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I Couldnt Touch

In every first time, there is a sacred moment of crossing lines, passing boundaries, stretching your former experience. With sex, there is that first orgasm, that first kiss, first blow job, first fuck.. It sometimes seems there's nothing better than those few first times. Oh, how delicious, these dives into the unknown, these thrilling discoveries and explorations, engraved in your memory for always. Oh, how deliciously addictive are these first times.. If you're gay, and you have the luck of living in an environment that allows you to freely express and pursue your sexual desires, there can never be too many of those first times. Slowly, but surely, you start to experiment with new sensations, new techniques, new places to have sex in, new tools and new combinations to get a kick from, all this to in give you some brand new first times. Personally, I went from being a rather prudish boy to being an all-round slut, in just a few years. I guess that my curiosity got the better of me and lead me to this path of bigger thrills and bigger risks. I can remember quite vividly how I first visited a back room in a gay disco bar. To be in that darkness, with strange men walking by all the time, a constant boner in my pants, panting from fear and expectation. Wow, it was all too much! It was so overwhelming, these masculine sounds and scents, the body warmth, the testosterone overflowing the room. Oh, I gasped and gasped, trying to act cool, but not really knowing how to do that. As I let in, ahem, all the sensations, there was one thing I couldn't comprehend. If this room was all about sex, and sex is fun, why were some men walking around with so much sadness and dullness in their eyes? Years later, I knew why. Years later I realized I was turning into one of these blasé, numbed down men who have seen it all before myself. The reason was that I went too far with my hunger for new experiences. In fact, I hit the limits of what I was willing to try, and got in the routine of doing the things that were once very exciting first times. Sex, at that time, had become a very common thing to me, something like grabbing a candy bar and eating it without really tasting the chocolate. Out of first times, I didn't know what to do, but I was sure I would rather quit sex, than to get bitter or cynical. In the meantime I decided to try to stay as open as I could. Then, one night, I went to the same night club with the back room I could draw a map from in my sleep, with all the dirty nooks and crannies. The surprise of this night was a guy a few years younger than I was, about the same age I had been when I experienced my first time at a back room. Mmm, he reminded me of myself. How shy yet horny I had been when I first got there. He was in his early twenties, with a slim build, a little muscle, like a dancer. His hair was wavy, dark and at shoulders' length. He smelled a little of cinnamon or some other warm spice. I couldn't help but looking at him in the half-darkened area. As much as I could see, I drank in with my eyes, because I liked it very much. Oh, this guy made me so horny. I was attracted to him like a moth to a flame, ready to get burned. Ooo. If only he would notice me. If only he would respond to me.. If only he would stay a little longer.. He did. All of these things. But, to my surprise, not in the way it normally happens in dark rooms. In my experience you either meet someone and have sex, or you reject. The only thing in between, in my book, would be to have a little sex and then stop, or give in to someone sexually, after several polite declines or hesitant moves. What this guy did, overrode all these categories. He surely noticed me, and seemed to enjoy me looking at him, BUT.. I couldn't touch.. He just wouldn't allow me to touch his shoulder, his hands. Instead he started feeling up his bulge, stroking it until it started to grow. Oh man! He was so close to me, yet so far away, totally within physical reach, his body just inches from mine, but worlds apart. Our eyes met for a brief moment. He soon looked away from me, returned my gaze again with a slight Mona Lisa-like smile, an then closed his eyes. I swear I could have died the instant he opened his fly and took out his cock. Yum! He started jerking off then and there, very slowly and.. well, tenderly! His dick was deep olive, a few shades darker than the rest of his skin, of modest size, but very evenly and nicely shaped. Oh, I longed so much for him. I wanted to taste his cock so badly! But, still, I couldn't touch. As he kept stroking, slowly increasing the tempo and the intensity, I couldn't help myself and freed my raging boner from my pants. Mmm, that felt so good! And to my surprise, he didn't seem to mind at all. He was all about pleasuring himself, with great passion. Where many other people go for the kick of exposing themselves to others, his pleasure seemed to be mostly self-created and self-derived. While he went to the point of oozing precum, I almost fainted of the smell reaching my nostrils. So delicious, such joy in seeing him really enjoying himself, caressing his balls, reaching ever higher levels of lust. If ever there was a poster boy for masturbation, it would be this guy. He didn't need anything or anybody to experience bliss, it seemed. When he started moaning, I felt he wasn't doing it to turn me on, or someone else for that matter, but himself. One last time I tried to touch him, but he politely moved my hand away. He didn't need me, which stirred my arousal through the roof, as it made him so much more desirable. When he finally came, he shot triumphantly thick ropes of juice, splattering the walls, falling down to the floor. My whole body tingled from delight, when I witnessed him trembling and shaking, holding his breath, then breathing in deeply again. It was the ultimate mind fuck for me, in the sense that it seemed he had ejaculated in my brain, spilling his sweet and sticky mess into the deepest realms of my primal urges and most intense imagination. When he left, I thanked him, and he gave me another mysterious smile. "You're welcome", he said, and walked away. Sitting at the bar, a few minutes later, I basked in the joy of this special experience. It made me remember that sexual pleasure doesn't always have to be about finding as many first times as possible. This guy showed me the big thrill of NOT getting what I wanted. By not letting me touch him, he opened my mind, my fantasy, my sensitivity. He introduced restraint to me as the other side of getting number and number. When I got home, I felt exhilarated, yet relaxed. Even though, I hadn't even had "real" sex, the whole of my being, my body, my mind, my emotions, my spirit, underwent a release that not even a hundred quick orgasms couldn't top. All because I couldn't touch..

