Pimpin My Vegas Buds

Okay, usual disclaimers apply; if your're under 18 or theis stuff is illegal in your state or part of the world, don't read, blah blah blah.

Anyway, this is a true story and my first; only the names and certain locations have been changed for artistic license, lol.

So I just moved to Las Vegas a year ago with my Mom and we moved into this condo complex near my high school; now we didn't know it at the time but I know now that this used to be a major gay guy complex, but that changed over the years and now a lot of families live there. Anyway, so I made friends with this guy in the same building who's an older guy (30's) but he's a musician and has long hair and stuff and is pretty cool. He's been there since the beginning, and one day I was helping him out in his garage moving shit around (heavy music instruments and gear and stuff) and it's getting pretty hot in there so I pull off my shirt. Now I'm no muscle god or anything, but I've got a pretty good build for my age, nice definition and size, and I notice him sneaking looks at me and shit. Now I ain't gay, but back where I used to live I had a friend that I'd mess around with and shit, plus my Mom's youngest brother, my uncle blew me once on a camping trip, so I'm no virgin or dummy when it comes to sex and stuff. And the heat was making me horny (although I'm pretty much horny all the time anyway) and so I'm thinkin' hey, maybe Chet is gay or somethin' (his name's not really Chet but it's gonna be for this story) and maybe I can get some head off him. So my pants are starting to swell and I notice he's tryin' to check that action out too without me seein' him, and so I get up a little courage and stand up and stretch and say somethin' like "Shit, gettin' all sweaty and stuff makes me fuckin' horny." He nods and grins a little, and I keep goin'. "Shit, it's been so long since I had a blow job I'd let an old lady blow me. Hell, even a dog." Chet laughs at that, and I laugh a little too, and scratch my crotch. But he doesn't say anything. Now Chet's a big bear-like guy, kinda chubby but strong too, you know? And if he wasn't sneaking peeks at me I'd be almost scared to go further, but hell, I was horny, you know?

"Ever get like that?" I asked him.

"Yeah, yeah," he nodded. He didn't talk much.

"Damn," I said, I wish I knew some of the gay guys that used to live around here so I could get blown..."

Chet stopped what he was doin' and finally looked straight at me. "You'd let a guy blow you?" he asked, lookin' more serious than I'd ever seen him.

"Fuck yes," I said, "my uncle blew me once... it's no big thing. A wet hole's a wet hole, right?"

Chet looked at me again, cocking his head to one side. "How old are you again?"he asked, and I knew what he was getting at. I also knew what to say if I wanted my blow job. Luckily I look a lot older than I am.

"Eighteen," I said.

He must have believed me, 'cause he said "I'll blow ya if ya want."

I couldn't keep from grinning. "Fuck yes, let's go." Chet pushed the button to close the garage door and I hopped up on the washing machine (there was no other place to sit). "Don't be tellin' anyone about this though... I don't want a line at my door!" and I laughed. I scooted up and pulled down my baggy pants and underwear and my 6" cock popped up free against my flat belly.

"Nice" he said, and before I could even blink he had it down his throat, milking it for all it was worth.

Damn it felt awesome! His hands roamed all over my chest, tits, and waist, and before long I was on fire all over... he was a lot better than my uncle, that's for fucking sure. He knew just were to rub, tweak, and tease and his mouth never stopped moving on my dick, and about five minutes later I felt the tickling and the pressure start rising and I grabbed his head and started pumping.... damn, I was coming, and hard, and it tickled, and felt like I was exploding inside.

I spurted six, seven times deep down his throat and he took it all and then slowly started licking the underside of my cock really gently, staying away from the top of the head where it was was too fuckin' sensitive, and was driving me crazy.

"Damn, Chet, that was fucking awesome." He smiled and said "Thanks. I needed that." "Damn, me too," I said. "You must really like doin' that, huh?"

"Yeah, of course. It's the best. I could do that all day long."

"Well, hell, I've got a few friends in school that could sure make that possible for ya" I said, half jokingly. He took me seriously though, and pulled out his wallet. He peeled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to me.

