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Ripe For The Picking

Ripe forthe picking, that's what I was, when I had just turned eighteen. Young, naive,and always horny, that was me. I had sex with only one girl just before I joinedthe navy. It was good for me, but I don't think she enjoyed it much. I was tooclumsy and thinking of my own pleasure. I love girls and had many fantasiesabout them. It's just that I was on the bashful side, and did not know how totalk to them. So you can see I had a hard time getting dates. I was told anumber of times that I was a nice looking guy, but I had a hard time believingit, because I felt that I was to short. I was only 5'4" and slim (120lbs). After bootcamp, I was stationed in SanDiego. I was pretty much a loner and kept to myself mostof the time, and because I was not good at picking up girls, I would read dirtybooks (whenever I could get them) to get myself off. I was seventeen when Ijoined the Navy, and when I finally turned eighteen I found out that I was oldenough to go to adult book stores. I went crazy and started buying lots of sexbooks to get off on. Then Idiscovered peeps and that's when my innocent, boring life started to change. Ittook me a long time to get up enough nerve to go into the peep rooms, but when Ifinally did, I was in seventh heaven, because now I could actually watch womenhaving sex on film. The first time I watched one of those films I came in myunderwear and the stain was very visible on my navy blue pants. I wasembarrassed and had to keep my hands in front of me all the way back to thebarracks. From then on I would not wear underwear so that I could undo mythirteen buttons and jack off into paper towels. I made sure I always had somewith me. I always felt self-conscious just before I went into a booth, becausethere were men always standing around. I felt they knew that I was going to jackoff in there. I felt that I was the only one that was sick enough to dosomething like that. Talk about being naive. At least there was a lock on thedoors so no one could bother me. When I was done, I had to make sure I stayed ina booth long enough for my erection to go down so that no one would see my hardon pushing the front of my pants out. Sometimes, if the movie was not goodenough to get me off, I would go to another booth. I always wiped the pre-cumoff the head of my dick so that it did not leave a stain. And if I was hard, Iwould hurry to the next booth with my hand over it so as not to draw attentionto myself. Little did I know that I was drawing a lot of attention, from one manespecially. Late oneSaturday night after drinking a few beers with some buddies of mine, I wasfeeling no pain and very horny, so after I left them, I headed for the peeps toget some relief. I could not believe that the place was so packed at 1 am in themorning. There were at least two or three men waiting at every booth to get in.I finally wandered to a darker section of the room, way in the back, that I hadnever been to before. I found a booth that no one was occupying and slippedinside. Then I found out why no one was using it. The lock was broken. This mademe a little nervous, but I was horny as hell and figured no one would bother meanyway. Let me explain what these booths looked like. There was not a lot ofroom in them and it was stand up only. There was a little window about 6" highand about 12" long that you had to look through to see the screen on the otherside. There was a box that you had to feed quarters into in order to watch themovies. I always put in five dollars worth so that I had plenty of time to enjoymyself and clean up afterward. The movie Iwas starting to watch was very sexy, with a good looking blonde sucking one guywhile another guy was fucking her. I made sure my back was to the door just incase someone opened it by mistake. As I watched, I undid the thirteen buttons onmy navy pants and started stroking my dick. All of a sudden the door opened andI felt someone coming inside and standing very close to me and I heard the doorshut. I quickly pulled the flap up over my hard dick. I could tell that he was abig man and this made me very uncomfortable and a little scared. I did not knowwhat to do, so I just held the flap over me and kept watching the film hoping hewould go away. He kind of had to bend down to look in the window (he was thatbig). He whispered in my ear, asking me if it was a good movie. God, the boothwas so small that his body was touching mine. I pushed myself against the wall,kind of in the corner trying to get away from him. Now my left arm was trappedagainst the wall under the window and my front was pushed against the otherwall. He whispered in my ear again "this looks like a hot one". I nervouslywhispered back "I guess its ok" . I was trying to act natural, but I was startingto shake from fear and from the closeness of this stranger. I knew he had tofeel me shaking as he moved even closer. Then he said "don't worry little man,I'm not going to hurt you. I've seen you in here lots of times. Guess you liketo jack off to these movies, huh?" I was embarrassed and ashamed that he knewwhat I had been doing. I started to sweat and pretended to look at the film, butnot seeing it anymore. I had to get out of here. Then I felt his big hand comearound and lightly grab hold of my crotch. I tried to pull away from him, but Iwas trapped between him and the wall. As he started kneading and playing with mydick he whispered in my ear again " I think you can use a little help with that sweat piece of meat. Don't worry little man, just go with the flow". Just then he reached around with his other hand and grabbed the wrist of the hand that washolding up my flap and put it behind my back, holding it with his other hand. Iwas totally trapped in the corner now as he pulled the flap down and away frommy naked dick. I was scared, but at the same time I was getting strangely turnedon by the way he was taking control of me as he rubbed my dick, making itharder. His hand on my dick was feeling better all the time and I was breathingharder as I started too relaxed against him, letting him have his way with me. Iguess he knew he had me now as he released my wrist and wrapped his arm aroundme pulling me away from the wall. Now he leaned against the door holding metight as he looked over my shoulder at my now very hard 5 1/2" dick beingstroked in his big hand. I could not believe how good it felt. Then, in onemotion, he slid down, turned me around, and took my dick all the way into hiswarm mouth. No one had ever given me a blow job before and it was a wonderfulfeeling. As he worked my dick slowly in and out of his wet mouth, he had itthrobbing with pleasure as I thought to myself, what am I doing? I knew this wasso wrong but, the way he was making me feel, was taking away all my inhibitionsas I felt his big hands grab my ass and pull me deeper into his mouth. My kneeswent weak and my body slumped back against the wall as I pushed my hips towardshim and surrendered myself to that succulent mouth. I felt him undo my pantscompletely, and pulled them to the floor. Now my dick and my ass were totally athis disposal. He