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The Man Who Wasnt There

At noon, Linda came into Daniel's office, made an entrance, actually, hoping he would notice her -- he always looked at her and saw her, but he neverm she felt, noticed her -- and reminded him that they had an appointment for lunch.

O, yes, he sighed, Wentworth.

I want you to meet him. He's important.

I know, he said, resigned to the way things were.

Linda frowned, pained, as so frequently she was by that listless lack of enthusiasm with which he always greeted anything she offered.

Come on, she said, rallying him and herself.

Right, he said with a smile, here I am. He pushed the page proofs back on his desk and rose, aware in the recesses of consciousness that he was withholding himself. Perhaps that was the wrong way to put it. As much as he fought it, he was being withheld. There was something gripping him he wanted to shake off but couldn't shake off.

His head ached, he complained.

It's probably because you're hungry, she said. Hurry up.

* * *

The Café de Montmartre was crowded, but Linda had reserved their table that morning, and the four sat under a mirrored ceiling drinking vodka martinis in a gaudy enclosure amid gold leaf deities, plush velvet draperies, marble columns, and bronze pineapples.

He had never met Ephraim Wentworth before but he read his art reviews in The Times every Sunday. In person, he was exactly what he appeared to be in print, a bitchy queen with a Wildean pretension and just enough wit, taste, and linguistic dexterity to pull it off. He was slightly portly, thin-skinned, and pale. Despite his size, in fact, he gave the appearance of being quite delicate, fragile even. Daniel felt, nevertheless, a great sense of power emanating from him, a power which indeed, given his position and influence, he actually did have.

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So The Story Goes

So the story goes...

One thing I learned from years of education is that stereotypes are not bad at all. I actually like labels. It makes it easier for me to identify someone, but more importantly, it makes it easier for me to identify myself. If I could choose, I would want to be a gorgeous white gay male with large and supportive family. I am none of that. So for now, I have settled with a title gay leaning bisexual who is set on marrying a Korean woman. I really think meeting the fated other half is overrated. There are more important things in the world than finding love. I always hated being same anyway.

When I used to be completely gay, which is until about all of three days ago, I harbored one of the most intense crush for a straight guy. Despite the fact that he was completely out of my territory, he was the only crush that I could proudly admit to anyone. He was not physically attractive, he didn't have the face that made one subconsciously wet his/her lips, and most he wasn't rich. My immense desire for him was the ultimate proof of my so-said conviction. I have always told people that the first thing I look at a man, I look at his eyes, and I fall for guys with personality, not the looks. He was the ultimate proof. It is incredibly importantly for me to be right.

Even as a bisexual man, I cannot for long deny the package that Marc was and is. "Bebe! It's Marc with a C, like French." "RRRRight?!" I am actually pretty damn sure that this is not the first conversation that Marc and I shared, but it is perhaps one of the most representative one of his personality. He is humble yet confident, overbearingly charming, extremely well-liked by all, passionate, extracurricular involved, and simply perfect. And those eyes; it is not often that I come across truly beautiful eyes, but he had it, hiding behind that comical facade.