"Hope you won't be offended, but this is for you... thanks!"

"Offended?" I said. "Fuck no, hell, I should be paying you! But if it makes you happy, do it!"

"Cool" he said and grinned. "Heck, any time you want more there's more where that came from..."

"Fuckin-a awesome!" I said. Then I got an idea... "Hey, I got a bud in my PE class that has eight fat inches..."

"Yeah?" Chet said, his eyebrows raising. I knew that would get his interest.

"Yeah, I bet I could get him over here for you to blow him too."

Chet grinned from ear to ear. "Yeah, shit, you do that, and I'll pay him $50 and give you another $10."

"Really?" I asked. "Fifty bucks?"

"You heard right" he noddded.

"How about if I find a guy with ten inches?"

"Ten inches... hmmm, I'd pay him $100 and pay you $25."

My mouth dropped. "Damn!"

Chet kept thinking and went on. "And let's see, anything bigger than 10" will get him $150 and you $40. And of course, I'll pay you $10 each time and any other guys with 6" or less will get, let's see, $10 also and I'll give ya $5."

"Damn!" I said, "shit I'll have that car I've wanted for a long time before summer comes!"

"Cool," Chet said, "glad to help. Oh, just one thing... make sure they're all 18 or older, okay?"

I gulped but I don't think he saw it. "Sure, okay, no prob, you got it!" But right away I was thinking about the biggest dicked studs in the school and how soon I could get them over there and how I was gonna approach them about it without it seeming like I was the fag. My wheels were turning all weekend.


So right away I was forgetting about my 8" buddy, and thinking about how I was gonna get Jaret over there... Jaret was this black guy in the PE class right before mine and one time I walked into the shower and saw that damn huge black python of his hangin' down at least 8" soft. The thing that made is so unbelievable is Jaret is about 5'4" tall, and so the damn thing looked as thick as his legs and hung down to his knees... he was a nice guy though, not an asshole about it, and took a lot of joking about it good naturedly. He had one of the few afros in school too, which was different, and I never saw him after any girls, so I thought just maybe. I knew where he hung out by himself at lunch so right after my PE class I found him and sat down beside him.

"Damn Jaret, you sure are a big fucker." He looked puzzled at first, and then it dawned on him what I was referring to.

"Oh, you mean that" he said, grinning. "Yeah, everyone says that, he nodded, taking a bit out of his sandwich.

"Bet all the girls fall all over themselves trying to get a piece of that..." I said, as two walked by and started giggling.

"You'd think so" he said. "But nah, I'm not gettin' as much as you'd think I would be" he said... "all damn bitches want to do is look at it, hold it, and maybe if I'm lucky play with it. None of 'em want it anywhere near their mouth, and damn if the second I gets it in it's (and his voice got all high and falsetto-y here) 'Jaret, no, it's too big, take it out, take it out, it hurts, sheeeet, know what I'm sayin'?" We both started cracking up at how funny he sounded.

"Fuckin' bitches" he said, shaking his head, taking another bite out of his sandwich. "How 'bout you? You doin' any better?" he asked.

Ah I thought, here's my chance. "I get sucked anytime I want... awesome blow jobs. And I get paid for it too!"

"You got bitches paying you to blow you? No fuckin' way!" Jaret said, shaking his head.

"Well," I said, leaning in closer so no one else could hear... even though no one was really around us anyway "not exactly bitches. You know bitches wouldn't pay, know what I'm sayin'?"

His eyes narrowed as he started to get what I was sayin'. "Oh. Shit, I don't care if you got some faggot guy payin' you to suck your dick... shit, get it any way you can, know what I'm sayin'? Damn, wish I had me someone like that. Sheeit I heard guys do it better anyhow..."

Yes!!! I thought! Got 'im!!

"Well hell, maybe I could talk him into it... heck, maybe I could even get you some real green for it too... if I took you over there would you let him blow you for $100? He's really good."

