretty hard and fast. Ted kept up this assault for a time, then must have gotten tired, for he eased off, and James gasped a while, then groaned, "Oh, man, go ahead and flog them, guys. Let's see if you can shoot it all the way up here on this cocksucking Centurion!" That was enough to get Porky going, he opened his shorts and pulled out his pud and started whomping it. When he did it, it sort of opened the floodgate and soon over half the guys were doing it. I was getting a huge erection, but with both hands on the camera, I couldn't do a thing about it. James looked at me. "How many shots are left?" he asked me. "I don't know. Ten maybe." I had been clicking pretty hard and fast. "Give me the camera. I want to make sure we get one of his face when I shoot my wad in his mouth." James said. I handed up the camera. Stepped back to clear the way as James aimed the camera down onto Ted's face on his cock. Ted speeded up again. I staggered back, still wearing only the towel I had from the shower. It was secure, being a wraparound model with Velcro at the top end, so I opened up the flap and took out my cock. I was next to Kelly Billings, our former quarterback and I was suprised when Kelly reached over and took my cock and flogged it for me! I only hesitated a second, then I reached over and grabbed Kelly's thick uncut meat and returned the favor. I hadn't done that since I was a kid! But everyone was busy with their hands now, including the Centurion guests, the entire group was whomping their sausage while watching the Centurion's quarterbacks, Mr. Hotsnot Chalmers, paying off the bet by sucking Wedgemore quarterback James McHaggerty's cock. And doing such an expert job on it, too. James got a couple more shots, then he groaned. "Oh, man, I got to lay down for the rest of this. I'm about to shoot my load and my legs are aching!" he moaned. He got down from the bench, laid back on it with his legs on the floor, and Ted scooted over to resume sucking him like that. James looked around at his teammates watching him get blown while they whomped their cocks, and he suddenly smiled a broad smile and lifted up the camera. Five flashes, and the entire team was also on that roll of film. I definitely wanted a complete set of prints. James clicked it a few more times, but the roll was obviously done for. "Aw, shit, out of film. Now I can just lay back and enjoy this! Oh, yeah, Chalmers, suck that cock for me, just like I want that niece of yours to suck it one day soon. Your whole family's so damned pretty, Chalmers. Yeah, suck it!" James' face was flushed bright red. Chalmers seemed to realize that James was close for he suddenly began to suck hard and fast and James gave full vent to his moans and groans. "Oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah, uh, uh, uh, uh!" Kelly was really pounding my pud and I did the same for him and Kelly groaned and shot his load. From our angle, I had his whanger pointed nearly straight up, and pulled a little towards me, I guess, because Kelly splattered me but good with his jism. I gasped when I felt the white-hot flood hit me and I felt my own orgasm creeping up my stomach and I turned and deliberately aimed myself at him when my climax hit. I sprayed Kelly just as much as he had me. "Yeah, Hedge!" Porky groaned. "That'll really teach him. Aw, jeez!" Porky groaned and then I got hit with his jism as well! I was going to need another shower! In all this, I almost missed the scene I'd been waiting for, but James' groans began to climb and he groaned out a long, "O-o-o-o-o-h, u-u-u-u-u-uhhhh!" and I managed to wink my eyes clear long enough to see him flush all the way to purple and Ted choked as James pumped his wad into Ted's mouth and down his throat. Gasping, sweating, utterly exhausted after the hard game and my orgasm, I watched carefully, wondering if Ted would be sick. But he managed to choke and gulp hard and he swallowed all of it. All around us, the guys were getting their rocks off, and it was downright hazardous to move from where I was, where at least Kelly and Porky had shot already. I stayed put, feeling sticky with jizz both front and back (and I was!). James lay there eyes closed and moaning as Ted finished, and Ted stood up. I was surprised by what happened next. With a funny look in his eyes, Ted reached into his own undone-flap (when had he done that?), pulled out his pud, gave it a few strokes and he shot his wad all over James' bright purple jersey, his white pants and his exposed, moist cock. I didn't know anyone could do it that fast, but Ted managed it somehow. "You fucker!" James said, getting mad after getting over the shock of it. "You shot your jizz on me, you bastard. You must have thrown that game deliberately, so you could suck on me! Did you? Did you?" Ted got angry, too, and threw a punch at James, hitting him square on the jaw. James went over and was out like a light. "Why the fuck would I throw a game for that, shithead?" he said. "I could have bought you out of petty cash if I had wanted you. And don't you even think of coming near my niece again!" Ted stood up, adjusted his clothing, grabbed his helmet and walked out through the jizz-stained floor and the gasping teammates. "Come on, guys!" he snarled to his friends. "You got your jollies. Now let's get the fuck out of this hick town!" I helped James to his feet and then got my shower. I was having trouble believing the entire thing had happened. Even when I collected my prints from James a few days later, a full set including the one with me and Kelly jerking each other off, I didn't quite believe it. I kept those photos and have them still, to remind myself of the whole experience. Years later, I was out of the closet and living in Milwaukee with my lover, sitting at a table in a gay bar there waiting for him to finish work one day. And who should come in the door but Kelly Billings. "Hey, Kelly!" I called out. "Hedge!" I hadn't been called that in years. I hugged him tight and sat him down, bought him a drink. "What do you hear from the old hometown?" I asked. James and his family had moved away soon after that game, and Kelly had returned to being school quarterback. The photos had made their circulation around the school, though thankfully none of the team jerking off ever seemed to appear after James first handed them around. Ted had transferred to a prep school back East. Kelly mentioned this, but I already knew it. "His father was furious, you know." Kelly said. "His father had wanted Ted to go into politics, but with those photos around, it was impossible. I hear he runs his father's European offices now." "I can believe that." "Well, here's something you won't believe I saw. Never said a word to anyone about it. I was out jogging in the park the next morning early. And I darned near ran into James McHaggerty waiting there. I was going to say hello, but then he stood up and said, 'About time you showed up.'" "So who was it?" "Ted Chalmers!" Kelly breathed. "Ted handed him an envelope and James said, 'It'd better all be here. My family has to move again because of this.' 'Don't worry, it is.' Ted told him. 'And thanks again.'" "What was in the envelope?" "Money, I guess." Kelly shrugged. "I didn't see." "But that doesn't make sense!" I protested. "I already knew Ted threw the game on purpose." "You did?" Kelly interrupted. I explained and then I said, "But why would Ted give James money? It doesn't make any sense." And it still doesn't. Ted threw the game, not James. Too late to pay for silence. I'm still confused by it all. The only thing I can think of is this: Ted would never have lost that game with a quarterback like Kelly Billings. Nothing less than an out-and-out for-all-time scandal would have sabotaged the political aspirations of a father like Theodore Chalmers, Sr. And now Ted is in Europe, where he always wanted to be, out of his father's clutches and in charge of his own life. Surely that's worth going down on a cute hunk and giving him the blow job of a lifetime!

