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Joey Campanella


The year was 1968. I lived in Florida and was 12 years old.

Me - skinny, reddish brown hair, freckles, non-athletic - just on the cusp of puberty - a few scraggly hairs coming in above my little dick - 2 1/2 inches soft and about 4 inches hard. I had just started squirting some clear juice. My balls hung down like grapes in my smooth sack. My legs and armpits were still hairless. I weighed about 90 pounds.

I had an older brother who used me to help him get off - forcing me to give him hand jobs and suck him until he would shoot off in my mouth. He was bigger than me and treated me like crap. I got used to submitting to him. If I didn't do what he said, he would punch me, twist my arm behind my back, push me down on the floor and anything else he could think of to hurt me. I was basically scared of him and did whatever he wanted to avoid the abuse. My parents weren't really involved in our lives - other than providing for us - working all the time and otherwise being involved in their own pursuits. My brother had a 6 inch dick, bigger balls and a lot more hair than me. And he would shoot a lot of thick, white cum. He hadn't fucked me yet, but that was to come in time.

I was in 6th grade at the time and rode a bus to school. The bus stop happened to be right in front of my house, so I would come outside only when the bus was about to come. I was sometimes picked on by other kids and was in fact, kind of a wimp. One kid who rode the bus was Joey Campanella. Joey was Italian and was actually a year younger than me and in the 5th grade. Although he was younger, he was bigger and more mature - obviously going through puberty at that young age because he had dark hair coming in on his lower legs and when he wore a tank top - you could see dark hairs growing in his armpits. - not much - but enough to see clearly. He also was getting a lot of dark fuzz above his upper lip. In those days, boys wore short, tight cut-offs and often I could see Joey's Italian sausage - had a pretty big bulge "down there".More than once I think he caught me staring at his crotch and just had a kind of smirk - and look of disgust on his face.

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The Lieutenant And The Lifeguard

This story is not copy righted, who in hell would want to copy right this, so go ahead and plagiarize if you want.So, just sit back, unzip and enjoy!That is what it is all about isn't it?


Lieutenant Andrew McLean had just flown back from Kuwait and was ordered to report to the Base as an instructor in desert warfare.He had checked out his fire engine red corvette from the local town vehicle storage company and found his uniforms and gear in the Base storage warehouse.

When he had strippedfromhis cammiesand changed into his pressed green uniform with his two rows of ribbons, he drove to the Base Headquarters where he checked in with the Base Adjutants Office.

The Lieutenant was a hunk.Just under6 foot with brown hair and green eyes he had a toned body that weighed just over 170 pounds.His face and hands had the desert tan of the middle east.The Corporal who checked him in at the Base Adjutant's office looked him over and thought how much he would have liked to roll with the Lieutenantin the sack!Those deep green eyes and that great looking package really turned the Corporal on!

"I will check you in"the Corporal said, "and then you can see the Base Adjutant, Major Holtze.He likes to talk to all of the new officers.I can check you in to the BOQ, and show you to where your new outfit is".(BOQ, Dudes, is the Bachelors Officers Quarters.Usually it is just a long building with a row of rooms and Baths along each side of a corridor down the middle of the building. Most times it is a two story building.)

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Old Pornographer

The Old Pornographer by Traumarei

Disclaimer: Not really fiction at all...

I heard the old pornographer last night, Keys tapping in the dim light, Blanket over his lap, Visions of boys three decades younger Dancing in his mind.

On his screen, they laugh, love, Lust, cry out in sudden pleasure; Discover the joy their bodies can bring, The pleasure they can bring to themselves, The pleasure and pain they can bring to each other.

They're not gay. Or so they claim, some of them, Whatever their bodies may say. He can make no such claim. Neither, reading, can I.

And is the act of masturbation The one that takes place when his hand, As it always does, Clutches under the blanket in his lap As he lets out a stifled groan, Or is it the one when he hits the Send key, His story done?

And when I read, and stroke, and gasp, and cry out, Dribbling the remains of my passion onto myself, Am I having sex with him, or me, or with The ghostly young figures who play on the screen, Living only in my mind and his?

(c) 2008 by Traumarei. All rights reserved.

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Mom used to stand there as I practiced the scales. And I was only five years old. I hated it. I hated her. I hated the damn piano. But everyday I was there, my tiny legs dangling over the bench and my fingers stretching to flex in the right order so she wouldn't tell me "AGAIN" over and over.

By the time I was six, I had a real teacher and would go to her house for lessons twice a week.I looked forward to that because I was able to go to someone else's house just like older kids.Of course when I got home I had to perform for the folks what I had learned that day.

Lessons continued. I never thought of not going or refusing to perform for my parents or other relatives. It was part of my life.

So performing at High School didn't scare me. I sat at the piano cognizant that my basket ball buddies were among the hundreds of kids in the auditorium. No biggie. Instead of the rock n roll or boogie things I played for my friends, I had to play a classical number.

It was the one I performed at the regional competitions the week before. I sat and ignored the jokes, cat calls and comments about my tuxedo I heard.

As usual when I played I went into a zone of my own. Nothing was in my head but the sounds of the piano that over the years had become part of me. I played. I knew my fingers were flying across the keys. It was natural; I made me feel full of the ancient composer's masterpiece.

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Dave stretched before going into the bathroom for his morning piss. He did this everyday of course but that morning he didn't bother searching the floor for his boxers.

