Coach Cop And Qb

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and is intended only as a literary stimulant to enhance solo and safe sex.It is not intended nor should it be read by anyone under 18 years of age. It is not intended to be offensive or morally repugnant. The practices and relationships in this story are purely fictional and are not intended to resemble realism. This story has elements of authoritarian incest that should not be mistaken for any real life relationship or situation. The authority personalities of a football coach, a military general, a police officer and a college quarterback are purely fictional for entertainment purposes.

THE COACH, THE COP and THE QB Provided by Lester James

1 -- Coach Calls The Plays

The golden-haired quarterback for the Cross City College Cavaliers fidgeted in the head coach's office. Rex Parker figured he was about to lose his title as team captain, his position as starting quarterback, and any chance of making the All Conference team. If he didn't make All Conference, there was little hope that any pro team would even take a second look at him regardless of what certain scouts said about him. The cute athlete, with striking green eyes and a gorgeous smile, knew he had royally fucked up. He had been warned by Head Coach Lee Stone just two days ago not to miss any more team practice, but he had been unable to deny the temptation that caused him to miss another workout. He deduced that the stern Coach Stone would boot him off the first team, make him run wind sprints until he barfed his guts out, and then make him do something humiliating like helping the janitor clean the practice uniforms, which meant gathering all the dirty jock straps that were always left lying around the locker room. Worse than anything, he knew that if Lee Stone was mad enough, he might suspend him from the team. Before his mind could ponder the punishment any further, the muscular and good-looking Coach Stone opened the door and walked in. He removed his athletic jacket, revealing bulging pectoral muscles under his coaching shirt. The trim, blue-eyed coach, with thinning black hair, walked over to Rex, frowned and began the deposition. "So Rex, what do you have to say for yourself? Huh?" Rex did not reply, instead choosing to keep his head bent. "Here we are playing for the conference championship in two nights, and you have just missed another practice."Like many of his peers in the coaching profession so often do, Coach Stone grabbed his crotch and pinched at it. The coach continued. "Rex, which is it? Are you stupid or do you just not care? Which is it, boy?" Once again, Rex knew not to respond. The coach placed his strong hand on Rex's shoulder, looked down at the handsome quarterback and spoke again. "I should kick your ass. Then I should kick you off this team." A long pause filled the room as Coach Stone stared at his quarterback. He knew the boy wondered about his future with the team. Still, Rex could not help from thinking back over the experiences that had caused him to miss practice. His balls ached as he thought about the encounters. He had enjoyed a bizarre tryst, and he could not deny that the unusual situation had thrilled him. His body had been worshipped, and he had enjoyed the situation. "Damn it, Rex. You aren't even listening to me now," the handsome coach said, snapping Rex's mind back to the situation at hand. "I said, what does it say about me as a coach when my team leader doesn't care enough about what we are doing to show up for practice?Do you understand that aspect of it, boy?"Rex kept his head down, still thinking it was best not to answer. The coach placed his forefinger under the young man's chin and pulled upward. As Rex's green eyes and sensuous full lips turned upward, Lee Stone felt himself melting to the boy's appeal. "Answer me, Rex, do you know how serious this is?" Rex stared into Lee Stone's deep blue eyes for several seconds, then he spoke. "Yes sir, I know it's serious, sir," Rex said, his voice humbled. The boy's response got the best of Lee Stone. For four years, he had appreciated so many things about Rex Parker. Most of all, at least once a week he found himself standing in the middle of the locker room watching young Rex strip off his practice uniform and patter naked to the team shower. The young man was too cute for comfort, and his tight buns often made the coach's cock throb. On the other hand, with Lee Stone holding his chin in place, Rex could not help but admiring the man's expansive chest, paying special attention to his coach's prominent nipples that imprinted themselves under his shirt. Without a doubt, the pair was oddly attracted to each other, yet neither man was able to interpret his own feelings. The coach broke the silence that had captured them. "Damn Rex, I really should kick your ass for this. Do you understand how I should want to kick your ass?" "Then kick it, coach," Rex exclaimed, after all, he knew he had fucked up. "Do whatever you feel you have to. Kick my ass! Beat it, if you want." For some unknown reason, the boy's brave response made Lee Stone's nuts draw up in their sac, sending a sexual rush throughout his body. His eyes were drawn like magnets to the boy's appreciable basket. The image of the quarterback pulling his jock strap off to reveal his appetizing cock flashed through the coach's mind.Lee Stone decided to be pragmatic. "Some people will want me to kick you off the team, Rex. That is, if they find out that you were unexcused from practice for a second time. Of course, if you're not allowed to play in the game, we're sure to lose. Sure as shit we'll lose by three touchdowns, maybe more. After all, Scott Sturgis ain't worth squat as a backup quarterback. You know it and I know it," the coach said. Rex did not answer. Instead, it occurred to the quarterback that maybe the coach was about to let him off the hook. "So Rex, I can't punish you without punishing the entire team, the college, the alumni and even myself. Circumstances being what they are, I think it's best to just tell the team that you had a family emergency, and I understand the nature of it. I know the players will want you as their quarterback in the big game." A wide smile broke across Rex's face. A sign of relief overtook him. He stood up and held out his hand to his coach. For the first time in four years of playing for Lee Stone, Rex felt a genuine liking for the stoic coach. Coach Stone shook his quarterback's hand and said, "Just let this be our secret, and make sure you get with me early in the morning to catch up on game preparations." "Thanks Coach Stone, I really appreciate this. I really do." "You win that game for us on Saturday and that will be thanks enough," the coach replied. While shaking hands with him and looking at Rex eye-to-eye, Lee Stone pulled his quarterback to him. He embraced Rex, holding the boy tight with his arm locked around his back. They looked at each other with affection. Rex could not believe that this stern, older man was hugging him. The man's grip was strong and confident. His strong arm held Rex to him; they were chest to chest, cheek to cheek. The austere coach did not break the hug, instead he moved his hand down Rex's back. He then brought his hand back up, this time spreading his long fingers out wide to massage the middle portions of the boy's back. Coach Lee Stone felt the inside of his loins heat up, sending sexual charges throughout his spine. The coach's movements surprised Rex, but still the quarterback did not find them out of bounds, so to speak.But then, Coach Stone tightened his grip on the boy, leaned his serious face into the boy's and nudged Rex at the base of his warm, thick neck. "This feels nice, Rex, real nice," the coach said, his voice whispery, his breathing heavy. "Coach Stone, again, let me thank you," Rex said, believing his coach was only temporarily detracted and had not realized his actions. But the virile coach replied, "Why don't you show me how really thankful you are." Without delay, he moved his huge palm down the boy's back to his tight buttocks to squeeze Rex's ass. Rex realized he should push away from his coach, but Lee Stone maintained a firm hug."Come on Rex... relax, my man... After all, we've been around each other for four years. I've practically raised you; I need you, son." Lee Stone then forced his lips to the player's mouth. Rex Parker was shocked! He was about to reject his coach when a tidal wave of lust overtook him. The coach's marvelous mouth and tempting tongue seduced him. He relaxed in his coach's strong arms, and returned the kiss. Both men lost themselves in the other. "That's it, my boy. Gosh you taste fresh and sweet," the big coach said. "Coach Stone, you surprise me. I never suspected." "You should have, boy. I've oggled your ass enough to last a lifetime." "Oh coach, I..." was all Rex could say before his coach kissed him again, running ran his loving tongue deep into Rex's mouth while running his rough hands up and down both sides of Rex's fine body. The boy felt himself growing hot and felt his dick beginning to rise within his jeans. The coach began tugging at the quarterback's pullover sweater. He broke the kiss to look down at the boy's tight jeans, this time letting Rex know his interests. The boy's basket was evident. Without reserve, he raised the boy's arm above his hand and pulled off the sweater. He moved back into Rex, kissing him quickly on the lips and beginning to unbutton the young man's shirt. "Oh coach, I can't believe this is happening," Rex said as the older man unbuttoned the first three buttons. Rex looked down as Coach Stone brought his rough hands up and ran them inside his shirt. Lee Stone let out a slow release of air as his big hands contacted the boy's sexy chest. He fanned his hands out across the boy's fine skin, kneading the muscles to relax the player. "This is just a little of that pre-game preparation I was talking about, Rex. I'll have you ready to play come Saturday," Coach Stone said, a tight smile breaking his granite face. He kissed down the boy's neck, sucking at the warm skin. "Gosh coach, your hands are so firm and solid," Rex said, sweeping his own hands down the coach's muscular back. Lee Stone pulled the last couple of buttons undone to spread the boy's shirt open wide. Rex's years of athletic play provided him with hard, bulging pectoral muscles. They were tight and capped by rich brown tits. Coach Stone kissed the boy again and continued kneading at his chest. Growing anxious, he then leaned his mouth down to kiss the boy's jutting nipples, going down first on the right one and sucking it into his mouth and then moving over to the left one and licking it. Rex tossed his head back, closed his eyes and moaned. He could not believe this encounter, yet his coach's actions had him burning with pleasure. He felt the coach's hot, experienced tongue topping the tips of his tits. His moans grew deeper. Coach Stone straightened up, grabbed both of the nipples with his fingers, viewed the player's chest and its sparse, blond hairs and then looked at Rex. He whispered, "Rex, I want to screw your fine, fine ass. I want to give you my hard cock, son." "Yes, Coach Stone. I'd love to find out what your cock is like." A wide smile crossed Lee Stone's face. With special care, he rubbed the boy's medium-sized nipples and again kissed Rex hard on his mouth. He let his hands roam to the boy's belly and then on down. He cupped the boy's crotch, delighting in the youthful erection that awaited him. He caressed the boy's covered privates until he knew the player's cock had hardened even more. He squeezed the extended tube, delighting in the grunt that escaped from deep within Rex. Coach Stone then stepped back. He locked the door to his office, pulled the curtains tight and dimmed the lights. He turned to Rex and said, "Let's get ready. This could take a while."Rex became aroused as he watched Lee Stone put his hands on both sides of his Cross City College athletic shirt and pull it from his waist. From the moment the first glimpse of the coach's belly button could be seen to the moment he pulled the entire shirt from his upper body, Rex's balls raced with sexual excitement. The young quarterback looked at his coach and marveled. The man was well-built and in superb condition for 40-something-years-old. The muscles of his torso were hard and sinewy. His chest had thick hair in its middle, but lighter amounts around his breasts and down his stomach. His nipples were wide and a sexy dark brown. They stuck out to be sucked. "Dang coach, you look fucking great with your shirt off," Rex said. "Your in damn, fine shape. Hell, if you'd take your shirt off at practice, you'd get the whole damn team charged up." The coach chuckled, rubbed his hand over his own hairy chest and said, "I don't think that would be the case. Only you and a couple of others are so, shall we say, impressionable. Now, let's get the rest of our things off." The two men then removed their pants and shoes. When they stood together in only their underwear, Coach Stone moved into his quarterback and said, "Let me help you with those." Coach Stone took the boy's briefs by the elastic and pulled them from his sexy hips. As soon as the boy's cock popped into view, the coach grabbed it. Rex moaned, liking his coach's touch more than any he had felt in the recent past. Without delay, he fucked his erecting cock through his coach's fist. Lee Stone squeezed it then rubbed his thumb over its head. The man knew how to arouse a cock, yet just the mere reality that it was his coach, who was touching him, was enough to send Rex shivering with chilling sexual energy. The quarterback leaned into his coach to force the man's own shorts down to his ankles. Rex admired his coach's grove of rich, black pubic hairs, but most of all he envied his coach's thick, eight-inch cock, with its large, round balls. The coach moved into the young man and placed their cocks together. Lee Stone rubbed the moist skin of his large, uncut cock into the boy's own circumcized dick. Rex was shorter, but still had a hefty cock that was alive and ready.Both men sucked air deep into their lungs as their cocks grinded against each like strips of raw, hot bacon sizzling on the fire. Rex looked down, fascinated at being this personal with a man like his coach. At that point, the coach took the heavy skin encasing his cockhead, stretched it out and then wrapped it around Rex's circumcized head. The men were joined cockhead to cockhead by the coach's hot, uncut foreskin. Rex felt the moist eyes of their dicks kissing. "Aaawwww, Rex, my boy, this is so nice, so nice," Lee Stone said as his cock grew even more erect. The coach placed the boy's right hand on both dicks, allowing his own hands to be free to massage the boy's tight ass cheeks. "That's it, Rex. Rub those cocks together. Love 'em up on each other." "Damn, Coach Stone, I can't believe this. Your dick is so nice and big. So nice." The fleshy union of their kissing cocks made both men hot. Rex knew he would give his coach whatever he wanted; Coach Stone knew he was ready to screw the ass that he had eyed for years. Their dicks grinded and kissed at each other while he and Rex caressed each other's bodies, then Lee Stone could no longer contain his needs and desires. "Turn around, Rex. Turn around and let me give you my dick." They broke their union to step out of the underwear around their ankles. It seemed the undies were the final shackles to their sexual freedom. As Rex straightened up, he felt his coach behind him, running his hands over his body and rubbing his stomach, sides, back and buttocks. After several seconds, the coach patted Rex on his buttocks and then nudged up close to him. "I'm pretty hot, coach. Pretty damn, hot," Rex admitted. "We're going to get even hotter in just a minute, son," the coach said. Coach Stone leaned over to his desk drawer, took out a jar of KY and scooped two gobs onto his middle fingers. He greased his hungry cock.He then steadied himself for just a few seconds, once again admiring the well sculpted and very cute ass that the boy possessed. His own breathing quickened as he imagined the sheer joy of screwing the young man. "You've got such a fine ass, Rex," the coach said without caution. Rex then felt the coach pull his ass cheeks apart. "Aawww Rex, I'm ready. I need you, right now, right now!"Rex felt the man's erection tap at his ass crack.At the same time, the coach used his fat middle finger to pick at Rex's belly button before wrapping his hairy, muscular arms around the boy's waist and stomach. Without delay, the quarterback allowed the coach to bend him fully over his desk as the man's large cock penetrated his ass. Rex felt the warm tip of his coach's uncut cock and heard the older man's breathing quicken even more. "Oh shit, Rex. Your ass is so damn hot and tight." the coach whispered in a voice drowned by sex. "It's gonna eat my whole cock up." Rex felt the big dick split his butt. The coach used his cock in an aggressive fashion, pushing through the boy's sphincter and shoving in to the hot depths. "Yikes!" the boy shouted. "Oh fuck, coach. You're so damn big, so damn big.""Take it, Rex. Take all of me," the big coach said as he pushed forward."I want every bit of this gorgeous ass of yours." Within seconds, Rex felt the man's cock hair grinding against his cheeks and felt the coach rotating the fullness of his mature cock inside his tight ass. "Take me, coach. Your cock feels magnificient," Rex said. The boy looked back to see a wide smile across the stoic coach's face. He noticed the sweat breaking out over the coach's body. He felt the coach withdraw his cock only to feel the hard spike returned to the depths of his heated ass. Rex began to pump his own ass in unison with his coach's hammering cock. Their movements were highly physical and very athletic. With each stroke, Coach Stone felt the pressure increasing in his cock. The player's constricted ass sleeve drove the coach wild with lust. "Oh Rex, you screw as well as you play the game. Take me, boy. Fuck your old coach, fuck him hard!" "Aawww, Coach Stone, your cock feels so good. So long and thick and good," the boy moaned. The two men then hit a rapid pace, grunting and groaning as they fucked each other with all of their strength.Neither cared that any of the janitors might still be around the locker room to hear them. Rex enjoyed the coach's bloated balls as they slapped against his own balls. He felt Coach Stone's hairy chest in full contact with his sweat-covered back and felt the coach's fingers grabbing at his pectoral muscles underneath. As the action quickened, Rex felt his coach clawing at his excited nipples, picking at their erected tips. Rex's own needy cock stuck out unattended. He wanted to grab it, but instead decided the coach's hand would be more pleasurable. In the heat of passion, he took Lee Stone's right hand from his breast and place it on his elongated cock. "Jack it, coach. Fuck me, screw me. Beat me off," the boy begged hoarsely as the coach's cock screwed him beyond all control. The coach wrapped his big hand around the boy's seven-inch cock. Rex groaned as soon as the coach began to jack him. Lee Stone milked at the boy's cock with a special interest. As the coach's amazing cock pumped out his insides, Rex knew he was at that one-and-only edge. "Coach... coach... oh, my coach! I'm coming off!" Rex cried. The boy's entire body jerked as his cum shot out of his cock. The young man's cum blasted toward the coach's desk, some of it landing on work papers there, others of it shooting over the desk and hitting the coach's favorite chair. Still others of it spilled between the coach's fatty fingers. With the boy's ass tightening and constricting with his own cum, the coach felt his own big body explode. "That's it Rex. Oh yeah, that's it!" With the announcement made, Lee Stone reared back, closed his eyes, shoved his tremendous dick forward and released his mighty discharge into the quarterback's fine ass. Rex felt the first hot spurt shoot into the depths of his bowels followed by several other large ones. He felt the jabbing of his coach's hot cock as the physical older man's semen splattered into the intimate depths of his tail. The big coach rotated his hips as his large shots creamed the boy's cute ass. Lee Stone groaned like a bear. Bud felt the coach's hands squeezing his chest. "You feel great, coach, just great," the athlete said. The coach again jammed his solid penis into the depths of the boy's ass, allowing Rex's ass muscles to drain the last drops of cum from his balls. Unaware of his cum-strickened actions, he pulled, pinched and twisted at Rex's fine nipples. He kissed Bud again on his neck, letting his entire body relax down on the boy. He patted his player on the butt and whispered, "Did my waterhose cool that fire in there?" Rex smiled. Both men used the wooden desk to steady themselves. Both were drained. It had been among the best fucks that Lee Stone had ever had. He had gotten his cock into the piece of ass that he had long desired. For Rex Parker, it had been yet another hard fuck in what was turning out to be the most stimulating weeks he had ever known.