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Vibrator Fantasy

I enjoy fantasizing, even with the guys I meet on the Internet chat, because we live so far from each other that a meeting is out of the question. However, when I lie back in my recliner with some paper towels, anything becomes possible: I'd met Bob, who goes by the handle "Naturalman," on the chat, and we'd clicked immediately because we're both uncut. We were able to share experiences and relate to each other very well, and we continued chatting and e-mailing. He had told me that he'd used a cup type vibrator, as I had. He said "I can even pull my foreskin over the outside rim of the vibrator cup as it is sitting directly on my glans. First used it on the foreskin and loved the feeling of unloading with the foreskin still over the glans." This time, Bob was coming to my home, bringing his vibrator so that we might share and compare. When I opened the door, I saw him, with his salt and pepper hair and pleasant face. Bob is eight years younger than my 61, and a few inches shorter than my 6'2". I grasped his arm, enjoying even this physical contact, and pulled him in. In the bedroom, we immediately undressed, as we were eager to experiment. "I haven't come in a week," I said, "because I've been saving up for this." "Me neither," he replied, pulling his shorts down to reveal his full-foreskinned cock. I noted that it was extended well beyond the head, ending in a thick, wrinkled orifice. The outline of his glans was clearly visible through the skin, just like mine. We both have small pricks limp, although mine swells to exactly six inches hard and Bob's comes to just a fraction less than that. My foreskin is long and thick, forming an ample nipple in front of the head when limp. Both our hoods still cover our helmet-shaped tips even with erection. Bob opened his bag and withdrew a standard 110 volt two-speed vibrator. In his other hand was a cup attachment, made to fit over the glans. It was a typical bell-shaped, one-size-fits-all, which means it doesn't fit any prick-head right. I could see that it was even too short to reach Bob's flaring rim, where many nerve endings lie. "I had to make my own cup to get a good fit," I said. "It took a while, but it was worth it." "I've got something else you might like," he said, as he pulled a life size wax sculpture of his erect prick from his bag. It showed his prick with the foreskin pulled all the way back beyond the glans, exposing the flaring rim and the groove behind it. "I made it myself," he added. "I didn't know you could sculpt so beautifully, I said, but I can make use of that if you're willing." "How so?" he asked. "Well, I'll use it as a pattern for your new cup. I'll paint quick-drying epoxy on it, then warm it and melt the wax out of it. You can have a custom-fitted cup for your tip in minutes." He nodded, and I mixed a batch of epoxy. With a soft camel's hair brush, I painted a thin layer of epoxy all over the end of the sculpture, encasing his cock-head down to where the ridge meets the groove. It took oly five minutes to set, and I mixed another batch while waiting. I painted a second, reinforcing layer on the first, this time attaching the socket that I'd cut from the cup. This would attach it to the vibrator's stud. Our cocks had been swelling as I'd worked, because we were both anticipating the results. I was eager to watch him come with his cock-head totally encased in the buzzing custom vibrator cup, and he was wondering how much better it would feel than the old cup. I saw a large drop of clear fluid fill the orifice of his distended foreskin, and I lifted his prick with one finger. "Let me lick that off," I asked, and bent my head. It was slippery and salty on my tongue, very much like my lubricant. I was glad he secreted a lot, because it would lubricate the cup for him, and intensify the sensations. I dipped the finished cup and wax sculpture into water I'd set to boiling minutes before, and the wax flowed out of the cup. Then I drilled a hole in the front to allow the torrent of cream to escape. Finally, I inspected the cup for sharp edges and found none. "Looks good to me," I said as I led Bob back to the bedroom. He knew what was coming, because he lay