Cop Socks

Cop Socks

I own a men's shoe store close to one of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sub-stations here in Las Vegas. Unlike the fiction you see on C.S.I. the sheriff's department is actually LVMPD commonly referred to as Metro. I'm 35 years old, six foot and work out regularly and am in pretty good shape.

Closing time approached one evening and as I was heading to the door to lock up, a uniformed Metro officer walked in and asked if I had time for one more sale. As someone with a serious uniform fetish, I wasn't about to refuse. He looked to be in his mid to upper 30's and stood about six foot two with a marine high and tight haircut, black hair, and what looked like a permanent 5:00 beard shadow.He had large biceps and a well developed chest with a tribal tattoo peeking out from under his short sleeve tan uniform shirt. This being Vegas, tattoos on cops are not that uncommon. I remember one officer with flames growing up his arms starting from the wrists.

"Come on in, just let me lock the door and I'll be glad to help you." I told him. While I locked up he went over to the display of boots to look. "Do you need a new pair of boots?" I asked.

"Yes, Magnum's if you have them" he replied. "What size" I asked. "13D."

`Holy Shit!' I thought to myself. I love a guy with big feet.

"I've got them. Come on into the back with me. I have a seat there and it will easier then running back and forth, besides the door is locked."

"Lead the way." So I showed him into the back and while he took a seat I pulled down a box of 13D Magnums. He was getting ready to start untying his boots when I knelt down in front of him and told to let me help him with that. He just sat back in his seat and smiled down at me giving me a small nod.

Eight inch high Magnum's seem to be the most popular boots for police officers. They are black leather with heavy weight denier nylon uppers. I untied both boots and as I was starting to loosen the boot strings on his right foot he commented to me how tired his feet were from being on them all day. It seems he was part of the police presence at an outdoor political rally and spent the day in the sun. In Las Vegas that means 100F degree weather.

As I started slipping off his boot I looked up at him and said "Well we're just going to have to take care of that." He had a quizzical look on his face as I looked back down and received the first of several nice surprises. The first was the smell that struck me as his foot left the boot. A rich dark smell of dirty socks followed up by the fact he was wearing smooth nylon Over-The-Calf black Gold-Toe socks. Always a particular favorite of mine. I own a men's shoe store for a reason.

I cupped his heal with my left hand and brought his foot up to chest height to unobtrusively bring that wonderful smell closer to my nose and started to massage his damp, sweaty foot with my right hand.

He closed his eyes and let out a sigh. "I hope those socks don't smell too bad. I haven't had a chance to do laundry and have been wearing the same pair for the past three days" he told me.

"No, I grew up sleeping in the same room with three older brothers" I told him. "I've smelled worse."

"I need to straighten out my leg" he said with a smirk on his face as he straightened his leg putting his smelly foot an inch from in front of my nose. My brain went on auto-pilot as I started breathing deeply to fill my lungs with that intoxicating smell.

He must have noticed my heavy breathing as he told me "that's right, sniff my nasty smelling cop socks faggot." Taking that as an invitation, I pressed my nose to his sweaty sock between his first two toes and breathed deep. He just smirked and watched as I started running my nose all over the sole of his foot where ever I wasn't massaging at the time.

"Don't neglect my other foot faggot" he said. I looked up to see him smiling at me and set his right foot down on my thigh and reached for his left boot. Pulling it off, I proceeded to give it as good of a massage as the first one enjoying the smell as I rubbed my nose all over it. Like the first one, it was so damp with sweat, it almost glistened.

"Turn around and lay on the floor in front of me" he directed. Doing as I was told, he proceeded to put both his smelly socked feet on my face and started rubbing them all over.

I was in sock fetish heaven with those nasty smelling, sweaty feet rubbing over my nose and face. "That's it, be my nasty sock slave faggot" he said. Well I wasn't going to argue with him at that point. I'd do pretty much anything for the privilege of smelling his rank socks.

"Get back up on your knees, I think it's time you laundered my socks for me."

Quickly getting up, I started tonguing his soles and then put his toes on his left foot into my mouth proceeded to start sucking the sweat out of them. They had a dark rich flavor to them slightly salty from all the sweat.

I licked and sucked the flavor out of both pair for a good ten minutes when he told me "okay faggot I think it's time for a foot bath."

"Yes Sir" I told him as I reached up under his pant legs and proceeded to pull his socks off one at a time.

Starting with his right foot, I started licking the sole first running my tongue all over it. From the sighs coming from him I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was. Once I felt his sole was clean, I sucked his large toe into my mouth and started sucking it like it was a cock. Now he was moaning at the pleasure with his eyes closed.

Working from right to left, I did the same to each of his toes listening to him moan and sigh as I licked around each while sucking them. Next I ran my tongue between each toe where they joined his sole. I tried to put all his toes into my mouth at once, not an easy feat with a size 13 foot. I ran my tongue over his toes while they were in my mouth. After I pulled off, I started licking the top of his foot which was covered in black hair.

