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In The Darkness

We were pretty rowdy the entire day, playing football, disregarding the temperatures by stripping half naked while we did so, tackling each other and falling onto the wet ground that still had patches of snow and ice.

We ate large volumes of pizza for lunch and piled into Adrian's old convertible to go to a movie. You know the kind we were, rude, loud and causing problems in the theater. We didn't care. It was spring and we were just happy to be young and alive.

After the film we went bowling, and we calmed down a bit, but were able to yell of course there and challenged some group of guys to a game which we won. We actually were able to drink the beers they bought us so we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

We weren't legally allowed to drink but being 19 or 20 we were almost legal, so nobody gave us any crap about it.

We grouped around a table in Dennys and ate hamburgers, milkshakes and french fries and then just walked around town laughing, joking, cursing and admiring girls we saw.

My parents hid themselves in their room and didn't complain much despite the noise we made in the living room watching tv until very late. Finally, my dad said it was time we all calmed down and slept.

So we found ourselves in my bedroom, some of us on the floor, in sleeping bags, I on my bed. And we showered, pissed and walked around in our jockey shorts or towels and slowly quieted down. A few comments, jokes about blowjobs, jacking off etc. as the lights went out.

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Soccer Team Jack

Well soccer season was officially over but coaches brother also coached a team and we were all going to play a game in his town which was 4 hours from ours.Both coaches and a couple of parents were going to take us to play and come back the same day.It was raining the whole night before so I was afraid we weren't going to go but we did.When we got there it was not raining but it was very misty.And the soccer field was totally muddy.

I mean major muddy.We played anyway.I will skip the game and get to the good part.Oh, we lost 1 to 0.We were soaked and muddy all the way. Totally.So coaches brother opened up the school locker rooms for us.His team got to use the locker rooms and we had to use the visitors.It was for football.So we were supposed to strip all the way naked and give our clothes to coach and he was going to wash and dry them and bring them back. And we were supposed to take showers while we waited.

Well I was pretty interested in this since I never seen any of my friends naked and none of us ever took naked showers in gym class in 8th grade.So some of the popular kids weren't shy and were the first ones to strip naked with coach watching.Then they put on towels.I got to see Nick who is our captains dick.It was hairy and smaller than mine, but his balls hung down to his knees.OK, not to his knees, but they hung down a lot.And Stevie almost didn't have any hair but he didn't care and wasn't shy.So we all stripped.I was wondering if I was going to get a boner, but I didn't.I tried not to look at the other guys when I was changing because I didn't want to get a boner.I was pretty excited.

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Fraternizing With Enlisted

It was while I was in the Army, about 24 or 25 years old... a new lieutenant. To begin with, officers aren't supposed to fraternize with enlisted, of either sex, PERIOD.

But one time I got drunk in the village (I was stationed in Asia), and came back to the post before curfew, since I hadn't scored a bar girl. The enlisted club was hopping, and since I was in civies (civilian clothes), I blended in with the other horny off-duty youngsters. The band was rocking better than usual, and the crowd was bigger and more fired up than usual, even for a weekend.

Shortly after I arrived I went to the head (bathroom) to take a leak, nothing unusual there. I was bleeding my brakes over the communal urinal, pretty oblivious to anyone coming or going, and it was dark. About halfway through the exercise I felt a hand squeeze my right ass cheek, not once but twice before it registred in my besotted brain. I looked to my right, and saw this nice looking black kid standing there with his dick out (darn, I was so drunk I don't even remember what he was doing with it, peeing or stroking). My first thought was, "COOL", but my next thought was "who's behind us, or outside the door... WHO IS THIS GUY?" I got it together to say "Hey man, no thanks", and zipped it up and scurried out.

I didn't really worry about it, and didn't look for him for the next hour until closing time. In the meantime I picked up a girl and took her back to the officers barracks, but she started to get loud and snotty, and I basically threw her out... nicely, to avoid a scene, and escorted her to the gate.

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Boys Of Christmas

"Boys of Christmas"


Timothy Stillman

They were in the penthouse apartment, across Fifth from me. I didn't mean to be a boy gazer. I never knew before I was one. But one night in November. A frost. A snow flurry. And I with my gin and bitters, sitting at my own penthouse window, lights low, music soft, in my comfortable leather lounging chair, masturbating yes, even at 25 I still masturbated alone. All myself. Always. I loved living in the city. I loved the places you could go and the things you could buy.

You could buy boys of course or videos of boys or books of boys. You could get whatever gratified for the moment. But I wanted more than the moment. I wanted to be loved. Not to be a trick. Not to be a joke. And I rubbed my dick and felt my balls and felt deliciously careless sitting there in front of an uncovered window that deep dark New York lighted landscape night of a world. I had dark hair, long, to the shoulders. I had a whippet thin body. Corded. I took much pains to look my best. And I saw them.

It was that simple. A snow fantasy. The flurry that blew across the darkness and the light. A moment when there was sudden soft drinks in my mind as well as had been in my hands. They were of course boys in that penthouse over there. And they were naked anddoingthings toeach other. I froze. I waited for the laugh. For the practical joke. I had never seen them before. I had never known anyone lived in that penthouse, which had been dark each night for the five months I had lived here across the street.

