My Dominant Younger Brother

My Dominant 12-Year-Old Brother By Bill

I was so socially inept when I hit puberty that I learned about sex from my younger brother!Here's the story, best as I remember. These things happened in 1965, just before my 14th birthday.My brother, Tommy, was 12 years old.

Growing up, Tommy and I were about as different as brothers can be.I was definitely a `good boy', always trying to please adults, while he was a free-spirited little devil. By the time of this story, I was introverted and dorky, unattractive, and not very athletic.I spent much more time reading in my bedroom than playing outside.Tommy, on the other hand, was outgoing and self-confident, good looking and a natural at sports.While I was a loner, both at school and in the neighborhood, he was popular and had a wide circle of friends... even among boys who were my age and older.

We never got along very well, and he had a talent for teasing me and for getting his way when we had disputes. One thing he could always hold over me was that I had been a bed-wetter. It didn't end until I was 12, and by then it had pretty much wrecked my self-esteem.(I didn't dare become close friends with another boy, because I might be invited for a sleep-over and have to reveal my "terrible secret".)

Even as puberty set in, I was pretty clueless about sex. I had some wet dreams in the months before my story begins, but they were just the strange `nocturnal emissions' referred to in my school's health class back in 6th grade. Boyhood sex-play bypassed me entirely, until one rainy summer day when Tommy and a couple of his friends were in his bedroom and Mom was out shopping.I was in my room reading... fantasizing about living in historical times and being someone other than my nerdy self... when Tommy came to my doorway.

"Hey Bill; wanna come to my room to hang out?Jim and Lee are here, and we're gonna do some fun stuff."

This took me by surprise, since I practically never hung out with my brother or with the neighborhood guys.I decided to give it a try."OK," I said, and followed Tommy down the hall to his room, where the two other boys were sitting on the floor.Tommy closed and locked the door behind him.

"We're gonna play strip poker," said Jim, who was a little older than me."You ever played?"

"Huh-uh," I said, truly clueless.

"Here's how you play," said Lee, a 12-year-old like Tommy. He described the basic premise of playing 5-card draw and the loser shedding an article of clothing.

"Is it over when you get down to just your underpants?" I asked naively.

The laughter of the others made me cringe.

"Of course not!" said Jim."The first guy to get naked is the loser, and the other guys feel up his dick and balls."

This sounded scandalous.Yet I felt a sudden intense curiosity to see another boy naked.

"OK," I replied tentatively, sitting down on the floor with the others.

We began playing, and the game went quickly. Each of us lost some hands, but Jim seemed to have the worst luck (or maybe he was losing on purpose). He was down to just his underpants -- we all wore white briefs back then -- while some of us, myself included, still had three or four articles of clothing on.When he immediately lost the next hand, the other guys were teasing him about showing his dick.I sat there, half-curious and half-embarrassed.

Jim stood up. The front of his snug underpants bulged, and it was obvious that he had a boner.My penis sometimes got stiff, but I didn't really understand why.I seemed to know intuitively that displaying a stiff penis was taboo, but now I was breathless with anticipation to see Jim's.

He acted out a brief strip-tease dance, moving his hips and singing a wordless tune as he hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband.Slowly, teasingly, he pulled down his briefs, turning his back on us to show his butt first. Turning back around, with a smile on his face, he finally revealed a totally-erect penis standing up almost 6 inches. His public bush was denser than my own scattering of dark hairs, and his balls dangled down and swayed as he thrust his hips forward to proudly show off his boner. I couldn't help staring, in awe at the handsome masculine eroticism of his adolescent cock and the brazenness with which he displayed it.

"Now we get to feel you up!" said Tommy."Lie down on my bed like before."

Jim lay down with his legs dangling over the twin-size bed, as Lee and Tommy got on either side of him to fondle the older boy's balls and toy with his rigid erection.I hung back, too timid to join, but still intensely voyeuristic.

"Now stroke it off!" said Lee."Make your sperm shoot. It's so cool when you do that!"

Jim said "How about you guys get naked too and we'll all jack our boners at the same time."