"Sheeit, for $100 I'll let him blow me and fuck his faggot ass raw, too!" Jaret said, laughing. I was thinkin' this is gonna be fun.

"Well, cool then, should I set it up?"

"Fuck yes, damn I'll be over there every day after school for that kinda money..."

"Okay, meet me here after last period and we'll go over there."

"Okay" Jaret said, and I went off to call Chet and let him know we were comin' over.

My complex was only about a block from the school, so we walked over there afterward and met Chet in his garage. I didn't tell him Jaretwas black, but I knew Chet would be cool with it... he's such a nice good-hearted guy, no way he could be racist or any thing.

And I was right... he wasn't. Right off the bat when I introduced Jaret, Chet goes "Cool fro, Dude!"

Jaret grinned "Thanks!".

I'd already told Chet what we were there for and told Jaret that Chet knew, so Chet closed the garage door and Jaret moved over to the washing machine. "Up here?" he asked, and I nodded. I had a perfect view where I was standing (I wasn't gonna miss seeing this for all the money in the world) and I wanted to see the look on Chet's face when he saw Jaret's huge cock... that would be priceless.

Jaret had already peeled off his shirt and quickly lowered his pants and shorts, and Chet's eyes opened wide (and so did mine) when he saw that huge choclate brown python slowly bust free of Jaret's shorts and start slowly climbing upward.

"Holy shit" Chet exclaimed as Jaret grinned, this indescribable look of superiority and self-confidence on his face. Chet fell, and I mean, fell to his knees, looking up at the enormous cock that was still growing...

fuck, it had to be bigger around than Jaret's arm and still growing!

Chet pulled over the little footstool that put him at the perfect height and he grabbed that thing, and Chet's hands are damn big, but even he couldn't get his fingers all around the thickness of Jaret's weapon. Chet started stroking it, and slowly it came to full hardness, just over 10" of rock solid manmeat, leaking clear fluid like a faucet. It had been a long time since Jaret had had any action on his cock, and it showed.

Then the impossible happened... in one fell swoop, Chet aimed the big plum sized head of that cock against his mouth, opened wider than I would have thought humanly possible, and then buried his face to the pubes. Jaret's and my eyes opened wide as plates as that massive cock disappeared down what had to be Chet's throat.

"Sheeeit" Jaret exclaimed, his eyes shutting tight at the incredible sensation of that hot, wet, tight mounth and throat closing down around his cock like nothing he'd ever felt before, I was totally sure of that. His head fell back, his pecs tightened and thrust upward, as he gave himself to that incredible sensation I now knew so well too... slowly, Chet started working his way back up, and the entire shaft came into view, inch by hot wet inch, and Jaret was in fuckin' heaven.

Back down to the pubes and root, slowly back up, Chet started doing his magic thing, and by now I was fuckin hard as a rock too, my cock straining to break out of my pants...without even realizing it was was rubbing myself hard through my pants and they were sopping wet. I would have dropped trou and started jacking off right then and there, except I wanted Chet to blow me after he was done with Jaret and I knew I'd come in about a minute watching what I was seeing.

"Damn" Jaret grunted, his voice deeper than I'd ever heard it. "Fuckin' A" he said, and he took his free hand and started riding up and down on Chet's hair with each movement Chet was making. Chet's hands were doing their magic on Jaret's tight build and I knew it wasn't going to be long before Jaret was unloading a gusher down Chet's throat, especially the way Jaret was starting to thrust his ass upward... Jaret had a damn tiny little waist but his ass was chunky, and he was driving that big pole upward, deeper and harder into Chet's hot mouth... finally, after about five minutes, his thrusting became uncontrollable, and his eyes closed and his head rolled back and thick cords appeared on the sides of his neck and throat... his mouth was open, rasping for breath, and I knew he was startin' to feel it... Chet knew too, and was moving faster and faster, concentrating on the upper part of the shaft and head now... moving too quick to go all the way down to the pubes... finally, Jaret let out a hoarse whisper "Fuck, it's comin', it's comin', it's commmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnn'." and I could see Chet swallowing what must have been a huge fucking load. I could see Jaret's abdominals contract with each spurt, his whole lower body quaking, shaking, and suddering like a wild animal... damn, it was hot... I almost came in my pants watching.

