Officer Nguyen


I hate being late.It was about 2 PM on a Friday, and I was trying to beat traffic and make sure I got home before it got ugly on the freeway. There's nothing worse than being stuck on I-5 in late summer traffic in a suit.I tried to take a few back streets to make better time.In my urgency, I don't think I was paying any attention to my speed, and found myself in a quiet residential area with red and blue lights flashing in my review mirror.I knew I would be here for a bit, since it was a nice car in a residential area and me being black.It didn't matter that I was college educated or worked at the University; you still get funny looks and double takes in this day and age.I braced myself for the worst. The car behind me sat for several minuets before the door opened and the officer stepped out.His uniform was blue and gray, and wore a hat like a drill sergeant.He was wearing dark mirrored glasses, but I could tell he was Asian.I already had my papers out and the window rolled down. He leaned in and I could smell aftershave "License and registration please." I gave them to him and waited patiently.I figured that this wouldn't be as difficult as I thought it would be.As he looked over the papers and ID, I tried to stare forward, but felt a little nervous with my drivers' window basically framing this guys' crotch.I casually glanced over and was surprised that he had a pretty nice basket, but turned forward quickly, afraid of being found out. "Mr. Johnson, do you have any idea why I pulled you over today?" He said, still standing straight up and mulling over my paperwork. His accent was thick and his voice was stern I peered up at his badge, making my best attempt "I'm not sure Officer Na-guy-in, but I may have been going a little fast back there." "It's Nguyen, pronounced like Win."He said with a glare. "Mr. Johnson, you were going about 43 in a 35 mile per hour zone. In a residential area, that's a problem.You do understand what I'm saying to you? "Yes sir" I said, trying to sound as apologetic as I could.I knew I screwed up, but also hoped I could get a warning.He leaned in and looked around the front seat and then over my shoulder.He pulled the sunglasses down a little to get a good look, and then stood back up. "If you could stay here for a moment, I'll be right back Mr. Johnson." He walked back to his car, lights still flashing.I wondered what the issue was and looked in the back seat.One of the staff gave me a calendar with black and white pictures of men in "artistic poses".When I got home I planned on finding a nice place to hang it and try to pass it off as art.I checked to be sure I hadn't left it out in plain view.It was still tucked into the book bag, but the bag was tipped and the deep cleft of a bubbled ass peeked out, neatly wrapped in plastic.I reached back and tucked it back in, trying not to be terribly obvious.Hands on the wheel, I sighed and let my head fall back on the headrest.Now I will probably have to deal with that as well.I thought of a thousand excuses, very sure he would ask why I had pictures of naked men in my car.As I thought of the most possible answers, I heard his car door slam shut and his leather boots on the gravel.I sat up. "Mr. Johnson, everything checks out.I am a little concerned though, since I feel the real reason for the infraction is that you may have some trouble with your speedometer.When was the last time you had it checked?" I looked dumfounded.I knew I had sped, but now he was asking about a possible malfunction in my car."I couldn't really tell you sir, I've had this car for some time" "I think that we can work something out.There's an on ramp just up the way.I want you to follow me at an even pace.I'll go the speed limit and when we exit, just follow me and tell me what your speedometer said.We'll try it at Highway speed and then residential." "Are you sure about this sir?I could just take it to a shop." He looked down into the car with a serious look on his face, hands on his hips, reached up and tilted his glasses down so he could stare right at me, and asked "You do want to get out of this ticket, don't you Mr. Johnson?" I carefully followed his car to the off ramp, checking my speed every step of the way and verifying that the speed was correct.It was. On the Highway, we kept up an even pace and I kept track, knowing that this would be correct as well.I wondered if this would be a good thing or a bad thing.I've heard that bad cops can kick your ass if you are gay, and so I would go along until I was certain I was in the clear.I figured playing dumb would be the best. We exited on a ramp heading into an industrial area.Most of the warehouses were full, and forklifts buzzed around like flies.I followed him closely, making sure to hit the signal every time.No sense getting a ticket for that too.We passed all the activity and eventually ended up in an area that was deserted.The gravel and pavement was shot and dirt and mud puddles showed through in spots.The windows of the warehouse were dirty, and it looked like it had been vacant for some time.He got out and waved me in to park in front of him again.I rolled the window down and he came over to poke his head in. "So, we should have sped up to 35, then 55, and back down to 35 again.Is that correct?" Not sure what to answer, I agreed.He stood up again and stared around at the