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Adam And Bryan

Disclaimer: This story contains a theme among teenage boys aged 18yrs.If you are offended in any way please stop reading and/or if this is Illegal in your area to view such materials please close this page.Please note the information you obtain at the disclaimer is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.

Please note the following story is real, the names mentioned in the story are not that of the real people involved, the location and events surrounding the beginning of our beautiful relationship differ slightly from the location and events carried out in the story.

Adam and Bryan

It was around 4:00 P.M. on Friday when my parents left for the weekend and I was planning on a quiet, lazy, relaxing weekend here at home.I stayed up late watching TV shows, checked my social networking profile, checking the profile of the boy who I had a bad crush on, it was more than a crush, he was perfect in everyway, super athletic, very well clay-like shaped muscles in all the right places, the perfect V on his lower torso and the hottest lips you have ever seen.Yes, Adam was amazing, he was the guy in school who had all the girls, he had many friends, and he always is active and keeps fit.His parents own about 200 acres of farmland and they grow crops each year, Adam was the guy who played every sport, was involved with every activity in school that was related to sport.I've seen him in the showers, he has a cute 4.5" soft cut dick and even shaped dropped balls, his whole body is smooth and only a little hair around his face and on his legs.He sat next to me in English, he always smelled so good, and sometimes I would miss what our teacher was saying as I was thinking about him holding me, doing stuff with me and me holding him as he made love to me.