supine on the bed, his cock flat on his stomach. He wasn't fully hard yet, and I drew back his long hood so that I could fit the cup. His lubricated cock-head slipped easily into the cavity, and I carefully aligned it with the contours of his glans. The cup encased his rim completely, including the very sensitive back face. The bottom of the cup enveloped his frenulum, the super-sensitive gee-string under the head. Then I placed some paper towels on his stomach to catch his juice. My last step was to roll his foreskin all the way up the cup, leaving only the hole and the socket exposed. That way, the vibrations would reach the many nerve endings in his hood, adding to his excitement. "Ready?" I asked as I fitted the vibrator's stud into the socket on the cup, and cupped his balls in my other hand. Bob nodded, and I pushed the switch to the high position. The vibrator jumped in my hand and I felt the buzzing that I knew would be much more intense inside the cup. I saw Bob's eyes open wide as his jaw dropped, and his arms flayed out to his sides. I straddled his thighs and felt the involuntary muscular contractions in his legs. Bob was going "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" loudly in response to the sensations, and I knew that if he'd been standing, his knees would have buckled immediately. I knew exactly what he was feeling from my own experience with the vibrator, and anticipated his orgasm within seconds. Bob's breathing was ragged, and he cried out in pure joy as the hot sparks of sensation stabbed deeply into his glans and down his shaft. I was holding the base of his shaft now, feeling it stiffen even further as the peak neared. Hot sensations rushed at him like an express train, assaulting his consciousness, and I knew that at that stage, Bob's whole world was in his cock. I felt the shaft throb, and heard him call out "Jack, Jack, Jack" as the orgasm consumed him. A long white jet shot from the end of the cup as his cock throbbed hard in my hand. Another stream erupted from the hole, followed by yet another gush as the insistent vibrations forced Bob to empty himself. I shot a glance at his contorted face, seeing his eyes were closed as the joyful agony of orgasm overwhelmed him. My cock was full-hard, and I felt it throb in response because it was so arousing. Bob's body strained against mine and he continued to moan loudly as the hot jets erupted from his cock. Now they became weaker, and I sensed his orgasm was nearly over. I switched off the vibrator, not wanting to cause him distress, knowing that the contractions in his cock-root would continue for many seconds until he was completely drained. Many minutes later, Bob was wiped down, ready to make me come. He straddled my thighs, holding the vibrator. We had to use my own cup, because my helmet is slightly larger than his. He poured some glycerin lube into the cup, then slipped it over my swollen glans. I helped him by rolling my ample foreskin up over the cup. I was supine, arms stretched out, when he hit the switch. A hot whirlwind of sensations drove into my swollen glans and enveloping foreskin, making me cry out helplessly. I felt my tip swell even more, wedging itself tightly against the inside of the cup, as hot tingles filled my foreskin. I was already primed, so it took even less time for me as a fiery spike of sensation stabbed down my prick to my balls, and I exploded. My eyes were screwed shut as I cried out; "Bob, Bob, Bob." My cock-root convulsed and shot a hot stream of lava up my tube as I writhed helplessly under Bob. My whole world was in my throbbing cock, and my thoughts were overwhelmed by the rush of orgasm. I lay passively, letting things happen because I could do nothing else, as stream after burning stream of hot fluid boiled its way up my tube and out the hole. The vibrator cup drove its frenzied buzzing into the nerve endings in my cock-head and the foreskin wrapped tightly around it, making my entire cock vibrate. My hips bucked as more contractions wracked my cock-root, and I felt more jets erupt as I drained myself. When it was over, I felt totally inert, with no energy to do anything. I opened my eyes to see Bob's head bending down, and felt his lips tenderly kissing my forehead.