grabbed my bare ass cheeks and started squeezing and rollingthem around as he slurped loudly on my, now rock hard dick. He was taking overmy body and I wanted him to do just that. It really turned me on thinking abouthow I was giving myself to a total stranger, and a man at that. It was sodepraved, perverted and wrong, but I was hot and shaking with lust as I thoughtabout how much I liked the way this man was taking control of me. He startedworking his mouth faster and I could feel myself getting ready to explode. Justthen he stopped and took his mouth off of my dick and left me pumping into thinair. He looked up at me and said " you like that little man?" "God yes, Please,Please." He smiled up at me and said that if I wanted to more, I had to tell himthat I was going to be his little slut and come home with him. Before I couldsay anything he had my dick back in his mouth, and as he sucked me, he tied ashoestring around my dick behind my balls. He made sure it was tight and now mydick was harder than it had ever been. Soon he had me moaning so loudly, that Iknew everyone could hear me. At this point, I didn't care about anything exceptthe way he was making me feel. I don't know when, but at some time, he must havespit on his finger, because now my ass hole was wet and I could feel his fingermoving in and out of me. Everything he was doing to me was driving me nuts. Justwhen he had me on the edge again, he stopped. My body was onfire. He stoodup, towering over me, and rubbing my dick and ass hole as he told me that Iwould make a good slut and that we should go to his place now. At this point Iwas more turned on than I had ever been in my life. And being as turned on as Iwas, I told him yes, I would go home with him. He kept my hard dick at fullattention as he told me that I had to tell him that I would be his slut and thatI now belonged to him. I knew that he was right and that I wanted to belong tohim because of the way he was making me feel. I whispered that, yes, I would behis slut and I now belonged to him. He jacked my dick harder and was fingeringmy ass deeper, making me whimper like a girl. Then he said "I want everyone tohear you say it, so speak up my hot little slut." I knew I was losing my mind asI almost yelled it out. I had never felt this humiliated in my life, but at thesame time, I loved the way he was taking control over my mind and body. I couldnot believe that I had just told this giant of a man (very loudly) that I washis slut and belonged to him, He told me to pull up my pants and just buttonenough so that the flap would stay up, then follow him to his apartment. As Ifollowed this big man out of the peep, I just knew that all those men standingaround had heard me offer myself to him. They watched me walk behind him with atent sticking out of my pants and a big wet spot on them. I was humiliated againas I heard someone say "use that slut well". I started wondering, what the hellI am doing. He had to be at least six foot tall and about forty years old. Whatwill he do with me? Hell, he could be taking me somewhere to either beat me upor kill me. I thought about running away, but my hard, tied up dick kept mefollowing. I knew that liked women, but this was all about a different kind ofsex. I was curious, scared, and excited all at the same time. And all I couldthink about is how much I wanted this man to take me where I had never gonebefore and to control and use me. It turned out that he only lived a blockaway. As we walked, he kept turning around and looking at my tented pants andsmiling. Every time he did that, I found myself thinking about how I was aboutto give myself to this stranger and let him take me into uncharted waters. Inever thought I would be offering myself to a man. It was clever the way he hadtied my dick so that it stayed hard and kept me thinking aboutsex. When we gotto his apartment, he held the door open for me. And as I walked in, I heard himshut and lock it. With a strong demanding voice, he then told me to face him andonly look at his crotch and not his face. As I turned, my eyes were dawn to avery large bulge in his pants. He told me to drop the flap on my pants and putmy hands behind my back. Being scared and excited, I resolved myself to do as hesaid. I now realized that there was no turning back and that I was at his mercy.As soon as I exposed myself to him, I put my arms behind my back and locked myfingers tightly together. I was standing there shaking, with my little tied updick hard as a rock and staring at this giant of a man'scrotch. I heard himchuckle as he said " Good little slut boy, you keep doing as I say and I won'thave to hurt you. You are here for my pleasure and you are going to do as I say.Do you understand?" As I noddedmy head yes, I watched him start to rub and squeeze his growing cock. I don'tknow why, but watching his cock getting bigger was turning me on. I thought thatI had come here to get more of the sucking that went on at the peeps. Boy, did Ihave it wrong. I smelled astrand odor and then he put a joint to my lips and told my to inhale deeply. AsI sucked in the strange tasting smoke, I started coughing. God this stuff wasstrong. I had smoked a little weed before, but nothing like this. He justlaughed and said, a few more hits of this and I would be more than ready toservice him. He made me take a few more deep hits and soon my head was reeling.He then told me that this pot, laced with PCP and ecstasy would get me in themood to be a good little cock sucking slut.It was getting hard to stand so when heput his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to a kneeling position in front ofhim, I went along easily. Now my face was just a few inches from his crotch. Iheard him chuckle again as I watched him, thru now blurry eyes, start to undohis pants and slide his zipper down. " Now slutboy, you are going to see what a real man's cock looks like and you are going tolearn how to service it." I started shaking my head no, and told myself that Iwas not gay, but soon my eyes were focusing on the biggest cock I had ever seen.It had to be at least nine inches and not completely hard yet. Sitting there onmy knees and with my hands behind my back, in my drugged mind, I felt myselfbeing draw to it. As if hypnotized, I watched it get bigger right in front of myface and I felt weak as I looked at every inch of it. It was ridged and pulsingwith large veins, the head was swollen and purple and his full balls werehanging low under that hard shaft. I also noticed that the head was slimy withprecum oozing out of it. I found myself in a complete daze as he started rubbingit along my lips. My tongue started automatically licking that strange tastingwetness off of my lips. "You wantthat big cock, don't you slut? You want to worship it and feed from it, don'tyou? TELL ME YOU WANT TO SUCK MY COCK DRY--- NOW!" He wasright, in my drugged mind, I wanted it more than anything. That beautiful cockwas all I could think about and now, I did want to devour it and please him. "God, yes " I found myself saying, " please, may I suck your cock dry." "Good slut,now open those sweet lips and welcome your feeding tubeinside."