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Brian jumped on his bike and headed out into the sun. It was unusualfor him to be able to go out on a sunny, warm day early in February.Thiswinter had been a strange on with one day cold and the next hot.He sped downthe street with the wind tugging the sweatshirt against him as he rounded thecorner and started down the hill. Brian was cute, there was no doubt but the girls in the school didn'tseem to notice.Short, just shy of 5 feet and slight at 85 poundswith animpish grin a mile wide.He had been wishing that he would start to grow soonand catch up with his friends who were starting to show the signs of comingadulthood. He pulled into Randy's driveway, parked his bike by leaning it upnext to the white fence and started up the walk.He knew Randy was expecting him and he opened the door and walked in as usual.Strange, the house was quiet, not at all usual for a Saturday morning. "Randy", he called, listening for the reply. "I'm up here Bri" Randy responded, "come on up." Brian climbed the stairs which lead to Randy's room and walked in.Randy was still getting dressed and had obviously just gotten out of bed.Thesheets were still thrown back into a huge pile, something that wouldn't have happened if Randy's mother was in the house.Randy was standing in front of the mirror trying to comb his hair.His jeans were still unzipped showing thefront of his white jockey shorts.He was shirtless and the smooth skin of his cheststretched taught as he tried to flatten the mat of brown hair down.Verylight tufts of hair were starting to show under his arms indicating that hehad just entered his first stage of growing up. "What ya want to do?" Randy asked as he grabbed his shirt and beganputting it on."It's pretty nice outside, do you want to ride down to thewaterfall at the bottom of the old road?" The old road was a long, downhill dirt road that lead to trails at thebottom of the hollow.The start of the road was paved and was a big hang-outfor the high school crowd on Saturday nights.There had been talk ofdevelopment for several years but for now the road lay in disrepair and full of large ruts that kept the cars out. "Sure thing" said Brian as he followed Randy out the door and down thestairs. The trip to the waterfall was the normal uneventful kind of trip thatoccurs on weekends.The road was particularly muddy and the boys had to stopon several occasions on the way back to dig mud out of their tire wells. Theywere pretty covered by the time they returned. "My Mom is going to kill me when she sees this!" said Brian as theypulled back into the drive."She hates it when I get covered with mud!" "Mine does too" said Randy "but the folks are gone and we can clean upbefore they get back." Brian followed Randy into the laundry room where Randy took off hisshirt and threw it into the washer. "It's great having the parents gone" said Randy "they won't be gettingback until tomorrow. Go ahead and throw your stuff in." Brian removed his shirt revealing his undeveloped chest.The smooth,translucent skin was covered with a thin film of dirt down to his stomach.Randy pulled off his mud- covered jeans and threw them into the washer.Brownmud stains spotted stood out against the white of the underwear. Randy said "I didn't think we got that dirty."He reached to thewaistband of his Jockey shorts, gave a tug and pulled them down standing nakedbefore Brian.He tossed the pair into the washer, leaned over and turned on themachine. Brian hesitated, then removed his underwear and tossed them in aswell. Brian looked over and saw the smooth, growing fifteen year old body ofhis friend.His legs were starting to sprout hair on the muscular calves.Thehair continued upwards becoming gradually less on the thighs where the skin took on a creamy color.The dick hung down from a small patch of fuzz at thebase. His chest was completely smooth and the hours of sports that Randy playedwere evident on the pectoral muscles. Brian felt undeveloped in front of him. Brian's young body hadn't started to develop much yet.He was justunder 5 foot tall and only 85 pounds, much of it thin and yet to develop.Hischest was smooth and ran down to his muscled stomach.Below the belly button the smoothskin continued through the area that would develop pubic hair, into the base ofthe small penis.His legs were small and had yet to start growing the hairthat Brian was now seeing before him. His dick had that outward droop sotypical of young boys, not hard but not hanging down either. Randy threw Briana towel and wrapped one around his middle. He walked into the bathroom and Brian heard the water running.The shower was quick and Brian follwed him next.It was good to get rid of the grime. "Come on, let go watch TV" said Randy. "Sure, what's on?" asked Brian as he followed his friend into the den. Randy took the remote control and settled back on the couch next toBrian.He punched the buttons and bounced from channel to channelencountering nothing but commercials and religious programming. "This stuff sucks!" he said, "want to see something I found inmy brother's room? Everyone was out of the house the other night and I ran acrosssome of his video tapes.I couldn't believe the things he has." Brian perked up."Dirty movies?I've never seen one, sure!" Randy disappeared up the stairs and return shortly with a small stackof unmarked video tapes."I'm not sure what's on them all, I only got to lookat a couple the other night."He grinned."Sure didn't want to getcaught." Brian looked at the tapes and Randy selected one to push into themachine.He pressed the button and two figures appeared on the screen.Anolder man was getting his cock sucked by a pretty younger woman.The boys satin their towels with open eyes afraid to look from the screen. Finally, Brian said, "Wow! How does she do that?It looks like shewould choke the way he keeps sticking it in there. And he's REALLY big." Brian looked over to his friend as if expecting an answer.The tentin the towel was hard to miss and Brian became aware that he took had a raginghard-on under his towel as well. He snapped his eyes back to the screen as a second man appeared in the scene, turned the woman and stuck his cock up herpussy and began to fuck. "I'vewanted to do that" said Randy. "Have you ever messed around withanyone?" Brian didn't answer immediately. "No", he admitted, "have you?" "Maybe" said Randy, "and I think about it a lot. Sometimes Ilike to play with myself while I think about it. Do you play with yourselfoften?"He reached to the edge of the towel and pulled it up showing thestiff dick again.He reached down and took the meat in his hand and began to stroke it up and down it's length. No doubt about it, Brian was embarrassed, he played with his dick onoccasion but he wasn't prepared to watch someone else playing with theirsright in front of him. "Let me see yours, Bri" said Randy as he continued to pull at his harddick.He was getting pretty excited by playing with himself in front of hisfriend.The scene changed on the film and the second man came around and put his dick in the first man's mouth. Brian pulled at his towel and it fell away exposing his stiff, youngboner.It was straining up and had a slight curve in it.Randy could see thecum vein stretched the bottom of it. A slight wetness appeared at the endof the small, well shaped head.The penis was several inches long, hairlessand completely smooth.It continued down to the hairless base and the tightsack of nuts. Below were the thin, smooth legs; skin translucent to hisfeet. Randy breathed heavier. "Brian.." he started and then thought the better of it.With nowarning, Randy leaned over and let the hard dick of the thirteen year old slideinto his mouth.It slid between his lips and went to the back of his mouth.It was small but rock-hard and started to twitch as he rubbed his tongueagainst the shaft.It was so hot having his first cock in his mouth. Brian hadn't been prepared to have his best friend gobble up his cock.The feeling caused him to want to pull back and to thrust forward at the sametime. His hard dick felt the warm, wet tongue rubbing which caused his prickto become even harder.It was so hard it was starting to hurt.

