Straight Muscle Ass


There's a straight guy in my gym with the sexiest muscle ass I've ever seen. Highly fuckable, especially being straight.

I'm alone in the steam room with him, we're both jacking off. He has a large dick, 10 inches, but he looks with envy at Grossao.

- Wow. What a whopper... Might do a girl some real damage.

- You're not small either. And your body is bigger. Especially your butt. That must be a big turn on for the girls.

- Yeah, they love it, that's why I work especially hard on squats and stuff. Yours is pretty good too.

- Yeah it turns my bitches on. They love to eat my ass before I fuck them.

- Wow, mine have never done that to me. How does it feel?

- Hard to explain, you have to experience it. Wanna try?

- What d'you mean? I'm straight!

- Exactly. Since you're straight it doesn't turn you gay if you let me eat your ass. Just close your eyes and imagine it's your favorite bitch doing it for you. After all, a mouth's a mouth just like any other.

- You've got a point. But don't try anything queer...

- Of course. Now kneel here, open your thighs, lean on the bench, relax and let me do all the work. Keep playing with your dick.

- Are you sure it's ok for two straight guys to do it?

- Of course, I do it all the time with my buddies.

I kneel on the lower bench looking straight into the muscle guy's butt. Up close it looks even sexier, powerful muscles tight under smooth white skin, two big round cushions of male flesh quivering, joined by a deep moist crack, at the bottom of which I can see the most fuckable virgin asshole, a rosebud ready for the taking. My mouth waters, my dick drools. I love straight ass!

- Now open your buns for me. Spread them. Raise your hips so I can see the hole. Good, nice and clean. I'm gonna give you a good tongue bath. Are you ready?

He just groans, he's so nervous. I dive between his hot buttocks and stick my tongue out, lapping around the hole. He tastes fresh like a baby. He moans softly. The straight guy is loving his first rim job.

- How are you doing pal? Can I go on?

- Yeah, don't stop. Damn fuck it's amazing. Is that how your bitches do it?

- Well, they stick the whole tongue inside. Do you want to try that?

- Yeah, why not. Whoa! Oh man, that feels real good. Yeah, fuck yeah, keep going...

I hold fast to the muscle guy's huge thighs and shove my tongue inside him. He humps back to welcome me in. Not bad for a straight man. His powerful buttocks squeeze my face and his tight hole squishes my fat tongue. My thick lips are glued to the stretched borders of his chute. I start to wriggle my tongue, move it in and out, and he goes wild, thrashing and moaning.

- Yeah man, eat that straight ass. I bet those gay guys don't know how to eat an ass like you do. Fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm shooting. Oh fuck, I never came like that, fuck yeah!

I cup my hands to collect the straight guy's huge load. He collapses on the bench, ass still wide open.

- Want to go for another one?

- Yeah man that was fucking good.

- Just let go. This time it will be even better. Feel that hot cream I'm sticking into your hole? It's your own cum. Doesn't that feel hot?

- Wow, that's kinky... Mmmm... Good... What's that?

- My fingers. I'm stretching your hole open so I can work inside. You have a highly sensitive anus you know, nobody ever told you that?

- Never. Is that bad?

- Well it puts you at high risk of turning gay if you don't get the right treatment. You're lucky 'cause I'm an expert in treating sensitive anuses.

- Thank god. So what do I have to do?

- Nothing. Just bend over, relax and let me work. It might be painful but you have to take it like a man. Unless you want to turn gay...

- That, never. I'll take any pain to avoid that. Go ahead.

I keep working his tight hole with my fingers, getting him loose enough for Grossao. He's moaning again, wanking his big dick. I stick one, two, three fingers, and soon he's taking four. His sphincter is amazingly pliant and receptive. This straight muscle ass was born to be fucked.

- Fuck yeah, dude, I don't know what you're doing but I love that treatment. Thank god I have that sensitive anus otherwise I might have never experienced this, it feels so good. I may even cum again.

- Hold it stud 'cause it'll get much better. Now relax for this might cause some pain.

I place Grossao's giant head right on target and feel the hot hole greased with the straight guy's own cum quivering under my big dick.

- Ready?

- Yeah dude, just give it to me. As they say, no pain no gain.

- Now take a deep breath, squeeze your hole when you exhale, let it go loose when you breath in, good... Keep breathing... Now I'm going to introduce my instrument up your anus... It's a little bit thicker than my fingers. Can you take it?

- Yeah, bring it on, shove it in...

Grossao, when he hears those words, it's automatic, he raises his head and rams in. The hole opens up, offers a little resistance, then swallows the giant dick head whole. The straight guy shudders but takes it like a real man.

- Uh.

- Are you ok?

- Huh.

I take that as a yes and shove the rest of my dick up his ass. The muscle guy is drenched in sweat, grinding his teeth and grunting. As he said, he'd do anything not to turn gay, including having his ass fucked by Grossao.

- Huh. Uh. Huh. Fuck. Damn fuck. Huh.

- Easy man, keep breathing. Breath where it hurts. Breath in, let it go, breath out, squeeze. Damn you're so fucking tight. How is it going?

- Huh. Uh. Better now.

- Want me to pull it out?

- No, I can take it.

- Now I want you to work that big ass. Flex those muscles. Yeah, good. Squeeze that hole. How does I feel, my instrument sliding in and out of your hole?

- Fuck yeah, it feels soooooo good, much better than before as you promised. I don't think I can hold it any longer...

The big straight guy starts to shoot huge jets of semen all over the steam room benches, walls, floor. His body goes into powerful convulsions as he shouts in triumph.

- I'm cumming, I'm cumming like a real macho man...

His new cunt squeezes my cock so hard, I can't hold it either.

- Brace yourself mate, here comes your injection.

I'm shooting a huge load deep inside the straight muscle guy's hot pussy when four guys come into the steam room.

- Fuck! Grossao won the bet. He's fucking the big muscle guy. He turned him from straight to gay just like he bet he'd do...

- Wait a minute, says the muscle man. This is not what it seems. I'm totally straight and Grossao is treating my sensitive anus with his special instrument.

- Yeah, only his special instrument is a fucking huge dick and your sensitive anus is now a fucking male cunt.

- Please Grossao tell them.

I pull my cock out of his slutty ass with a loud PLOP! The four guys, who are also big weightlifters, grab the formerly straight man and right away start to gangbang him.

- Sorry pardner and thanks for the great fuck. Good luck with your new pussy. And you guys don't forget, I won the bet so I'll fuck each one of your hard butts. I'll be back later to collect my prize. Now enjoy that muscle ass, it's awesome.