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The New Gym

Tim had just moved to Chicago and was setting up. He had bought a new home and was looking for a roommate. The house was huge and had 2 bedrooms, so he felt he can rent one out to earn cash on the side, like he really needed it. His parents were totally loaded and gave him more than enough money, but now that he is an adult at the age of 18, he feels he should start saving and living his own life. Tim is a very hot looking individual. He stands at 5'11", blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice pair of six-pack abs. Not to mention a hot ass that makes even the straightest men want to touch.

Well Tim was still new to the area and didn't know his way around the area. He went online and posted an ad for anybody who would like to move in with him, he also found directions to a gym near his house.

Tim packed up his gym materials in a bag and headed towards the gym. He felt that it wasn't that far away so he walked there. At the gym, he registered as a new member and took advantage of the free services. The gym offered a complimentary Speedos for swimming, towels for the sauna and the power to use the gym trainers at any time for help.

Tim asked for the assistance from any trainer and a man walked out in front of him. They shook hands and introduced themselves.

"Hi, I am Tim."

"Hello, I'm Jared. I am happy to see that you have chosen to take the special offer that we give. I will show you around and be your trainer for whenever you need me," said Jared.

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My Favorite Underwear

That afternoon the locker room smelled of sweaty jocks and musky groins. We were playing a team from a school across town. As I walked in, both teams were horsing around in various stages of naked rivalry, flashing their equipment for all to see and compare. I looked around at the competition, seeing nothing new.

Standing in front of my locker, I pulled off my jeans and stripped to my underwear, a faded pair of cotton briefs with writing all over them. They were my favorite, but I usually didn't wear them in public.Hooking my fingers in the snug waistband, I eased them down over my bulging crotch.

"Hold on," I heard a voice next to me say, "I'm reading."

Looking around, I recognized a guy I'd never seen before, but had heard a lot about. He was a something of a legend at the other school. The guys referred to him as Meat, a title he wore proudly and apparently justifiably, as the huge bulge in his overloaded jock strap would seem to indicate.

"Sorry," he said, indicating my shorts, "It looked interesting. I was reading it."

I smiled, slightly embarrassed, but continuing to slide my underwear down over my thighs, I pulled it off, allowing my thick, heavy endowment to swell rather noticeably out into its newly-acquired freedom. Dropping all pretenses, he stared openly at my dick as it swayed openly, his face coloring slightly as he realized he was checking out the only real competition he had on my team.

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Army Camp Drilling

"Come on quick get some clothes on, for fucks sake! they're coming up the stairs!"

Cyril was desperate that his mates shouldn't see what he had just done. But I was left in a daze after being fucked so deep up my asshole I couldn't think of anything.

"Hey come on! cover yourself up!!" Cyril was almost frantic trying to throw my pants over my bare bum but he missed and they slipped on the floor.

"Cover what up? Oh Yea! Oooh Yes!! Now we see! Well no hiding what's happened here. Wow! And that' some pansy bum I'd say. And someone, ... I wonder who, has given him a fucking good seeing to by the looks of things!!" Barry was triumphant.

"He's oozing fuck out his ass! Look Don, Cyril must have given him one hell of a stuffing!" Jeff had his fingers in my crack and I just lay there on my side with the three of them staring at my slimy ass crack. I had made no attempt to cover up; I just felt so sexy; I only wanted them all to fuck me and I couldn't care less about Cyril's embarrassment.

In seconds the three of them were ripping their clothes off and flinging their pants off. Oh man! They were all so fucking big. Their cocks! I mean they were huge hard and horizontal everyone of them and without thinking I threw my arms around all their asses and tried sucking each in turn then I got all three in my mouth at once. I was fucking mad for it and as I began to taste lots of precum I rolled on my back, pulled my knees up and invited into my gaping asshole.

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Riding With Love


I'm an ugly short 14 year old freshmen that no one wanted to date.Being in this world alone, constantly feeling lonely, SUCKS!!My one wish is to find true love, doesn't matter what gender.Love is love, you can't control how you feel towards another person.Everyday at school was hell because it seems like everyone had a girlfriend or boyfriend and me, NOT WANTED!!I just wanted to die.How can I live without someone to hold, to care for, to kiss, to love...

My only hope that kept me alive is that one day my one wish will come true and I would be the happiest person in the world.I held onto that hope tightly, but as the days went on and month seems like years, my grip began to loosen.Now 15 but still a lonely ugly kid.What is even worse is I started to have pimples.It keeps on coming, as it disappear another appeared, there goes my self confident down the drain.Like there was any to begin with.I'm so close to the edge.