2 -- Scout's Honor

Two days earlier, the star quarterback had left the team's dorm to attend a psychology class about sexual deviance of all subjects. Rex closed the door to the dorm hall and stepped onto the sidewalk that led to the central part of campus. After several yards, an older man and a teenage boy approached him. The older man, who appeared to be in his 40s, introduced himself as Don Stevens and then introduced the younger man as his son, Johnny, age 18. The man then said his son wanted an autograph, which Rex stopped and gave. The three made small talk and both the man and his son wished Rex good luck in the big game. They were about to part company, when the older man said, "Mr. Parker, actually I think I need to tell you what I am really up to." "What's that, sir," Rex asked, looking at the tall, Marlboro-like man. Rex darted his eyes to the son, noticing his cute features, but also observing the contrast between the boy and his father. While the father was large, the boy was small and petite. Stevens replied, "Mr. Parker, I am interested in who you are, what kind of personality you have, and how you look. I am a talent scout for the professional football league. I'm sent out to make sure young men, who might be drafted to play professional football, are mentally and emotionally stable." As the man talked, Rex noticed his large biceps, bulky neck and the long hairs that protruded from the v-line at the top of his shirt. The man's physical appearance convinced him of the man's football background. "Anyway, it's important that I get to talk with you at least for a short while. My son and I are staying at the Cavalier Motor Lodge across from campus, if you could stop by after class." Considering the location and knowing that it was only a block out of his way once he left class, Rex decided it was in his best interest to drop by the motel room. After all, he had almost an hour between class and practice. After the meeting was agreed to, Bud left for class. When class was dismissed, he rushed out as soon as possible, avoiding the three or four coeds who always wanted to hang around and flirt. Rex went straight to the motel, found the Stevens' room, tapped on the door and, within seconds, saw Don Stevens opening it to greet him. Mr. Stevens wore only a pair of long boxer shorts. He was a towering man, with fat pectorals and a very hairy chest. Bud was invited into the room where the trio chatted for about 10 minutes. At a convenient point, Mr. Stevens started into a long, explanatory monologue about playing in the professional ranks and the physical requirements of the game. "It's a tough, bruising game at the next level. Real tough. Killer contact. Only a few good men survive, Rex." "I know the competition will be stiff," Rex said. "Rex, my dick gets stiff; the professional competition is brutal and bruising, that's a lot worse than stiff," Stevens said and grinned. "Wrong choice of speech, I guess," Rex said, wanting to let the scout know that he did not mind being corrected, which was thought to be a good attitude to have at the next level. "Without an outstanding body, you won't survive. So Rex, how's yours? Your body? Is it outstanding enough to take what comes next?" "I sure hope so," Rex replied bringing his hand up to rub his throwing arm. Mr. Stevens asked, "Mind if I get a few measurements?" The question somewhat surprised Rex yet he understood the "meat market" mentality at the professional level. He also knew that the pro scouts would question his physical endurance because he came from a small college football program.After a significant pause, Rex asked, "What do you need to see? If you want to stop by the locker room after practice, you are free to check me over." Johnny, the son, fidgeted as though disappointed. His father said, "What about here? We can save time for both of us. I've got weight scales and a tape measure." Not wanting to appear too hesitant to a scout, the quarterback stood up and said, "I'll strip off my things in the bathroom." Within a couple of minutes, Rex emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped his midsection. The man and his son watched him walk across the room, with wide smiles adorning each of their faces. Bud hoped Mr. Stevens' smile indicated his professional approval. The man stood up and said, "Nice. Real nice, Bud. You remind me of a young Joe Montana." As Johnny looked on like a student, his father proceeded to measure Rex's height and weight. He measured the size of Rex's neck and biceps before wrapping the tape measure around Rex's bare chest. When the older man stretched the tape measure tight, Rex felt it pulling against the light patch of blond hairs on his chest. The athlete then felt Mr. Stevens' thumb and forefinger on his left nipple where the older man connected the ends of the tape. Rex considered the position of the man's fingers accidental, but when the man twice moved his finger over the nipple, he was aroused. "Now, if I can get you to remove that towel, I'd like to measure your waist," the older man said. Even though he had kept his jockey shorts on, when Rex dropped the towel, he noticed how the pro scout released a tight smile and his son moved off the chair to get a better view of Rex's front side. Mr. Stevens pulled the tape measure around Rex's waist and held it in place for several seconds. He stayed in contact with Rex's warm body as he looked up at the boy and said, "You've got a marvelous chest-to-waist ratio." "Thanks," Rex replied, and again he noticed the man's son looking at him, just like a hunter would admire a mounted 10-point buck. "Now if you'll drop your drawers there, I'll check out your privates and we can call it a complete physical." Rex hesitated. "Is that necessary," he asked. "Very much so, Rex. The pros want to know everything about you. We can't have a quarterback who's ruptured, herniated or diseased. Some teams won't even draft a quarterback if he's got a small dick." The man grinned. Looking at the scout, Rex placed his hands on his underwear and pulled them down his flanks. His golden cock draped itself across his manly balls. "You've got a good body, Rex. Real fine. You know, not all football players are as big as fans sometimes imagine." Mr. Stevens dropped to his knees to take a closer look. "I bet you give the women fits with this wranger." Rex smiled, parted his stance and allowed the older man to take even a closer look at things. He glanced over at the son, and was surprised. Johnny was stroking the outside of his pants and had given himself a boner. "Ah, Rex," the scout stammered. "Ah, while I can wait until later for the doctors to check your butt out, there is one thing that is important that's a little tough for me to ask prospects like yourself." "What is it," Rex asked. "Well, I need to make sure everything is okay down here." Rex interrupted, "So, what are you saying." Mr. Stevens replied, "Just stand there. Nothing personal now, but well..." Rex watched the older man reach out and grab the end of his shapely penis. Rex flinched. The man's hand was warm and felt nice. Rex watched Mr. Stevens stroke his cock. He wondered why this was a part of the exam, but at the same time, he knew nothing was private or personal when pro teams paid players millions of dollars based on what their bodies did under pressure. After several slow, delicate strokes of his cock, Mr. Stevens reached under Rex to bob his cum-filled balls in his hands. As soon as the man encased the juicy plums in his puffy fat hand, Rex felt the inevitable erection begin. His dick throbbed. He stepped back away from the older man. "What's wrong, Rex?" "Isn't that enough," the quarterback asked. "Were you starting to get hard? Is that it," Mr. Stevens asked. "I was just hoping you had seen and measured enough. That's all," Rex said. "If that's all you want to allow, then I'll have to say it's enough. But Rex, my report is crucial, and I'd sure hate to say that you appeared body shy or even non-cooperative. Hell, some teams won't even touch a quarterback if he's impotent." Rex exhaled pondering the situation. He knew he would get an erection, if Mr. Stevens continued playing with his privates. Wanting Rex to relax, Don Stevens said, "Look kid, you didn't get a hard on when I first touched you, so don't worry about me thinking your queer. But there are other things that I have to check out. For instance, is your groin tender, susceptible to injury?" The quarterback stepped back toward Mr. Stevens and again took an open stance to offer himself to the observers. "Okay, Mr. Stevens, whatever it takes." The scout smiled, taking time to squeeze his own throbbing dick before reaching into a nearby drawer to get a lubricant. "This cream will help your dick while I inspect it. Is that okay, Rex," Mr. Stevens asked. Rex nodded and replied, "Go ahead with it." The burly man spread the warm, moisturizing cream from the tip to the base of Rex's partially erect shaft. Rex tried restraining himself, but could not help releasing a low moan. At that point, Mr. Stevens began a slow, steady massage of Rex's cock, bringing on a full erection within a minute. He yanked on the greasy crank, rotated his hand around it, rubbed the athlete's balls as though inspecting them and then caressed the young man's perineum. Rex could not control his breathing; it became heavier and more labored the longer Mr. Stevens pumped on his extended cock. Standing nearby, the son squeezed his own pecker through his pants while watching his dad and this star quarterback. He admired the length of Rex's cock and hoped for the opportunity to explore it himself. He could tell that his father had the football player very aroused. Rex watched his prick fuck the man's large fist and knew he would soon reach a point of no return. Unable to control his panting, Rex asked, "Mr. Stevens, how much more? Your handiwork is about to get the best of me." "Just a little bit longer, Rex," the man said. "That is, if you want me to stop." Keeping his big hands on Rex's cock and balls, he stood up to look at Rex man to man. "Of course, if you'd allow me to take a sampling from your balls, I could get the lab to tell me a lot about your physical composition and all. Such lab results could sure help me give you a higher rating." The man cupped Rex's nutsac and massaged the cockhead with his fingertips. Rex loved the feeling along his turgid shaft. The older man then added to the excitement of the moment by raking his fingernail over the juicy eye, crowning the young man's dick. Rex moaned; Mr. Stevens smiled. "This is a little embarrassing, Mr. Stevens," Rex said. "It shouldn't be, Rex. Relax. Enjoy it," the man said. Turning to his son, he said, "Help him out, Johnny." Mr. Stevens then cleared his throat as though on cue. The boy did not hesitate. He walked behind Rex. With Rex too concerned about his raging cock to notice, Johnny stripped out of his own clothes. He then moved into Rex, placed his hands on Rex's back and began a slow rub. The muscles of the athlete's body gave themselves to the boy. He massaged Rex's back, neck and even his buttocks as his father began working away on the quarterback's cock. Rex turned just enough to notice that Johnny also was naked. He was cute and adorable. Rex realized the situation had gone beyond the bounds of a professional examination, but at the same time, pleasing a pro scout was more important than anything. He felt the older man squeezing on his cock and jacking at it with increased motivation. Rex felt the boy reach around to run his small hands over his expansive chest. He wanted the boy to discover his sensitive nipples. When the boy's gentle fingertips caressed the tips of his tits, the quarterback moaned and felt the sexual thrills hitting his entire body. "Mr. Stevens, maybe we should stop. This is going to get messy." "That's the point, Rex. I want it to get messy," Mr. Stevens said. He reached under Rex and said, "Let's make it a thorough exam," before pushing his thick, greasy middle finger into the quarterback's ass. He found the young man's burning prostate and tickled it. Mr. Stevens looked up to notice his son pinching at Rex's pretty brown nipples. "Oh yeah, Rex, you're gonna pass this exam with flying colors," Mr. Stevens said, a huge smile sweeping his round face. Rex pushed his cock through the man's pistoning palm, watching as its head turned a raging dark pink. The athlete moaned, uttered several profanities and got ready for his cock to erupt. "Oh geez... oh, awwgghhh, oh," Rex moaned. His pressurized cock twitched, its slit spread open and the young man's private sauce came shooting forth to coat the older man's hairy chest. The quarterback's ejaculation was hard and powerful, with the man playing with his cock and massaging his inner ass while his son teased Rex's touchy tits. "Yeah, that's it, Rex boy. Oh yeah, give me that cream. Give me all of it. Every little bit of it." The boy's cock syrup shot several long spurts, most of it landing on Don Stevens' chest, some of it falling to hit the man on his belly and upper legs. When the last droplets of Rex's cum leaked from the cock slit, the older man stood up and patted Rex on his ass. "Whoa, boy. You sure know how to shoot it." "Guess I gave you more than necessary," Rex said. Mr. Stevens replied, "Just look at all this spunk all my chest. I think we can forego sending any of this to the lab. Any man who can shoot this much is plenty healthy for my liking." "I thought it was important though that you get lab results," Rex asked, now knowing he had reason to question the man's actions. Wanting to remain in control of the situation, Mr. Stevens acknowledged, "Rex, I guess maybe things got a little carried away there. I just appreciate a fine, athletic body like yours. At times, maybe Johnny and I get a little too personal with young men as attractive as yourself." Rex realized he had allowed the situation to go as far as it had gone. He had enjoyed the older man's fondling, and even the tit work from his admiring son. Satisfied with the man's answer, Rex said, "I just hope I didn't embarrass myself. Was I suppose to refuse, is that it?" "Don't worry. I'll have a good report on you, Rex Parker. Don't worry about that. If I need to, I'll even fudge in a couple of areas, but you'll look as good as any of those big college quarterbacks that get all of the press." "Thanks, Mr. Stevens." The man held out his hand. They shook. Rex noticed the erection that still tented the man's large boxers. For some unknown reason, he decided to acknowledge it. "That's quite a boner you have there, Mr. Stevens," Rex said. The man looked down at himself and grabbed the flagpole that remained covered by his large boxer shorts. He stroked it a couple of times while staring at Rex. "Yeah, these situations always bring out my best," the older man said and grinned. "Maybe Johnny can help me out." "What?" Bud asked, uncertain that he had understood the man. "I said, maybe Johnny can help his old man out, after all, it's just a little hand action, nothing more than what I just gave you. Does that surprise you, Rex?" "Well... well... I just," the quarterback was lost for words. Don Stevens dropped himself on the bed and decided to provide the quarterback a demonstration in kindred relations. He knew he wanted the boy to enjoy his body, but he also hoped Rex Parker would find it entertaining enough to stay in the room. "Johnny, come over here and give my chest a good massage," the father instructed."Sure," the boy replied, almost too immediate for Rex's acceptance. "Whatever you need, father." Just the boy's particular emphasis on the word "father" seemed peculiar to Rex. Turning to Rex, Mr. Stevens said, "Ever since the boy turned 18 last year, he's been travelling with me, learning the business and all. As you might can guess, strange things happen when two horny men share a motel room night after night." Rex watched as Mr. Stevens stretched his arms above his head and pushed his legs out wide. His son moved onto the bed with him.Johnny then reached out with both hands, covered two of the large puddles of cum on his father's hairy chest and began a slow massage over the man's fleshy mounds. At first, Rex considered the act perverse, but the longer he watched, the more excited he became. He saw the son run his small hands through the heavy black hairs coating his father's enormous chest. He saw the boy take the cum puddles and paint his father's large tits, using his fingertips to rub the white cum into the dark pink titties.Don Stevens closed his eyes, leaned his head back and enjoyed the marvelous touch that the boy provided his chest. "Now lick my tits, son. Lick them good," the older man directed. With Rex watching on, the boy began lapping at his father's cum-coated titties.Again, Rex felt his own cock throb as Don Stevens groaned and moaned while holding his son's head down on one tit and then another. "Do you see this, Rex? He's eating his dad's tits and tasting your cum. Oh, this is soooooo good."The man's dark pink rosettes riveted, matching the stiffness of both of their cocks. "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny," the father mumbled, obviously excited by his son's attention to his tits. "You are something else, my boy." Rex watched as the lad moved his hand to his father's rocket-like cock. He felt his own dick stiffen again. He knew that the afternoon wasn't over for himself and this father-son duo.

3 -- General's Orders

The distinguished General Oscar Berrigan sat in the spacious library of his mansion. His silk robe hung loosely from his slender frame. He lit his designer pipe, eyed the man in front of him and shook out the match. He took two quick puffs on the pipe, reached over and took a small sip from the nearby brandy glass, and then asked the question. "So Les, do you have things worked out as I requested?Will the results please me?" Lester Hollis, the president of Cross City College, felt more than a little anxious. Hollis had to appease General Berrigan a couple of times each year for job security and the assurance of receiving funding from the Berrigan Foundation. The foundation was, by far, the college's largest endowment. A former general in the U.S. Army, Oscar Berrigan was filthy rich. Some critics said he got his money from kickbacks given by the defense industry; others said he had invested well; and still others claimed he had inherited it. Regardless, he was a master at using his wealth to manipulate others. "Yes, General Berrigan. The scenario should turn out just like you want. But I really don't understand why you insist on setting Rex Parker up like this. I also don't think we can win, if he doesn't play. And besides..." The general interrupted President Hollis. "Lester, those aren't the questions with which you need to concern yourself. I have my reasons. Winning this game isn't the most important thing that's ever happened to our little college." "You're right, general. The establishment of the Berrigan Foundation is still the most important thing. I agree." "And it shall remain that way. This college doesn't need to become known as a football school. Its supporters need to remember the name General J. Oscar Berrigan, not the name of some fooball coach or some young jock. Right?" "Yes sir, General Berrigan, right, sir.""So let's drop this line of questioning and move on. I'm anxious to meet my guests. Did you bring the two that I selected?" The President replied, "Yes, General Berrigan, I have the two young men who are wanting this year's Berrigan Scholarships. I think you will like them quite a lot. As you know, Jamie Andrews is the star wide receiver on our football team and a senior at the college, and the second boy is the young freshman named Nicky Brown." "Ah, very well, Les, very well, indeed. The tall athlete and the cute, young freshman. But tell me, what is a senior needing with this scholarship?" "Jamie won't graduate on time and cannot receive another football scholarship, so he needs this money to return next year." The general smiled, enjoying the fact that the Andrews boy had a special need. He then asked, "Is there any possibility that the Brown kid or his father could give us any trouble?" "No sir, General Berrigan. Chief Mal Brown is not unlike myself and many others. He understands your importance to this community and his welfare. Plus, I have learned that the good chief has pressured his son into finding scholarship money, if he is to stay in school." "Then I hope he takes after our good Chief Brown in the best of ways." "Yes general, I think you will be delighted." The general puffed on his pipe and said, "I wish Rex Parker could have been coerced into joining us. But there are other ways to get him to my mansion. Meanwhile, let me see the two fine young men who have agreed to come my way." After a pause, the general smiled and said humorously, "Come my way... pun intended, Les." President Hollis offered an obligatory laugh at the general's attempt at humor. He then excused himself to join the young men. Jamie and Nicky had been escorted to a large dressing room in the mansion. As soon as President Hollis saw them, his loins began to stir. The students had been given thin, tight-fitting body shirts and golden silk thongs to wear. Their bulges were evident, with outlines of their nipples and cocks very apparent. The sleeveless tee shirts fell almost below their crotches, revealing just a teasing inch or two of the golden thongs. They both appeared nervous and uncertain. The president felt the need to once again apprise them of the situation. "Now boys, in a few minutes we'll be escorted into General Berrigan's private quarters. I've been through with you what is expected, and I expect you to follow through. If you please General Berrigan, then you both get your scholarships, I get another bonus, the college keeps the Berrigan Foundation funds and everybody is happy. And Nicky, I suspect if you treat the general as he wants to be treated, your daddy will get some extra help on the police force." The boys nodded. Both knew that Lester Hollis had learned of their preferences, and they knew the particular circumstances could benefit everyone, yet neither knew quite what awaited them. At that moment, General Berrigan's butler, James, arrived to usher the three of them to the man's private quarters. James looked at the trio and approved their appearance. He knew the general would be pleased. Jamie Andrews was a tall, slim athlete. He was fairly attractive, but more than anything, he was known for the appendage that dangled between his legs. Nicky Brown was about as cute as any young ass the butler had seen come through the doors of the mansion. The boy was dark-skinned, with complimenting dark hair and eyes and full lips. He had a sizzling, bubble ass that was further emphasized by a seductive gait. Behind them stood Lester Hollis. In his early 40s, he was a young college president who wanted to gain a presidency at a major university as fast as possible. While not as intelligent as most, Hollis made up in looks what he lacked in brains. He was blond, with deeply tanned skin, and he resembled Harrison Ford. His body exuded sex appeal. "The general is waiting," the butler said. "As you know President Hollis, the three of you should go in and wait for the general to address you." When the butler turned the corner and disappeared, Hollis turned to the boys and said, "Please relax. Do whatever you're asked and let the general know what a fine man he is. Make it good or we're all in trouble." With that advice given, the college president turned the expensive brass doorknob leading into the general's spacious playroom. He motioned Nicky through the door and then Jamie. Sitting in a large, padded royal blue chair, the general smiled and sucked at his pipe as the trio walked in. Once they stood before him, the general stood, displaying his long silk robe to the boys and revealing part of his bare chest underneath. "Nice, very nice indeed," the general said as he inspected the two boys. Jamie and Nicky studied the general. The older man was in his early sixties, but age did not seem to be a factor with him. He had gorgeous silver hair, styled to feather back on the sides, with heavy eyebrows, seductive sea green eyes, a good smile and a strong, distinguished jawline. He looked like actor Peter Graves and still held the tight, well-developed frame and the physical mannerisms of a military officer. "Do you know what this interview is about, Jamie," the general asked. Jamie replied, "Yes sir!" The general then went down the line to the shorter Nicky. "And you, my lad, do you understand the nature of this interview?" "Yes sir, I do, sir," Nicky repeated in his best impersonation of a young private. "Then President Hollis, I suggest you begin the ceremony." Lester Hollis went over to an entertainment system, hit a button and waited for the modern classical music to begin. As the sound covered the room, he walked over to the general and said, "It would be my pleasure, sir." The general smiled, held out his arms and said, "Be my guest." With the two boys watching, the college president unwrapped the sash on the general's robe and parted the middle of the fine piece of silk. He stepped behind the general to catch the garment as the general slipped it from his shoulders. As the older gentleman's full body came into full view, Jamie felt a twinge of excitement course his veins. Nicky also noticed the man's figure and thought it was exceptional for a man the general's age. Both boys noticed his firm, smooth upper body. It's lines were drawn slick and it was well-tanned. The general was hairless except for the individual hairs planted around his nipples. The nipples were quite large, as wide as sand dollars, lying flat to his tight-skinned chest. Then, as the two boys watched, Lester Hollis proceeded to oil the general's upper body with a lotion of outstanding aroma. The boys thought the lotion had an intoxicating way about it. The president rubbed the general's neck, shoulders, arms, pits and chest, putting a shine on the man's upper body. The general closed his eyes and enjoyed the president's soft hands for a good while. But when the president stopped to caress and play with the general's delectable nipples, the older man pushed him away, saying "No Les, not now. You know, that weakens me too much." Oscar Berrigan, wearing only a pair of royal blue, satin boxer shorts, moved around the boys, allowing them to examine his body up close. He moved to within inches of the boys and grinned. "And, do you boys want to admire the rest of my splendid body?" When neither boy answered, Lester Hollis spoke for them. "Of course they would, general." "But I asked them," the general rebutted. "Well would you, boys? Do you want to see the general's master cock? The one he has taken into battle time and time again?" Both boys were stunned by the general's aggressive nature, yet Jamie recovered in time to speak. "Yes, General Berrigan. I'd very much like to see you naked; to admire that powerful sword of yours down there." The general smiled and stepped back away from all three men. He turned to Nicky and asked, "What about you, boy?" Nicky struggled to swallow, then answered. "I'd love to see the rest of your body, sir." "Then beg me to show it to you, boy," the general demanded. After being nudged by President Hollis, Nicky replied, "Please General Berrigan...please sir... show me your mighty cock... that victorious cock of war." Oscar Berrigan allowed another wide smile to capture his sullen face. He ran his hand across his chest, taking time to flirt his fingertips over one of his big nipples."And it shall be yours to admire, to worship, to love," the general said in a bold fashion.Without further ado, he reached down and unsnapped his boxers, letting the satin material fall to the floor. He sported a lengthy boner. He took it into his hand and stroked it. "What do you think, Jamie boy," the general said. "I admit it's not the third leg that I hear you have, but tell me, what do you think?" Jamie examined the general's cock as the older man moved into him. Before he could speak, he felt the general ripping at his thong. The boy flinched. Within seconds, the older man placed their two lengthy cocks together. He liked how the general's long cock measured against his own. The mutual warmth soothed him. After he had masturbated their cocks together for a short while, the general whispered to Jamie, "Now, what do you think of my cock, now, Mr. Andrews?" "I think you are a very well endowed man, General Berrigan, sir," Jamie said. The general continued rubbing their cocks together, knowing that he and Jamie were getting more and more turned on. "Jamie, your young nuts feel so hot next to mine. Aaawwww... I like your balls dangling against my own. That's nice, real nice, son." But, the general felt his cockhead seeping its pre-cum. He knew he needed to delay the physical stimulation before he went too far, too soon. Moving away from Jamie, he asked, "And what do you have to say, Nicky Brown," the general inquired. "I think you're very good looking; it makes me horny just looking at your body, sir." Again, the general smiled. He returned to Jamie and said, "Do you want to suck my cock?" The athlete replied, "Yes sir!" The general asked, "Do you want to suck President Hollis' cock?" The athlete answered, "If you want me to, sir." The general smiled and then asked, "Would you let Nicky suck your cock and give me the satisfaction of watching?" "If that would please you, sir!" The general chuckled, rubbed at his crotch, and then said, "Yes, this is going to work out just fine. This could be a great occasion, but it could take longer than I thought."