warehouse, hands on his hips again.His crotch was distended and the bulge seemed to be more like a twisty roll than a lump.I quickly thought to myself that I finally figured this guy out. "Hmm, maybe the problem is under the hood.Could you please step out of the car Mr. Johnson?Please open the hood." I did as he said and got out.We were about the same height, and he seemed even more imposing face to face as he was when I was sitting. Soon we were both peering under the hood, as he wiggled wires and flashed his flashlight in towards the back. "I think I see the problem sir, if you would take the flashlight and look back there, I think that you will see the loose wiring" I knew there would be no "loose wiring,' But my dick was throbbing and wet, and my boxers weren't hiding it.I could feel the damp spot as I straightened my slack before bending in to look.I had no idea what I was looking at and muttered something about not being sure what he meant.With that, he put his hand on the flashlight and moved in behind me, pressing his crotch against my ass.I jumped and lost my balance, but he grabbed me around my chest and caught me. "You ok there?" he said with a grin. I nodded."You're pretty built.I'll bet you're thick all over."His hand reached down and stroked the length of my dick before he gave it a firm squeeze."I'll bet you like this." "Fuck yeah, stroke it." I growled, grinding my hips against his ass.Suddenly I found myself shoved off balance, and grabbed the car frame to keep from falling over. "Mr. Johnson, I don't recall telling you to participate.Stand up sir, and close the hood." I stood up and figured that either the ride was over and I was still going to get the ticket, or I would have to deal with some Uniform type that gets off on being in charge.My cock shrank down and I stood there with a dirty look on my face.I was tempted to tell him off. "So what's your game?I did what you wanted.Just give me the ticket and let me get out of here."He stood very serious at first, hands on hips again, but suddenly broke out laughing.He walked right up to me and grabbed my shirt, pulling my mouth to his and digging at my tongue with his.The breath from my nostrils fogged up his glasses, and I stood perfectly still until I could be sure that he wanted me to join in.He had taken off his holster, and left on his belt, club and cuffs.His hands seemed to grip and twist everything, and I'm sure that I winced several times.He finally tugged at my zipper, and I stopped him."Not here.I don't want to be caught."He smirked and tipped his head a little."By who?The cops?" and finally looked over my shoulder, down the gravel road. In the distance you could still hear the forklifts and trucks."Ok then, come on."We went around to the back of the building and he took a key out of his pocket.The lock on the door popped open and he pushed the door up. We went in and he pulled it shut. The air inside was warm and still, warmed from the afternoon sun."This is an old storage warehouse for the department." He said as we strolled into the center of the empty space.It was completely open except for a few shelving units towards the back.The only lighting came from the large pane windows along the top of the walls. Our steps and voices echoed as he led me to the middle of the warehouse. He pulled me in close to him again, and kissed me hard.This time he forced his way into my slacks, slipping the belt out to reach my ass and cock.We struggled for a moment before he finally pulled me down to the cold concrete floor."You'll get dirty." I muttered, not even taking into consideration that I was still wearing my suit from work."Called in already, told them I'm checking out a warehouse and would call if I needed anything.Don't worry." He said, yanking my shirt out of my pants and unbuttoning it up to the tie.He dived in and sucked my tits hard, pinching them in between his teeth and running his tongue over the swollen nub. I pulled off my jacket and tossed it aside, and yanked off my tie. His hat had already fallen to the floor, and I ran my hands through his tight military cut.He licked my chest and under my arms, still pulling at my nipples.His tongue made its way up my neck and to my mouth while I fumbled with buttons. He finally grabbed his shirt and yanked, pulling loose the snaps I was trying to "unbutton."The tie was tossed aside and we stood up to pull the rest of our clothes off.I stared over at the boots and looked back over at him. "Seems a shame to have them here and not use them."He grinned and put his socks and boots on.He grabbed up his belt and hat, and put them on facing away from me.I kneeled down and watched his smooth, hairless ass, thinking about sucking and licking his sweet pucker.He finally turned back to me, wearing the hat, glasses, boots and belt.The black stick swung lewdly next to his cock, slapping his thigh as he walked.Every step echoed loudly like a drum on the floor. I was still on the floor and seemed transfixed on his bouncing cock and "uniform."He was uncut and it turned slightly to the floor, wider in the middle and tapered at the base and head.He took the Nightstick from the belt and gripped it behind my head, pulling my face into his crotch.I opened my mouth, looked up at my reflection in his glasses, and sucked it in deep.Sucking and groans reverberated against the walls and cold floor. He