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My Best Friends Little Brother

Vrrrrrrrrrr. Vrrrrrrrr

I woke up with a start as my phone vibrated next to me. I groggily looked at my clock. 11:04. So it wasn't as early as I thought.With a sigh I got up, stretched, and answered my phone.


"Hey dude it's Kevin." Kevin was my best friend and lived right down the block.

"Hey what's up?"

"Well you know it's Sarah's birthday," he started. Sarah is a mutual friend, as well as his girlfriend. "And I was planning on making some brownies for her. You wanna help?"

Even though I knew it would end up being me doing the whole task, I agreed and hung up.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. When I got out I admired myself in the mirror. At 18 years old, I was pretty athletic, having played soccer most of my life, and I was pretty cute. I have short brown hair, blue eyes with long eyelashes, and a killer smile if I do say so myself. After I threw some clothes on, I left the house and walked over to Kevin's.

I walked up to the door and saw there was a note there.

"Hey Brian I realized I'm missing some ingredients so I ran to the store really quick. I might pick up some lunch too. Make yourself at home and I'll be back in like 45 minutes.

- Kevin"

This was no big deal, as we were good friends and I had been in his house alone before. I walked in, grabbed some chips, and turned on the Olympics. God I love watching Michael Phelps. He's so hot. I absently started rubbing myself when I heard footsteps upstairs. Startled, I jumped up and made my way up the stairs.

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Nighttime Masturbation

Sometimes when I am really tired but not ready to go to sleep it is the best time for me to play with myself. I like to crawl into bed and strip off my underwear and start running my hand lightly over my cock.I have a heavy feeling in my shaft that is tempting me to grab hold and start wanking myself but that is not what I want to do.I like to enjoy the feeling of building up to an intense orgasm.

I let my fingers touch lightly across the veins bulging on the shaft and then I run my hands down to the balls.The sac is already tightly pulled in because I am so aroused. I shift the balls around just a little and give a tug or two on my scrotum.I keep my balls shaved so the hair is short but there is still some there and I massage my sac I can feel the little hairs.I run my hands down below the balls where there is space between my hole and cock and rub a little bit.That part is rock hard like the rest of the shaft and it feels good to massage there.I like to play with my balls just a little by moving them around, but my ballsac is pretty tight and they shift back to their usual spot as soon as I stop shifting them.

I bring my right hand up and start touching the shaft.I do it lightly and move the penis off to the side a little bit and then let go and let it return to its natural position.I lift it up a bit and let it fall and slap against my abs.The skin around the shaft has a little give and I move it up slightly and then let it slide down again.

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Repaying My Student Loan


Jeff and Mac were my closest friends, we had all met early in our first term and while the three of us were friends Jeff and Marc were also lovers. Everyone liked them, respected them and didn't care a jot about their sexuality. Almost three years since our friendship had began the two invited me one evening to join t hem for a drink."We have something we would like to discuss with you," Marc had said.

Normally we would drink in the bar of the student union but that night my friends took me to a quiet local pub on the outskirts of the city.We sat in t he corner away from being overheard and I wondered just what it was they wanted to say.

Jeff began, "When you graduate what will be your student debt ?"

Student finances, or the lack of them depending on your point of view, within British university life are no secret so there was nothing wrong with a friend making such an enquiry.I did a little mental calculation, although I had done the arithmetic many times before I always arrived at a similar answer.

"Adding the student loan, the overdraft and credit card together about fourteen and a half thousand pounds."

Marc nodded."We each owe about the same," he said.

There was a time when every student in higher education automatically had all their tuition and accommodation costs met and then received a small grant, based on parent income, to pay for books and leave something in their pocket.But such days are long gone, today a student has to pay for all his living costs, a significant contribution towards tuition and received bugger all to put in his pocket !Out of the kindness of the prime minister's heart the government automatically offers loans which have to be repaid once a graduate starts earning.It is not a satisfactory system and everyone leaves university heavily in debt.

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Skinny Dipping

This happened years ago.

I am 13 years old and live down south where it is warm all year long. A friend, James and I are both in summer school. It lasts until noon time and he and I ride our bikes to the school. After school is out, we stop at a Royal Castle to get lunch and ride back to my house. While we are at my house we talk about how hot it is and that we want to go swimming. I do not have a pool and neither does James. His family is a member of the Country Club and there is a pool there, but it costs money and I tell James I really do not want to swim there. James asks me where I want to go swimming and I smile at him and say some place where we can swim naked. He says for me to lead the way.