"OK!" came the younger boys' reply in near-unison.They peeled off their remaining clothes in a flash.Both of them were already sporting stiff erections, rather similar to each other in appearance.My heart thumped as my eyes took in the sight of the two boy-boners, at that wonderful half-way point between childhood and puberty. Both were about 4 inches and the thickness of my thumb, and their loose scrotums were a bit farther along in sexual development than their penises. (We were all circumcised.) As I stood there and watched, all three boys began stroking their cocks up-and-down in a rhythmic way that I had never done to myself.

"Come on Bill; join us!" said Jim.

I wavered momentarily, almost pulling down my khakis and underpants.But my own penis had become stiff too, and my inner voice was telling me that it was just plain wrong to display it like that.

Then Jim asked me "Can you shoot sperm yet?"

That clinched it!Sperm was the embarrassing messy stuff from nocturnal emissions.For some reason, it seemed like it would be totally shameful if that happened in front of someone else. So even though there were three totally naked boys masturbating away, right in front of me, my modesty wouldn't allow me to even show my own penis.

"I gotta go!" I blurted, grabbing my clothes and escaping to my own room.

As I left, my ears burned with the calls of derision. "God! He's such a wimp!""What an asshole!" "It was stupid to even invite him."

Almost immediately, I regretted my choice.The sexually curious part of my brain now gained the upper hand, overwhelming the puritanical part that had controlled me back in Tommy's room.I almost went back there to join in their debauchery but I didn't, choosing instead to explore by myself.But the experience had instantly filled my imagination with images of naked boys and their boners, leaving me intensely interested in unlocking my own body's erotic secrets.

Only a few minutes after I had fled from my brother's room, I was doing a strip-tease in front of the long mirror on the back of my bedroom door.As sexual fantasies ran through my brain, I stripped down to my briefs, watching my penis stiffen inside them as I ran my fingers over the soft cotton, producing strange, wonderful sensations.Then I slowly pulled the underwear down, as I'd watched Jim do, imagining the three boys looking at me.I toyed with my stiff cock... bending it down and letting it slap back up... looking at its reflection from different angles in the mirror... and then I stroked it like I had seen the other guys doing.It felt incredible, unlike anything I had ever experienced.But the longer I did it the more I felt a strange pressure building inside me.It seemed almost painful, so I stopped... my `good boy' caution taking control again.But later that night, before I went to bed, I stood naked before the mirror again.This time I kept stroking, feeling the pressure build until strings of pent-up cum suddenly exploded from my penis and splattered onto the mirror -- my first waking orgasm.

In the days that followed, this would become a ritual that I repeated again and again.Each time, the emotional storm in my brain following an orgasm was intense.Memories of the ecstatic climax and the lingering glow of pleasure did battle with guilt about doing something `wrong'.My determination not to do it again would prevail right up until moment when the urge to stroke my cock overwhelmed me, and powerful erotic fantasies filled my brain once more.And then, after the glorious spasms of spurting cum, I'd feel shameful all over again.

Although Tommy and I went back to ignoring each other, I would sometimes walk slowly and quietly past Tommy's closed door when he had friends in there with him, trying to listen to the talking inside to see if they were doing those thrillingly taboo things again.Usually they weren't.They'd be playing board games like Risk or Monopoly and enjoying boisterous and rude boy-talk.But other times they'd be talking in murmurs and giggles, and even what sounded like barely-suppressed moans of pleasure. I'd stop in front of the door, straining to hear the exciting sounds of sex-play, and wishing that I had Superman's x-ray vision.

On a few occasions, my snooping was rewarded with an erotic jackpot, as the boys inside Tommy's room became careless and the whispers were loud enough for me to hear.One time, a week or so after the disastrous strip-poker game, I saw Tommy and his older friend Jim going into his room and heard the door lock behind them.Creeping out of my room, trying to avoid squeaking the floorboards, I stood in the hallway with my ear right up against the door.

The first voice was Jim's: "OK; let's get naked and do it. How about I suck your cock first, and then you suck mine?"