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Adams Bitch

The story I'm telling took place 20 years ago.I was 34 years old at the time and single.I lived in my own house just out side of town on 5 secluded acres.One day in early June after returning from a work out at the local gym, I found that my lower back was sore.I remembered seeing an ad in the local newspaper for a message so I rummaged around til I found it and called the number.When I called I talked to Adam but found that he was booked all day so I arranged for him to come to my place after hours. I took a long lesiurely hot bath and dressed in just my boxers & robe as suggested by Adam. At 6:30 Adam showed up as promised with his message table and a box.I greeted him at the door and was awed by his imposeing psyique.He stood 6' 3" and was packed with the most beautiful muscles I'd ever seen on a man.His black skin stood out against the tight white tee shirt and loose white shorts he was wearing.His voice was low and seemed very commanding to me when he spoke.Adam walked thru the door as if he owned the place and like a fool I didn't do a thing to stop him.He told me to strip and go get a towel.As I started to turn to leave he said " Strip here and then go get the towel" I thought of protesting but found myself takeing off my robe and boxers in front of this stranger. I practically ran to the bathroom for the towel and wrapped it around myself. When I returned he told me to spread the towel on the table and to lay on the table face down.I took off the towel and noticed his hands rubbing a sizeable lump in his shorts and blushed when he caught me looking.I got into position on the table and waited for him to begin the message.Adam asked me where it hurt the most and I told him in my lower back.He started to message my neck and shoulders while standing close to the table. I felt him rub against my arms with his crotch and for some reason unknown to me it seemed to excite me.I had my eyes closed and opened them just enough to peek at his crotch as he worked on my back. The oil he used smelled of Jasmine and felt so incrediably warm and soothing.As he worked his way down my back I heard him hum and for some reasom his hands and the humming put me at ease.He pulled my legs wide apart as he started to rub my legs one after the other.His hands would come shockingly close to my exposed balls but he never touched them.I found myself getting more and more sexually sxcited as the message continued. My 6" cock was as hard as I ever remembered it being and I tried to ignore it but god his hands were doing strange things to the rest of my body. Adam asked " How are you feeling Donna?" and I corrected him by saying " my name is Don and I'm feeling wonderfull" to which he replied " Just relax Donna and let daddy take care of you".I didn't say anything back but wondered if I'd heard right when I heard the word daddy but decided to let it go.Adam poured warm oil onto my buttocks and started to knead them with his big powerful hands and when I thightened them up he swatted my right ass cheek saying " Relax and keep enjoy it Donna". I yelped at the stinging swat but did as I was told and didn't think to correct him when he called me Donna again. Adam said " You have the sweetest little ass I've seen in a long time Donna" and I felt a hint of pride as I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart exposeing my little hole.He poured more oil on my buttocks and I felt it seep down between my cheeks.Adam opened my cheeks and begain to rub his thumb down between them sliding over my sensitive hole causeing me to moan. His fingers traced up and down my ass crack crossing over my pucker with each swipe.Now his finger was circling my rosebud and pushing in just enough to open me gently.I tightened my ass hole as if pinching off a turd and Adam said " Thats it Donna wink that hot tight pussy for me" His calling my ass a pussy sent shivers thru my body and I continued to exercise my ass for him.For some reason I begain to accept being called Donna and being treated like a little girl by Adam.The oil made it easy for him to slide his finger into my body and I actually liked the feeling of being penetrated.He slowly started to fuck his finger in and out saying " Baby your pussy is so hot and tight", Your cunt loves this doesn't it Donna?" to which I could only moan.After slowly opening my ass I felt him insert a second and then a third finger into my now yearning ass.I could only groan with each thrust and wiggle my ass wanting to feel everything at the same time.With my eyes closed as he miniuplated my ass I never realized he had taken off his cloths and was standing next to me naked til I felt his hard cock touch my cheek. My eyes felw open and I found myself stareing at the longest thickest cock I've ever seen in my life til then. His cock was 10" long, thick, and coal black.I saw a drop of whitish pre-cum appear and was amazed when he thrust it to my lips, rubbing the sticky fluid along my closed lips.I turned my head slightly to look up at him and heard his say " Open that sexy mouth and suck my black cock Donna". I saw him wink and was going to turn my head away when he thrust his fingers deep into my ass makeing me gasp and causeing me to open my mouth wide enough for his cock to enter. I gagged when I felt his cock head touch the back of my throat and then I felt his free hand at the back of my head as he started to saw his cock in and out of my defenceless mouth.Here I was laying on my stomach with his cock fucking my face and his fingers deep in my ass."Suck on my cock Bitch or I leave and never come back" Adam growled and for some reason I didn't want him to leave so I started to nurse on his cock like a good girl I was becomming.His fingers worked wonders in side my ass and I found myself humping back to meet his thrusting fingers."My little Bitch Donna is loveing my fingers in her pussy and my hard black cock in her sweet mouth" Adam stated and all I could do was moan around his cock.I think Adam knew I was going to be his Bitch the moment he walked thru my door and if I'd have known what would have happened I wouldn't have opened the door but I was loveing every thing he was doing to my body. He pulled his cock out of my mouth shiny now with my spit and his fingers out of my ass."Time to take your cherry pussy and teach you how to be a real mans Bitch, now turn over Donna" Adam said.I rolled over and he picked me up in his powerfull arms and carried my to my bedroom where her dumped me saying" Get on your hands and knees Donna and open your legs wide".I obeyed knowing what was about to happen and wanting it to happen deep down inside me. As I waited in position Adam went back to the living room and came back with his bottle of oil and a small bottle on a string.I learned that the small bottle was poppers when he opened it and put it under my nose commanding me to inhale deep and long. I watched him coat his beautiful black cock with oil as the rush of the poppers took hold of my mind.Now all I could think of was wanting his cock deep inside my manpussy as I wiggled and flexed my ass for him." You want my cock in your pussy don't you Donna?" he said as I felt the bulbous head touch the enterance of my ass and when I didn't answer he smacked my ass hard and shouted "Answer me Bitch". I jumped a bit and gritted my teeth against the searing pain and whispered "Yes Yes Yesss"." Tell me Donna what is it you want and make me believe it" Adam said as another flash of white hot pain smashed into my mind and the loud crack of his hand smacked my up turned ass. "Ohhhhhh Please please Adam please fuck my virgin pussy with your hard black cock, Please teach me what my pussy is good for, Oh god I want your cock inside me Master" I almost screamed.Oh Lord did I just call him Master I thought but deep inside me I knew I was his for the takeing just as he knew he was the Master of my world at that moment. I screamed like a little girl when he forced the head of his cock past the ring of muscle guarding my ass and he said "Yes scream my little Bitch as I make your pussy mine".With a grip on my hips he slowly pulled back forceing his cock ever deeper until I felt his wirey hair of his pubes scratch my tender buttocks. Gasping for air I suddenly understood that I was now nothing more than a blackmans Bitch to be use as he saw fit, when ever he saw fit.With his cock lodged deep inside my ass he leaned over my back and whispered in my ear "You will forever remember the first cock to fuck your hot tight pussy Donna and your pussy will forever belong to me, Your Daddy, Your Master, Your Owner."He again stuck the poppers under my nose and this time I inhaled gratefully.When the rush flowed thru my mind I pushed my ass back and squeezing his cock at the same time."Your cunt is now open for a mans cock to fuck Donna" he said as he pulled his cock out til just the head was lodged inside me.I moaned deep in my throat as he started to slowly fuck my manpussy with long deep strokes, each thrust scrapeing the love button hidden inside. After 5 strokes he taught me to use my ass muscles like a woman does with her cunt muscles and after 10 strokes I shot my cum all over the bed.My cock stayed hard and he called it my pathetic little clit.Adam called me vile disgusting names as he fucked me and it excited me for some unknown reason. After 45 minutes of straight fucking he shoved his cock into my ass hard and announced he was cumming.I felt his cock swell and throb as he shot volley after volley of hot rich thick cum deep inside my new pussy. When he fnished he collapsed down on my back pushing me down on the bed.I felt his cock soften inside my abused ass and thought it was over but he kept his cock buried inside me as he lay on my back." Who owns your beautiful tight pussy now Donna?" questioned Adam " You do Daddy Master" I whispered knowing full well it was the truth.He started to kiss and lick my neck and ears as we lay there and I was amazed to feel his cock harden inside me.Soon the full hard feeling in my pussy caused me to move my ass from side to side as if to tell Adam it wanted to be fucked yet again.Adam made me beg to be used again like a wanton whore before he finally pulled me back to my knees and started to deep stroke my new malepussy."Donna you need a cock fucking your pussy and you will open your ass for a man without hesitation because you are a natural Bitch, Slut, Cunt, Whore at heart" stated Adam.I whimpered knowing he spoke the truth, something inside my mind was now broken never to mend.As he fucked me I knew I'd want more and more.Adam stayed and fucked my mouth and pussy for the next 3 days and I was saddened to watch him leave but was happy when he said he would be back to use his Bitch.

