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Just Messin

"Come on man, he's never done it" Craig said.

Andy had gone to Craig's house after the phone call. Craig said they would just hang out but Andy hoped it would be more.

"Don't worry we wont' tell anyone" Aaron said

He was already half naked and wearing only boxer shorts when Andy came into Craig's bedroom. Craig was in his jockey shorts.

Andy might have thought the two were jacking off or something but he knew Craig usually stripped to his tiny white jockeys as soon as he got home from class.

"He's cool, I promise. He doesnt' even go to our school" Craig said.

"You said he'd want to" Aaron said to Craig.

Andy sat on Craig's bed. "fuck" he said. "I told you not to say anything to anyone"

It was a nice afternoon just after everyone returned to classes. Alot had gone on during the summer just ended for most of them.

Hair had grown in new places, voices got lower, classmates got taller. Craig showed up with his new goatee. Andy's summer indoctronation into sucking cock wasn't as obvious.

"Just once" Craig said, "Hell I'll even do you if you want" he said putting his hand on Andy's shoulder. Andy felt his cock swell in his jeans.

"Let's go to my house" Andy offered and Craig nodded. They talked about their summers, the new teachers, the classes and Andy told him he had a secret to share.

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House Boy

Jack Sprat

I'm a light skinned Mexican boy of Spanish descent. My mother is Mexican. I never knew my father. I lived my first 16 years in the farm country near Fresno, going to school whereever I could. My mother, a migrant farm worker, moved place to place, picking whatever produce that was in season. I have three sisters and two brothers younger than myself. We all helped in the fields.I was always grubby, dirty, and hungry. I wondered if things would ever get better. My name is Carlos. One day, a group of businessmen from San Francisco came to inspect their farm. It was a typical roasting, hot summer day. I was sixteen years old, working in the field wearing only tight cut-offs. A straw hat kept the sun off my head. Picking requires me to bend over.

While the other men moved along, one stayed behind. I got real nervous having him watch me. He asked my name. When he found I wasn't working on Sunday, he asked me to town for a milk shake and a hamburger. He said he might have a job for me away from the fields.

His name was Bill. He was real nice and seemed real interested in my welfare. He said, when he saw me in the field, he figured that I was kind of above the rest. He asked if I would like to come to San Francisco and be his houseboy. I would have my own nice room and he would train me. He felt that I could also fit in school. I would start at $600 a month with room and board and he would even buy my clothes. Icouldn't believe this. I would be living with an important rich person. I would be able to go to school and also send money to my family.

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Have You Ever

Copyright 2005: This story is not a work of fiction, it's a life experience. This should not be copied or claimed by any other person/s without expressed written permission by the author.

Disclaimer: This story is intended for a mature audience and involved intimate gay sex. I'm compelled because of laws of certain states to say that if you are not supposed to have the material... then hide it good or don't read it. This IS gay material so please don't read if you have problems with that.

This story is completely true except his name has been changed to protect his interests.

Intro: Have you ever met someone that made such an impression on you that it goes so deep. Have you ever met someone that you couldn't keep because distance or something else was going to take you apart? Well I knew how I initially felt about this guy... what I didn't know was how hard saying goodbye would be. There will only be one part to this story as I don't wanna besmirch the experience by adding a bunch of crap that didn't happen or extend the story beyond what really happened.

Have You Ever

Part I

The gay night life in Hawaii was bumping. Music blared out into the night beckoning all who was willing to come in and have a good time. People mingled outside, but most were up inside the club. Laughing, dancing, drinking, lost in conversation. Both bars had lines of people sitting at them, lines of people in line for their next drink. A crowd to one side were concentrating on a game of pool going on. The balcony of the club was packed with people sitting at tables having a good time. Enjoying the company of fellow gay men. There were the beautiful men, the masculine men, muscular, lithe, tall short, everyone mingled, and everyone had their place.

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Old Pornographer

The Old Pornographer by Traumarei

Disclaimer: Not really fiction at all...

I heard the old pornographer last night, Keys tapping in the dim light, Blanket over his lap, Visions of boys three decades younger Dancing in his mind.

On his screen, they laugh, love, Lust, cry out in sudden pleasure; Discover the joy their bodies can bring, The pleasure they can bring to themselves, The pleasure and pain they can bring to each other.

They're not gay. Or so they claim, some of them, Whatever their bodies may say. He can make no such claim. Neither, reading, can I.