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Dear John Letter

"Hey, Jack!" I called out. "Didn't see you at mail call! Did you get a letter from your girlfriend?"

Jack shook his head somberly, and then broke into a grin. "She sure did!" His black hair framed his fair skin and made his white teeth shine even whiter. When he threw his arms back behind his head to show his cleverness, even the sloppily fitting fatigues managed to outline his pecs that were just a little too perfect for comfort...if you know what I mean. I did what I always did when Jack's body tempted me to forget how the Army treated being a little too fond of your buddies...I resorted to insult.

"You son of a bitch!" I chortled, shaking my head. I walked over to my cot, which was next to Jack's where he was sprawled out full-length and plopped down on it in a sitting position like a patron at a movie theater. "Come on, give!"

"With only you for an audience?" Jack wanted to know.

"Huh? Oh, all right." I said. I went to the tent door and leaned out, yelled, "Hey, everyone, Jack's got a new letter from Sheila!"

A chorus of obscene catcalls sounded out. In a short time, a good dozen guys were surrounding our cots, and I had a guy sitting on either side of me. I got front-row center for Jack's letters.

You see, Sheila was a girl of, shall we say, formidable imagination. Jack was kind enough to share them with us poor galoots who either didn't have a girl or whose girlfriends had no clue as to how to write to her boyfriend when he's camped out on a desert surrounded by guys in long robes who all want to slit his throat. What a guy needs in that situation is a few warm words from his girl, and he doesn't want to hear about her mother or her friends or her new clothes. He wants to hear what Jack's girlfriend wrote, what she planned to do to him in bed when she got hold of him again. Sheila's imagination was both varied and vivid, plenty of guys groaned as Jack read to us from her letter, how she was going to undress him slowly, how she was going to fondle him at first, how she was going to take both her tits and squeeze his cock between them, and rub them back and forth and.... Plenty of guys would have to walk out of the tent afterward bent over to hide their erections, and the half-dozen Port-A-Johns we had would fill up and have lines with the guys who weren't planning on anything but a place of privacy while they expressed their liquid appreciation of Sheila's imagination. Jack was unanimously lauded as the luckiest son-of-a-bitch of the entire Fourth Company and probably the entire damned Army in Iraq. When Jack finished his tour of duty and went home in another eight months, we were going to miss his letters a hell of a lot.