4 -- Officer In Charge

Chief of Police Mal Brown spotted the youngster walking in the middle of the right lane of the highway. The boy swayed back and forth while holding a quart-sized beer bottle in his right hand. As Chief Brown pulled the squad car up to the boy, the kid walked off the road, stumbled into the ditch and screamed, "Cut those damn lights. You're blinding me!" Chief Brown smiled, unbuckled his safety belt and got out of his car. He walked over and looked down at the lad. He wondered if the boy was old enough to buy alcohol. The kid's facial features were cute framed by light brown hair and highlighted by dark brown eyes. "Having some trouble, son? I'll need to see your identification," the officer said. "My wallet's in my pants, just a second." The boy stood up to get his wallet out of the back pocket of his pants, but he stumbled and hit the ground before retrieving it. "Son, we can get the I.D. later. I think you'd best come with me," Chief Brown said. He guided the drunken boy to the back of the squad car and shut the door. The chief got in and drove toward the city jail. Within seconds, the young man started raising hell in the back seat. "Cop, what'd ya do with my fuckin' beer?" "I threw it out. You've obviously had enough," the chief replied. "Threw it out?Screw you!" The chief didn't reply, allowing silence to fill the squad car. Within moments, the boy distrubed the peace and silence again. "Hey, Mr. Cop, let's make a deal. If you'll stop and buy me another beer, I'll let you play with my peter." "Just shut your mouth, kid. You're drunk and embarrassing yourself," the chief responded. "You know you want a piece of my pecker.Come on, I'll even fuck your pretty round ass."The kid laughed, with air snorting through his nose. "Son, just shut your mouth and I'll get you to the jail. Then we can talk about whatever you like." But the boy didn't stop. "Come on, why don't you show me that big, loaded pistol between your legs. I've already had one today, I'll take yours too," the boy said. Mal Brown shook his head and responded, "My, my, my son. You sure talk big for such a tiny boy." "Fuck you!" the kid screamed. Again, the chief restrained himself, after all, he knew the boy was intoxicated and possibly on drugs. "Would you like that, Mr. Cop? Would you like for me to fuck you or do you want to fuck me?" "Shut your mouth, son, before it gets you into trouble," the chief replied. "And I said `fuck you!'" "Damn you," the chief said losing his patience, hitting the brakes and stopping the car. He was not going to be subjected to the drunken boy's continual obscenities.Mal Brown got out of the car, opened the back door and pulled the boy out. The petite lad was easy for the strong police chief to maneuver. He pushed the boy against the squad car and stuck his finger in his face. "Now kid, nobody talks to me like that. Nobody," Mal Brown said. Before the chief could say more, the kid reached up and moved his hand along the chief's long-sleeved uniform shirt. The boy said, "You are a handsome, handsome man, chief. I really like strong, good-looking men in uniforms." Surprised by the contrast in the lad's personality, Chief Brown removed the lad's hand from his shirt, and said, "Cut the crap, Bristow." "No crap, sir. I just know how I'd enjoy sucking your big dick." Now a little embarrassed, Mal Brown said again, "Kid, you're drunk and you're embarrassing yourself." He paused and, without reason, added, "But you couldn't handle it if I gave it to you." But the boy dropped to his knees, put his hands on Chief Brown's muscular legs, and said, "Just give me the chance to handle it, and we can see about that." The boy's actions startled Mal Brown, but they did not anger him. Chief Brown had been propositioned many times, even a few times by other males. He was six feet tall, part American Indian, with a clean complexion and handsome features. He had been told that he looked a little like the actor George Hamilton. He was 39, and three times divorced. He was between wives, a state that kept his loins on fire. The chief reached down, grabbed the boy by the back of his neck and then reached into the boy's back pocket to take out his wallet. He read his driver's license. The license said the boy's name was John Stevens Bristow and his birthdate indicated that he was 18 years old, the same age as the chief's son. At that point, he felt the boy's hand rubbing his legs, massaging the tired calves. He hesitated, then shook the boy away and told him to get up. "Please let me please you, sir. Please," the intoxicated boy pleaded as he sat on the ground. "No, son. I think you need to sleep this one off at the jail. You've had too much to drink and you're..." But before Mal Brown could finish the sentence, Johnny Bristow took off and started running. The kid ran across the road, down into the ditch and then off into the nearby woods. Mal Brown pursued carrying his flashlight. As it turned out, the chase was a short one. Just when Johnny got into the woods, he ran into a thicket that was too deep to penetrate. He turned to run around it when Chief Brown caught him in the beam of his flashlight. "Stop. You're under arrest," the chief said. Too drunk to want to run very far, Johnny jumped up, grabbed a low hanging branch and then swung his body and legs out to kick the police chief as he came near him.The boy's legs caught Chief Brown in his left shoulder and knocked him off balance. The agile lad then tried jumping down on the chief, hoping to kick the breathe out of him. Instead, the muscular chief caught Johnny's legs, spun him around and knocked the teenager to the ground. Both man and boy wrestled on the ground for several seconds. The chief was surprised at the lad's quickness and strength. Johnny was able to flip the chief off of him before the larger, more skilled man took the advantage and finally subdued him. Both of them were panting as the chief pinned Johnny's shoulders to the ground and looked down at him. The tenderness of the boy's look startled the chief. The kid's shirt had come unbuttoned and was ripped. The chief noticed Johnny's diminutive belly, rising and falling with each breathe. The boy's intoxication had tired him. The chief pulled his handcuffs out and was about to put them around the boy's wrists when the lad stopped him. "You don't have to do that officer," Johnny said, now using a very respectable tone of voice, one that was quite foreign to the boy's earlier presentation. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have run off." Mal Brown looked at the kid. He did not understand why he wasn't angry at the boy. He wondered why the lad had not caused him to lose his temper. After all, while rolling on the ground with the petite lad, he had the perfect opportunity to whip his ass. He could have slapped the kid around for all of his cursings. Instead, he had refrained from hurting the boy. Again, the boy spoke, "I really am sorry. I was wrong." Chief Brown looked at the boy's mouth and felt a sense of attraction that he could not explain. He realized just how small the boy's body felt lying under him. He knew he had to dismiss these physical sensations. "Let's go," the chief said, lifting the boy off the ground, but leaving the handcuffs off. He guided the boy from the woods and back toward the patrol car. When he let go of the boy to open the back door of the squad car, he spotted a cut along the boy's left arm. "I think you'd better hold still there, Mr. Bristow," the chief said. "You must have cut your arm when we were wrestling on the ground. I have a first-aid kit here in the car. I'll clean and bandage it." As Chief Brown proceeded to help Johnny with his injured arm, he continued to observe the youngster. The boy did not appear to be gay, yet his verbal proposition had intrigued the horny chief. "Now, if you'll keep this gauze wrapped around your arm, I'll get you to where we can take a closer look at it and bandage it on up," the chief said. The two got into the car, and the chief drove off. In less than five minutes, he was turning into a driveway. Johnny remarked, "This isn't the police station." Mal Brown turned and answered, "You're right. It's my house. Come on in and let me clean your wound." The chief escorted the boy into his empty house. He noticed that the lad was sobering up. Once they got into the light of the house, the chief noticed through the boy's ripped shirt that there was a second, smaller cut along the boy's ribs. "Take your shirt off, son, I'll doctor that other cut for you, too." Johnny obeyed and immediately stripped off his torn, soiled shirt. Although petite, the boy's compact chest displayed small mounds of tight muscle; their curves were cute and seductive. The chief did not fail to notice the boy's tiny, pink nipples or his cute belly button with its short, surrounding hairs. "Boy, I should lock you under the jail and tell the judge to throw away the key. That's what I should do," the chief said as he finished cleaning the wound on Johnny's arm and knelt down to turn his attention to the boy's side. "Are you going to arrest me for drunken behavior or resisting arrest or anything like that," the boy asked. "Well, if I can get you sobered up here, maybe I can let you off the hook," the chief said, wanting to express a willingness to help the lad. "But tell me, why were you drinking in the first place?" The boy paused, the chief raised an eyebrow, and then the boy confessed as much as he could. "I did something earlier today and two days ago, that was wrong. I didn't commit no crime or anything, but it was wrong by my standards." "Want to talk about it," the chief asked. "Not right now. I'll get over it. I just misled someone, that's all." "You seem adept at that, my lad."As the chief poured the cleansing agent on the cut, Johnny yelped with pain and danced about. "Damn, that one burns a lot," the boy said. The chief smiled. "Are you going to stand still or am I going to have to treat you like a baby and blow on it for you," the chief asked trying to embarrass Johnny. But he did not embarrass the aggressive youngster, instead Johnny took advantage of the question at hand. "No! But I have something else I'd sure like for you to blow." Chief Brown stopped what he was doing. He did not move; he stayed on his knees. It had been one thing for the boy to proposition him in an insulting way as two strangers out on some public highway. It was quite another right here in his own house. He looked up at the lad and decided to test him. "I thought you were the one who wanted to give the blow job," the chief said. Looking down at the chief, Johnny appeared surprised, but replied, "I'd give you a blowjob in a New York second, Chief Brown. I'd enjoyed getting to know every square inch of your cock." "Boy, you shouldn't tempt a horny man who's been without," the chief said, releasing a slow, nervous smile as he looked up at Johnny. "I hope I am tempting you. After all, sir, I believe I owe you, and I am one who pays his debts." The kid again placed his hands on the chief. He began a light massage of the man's chunky shoulders. The chief did not move away or remove the boy's hands. Johnny grew confident. "Chief Brown, you're a nice man, you can spare me a night in jail, and I'd like to service you. I could make you feel very good." The chief did not know why, but he asked, "How good, kid?" While still rubbing the chief's shoulders, Johnny answered, "I'd make you scream from the pleasure." "I don't think you understand that I should consider that a bribe," the chief responded, feeling vulnerable to Johnny. "But you won't consider it a bribe, instead you should consider it an opportunity." The kid then ran his small hand up the officer's necktie and said, "Can I take this off of you, make you a little more comfortable?" Mal Brown knew he had problems on his hands. The boy was the same age as his own son and yet, looked even younger. Still, he found himself attracted to Johnny. The kid's petite frame, soft touch and aggressive nature sent hot charges racing through the chief's hairy nuts. The boy's fingers were untying his tie, and yet he was failing to stop the lad. After a little bit of a struggle with the knot, Johnny got the necktie undone and pulled it from around Chief Brown's neck. He then loosened the man's collar. The chief decided to stand up, hoping his movement would break the boy's seduction. The boy asked, "How's that? Better?" The lad's small hands then ran up the chief's well-starched shirt. He fingered the man's badge and then played with the shirt's top button. "Why don't you take your shirt off," the boy asked. The chief smiled. He knew he should end this scene and send the boy on his way. Instead, he realized that his nuts ached, his dick was growing hard and he was beginning to find this teenager irresistible. The boy approached him yet again. "Chief Brown, it'll be just the two of us, just our little secret. Please, please." Without thinking, Chief Brown looked down at the innocent boy and asked, "What do you want with me? Huh, kid?" Johnny did not miss a beat. "I want to see you naked. I want to suck your cock.I want to watch you blow your nuts." The boy's answer made the older man's balls start to boil. He knew if he sent the boy away, he would just lie up in bed restless, horny and unable to sleep. Instead, he needed release; he wanted sex; and this youngster was now begging to service him. He grabbed the boy by the shoulders and said, "Johnny, my boy, what if I put you in business? What if I gave you my cock?" The boy responded, "You'd never regret it. I'd give you the blowjob of your life."With his dick raging in his pants like a mad bull, the chief of police took little Johnny Bristow in his arms and kissed him hard on his rosy lips. He then grabbed the boy up off the ground and started carrying him to his bedroom. Johnny hugged himself to the chief's neck, allowing his hand to roam over the man's chest. The boy could hardly fathom that in one day he, Johnny "Stevens" Bristow, was about to fuck both a quarterback and a police chief.

5 -- And Away We Go

The bartender pushed the draft beer toward his customer, waited for the handsome man to take it, and then released his grip on the mug to rake his hand down the man's hairy arm. He always liked touching this man's body and enjoying its maschimo. Lance Dockery knew his customer and friend was stressed out tonight. He seldom saw the man smoke, but now he was smoking one cigarette after another. He also was on his third beer. Being the bartender and psychologist extraordinaire that he was, Lance decided to see if he could help his friend out. "So tell me, what's troubling you?" "Ah, I don't know. Nothing I don't guess." "What kind of answer is that? I could tell something was on your mind the minute you walked in." "Just a little trouble with the team, that's all," Lee Stone finally admitted. He ran the palm of his hand along his forehead, took a long drag on the cigarette and then stamped it out in the nearby ashtray. "The game Saturday night is a mighty big one; I don't need to lose it." Coach Stone exhaled and again thought of the session he had just finished with Rex Parker. After they had both shot their loads in his office, the young man had wanted to suck his dick to an erection and go again. But, the coach regretted that he fucked his quarterback and decided against letting Rex suck him. Yet, now that he wasn't around the boy, his loins ached for more. He wished he had experienced the young stud's mouth around his lengthy cock. "So, is there anything that I can help you with," Lance asked, repeating the question for the second time and interrupting the man's thoughts. "I get off within the hour; we could get together then," Lance said leaning over and whispering to the coach as he wiped the bar around him. Lee Stone looked up at the slender young man and smiled. He recalled the first time that Lance Dockery had gotten him drunk and seduced him. He imagined that the tall, suave bartender had seduced more than his share of lonely men while standing behind this bar. Lance was gay and proud of it, but he used his straight mannerisms to his advantage. He was over six feet tall, with jet black hair, dark blue eyes, and big, seductive lips. He was slender, but not skinny. At age 25, he still held his youth, but an edge of maturity was starting to show. Coach Stone also remembered the couple of times since that drunken night last year that he had felt horny and had used Lance to get his rocks off. Just then, a double image of both Lance's and Bud's cute asses flashed through his mind. But tonight was different or so he thought."Thanks Lance, but I'll take a rain check. I'm too tuckered out and that really ain't what I need to be doing." He again picked up the pack of cigarettes and took one. Lance had a lighter waiting for him. He allowed the young man to light the cigarette for him. "I could take all of that stress away from you; all of it," Lance said and smiled. He again placed his hand on Coach Stone's hairy arm. Lee Stone smiled, rubbed the hand that was holding the lit cigarette through his hair, and said, "Oh, I know you could, but I can't. Not tonight." "Then, have it your way, coach," Lance said and winked. The bartender shook his ass as he swaggered to the other end of the bar. Lee Stone followed Lance's movements and felt his own balls twitch. "Damn, if only I thought I could handle that young man tonight," Coach Stone said to himself. The coach ordered another beer and then Lance left to go back to the bar's kitchen. An older woman replaced him behind the bar. She, too, flirted with Coach Stone, but the man did not show any interest. Within the half hour, Lance emerged from the back room, waved at the coach and headed out the door. The coach followed Lance with his eyes, noticing his tight ass all the way to the exit. He ordered another beer thinking that maybe he would have to call a taxi to take him home. The brawny guy knew that his libido was working overtime, and no amount of booze was going to alleviate his desires. Rex had worked him up. Whatever release the one fuck with his player had provided now had been replaced with even greater desires. Before his next beer was poured and before Lance made it out of the parking lot, Lee Stone knew he would finish the beer and head to Lance's apartment. He knew he couldn't go to the athletic dorm and awaken Rex Parker for more sex, but he knew Lance Dockery would be available, and he knew how the sexy bartender could take a big cock all the way down his throat. * * * * *