Then Tommy's voice: "Sure!Will you make my dick get the good feeling twice in a row, like yesterday at your house?"

"OK; but you gotta promise to swallow my sperm this time."

"Yeah; I promise," said Tommy."This is so cool!Look how hard my boner is!Get down on you knees and suck it good!"

There was no more talking, but I listened for a few minutes more, my ear still pressed against the door, picking up the high-pitched sighs and moans of boy-pleasure, and sounds that I guessed were the slurping of mouth-on-cock.All of this was instantly seared into my brain, and I retreated to my bedroom to masturbate.As I urgently stroked my cock, I brought my left index finger to my lips, sucked and tongued it, and let my imagination conjure visions of myself on my knees sucking a stiff penis... morphing into fantasies of having my own penis sucked, and then a room full of nude boys doing it to each other.My resulting orgasm was incredible!These visions became part of my growing repertoire of masturbation fantasies, encompassing all the things I could imagine two or three or more horny naked boys doing behind a closed door.

The snooping and compulsive masturbation went on like that for several weeks, until I had to leave the refuge of my bedroom for my family's annual summer road trip to visit my grandparents, who lived more than 1,000 miles away.During the first day's long drive, Tommy and I hardly spoke to each other, except for my whining complaints about his encroachment on my half of the car's back seat.We pulled into a motel around 10:00 at night.Tommy and I would be sharing a room that had only one double bed, so we'd be sleeping together.After clicking through the available three channels on the TV (this was WAY before cable), Tommy said "There's nothin' on. I'm gonna take a shower."

Very deliberately, he started stripping off his clothes, right beside the bed and facing me.Although I pretended to still watch the tv, I couldn't help but look, glancing furtively to the side.He pretended not to notice my leering, even as he peeled down his underpants and kicked them aside.Standing there naked, his soft penis and loose scrotum should have looked boyish and innocent to me, but instead the sight filled my mind with lust.I yearned to see his penis standing up in erection again.

He brought his hands up beside his head and stretched his elbows back, yawning theatrically and flexing his athletic body.He had to have known I was looking at him out of the corner of my eye.Then he dug into his suitcase, took out some clean underwear, and casually walked naked past the TV and into the bathroom.The sight of his slender rounded ass cheeks made me realize for the first time how sexy and beautiful a 12-year-old boy's naked butt could be.

As soon as I heard the shower running, my hand dove into my pants, desperate to massage my stiffening penis.One part of my mind told me not to masturbate, knowing that Tommy always took quick showers and would soon be out of the bathroom.But the more insistent part of my brain couldn't resist unzipping my trousers, pulling down the front of my underpants, and stroking my hard cock.Fantasies of naked boys filled my brain... a parade of boy-boners and an orgy of stroking and sucking.

When the shower turned off, a few short minutes later, I was so wrapped up in self-pleasuring that I didn't even notice.So I was shocked out of my reverie when the bathroom door opened, and I clumsily pulled my hand out of my pants and tried to hide my boner by pulling a pillow over my lap.

Tommy was grinning knowingly as he walked over to stand right beside the bed.He was wearing clean, snug briefs and was drying his hair with the towel. His body was the image of boyhood perfection: slender waist and hips, broad shoulders, wiry muscles.My cock was throbbing, and I could feel my face blushing.And then he spoke... words that still excite me whenever I remember them.

"You want to fool around with me."It was a statement rather than a question."You want to feel my boner and have me feel yours."As he spoke, he tossed aside the towel and slowing ran his hand across his crotch.

I tried to answer, but the words stuck in my throat.It's just as well, because my first instinct was to lie, denying his obscene assertion.I looked into his eyes, and the dominance of his personality was overwhelming.Before I could make words come out of my mouth, he spoke again.

"I gave you a chance to join me and the guys when we were doing sex stuff last month, but you wimped out.I know you want it, though, so now I'm giving you another chance. If you're interested, and you agree to do what I tell you, we can have some awesome sex-fun tonight."