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Visiting The Doctor


Sean's Story

I was 16 years old when this happened to me. My name is Sean. I live in Holland have one older brother, Richard, who was 18 at the time. In Holland, kids visit a school-doctor every year for a physical examination. When I'd gone to the doctor before, one of my parents had taken me, but this time my parents had to work all the day, so I was to get there by myself. I was a good soccer player and it was a warm day. I'd been playing soccer all afternoon and nearly forgot the doctor's appointment. I was late and rushed home to get my bike, with no time to change. I biked over in my soccer shorts and sweaty T-shirt to the doctor's office. A nurse pointed me to the waiting room, scolding me a bit for being so late and telling me I was the doctor's last patient of the day. Two other boys around my age were sitting there, flipping through boring magazines. I didn't know them, so we didn't talk. As I waited, each boy in turn went in, stayed for 15 minutes, and then left. Finally, the nurse came in and told me it was my turn, and that she was leaving for the day. She went out the door mumbling about how kids didn't have any respect for scheduled appointments these days. As I walked toward the doctor's examining room, the door opened and there he stood - a different doctor from the one I'd seen before. He was surprisingly young and quite good-looking, wearing casual clothing and a stethoscope around his neck. "Hello Sea," he said, addressing me by my nickname. "I'm Dr. Hartsen, and I'm filling in for Dr. Martyn for a few weeks." We shook hands, and I sat down. The other doctor was at least 40, but this guy was in his mid-twenties. Still "old" to my eyes, but not in a bad way. "Been playing soccer, I see. You really worked up a sweat... that's good! Well, I guess you know the routine for the physical exam?" I was barely listening. My eyes were wandering all around his body. He must have been into sports. His strong arms bulged beneath his short-sleeved shirt. He had a V-shaped torso, and chest hair was showing where his shirt was unbuttoned at the top. His well-defined thigh muscles were practically bursting his tight jeans. He had exactly the type of body I wanted to have when I grew up. "Oh; yes sir," I said absent-mindedly, after an awkward pause. "OK, undress and leave your underpants on." I did, leaving my stuff on my chair. I was wearing only my white Tommy boxers; the tight kind. I was sort of proud of them. They were my first purchase when my parents decided to give me some money to buy my own clothes. The doctor asked me various questions about my general condition, health, sports, eating habits, stuff like that, and made notes on the papers on his clipboard. The room was warm and the doctor very friendly, so I almost forgot about standing there in just my underpants. After a while he started with his examination. He warmed his stethoscope before putting it on my naked skin. He tested my reflexes, listened to my heart and lungs, and he seemed to be very satisfied. I liked the way his strong hands felt as he touched my body. Then he told me to get up on a step stool, and he stood very close to me. Without saying a word, he slipped his fingers into the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down to mid-thigh, exposing my little-teen penis and dangling ball-sack. He told me to turn my head to the side and cough. I could feel his hand on my balls, playing with each one. Then he touched my penis, and my heart jumped a little. I could feel my face turning red as he squeezed it gently. When he pulled back the foreskin, I felt a shiver of pleasure. "Do you wash behind your foreskin when you bathe, Sean?" "Yes, sir," I mumbled, though it was difficult for me to get the words out for some reason. He slid the foreskin back and forth a few more times and then let go. When I glanced down, I saw that my cock was stiffening... pointing straight out. I was so embarrassed that I covered myself with my hands and started to mumble an apology. "Don't be shy, Sean. You're a fine healthy teen. Do you get erections very often?" I was speechless! I pretended not to understand his question, and I felt my face getting redder and hotter. "Some boys call it a boner... or a stiffy. Every boy gets them as he matures. Do you have them in the morning when you wake... and sometimes during the day?" "Y-yes, sir." "Good! Well use your fingers to make it as stiff as it can get. I need to take some measurements." I was relieved that the doctor wasn't angry about me getting stiff. The fact was... I actually LIKED for him to see me like that. I knew my body had started changing... my balls getting fuller and hanging down lower... my penis getting plumper when it got hard. In the changing room at school, I enjoyed letting other boys see me naked... and I liked seeing them too. And of course, there were the times when my best friends and I would get together in the woods and take down our pants... and then there was my big brother Richard... I teased my cock the rest of the way stiff and took my hands away as Dr. Hartsen used a tape measure and called out the results. "Length is 8 cm [3 inches]. Girth just about 7 cm [2 3/4 inches]. Let's see..." He leafed through the papers on his clipboard, "You're 16 years and 8 months old... your measurements are maybe a little small for a lad your age, but nothing to worry about. Now take your underpants off the rest of the way and lie down on this table on your back." I did as I was told. The doctor was so friendly and gentle that I stopped feeling at all nervous about the boner that was still throbbing persistently at my crotch. His hands pressed at my belly, and I giggled a little. Then he started examining my feet, running his fingers along the soft skin of my instep, then feeling each of my toes. His hands started moving up my nearly hairless legs, feeling my calf and thigh muscles, but to me it felt wonderfully exciting. By the time his fingers were caressing my inner thighs, my breathing was getting heavy. And when he took my boner between his fingers again, my hips bucked up to meet his strong hand, as if hungry for his touch. "You have