On the other side of town, Rex Parker was emotionally and physically drained as he crawled into his bed. He thought about the upcoming game and the importance of it to his career. If he won it, he would be selected to play in all star games and possibly be drafted in the lower rounds by some NFL team.Lose it, and he would be known as a choke who couldn't lead a team. "Choke this!" Rex said to himself as he grabbed at his big wranger and again thought of the sexual bout with the persuasive Coach Stone. The boy thought about how Lee Stone had dominated his body, causing him to shoot his load without regard. He chuckled thinking that possibly Coach Stone thought he had taken his virginity. "The SOB wasn't even my first of the day," Rex thought. Rex's mind quickly flashed back to the most recent encounter with little Johnny Stevens. After the father and son had engaged each other on the motel room's bed, they both turned their mutual attentions to Rex's second erection. One thing led to another, and before Rex really knew that the time had passed, he had decided to miss practice so the son could suck him off while the father finger-fucked his ass. Once that act was completed, the father-son twosome worked over Rex's body until his proud dong was ready a third time, and again Johnny took the honors.With his father holding Rex's stiff cock in place, Johnny climbed on top, squated and mounted the quarterback. Johnny rode Rex's fleshy iron rod into a rigorous fuck while his father knelt over Rex's upturn face and beat his own fat, uncut cock to a cum. The kid's ass had been tight and hot and downright sexy for Rex. He wanted more that day, but had grown exhausted. The next day, Rex called the motel room, but neither the man nor boy was available. Rex had been disappointed until just earlier in the afternoon when he heard a knock on his door and there stood the young Johnny somewhat inebriated. They left the dorm and went back to the same motel room. Johnny told Rex that "dad is down state today looking at another prospect, but wanted me to have my fun, that is, if you are willing." Rex fucked the boy's ass without caution, getting his rocks off in a vigorous fashion. He had not intended to miss practice, but after Johnny offered him a couple of beers and seduced him a second time, football just didn't seem that important. After a second wild fucking, he was exhausted as he collapsed down on the boy's naked frame and fell fast asleep. He slept for more than two hours, only awaking when he felt Johnny rubbing his cock and kissing his nipples. Knowing he had missed another practice, he jumped out of bed, grabbed his clothes and went running to the dressing room, hoping to offer some feeble explanation to his coach. The star athlete thought about how Johnny had admired his body, praising almost every aspect of it. He recalled how the boy had eaten his ass for a long while. Without a doubt, the father had taught his son well, Rex thought. As he lay there in bed, the quarterback was just about to give his own sausage the big squeeze when he heard a voice outside his dorm room door. "Rexy, are you in there? Wake up man, open the door." Rex crawled out of bed, thought about grabbing his jeans, but decided against it. He opened the door and, as he had thought, there stood Walter Snowden, flashing a big toothy grin and asking if he could come in. Rex knew what Walter wanted; Walter had wanted it about once every month for the two-years that Rex had known the sophomore tailback on the team. "Please Rex, can I come in and sleep here tonight?" "Walt, I'm tired, I don't know that we should," Rex said, knowing his body had been overused already. "Try me, next week." Rex went to close the door, but Walter put his hand in the door to prevent it. "Come on, Rex. I'm all nervous about the big game. I ain't had any since last month. You're the only one on this team that I know might help me out. Please..." "Damn Walt! I'd like to help you out for the team's sake, but..." Walt did not want to be turned away. Even as Rex talked, he edged his body into the room. He admired Rex's bare chest, the meaty curves, the thin blonde curls that feathered at its middle, and the well-formed, succulent nipples. He pushed the door closed with his other hand while Rex watched. Without giving Rex time to protest, Walt pulled his tee shirt over his head to reveal a fine, lean and chiseled black body. The athlete's bloated muscles invited inspection. His tits projected out an inch or more, forming nice, sharp points. His smooth stomach sported a belly button that popped out and begged to be chewed. Without delay, Walter dropped his sweatpants and rubbed his cock through the tight, neon orange bikini briefs that he wore. "See anything you like, white boy," Walt asked Rex, with a wide grin letting his pretty white teeth dominate his dark brown face. "I bet you do." Walt leaned into Rex, kissed him below the ear, and then proceeded to guide his hand from the quartback's neck, down the middle of his chest, and onto the elastic band of his white briefs. "Let me get these off of you, Rexy. Make you feel good. Make you feel hot. Make you shoot your load." Walt then grabbed Rex's privates through the fabric of his underwear. Rex flinched, but looked down as Walt leaned into him to wrap his large moist lips around Rex's sensitive tit. "Oh Walt, you aren't going to take no for an answer are you?" "Not tonight, Captain Rex. Not tonight and not in a million years." Walt then grapped the flanks of Rex's underwear and dragged the cotton briefs away from his body. As the quarterback's honey-colored pubes came into view, followed by his attractive cock, Walt leaned down and licked his lips. "Oh yes, this looks real delicious. Real delicious indeed, my Sexy Rexy." Walt pushed his head forward, opened his mouth and felt the warm, velvety feel of Rex's cockhead as it sank into his hot mouth. Walt knew he had manipulated the senior quarterback for the night's sex. He knew it was just a matter of time now. The white cock filled Walt's mouth, giving itself to unbridled passions. "Damn buddy, that feels good; it always feels good when you suck me," Rex said. He thought about wanting to suck Coach Stone's hearty dick and regretted that he had not taken that opportunity before the two had fucked. At the same time, he knew few people who could give head like his friend Walter gave head. He felt the boy's lips dancing across his cock, slurping at its head, kissing its length and loving his nutsac. Walt knew he had the team leader right where he wanted him. Walt sucked deep, taking the cock all the way down his throat. Rex moaned without restraint, holding Walt's head so his dick stayed at the hilt. "Turn around Walt, let me return the favor," Rex Parker said, directing the black tailback to squirm his body around while keeping his own wet mouth locked on the quarterback's dick. Rex rolled the boy's thin underwear down his massive thighs and powerful legs and then grapped Walt's cock in his hand. "Walter baby. This thing is always so ready and eager." Rex took the black man's bloated cock into his mouth as he thrust his own dick far into the back of Walter's throat. The two got into the sixty-nine, rocking together and giving their bodies to each other. Their copulating bodies complimented each other well. Walter played with Rex's round balls, getting them primed for their third blasting of the day. Rex reached up to pinch at Walter's nipples, enjoying their points while chewing on his uncut cockhead. "Aaawww, wow, Rex. You show do know how to suck dick. Damn, you turn me on." Rex lifted his head and retorted. "Keep your mouth on my cock and suck. I'd rather have those fat lips on my cock than hear your compliments." Walt returned to Rex's juicy, white cock as Rex deep-throated the massive brown root that Walt provided him. Finally, both players knew they were close. Walt rolled over on top of Rex, with both players keeping their mouths sunctioned to the other's dick. Rex took his middle finger and rammed it in Walter's available ass. Walt reached around and squeezed Red's hairy balls. Both players grunted and increased the oral pressure on the other's dick. Within a few seconds, both Rex and Walter sprayed their loads into each other's waiting mouths. When Rex's cum subsided, Walt took his mouth from the drippy cock and turned around. He forced Rex to kiss him. The two men swapped their love juices. Without a doubt, Walt loved Rex's sensuous lovemaking and Rex loved Walt's savage aggression. "Damn Walt, you've seduced me again, ole chum." "You were a good lover again, Rex Parker. Thanks for letting me spend the night." "You are welcomed. You always manage to get yourself into my room, don't you," Rex asked as he smiled and leaned down to lick at Walt's pointed tit. "Yes, Walter, you always get in, take over and fuck me." Rex bit the tit and laughed. Walter reached around and rubbed Rex's tight ass with his big hand. He had decided to attend Cross City College on a football scholarship because of how nice Rex had been to him on his recruiting visit. Most of all, he had enjoyed two year of hot, torrid sex acts with his Caucausian friend. He appreciated that Rex always made sure that they were discrete, but that Rex always seem to find time to tend to his sexual needs. He felt Rex continuing to nibble at his tit, so he arched his chest to make it easier for the quarterback. "Oh Rex, you're so gentle, so damn sensuous. I just never knew another football player could be like this. Damn, tongue that tit. Chew it!" Walt wished that circumstances would allow him to take his renewed erection and bang Rex until his friend begged him to stop. But circumstances were different this time and Walt knew he could not take the time to complete another act with Rex.Walt's mind flashed through the events of the last day. A disgusted feeling reverburated throughout his stomach. Without a doubt, Walt knew he was between the rock and the hard place. Rex kissed down his svelte black body with purpose. He teased around Walt's navel and caressed his friend's low hanging balls.It was difficult to realize that his superb, athletic body had allowed him to fuck with Johnny, Coach Stone and Walt, all within 12 hours, and yet his libido was still working. "Oh Walt, we've got to get this fine ass of yours ready to run some touchdowns for us on Saturday. Nice and ready," Rex said as he reached under his partner and grabbed his meaty buttocks. "Rex, I think you'd best stop. We can't chance a fuck," Walt said. Then looking for excuses, he reasoned, "While we both know how good a couple of long fucks would be, it'd tire you out and make me sore. Not tonight." "Hey, you started this," Rex said. "Just let me finish it." Rex then grabbed Walt and covered him with his entire body. The stud felt his own cock flirting with Walt's big stick and even felt their tits burning into each other. Just as he began to aim his cock at Walt's ass, he felt the tailback grab him. At first, he thought Walt was wanting on top, then he thought his friend was wrestling with him. Before long though, he knew Walt was trying to subdue him. To his regret, Walt knew the time had come. Walter yelled as though calling for help. Rex froze and looked up, not believing what he was seeing when three men came bursting into the room. They threw a blanket over Rex and started beating him. Before long, Rex felt one of the burly men reach around and grab his arm. He felt a rope placed around his wrist and then around his neck. Before he could get the blanket off, he knew he had been hogtied. Walt spoke, "Oh Rex, I'm sorry it has to be this way. These men did not give me any choice." The men kept the blanket around Rex's face. They lifted him and started carrying him. Rex's heart jumped into his throat. He knew he was in trouble.

6 -- The Heat Of The Night

As the classical music played in the background, General Berrigan inspected both of the students in front of him. He again admired Jamie's long, hot cock, and then studied Nicky Brown's adorable face. "A big one and a cute one. Just as I told you, Lester. Good work," the general said as he turned to President Hollis. "Now, let's have some fun." The general smiled and looked longingly, first at the two tee-shirt clad, young men and then at the well-dressed, middle-aged president. They all stared back attentively at him. "Oh my men, each of you looks so hot and sexy," the general said. He turned to look at his long-time friend. "Les, why don't you get all of those fancy duds off and join me? I think these students want to see their college president in the all together. No need to hide that fine ass of yours." The college president obeyed, stripping off his shirt within seconds. The other three watched as the president's hairy chest was revealed. The soft hair spread out from the middle of the president's chest to the edge of his tits. His dime-sized tits appeared small for the rest of his chest, but they were colored a deep brown and they looked aroused. The general pressed his v-shaped hand under President Hollis' breast to compress its mound upward. As the president looked down to watch, the general leaned in with his long tongue to sample the man's embossed left nipple. It grew hard and riveted in salute.Lester Hollis moaned. The general sucked at the tit, even nibbling at it with his teeth before lifting his head."He just loves having these cute titties sucked," the sophisticated general said, running his hands quickly over the president's chest. "Now get your pants off Les and let the boys see your gorgeous cock down there." Again, the president obeyed. He peeled off his white briefs. Both boys watched as the presidential penis came rolling out.It was pretty and inviting, although not large. Oscar Berrigan grapped a riding crop off a nearby wall and proceeded to run it over Lester Hollis' naked body several times. He teased the president, even wrapping the whip around the president's dick several times and unravelling it. Finally bored with the action, the general grabbed for the cock and stroked it. The general spoke. "Boys, your president here has a real pretty cock. A sculptor could not have shaped one so well. Its so gorgeous in its nest of golden hair. Oh yes, it could be longer, but sometimes a nice, average-sized dick pleases a partner best." The general sank to his knees, gathered the prick in his mouth and began to suck it. Lester Hollis responded. "Thank you, general... thank you, sir... awwh, thank you so much general." Jamie and Nicky were fascinated by the sight of the distinguished general sucking on their college president's cock. While Nicky also was attracted to Lester Hollis' nice looking cock, Jamie eyed the president's thrusting ass. For a long couple of minutes, the general made oral love to the cock. He stroked it, kissed its head and then drilled his tongue into its eye, producing a deep groan from Hollis. It grew erect and arched up begging to be brought off, but the general pulled off it. "Quite hot and quite pretty," the general said, keeping President Hollis on the verge of climax with his six-inch cock seeping of clear fluids. The general stood up to look at Jamie and then at Nicky. He walked over to Jamie and, without cause or warning, tore the tight tee-shirt from his body. He raised the boy's arm and licked inside the open patch, kissing the boy's hair and licking the salt from under his young arms. "You taste good. And you feel so good." The general then reached up and pinched the boy's left tit. When Jamie moaned, the older man smiled, turned to face him, and then grabbed both of Jamie's protruding pink nipples. He twisted, coiled and pulled the tits, causing Jamie considerable pain. He then ran his hands over Jamie's body before grabbing the boy's available cock. He smiled.Jamie gasped when he again felt the general wrap his warm, hard hand all the way around his long cock. He felt the general yanking at the enormous pecker. Jamie grunted and groaned. The general used his own saliva to lubricate the stiff pecker, making it easier to run his fist up and down it. Jamie's ramrod cock received a fast working over. The athlete felt himself growing erect. "My, my, my, Mr. Andrews," the general said. "You do demand some respect. You are a very big man. So very, very large." He pulled again at the boy's massive dong, acknowledging its hardness. "Ah yes, Jamie boy. It's getting so, so big for me. So damn big." The cock hardened fully in the general's large, rough hands. Jamie was glad he could please the general. The distinguished military man then leaned down, pushed his mouth up to the cock and then opened wide. He struggled to get all of its swollen corona into his mouth. Jamie moaned. The general tongued the gargantuan cockhead and nibbled at its tip. A droplet of thick pre-cum dribbled out. The general sampled it, and then another droplet surfaced. The general took his fingertip, wiped the second drop from the big dick and then ran his cum-covered finger into the boy's belly button. He was teasing Jamie, making him even hornier. "General Berrigan, please suck my peter, please," Jamie moaned. "Do you want me, Jamie? Do I make you feel good?" "Damn yes, General Berrigan. You are fantastic," Jamie admitted. Just knowing he had Jamie tense and horny was good enough for the general. He dropped Jamie's aroused cock, turned and edged toward the cute, younger student. The eager Nicky watched the older man approach. He considered General Berrigan a sophisticated man, with a seductive, evil twinkle in his eyes. Nicky felt the general grabbing his crotch even before he realized the man was reaching for him. He also flinched. The general used his soothing fingertips to massage the boy's balls through the thong's thin pouch. The older man was quite experienced at the art of arousing the male animal. "My little Nicky. You are so damn cute! I must make love to you, son." The general lifted the bottom of the boy's tee shirt up, exposing his small, tight belly and his clefty pecs, with their dusky nipples. He embraced Nicky, and started kissing him over his entire body. When he came to Nicky's privates, he peeled the boy's thong away. He kissed through the boy's thin pubes and then licked down the kid's tight erection. The boy was about the same size as Lester Hollis. His cock was hot, with its piss slit leaking its fluids onto the general's thirsty tongue. The silver-haired veteran smooched at Nicky's penis, drinking its leakage and enjoying the nectar. He rubbed Nicky's fine ass and saw that the lad was needing to release the pressure in his balls. He massaged the balls, making Nicky squirm with delight. Still, at that point, he only wanted to toy with Nicky, just as he had toyed with Lester and Jamie. He eased off the boy's vibrant cock, and decided to let the boys enjoy watching him with their college president. He moved behind Lester Hollis and began kissing on the horny man while running his hands across his back and butt and around to his hairy belly. "Oh Les, it's been too long." Without warning, the general stuck his middle finger up the president's ass. He turned to Jamie and Nicky and said, "Yes boys, there are times when I have literally worked your president's ass off." The general removed his finger and then aimed his nine-inch cock at the administrator's ass. He grabbed Lester Hollis around his hairy belly while edging his cock into his friend. Both men grunted like pigs at feeding time when the general pushed forward. "Awwww, oh Les, you feel as good as ever. Your tight ass is just right for this long, slender dick of mine."The two men gyrated together, oblivious to the two students watching them. The presidential ass burned the general's peter with delight. Finally, General Berrigan turned to the youngsters and said, "Look at my cock, Jamie and Nicky. I am fucking your college president." Lester Hollis grimaced and hissed from the pleasure. The general rotated his ass to drive further into his lover while using both hands to reach up from behind and pinch at the man's tiny, but responsive tits. "Oh yes, Les, just tell the boys how you much you like me fucking your ass and twisting your tits. Tell them," the general demanded. "God yes, General Berrigan. I've always loved it. Loved fucking your honorable dick."The general leaned in and kissed Lester Hollis with deep passion. But just as quickly as he had begun, he pulled his dick from the college president's hairy ass. He was getting too close to coming and wanted to finish with the young Nicky. "Oh general, don't stop, please, please, cum inside me," the president begged. "Come on, finish in me." "Not with this cute, young thing waiting for me. Not now, Les," the distinguished general said returning to Nicky. With his own cock standing straight and rigid, he rubbed Nicky's precious, bubble ass, appreciating its fresh beauty. He turned his head and asked, "President Hollis, what do you suppose I should do to this boy?" Still feeling the affects of having had the general's long cock up his own ass, Lester Hollis offered the expected answer. "You should fuck him, general. Let him have the privilege of accommodating your glorious cock." The general smiled. Knowing that Nicky had been on the brink before he had left him the first time, the general did not waste any time going after the boy. He began kissing, sucking and chewing at the boy's exposed body. He salivated over Nicky's ass, getting it ready for the fuck. When General Berrigan could no longer wait, he pushed himself up behind the boy, positioned the boy's small melon-shaped ass, and then rammed his lengthy cock into its dark hole. He watched his mushroomed cockhead disappear into the tight box. He forced his cock inside the boy and began to fuck him with precision. With his cock hitting bottom, he reached around to pinch at the lad's tits.Nicky moaned and groaned while gyrating his hips. The chief fucked the cute boy, but fantasized about the pleasures he wished he could have with the boy's father. Letting go of the boy's right nipple, the general reached down to take Nicky's attractive penis into his hand. He stroked it several times and demanded, "Come first, Nicky. Shoot your hot wad out there. Come on boy, let me fuck you!" Almost on command, Nicky's dick erupted. The first three spurts of his cock syrup shot out five or six feet followed by lesser spurts that spilled out between the general's fingers and dripped down to the boy's nuts. Nicky moaned unaware that Jamie was encouraging him to enjoy the come while President Hollis was encouraging the general to fuck him harder. Oscar Berrigan drilled his own pulsating cock all the way into the boy while massaging the cum on his fingers into Nicky's dark tits. He brought a finger up to the boy's lips and said, "Taste it, Nicky. Taste your cum." Nicky licked the cream from the general's finger as the man's cock rammed into his depths. The boy's flexing inner muscles choked the Berrigan cockhead, bringing on the rush of the older man's love juices. The general hugged the boy as the two screamed together. Nicky allowed his ass to relax so he could enjoy the general's long, voluminous ejaculation. Oscar Berrigan's entire body shook and sweat broke out on his forehead and chest. He grunted while feeling the electrifying blast of his hot, steamy load shoot from his boiling balls. The older man enjoyed the snugness he felt as the juicy eye on his well-packed cock opened and shut, releasing its fuck spray. After General Oscar Berrigan had screwed the adorable Nicky Brown, the evening's debauchery grew intense. Most of all, the general wanted Jamie to fuck him with his massive cock. The general began to stimulate the boy's enormous cock, also playing with his balls and tantilizing other parts of his body. When Jamie's pre-cum started bubbling freely from his cock, the general knew the 21-year-old was hot and ready. With lust searing through him, the general turned to Nicky and said, "I'm gonna show this strong athlete what an experienced cockfucker like myself can do to this king-sized pecker of his. Why don't you give me the pleasure of watching you suck Dr. Hollis there?" Nicky nodded okay, and crawled under the college president. The man's copper-toned torso, stomach, pubes and privates were sexy, even if the product of a tanning booth. Nicky kissed his college president's dick and then mouthed his balls. The boy knew it would be only a matter of time before Lester Hollis let his cum bolt, after all, Oscar Berrigan had worked him up earlier, and the president did not seem bashful about popping his load.Hollis moaned. "Oh yes, Nicky baby, oh yes, your sweet mouth feels so great... Suck me off... general orders... suck me off, boy."Nicky took the president's cock deep into his throat as he massaged the man's cum-generating balls. The general chuckled, even reaching over to hold Nicky's head all the way down, forcing the lad to deep-throat the presidential penis. The general then scooted his ass close to Jamie's humongous dick, leaned into the boy, grabbed him around the hips and said, "Push in me, Jamie. Make love to me. Fuck me!" Jamie entered the distinguished man's thriving ass. Both yelped with pleasure as the general's vibrating ass muscles vacuumed Jamie's log-like dick. The general spread his ass, allowing Jamie to force cock to ass. Watching the union between the athlete and the general sent Lester Hollis over the edge. "Oh gee, I'm there, Nicky. Take that sperm; drink its sweetness, my boy." Nicky chewed at the stiff pecker, enjoying the pulsating, spurting staff and evaluating the taste of its juices. "Come here, Nicky, come here, quickly," the general ordered. Nicky understood. With the president's semen still fresh in his mouth, he crawled over to the general and kissed him hard on the mouth. He let the general take the remains of President Hollis' cum. The general enjoyed the familiar taste of the president, and then continued to kiss at Nicky. As he hunched Jamie's giant cock, he reached out and took Nicky's cock into his hand. Both boys moaned. The general proved himself the master. Within a couple of minutes, he general had both Jamie and Nicky on the verge of coming.He fucked Jamie harder than the young man had ever been fucked before. Nobody younger had ever fucked his large, hard cock so thoroughly. Jamie screamed of orgasmic bliss, while Nicky stuck his own pulsating cock down deep into the general's throat passage. "Oh general sir, general, general... Oh, you fuck so well, sir," an ecstatic Jamie gasped as his dick shot off with a great force, with the general snapping it deep into his guts. At the same time, Nicky was screaming, "Aaaawwwww, General Berrigan, you're milking me... milking me so good... I'm shooting!" Oscar Berrigan drank Nicky's juices deep into his mouth, appreciating the strong load the boy managed on his second come of the evening. Lester Hollis stood by and watched the triple play between the three. He noticed the general's long, thin cock growing erect again and hoped he could be its next provider. But at that point, the telephone rang. The general knew it had to be important for James, the butler, to have interrupted this action. He caught his breath and reached for the nearby phone. His face turned a brilliant red, and he started looking around at the three men who stood around him. "Did you say that they brought him here? I see... I see... well, I have some unusual circumstances myself in here. You just take care of things in there, and tell John not to touch the young man." When he hung up the telephone, the general gave orders. "Les, I'm sorry to say that I think you had better go. Your presence will be needed around the college, and you won't want to be seen here. By the way, our star-studded quarterback is in good hands." Without asking any questions, President Hollis picked up his clothes and started to dress. Before leaving the room, he walked over to Jamie and said, "I'm sorry it has to be this way. Just do as the general says and you'll get your scholarship. And remember, I want a piece of this big dick sometimes soon." Lester Hollis reached out, grabbed the meaty appendage and stroked it. He was about to stroke it again when the general cleared his throat, indicating the president should get on about his business.

