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More Than Enough

Jonathan stood by the French windows that gave onto the garden. Beyond the garden was the driveway and then there was the gate to the estate. He was dripping. Outside, sheets of rain slapped every surface they touched, beating foliage and drainage gutters equally.He watched as the black Mercedes swung around the circle, passed between the brick columns, and disappeared through the open iron gates into a dark, invisible distance.

Let it go, Peter said, pulling off his t shirt, also wet, which was sticking to his well-made torso.

What do you know about it? Jonathan said, tossing his wet hair, looking almost black now and slick.

You ought to know better than to ask me that, he said, rubbing a towel he had nearby over Jonathan's curly hair and silky smooth, muscled back.

You really have been working on yourself, he said admiringly. Don't you think you're alright just as you are? He added with a wink and a caress.

It's so fucking stupid, Jonathan cried, hitting the side of his head with the side of his fist.

Come on, Peter said, taking hold of Jonathan's head as gently and as firmly as he could.


Jonathan let his friend hold him.

I'm sorry, he said.

What are you sorry for? Peter said.

For being such a fucking idiot. For letting this stuff bother me. But I can't help it. It really gets under my skin.

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Cigarette smoke filled my nostrils and stung my eyes as I walked through the pub door, escaping the cold night air.I'd been out exploring the city I had moved only two days before.The sun had set sooner than I had expected and nighttime had come bringing with it the freezing cold.Now I was lost, everything looked different in the dark.I had decided to take refuge in a quiet pub I'd come across before trying to find my way home.

As I walked towards the bar I could feel eyes staring at me.Heads turned and looked at me as the room fell silent.I ordered my drink and quickly retreated to a quiet corner.I now had the chance to take a look around for the first time since I got here.The pub was full of young men, who were clearly soldiers from the nearby barracks.My eyes automatically scanned each of the toned, muscular bodies wrapped in camouflage uniforms.By now everyone had gone back to their conversations and were just ignoring me.

One guy in particular caught my eye.He was sitting at the opposite side of the room.His muscular arms and legs bulging against his clothes. Blond hair topped his beautiful tanned face.

His eyes met mine and I realised I was staring; he smiled at me before I looked away, blushing with embarrassment.I was suddenly aware of a familiar tingling sensation in my trousers.The testosterone filled room was making me horny and if I wasn't careful it would certainly show.I quickly finished my drink in one mouthful and headed for the door.The door slammed shut behind me as I burst out into the cold night air.I walked in the direction I'd come, attempting to retrace my path home.

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Without Knowing

Standing there in the late afternoon, he felt free. His naked body reflected back in the long mirror looked fit, thin, smooth and hard.

Hours, months and years had been spent swimming, lifting weights, running and stretching. He had spent years on the track and field teams, playing baseball, dashing about the tennis courts.

And it showed. He held his manhood proudly. It was throbbing full of blood. He felt its strength and yet felt it's tenderness too. The tickly of the slit as perals of clear fluid slowly excreted excited him as much as the feeling of his smoothly shaven nutsac he held in his spare hand.

His breathing came deep and hurried. His skin felt the air around him like fingertips moving over his body head to toe. The roots of his hair tingles and he could feel his anal orafice as it tightened and then opened. He could actually make it move.

Under his testicles was the smooth skin that one time surprised him and now provided moments of delight as he pet and stroked it as with the rest of his body.

His fingers pinched his nipples hard and harder as he gasped with pain and delight knowing his penis responded even more to this sensation.

Everything he had seen done he did and everything he had discovered in the bathtub, the shower, his bed and alone he recalled and acted upon.

His body was shaking and his gut was on fire. Yet in his mind he saw his teacher the one who had introduced him at a young age to the mysteries of his own body and to the pleasures he could exude.

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Hard Problems

Hard Problems1

Coach had kept Greg and I late to correct some moveswe were both doing wrong on the wrestling mat. By the time we got to the showers all the rest of the guys where out the door. Standing in the hot water spray, I turned away from the streaming water to rinse my hair and back. I heard some moaning over the water noise. It was coming from where Greg was in the shower. The soap suds were running down my face. I blinked away the water shaking my head to see Greg's naked body shrouded in the steam cloud. His hard and round buttocks shudder as they flexed back and forth.