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Highway Patrol

This story contains sexual situations between consenting adult men.IF YOU ARE A MINOR OR IF THIS MATERIAL OFFENDS YOU, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!

Highway Patrol Part I

Highway Patrol Officer Skip Braun sat in his cruiser off to the side of highway 12 just before the Culpepper exit.As the hot July sun beat down on the cruiser, Skip listened to the scanner as he eyed the few cars fly by, carefully observing the speed limit.With his left arm out the window and his right leg propped up on the on the hump of the shaft Skip absent mindedly rubbed his crotch and scratched at his balls.The hot air made his feet sweat slightly in his size 11 Trooper boots and he was glad he wore his jockey shorts today so as not to sweat through his khaki uniform pants.The 6'4" blond cop began thinking about last Saturday when he and the Captain spent the entire day pumping up there dicks and balls with the vacuum pumps the both owned.At Skip's place in the basement, spread out on the piss stained, cum and shit covered mattress the two men pumped each others dick up to bursting.Skip's own nine incher was now able to remain at nine inches when soft and dangling between his hair legs and could maintain a fat 12 inches when pumped and at erection.Captain Bruno Natriello the 57 year old salt and pepper haired Italian fucker had a cock that Skip could not get his fist around when he jerked him off but was able to work the older cop's dick up his ass after much pain.Skip's cock started to expand and stretch at the fabric of his uniform pants when suddenly a car flew past.The radar clocked the car at 75.Skip threw the car into gear and switched on the siren and pursued the car.The driver pulled the car over right before the exit.Skip, parking right behind the car exited his cruiser.In the side view mirror, Ken could see the cop approaching and was impressed.The blond hulking officer swaggered to the car.His fat dick filled out his crotch and he readjusted his balls as the crowded against his meat as he neared the car. "Going kinda fast, aintcha" Skip growled out to the occupant. Looking inside the late model sedan, Skip saw the driver, a black man, about 25.The man had on sweat shorts and football jersey that almost reached his stomach.Looking at the mans crotch the trooper could see the man had on nothing but the shorts."Sorry man, just back from the gym, pumped with adrenaline, you know.Damn, I can't afford no more tickets, man" As he spoke Ken observed the trooper's crotch and knew the man had a big fat dick.Would he bite.As Skip checked on the man's license his crotch was level with the car window.Ken pulled his expanding cock out the leg of his gray shorts.The fat purple head stuck out of the dark brown foreskin.Placing his elbow to rest on the door his elbow gently touched the Trooper's bulging basket.The blond Trooper moved his crotch against the black man's elbow and moved it up and down.Taking the bait Ken reached over with his right hand and massaged the man's cockKen could feel the man's meat getting bigger and gently pulled down the zipper of his khaki uniform.Reaching inside, Ken pulled out the Trooper's lengthening cock.The Trooper's dick flopped out and Ken inhaled the musty , sweaty smell.The fat white dick dripped pre cum and Ken grabbed the man's blonde hair covered prick at the base and squeezed it, shook it and licked the fat head.Anyone driving by would only have seen a common sight, a Trooper giving a scofflaw a ticket.But Officer Braun was standing in the hot sun getting his fact German dick sucked by a muscular black man.Checkin the traffic flow and seein no cars anywhere in sight, Trooper Braun stepped back a little and grabbing the back of Ken's head pushed the mans face down onto his dick."Suck it man,I got a fat white dick for you boy.Suck it " he hissed.Ken choked on the dick and massaged his own fat man cock.Backing off the dick and leaving a trail of saliva from his mouth to the