And is the act of masturbation The one that takes place when his hand, As it always does, Clutches under the blanket in his lap As he lets out a stifled groan, Or is it the one when he hits the Send key, His story done?

And when I read, and stroke, and gasp, and cry out, Dribbling the remains of my passion onto myself, Am I having sex with him, or me, or with The ghostly young figures who play on the screen, Living only in my mind and his?

(c) 2008 by Traumarei. All rights reserved.

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Me And My Roomie

I was chillin at home with my roommate when I heard a knock at the door.It was Allison, this yellow, big booty chick we met from around the corner.She had come over to chill and lounge around.We ordered some pizza and I had became tired so I layed down on the couch and went to sleep.

After having been asleep for about twenty minutes, I heard a noise.I looked down in front of me and the roommate was fucking Allison right in front of my face.I acted like I was still asleep, but I kept looking.Her shirt was off and her titties bouncing up and down in front of my face.He was tagging the shit outta her pussy.He was pounding it hard.All I could hear in between her moans was his meat slapping her ass.I guess they were done because I didn't hear anything else and she climbed off.That is when I conveniently woke up from my nap.

"Wassup man" my roommate said smiling.

"Tired as hell.How long was I out?" I replied

"Long enough" he said, grinning He had stood up and said that he was going to go walk Allison home since it was late.

When he left I turned back over to go back asleep.I couldn't get back to my nap.I kept thinking about what I had just seen.The more I thought about it, the less I thought about Allison and the more I thought about my roommate, Chris.

Chris was about 5'9", yellow skin, pretty boy, wavy hair, muscular, jock.I had always wondered what his dick looked like.I got up to go take a piss when I looked down and saw that Chris lad left his draws laying by the couch.I looked closer to see that he had came in his draws.Not only did he cum in his draws but he left them laying so that I could see the nutt.There was one big pool of nutt laying in the pouch of his boxer briefs.I didn't' touch them.I got down on my knees and started to jack my dick.I blasted my own nut right next to his and left the draws laying there. I left and went over my girlfriends house.I got back about two hours later.

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Under The Waterfall

Disclaimer: This story involves sex between teenagers and is a work of pure fiction. Also, unprotected sex occurs and the author in no way condones this.If it is illegal for you to view this material please hit your back button now.

My eyes followed the bead of sweat as it made its way from his drenched hair and travelled all the way down his face and chest.Tyler was bench pressing his highest attempt yet.I spotted my friend as his biceps flexed and contracted under the massive weight.The highlight of our workout sessions was when I got to spot my best friend.He always liked to push the edge and add more and more weight.By the time he was half way through his reps his body would be drenched in a glistening sweat.His short black hair and sideburns would bead with sweat that would soon enough cover his impressive chest and stomach.

Tyler was my object of affection for three years now.We had become best friends after playing together on the junior basketball team.Three years later we were the best of buds and in our senior year.We practically owned the school workout room.Some young guys worked out for an hour, but Ty and I spent almost every day there for two hours.It definitely showed.As members of the wrestling, baseball, and basketball teams we needed to be buff athletes.Ty was the most modest guy at school even though he was undeniably the hottest.Aside from the tanned skin, well defined 6 pack and abs, his smile was what made girls melt.He had the cutest blue eyes that complemented his pearly white teeth.

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No Pain

Mason stood up slowly, He tried to wipe away the tears quickly so none of the other guys would see. But they saw and kidded him unmercifully.

They had all counted each stroke....and he had fulfilled the dare.

What surprised them was after he relunctantly agreed to perform the dare, he pulled his jeans down revealing he wore nothing underneath. And since he didnt' wear a shirt, he was totally naked.

They laughed at him as his cock was obviously rising even before he moved into position.

Clyde Marx got his Uncle to come into the room.. He laughed at what the guys wanted him to do but sat on the couch and waited.

His eyes widened as he saw Mason approaching him with his semi hard cock. He guided the boy across his lap face down and reached under to positon the boys cock between his legs.

The man began and each slap got louder and louder. Mason reacted with each hit. His body jumped. Marx told him to relax it would go easier..not to tense up. He pet the boys bare backand his red buttocks.

The spanking resumed and the group began to count. There would be 100 smacks. They urged the man to hit in the same place not move around. He oblighted them. One hand stroked the boys' arm then shoulder. He did it slowly so the boys wouldn't notice. His other hand came down harder and harder each time and as the group demaned hit the same already reddened areas.

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