7 -- Taking The Law Into Your Own Hands

Chief Brown threw the lightweight Johnny Bristow down on his bed. He looked down at the lad, studied his cute face and again noticed his small, adorable belly. The excited cop unbuttoned the shirt of his uniform and took it quickly from his pants. Johnny watched, anxious to see the chief without a shirt on. Mal Brown studied the boy as he pulled the uniform shirt off, put both hands at the opposite flanks of the underlying tee shirt and brought the white cotton fabric over his head. "Gee... oh, wow," the boy responded as Mal Brown displayed his native American good looks. His body was a deep reddish brown. His chest bulged a couple of inches. Except for a small patch of hair at the middle, there were only a few individual strands dotting his upper body. His pectoral curves looked good enough to fuck between. Most of all, the chief's nipples were a ripe, toasted brown with a noticeable protuberance. Johnny considered them delectable. "You are so good looking Chief Brown. I only hope that I can please you," the boy said. "I think you know what to do. Just give it your best shot; I'll manage the rest." Johnny leaned up from the bed to help the chief with his uniform pants. Once they were pulled down and off, the chief said, "Let's get your things off; let me see that small butt of yours." Johnny consented and within seconds, the chief was pulling the boy's soiled underwear from around his privates. As expected, the boy's butt was tiny and precious. Its grapefruit mounds excited the manly Mal Brown. Only a light pube patch surrounded the boy's dick. While Johnny didn't have the biggest dick in the room, he was a good five inches, a size that appeared big on him. Chief Brown smiled, reached down to slide his own underwear off and moved in to embrace the boy. Their dicks touched. Mal Brown's penis was lengthy, hefty and now almost erect. Johnny's dick became aroused as he felt the weight and size of the chief's cock dominating his own. The boy reached down and held the cocks together. The chief moaned. The boy felt their balls dancing with each other. The boy thought the chief had the biggest pair of balls he had ever seen. He wondered if they were unusually full. With their dicks rubbing each other to an erection, the smallish Johnny leaned up and formed his tight lips around the chief's luscious right nipple. The tit's meat turned the boy on in a strange and wild way. He sucked at the tit, feeling its erect tip offering itself to him. He licked it and nipped at it before moving to slurp at the other. He noticed the texture of each nipple, detailing the long stems on each. He nursed from their meat. "Oh, Johnny, that gets me excited, kid," the chief said as he watched the boy's mouth working on his tits. "Oh yeah, that's real nice." The chief leaned his head back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the boy's oral stimulation. After a while, Johnny ended his tonguing of the stimulated nipples to engage the chief in a long, wet kiss. The chief enjoyed the kiss, observing the boy's small tongue dancing across his own while feeling the boy's fingers now caressing the tips of his man tits. It was a soft, sensuous moment. But Mal Brown couldn't get too emotional with this boy, and he insisted on being the officer in charge. He broke the kiss, grabbed Johnny by the neck, and forced the boy's head downward. He steadied Johnny's head so the boy's lips were just an inch or so from his own throbbing cock. "So, you want some of me, boy, is that what you said," the chief asked, now panting noticeably. Johnny eyed the chief's massive dick dangling between his legs. He noticed the chief's rich pubic hair and the weighty balls hanging below. "Yes sir. I want it real bad, sir," the boy pleaded. "What do you want to do with it, kid," the chief asked, his breathing heavy and drawn as he knelt over Johnny's upturned face. With his mouth only an inch from the mushroom shaped head of the chief's cock, the boy answered, "I want to suck it off. I want to taste it. I want to eat your big cock, Chief Brown." Mal Brown smiled, grabbed his dick by its base and stroked it seductively as Johnny licked his lips. Without saying a word, the two began teasing each other, causing a sense of sadism and control to overtake the chief. The manly officer tightened his grip on the boy's neck before starting to slap his massive pecker against the boy's cheeks. He went from one cheek to the other, hitting the small-faced boy hard with his powerful cock. "You want some of it? Take some of it, Johnny boy," the chief teased as he slapped the excited boy with his big slab of meat. "Come on, Johnny. Reach out with your tongue. Take it, if you want it." As the powerful cop slapped the cock along the boy's face and mouth, Johnny tried his best to reach out with his tongue and take it. The boy licked the huge crown of the cock's head on a couple of swings and almost bit into its side after it was dragged across his mouth. But the chief's strong hand bracketed his neck, rendering the boy virtually helpless. "Oh yes, Johnny Bristow, this big sausage of mine is just beating your little face. Slapping you silly. Giving you the punishment that you deserve." The chief used his massive rod to slap the boy on the right cheek, then on the left cheek and back to the right cheek. He considered it fair treatment for the boy's earlier actions. Before long, Chief Brown knew his privates were hot and ready. His deep voice said, "Oh, my Johnny, you've gotten me all worked up." He raised his balls to the boy's mouth and ordered, "Go on, Johnny, lick them. Lick my nuts." With the chief still holding firm to his neck, Johnny stuck his tongue out and swabbed the juicy plums between the chief's thick legs. He licked acrossed the hairy testicles. He then kissed deeply at each one. "Oh yeah... that's good, Johnny boy, real good." Finally, the chief released the boy's neck, allowing Johnny to scoop his mammoth cock into his little mouth. The feeling was fantastic. The chief leaned his head back. closed his eyes and enjoyed the boy's tonguings and suckings. Johnny's head began to bob up and down the extended stalk. The boy held his balls, jangling them into the bottom of his dick. He knew if he let the boy continue the blowjob, he would come in a matter of seconds. Instead, he forced Johnny's mouth from his cockhead, pulled the boy down and positioned his legs so they stradled him. As the boy watched in excitement, the handsome police chief lifted the boy's tight butt by its cheeks. The chief pulled the boy's petite buns toward his own loins, allowing his strong thumbs to dig into the boy's constricted anal passage. He looked down and noticed that his own immense cock was leaking its pre-cum, getting the head of his dick slick and ready. He then brought the rim of the boy's ass into contact with the head of his massive tool. Although he ached to sample the boy's tiny love canal, he did not penetrate. He hesitated. His mind told him that his actions were out of line, yet his needy cock begged to be serviced. He thought about rolling away from the boy. But Johnny broke the sounds of their heavy breathing. "Go ahead, Chief Brown. Fuck me." "Are you sure," the chief gasped. "Yes. Oh yes. I want to feel your juicy cock fucking my butt," the boy replied. Mal Brown shoved his oozing cock forward. He felt the constricted ass split apart as he pulled it open with his big thumbs and pried it with his cock. The tightness was overwhelming. The older man swallowed; he felt the boy reaching up to scratch at his big nipples. He groaned. "Oh, you are so hard... and so damn big, Chief Brown," the boy screamed. "Careful son," the chief cautioned almost as if pondering whether he should continue. But the boy spurred him on. "Go on, Chief Brown. Fuck me, hard. Drive that meaty dick all the way inside me." The chief edged in further, groaned and gasped. "You're so tight, Johnny boy." The youngster leaned up, pushed his ass down hard on the shaft and felt at least two inches more of the chief's immense dick sink into his tail. The chief felt the heat on his cockhead. The added mix of pain and pleasure forced Johnny to take the chief's juicy right nipple between his teeth and to chew at it for relief. "Oh shit, Johnny Bristow, you have seduced me into a crazy situation, boy. Oh, so crazy," the big chief said. He then grunted and forced yet another inch or so of his boner into the boy. The man and boy kissed, bumped, grinded and gently massaged their bodies together for several minutes. The chief screwed the boy's bowels as best he could with his oversized dick. Johnny couldn't comprehend the immense pleasure that sent his brain whirling about. "Take it boy; my cock is itching for you now, Johnny boy," the chief panted. Johnny cluthed the chief's strong biceps and grunted in bestial fashion. The chief rotated his cock into the boy, withdrew it and then screwed it back in tightly as the boy leaned his head back and moaned. Johnny grabbed his own cock and began milking it to reap the full pleasure of the fucking he was receiving from the chief's mammoth cock. Mal Brown dipped quickly in and out of the boy's tiny hot box, but he did not allow his needy cock to spear the boy to the depths for fear of hurting his smaller partner. Still, the boy exclaimed, "Your big cock is fucking my guts out, Chief Brown. Fucking my guts out!" With the heat of passion clamping their bodies together, the chief watched proudly as his enormous dick brought the boy off. Johnny jerked violently, gripped the chief with all of his strength and shouted, "Awwww, oh, oh... I'm coming, sir, I'm coming so hard!" The boy's dick shot a strong load that projected upward, hitting the chief near his deep belly button and running into his pubes."Yeah, that's it, Johnny. Oh yeah. I'd say that you've just been fucked, son," the chief said, smiling as he watched the boy's smallish cock shoot its load while also driving three-fourths of his own mighty shaft deep into Johnny's cute ass. Johnny struggled to catch his breathe. He then said, "Yes, I've been fucked. By a big, savage cock. Damn, you're so good, Chief Brown." When his own cum ended, the lithe youngster picked up the fuck pace again to bang harder and harder against the chief's cock. He used his little butt to hunch the chief, enjoying the the older man's grunts and groans. The chief thrust with him, causing Johnny to claw at the man's wide bare back for release. Johnny's body thrilled to the pistoning shaft. "Give it to me, Chief Brown. I want to feel you come. I want to watch you come. Shoot my fuckin' lights out." The boy felt the man's weighty nuts at his crack and the man's pubic hairs grinding against his own spent testicles. The boy knew the chief's hard tool was rigid and ready. He then felt the head of the cock expand deep within his guts and heard the chief groan like an animal. The boy had Mal Brown turned on in a bizarre fashion. The flames of the boy's anal passages burned into the chief's cock meat, making it difficult for the chief not to stab the boy's bowels with all of it. The chief hissed, "Damn, Johnny Bristow! Your tight ass is chewing my cock. Eating it up." Johnny continued hunching the big man's cock, moving his hands from the man's back to around his front. With Johnny pulling hard at his pithy paps, Mal Brown let go of all instincts. He slammed his bloated meat all the way into Johnny's petite ass, feeling its snug, scalding furnace. He withdrew and slammed in again... and again. Gutteral groans escaped from the depths of his throat. He felt the kid react to his sexual hammering. At last, his cock surrendered, shooting off a tremendous first shot of sizzling cum into the boy's throbbing butt. The chief knew that he was shooting off as hard and as powerful as he had remembered in years. As the second load overtook his cock and balls, the chief hugged the boy to his body. He whispered, "Love me, Johnny. Love me, good." The chief pushed his excited cock into the boy, letting his third and fourth spurts drown the boy's ass. He grabbed the kid's butt and shook it while wiggling his own ass in a convulsive manner. The movement allowed Johnny's tight rectal muscles to milk the final spurts from his meaty cock. Chief Brown looked down at the lad, felt the last drops of semen ease from his penis, and said, "You fuck like a little rabbit, Johnny Bristow... just like a goddamned rabbit."He then collapsed on top of the youngster. Johnny Bristow was young, but not so young that he did not realize a good thing when he held it his arms. After Chief Brown shot his hard-charging load, the two of them relaxed. Before long though, Johnny began kissing over the chief's body, paying special attention to the man's lips, neck, armpits, nipples and other parts south. He quickly aroused the virile man again and delighted in discovering how turned on the big cop got when someone kissed his balls. He measured the chief's balls in his mouth, one at a time, and then kissed at his swollen member until it seeped its clear pre-fuck juices. Johnny scooped the fluid on the tip of his pointed tongue and sampled its distinctive taste. The boy kissed up through the man's thick pubic patch, and allowed his tongue to sink into his belly button. He reached up and pinched at the chief's taut titties. He could tell that the sensusous tonguing of the chief's navel and the teasing of his tits were turning him on once more. He leaned back down and scooped the chief's cock into his small mouth. The chief groaned deeply and again grabbed the boy's neck. He shouted obscenities as the waves of raw pleasure wrecked his loins while the boy serviced his needy cock. "Show me how you like it. You've wanted; you've got it. Eat it! Eat me! Suck me off, Johnny Bristow." The chief was highly aroused and almost out of control. The boy sucked at the very tip of his cock, squeezing its head while dancing his tiny tongue over its slit. The chief groaned and screamed obscenities. "Aaawww... Johnny, Johnny, my cocksuckin' little buddy...Oh, eat me, Johnny. Suck that fat cock of mine." He raised his hips off the bed and placed his own hand at the base of his cock to hold it for the boy. He leaned his head back to enjoy the blow job. The chief was selfish and greedy. The kid's tongue devoured his savory staff. And finally, the boy managed to suck the juices from him. Johnny siphoned from the chief's love hose, drinking the juices that streamed down his throat. The chief's ejaculations were tremendous, making it impossible for the boy to drink all of the man. The love juices poured from his mouth, running down to the chief's own hot balls below. When the final shot poured from his dick, the chief knew he had received a superb blow job. He grabbed the lad and kissed him; he reached down and felt the lad's own swollen cock and jacked it. Johnny moaned and thrust his hips up so that his dick could fuck the chief's hard palm. He did not know if he could come again considering his earlier workout with the chief and his other activities that same day. But, it didn't matter because the chief's police beeper went off before Johnny did. The chief had to answer a telephone call. He picked up the phone and started receiving information from a dispatcher.Mal Brown was told that some unknown men wearing ski masks had broken into the athletic dorm and kidnapped a Cross City football player. Nobody knew if it was a prank or the real thing. Chief Brown looked back at Johnny as he talked on the phone. He knew he was going to have to stop their fuckfest. He was disappointed. The boy had turned him up as much as he had been turned on in a long while. Even as he talked, the boy was busy massaging his back and kissing along his shoulders. Johnny heard just enough of the conversation to realize that Rex Parker was involved. His heart jumped into his throat, but he was not going to ask the chief any questions that might raise suspicions or lead the chief to interrogate him just minutes after they had screwed. But Johnny knew the chief might need the information about his earlier involvements with Rex Parker. He also wanted to be honest with this man who had loved him with a special passion. Johnny decided he would call the chief early the next morning and spill his guts about how he had used the alias Johnny Stevens and pretended to be another man's son. It would embarrass him, but he didn't want the chief to think he withheld information, after all, he planned to return to this virile man's bedroom as soon as possible. The boy heard the chief say, "I'll be right there." The officer hung up the phone, returned to the bed and kissed his young lover. "Sorry Johnny. I've got to go, and I can't leave you here. I'll have to drop you somewhere." The boy leaned into the chief to caress his expansive chest. He circled the chief's meaty nipples with his thin fingers. He kissed the man several times. He then reached down to trace the chief's cock slowly with his index finger. At that point, Chief Brown stopped him before things went any further. "You'd best get your clothes on, Johnny. We've gotta go."