Trooper's cock, Ken leaned back and Trooper Braun stuck his head into the car."Come on Trooper man, suck some black dick".Leaning into the car the big blonde car grabbed the black man's dick and licking the head, moaned as his own prick touched the hot surface of the car door."Suck it man" Ken hissed as Trooper Braun mouthed the man's dick.Backing off the black dick the trooperlicked his way up the man's chiseled stomach and stopped to bite one of the man's tit's.He chewed the man's eraser sized man tit until Ken hissed in agony and pleasure.Follow me the Trooper commanded and with his dick out, flopping as he walked back to his car, drove off the exit to a secluded rock formation.As Ken got out the car the trooper disappeared around a huge boulder.Ken got out the car with his dick hanging down his leg and sticky cum juice coated his black leg.Around the corner Ken spotted the trooper leaning against a rock with his dick hanging out and his arms crossed in front of his chest.Ken approached the blond man and kissed him deeply, licking his neck, mustache and Adam's apple."Suck it man" the Trooper commanded.Dropping to his knees, Ken knelt in front of the trooper in the hot blazing sun.Trooper Braun grabbed his fat pumped dick and began to slap the kneeling black man in the face with the huge white dick.He slapped the mans face with his fat white dick and smeared the precum juice around and pressed his Trooper dick into the face, neck and back to his face.Grabbing the back of Ken's head the trooper pressed his fatheavily veined prick into the black man's mouth watching him gag. "Yeah, boy suck that dick man".The Trooper stood above the black man and watched him stuff his lips and mouth around his pumped fat dick."You a good dick licker man, ooh yeah, sniff my balls".The kneeling black man let the fat dick slip out his mouth and while the trooper lifted his fat dick up, Ken stuck his face into the fat blond hair covered balls and sniffed in the man's funky crotch."Lick my balls, boy" The blond Trooper ordered and Ken took one of the fuaay balls on his tongue and licked the heavy sack.Ken could tell the man had worked out with the pump and his balls reached down heavily.Ken licked the mans bull nuts while the trooper stood above him jerking on his fat pumped dick with both hands."Yeah, that's right, suck on my fat nuts you fucker,chew those baby makers, punk ass, that's right" Trooper Braun hump the man's face as Ken tried to get both of the man's hairy nuts into his mouth.While Ken licked and chewed the man's fat hairy balls he reached around and squeezed and slapped the trooper's tight ass cheeks.Trooper Braun clenched and unclenched his ass muscles as the black man kneaded and probed his ass."Yeah, it's yours man."Trooper Braun pulled the black man away from his balls and pushed his dick back into his mouth.With his arms extended at this sides and his hands balled into fists, the trooper pumped his dick in and out the black mans mouth making him gag."Ohy yeah bitch man, suck that pole, boy, yeah, fucker."Captain Natriello had observed the fuck scene for awhile from his perch to their left.Approaching the trooper and the black man sucking his dick, Captain pulled his fat Italian dick out of his uniform pants."hey, boys. Got some real dick for you to swing on.As Ken let the blond trooper pull his cock out of his mouth it was quickly replaced by the captain's own fat Italian uncut meat."Oh yeah, suck it boy.Ken briefly took the older man's dick out of his mouth."Fuck my face you fuckin wop bastard"The captain aimed his fat Italian prick to the black mans mouth and shoved the whole dick in and pressed the mans head as far down as it would go."yeah, suck my dick nigger boy" Natriello pulled on his tits as he pumped his dick in and out the mans mouth."yeah boy nothing like feeding my wop dick to a big black nigger.You like that dontcha boy"Trooper Braun had moved behind the black man and while he sucked on the Captain's dick the big beefy trooper began to eat the black mans ass out.

