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Bathtub Stimulation

I'd been feeling an insistent but pleasant itch in my glans since I'd awakened that morning. I knew I was getting horny, and needed self-release that day. Two things regularly make me horny. One is when I haven't had a cum in a week or longer, and the pressure in my sperm tanks builds up to demand relief. I usually don't let this happen unless I'm looking forward to an encounter with another guy, when I like to save up for a big, blasting orgasm.

The other thing is the build-up of smegma under my foreskin. I don't bother to wash every day, because it isn't necessary and because the build-up creates the pleasant itch that tells me I need an orgasm. Then I empty myself and wash my cock-head at the same time, as I was about to do right then.

I began running water into the bathtub, making it as hot as I could stand it. I enjoy soaking in hot water, and it relaxes my cock and balls as well. I saw my cock floating in the water, the skin coming out from my pubic bush smoothly along the shaft, expanding at the bulge of my cock-head, then tapering to form a nipple in front of the glans. The hot water gave me an urge to pee, but I resisted because I knew that the pressure in my bladder would enhance my sensations. I read a book for half an hour, with just a trickle of hot water keeping the temperature up where I like it. The pleasant itch had settled in my corona, and was at the edge of my consciousness as I read. Then I put down the book and reached for my prick with my left hand.

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Dream To Remember

As always thanks Barry for being my proof reader.

NOTE: This was my first attempted at writing a short story, and this one was made for a certain friend of mine, who I hope will enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

A Dream To Remember

Tyler got out of his car, and walked over the grassy hills towards the edge of the road he was on. Tyler was just driving around not really going anywhere, more to clear his head. That was until he reached the end of the road. There was a lot of construction signs up all over the place, as well as dead end signs and Danger signs. But Tyler ignored them all and drove as close as his car could get, without falling over the cliff, not that he would of minded, but he figured why make a mess of his car? Tyler slowly got out of his car, and made his way as close to the edge as he could get. There were a Danger, do not pass sign, in front of him, as well as some chains. He ignored it and walked passed it to the edge of the cliff.

He stood there just a few inches from the edge as the heavy wind blew all over his body. Sending his long light brown hair to wonder all over his face. The windy breeze gently pushed him back, away from the edge of the cliff. He looked straight ahead of him into the sun, as it began to fall, reflecting into the ocean.. He could see his own reflection in the ocean. It was impossible he though. But as he looked closer he saw that it was him, his hazel greens eye, staring back at him. He though how beautiful it looked, and knew this was the time and way he wanted to go. Into the sunset.

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Father In Laws Bitch


Working with my Father-in-law has been a roller coaster ride. The ups and downs and the excitement I face everyday in the last two years have been incomparable . . . and unpredictable. My father-in-law Murtaza Rehman, an ex-army man is a renowned man in Karachi. He has political connections, is considered tough and shrewd and runs an array of very successful businesses. No one if he can help it would ever like to get on his wrong side. At 6'2", broad shouldered and exceptionally handsome in a macho sort of a way, he is very intimidating too. He has a thick moustache and short cropped hair. A little bit of a paunch. And a deep authoritative voice.

In the last two years I have been his faithful bitch.

How it started: I wasvisiting home in Karachi after studying business management in an Ivy League college in the US. In Pakistan marriages are arranged by the families. One does not marry the girl one has fallen in love with, unless you belong to the highly westernized families. When I returned home with a US degree under my belt I was considered an excellent catch. My parents received countless alliances, but they were thrilled to bits to be approached by the Rehman family.

I wasn't sure I wanted to marry just yet. Life in the US was going beautifully. I was a sportsman -- played tennis for my college, I was considered handsome and was quite sought after by girls and boys alike. I had explored with both the sexes, but realized soon enough that I was happier fucking a guy than a girl.

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War Sux

War Sux

by Jingjok


WARNING: The following story contains depictions of explicit sexual activity. If the laws of your jurisdiction don't permit you to view this story, please leave here at once and go where you can learn how to work to change the laws of your jurisdiction. If you're offended by such material, please seek psychiatric counseling to discuss why you're here in the first place.