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Watching A Hot Sk8r Boy

Note for readers: This is an adult homosexual male erotic fiction story which describes fictional sexual and voyeuristic activity and involved subject of legal consenting age. Readers under the age of legal adulthood in their place of residence or who are not interested in homosexual erotic fiction or who live in locations where the reading of this material is not legal should stop reading here.Thank you.

Author's Note: This is the first story I've posted for a while, and one of the first for ages that's non-slash fiction. If you want to see my other stories at Nifty, they are `Tales of Middle Earth' in the Celebrity Section', `Footy Team Morale' in the Athletics section, and `Old Trafford', again in the celebrity section. Drop me a line if you like this story or any of my others, it might encourage me to write more!

It was a perfectly sunny day, very warm and humid, but with a nice breeze blowing in off the sea, nearby which I live in an apartment block on the sixth floor.All apartments on the west side of the block have balconies overlooking the bay, which is literally one road-width away from the beach. There was a skate-park just over the beach road from my block, and it was fun to look down at all the young guys, mostly shirtless at this time of year, showing off their talents to their girlfriends. I knew several of them lived in my apartment block, though I had never spoken to any of them, just bumped into them on the elevator a couple of times. Most of them were quite skinny and unattractive with a lot of spots and big ears, you know the type. But there were the odd few who were extremely handsome, and played starring roles in a lot of jack-off fantasies of mine.

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Gym Rut


I was the one dragging the gym mats back into a pile, Connors was swinging on the rings and holding his legs up at a 90 degree angle for aslong as he could.I'd already missed the 3:45 bus and the way he was pissing about I'd be missing the 4:05 aswell.All Connors did when me and him got this detention was piss n' moan about what a prick Mr Landy was and then all he does is swing on those damn rings.

"You know if we get this place organized we can go ya' know" Having slid another mat onto the pile I looked over at Connors and waited for a response.Concentrating on holding his legs straight out he didn't register he'd heard.I bent over to grab another mat but stopped half way. "Y'know Connors we didn't all get a freakin' car for our 17th, I gotta get the bus"

Me and him were both in Year 11 and both 17, aside from that we didn't have much in common aside from biology class.Our height had alot to do with it, he was almost 6 foot so he played football and those guys tend to hang with each other, he always had a smile on his face not because he was incredibly amused or anything I just assumed it was because he was thick, the haircut didn't help either it was supposed to be marines but it looked like something on a slack jawed farmer. Because I'm just over 5'7" I stick to track pretty much all year, in the change room us runners look abit weedy next to the football guys but we're fast and we've got no fat.