"Greg! Are you OK?" I asked as I approached. His body seemed to be shaking through the mist. I stepped up behind him and I could see he was pulling at his cock! I lowered my voice.

"Hey man don't do that here... Greg!"

He froze and turned his head toward me, with a panicky look on his face. Looking over his shoulder I could see his sizable cock arched up, its crimson head in lustful need. He continued to stroke but veryslowly. He started to say something but nothing came out.

"It's OK man we can do that later." I patted him reassuringly on the shoulder. He sort of half smiled.

"Com'on man...Let's get out of here, OK?" I said.

He just nodded at me turning under the water. His cock was still hard, and I couldn't pull my eyes away. Seeing him beating his dick made mine twitch and start to get hard. His butt was so hot that even as I backed away I stared at Greg's nice globed ass.

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Shifting Ones Principles


"Connor Foley, you are wanted in the Principal's Office."

Connor turned to his friends. He smirked. "I wonder what it is this time," he joked.

"Maybe he wants to thank you for single-handedly leading us to victory in last night's game, huh Foley?" one of his friends replied.

Connor smiled. "That could be it. Well, I guess I could use a break from this boring History class anyway." He got off of his seat and excused himself from the class.

Connor Foley was one of the kids who seemed to have everything. At New Grant High School, he was the popular kid, star basketball player of the New Grant Gyros, and he was dating the hottest girl in school, Josephine Baker. Connor was respected by his peers, but despised by the unpopular people. To them, he was an egotistical, narcissistic jerk who preyed on the socially inept and bullied them into the ground. Sure, he was all of those things, but those he bullied were those he bore a certain kind of prejudice towards, and his peers understood this reason very well.

Connor had been raised a homophobe. His parents were staunch Christians-slash-Conservatives, and had always preached to him that men who slept with men or women who slept with women were to perish in a lake of fire and burn for eternity once the End came. He was warned constantly against associating himself with these kinds of people lest he join the 'sinners' in hell for eternity as well. Connor was as a result very prejudiced, and would bully those he found were a little too close for comfort around him.

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Lemar And The Germans

This story is intented for mature audience only. Namely those audiences that prefer to read stories involving male to male sex and interracial sexual situations.

This story my not be rewritten or published without the written consent of the author, T.C. Macy.

Lemar and The Germans T.C. Macy

I was horny. I was off for two weeks to celebrate my birthday and while I got most of the things accomplished that I wanted to, I wanted to use the time to meet some cool people, do something different and have some hot sex. I was able to meet the requirements for the first and last requirement and partially filled the second.

Is extremely hard to find quality interracial matches and/or sex in Central, Florida. You would think with all the diversity and such in the area that it would be a hot bed of activity but people tend to stick with their own and follow the herd. Those who do stand up and stick out go are much older than I tend to have in common with or are only out for one thing.Any other time I would stress about that and agonize over the social issues of it, but I wanted some sex and if I couldn't get that I wanted some porn. So, in the late afternoon, I jumped in my car and drove to the mega adult store near downtown. On my way I figured I'd stop off at one the cruising spots in town since I hadn't been in a while and see what was going on.

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Project Paper

The second guy I was ever with was in college also.The second time was with the first guy and so were several others.But the second guy was one I met in one of my classes.We were about the same age and had a project paper top work on so we decided to study together at his apartment since it was quieter and we could drink beer there.He had a really nice place for a college student, when I got there he was in a tank top and shorts he said because the air conditioning quit and it really was hot in there.We started studying and immediately drinking several cold ones to keep cool of course, and proceeded to kill more brain cells than build new ones.

After a while we decided to drink instead of study and that brought out the vodka and shot glasses.We played a dice game that made us drink a lot reallyfast and thus became quite intoxicated.After several shots he` said he was really hot and needed to take off his shirt. He suggested I get comfortable too, so I stripped down to my shorts and we went to watch tv and drink more.As we sat drinking he said he had seen me at the adult bookstore.I was kin of embarrassed at having been seen but then he said he and seen me leave a booth with a guy behind me and said he liked guys too.

Well under the influence, I reached over and put my hand on his leg.He moved over and did the same then reached in for a kiss.We made out for a while, pulling off what remaining clothes we had on and it did not take long to be grabbing cocks and being very hard.

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