On the other hand, if you simply don't care for the type of action indicated by the story codes, well, have a nice day.

gay, military, interracial, teen mm anal CAUTION: expletives not deleted

DISCLAIMER: The following is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or places is coincidental. All of the parts in this drama are portrayed by mature actors who are masters of makeup and disguise.

HEALTH WARNING: This story is set in a time of less dangerous STDs. Readers are encouraged to always protect themselves against disease.

APOLOGIA: The vocabulary of the protagonist is as the author imagines he might have spoken in the situation, and no offense is intended.

The events depicted here are set in a time and place that may be painful for some readers to recall. If this story seems superficial against such a serious backdrop and causes offense to anyone, I humbly beg you to consider my apology.

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Club Life

This story is intended for your reading pleasure.The characters engage in sexual activity without the use of condoms.But, please remember that, in real life, we all need to take precautions.Be safe and "cover that thing up" before using it!And enjoy the story......

Club Life By Jason Moore

My name is Calvin Meyer.I work at a large gay dance club.You know the kind.Pounding beats.Loose men.And, every now and then, a hot male review.That's, without a doubt, the best part.I love when my boss, Dave Benson, signs on each show of those hot, male strippers.As each act prepares for their show, I have the enviable position of seeing to it that their every whim and fancy are met. Tonight was no exception.Mr. Benson contracted with an East Coast agent to bring a new review to our club.So, today I got to pick them up from the airport, chauffeur them to the hotel, then return to bring them to the club for the show.All five luscious hunks caused my mouth to drool just being in their presence. Show time came and with the commencement of their pre-recorded music, those five studs took the stage and I settled down in my booth off to one side of the stage.The hoots and howls from the audience spurred them on as they pranced around the stage, flexing, strutting, and gyrating deliciously to the music.My focus was immediately drawn to a hot, black stud billed as the Phantom Menace.Under the colorful spotlights, his skin seemed to glow. But the way he moved that fabulously built body had me hot.By the end of that opening act I swear I was ready to cream in my pants.Then each dancer did a solo routine.When the Phantom (as he told me to call him) hit the stage in slick, black leather pants and a small vest he slowly strolled around the front of the stage.Hands reached up to fondle him, touch him, and caress him and he obviously enjoyed the attention.When he got to my side of the stage, our eyes met.Phantom flashed a killer smile and flung off his vest.With his back to the audience he continued glancing my way while flexing the muscles of his perfectly toned arms, chest, and biceps. He had bulges in all the right places!Phantom then bent over backwards, his hands landing on the stage, his body arching upward.It was undeniable that he was one hell of a well-equipped stud.His crotch protruded up forming an undeniably large, delicious looking mound of manhood.After slowly pumping his body up and down, Phantom did a handstand for several seconds.Then he suddenly spun around on one hand and jumped up as his free hand tore at his pants.In a flash, he was now clad only in a pair of skimpy briefs.I watched in awe as he strutted around the front of the stage.His hot body and sexy moves drew numerous screams and cat calls from the audience.Money was being tossed up onto the stage and some lucky guys were able to tuck a bill here and there into those barely there briefs. When his dance routine ended, all of the dancers joined him on stage for a final stud fest.When the curtain closed and the club music began to pound again, I rushed back stage.I took drink orders for the dancers and quickly made it back with their drinks as they were just getting dressed again.All five had agreed to hang around in the club.But, I had something else in mind for Phantom! With their drinks delivered, they all prepared to head out into the club. Thankfully, Phantom was taking his time and we were left alone as the other four headed out. "So, did you enjoy the show?" he asked as he laced up his boots. "Yeah, it was great," I quickly responded. "Especially your solo.It had me creaming in my pants," I added. "That's why I'm here," he chuckled as he sat up before his locker."So how would you like a private show?" Phantom then asked. "Yeah, I'd love it!"I blurted back and suggested we go back to the club's office. A few minutes later, I was seated in a large cushioned chair next to the desk in the