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Adrians Birthday

"He's not up yet" Adrian's mother said to Mac. "I've go to go to the diner early, so if you can get him up, you boys can make your own breakfast".

Mac smiled, "Don't worry I'll get him up" and then trotted up the stairs to Adrian's bedroom. He had been here many times before since he and Adrian had become friends. They gossiped, listend to music, watched videos, play video games and even jacked off together. It had almost been a year since they met at County College.

Mac crept into Adrian's bedroom. He smiled seeing his buddie's bare torso above the sheets. Adrian was still sleeping.

Mac stripped off his own shirt and shorts. His cock was rock hard and he was ready to do what he thought about doing for some time.

He closed the blinds, less the morning sun awakened Adrian too soon.

Mac then slowly and carefully found himself under the sheets. To his delight his hand found that Adrian too was naked. The two had slept over in each others' houses often and sleeping naked was normal for them.

Mac squeezed the tube he brought onto his hand and slowly encirled Adrian's cock beginning a slow milking motion.

Adrian's cock grew hard in his grasp and Adrian began to moan.

"Shit man what are you doing?" he awoke.

"Happy birthday buddy" Mac said as he moved to his knees over Adrian.

"yea yea, cut that out" Adrian said trying to move Mac's hands from his boner.

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African Photoshoot

I worked as a telephone engineer in Zimbabwe for a number of years while I was in my early twenties. Although I was often troubleshooting or managing new projects in the field, I was based in the town of Mangora, a mining town which served as a hub for the farming community around it, as well as the local headquarters for various operations such as mine. Opportunities for physical encounters of the kind I liked were not reliable, and to fill my "leisure" time, I developed an interest in photography.

In order to stay in shape, I had fixed up a gym in the corner of my large bedroom, and dressed in a tight vest and shorts, I was just about to start a workout one evening at about 7 pm, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find a good looking young black guy in his twenties, broad-shouldered, dressed in a crisp white shirt tucked into narrow-waisted khaki shorts, with white socks and trainers. He said his name was James, and that he was sorry to disturb me but I had taken a passport photo of his cousin Grace and would I mind taking one for him. I was going to tell them that I didn't "do" portraits, but realised that he probably had no option but to make the 60 mile trip to the nearest town which might have a studio, and besides it seemed a waste of the company of a good looking guy.

From a quick appraisal, he looked about the same build as me - fairly muscular, a little shorter maybe, with a tight pair of buns and strong square calf muscles. I asked him if he played any sport and he said he had boxed, but had decided it was too dangerous, so he played football when he could and was learning to wrestle.

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Alone In Bed

He woke up early in the morning, much, much earlier than he usually does. His body is sunken in the large king size mattress and covered in the dark blue satin sheets. His head rests on two extra large down pillows with pillow cases that match the sheets.

It is still an usual feeling for Joey Walker to wake up in a bed, let alone a bed with satin sheets. After years of making beds out of cardboard boxes, Joey often thinks he is in a dream state when he wakes up on the satin sheets.

Joey stretches and can feel that his dick is hard. He looks at the clock it is 3 a.m., much earlier than he has to get up. He rolls to his stomach and reaches for his lover, but the other side of the bed is empty. It is then that Joey realizes that he is alone for the weekend, his boyfriend, David Bradshaw, is camping with some high school friends. Joey instantly misses David, even though he only left the prior afternoon. Sorrow at being alone is another odd feeling for David, he spent many years alone and used to say how much he enjoyed it. Now after just a few short months of being with David, he hates being alone, especially alone in bed.