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"Prince Elendil will get you! Prince Elendil will get you!" the childish voice sang out, a supposed threat of unknown but certain horror all of the children in the village were aware of. The young boy who taunted his sisters now skipped aside at the ugly look thrown him by his eldest brother.

"I won't go!"

"You have no choice!" the old woman spat at her son. "We have no choice!"

"But you need me here! You cannot tend the fields and see to the beasts with the young ones demanding your attention, Mother. It is my duty as the male of this house to look to such chores."

"I can and I must, my boy!" his mother tried to reason, her quick temper cooling as fast as it had arisen. She sighed at her own words. Her 'boy' was a man now, tall and strong from his time on the farm. Only his face gave away the shortness of his years.

"The Lord cannot expect you to fulfil the agreement made when my father still lived, healthy and strong. If the consumption had not taken him this last winter, I would gladly have presented myself at the Palace. But all has changed now." The last words were spoken with a bitterness he could not hide from his mother.

"Taen, my son, don't you see? You must go! When your father and I were betrothed, the Lord Ellessar granted to us this land and several cattle in return for the servitude to his court of our first-born son. It was a generous exchange at the time, and one which we must keep. We have done well in the years since, and now it is time to pay the price - you!"

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Online Guy

Straight guy takes the bold step and has his first bi interracial experience...

I am now 39 Years old been straight all my life but have for the last few years fantasized about sucking a cock, especially a black cock. I have visited all the sites with stories, I have a huge collection of pictures and videos hidden in my computer but until now, have never taken the next step.

I finally decided to take the next step, but how do I start. I visited Yahoo personals, and a few other sites. Looked at over all the personal ads, wrote to a few and got some responses, but one stuck out above all the rest. The moment I saw his pic I knew he was the one I wanted to have my cherry taken by. But would he be interested in me, I took the chance and wrote to him, and he responded back.

Let me try to describe Mike, his body looked amazing, smooth and black, his face had a sensual look about him, the only thing I couldn't see was his cock. He kept that hidden from view.

What attracted me to his ad was the fact that he was very good looking, black, and versatile, because I wanted a man that would not only fuck me but would also enjoy me fucking him.

Of course he wanted to see pics of me, but because I am married I only sent him pics of my cock and chest, but that was enough, he was definitely interested. I had gotten everything I wanted, I met a man who was willing to meet me and I was attracted to him.

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The Collector

"Full?" Daris asked. He was still kneeling and naked.

"Yes full and don't plan to find ways to fill it with other stuff. We're gonna test it and if it's fake we'll know" The hooded man said.

Daris shivered. It was chilly in the basement room where he was encircled by peers wearing a bevy of school jackets, sweaters and all wearing black hoods.

He had expected some sort of initiation and was ready for it mentally. So he didn't hesitate to report to the parking lot or get into the unmarked van or refused to be blindfolded.

Nor did he object to being pulled from the van and pushed stumbling down the wooden steps into the basement at an unknown location.

And he didn't fight when he and the others were told to strip naked and stand in a row. As he watched, each one was given a task ranging from picking up quarters using only their buttocks to jacking another pledge and eating the cookie where the sperm landed.

He wasn't the last one in the row either. He knelt when told to and held up his hands to accept the tuperware container.

"You can use your own stuff, but that won't be enough no matter how many times you jack off" the hooded pledge master said.

Daris had considered doing just that. But he knew he couldn't fill up the pint container. An average male dispells about a table spoon of liquid each time they ejaculate. He knew that fact and tried to compute how many table spoons were in two pints.

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Sixth Form Art College


Hi, my name is Andrew and I recently started sixth form college at Foxford School and Community Arts College in Longford, England, my first year at this school. As the name suggests, it's both a comprehensive school as well as a Arts college with about 1000 students, some 150 being sixth form students like myself. If you wonder what sixth form college is, just google the British educational system.

Back to myself: I'm 16, about 5'8" at only 105 lbs and have dark brown hair. I've known for like 4 or 5 years that I'm gay but have never done anything with another guy. Contrary to what I've read on the internet, I haven't even checked out other guys as we always had PE as our last period and therefore rushed home to shower there.

Maybe I could have seen someone else's dick if I really wanted to but you could say I'm way too shy for that. Anyways, this year would be a challenge as my family lived about 70 miles away from Longford and therefore my parents put me into the lone hall of residence at Foxford, where I had to share my room with another student.

My roommate is Geoffrey, who was also 16. He is quite tall at 5'11" and weighs around 150 lbs, which is still lean for his size. He has reddish-brown hair and a very nice, upbeat and outgoing personality. His family lives in Longford but he wanted to have his own space as he started college.

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