good reflexes, Sean. And I can tell you're got to the age when your body is going through some changes," he said as he continued to fondle my penis and balls. "Now I have to ask you some personal questions, and some boys think these questions are embarrassing. It's just between you and me, though, and it's very important for you to be honest. You think you can do that?" "I'll try, sir". I smiled at him. I trusted him, and I was definitely enjoying the sensations his touches were causing. "Do you play with your erection... the way I'm touching you now... to make it feel good." "Y-yes, sir. Sometimes." I actually did it all the time! "Good; very good. That's healthy for boys. And do you sometimes have sex-play with other boys, where you touch each other's boners?" He was still fondling me gently, and exciting feelings were swirling around inside of my body and my brain. "Yes, sir.... Sometimes I... that is... we..." My heart was beating so fast! "Go on, Sean. Tell me exactly what you do with other boys. These things are perfectly normal for boys, and it's important for me to know everything." "Well... my buddies and I... we like to go to the woods back of the school building. And we sort of... you know... show each other our boners. And we like to feel each other up, and then rub our boners together... like a sword fight." "Ah, yes. I did the same thing myself at your age. I see you have a brother... " he said, looking at the papers. "... Richard, age 18. Ever do any sex-play with Richard?" "Yes, sir. We..." Then I stopped and put my hand to my mouth and blushed hot red again. Richard had told me that our games in his bed were a secret that I shouldn't tell anybody. "Go on, Sean. You mustn't keep secrets from the doctor. Remember that anything you tell me is just between us two. Now, what do you do with your brother?" "I... we.... Well, we sleep in the same room, sir, and for the longest time I've watched him when he changes clothes. He's got a very nice strong body. And a couple months ago, he told me I could... well... get into his bed if I liked." "Yes; go on. And what did you do?" His fingers were still toying with my penis, while his other hand stroked along my hip and thigh. "Richard... he told me to get completely undressed, and he did too. He said we could snuggle together and play... he called it naked-games." "Yes; quite common among brothers. Go on." "Well, it was so exciting to hug my naked body against his. And when he put his hand on my... my boner and started stroking me, and then asked me to feel his boner..." "Does Richard have a big penis?" "Oh yes, sir! MUCH bigger than mine! With a lot of hair around it and everything! And he taught me how to stroke it and make the white stuff, his cum. shoot out of his cock! And he said I did it really well, and I felt so proud!" "And you've played the naked-game again after that?" "Only twice, sir." "Did you ever take his penis into your mouth?" I was speechless for a moment! How could he know about that? "I... that is..." "It's ok, Sonny. It's perfectly normal for boys to suck each other's cocks. Tell me." I was so relieved to learn that Richard and I weren't doing something naughty that the words rushed out of my mouth. "The next time I got in his bed, he told me he'd give me a special treat. We were hugging each other, and rubbing our boners together and everything. It felt so good, and Richard... He told me to lay on my cock with my legs together and raise up my bottom... and he got on top of me and put his big boner between my thighs... and he started sliding it between my legs... and he told me how good it felt! And then he pulled it out and started rubbing his boner against my bottom, between the crack, and holding me close, and he groaned and his cum came out of his boner, all over my back! And after he wiped it off, he hugged me so tight! After that he stroked my body and got down and took my boner in his mouth and he used his lips and his tongue on it, and it felt so wonderful! I got this incredible shiver-feeling that was the most wonderful thing I ever felt! And then he showed me how I could do it to him, and... and I liked it, even though I had to open my mouth wide! And I kept doing it until the white stuff shot into my mouth! And Richard was so happy with me that he kissed me on the mouth and hugged me! And even kissed me with his tongue touching my tongue!" I was practically out of breath from talking so fast, and my body was squirming around from the sexy feelings that Dr. Hartsen's hands kept generating. "Did he kiss you like this," whispered the doctor, as his mouth came down to mine. Our lips pressed together softly, for several long moments, and then he lifted his head slightly and looked down on me with a loving smile on his face. "Yes.... Oh, yes! Just like that," I sighed, and we kissed again. I was so horny that I could barely stand it! When our mouths came apart again, the doctor said, "Sean, would you like it if I got naked too?" I couldn't speak, but my head nodded up and down, signaling my excited consent. The doctor stood up straight and pulled off his shirt. The soft brown hair on his strong chest was so incredibly masculine! And the line of hair going from his navel down into his jeans made me impatient to see what would next be revealed. I noticed for the first time that the front of his jeans had a prominent ridge running up at a slight angle beside his zipper... a man-sized boner... very hard! "We'll have a bit of fun together. OK, Sean?" he said as he undid the button on his jeans. Again I nodded my consent. As he pulled the zipper down, exposing his boxer briefs --white Calvins, wow, I love them. The outline of his cock made it clear it was even bigger than Richard's. I sat up on the examining table, hypnotized by the sight of him stripping down. He rubbed his big cock through the cotton. "O.K. boy, ready to see all of it?" "Oh yes, sir!" I croaked out. He pulled down his underwear, and his big erect cock slapped against his belly, freed now from its confinement. I couldn't take my eyes away from his big manly cock. "You like what you see, Sean?" "Yes! Oh, yes! I think it's beautiful! Do you think mine will ever grow that big? I mean, when I'm older?"

