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Bruised Boy

The usual disclaimers apply: don't read if you are prohibited by location, Are under legal age, or if you are likely to be offended by explicit Descriptions of gay sex. The story is pure fiction and is not based on any Actual events.

There I was at Dax?s feet blood all over my face his 5?9?? body towering over me, which seemed funny as we were both the same height. God I was so horny my cock was so hard and rubbing up agents my blue checked boxer?s pre cum dripping out of my uncut cock. Usually when my cock was this hard it hurt like hell. Then it came to me I was only reliving the day before I was dreaming, I started to slowly come round. So there I was laid half awake in my single bed only wearing yesterday?s boxers. I loved to wear the day before boxers having the dried piss and pre cum it usually felt good rubbing over my cock and balls. I still felt so sore from the fight with Dax the day before. It had started when he fault I was looking at his bitch of a girlfriend what a mistake he made, I was actually looking at him in his tight black trousers I could just see the outline of the briefs that he always seemed to wear which I thought was a bit weird none of my mate wore briefs it was always boxers but up didn?t care cause seeing him like that always made me pretty horny. Joel wasn?t awake yet that?s my not so little 14yr old brother I say not so little as he has a 38?? waist and 5?6??. I really hated sharing my bedroom with Joel. He always got what the fuck he wanted from mum and dad or any of the family for that matter your typical teen brat. Anyway back to me im Steve im 5?9?? I have musicale in the right places just not developed them much ive little body hair, well I say little I do have a posing tash a live of hair from my belly button to my pubes. As I looked over at the alarm clock it had just turned 7? o clock, it was still pitch black outside. Couldn?t really expect anything else as it was still only the middle of November our alarm clock hadn?t gone off yet there was still half an hour before it was ment to go off. The only reason I was awake before the alarm was because id woken up with the worst hardon id had in months it was a mix of the horny dream and the fight yesterday. It took me ages to get my cock soft without wanking. I never did that sort of thing in my bedroom where Joel could hear or see for that matter. I slowly slipped out of the bed trying my best not to make any noise that could wake up Joel. I hated fighting for the bathroom and I really didn?t want that this morning as I wanted to wank so bad it was starting to show again. Mum and dad always left the house well before 7? o clock so they could get to work for 8? o clock. So as long as I was quiet I had a good few minutes before Joel or Billy got up. Billy was my other brother 18yr old 6?2?? muscular body no hair from what id seen with him with his top off. He was totally self absorbed, I was starting to think I was the only normal person in my family. I made my way to the bathroom and turned on the light and locked the door in the hope id not get disturbed. Id hate for one of the others to see me wanking off, I quickly stripped out of my boxers and turned on the hot water for the shower, was I was waiting for the water to warm up I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror, id taken a good beaten by Dax id bruises on my upper arms by cheat and a few on my back. Seeing myself like that just made me hornier. I said before that I was the only normal person in my family well that?s not really true, I was the only 16yr old that I knew that likes pain, bruises, rough sex and guys all at the same time if I could get it. I stepped into the steady stream of the shower, letting the warm water just bounce off my body for a few moments. It felt so good but hurt at the same time, my body was still a little tender from the fight with Dax. I picked up some shower gel and started gently soaping up my body then rinsed all the soap off my now glistening and smooth body, I was starting to get horny again and reached for the shower gel again and used it to start lubing up my now semi hard cock, it wasn?t to long before I was fully hard and for me that?s 6??. I kept stroking my now rock hard cock, before long I was losing myself in the moment , starting to wank faster and faster and the faster I wanked the more I thought about the bruises on my body and how id got them in the fight with Dax. Just then I heard a bang on the bathroom door fuck I almost jumped out of my skin. I tried to ignore it as I was getting very close to cumming, I kept wanking faster and faster, then I heard Billy shout get this fucking door open now you twat. But I couldn?t stop myself wanking now I was losing myself in the moment I started wanking faster and faster then all of a sudden it happened I shot my full load all over the shower wall. I slumped in the shower and slowly reached up to turn it off then staggered out of the shower looking on the floor for the towel and my boxers, fuck id not taken any in with me, then Billy and Joel were both at the door waiting for me to open it I had no choice unlocked the door and covered my cock and balls with my hands. Get the fuck out of my way Billy said in a very unhappy manor. I slipped past both of them and into the bedroom.

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On Being A Toy

*************************************************************** I am a toy, his toy.

At first I fought that realization -- the realization that I was Bob's sex toy. He would use me or not use me, in whatever way he wished. At first, as I felt myself getting pulled into the whole process, I tried to fight it. But I soon realized that I couldn't fight it. His power simply over-whelmed me. Not just physically, but emotionally. The first time he touched, I loved it. I loved when he grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth to his cock. It was almost rape, but as he used me, I came.