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Losing The Bet

My roommate Mitch was from Canada. We were assigned to each other our freshman year. My parents had just dropped me off & got me settled in when the door swung open & I met my new roommate.

Mitch was from Vancouver. Like all Canadians, he was into hockey in a big way. Hockey was ok to watch, but I'd never played it. I was into lacrosse myself.

But when Mitch came through the door & introduced himself I knew we'd get along. We're both jocks, but we take our school seriously because although we like sports, neither one of us is going to make that our profession. On top of that we both liked to throw back a few cold ones on the weekend.

On that first day, he threw his suitcase on the bed, stretched out his hand, grasped mine firmly & introduced himself. He was about 6', 1", 180 lbs., jet black hair, blue eyes, square chin, almost good looking enough to be a model. Not that I care what a guy looks like. I'm straight, but I can see that Mitch could get any girl he wanted with his chiseled good looks & athletic build.

Myself, I'm no slouch in the looks department. I'm about 5', 9", 150 lbs., strawberry blonde hair, tight & muscled. I can usually turn on the charm & get a girl if I play my cards right. I was from Chicago so being at an exclusive New England private school, we were both far from home.

Since we were into different sports & he was a communications major & I was undecided, we ended up not having any classes together, and we didn't really spend much time together other than sleeping in the same room. We had similar schedules so there were no arguments about music or anyone staying up too late. He hadn't talked about a girlfriend & I'd broken up with mine before coming to school. With the start of the semester we were both caught up with trying to fit in, so neither one of us had met one yet.

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Tijuana Liberty

Well Dudes, it has been a while since I wrote a story for you and formy faithful fans.I apologize!I've been all over the world since my last story and hardly had time to call my ass my own.Made the Poppy Stan Countries. Made a trip to the Far East and maybe my travels might make a story someday.

The usual caveats apply.This is a gaymale to male sex story and if you are under age for reading gay porn sex stories,where you are, then please leave and come back when you are of an age where you can legally read this sort of story.

This is a true story and only the character names have been changed to protect the guilty.The story is a good jurk off story and like most of these stories it is written with out the use of condoms or other protection methods.Don't be fooled by that!In these days of Aids and other STDs you need to take precautions so that you will be around to read my hot stories in the future.

There is a quiz for you in the story.It is "how many fighting bulls are there in a regular Bull Fight?".I won't tell you the answer unless you write to me at oremond@earthlink.net.Then I will write you an E-Mail just as soon as I can with my answer.

Before I get into it I do want to thank some of the guys who have helped me and inspired me to do this writing.Dave from the Nifty Archivists is great and has put up with my teasing ever since I began writing stories for Nifty.Thanks Dave!Then there is Jim, who writes his own stories and prefers Bears.Keep your stories coming,Jim.

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