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Morning Run

Morning Run by Vincent Tan

It was a wonderful morning, perfect for a run. I had to get some miles to lose all the party pounds that I've gained during the week end. Not that I was a slob or anything, gymming 4 times a week. However, I just wanted to sweat.

I was wearing a drifit singlet with black running shorts with high slits at the side. I'm on the muscular side as oppose to the lean build, but love to show off my ripped tighs.

I ran by the beach near my place. It was a rather quiet Monday, a couple of old ladies and a white middle-aged white man (I'm chinese). I was getting into my pace when he overtook me. He was going at a slightly faster rate, probably doing intervals. And boy, I was mesmerised just with the back view. He was running bare body, with droplets of sweat rolling down his tan toned back. All the muscles were moving in poetry, everyone of them like pistons in a lean mean machine. He had broad shoulders, good shoulder development and defined tris.

I had to catch up with this guy, I thought. What better motivation than this hunk.

He got drift of my intention as I pulled abreast with him and then overtaking. While doing so, i caught a whiff of his manly scent. It was enough to make me start to bone, which then made it a little uncomfortable to run, since I was freeballing.

And so our little game of catchup began, each not letting the other gain more than a fraction of an inch. It was only a couple of kilometers later did both of us decide to slow down to catch a breather. We stopped by a water fountain.

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