Finally, they stopped moving and just kind of collapsed there. All three of us were bathed in sweat, drenched. Finally, Chet let Jaret's massive cock slowly slide out of his mouth, back to its still huge size of 8". Jaret opened his eyes finally and looked over at me, grinning. His eyes said it all. He turned to Chet and said "Damn, you are one awesome muthafuckin cocksucker, Damn! Thanks.! That was fucking incredible, know what I'm saying?"

Chet grinned first at Jaret, and then me. "Thanks you guys... damn, that was incredible for me too!"

"No doubt," Kareem said, sitting up. He looked over at me "You goin' next?" he asked.

"You know it!" I said. Chet stood up, leaning against the nearby wall, and Jaret slid off the washing machine, retrieving his pants from around his ankles and pulling them up. "Can I hang around?" he asked.

"Sure, if it's okay with Chris" Chet said (my name is Chris for this story, kay?) and I said "Sure, hell I watched you, wy shouldn't you be able to watch me?"And so I hopped up on the washer, and man was I fucking ready... my cock was harder than I'd ever remembered, and I bet if I measured it it would be almost 7" instead of the usual 6". I was kinda embarrassed compared to the massive fucker of Jaret's, but then hell, no one was that big so it didn't matter, right? And Chet had already told me he liked all sizes, all the bigger nes were rarer and that's why he paid more; not necessarily because he liked 'em more. Actually, he told me, they were a lot harder to get off and more work!

And before I knew it Chet had swallowed my cock to the root and began his magic, and damn if it wasn't hotter than the first time... I guess because we were both already primed and sweaty and ready to go, it felt a lot better. I looked over at Karreef, and damn if that horny muthafucker didn't already have his pants down and was fisting his huge cock slowly, already fucking hard again... damn, it had only been about five minutes since he came. So anyway, here I was kicking back on the washing machine, Chet was standing up leaning onto me, and Jaret made an eye motion over toward Chet... then down to his cock, and then over to Chet...no, actually, over to Chet's ass, which was sticking out naturally from the position he was in. Oh no....Jaret was askin' me if he should go over and slip that python up Chet's ass... I had no idea what would happen, but I shrugged and thought "What the fuck" and Jaret grinned and walked over to Chet. Now like I said, Chet was no skinny dude, nor a beefy bodybuilder type guy, but almost a kind of chubby bear guy, but his ass wasn't that big for his size, if you know what I'm sayin'. And Chet is just goin' to town on my dick, so he doesn't hear Jaret sliding up behind him. Also, Chet is about 6'2" tall, and Jaret like I said before is a short little dude, about 5'4", so Jaret gets up on the stool that Chet was using before and starts rubbing his hard cock against Chet's pants.

Chet's eyes bug out when he realizes what is happenin, and before he can say anything (my dick is still stuffed in his mouth, see) Jaret has given Chet's baggy loose pants a tug and they're down around his ankles. Chet's eyes open wide in surprise and maybe a little shock, and Jaret tears down his underpants as well, and starts rubbing his hand over Chet's ass, sliding that huge cock, rock hard now, up between Chet's asscrack.

"Want me to fuck your hot ass, bitch?" Jaret asks quietly, and Chet nods wordlessly, still riding up and down on my dick. I was gonna come really soon, but somehow all this sudden suprise action has me concentrating and able to hold it off a bit. Besides, I don't think I want to come until I see that huge baseball bat buried up inside Chet's ass, and it looks like I'm gonna get my wish... Jaret reaches inside his pocket and pulls out a condom pak and tears it open. "Damn!" I asked him "them make rubbers big enough for that fucker?" and Jaret just chuckles deep in his throat and says "Yeah, they Magnum's, for big cocks" and he has it unwrapped real quick and is quickly sliding it on. He'd done it plenty of times before, obviously. And once he got it all the way on, and damn, it looked even bigger through the semi-clear plastic, he starts pressing the plum sized head against Chet's asshole... now that I can't see because of where I was at but I can see that log pressing against something and bending slight ly upward in the process, and the suddenly with a whoosh Jaret must have slid, no popped is more like it, in, and Chet groans, his throat tightening around my cock. Slowly, Jaret forces inch after impossible inch, disappearing up Chet's ass, and I can't fucking believe it but in about fifteen seconds it's finally all the way in, and Jaret's pubes are pressed tight against Chet's ass, who has stopped at the base of my prick.