Once I finished his right foot, I proceeded to give the same treatment to his left foot. Finishing his left foot, I brought both feet up to my face and started licking back and forth between them going from toes to soles and at one point sucking both large toes into my mouth at the same time.

I looked up and noticed a growing bulge in his tan uniform pants. He saw me looking and said "maybe I need to get a little more comfortable." He stood up and removed his equipment belt and gun, then opened his pants and slid both them and his boxers off giving me a great view of an uncircumcised, eight inch cock with a heavy hood on it even when erect with a pair of egg sized balls hanging heavily below covered in black hair. He removed his uniform shirt and t-shirt exposing his black hair covered body.

Placing his hand on the back of my head he pulled me to his cock. When his cock touched my lips, he stopped. I stuck my tongue out and into his hood running it around the head under his skin tasting all the rich flavors of his uncircumcised cock after a long day sweating.

"Enjoying your self in there faggot" he asked. I pulled away, looked up at him looking down on me with his smirk and said "yes Sir" and dove back down on his cock pulling the shaft into my mouth and proceeded to work it down my throat until my nose was buried in all that wonderful smelling hair.

I heard him groan with pleasure as I bottomed out and felt him grab both sides of my head. He started pumping his big cock in and out of my mouth. "Yeah, suck that big cop dick" he growled as he kept fucking my mouth. I don't have a gag reflex so it was easy to let him take control of my mouth and breathe on the out strokes.

After several minutes, he released my head and I pulled off and started slurping on his sweaty balls. I sucked them into my mouth one at a time (they were too big to do both) enjoying the taste and smell of his crotch. Running my tongue over them as they were in my mouth must have felt good from all the moaning. "Get those nuts clean faggot" he ordered. Who am I to refuse an order from one of Metro's finest? I slurped those hairy eggs with pleasure.

Pulling off his balls, I moved them to the side and tongued the area on the right and left sides of his balls enjoying the dark smells from his crotch. Next, I lifted his balls and started licking the rich smelling area behind his balls trying to get as far back as possible.

He said, "wait a sec" and turned around and bent over placing his hands on the chair arms presenting me with his black fur covered ass. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I immediately reached up and spread his ass cheeks and stuck my nose into his crack to breath in all the dark, rich smells.

"When you get done brown nosing me faggot, I could use a good ass cleaning" he said as he looked back at me.

How right he was. That ass needed a good cleaning. He must have had to take a shit sometime during the day from the smell of his ass. I pulled his cheeks apart and began licking the area around his hole. The smells and flavors were so rich I was swooning. When my tongue found his hairy pucker, I could taste some remains of his last shit.

This cop was too much. He was pushing all of my buttons. "Come on, clean that nasty cop shithole faggot" he ordered. I licked the outside of his shitter until I knew it was clean and then pressed my tongue to his now relaxed hole. The dark flavors just intensified as my tongue drilled into him.

"That's it, get your tongue up my dirty cop ass faggot" he exclaimed.

He started pushing his ass out on my tongue saying over and over again, "that's it, fuck, clean out my cop hole faggot, fuck!" "Eat my ass faggot!"

Suddenly, he stood up and turned around, grabbed my head and forced his cock back into my mouth. "That's it faggot, suck my cop cock. I'm going to bust a nut right down your faggot throat."

He proceeded to really start pounding that big cop cock in my mouth. I cupped and caressed his balls and felt them draw up close to his body.

"Fuck, fuck, here it comes faggot. Yeah faggot! Take my nut!" As he buried his cock down my throat and started cumming. He just held my head forcing his cock all the way down to the root as it pumped his load down my throat pulling out at the last second letting me taste the last few spurts in my mouth.

He held his cock in my mouth as it softened and we both knew what was next. I heard him sigh as I felt the first spurts of piss enter my mouth. Soon he was pissing a torrent into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from drowning. His piss seemed to go on forever and I could tell from the dark rich concentrated flavor, he had been holding it for a while. His flow finally slowed and eventually stopped.

He pulled out and said "thanks" as he started to get dressed."I'll be right back" I told him as I went back into the front of the store and pulled a new pair of black OTC Gold-Toe socks off the rack and returned to the back room.

He had his shirt back on and his boxers when I returned. "Here's a new pair of socks for you if you don't mind trading" I told him. He just smiled his smirk and sat back down and allowed me to put them on his feet. He stood up and pulled his uniform trousers back on along with his equipment belt and gun and sat back down to allow me to put his new boots on.

"How much do I owe you?"

"Tell you what, how about we just trade and call it even?" I replied. He just smiled and nodded his head.

As I was letting him out the door, he turned and asked "do I need to be purchasing shoes for a foot massage?"

I just smiled and said "anything for one of Metro's finest."

He just smiled back and nodded while going out the door. I locked up behind him and hurriedly closed up the store. I couldn't wait to get home with those boots and socks.