office as the CD player played a song Phantom selected.As the tune played, Phantom seductively stripped before my ogling eyes.After stripping out of his shirt, he slowly unzipped his jeans moving ever closer to me.When he finally stood inches before me, Phantom pulled out his cock. It was magnificent!It had to be about ten inches long and nice and thick.A sight to behold - a plump, cut, cock that he slowly fisted then wagged before me. Phantom then turned his back to me and swayed his hips as his hands lowered his pants and briefs past his thighs.His taut ass wiggled seductively before me.I couldn't resist!I reached out and ran my hands over his ass. Getting no objection from Phantom, I leaned forward and ran my tongue all over his ass.He then bent over as he stepped out of his clothes and my mouth and tongue moved immediately to the tight, puckered rosebud.As I lapped at that hot hole, I heard Phantom sigh.My saliva was flowing and I could taste his musky scent as I ran my tongue up and down in the crack of his ass. "Ooh, yeah, eat that ass," Phantom encouraged. I reached up, spread his cheeks, and dove in.My tongue worked that hot hole and slowly I began to dig inside.I then felt Phantom's strong head grip the back of my head and pull me in tighter as I began to probe and slobber over his delectable asshole.For several more minutes I ate away at his ass.Then suddenly he pulled away, turned, and pointed his huge cock at my face.My mouth opened wide, but Phantom did not immediately shove it inside.Instead he began to rub his luscious looking cock head all over my forehead, nose, and cheeks.Several times he slapped my outstretched tongue with his wonderful endowment. "Hungry?" Phantom then simply asked as he released his grip on his huge cock and swayed his hips as his hefty cock hung heavily before me. "Yeah, yeah I am." I immediately said. "Well go on and get you some," he answered. I grabbed his cock at the base and ran my tongue over its crown and up and down the sides several times.When I took him between my lips, Phantom sighed.My mouth and tongue began to fully worship that large piece of prime black beef.I couldn't believe my good fortune.It didn't take long for my oral attention to have its effect.Phantom's cock began to grow and harden as I greedily devoured him. "Aaah, yeah, suck my cock, man.Oooh, yeah, that feels so good!" Phantom sighed as his hands began to caress my shoulders while I gobbled him down. His cock was soon a throbbing monolith of black pleasure.I gorged on that feast like it was my last meal, much to Phantom's delight.But he had other things in mind.Much to my delight. "So you gonna give up that hot white ass?" Phantom asked as he pulled away. He then smiled broadly as I sat up and tore out of my pants.While Phantom stroked his wonder cock, I grabbed a bottle of lube from the desk beside us. After applying a generous amount to his thick cock, Phantom watched as I stood, reached back and plied my willing hole with some more.Preparations made, I looked up at Phantom. "How do you want it?" I asked. "Hard and deep," he chuckled. I turned and knelt down into the chair.My hands held onto the back of the chair and I jutted my ass back toward that hot black stud. "How about like this?" I asked. "That'll do just fine," Phantom smiled. I watched over my shoulder as he moved in behind me and guided that python cock into position.As the huge head made contact a shiver ran up my spine. Instant heat was generated as I felt him rubbing the tip of his hefty cock up and down the crack of my proffered ass.I reached back and spread my cheeks while resting my head on top of the overstuffed chair. "Yeah gimme that ass," Phantom demanded in a low growl. In seconds his cock was pressing up against the opening to my anxious hole. With another low growl, Phantom pushed forward.A searing pain shot through me as his huge cock head forced its way inside.I grit my teeth and moaned as I felt his cock quickly enter me.With steady determination, Phantom slowly pushed and prodded until his huge cock head popped inside.I swallowed deep and my heart skipped a beat, but I held on as I felt my ass being fully stretched by Phantom's huge cock. "Yeah, open up that ass cause I'm comin' in," Phantom demanded as I did my best to relax. "Aaaaghh, uugggh," I grunted believing my ass would be torn apart as slowly, steadily, painfully, pleasurably, Phantom's thick python slithered up my aching ass. "Oooh, yeah, this is one tight fucking ass," Phantom said as he continued pushing, working his cock ever deeper. "Aaah.Damn.Oh my God, " I wailed feeling his cock prying me wide open. Suddenly he stopped and I opened my clenched eyes.I looked back over my shoulder to see that only half of his cock had been inserted into my burning ass.Phantom stood there, perfectly calm and relaxed.As he did my ass muscles flinched and throbbed, attempting