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"I rememer that day just like yesterday. I remember Him the boy i fell in love with three years ago but Hes gone now. It hurts so bad and I miss Him so much I would give anything to have him back right now but that just wont happen"

Three Years Ago

Tyler drove down the street heading towards school he had it all friends popularity everybody loved him everything he had money a great close family everything but he felt dead inside because he was missing the one thing he wanted the most love and he couldnt talk to anyone about it because the love he wanted wasnt really understood in other words if he did tell anyone his life would be over tyler was a muscular guy not huge but very average and all aroound perfect he had dark spikey hair and tanned skin he was american but you can tell he had mexican in him he walked in school gave his usual smile and wave greeting to everyone join in with the chatter then he froze looking down through the crowd thats when he saw him.... a boy about his size though a bit thinner with lightly tanned skin brown eyes and blonde spikey hair just looking around the bell rang and everyone started moving down the hall way tyler moved down towards the boy and then a big guy grabbed the boy slamming him up against the locker the big guys name was skull yea a gothic jack ass skull looked at the blonde haired boy who was named lucky skull laughed and spoke "you blonde haired little fag! im gonna teach you to suck my dick! hope you can handle it" lucky cried out in fear as the guy proceeded to force lucky onto his knees and take his dick out thats when tyler stepped infront of lucky and pushed skull away "you fucking retarded mother fucker you need to take your ass and go some where because no one wants that thing between your legs not even the gayest of guys would take it" skull glared and grabbed tyler slamming him into the wall "you may be all popular and buautiful and loved but that dont make you a god i could beat your ass if i wanted to" tyler rolled his eyes and pushed skull onto his fat ass on the floor "yea well you do it and see what happens" tyler turns around and grabs luckys hand pulling him up lucky pulls back a bit nervous but tyler tightens his grip and pulls him away and off down the hall to safety lucky gently pulls his hand away a bit nervous he looks at tyler "th...th...thankyou" tyler smiles and shakes his head staring at lucky "its no problem my names tyler whats yours?" tyler asks as lucky leans against the wall it was a habbit at his old school he was always called a wall humper but he stuck to the wall it made him feel safe he looked up at tyler "lu....lucky" tyler smiled and spoke "thats a cute name wish it were mine" lucky gave a little smile then frowned he was trembling a bit "so...why did you help me? no one helps me and no one likes me" tyler looked at lucky with a bit of sadness for the boy and spoke "why wouldnt anyone like you? your nice good looking i dont see nothing about you not to like" lucky smiled and blushed a bit looking down "th...thanks" tyler smiles and laughs "your welcome and cut the studdering you dont got to be nervous hey you wanna come hang out after school at my place have dinner or something?" lucky hesitates a bit then for the first time looked into tylers face and his heart just melts right into tylers hand as he sees that handsome face and smile

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Will And Luke

This piece is fiction.

Will and Luke

When Will was 15 his parents were killed in a traffic accident and he was taken in by an aunt, who never let him forget what a sacrifice taking him in was for her.At 18 he graduated from high school and next day enlisted for four years in the Air Force to get away from her and from his small town.

He did his basic training at a large base in Texas, where he learned to keep his mouth shut and look serious and respectful when anyone of superior rank(which was just about everyone) said something really stupid.

After basic he was shipped off to a technical training school up north to learn computer programming and from there was sent to an air base in the West.This was his first posting as permanent party and he was assigned to a barracks that actually had rooms where he had a single roommate.He realized that for the first time in years he felt at home.

His roommate was Luke, a farm boy from Indiana.Luke was an All-American boy, clean cut, blond hair, handsome in a thoroughly wholesome way.Will had never seen such straight white teeth.

The latrine in the barracks included a large shower room, no stalls, with eight shower heads.And the toilet stalls had no doors, rumored to be aimed at preventing masturbation.(Nice try, but it didn't work.)

What Will found most intriguing about Luke when in the showers was his penis.Here was this corn fed hunk, age 19, with a penis the size of a 10-year-old, Wispy pale silk bush (from eating too much corn?).The penis couldn't have been more than 1-2 inches in length and was thin as a pencil. Perhaps he lost too much in the circumcision.

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Leather Slave


They sat late over espressos, transfixed by one another, talking about how much they were like each other.

Chance had thrown them together at Lincoln Center. They were seated next to each other at Wozzeck, complete strangers who knew at the first meeting of their eyes that they were made for each other.Each was delighted to find in the other not just the looks he'd have been happy to go home with if they'd crossed paths on Christopher Street, but a person like himself with similar interests, pursuits, fantasies.

They did not have to make conversation. They just flowed into each other.

When the cafe closed they left and walked through the warmth of the spring night pleased with each other and proud of the success of what they teasingly began to call their first date.

You want to keep going, spend the night together? Sandy said with a winning combination of shyness and spunk.

Very much, Lex responded with a wink.

They took hold of each other's hands and on the dark street corner under the lamppost they faced each other and kissed themselves into erectility one more time and then stumbled across the street as if they had become one being.

Lex's loft was all white and sparsely furnished. The few pieces in it lacked neither taste nor elegance. Everything was white -- furniture, walls, floor. But there were candles rather than electric light, castingupon everything in consequencean amber glow.

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