Fuck, he must be in pain I'm thinkin', and after about Jaret holding there for about a minute, he starts to pull out again. Jaret must know what he is doin', moving so slow like that, because Chet is starting to groan again and it doesn't sound like it's from pain this time... he also has started working my dick again, and before long, actually about five minutes of this really slow in and out, Jaret starts to pick up speed and starts little by little working up to fever pitch and really slamming Chet's ass, deep and hard... I can see Chet's ass taking the thrusts and rebounding, and Chet is like completely going ape shit on my dick... Jaret looks so fucking hot, his face (yeah, he's cute, I just realized it, dark brown dow eyes, long fucking lashes like a girl and thick sensuous lips, his mouth hanging open now, breathing hard like an athlete, his perfect white teeth showing). And his muscles are tight and standing out all across his little body, sweat dripping off him in rivulets, and he is really slamming Chet so hard that I get slammed further up on the washing machine... each thrust drives Chet further down on my cock and it's too late, the feeling comes so fucking quickly, overwhelmingly, it catches me by surprise, and I'm coming, damn harder than ever before, and I open my eyes in time to see Jaret shoot deep into Chet's ass (well I actually couldn't see it but I knew it was happening from the way his abs were clenching and his eyes were shut tight and the way he was growling. I didn't know it then either but Chet was shooting too, cum just pouring out of his untouched dick onto the concrete floor... I guess the way ole Jaret pounded his prostrate it shot Chet over the edge as well... all three of us coming together in a frenzy of sweaty naked male bodies... I won't ever forget it and I think part of me is definitely gonna want gay sex for a long time although I'm not really gay. I don't know if I'll ever fuck me some ass but damn, I sure got off on getting sucked while watching it, Damn, know what I'm sayin'? Maybe I'll get lucky some day and find a girl that will let me hershey-highway her... lol.


So that was the Jaret adventure.... damn if Jaret doesn't go over there at least once a week, and Chet is always honest with me and pays me my pimp commission, lol, whether I'm there and know about it or not! Chet was also really cool with this other friend I took over there... his name is Mike, and he has this awesome weightlifter lean bod, no body fat whatoever, not too thick but just awesome, you know, like Mark Wahlberg used to be but even leaner... only thing is, he's got six inches average dick like me, but because he had such an awesome bod and let Chet lick it all over (man, did Chet go wild on those pecs and Mike's nips) and Chet liked him so much he paid Mike and me even more. So Chet is fucking the best friend in the world, he never tries to cheat me, often pays more than he said he would, and if a guy tries to make deals on the side, Chet always cuts me in. And he's always got time for my horny dick.

Oh... I got that car now, and Chet always sees I have enough gas money, lol.

Later on I might go into detail about Mike if you want, or some of the other guys I brought over there. Almost no one I've ever asked has ever said they weren't interested... hell, maybe I can just spot horny guys, lol.

And don't think most of the guys I take over there are super studs, either... guys like Jaret and with bods like Mike are few and far between...

oh, I did take my friend Ron with the 8" over there a coupla times. But most guys are smaller, or average, like me, and Chet is cool... he makes each and every one of us feel like gods, know what I'm sayin', and the money sure helps us out of shit a lot. I've heard there's a dude over at another school, this blond jock football player that has 12".... I'll believe it when I see it, but I'll get his ass over to Chet's one of these days.

It's funny... it seems some of the guys who go to Chet's the most have steady girlfriends... go figure. If they only knew, lol.

Laterz, Chris