We go outside and hop on our bikes and pedal away. We go a few blocks to a area that has been cleared away for a new home development. Canals have been dug to fill the land and the roads and bridges have been built but there are NO houses close by, maybe half a block away there are some houses, but not too close. There is a short canal that connects to a long canal with a bridge at the end of the short canal. The bank of the canal is about 4 feet high but sloped so you can walk down and up the sides. James and I both look at the water, it is maybe 4 feet deep and the canal is maybe 15 feet wide. We both look around to be sure we are in the clear and smile at each other. We lay our bikes down in the sand and walk over to the canal and start to strip.

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Happily Ever After

This story represents my first posting on Nifty.

The early part of the story is auto biographical and contrary to comments from some young readers, at fourteen Iloved to suck cock and had no problems with eating my buds cum, nor did I have problems with penetrative sex.

In later life I met a beautiful boy seventeen years younger than I. We have been together now for twenty five years and he still shows no interest in younger men despite my becoming an O.A.P. this year.

Many of the stories I post in the future will have true parts to them from my own life, I hope you enjoy them all.

Usual warnings. There is a lot of gay sex in this story, most of it between consenting adults,(well adults by today's laws.) In 1957 it was illegal whatever your age and military prison or a civilian prison waited on any serviceman caught in a homosexual act.

If it is illegal for you to read this in the country of your viewing, please leave this site now.

The story is copyright and may not be copied for financial gain.

In The Navy

I made it, against the odds, I had persuaded my parents to sign the papers and I was in. I had wanted it since I was fourteen, being a brilliant student had nearly sunk me.

I suppose I had better start at the beginning instead of talking in riddles.

Johnny Johnson was in my year at Grammar School. He had approached me one day when I was fourteen and asked me to become a Sea Cadet. I did, and thought it was great, particularly the sailing. Johnny and I became friends but it was only when we were chilling out at his house one day that I realised his agenda. We were fooling around and we ended up wrestling.I'm only a little chap and was overcome easily.With one arm twisted up my back and his legs pinning my other arm I was helpless.

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The Umpire

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is coincidental. The story contains graphic descriptions of sex between persons of the same gender. Anyone who is forbidden by law to read such material must stop now. This story is being posted to the Nifty Archive solely for the enjoyment of its readers. No part of this story may be reproduced, cut, pasted, or otherwise transmitted or distributed without my expressed written permission. Copyright application has been filed.

The Umpire

In addition to the normal disclaimers, it is necessary for me to additionally fictionalize the ensuing events to protect all of us involved. ...

It was already getting hot. The temperature on the field was at least 100 and there was not even a hint of a breeze. Budge, our manager, was beginning to stew. It was already seven minutes to two and we only had one umpire. We'd already postponed this game from yesterday to today to accommodate the ump who had custody of his kid this weekend or something to that effect.

We'd already taken our infield and the visitors had done the same. We were just milling around in the dugout waiting... then, finally he comes, kid in tow and apologizing profusely to everyone who'd listen... something about getting a late start and having trouble finding the field. Jeezus, how stupid do you have to be not to be able to follow the main street out of town for three quarters of a mile and look to the left at the mile marker 195 to see a wire backstop and bleachers sitting on a dusty piece of ground?

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Little Black Drug Dealer

LITTLE-BLACK-DRUG-DEALER ------------------------

Synopsis: White dude sucks off his pre-teen dealer to get a discount, but then has to take it up the ass from another black kid.


Tales from my addict days...

One evening I needed my fix so bad, but all that was out on the corner where I usually go was a black kid about 11 or 12. I didn't know why the older kids weren't out anymore but I guessed it was because of cop roundups or stings or something. Apparently they put out their little brothers so if they get caught they're processed as juveniles and get out the same night.

I didn't have enough money for a dime bag but I figured I could talk this one little kid down. He was extremely tough though and wouldn't take my B.S. But after some more begging, he finally relented a little.

"Uhhhhh, tell you what, man. You can have it fo' five bucks... but you gotta suck my dick. All the way. `Cuz I know you' a fag."

I guess he figured I was a fag because the gay district was three blocks over and that's probably all the white dudes he ever knew that would come over. But it was also true, of course I was a fag. Not that I was interested in him, really (even though he was really cute and was going to have a really hot body in a few years) -- mostly I just wanted my fix.

Yet despite the huge risk, I was desperate enough that I actually agreed. We did it in an alley next to a crumbling old row house, I remember. I was so disgusted with myself (technically it made me a $5 dollar whore), but I REALLY needed my shit that day! Crazy things drugs make you do...

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