to accommodate that huge anal invader.He then began to withdraw, then push back in, slowly fucking me with just half of his huge cock.My senses were soon flooded with the extreme pleasure that Phantom's wonder cock was now causing as it dominated my ass. In one brilliant moment, my ass quivered and Phantom shoved his huge cock into me balls deep.He quickly grabbed my waist and pulled us into a tight fitting oneness.I could feel his pubic hair scratching against me as his cock was now fully embedded inside of me.Phantom then swiveled his hips, forcing his cock to fully explore every inch of my cock crammed anus. "Aaah, this is one fucking tight ass," he said."This is gonna be one hot fuck.You're gonna love what my cock can do to your pretty white ass." "Oooh.Oooh, yeah.Give it to me.Give it to me," I then cried out. Not wasting a second, Phantom began to pull out and push back into me with a slow, excruciatingly pleasurable motion.With each passing minute, he began to pick up his pace.My hands gripped the top of the chair beside my head as Phantom was soon viciously pounding away at my ass. "Yeah, take it.Take it!Take it all!" Phantom yelped. His powerful thrusts soon overwhelmed me.As his hips slammed forward, driving his huge cock hard and deep, my whole body trembled.With each plunge of that rigid, black shaft, I groaned in pleasure. "Yeah...Yeah...Yeah...Aaaahh...AaaahhhOh yeah," I gasped."Fuck me...Oooh, yeah....Fuck me good!" Phantom suddenly pulled free and slapped his cock on my ass cheeks.I pushed back, begging for more. "Turn around," I heard him say. As I leaned up, Phantom grabbed my hips, twisted me around and pushed me back into the chair.I gasped at the sight of his massive cock.It stuck straight out from his loins.It was a gleaming, black pole just waiting to impale me once more.Phantom reached down, grabbed my ankles and hoisted my legs up.I grabbed his cock and guided him in as he leaned forward, still holding on to my ankles.Once more his huge cock entered my ass.I trembled again at the feel of that massive cock worming deep inside.With his loins pressed up tightly against me again, Phantom released my ankles and grabbed onto the top of the chair behind my head.With a leering smile and his eyes looking through me, he began to slowly fuck me once more. "Yeah, you love this big, black cock, don't you?" Phantom asked. "Oh, yeah. It feels soooo goood," I cooed as he continued that slow, steady fucking motion. "Well, its time to tear up this hot ass," he said."I'm gonna bury my black seed up your hot, white ass.I'm gonna breed this baby good." "Aaaah, yeah.Fuck me.Fill me with your cum," I cried out in ecstasy. Phantom once more began to pick up his pace.My legs flailed out beside him as Phantom kicked it into overdrive again.With the full weight of his muscular body, he pounded away at me.My hands gripped my own rigid cock, my heart beat wildly, and my breath escaped in gasps as Phantom once more rode me like a wild stallion.After just several quick strokes, a blast of cum erupted from my swollen cock and splattered on my chest and chin as I mewled in pleasure.Drops of sweat now dripped from Phantom's face and ran down his thick neck, and over his massive, heaving chest.It seemed like an eternity of pleasure passed before Phantom was ready to unleash his load of cum. "Aaaah, yeah.I'm gonna shoot my load, too," he cried out."My cum is gonna breed your hot ass." I gasped as he slammed up hard against me.His massive cock was buried balls deep once more as my ass gripped tightly around its thick girth.It was pressing tightly against the sensitive lining of my ass and seemed to swell even more, filling me to the brim. "Eeeeiiiyyyaaahhh!" Phantom cried out as his cock exploded up my ass. I could feel his giant cock begin to twitch and jerk as it pumped his cum deep into my bowels.Those few moments seemed frozen in time as Phantom bred my ass with his black seed.Following the last blast, Phantom sighed and pulled away.I watched his huge cock disgorge itself from my fully used ass.A dribble of his cum leaked from the flared tip of his cock and plopped down onto my stomach.He squeezed out another luscious few drops of his cum and I quickly leaned up, wrapped my lips around his cock head and sucked down those last drops.When I had siphoned out every last drop, I fell back into the chair. "Mmmm, that was good," I sighed."This is a great job," I added. "Yeah, it does have its perks, doesn't it," Phantom replied. I could feel his cum oozing from my ass as Phantom gathered his things.I just sat there in utter contentment as he straightened himself up and got dressed.He smiled broadly as he pulled on his shirt. "Well, hopefully we can do this again next time the show comes to town," Phantom said, then turned and left the office. "I love this job," I said as I slowly rose to get dressed myself.