8 -- A Quarterback Sneak

Rex Parker had been taken from his dormitory room, stuffed into the trunk of a car and driven around for about 30 minutes. The three masked goons then took him from the trunk and carried him into a house. When the blanket was removed from around his face, the young man blinked several times to make sure that he was conscious. To his shock and amazement, he knew all three of the large men. The man standing to his left and staring down at him was Big John Sturgis, the father of the Cavaliers second string quarterback and a political wheeler dealer in the Cross City area. He was also one of the mainstays around the Cross City boosters club. Bud had heard several people say that if not for Big John's political power, his son Scott never would have been offered a football scholarship to play for the Cavaliers. The second man, a younger and nice looking black man was Walt's first cousin, Rudy. He had seen Rudy on several occasions, mostly when Rudy had come into the dressing room after practice or games. But the man on his right was the greatest surprise of all. It was Don Stevens, the supposed pro scout. "Good evening, Rex, how are you, my boy," Big John said flashing a toothy grin.Big John looked like a cross between Telly Savalas and Mr. Clean. He was tall, big muscled and bald with heavy eyebrows. "I hope you weren't too roughed up in the, shall we say, transportation portion of our little event tonight." The man's grin turned evil while he awaited Rex's reply. "What's going on, Mr. Sturgis? Is this some prank that Scott and Walter have pulled on me?" "No prank, Rex. Just a matter of lifting the first string quarterback so the second string quarterback can get some playing time." "What?" Rex exclaimed. "Rex, my boy. Very simply, I think my son deserves a chance to be the hero in the big game. With you out of the way, he should get that chance." "That's ludicrous! Let me go," Rex demanded. Rex turned his head to the man he knew as Don Stevens and said, "Why are you here? Are you a scout or not?" The man chuckled and replied, "You stupid son-of-a-bitch! That's right, kid. I'm no pro scout and my name's not Don Stevens. But you sure fell for it, you stupid shit." Big John chuckled, stuck out his large, fatty hand and placed it on Rex's bare shoulder. The young man was nude except for the blanket that now rested over his waist. Big John brought his hand down to Rex's chest and felt the lad's thin blonde curls.He moved his hand over Rex's bust several times before Rex demanded, "Don't touch me like that." Big John lifted his hand and said, "Rex, I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this. You see, I thought after you missed those two practices that Coach Stone would suspend you from the team. By the way, I was the one who got my friend here and that young boy to seduce you this afternoon and two days ago. My son said he thought the pro scout thing would seduce the ego right off of you." The large man added, "You're too stupid and horny for your own good, Rex Parker. Just too horny." He laughed out loud and looked to the black man in the room who returned an obligatory smile and chuckle. Big John interrupted. "Well, it all worked Rex except that blockhead of a coach decided to still let you play anyhow. Maybe we should have sent the asshole some pictures of you with the kid." Rex was astonished. He found it difficult to comprehend that it meant this much to Big John to see his son play. He also felt cheapened knowing that the man and boy had hustled him; in fact, it cheapened the fantastic sex Rex recalled having enjoyed with the boy. "Who was the kid?" Rex asked. "Guess I should've known he couldn't have been your son. He was too cute to have come from your fat, ugly loins." The man took a quick step forward and grabbed Rex tightly by the throat. He was about to hurt the young man before Big John grabbed him by the arm."Leave him alone. Our orders are to make sure we don't physically hurt him." Turning to Rex, Big John said, "I don't know who the kid was. Just some little hustler runaway from the wrong side of the tracks. He needed to make a few bucks and told us his middle name was Stevens, so we took it from there. My son and Walt said you'd go for the small, petite type just as long as he made you feel worshipped." Upon recovering from the choke hold the large man had put on him, Rex said, "Mr. Sturgis, you can't keep me like this. Regardless of your political power around here, you can't get away with this." "But I think I can, Rex. I have other help. You must remember that some important townspeople don't want to see the Cavaliers win the big game. What I have worked out is a win-win situation for all of us. Either the Cavaliers win and my son becomes the local hero or they lose and other purposes are served such as the town having a good reason to fire that asshole of a coach." Big John stepped closer to Rex, again surveying the boy's body. He nodded to the young black man and said, "I think it's time we secure him to the bed. No need to give him a chance to run out on us." Immediately, the three men grabbed Rex again and carried him to a nearby bed. Rex noticed how richly decorated the room was as the trio tied him. Rex's wrists were tied to the headboard, with his ankles tied to a bedpost at each end. One of the three drew the blanket completely away from the boy's body, leaving the young quarterback uncovered and naked. He watched intently as Big John approached him again. The large man ran his hands up Rex's left side, over his breast and then back down to his stomach. He rested his hand there, looked down at Rex's fully exposed privates. He said, "My, my, my. You are an attractive young man, Mr. Parker. Nice and attractive." He reached down and grabbed Rex's flaccid cock. He examined it before beginning to rub it. He smiled as he felt the dick reacting in his hand. "Please stop. I don't want you touching me," Rex said. "But I think you do, Rex. I think you do. Your fine dick is warming up for me. See?" Big John continued stroking the youthful cock. He moved around on the bed to take Rex's balls in his free hand. He caressed the boy's privates until the dick pulsed and throbbed into a full hard on. "Please don't," Rex mumbled. But his request went unheard. He felt one of Big John's hand leave his nuts and begin to caress his stomach and chest. He felt the older man's fingers pinching at his left nipple. With his other hand, the powerful man continued stroking the young man's erection. Rex noticed how the older man seem to really enjoy discovering the various parts of his body. He wished his cock had not grown so hard under the man's stimulation. "Oh yes, Rex. Oh yes, this is fine, real fine. The general will be very pleased." Again surprised, Rex asked, "The general? General who?" "General Berrigan, Rex. I'm sure the two of you have met. This is his mansion that you're in. I'm sure he will be in here any minute now to inspect the merchandise." At that point, Rex continued feeling Big John's rough hand working at his cock. His dick offered its pre-cum as a lubricant, making it easier and more enjoyable for Big John's hand to manipulate the hammer. With his other hand, Big John left the boy's chest to push the boy's tied legs a little further apart. The older man then worked his middle finger into Rex's ass. A wicked smile crossed his face as Rex yelped. "Yeah, Rex, you like getting screwed, don't you? Scott said you were a male slut. Just a regular whore," Big John said. Rex did not reply, but tried twisting so Big John could not so easily jack his cock or finger fuck his butt. "I bet this ass could take my whole fist. Could it, Rex?" "Please, Mr. Sturgis. I've done nothing to you. Please don't hurt me," the quarterback said as he strained against the ropes. Big John smiled, withdrew his finger from the young man's butt and then offered it to Rex. "Lick it, Rex. Lick my finger." Rex refused, but in a total sign of disrespect Big John wiped the finger over the boy's lips. "Such a slut, Parker. Just as my boy said, you are one big slut." At that point, the doors opened and in walked General Berrigan. He grinned, showing that evil spark in his face, and moved over to look at the naked quarterback. He reached down to caress Rex's muscular leg with its sexy blond hairs. "You men are excused now," the general said to the young black man and the older man who had pretended to be the pro scout. After the two had left the room, the general said, "John, at first, I really didn't want you bringing the boy here, but on second look, I'm sure glad you did." "You're welcome, sir," Big John said in a way that seemed like he was kissing ass. "I had so much going on in the other room," the general said, "until I just didn't know if this interested me. But now that I see Mr. Parker so bareassed naked and all..."The general stopped. With Rex watching his every move, the general took off his blue robe, pushed himself at Rex's naked frame and covered Rex with his own bare body. The general kissed at the boy's neck while grinding their crotches together. He reached down and placed his longer cock next to Rex's thicker one. The heat from the athlete's stimulated loins was tremendous, bringing an immediate erection to the general's cock. "Oh yes, Mr. Parker, you are so damn cute. Such a stud, and I understand quite a lover." The general scooted down quickly to take Rex's hard cock into this mouth. The meat felt great, its slit yielded the young man's internal taste. The general licked, sucked and chewed up and down on the swelling stalk. At that point, Big John stripped off his clothes. He straddled Rex's neck and began rubbing his hardening dick and zesty balls over the captured boy's face. "Please stop this; I don't want you touching me," Rex said to Big John in particular, but also hoping the general would get the message. Instead, Big John took his hefty sausage at its base, raised his ass and placed his cock so he could rub it over the quarterback's moist lips. Rex felt Big John's uncut cock at his mouth while also unconsciously feeding his own dick into the general's greedy orifice. He felt the general sucking his dick and massaging his nuts with deep precision. Even though he was sexually exhausted, he knew the man was expert enough to bring him off. "Yeah, he's getting worked up; he'll be wanting my cock down his throat any second now," Big John said in a labored voice, his cock pulsating, its head and slit sliding over Rex's wet lips. "Yeah, oh yeah, just like my son said, you are one big slut!" Rex raised his hips to offer the general all of his bloated, lusty stalk. He needed to come again and decided to let the general have him. He hoped to win favor with the man. At the same time, Big John's nasty crotch continued to beat at his face, almost smothering him, yet he did not want to take the beefy man's prick. He felt the general squeeze his balls, drawing the beads of liquid pearl from his cockhead. Orgasmic charges captured his body, sending those now familiar sparks from his balls to his belly and other parts. "Aaawwwgghhh, aaawwwggghhh, I'm coming, I'm coming right now," Rex said as he gave his cock juices to the general. The general sucked down tight on his cock, taking all of his semen. It was a light load, obviously the day's activities had drained him. Unable to convince Rex to take his cock, Big John satisfied himself by jacking his inflated meat with his hand while swinging his balls across Rex's upturned face. When Rex screamed and moaned from his own orgasmic jolts, Big John stuck his balls into the edges of the boy's mouth. Within seconds, Big John fired his own raging load straight down into the boy's face. Rex felt the warm juices hitting his cheeks, chin and forehead. He could not avoid the creamy raindrops from striking his eyes and even finding his tongue and mouth. "Yeah, he likes it, the slut likes feeling my cum all over that pretty face," Big John said. The general did not pay any attention, instead he kissed Rex's thighs and lower legs with fondness. He liked the feel of the quarterback's lower body and now wished he had taken the boy to himself without Big John's company. The general felt his own cock standing tall. Rex's hairy leg was used to stimulate the sexy stalk and to get it ready for the boy's fine, hot ass. But when the general asked Big John to move off the boy, he heard screaming in the hallway and knew that his in-house goons and the butler were upset at something. The general and Big John heard the doors fling open to their playroom. They looked up to see Jamie Andrews standing in the doorway, surrounded by three dumb-looking bodyguard types. "Ohmygad, you're all naked, and that's Rex there," the wide receiver said. "What's going on? Who's fucking whom here?" The general lost his temper. Turning to the butler and the goons, the general roared. "Damn it! You royal fuck ups! That boy wasn't suppose to know about this. You stupid shits! I'll dock all of your pay." "We're most sorry, general," James, the butler, said. "He just got loose. We were afraid he would leave." Again, Jamie asked, "What's going on here? Why is Rex tied up?" "I've been kidnapped," Rex said immediately. "Kidnapped? That's crazy," Jamie said. "Yes it is," the general agreed. "What's going on here is not kidnapping. Rex is just staying with us a while. Until, after the big game." "What?" Jamie exclaimed. "You heard me correctly, Jamie. And I'm afraid now that you will have to remain with us longer than planned." Big John immediately thought of his son, Scott, and how much Scott would need Jamie playing in the game if the Cavaliers were to win. He tried protesting to the general, but Oscar Berrigan replied, "Jamie isn't getting the chance to ruin things. And as I told you in the beginning of our plan, John, the most important thing is for Cross City to lose this game. I'll help you make sure that Rex Parker isn't the quarterback, but your boy Scott is totally on his own if he thinks he can become the new town hero." "But you'll make him the town goat instead," Big John said. "No, if he's the quarterback and stud boy that his daddy says he is, he'll pull it out for himself. Otherwise, I think you protest too much, Daddy John. Hush." "But, but..." Big John stammered wanting to help his son. "John, I said, hush. I'd hate to have to bend that big butt of yours over and fuck it in front of all these two young men to teach you a lesson. I might even have to get my giant electric dildo after it, again." Big John's face turned a beet red, but he did not say a word. Those in the room could sense the man's hurt, but nobody cared. A silence fell over the room. The general forgot about Big John, instead directing his concerns to Jamie. After all, he had enjoyed fucking the young man and his humongous cock; he wanted seconds and thirds, if everything could be worked out okay."Don't worry, Jamie. Rex will not be harmed, and you will get your scholarship from me. So nothing is really lost here." "But please General Berrigan. Please let us go, please. Rex must be there for the big game." The general smiled, but shook his head to imply `no'. He instructed his goons to take Jamie to the basement and to restrain him.He told Big John to gather his clothes and to keep watch to ensure that Jamie did not get free. When the doors were shut and he was alone with Rex, the general turned his personal attentions back to the young man. He kissed Rex, forced his tongue far into the boy's throat, twinked his nipples time after time and then pushed his own ready cock into the boy's flaccid dick, his balls and other parts below. The macho Army leader sawed at the boy's nutsac with his stiff peter. After a several swings, he steered his red hot shaft lower and jabbed his cockhead into the boy's anal opening. His breathing became labored. "Only if I have your permission, Mr. Parker," the general said before nudging Rex's ass with his cockhead. Rex could not comprehend why the general would force him into a submissive position and then ask for permission to fuck him. Otherwise, he really did not care, not after the day he had experienced with Johnny Bristow, Coach Stone, Walter Snowden and Big John. After all, he considered the general a good looking, physically fit man. And, he wanted his freedom and the chance to play in the big game more than anything. He pondered the situation and relented, "Go ahead, General Berrigan, amuse yourself, but please understand that I want to play in the big game." The general grunted and aimed his ramrod. The loose skin peeled back from his cockhead and introduced the pecker head to the warm anal tap. He prepared to fuck the quarterback.

9 -- Time For Confessions

Chief Mal Brown knew he had to solve the case of the missing quarterback as soon as possible. He knew the townspeople of Cross City wanted nothing less than to make sure their star quarterback was playing in the big game. Time was running out and he had to act fast. Rather than waiting for Walter Snowden to be picked up and brought into the police station for questioning, the chief decided to pay the tailback a personal visit early the next morning. When he knocked on the door to Walter's dorm room, he heard the tailback call out, "come on in, the door's open." The chief walked in and realized that his presence had surprised Walter. The young black athlete wore only a maroon-colored waist wrap. He was otherwise naked. The chief noticed his smooth, slick torso that created an abundance of sexy cleavage. The athlete's chest and pointed, meaty nipples drew plenty of attention. His belly button stuck out to be noticed as well. "Walter, I am..." "I know who you are, chief," the boy interrupted. "Are you here to ask me about Rex Parker?" "Yes, what can you tell me?" "Not much. I just came running when I heard all the commotion. I didn't see anything, even though I was about the first one on the scene." "I understand you saw the men who left." "No sir." "But Walter, we have another witness who saw the three men carrying a body under a blanket, and that witness says when he rushed into the room that you were already present.""I don't care what that other witness claims. I didn't see anything." Mal Brown noticed the boy's irritation. He had been in the investigation business too long to believe Walter. At the same time, he also thought the boy must have a reason for needing to lie. He eyed the boy's fine-looking body, again admiring its ebony features, its slickness and its muscle tones.He wondered if maybe he could take advantage of the situation and still get the information he needed. After all, he had made it with Johnny Bristow and, as a result, the young man had called to tell him what he knew. Noticing that Walter had not bothered to put on a shirt and believing that the stories about he and Rex Parker were true, Mal Brown decided to press the issue. "Walter, I've been told that some of the players here in the dorm think you were in here sleeping with Rex when he was abducted."The chief saw Walter swallow deeply and noticed the young man's eyes open wide. He knew he had struck a cord. "No sir, that's a lie," Walter replied. The chief could not take his eyes from the boy's chest. He knew something about his questioning had really stirred the boy because Walt's nipples had stiffened. Deciding that maybe Walter needed some encouragement to relax and tell all of his story, the chief went further. He stepped toward the tailback, placed one hand on his bare right shoulder and then brought his free hand up to touch the boy's left side. "Walter, if you lie to me, you will be charged with obstructing justice and maybe even conspiracy to kidnap. Either of those will ruin your football career." The chief knew he was now in charge. He also knew his own loins were beginning to boil. He could not deny his attraction to the black athlete.Walter hesitated, started to speak and then changed his mind. Eventually he said, "I can't tell you anything, chief. I just can't!" The chief decided to press forward. "Walt, we know there were two types of semen found on Rex Parker's bed sheet. Is the second type yours?" "You what?" "You heard me, son," the chief replied, leaving the obligation for a response up to Walter. The boy paused for a long while. He looked up at the chief and said, "I don't know what you are saying." But Mal Brown knew that Walter understood. The chief was confident that Walter was now his for the taking. His own cock stiffened as he slowly moved his hand up the boy's side. He massaged Walter's alluring pectoral and brought his thumb around to strum the boy's highly excited nipple. Walter moaned, but quickly stopped himself. "Please don't do that. You shouldn't do that," Walter said before taking a step back from the seductive chief. Mal Brown became relentless. He stepped toward Walter, wrapped one of his muscular arms around the lad and brought him close to his body.As the young man looked up at him, the chief said, "Walt, we can either be honest with each other starting right now or I can have you charged with obstructing justice and make sure you don't play in the big game."Without hesitation, the chief used one of his strong, rough hands to again knead at Walter's chest. The young man could not deny the physical attraction to the handsome chief. He wondered if the chief was actually trying to seduce the information from him. If so, he doubted he would be able to hold back. He reasoned that maybe he could screw the chief and strike a bargain that would prevent him from having to spill his guts. The chief's warm body pressed against his. A noticeable erection sprang from under the wrap, too obvious for the chief not to notice. The two starred longingly at each other. Finally, the chief again pinched down on Walter's left nipple and leaned his lips into the boy's fresh mouth. Their faces locked together in a hard, deep kiss. For several moments, they both lost themselves until the chief moved his free hand down to untie the wrap around Walter's waist. When the fabric dropped to the floor, the chief looked down to admire Walter's long, bloated tube. "I have a bed in the other room; we can be more comfortable in there," Walt said. With his breathing having grown deep from the passionate kiss, the chief replied, "Show me the way."When Walter turned for the bedroom, the chief grabbed him on his taut butt and pulled Walter to him again. He kissed the boy's neck and let his hands roam from the boy's buttocks, up his back and around to his chest. He was growing fond of the young man and wanted to feel all of his body. He pinched at Walter's fine nipples before the lad again encouraged him to move into his bedroom. Once there, the chief stripped out of his own uniform. Walter sat back on the bed and admired the man's body as each piece of clothing was shed. "You've got a nice body yourself, old man," the boy said, knowing the chief was still young enough to give him all he could handle in the sack. The chief grabbed Walter, bringing their two cocks together. Their dicks were almost identical in size, creating a further point of identification for them. As the chief rubbed their cocks together, Walter leaned down to nurse from one of the chief's perky projecting paps. The boy chewed on the tit causing both of their cocks to throb madly and to become engorged. With Walter encouraging his every move, the chief leaned the boy back on the bed, hooked the tailback's wonderfully built legs over his own broad shoulders and then rubbed his own white cock over the lad's sensitive black balls. "Man, I want that fine, well-bred cock of yours. I want it in my ass, chief." "Do you? Do you?" the chief asked while using the head of his shaft to scrabble the boy's anal opening. "Please chief. Fuck me. Fuck me, now." "Oh Walt, I'm going to fuck you alright, But first, you have to tell me who abducted Rex Parker. After all, business before pleasure." "I don't know, and I couldn't tell you if I did," the athlete retorted. "Now please, I want your dick. I want to feel you inside me. Please, Chief Brown. Please." "Tell me what I want to know, Walter," the chief insisted, again letting his cock only nudge the beginning to the tailback's tail. "Oh chief, come on. Screw me," the boy exclaimed while reaching up to tug at the chief's two inviting nipples. He tried pulling the chief into him by using the chief's hot tits for leverage. It didn't work. "Are you going to cooperate," the chief asked while holding his own cock by its base."I can't, chief, I just can't," Walter said. The chief got ready to lift his naked frame and yearning dick from Walter's body when the young man grabbed him and hugged him, refusing to let him go. Walter kissed the chief hard on his mouth, looked him in the eyes at close range, and said, "You are about the hottest piece in this town. Please fuck me. Please." "Sorry, Walter. If you can't help me, I can't help you." The chief broke the embrace, but Walter quickly brought his mouth down to lick, kiss and suck at the chief's expansive chest and its colored crests. The chief thought about how Johnny Bristow had done the same thing. He stopped the young man's seductive actions. But Walter's desire for the chief's body overtook his need to protect himself. He leaned back and said, "Okay, don't leave, Chief Brown. Fuck me, and I'll tell you what you want to know." The chief smiled and took the running back into his muscular arms. He kissed Walt, again spreading the boy's legs and shoving his massive cock an inch or two up the boy's tail. Walter gasp when he felt the chief's cockhead enter him. He gasped a second time when the chief grabbed at his own cock and began stroking it. "Now, tell me, Walter. Where's Rex?" As Walter began to tell the chief what he knew, the chief slowly edged his princely pecker deeper and deeper into him. When the chief began to increase the rhythm, Walter uttered more and more details about what had occurred and how Big John Sturgis had demanded that he work with them to set up Rex Parker. He described how Big John threatened to reveal his and Rex's homosexual affair to the entire town and how Big John said he ould get Walt's cousin, Rudy, fired from his job. Then, as the chief's cock began to pound Walter's sweet ass, the boy screamed out the last of what he knew. The chief was convinced that Walter had told him the truth including that Walter did not actually know where they had taken the quarterback. "Ah Walt, baby, my baby. Good boy. Oh this is good," the chief moaned as the two fucked away at each other's bodies. The chief stroked Walter's hungry, stiff cock as he penetrated the athlete's tight anal canal to the hilt.The chief pounded Walter's ass as Walter clawed at Mal Brown's own firm buttocks. Their crescendo stirred the deepest sexual charges in both of them. It wasn't long before they both surrendered to their sexual needs. When Walter's imposing staff began to fire its heavy cream, hitting the chief's belly and chest, the chief let his own cock syrup spray into the black man's fine butt. They held each other tight, kissing passionately.