Even more shocking -- until that point, I hadn't even considered myself gay. But, as he stood in front of me, naked with the head of his cock right in front of me, at face level, he looked so good. His cock bounced with each breath he took. It mesmerized me to such an extent -- maybe I was gay. Maybe it went further. Maybe, just maybe, I was a slut, a total, submissive, cock loving whore.

Since the very first time he used me and forced himself onto and into me, I have been addicted to his cock. The excitement of seeing my man, naked with his cock up and hard. The way he puts his cock in my mouth, making me take it. The chills that surge through my body as he makes me open wide and I give my mouth to him. I love the feel of his hard shaft, covered in that velvety skin. The way he grabs my head and begins to pump, it all drives me crazy with raw lust.

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Valentines Day

Valentine's Day

by Jingjok


WARNING: The following material relates events in a relationship between adult males. If the laws of your jurisdiction do not permit you to view such material, please leave here at once and go to where you can learn how to work to change the laws of your jurisdiction. If you are offended by such material, please seek psychiatric counseling to discuss why you are here in the first place.

On the other hand, if you simply don't care for the type of material indicated by the story codes, well, have a nice day.

SONG NOTE: "Some Enchanted Evening," lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, music by Richard Rodgers.


Valentine's Day

I looked around the house and found it. That souvenir of a day eight years ago. One of many that remind me of the happy years that have since come and gone.

A little red bunny. Brown seed for a nose on his white face. Ruff of white fur around his neck. Red heart on his white belly, bearing white letters that spell "Love."

His letter, written in carefully crafted block letters, had come in early December. "Our love will last forever. When are you coming back to Thailand?"

I'd given up eagerly checking the mail by then, a month and a half after I returned from my post-retirement trip around the world. Then, with his letter in hand, and my reply in the nearest mailbox, I'd booked my flights and meticulously planned our honeymoon tour of Thailand. A few days at the beach, a few days in the north, prepaid hotel rooms. Nowadays I let him plan our tours. After all, it's his country.

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Michaels Hero

Foreword: After the recent publication of my truth based story *Lovesick toxic Fridays*, (found in the high school section dated march 17) I decided to write and item of total fiction. Please note the following contains descriptions of sexually explicit homosexual activity that some readers may find offensive. I apologise if this is the case and would strongly recommend to such people visiting a website where the main theme IS NOT gay stories. Everyone else, enjoy!

NOTE: This story contains a heterosexual scene but it is brief and utterly relevant. Also, because of coding problems I have used * in place of speech marks.

Note for AMERICAN readers:- I am British so there are a few things to clear up. I refer to pants, as in jeans and alike, as trousers because in Britain, pants is what we call underpants. Oh, and in the UK, mail comes through the front door, its not left in a box at the end of the drive. Anyway, on we go?

The letter box rattled. Not a second after the postman had left the driveway, Michael flew down the stairs and seized the solitary letter. It was the one he had been waiting for. The envelope was headed *The Darwin College of Academic Excellence* Michael tore the envelope open and scanned the letter.

Dear Mr. Appleton

Thank you for your application etc, etc.

We at The Darwin College of Academic Excellence pride ourselves blah, blah, blah.

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Uncle Freds Advice

NOTE: This story is fiction. Do not read this story if graphic descriptions of sex between teenage boys offends you or if it is illegal for you to do so.

Uncle Fred's Advice

I was 11 when I leaned I had an uncle whom I had never met.I was watching TV with my older brother Dan, who was then 14.Near the end of a movie the leading character shot his horse that had won several races.

"Why'd he shoot him?" I asked.

"Cause he broke his leg.Weren't you watching?" he said in his typical tone of voice that seemed to say, you're stupid.

"Sure," I replied defiantly."But people break their legs.They just wear a cast for a while and they heal.Why shoot the horse?"

"They always shoot horses who break a leg, dummy."

"Why?" I continued to probe.

Dan was irritated at my interrupting the movie and, it seemed, because he didn't know the answer."Dunno," he admitted. "Betcha Uncle Fred would know."

"Who's Uncle Fred?"

"Shut up and watch the movie," he demanded.I knew better than to irritate him any more so I sat silently watching the end of the movie.

When the movie was over, I asked again, "Who's Uncle Fred?"

"Dad's black-sheep brother," Dan shot back."But you'd better not even mention his name to Dad.And I'll beat the shit out of you if you tell him I said anything."With that, Dan went outside, got on his bike, and rode away, leaving me to ponder the mystery of Uncle Fred.

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Weight Room Antics

This story involves male on male sex and urine. Don't like it? Leave.