Joey had been with many men before he was with David. He was with men for different reasons, sometimes for money, sometimes just for companionship on a cold night on the street. With David, from the very beginning, it was different. When he first decided to sleep with David he told himself it was out of gratitude for how David had helped him, but right away he realized that wasn't true. He had feelings for David that first time and soon it had become love, though he hadn't admitted that to either himself or David for some time after that. Joey realized that the day he had decided to stay with David forever was the really the first day of his life. Everything before that just didn't matter. At 20 he was glad he had the rest of his life to look forward. Those many years on the streets first as a child, then as a teenager and then as young man simply didn't matter anymore.

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This story may be true, or it may be fiction, or it may be based true events that may have happened, or may have not. It's up to you to decide. The usual disclaimer applies. Author holds the title to this story. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story, then don't. This story involves sex between two males. If this sort of material offends you, then don't read any further.

"Airmen" - Part I

I'm not originally from Las Vegas, but I was stationed at Nellis AFB about a year or so ago. In fact, that's around when this story takes place. I was a Senior Airman (SrA) in the U.S. Air Force. In fact, I still am in the Air Force, which is why I'm going to have to change the names of some people. My name is David, that much I can tell you. I'm of Spanish and British descent, but born in Oregon. I joined the Air Force shortly after graduating from high school. Right now, I'm 22. I'm about 5'10" and I really don't know how much I weigh - probably around 155. Well, for 155 pounds, I'm sure as hell a lightweight when it comes to alcohol!

I live on base in the dorms. I've got my own room, with a bed, a desk, a night stand, all that kind of stuff, but I share a bathroom with my next door neighbor. It's no big deal really. Being on base all day working takes its toll on you, so when night comes, especially on a weekend, I like to get out. I made a few friends on base from work. One guy in particular always caught my eye, his name is Bradley. Also a SrA and in his early 20's, we always got along great. Brad is my height if not an inch taller, and has one hell of a body. Seeing him off duty with a sleeveless shirt never failed to get my juices flowin'. One thing I always hated to do when it came to any of my guy friends was pretend that I was interested whenever they talked about chicks and shaggin' them, but you grin and bear it when your military career is on the line. He's originally from Maine I learned, shortly after I met him. He had a girlfriend from back home; they were High School sweethearts. Her name was Emerald, but she went by Emma. You would think after hearing him describe her, often times in graphic detail enough times, I'd be able to tell you what she looks like...but it all went in one ear, out the other with a detour around my brain; I care not to visualize that kind of stuff. Anyways, a few weeks after I met him, he had asked me if I wanted to go to some party off base at one of his buddy's house. It was Friday, there was gonna be alcohol, cute AF guys (though he didn't say the cute part) and "fine ass girls" - blech! I told him I'd go. He gave me directions to the house and told me to give him a call when I'm near so he could come outside and tell me where to park. I went back to my room, got ready and changed my clothes and went to the commissary to buy some shit I needed, and to buy a bottle of cheap vodka to bring since that is my favorite liquor. I left the base at around 7:00 and gave him a rang when I was close by.

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A Play With Nothing But Sex

Hope you enjoy it.

[[A Play With Nothing But Sex]]

[Main Characters]

Simon Patterfield (S): Slut.

John (J): Best friend of Simon.

Professor (P) Sparks (Sparky): Lecturer of Simon's.

Dave (D) the Security Guard: Dorm Security Guard.

[Chapter 1] (Setting: Professor Sparks Private Office)

Professor Sparks: "You like this don't you? DON'T YOU?"

Simon Patterfield: "Yes... I like this very much, sir."

Professor Sparks: "Yeah. Oh, oh. Why the fuck is your ass so tight? FUCKK!"

Simon Patterfield: "Ahhhhh. P... P... Pro...fessor... Sparks. Ah. Ah. Ah."

Professor Sparks: "You fucking whore! Take it, bitch! TAKE IT!"

Simon Patterfield: "Yes... Yes... Give it to me, sir... I need you."

P: "Beg for my cock, you stupid faggot!! Beg me, MORE! You know you want me? You've wanted me ever since you came into my classroom. TELL ME THE TRUTH!"

S: "Yes... Oh, God! Yes... Yes... I wanted you. I wanted to get...Ah... close to you... Ah... and see... see if you were like... me."

P: " Like, YOU? ME? LIKE YOU?"

S: "Ahhhh..."

P: "I'm... nothing like you, you WHORE! Look around you, bitch. You're in my office, lying on my desk letting me ram all my 7 inch cock in you. AND YOU THINK YOU'RE LIKE ME?"

S: "I... thought... thought..."

P: "You thought fucking wrong! This is where you sluts belong, under a master who FUCKING OWNS YOU. Got that? Did you hear? I OWN YOU! SAY IT! SAY IT NOW"

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