10 -- Beam Me Up, Scottie

Football practice for the Cross City Cavaliers had gone poorly the afternoon before the big game. Coach Lee Stone was disappointed and depressed. He could not believe that not only had Rex Parker been abducted, but also Jamie Andrews had missed practice without an excuse. The coach knew the Cavaliers would not win without their two star performers. The coach went into his private office, met with his assistants for a few minutes and then sat down alone. He thought about his troubles. He thought about calling Lance to see if he could get a nice, long massage. That would relax him. When the locker room was just about free of the last remaining players, Lee Stone shut the door to his office, stripped out of his clothes and headed into his private shower.He knew a long, hot shower also would relax him. As the water cascaded down his body, he enjoyed its warmth. He caressed his own fine dick and considered beating off for the thrill of it, but thought it best to save his load for Lance. As a substitute, he let the water massage his back, enjoying the stream as it ran down into the crack of his firm, unblemished ass. After about ten minutes, he turned off the water, wiped the droplets from his eyes and opened the curtain. Standing before him, wearing a tee shirt and gym shorts was none other than Scott Sturgis. The coach grabbed a nearby towel to dry the water from his face and eyes. "What's going on, Scott? Can I help you with anything?" "Oh yes, Coach Stone," the boy said, his voice quivering, but unmistakably serious. "You can help me with a whole lot of things." "Well, name it. What questions do you have? Looks like you will be the quarterback tomorrow. I might as well help you feel comfortable running the team." "I think there are other ways you could help me feel comfortable," Scott suggested as he raised his left eyebrow, smiled and then lured at the coach's beautiful naked body. The coach wrapped the towel around his middle, but he became even more uncomfortable when the second team quarterback stepped to within inches of him. The young man then reached out, grabbed his coach by the bicep and said, "I want to be close to you in the same ways that Rex got close to you." "What in the hell do you mean by that, Scott," the coach replied. Scott did not retreat. Instead, he put both hands on his coach's shoulders and began to knead them lightly. "I know what you and Rex did in here yesterday. I know that even though he missed two practices, you kept him as quarterback because he let you fuck him. Well, I want to be that close to you as well." "You're crazy boy," the coach said removing Scott's hands from his bare shoulders. "And another thing, I don't like people who invade other people's privacy or eavesdrop on their conversations." The stoic coach got ready to push his body past the boy to get to his clothes, but as he moved to the side of the quarterback, Scott grabbed him around his bare belly and turned him so they faced each other again. Without hesitation, Scott Sturis then embraced his coach, moving his lips to cover the coach's own seductive mouth. With his moves well planned, Scott reacted confidently, quickly stripping the coach of the towel. But the coach pushed the quarterback away from his now naked body. "Damn Scott, I'm not interested, son." The young man was not about to be denied so easily. Again, he stepped in to push his body into Lee Stone's body. He wrapped his hand around the coach's swelling cock and leaned in to kiss down the coach's neck. Coach Stone gasped, obviously stimulated by the young man's touch. "Oh Coach Stone, please let me feel close to you. Please. Please." The desperation in the boy's voice caused Lee Stone to pause instead of again pushing Scott away. It was just the opportunity that Scott needed. "Your body feels so good, Coach Stone. So damn good." Almost like flashes of lightning, two thoughts occurred to the coach. Regardless of what he thought about the young man's quarterbacking abilities, he knew he could enjoy screwing Scott Sturgis. Secondly, almost by instinct, it occurred to him that Scott knew something about Rex's whereabouts.With a fiery need to get his rocks off again and a tremendous need to locate Rex Parker, Coach Lee Stone relaxed his body and gave himself to his young admirer. Scott rubbed across his coach's chest, finding the older man's nipples and caressing his firm belly. "Oh, Coach Stone, you make me feel so weak, so crazy, so hot," the boy moaned. Scott began to lick at the coach's upper body causing him to grow hotter and hornier. In return, Lee Stone quickly pulled the boy's tee shirt from his body and descended his mouth to Scott's chest and then over to the boy's ripen left nipple. He tongued the sweet flesh, noticing how much the lad's tit stood out and liking both its size and deep pink color. He again grabbed at the quarterback's crotch and squeezed it while sucking deeply at the tit. "Oh Coach, oh coach, please don't stop." Lee Stone took full advantage of the situation. He stripped Scott of his gym shorts and underwear. While holding the boy to him with one arm, he took his own now swollen cock by its base and sawed it back and forth across the middle portion of Scott's handsome dick. The young man's dick was a little above average in length. Its head seeped of love fluid that managed to grease both of the men. The coach intended to dominate the sex with the boy so he could get the information he wanted about Rex's whereabouts. He allowed Scott to lean in and press his lips tightly to one of his fine-looking nipples. The athlete formed a vacuum with his mouth and sucked hard, pulling all of the tit into his mouth. The coach groaned, arched his chest and encouraged Scott to chew the erogenous nipple. When both men were fully excited, the coach leaned Scott back to the floor of his office, just a few feet from where he had screwed Rex Parker the evening before. He positioned the boy's legs over his shoulders, creating an unrestricted passage to the boy's asshole. He pushed his cock forward and held it at the boy's anal opening. He stroked at Scott's highly excited dick, knowing the lad was only moments away from coming. He kissed the boy, held him tight and then pushed the head of his fat cock into his asshole. Scott hissed, yelped and begged the coach to take him. Coach Lee Stone rammed the rest of his mighty cock into the boy's ass. He held it there, too scared that he, too, would lose control and forget the purpose of this heated encounter with his player. He slowly rotated his hips while pumping at Scott's own cock. He heard the boy's passionate exclamations."Oh Coach Stone. Damn, your dick is so marvelous. You are the absolute fucking best." Lee Stone could not help but grin. As his stuffed cock stayed tucked in the depths of the boy's hot ass, he enjoyed watching Scott writhing in pleasure under him. He leaned his chest down and offered the kid another lapping of his manly nipples. He pushed his cock in a little further and then felt the young man's hip push themselves off the floor. He also felt the young cock swell even harder in his hand, and knew that Big John's son was about to come. Without warning, he dropped the young man's throbbing dick, and pulled his own big cock out so its head tapped at the very outside rim of Scott's well-toned butt. He held it there. Breathing deeply, the coach skillfully took one of his long fingers and circled the boy's fresh nipples. Coach Stone then pinched at each of the pinkish-brown paps, enough to further excite the young man, but not enough to cause pain. Scott realized he was being teased while held on the edge of a huge, ball-breaking cum. "Please Coach Stone, please. Make me come. Fuck me. Finish me. Please!" The boy grabbed the coach by his firm buttocks and attempted to push the man's oversized cock back into him. It didn't work. "Do you want me, Scott?" "Oh god, yes, yes, I do, coach, please." "Then tell me, where is Rex Parker? Where he is?" Without an alternative and yet wanting to be fucked to satisfaction by his handsome coach, the second string quarterback spilled his guts. Even while feeling regret, Scott told the coach that he thought his father was holding Rex in a room at General Berrigan's mansion. When the coach's hand returned to his dick, Scott released every detail that he knew. When the coach pushed his own cock back into Scott's ass, the boy held nothing back and told the coach how the plans had been made by his father and the general. Within a few seconds, Lee Stone pumped his seed into the far reaches of his player's ass and then held the boy tight as he pumped Scott's spitting cock. The coach kissed the boy's forehead as he felt Scott's warm load splattering against his own hairy belly. Their cums were steamy. * * * * *

The virile police chief sat at his desk trying to figure out where Rex Parker could be at that very moment. The chief smiled and rubbed at his own crotch as he thought about how he had been following Rex Parker around -- from the ass of Johnny Bristow to the butt of Walter Snowden. At least, he knew the college quarterback had been well fucked before having been abducted. He knew what Walter Snowden, the team's tailback, had told him. He also knew what little Johnny Bristow had called to tell him about having set up Rex Parker earlier in the week. The chief studied the information he had received on a computer printout. The printout showed that three other callers had reported seeing young men they thought might be Rex Parker, but his deputies had checked those leads out without success. As he analyzed the situation, the chief absentmindedly let his strong fingers leave his crotch to play with the outline of his own nipple that displayed itself against the shirt of his uniform. He thought about how little Johnny had sucked at both his tits and cock. He understood how the kid could have been effective at working with someone else to seduce the quarterback. After all, he wanted more of the boy himself. Suddenly, the phone rang, causing the chief to end his thoughts about Johnny Bristow's seductive ass. The voice on the other end was Coach Lee Stone. The call could not have come at a more ideal time. The information the coach had gotten out of Scott Sturgis would piece together the rest of the puzzle.

11 -- Behind Door Number 3

Chief Mal Brown knew that dealing with Oscar Berrigan would not be easy.He knew the man had enough power and influence to take his badge and run him out of town. He knew that when the general spoke, people listened, and they took orders. After he had talked with Walter and Johnny and had heard what Lee Stone told him, he was convinced that the general had arranged the abductions.As the general showed Chief Brown from room to room in his opulent mansion, not a trace of either Rex Parker or Jamie Andrews was found. Yet, Mal Brown knew that Oscar Berrigan knew of their whereabouts, and he also knew that if he did not find them the townspeople themselves might also give him cause to worry about his job. He thought about forcing the issue with the general and returning with a search warrant so the entire premises could be combed. But all of his thinking soon changed. Right before entering one of the last rooms in the mansion, the general turned to the chief and said, "While I don't have your other boys here, I do have a surprise for you, Chief Brown. A very, big surprise." Before Mal Brown could respond, the general swung open the big oak door to his private bedroom. Lying on a large, brass antique bed, wearing only the golden thong and no shirt, was Nicky, the chief's own son. Both man and boy were dumbfounded to see each other. The general bellowed with laughter. "Go on in, Chief Brown. I'm sure you recognize this adorable young lad." "What the fuck," the chief exclaimed. Nicky quickly jumped up from the bed. He was embarrassed and grabbed for his tee shirt. The general stopped him. "Don't do that son," the general ordered. "Just what is going on here," the chief asked. "Well, Chief Brown. I think we have reached the point to where I need to let you know what's going on, and you need to decide what your decision is going to be about things." Mal Brown could not help but dart his eyes from the general to his son. He found Nicky particularly cute for a boy his age. He was proud of his son and knew the kid possessed his own magnetic sexual attractions with both sexes. He observed the boy's bulge under the thong, and felt his own loins react. "What's going on, general? I need to know." "And you shall, good chief. You want the two football players, right?" "Yes, that's correct," Mal Brown answered. "And you want a college scholarship for your son, right?" "Yes, very much, if you can arrange it.""Of course I can, and I will. And, you also want to keep your own job and maybe have a hefty little raise provided you, right?" "That would be quite nice, General Berrigan. Yes," the chief said now finding himself willing to be more accommodating to the general's behaviors. "Then, tell me. Do you understand why I would find both you and your son very sexually attractive?" The chief swallowed hard and felt a strong surge of sexual energy flood his entire body. He looked over to see Nicky rubbing at his own crotch. He noticed the boy now had an erection that stretched the thong. "Well, do you understand that chief," the general asked again. "Yes, I guess I can. But what are you leading up to, sir? What do you want?" The general smiled. He walked up to Mal Brown, placed both hands on the chief's shoulders. "Ease up, my man. Be cooperative for just a momemt. Hush."Wanting to see where Oscar Berrigan was leading him, Mal Brown did not say a word or make any movement. The general worked his long fingers down the shirt of the chief's uniform. He took the chief's badge off, loosened the man's tie and slowly massaged the chief's chest. Nicky felt his crotch grow rock hard watching the general caress his father. He now waited with great anxiety to see what the general's request was going to be. Turning to Nicky, the general asked, "First of all Nicky, don't you need to get even more comfortable in front of your old man here?" Without answer, the sensuous, dark-skinned lad removed his gold thong, showing his raging boner and naked body to his dad. He could not recall the last time his father had seen him nude. Before Mal Brown could react to Nicky, the confident and aggressive general cupped his crotch and spoke. "What do I want," Oscar Berrigan asked while rubbing the chief's tender balls. "Now that you've asked, I'll tell you. I'll lead you to the Parker and Andrews boys; I'll give Nicky here a full, four-year scholarship without any other attachments; and I'll make sure you get a raise and some additional help, if..." The general deliberately paused. As the pause became pregnant, Mal Brown became impatient. "If what?" "If I can have the pleasure of watching you fuck your son." "If what?" the chief exclaimed. "That's right. You give me something and I'll give you a lot. What about it?" Nicky felt his cock pulsating. He had long imagined having sex with his father. Many times he had enjoyed the sounds of his father fucking women in their house. Several other times he had deliberately walked in on his father in the bathroom just to catch a glimpse of his father naked. And, above all, he had already told Oscar Berrigan that he would fuck his father if provided the opportunity. * * * * *

Meanwhile, as kickoff time neared for the big game, Rex Parker and Jamie Andrews sat bound in a secret room off the basement of the Berrigan mansion. Big John Sturgis stood over their naked bodies. Looking at the two youngsters, Big John said, "I should forget about that damn game and stay here and amuse myself with your peckers. That's what I should do. But I guess that can wait until the victory party." "What victory party," Rex asked. "The one we will have here as soon as the game is over. If Scotty leads the Cavaliers to victory, it will be a big one." "Scott can't lead a dog to shit," Rex replied. The comment angered Big John. He grabbed Rex by his penis and pulled. The pain made the young man yelp. "Let him alone," Jamie demanded. "He's only telling the truth. Scott's a loser!" "Oh, is he," Big John asked as he pulled a pocketknife from his pants. "Maybe the truth as you see it Mr. Andrews will change." Big John stooped down, grabbed Jamie's large dangling dick and held it in his hand. He stuck the knife to it, causing Jamie to gasp in fear. "Take it back, boy, or I'll cut your cock." Jamie hesitated. After a couple of seconds, Big John turned the blade of the knife to where its sharp edges could be felt along the young man's shaft. Jamie's face became flushed red. "I'm sorry. Please don't cut my cock. Please. I apologize for saying that about Scott. After all, he is a teammate," Jamie said. Big John smiled. But Rex retorted, "You're a sick man to be anyone's father." The smile left Big John's face. The shiny bald man took the point of the knife and placed it at Rex's nipple. He then nicked the tip of the quarterback's right tit. A small drop of blood surfaced. Rex wrenched, but he remained poised not wanting Big John to know that it hurt him. "Oh, a toughie, huh," Big John said. "Well, let's see how you like this!"The evil man then took the knife and, without warning, threw it down to the chair. Rex screamed upon reflex. He yelped, flinched, and looked down. The knife had stuck in the chair, just an inch from Rex's dick and balls. Big John laughed loudly, clapped his hands and stomped his foot. "That scared the shit out of you, didn't it Parker? Huh? You flinched like a pussy. Oh well, you kids have your kicks. I've got a ball game to go to and a son who is about to be the town hero." * * * * *

Coach Lee Stone pulled at his crotch as the halftime horn sounded. He thought about the tremendous blow job he had received from Lance just a couple of hours before the big game. It had relaxed him, but now he knew he would need another round of hot sex right after the game. At halftime, the scoreboard read: Visitors 13, Cross City 0.He knew his team had played good defense, but he also knew that his team was unlikely to score with Scott Sturgis playing quarterback. The sexy coach could not understand why Mal Brown had not been in a bigger hurry to find Rex and Jamie. He thought that as soon as he had let the chief know that Big John was involved and possibly even General Berrigan that the chief had lost interest in the search. Then again, he knew the chief had to protect his own ass and that Big John and General Berrigan had been responsible for various city and college employees having been fired. Still, he knew they would lose, if Rex and Jamie were not soon brought to the stadium. * * * * *