Weight Room Antics By Da Costa

The apartment complex where I live has many nice looking male residents. One of these nice looking guys lives right next door and I have to look out the window every time I see him outside because he is hot stuff. His name is Chaney and he works construction doing plaster and paint work.He stands six feet tall and about 250 pounds of beef.He's also twenty five and is a bear, without facial hair.He lives alone and likes to listen to loud rap music. Chaney has a very nice body and I found out that he likes to work out in the evenings after work. Every so often I can hear his music coming from his apartment. I have also heard the occasional thud on the floor from weights.One day he pulled up out front of the building and had a door sized mirror tied to his car.I was going out to get the mail and stopped to chat with him.I asked him if the large pane was a closet door and he told me that it was for his workout room.I immediately surmised that his workout room was the second bedroom of the apartment.Being the good neighbor that I am, I asked him if he needed help getting it into his apartment so it won't break. He said yes and I knew that at long last I was going to get a look into his domain. I must say at this point that it was spring time and I was feeling very horny and Chaney was dressed in loose shorts and a tank top and had spots of plaster on his arms and legs. The thick blond hair on his chest was poking out all over the top of his shirt and I took the opportunity to admire his strong, hairy arms and legs. We got the mirror into the room and leaned it against a wall and he sat on his weight bench.I leaned against the bar with weights on the top of the bench and started any kind of conversation to stay as long as I could and then noticed the amount of weight that he had on the bar. "That's a lot of weight on here." I said patting the weights. "Its average for me." He said laying down onto the bench and gripping the bar. Chaney lifted the bar and pumped it twice and then I noticed a slight rise in his shorts as he started to get hard.My dick sprang right up in my shorts. "Lifting is good for relieving pressure," Chaney set the bar back on its supports and gabbed his hard dick through his shorts which had to be a good eight inches long. "As well as other things." He looked at me with a slight lust in his eyes and laid his head back onto the bench and I took over. I grabbed his hard dick through the fabric and squeezed it tightly and took it between my teeth and madly bit at him.Chaney made approving moans and then I pulled his shorts down to his knees and was met with his precum soaked dick amid a forest of blond hair. I started to lick the shaft at the base spit soaking all of his pubic hair and worked my way up the shaft till I reached the head and licked his sweet clear fluid flowing from his piss slit.I opened my mouth wider and took the head into my mouth and then slowly took the shaft down as far as I could and wrapped my tongue around his dick moving over the sensitive area just under the head.I normally would have taken my time with a blowjob, especially on Chaney, but I was so horny that I wanted to taste his juice and get off myself since I was already jacking off and getting ready to shoot. My hands were rubbing all over his hairy belly and then I pushed a little bit on his belly where his bladder was located. "Easy, dude. You'll make me have to pee." I pushed gently again. "I told you that will make me...oh. Is that what you want?" I moaned a yes and gently pushed one more time. "Okay, dude. Here it comes." I could feel him relax his muscles and then my mouth was filled with his salty piss. I began to drink it down trying not to spill any of it. "Fuck, that feels great. Fuck, that's good. Fuck, drink it all dude. Drink that dirty piss."His piss flow stopped and I got back to sucking on his still hard dick. Chaney continued to talk dirty and was breathing hard and then let loose with his sweet cum washing to the back of my throat.I gulped all he had to give me and then pulled off of him.He raised his shirt and told me to shoot onto his hairy chest.I was surprised by his statement but I didn't care and two strokes later I shot my white cream onto his hairy chest. "Now clean it off me." Chaney said looking and my cum tangled in his hair. I licked my cum off of his chest with slow strokes taking detours to lick his tits.When I finished he sat up and told me that I would have to leave because his girlfriend would be coming home soon. Since that day I've seen Chaney from time to time, even chatted and he carries on as nothing ever happened between us.He's friendly but not as friendly as he was that one spring afternoon.

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Baby Blue Marine

Disclaimer: All the usual disclaimers apply: If you are too young to be reading this type of material, or it is not legal in your area, state, province, country, solar system, or universe, then please move on.This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between two males, one underage and one is an adult, so if you find this offensive, then you should not have come in here in the first place, move on, Thank You. This story is very closely based on really, really, real events.Only the names have been changed.I will answer all emails, except flamers. They will be happily sent to the lovely land of "delete" to live out the remainder of their miserable little lives.So weary traveler, read on, and I hope you enjoy.

The Baby Blue Marine

I hated when I had to travel to one of the other stores in our chain.I really loved being at my store, and did not see any need for me to travel long distances to help when another manager had to leave for a meeting or vacation.My store was the only one in my region that had two full time managers.I was general manager of merchandising, while the other was general manager of sales.

I had just spent a week at a store some 30 miles north of my own store in the Northern part of Kentucky, and thought I was going to get to go back there for a while, when the main office called and told me that the manager at our Jellico, Tennessee store had taken seriously ill, and I would have to drive down and fill in for him for a couple of weeks.I went to my motel and picked up my things and checked out, gassed up my van, and headed for I-75 south.I was just north of Cincinnati, when I saw a young Marine hitch hiking on the side of the interstate so I pulled over and asked where he was headed.

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