pumped my mouth, pulling out slowly to hear the wet sucking noise.I would open my mouth to take him in, and saliva ran down his cock and balls, dripping on the floor.I whimpered loudly, positioned on my hands and knees, bobbing madly and drooling spit and precum out onto the floor.He bucked hard, matching me stroke for stroke, bouncing off my face.I finally fell back and gasped for air.He just grinned, his wet dick dripping from the last of my spit.He straddled my chest, walked up to my head and turned around.Laying the Nightstick across his knees, he lowered his ass to my face.I reached up to balance him and pulled his hole close.Licking and digging, I drenched his hole and balls.I could feel the gripping of his ass hole and pushed with my tongue again.A loud groan rattled the warehouse and I reached up to jack his dick while I tongue fucked him.He pushed and shoved madly, dropping the Nightstick and falling forward.I bucked up my hips and soon his mouth was stretched around my cock.He jacked and sucked, gagged and pumped as I gripped his ass cheeks and licked him raw.I figured he was ready for more, and was pleased when he jumped a little when my center finger sank in to his pink hole.He kept sucking, grunting loud as I kept pumping his hole and spitting on my finger.I wanted this now, more than I had ever wanted anything. I slid out from under him and pulled his ass into the air.His hat was off again, and he rested his head on the cold concrete floor, arms tucked under him, jacking his dick."Just put it in.Don't stop, just shove it in."I looked down at his ass and grabbed my jacket to get some lube and a rubber.I dumped the slimy stuff on his ass, and more into his hole while I fingered him.I really didn't want to hurt him, and I wanted him to enjoy the ride.I put the head to the hole, and then did what he said.I pushed hard and kept shoving, all through the cursing, yelling and screaming.He shook violently under me, and I hesitated to pull back out, but dumped more lube around my cock and pulled.I could hear what sounded like a sob and I pushed again, to be met with a growl, while he pushed back to meet me.I stroked again and eventually he was bucking back, taking every inch of what I had to offer.He yelled and cursed, twisting his body and clawing at my thighs.I grabbed his hips harder and pounded with the slapping sounds nearly drowning out his voice.He flipped on his side, with my cock still up his ass, and eventually made it to his back.I pressed my palms into the back of his thighs, opening him up and laying his chest and cock bare.I pumped slowly, long, hard and deliberately.His face was bewildered and he jerked at his cock in a state of wild bliss. "Harder! Fuck me harder!"I picked up pace and slammed faster and harder until he clenched his eyes and shook.I stopped.I wasn't done yet and I didn't want him to finish before me. He gasped and shook more, looking up at me with drops of sweat falling onto the dirty floor.He lunged up and wrapped his arms around my neck, kissing me deeply while he was still impaled on my cock. We slid slickly against each other, tongues wrapping, pushing and digging.We rolled to my back and he sat there on top of me, still kissing me and squeezing his ass.He pulled up to his haunches and slowly raised his ass. I watched as my cock pulled at the tight pink ring, and then sunk back into his gripping ass.He did this slowly at first, with me holding his legs to keep his balance, but he began to bounce and grind deeper and harder, bucking his hips and jacking his dick.I took hold of the boots at the ankles and he leaned back so I could see my cock disappear and reappear into his ass.His breathing began to become labored, and I knew that it wouldn't be long at this rate.He was rubbing the hell out of his prostate, and I was going nuts listening to him yell and moan.His ass started slamming harder, grinding against me as he landed.The sweat poured off his body, streaking down his chest and legs.I couldn't hang on any more, and grabbed his hips, bucking and pushing.I yelled out and felt my balls unload in his ass, pumping and throbbing against his tight grip, shaking me to the core.He met my strokes and growled as he finally took his last hard slam to the base of my cock and let loose.Thick hot streaks splashed across my chest and landed on my arm as he stoked his cock harder and harder, until he rattled hard and collapsed forward onto my chest into his pungent load.We lay there, our panting and moans being bounced off every corner of the warehouse.I was still in his ass, and I could feel his grip still tight around the middle of my cock.He started to grind his hips a little, shook a little more and then finally let loose.My cock, still hard, lay pressed in between us as we kissed.His load mixed with our sweat and trailed down my sides to the floor below in little droplets. Faintly, I could hear low voices outside the door, and suddenly the rolling door was flung up, startling us both.As we quickly gathered up our clothes, I squinted my eyes into the late afternoon sun, unable to make out the figures.Looks like I would be getting home later than I thought.

To Be Continued...

Written by David H. / AKA Domingo Copyright 2002.All Rights Reserved. This story may not be displayed on webs sites or redistributed on Mailing lists without explicit consent from the author.