Nicky Brown and his father studied each other. Nicky saw the sexual flush filling his father's face. He saw the general release a wicked smile. He felt his own cock stiffen to a cement hardness. He hoped his father would agree to the general's request. Instead, he heard his father say, "You know General Berrigan that I cannot do that. I have to say `no' regardless of the stakes. I just can't, not with my own son." Nicky felt tremendous disappointment.But the general wasn't to be denied, at least, not without a fight. "But Chief Brown, the boy doesn't mind, and you have so much to lose if you refuse. Tell him, Nicky," the general ordered. "Dad, I want the scholarship. I've had sex with other men. I want to have sex with you. Look at what it's worth to both of us. Please, please..." Chief Mal Brown felt his loins heating up. He knew he was attracted to his own son. He also knew that the benefits of finding the two football players and getting Nicky a Berrigan Scholarship meant a lot to a lot of people. He exhaled as though pondering the situation. The general again stepped close to him. Before he realized it, the general began to unbutton his uniform shirt. He let the man have his fun. "You are a nice looking man, Chief Brown. So very physical. So big and so handsome. Please, how can you deny me, the boy and even yourself? Come on, give in to us," the general said as the last button was undone and the police chief's uniform shirt was pushed from his shoulders. Without a tee shirt on this time, the chief's splendid bare chest came into immediate view. The general then reached down and grabbed the chief's crotch. He squeezed gently and then started a slow massage. He motioned to Nicky to join them. "Chief Brown, you are a very good looking man. You are a well endowed man. So very well endowed," the general said as he continued caressing the chief's massive cock through the thin material of his uniform pants. Nicky quickly got off the bed and began to massage his father's broad, tanned back. The son recalled how he always enjoyed seeing his father going around their house without a shirt. Most of all, he knew of few men who had a bare chest that could compare with his father's. He was certain it would be the same with the man's cock. "Please dad. Just look upon it as being two guys getting it on. You don't have to consider it wrong. I want you. I want you so much." The chief knew that the general had his cock on the verge of erection. His son's soft hands felt marvelous on his back. He wanted to continue the action, but knew that he shouldn't. He quickly stepped away from both the general and his son, and he said, "I can't do this. It's not right." He grabbed his shirt from the floor and told Nicky, "Get dressed. You're going with me." The general only smiled and shook his head `no.'He walked over to a nightstand and took out a couple of poppers. Before the chief could button his shirt, the general walked back over to him, broke one of the poppers under the chief's nose and started caressing the chief's cock through his pants.The general was stonefaced serious as he said, "Mal Brown, you can cooperate and everything will work out fine for all of us. Or, I can have your job first thing tomorrow morning, and we can both embarrass this whole town with scandal." Mal Brown inhaled the sexually stimulating chemical while feeling the general working at his crotch and Nicky removing the shirt from his body. The general popped yet another `amy' allowing the chief to get fucked up on the sexual rush of the chemical itself. The chief knew he shouldn't be breathing the chemical or letting the general have his way, but he felt defenseless, especially with his own son helping the older man. He felt the general squeezing down hard on his swelling cock and felt his own son run his soothing hands to the front of his body. The two men led the half-conscious chief over to the bed. The general immediately ordered, "Go ahead, Nicky. Make your old man feel better. Go ahead. Get his clothes off." Nicky hesitated, but when the general raised an eyebrow and gave him an evil eye, he moved over to his father on the bed. After all, he knew what he and the general both wanted. The impatient general again ordered. "Go ahead, Nicky. Strip your father of his pants and under things. I want him naked now; I'm all hot just thinking about it." Even though he knew that his father could hate him later, the young man did as told. He took off his father's shoes and socks, unbuckled his belt and then pulled his uniform pants down his long, powerful legs. The general rubbed his own stiff cock as the chief's hairy legs were offered for viewing. "Go on, Nicky. Run your hands up those gorgeous legs all the way up to his shorts." Nicky obeyed. The general then said, "Go ahead, take his shorts off. Strip him to the buff for me." The lad placed his hands at the flanks of his father's underwear. The chief groaned and asked his son to stop. It was to no avail; Nicky was as horny as the general. The son eased his father's briefs down his lower body. The general moved in to get a closeup view. Both the son and the general examined the chief's massive, meaty crotch. They studied his cock that was almost as long as the general's and a lot thicker. They noticed his weighty, manly balls and his rich, silky pubic patch. The general reached down and began to stroke Mal Brown's oversized dick. He felt it growing in his hands as the chief groaned and repeatedly mumbled, "Stop... please stop this... oh... please stop... please don't, no... stop."When the lawman's powerful cock was swollen hard, the general let go of it, stepped back and told the son, "Take him. Show me how much you love your father." Nicky saw his father look at him as though wondering if his son could initiate a sex act with him.The inquisitive, but lust-filled frown covering his father's face was unique. But Nicky knew what the stakes were, knew how attracted he was to his father, and thought it best to obey the general. He pushed his naked body into his father. Both man and son collapsed into the bed together.Nicky leaned in and found his father's moist, warm mouth and intertwined their tongues in a passionate embrace. He ran his small hand across his father's expansive chest, enjoying the hard muscles. He then found his father's luscious tits. He circled the colored tit flesh with his fingers before caressing the nipples. He again heard his father groan and then, for the first time, felt their two hot cocks hugging, kissing and bumping each other. He felt the general reach down to push their dicks together. He heard the general chuckle as he forced the piss slit of the father's swollen cock to kiss the slit of his son's shapely cock. Nicky kissed his father's face and pinched at both of his nipples. He liked his dad's tits and wanted to devour them. He quickly dropped his lips on to the tasty morsels. At first he kissed them, then he nipped them with his teeth and then he locked his lips around the left one and sucked it up into his mouth in a way that forced his dad's chest to rise from the bed. "Oh, Nicky. Oh, what are you doing? What are we doing? Please stop, please," the father moaned. But the general ordered. "Go ahead, boy. He's too far gone to stop you. Look down here, his fat cock is already seeping. Feel it, it's lubricating both of you." Nicky felt the love oils from his father's cock as he explored his father's chest. With his hot, wet tongue, the son licked and kissed his father's large breasts, lapped at his toasted nipples, sucked out his pits and drilled his belly button. When he looked up, he saw the dripping slit of his father's lengthy cock starring at him, just a couple of inches away. The general held his father's cock by its base. He then heard the general say, "Take it, Nicky. Take it, son. Suck it!" He heard his father moan and felt a great sense of excitement when his father pushed his own hips up from the mattress as though offering himself to his son. Nicky kissed at the skin just at the top of his father's line of pubic hair, then said, "May I, dad? May I? Please?" "Give him permission! Give it to him," the general ordered. Heavy breathing from all three men filled the room and broke the silence while the general and Nicky waited approval from the strapping chief. Nicky asked again, "May I, dad? Please?" The chief elevated his hips even higher, reached down to remove the general's hand from around the base of his towering penis, placed his own hand there to steady the meaty pole, and then leaned his head back and said, "Go ahead, son. I'm all yours!" Nicky smiled, the general shouted "fabulous," and then the father hissed, groaned and uttered "damn, oh damn," as the son's lips and mouth enveloped his cockhead.

12 -- The Grand Finale

"You've almost got it, Jamie. Almost. Keep going," Rex whispered as his teammate sawed away at the ropes holding his hands. The knife that Big John had stuck into Rex's chair trying to scare the shit out of the quarterback was now being used to free the two star players. Jamie had been able to tip his chair, grab the knife's handle with his teeth and pull it out of the chair. He was then able to saw through the ropes that bound Rex's body and hands to the chair and now was trying to free Rex's wrists. Jamie knew he would never have been able to work the knife with his mouth if not for his oral experiences with handling cock. The two players stayed at it for more than 30 minutes, being careful to ensure that Jamie didn't drop the knife or that the knife did not accientally cut Rex. Within the next couple of minutes, Jamie was successful at freeing Rex's hands. Rex, in turn, untied his feet and then freed Jamie. Still naked, they had to find their clothes, but no garments were in sight. "Come on, Jamie. If I have to run naked through the steets of Cross City, I will make it to that game on time. And, I will report, Big John and General Berrigan -- those sons-of-bitches," Rex declared. Jamie then thought about the scholarship he would surely lose if he disobeyed the general. He also knew the game was at least half over and he doubted that he could help the outcome. He also was not about to leave the mansion naked or make enemies with Big John and the general. He knew he had been a willing participant. "No Rex, I have to get the general's clearance and I want to find my clothes," Jamie said. Rex replied, "You're nuts, Jamie. Do whatever you want, but I'm going to the game." Both young men left the secret room, found their way into the basement and then climbed the long stairs that led out.Once upstairs, they heard the unmistable sounds of passionate sex being enjoyed. Jamie knew it was coming from the general's private quarters. He turned to Rex and said, "Follow me. Let's look in." * * * * *

"Oh Nicky, baby... my son... oh, aawwgghh... that feels so damn marvelous," Mal Brown moaned as his lovable son lapped away at his pressurized cock. The chief felt his son licking down, around, over and along his entire cock. He knew the boy was taking the opportunity to discover every millimeter of his old man's dong. He felt Nicky drill his tongue into his cock's wide slit, tasting his pre-cum. He groaned without control, also noticing that the general had grabbed both of his sensitive nipples and was pinching and twisting on them with great vigor. As his fingernails clawed at Chief Brown's wide nipples, the general said, "Oh yes, Nicky boy. Your mouth is making your daddy crazy. So crazy. Keep at it." Nicky felt his father's cock begin to yield an almost constant stream of lubricant. After tasting several tonguings, he lifted his mouth from the cock, kissed along its long and thick dick, nipped at its hairy base, palmed its mushroomed top and then gathered all of his father's own head lube to grease the cockshaft. "Oh Nicky... I'm feeling too hot, son.We should stop, this. Please boy, let's stop." "You ain't stopping anything, Mr. Brown," the general declared. He then said, "Work him! Suck him!" as he pushed Nicky's mouth back on his father's hefty penis. The general leaned down and gathered one of the chief's perky and projecting nipples into the vacuum of his mouth. He sucked from the tit, exciting himself on the size of its fleshy tip. The chief moaned, "Oh general. Please. The boy shouldn't have to suck his father off." "But he wants to," the general said matter of factly. "No, please, I'm about to blow." But the general refused to help. "Take him, Nicky. Suck your dad's fat cock. Yeah, that's it, suck that big prick. Make it blow!" Even though he treasured the thought of sucking from the tube that had created him, Nicky had other preferences. He wanted to take advantage of the excitement and intensity that coarsed his daddy's dick. He wanted to be fucked. Without a second thought, he shifted his body to squat his ass on top of his father's stiff and now well oiled prick. As he aimed his asshole down toward it, he thought the cock was the prettiest and sexiest he had ever seen. "What? No Nicky, no," his father said from below. But the general grabbed the excited cock that rose from between the chief's legs and held it in place for young Nicky.He held the chief's neck down with the other hand while continuing to chew on the man's succulent tits. The chief wailed and surrendered. Nicky gasped as he felt the top of father's massive penis split his ass. As he dropped himself down on his daddy's delicious dick, he knew he had never felt anything so good. He was forced to groan without restraint when he felt his father grab his hips to screw the remainder of his enormous cock into his son's ass. It chilled him to know that his dad was working with him. When he finally felt his father's pubic hairs tickling his smooth asscheeks, he also thought it felt like the top of his old man's cock had hit the bottom of his throat. Father and son worked their bodies together for about a minute. They moaned and groaned and got lost in their kissing. Both fought to hold back his cum. Both moved to get even closer and tighter with the other. They were undisturbed. The general watched from the side of the bed. The man had seen many sex scenes in his time, but few that matched the sensuality of this father and son coupling. The sight of the two beautiful bodies -- one young and fresh; the other handsome and mature -- was splendid. Stimulated by the visual erotica of the father fucking his son, the general took the liberty of bringing himself off. "Oh daddy, I love you," Nicky said. "I love you, too, son. Very, very much," Mal Brown replied. "And I love watching you two fuck each other. So much!" the general exclaimed as a long, steamy strand of cum shot from his long, narrow dick, hitting Nicky on his sides and hitting the boy's father on his stomach. The general leaned on the bed so the rest of his cum rained upon the father and the son.The general's cum caused Nicky to lose all sense of place and being. Without regard for even his own ass, he began to rapidly screw his father's swollen cock. He reached down and grabbed his father's massive chest, using his thumbs to pick at the man's fine nipples. He abused his dad's tits while allowing his dad's dick to abuse the inner depths of his ass. It only took a few seconds of the maddening pace to bring off both father and son. In a passionate fury, they came together. As the chief shot his heavy load of man cum deep into his son's warm, loving ass, he leaned up, took his son's own dick in his hand and proceeded to milk the boy's shooting cock. He knew he would sample the boy's beautiful dick in many ways before they ever tired of each other. "Oh daddy... I'm coming so hard. So hard and so much," Nicky exclaimed. "Go ahead, boy. Join me, shoot it. Let me have it!" Mal Brown encouraged. With his own orgasm beginning to subside, he watched as his son's cock yielded its seed. The first large spurt landed high on the chief's chest, with several drops wetting his tits. Mal Brown knew he wanted his son. He forced his upper body upward, pulled hard at the head of the boy's shooting cock and worked the kid's tender balls. Just as he wanted, the boy's cock jerked and then blasted an even harder and heavier second load. The chief opened his mouth and caught his son's warm cream. Its taste delighted him. It was the seed of his seed. The boy's cock continued to spray his face and chest with its fuck juices. He heard Nicky moan grotesquely and felt the boy's anal muscles choking his deflating cock as the boy shot time and time again. He heard and felt the sloshing of his own cum as it enveloped his shrinking shaft. He knew he had soaked Nicky's ass with his own liquid seed."Oh yes, you two are magnificent. So magnificient," the general said, reaching his own hands out to Mal Brown's gorgeous chest to oil all of its skin with the juices that he and Nicky had deposited there. * * * * *

"Holy shit!" Rex Parker exclaimed as he watched the last of the scene while spying through a crack in the bedroom door. "Did you see what I saw?" Jamie Andrews turned to his football mate. "Damn! That's Nicky and his old man, our chief of police, fucking each other in there. Good heavens!" The two boys then looked at each other. Neither could hide his erection.They both smiled. "Come on, let's go join them," Jamie said. "Hell no!" Rex exclaimed. "You're nuts. We'd better clear out of here." But before either could decide, the first of the three goony bodyguards snuck up on them and grabbed Rex. Jamie tried to help free Rex again, but before he knew it, the other two goons had come running from around the corner and were helping out. Before long, the two players were subdued. One of the goons brought out handcuffs to shackle them together. The doors of the general's quarters opened at that moment. Rex looked up to see Oscar Berrigan tightening his robe as he asked, "What in the hell is all the commotion out here, yet again?" He saw the boys, smiled and threw back the doors to his bedroom. He said to the goons, "Bring those naked creatures in here." The chief and his son were just recovering from their wild sexual crescendo when they looked up to see Rex Parker and Jamie Andrews. The two players examined the chief's handsome body while the chief looked at them. Both boys felt a greater attraction to the chief than to either the general or President Hollis. The man exuded raw sex appeal. The men in the room took time to observe each other's naked appearance. After a long, awkward pause, the general told the truth and described how the two boys had gotten to his mansion. "Actually, I did not force either one here. Andrews came willingly; Parker there was brought by others." The chief did not waste any time. He asked the general, "But will you let them go now?" The general replied, "Will they promise not to talk? And will you stay here?" The chief answered, "I don't see why either one of them should want to talk. After all, Andrews came here on his own accord from what you have told me, and I know our fine quarterback there has dipped into about every ass in this city over the last few days. I don't think he wants the NFL or anybody else to know that about him. As for me staying here a while, if Nicky gets that scholarship, I don't see any reason why not to oblige you, sir." A deal was struck and an agreement was made. The chief, Nicky, Jamie, Bud and the general all agreed to remain confidential about the entire scenario. The general had clothes brought in for the two players, and then ordered his personal chauffeur to speed them to the stadium for the game. * * * * *

Lee Stone's cock ached. The coach was dejected, depressed and frustrated. Most of all, he wanted to get the game over with and make his way back to Lance. He needed release. The fourth quarter had just started, and while his own Cavaliers were behind still just 13-0, he knew that Scott Sturgis could not run the team or lead the offense to a touchdown. The kid had fumbled the snap twice, thrown three interceptions, and called the wrong play five other times. Lee Stone tried to calm the kid down, but all he got back was a wide-eyed, dreamy expression from the boy. He was now regretful that he had given his body to the kid, but realized that at the time, he did not have any choice.Then, just when the miserable coach was about to think for the hundredth time how Chief Brown had screwed up the investigation and had not found Rex and Jamie, he looked up to see the two star players running down the sidelines, dressed and ready to play.At first he thought he was hallucinating. The stadium was erupting in pandemonium. From behind the player's bench, Coach Stone heard Big John Sturgis yell, "You can't play those boys, coach. They didn't even care to be here on time." The coach looked at Big John, pulled at his own crotch and then replied, "They both play, and you shut the fuck up!"Big John knew he had to restrain himself. The student section went bonkers as the public address announcer said: "Checking in at quarterback for the Cross City Cavaliers is number 14, Rex Parker, and coming in at split end is number 82, Jamie Andrews." With the noise level in the stadium rising to deafening porportions, Rex took over as quarterback. On the first play, he handed off to Walter Snowden, who got great blocks from the offensive line and raced for 20 yards. On the second play, he threw a pass to Jamie for another 20 yards. On third down, he faked to Walter and hit Jamie with another pass. At that point, the fleet-footed split end broke two tackles and then out ran all other defenders to the end zone for a touchdown. Coach Lee Stone was excited and thought his team was coming back. He forgot, however, that Scott Sturgis held the ball for extra point kicks. Instead of holding the ball for the kicker, Sturgis fumbled it almost as if he didn't even care to help the team win. The extra point was no good. Both teams got the ball two more times. But even with Rex and Jamie in the game, the Cavaliers could not score. It seemed like the missed extra point had sapped their enthusiasm. With less than a minute to go in the game, the Cavaliers got the ball for the final time with less than a minute to go. Lee Stone called a couple of surprise plays that showed his mastery of the game. The plays allowed Rex and the offense to move the ball to the visitors' 15 yardline. With time running out, only one play remained in the game. Rex put his hands under the center's wide ass; he took the snap and dodged two tacklers before launching a pass to Jamie in the end zone. The pass looked like it would be too far out of Jamie's reach, but with the stadium's noise rising to a deafening pitch and with a chance to win the game at hand, the star player stretched out for the ball and felt it as it fell into his hands. He saw the referree hold up his hands indicating a touchdown as he hit the ground. The clock said there was no time left. The score stood at 13 to 12, but the Cavaliers had a chance to go for two points with the extra point play. Coach Lee Stone gave Rex the play to call and then patted his player's fine, young ass. The quarterback took Walter Snowden to the side, told him the play and said, "It's coming to you. Make it and I'll let you screw my ass all night. Don't make it and I'll never speak to you again." The play was called and the shifty, quick-footed tailback took the ball and cradled it in his arms like a baby. He got a great block from Jamie and the rest was history. He scored! Final score: The Champion Cavaliers 14 -- Visitors 13. * * * * *

Only one thing remained. With the team celebrating all around them, Coach Lee Stone watched as his star quarterback gave the media one interview after the other.Finally, after the media left the dressing room and things became quiet, Rex removed his pants and then his jock strap. Coach Stone walked over to him, slapped him on his bare ass and grabbed his buttocks, even with a few of the other players watching. Scott Sturgis watched dejected from across the room as the coach whispered to Rex Parker. "Get your shower and meet me in my office." Rex smiled. Rex was the last one out of the shower. He made sure that Scott and everyone else had left the locker room, and that no janitors or team managers were around. The star quarterback pulled on his dick as he walked over and pulled a bolt on the locker room door. He thought of Lee Stone with deep-seeded lust. Rex opened the door to the coach's office. He heard the man say, "Rex, I'm in here. In the shower."The cute athlete walked to the coach's spacious private shower, pulled the curtain back and smiled as he drank in the scene of his beautifully naked coach. The older man stood before him with a wild, raging hardon. Lee Stone held out his hands to Rex Parker. The quarterback accepted the invitation, stepped into the shower to join his coach and pulled the curtain shut. Coach Stone looked his star player in the eyes and said, "You are one fine ballplayer." The two embraced. Their bodies clung together, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, tit to tit and, best of all, hard cock to hard cock. The twosome drifted down to the shower floor.

* * * The End * * *