Many times I cried in my dark room alone.Asking why me?Why do I have to be ugly?Why can't I find love?I went online asking for help on a message board, she wrote "theres more to life than just emotional things" That really hit me hard.Here I am worrying about not having a girlfriend or boyfriend.I should be living my life and enjoying the time that I spend with my friends and not drown myself in self pity.When the time comes it will come and I will take it!

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The following story is pure imagination.

I needed a scoop shovel for a yard project I had going so thought I would visit a used stuff store.There was one a few miles from my house so I hoped in my PU and headed there.A couple of cars were parked in front with a couple more on the side in employee parking.As I entered I was greeted by a lad of about 25 and he asked if he could help me.I told him what I needed and he said they were on the south wall toward the back.

I found the shovels and was looking one over when another guy probably about 50 asked if he could help.I told him I thought I had found what I needed and then I spotted some sort of devise.It was an electric motor with a wheel attached with a tube about 10 inches long and two inches in diameter attached to the wheel.

"Looks like a jack off machine to me," I muttered to myself.

"What was that?" the clerk asked.

"Oh nothing," I replied."I said it looks like a jack off machine to me," I repeated.

I have no idea why I repeated what I had said to him but he looked at me and smiled and Went on about his work.I started toward the front with my shovel stopping to look at things as I went.Shortly the clerk caught my eye and motioned me towards the back.

"Would you like to see the real thing?" he asked.

"The real thing what," I queried.

"A real jack off machine," he replied.

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London Bath House Threesome

I was in London again, and this time I promised myself that I would be a good boy and not go to the sauna.Let me describe myself: I am 22, 5'8", 120 Pounds (55kgs), Indian. I go to the gym 5 times a week because of which I am very fit and have a great body with the starting of a six pack. I don't look typically Indian for some odd reason and most people think I am Arab because my skin is very light and I have dark brown eyes. Also, according to other people, I look strangely young, like around 18 which I completely disagree with. Anyways, let me go on with the story...

I was visiting London for work and was going to be there for 3 days. When I landed, I took a taxi to my hotel in Mayfair (I am spoilt) and started getting ready to meet people. That was my plan for the first 2 days and at night I would meet up with all my friends. I have lots and lots of friends in London as I used to live there but all my friends are str8, and they do not know about my sexuality.I thought that since I was extremely busy with work, I would not even get time to go the sauna.

On my last day in London, two of my meetings got cancelled, cause of which I was relatively free in the second half of the day.I passed my time shopping, walked down New Bond Street, got myself a pair of Gucci shoes and D&G Jumper and basically relaxed. I was to meet my friends for drinks and dinner that night around 9:30pm and by the time I was done it was 6pm.

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Slave Vs Toilet

I am currently the property of Master Dave. My Master enjoys lending me out to other Masters via email or chats (esp. gay.com chats). One Master requested that i explain why Master Dave should allow me to take his piss instead of using the toilet. Why was i more deserving of Master?s piss that the toilet.

This was my response:

Every society that has ever existed on this Earth was divided by class or status in some form or another. The creation of hierarchies seems to be a natural necessity in the societal organizations of social creatures such as humans. But nature has rarely produced a result where another creature or animal exists solely for the benefit of another. This parasitical relationship would not be a normal course of evolution for the lesser creature. But this is what nature has produced. In today?s modern world, we find a human species of True Men, who seem have been put on this Earth to lead, control and dominate a subhuman species which appears to have oddly evolved at their feet.And so, we now see Homo sapiens, the ?Intelligent Man?, served and worshipped by Homo improbus, the ?inferior man?.

The subspecies, Homo improbus, seems to have evolved from the main species phylum and diverged into an independent line of the evolutionary process. And what is interesting is that the evolution seemed to have been a regression. It is quite clear and obvious that the subhuman species has significantly more primitive intelligence, physical and social characteristics than the highly evolved Homo sapiens male. The cruel evolutionary process has regressed the species to a point which is so primitive that it is often, and accurately, referred to as a subhuman dog. It can not expect to compete in any contest with a Man in any category. In fact, even situations where the subhuman species might have an advantage over a Man, all possibilities of a gain are forfeited due to its incredible stupidity. That stupidity has led to its unwavering admiration of Men and an intense jealousy of their superiority. The idiocy of the subhuman dog has reduced the species to a very single-minded goal and mission. It will serve Men to the best of its knowledge and abilities. With this simple-minded objective, the subhuman hopes to gain prestige and pride in properly serving and pleasing true intelligent Men.

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