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Jr Lifeguard Training

I love swimming.We live in an apartment building and it's got a real crappy pool; but it's better than nothing.I guess.My favorite time is on the weekends when my mom and dad take me to the beach.

Right before school was out, we got a flyer from the YMCA.I haven't gone there since I was a little kid, but we still get information on their stuff. Anyway, what caught my eye was a program for Jr. lifeguards, for kids from 11-14.I was 13 and a half, so that was the program for me.I asked my dad and he said YES!I was so excited. It was two hours every day for two weeks. The YMCA was close enough, and I was old enough that I could ride my bike there without my parents.FREEDOM!

When my mom took me to sign up, we were told to be there on the first day already in bathing suits and ready to swim.No problem.I even talked my mom into buying me a new pair of board shorts, so I would look styling. I looked cool, at least in my option.

As I discovered on the first day, it wasn't about looking styling, it was about fitting in.Only one other kid had shorts.All the others had Speedos, like the swimmers wear.I felt stupid. The coach called me and the other kid over after practice and said if we were serious about life guarding, we would need to wear speedos. He offered to let us go through the lost and found box to find a pair.

So Scotty and me, he was the other guy in shorts, pulled out all the swimsuits.We both found some that might fit and went to the locker room. Coach said to try them on and make sure they fit before we left.Most of the guys were already gone when we got there.I heard the shower and voices, so I figured a couple of the kids were still in the locker room.

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Favorite Tutor

It was so cold outside that Perry was surprised when Jon appeared wearing only his boxer shorts.

"What's up" He asked at the door absentmindedly scratching is crotch.

Perry couldn't help but noitce Jon's fly was open although he couldn't see inside the partially openness.

"You said for me to come over, but uh maybe I - " Perry tried to not stammer. He was enamored with the guy. They were the same age but Jon was tall, broad shoulders, square jaw, long strawberry blonde hair, developed chest and well, sexy.

Perry by contrast was short, slight build, curly black hair, had no body hair on his chest and legs and jsut looked younger.

"Oh yea come on" Jon said stepping aside.

It was like entering an oven. The apartment was hot to say the least.

"Wow hot here" Perry muttered.

"Yea, keep it hot so I can run around bareass." Jon said and laughed. "You can strip down if you want" he said.

Perry stood in one spot surprised to hear Jon. He wanted to believe it was the older boy flirting with him.

"Hey you looking at me cause you want a date or what?" Jon had once asked when he caught Perry staring at him. They were in the locker room at school and both were nearly naked at the time. "Oh sorry just thinking" Perry had stammered his answer hoping it was believable.

In fact he had been attracted to Jon for years. Even when they were in elementary school he had been mesmorized by the larger built guy.

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