Avery wasn't there. He had gone to visit friends for the holidays leaving the apartment empty and quiet.

They had been roommates while in college and shared the days of partying and nights of studying for those years. So they just continued as they both got their first jobs.

Dave was laying on a towel by the Charles River when Avery ran by. His torso glowed with sweat. His shorts seemed to fit him perfectly. They weren't tight nor loose but his buttocks, thighs and genitals were defined.

Avery couldn't resist letting his cock harden. He rolled over to keep it between him and the grass.

"Hey" the voice made Dave turn back over. Avery stood there panting and smiling "You got the time?"

Dave notice the hot looking guy had a watch on but he smiled and responded. In his mind he thought he was being picked up.

"Watch broken" Avery explained "thanks" and he ran off.

"Hey" Dave called after him, "know of anyone looking for a roommate" he surprised himself with his spontaneity. And he was even more suprised when Avery came back.

"Yea matter of fact I am" he stuck out his hand and introduced himself.

Then to Dave's delight he removed his shorts as he plunked himself down on part of the towel available. His nylon boxers kept him decent though reveled his religion as they say.

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Ricky And Nick

This is another true story produced by "the Gay One," Nick!

The day was going great.That morning I woke to see my gay porn still going on my TV.Right away I got hard and all through the day I though about having another experience.I went to the club to work out and play basketball.I knew there were a lot of gay men that go to my club (I had heard a lot of them talking).When I walked into the men's locker room there were naked men everywhere, it was a gay mans paradise!Everywhere I turned there was a cock or ass in my face, I loved it. I got to the locker I always use and there were a few men changing.I took off my clothes and turned around, all three men were naked, standing up and looking at me.All four of us got alittle hard looking at each other.I turned back around and bent over to grab something when I felt a cold hand touch my ass.I looked behind me and saw a handsome dark haired 20-year old man standing next to me, smiling.He said sorry, I smiled and said it was no problem.I got dressed at went to play basketball.He played against me and guarded me the whole game. During the game he would rub up against me and "accidentally" touch my cock.I started to touch his ass a little bit and flirt with him. The game ended and we went into the locker room.I told him he was pretty good.We got to talking and he said his name was Ricky, I told him I was Nick.Isaid I had herd he was gay, he reluctantly said yes. I told him I was gay too,and I liked it when he touched me.He started undressing, and I did the same. He pulled down his underwear exposing his perfect cock."Well, what are you waiting for?" he said."That's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen!" I replied. I pulled my boxers down and he looked at my cock and reached out to grab it. He caressed it on the head and I got very hard.We were both still sweaty so we decided to shower off.We went into separate showers and got all cleaned off.When I was almost done he came over and peeked inside and climbed into my shower.He said he wasn't completely done cleaning off, there were some spots he missed. So I got some soap in my hands and wiped his ass, and his balls.I lathered them up and stuck my fingers in his ass, he shivered a little but let me continue.I grabbed his cock and lifted it up to wash off his balls.He loved it!!!!I told him he was all set. I stood up and he kissed me, we kissed for a minute or so until we gotout. He said hehad lived around here and we could go there. Very hard and horny I said yes! I fallowed him to his house in my car. And we went into his house, which was very nice.It was big and very open.I saw the pool n the backyard and asked if we could take a dip?He said yes.We took of our clothes before wewent outside, and we jumped in the pool. I was cold and I looked at my cock and it had shrunken a little, Rickywas inspecting it to and decided to elongate it.He started rubbing it and beating me off.I started to do the same thing to him.He pulled over a floating mattress and got on it.I was at the end.I spread his legs so that they were hanging off.I licked his ass and started sucking his great cock.He wanted it harder and faster, so I did what I was told. I sucked him very hard, he started moaning very loud and thrusting himself up and down.He blew a great load and got some on my face, he said he wanted some so we started making out again. We moved to his hot tub and he sat down and I stuck my cock deep in his ass.I started very slow.While I fucked him he brought me close and we kissed.I was quite a workout,being in the water, but I still loved every minute of it!I was so horny and within minutes I blew a huge load in him. He squeezed him ass cheeks and got every last drop into his beautiful ass! We dried off, got dressed and I went home, which is only about six blocks away!We continue to hook up to this day.

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Winter In Bangalore

While all comments are welcome as usual, I have never visited India so please don't write to correct and geographical data.

The usual copyright rules apply

It was very exiting, my company had a major development in India and they wanted me to go there to oversee an overhaul of procedures.I would spend the time stripping the company to basics then rebuilding it, a great opportunity at any time, but the chance to visit India at the same time was the icing on the cake.I had one month to prepare, buying lightweight suits, cotton shirts and underwear and getting the necessary medical attention before I flew out on what I considered the greatest opportunity and most wonderful adventure of my thirty four years.

On arrival I was met by a chauffeur, a very handsome Indian called Kristan; he was from Southern India and had skin of that beautiful burnished copper colour, large black eyes and a beautiful friendly smile. He drove me to company headquarters where I met the managing director who showed me around and made introductions before we made arrangements for me to start work the next day.The M. D. explained that Kristan would drive me to a house that was owned by the company where I would stay during my time in India and that he would be at my disposal during my stay as driver and manservant.I had never had a manservant before, or any other kind of servant for that matter, but Christan seemed a good choice.

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