My eyes moved down Tommy's sexy body and then back up to lock on his piercing gaze again."OK," I said meekly.

"Stand up!" he said firmly, like a strict school teacher. I rushed to comply.My boner pushed out my khaki pants, and I tried to hide it with my hands.

"Take your hands away!" he ordered, and I obeyed.

He stood close to me and reached out, rubbing my stiff penis through my trousers and feeling its shape.I moaned involuntarily.It was the first time anyone but myself had ever touched my erection.

"Seems like you've got a nice one," he commented, his tone mellowing.His hand started moving up and down on my covered boner. "Bet you'd like it if I jack it off for you, nice and slow, and give you a really good cum.But you gotta let me call the shots, and you gotta do what I say." His hand grasped my erection firmly, as his intense eyes hypnotized me.

I nodded, helplessly under his control.

"Good," he said, his smile revealing a hint of malevolence. Then came the next order: "Get naked."

I knew this was my last chance to back out, but my desire for sexual stimulation was too great.I pulled off my shirt and pants and paused before taking off my underpants. I looked down, seeing how my erection pushed out against my snug briefs.This was the way I loved to see myself in the mirror, while fantasizing a scenario that was exactly like what was happening now.The last bit of my inhibition melted away. I was suddenly eager to show off for Tommy, for him to see my boner, to admire its 5.5 inches of teenage masculinity and the public hairs that had first appeared a few months before.

"Take down your underpants, Billy," he said sternly, using the diminutive nickname that I hadn't been called since I was 8 or 9 years old.Tommy had me under his control. It felt like I was a submissive little boy, and he was the domineering older brother.

I obediently pulled down my briefs and stepped out of them, showing myself naked and erect to another person for the first time in my life.He reached out to feel up my cock. His initial touch was ticklish, and I instinctively brought my hands forward to cover my boner.

"Take your hands away!" he barked.I did."Put them behind your back!"Again I complied, feeling the heady erotic effect of sexual submission as he began stroking my straining penis, while fondling my balls in his other hand.

"Are you gonna do everything I tell you?" he asked, as his handsome blue eyes bored into my brain and drained away whatever was left of my free will.

"Yes," I said contritely, not wanting him to stop his delicious stroking.

"I'm the master and you're the slave.Got it?"

"Yes... Master," I replied, feeling the power of the word. My mind immediately recalled the books I had read about slave-boys in ancient Greece and Rome, and of European boys captured and enslaved by the Barbary pirates of North Africa, and how I had imagined being in their place.My face blushed hot as I felt an intoxicating merger of my fantasies with the most intense lust I'd ever experienced.

"Good.Now get on you knees, slave."

I dropped down, keeping my hands behind my back, kneeling at Tommy's feet.He pushed his cloth-covered crotch against my face, as his hand went behind my head and pulled it closer.

As he rubbed his crotch into my face, my lips sought out his stiffening penis, and I licked and sucked at it through the clean white cotton.I knew exactly why I was on my knees and what he would order me to do, and I was churning with anticipation to actually live out the fantasy.

"This is gonna be good," Tommy murmured to himself.The hand behind my head grabbed some hair and pulled my head back, removing my mouth from his crotch.Then his thumbs slid into the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down quickly, exposing his penis just as it was completing its arc to full erection.I had seen it only once previously, in his room a month before.Now it was inches from my face, pointing up toward the ceiling -- a smaller, hairless, 4-inch version of my own, exquisite in its developing boyhood beauty.

"Blow me Billy.Suck my cock."His hands went behind my head and drew it closer.

Yes!The desire was overwhelming as my heart pounded with excitement, and my mouth watered like a hungry man looking at food. Parting my lips, I captured his beautifully-shaped cock-head and ran my tongue around it, then slid my lips down the thumb-width shaft.With Tommy's insistent hands guiding me, my mouth easily took his boner all the way to its hairless base.The feeling of his stiff little erection in my mouth... the shape, the taste, the smooth firmness, the radiating heat... was like a circuit in the lust-centers of my brain connecting for the first time. All my senses lit up with the erotic thrill.As exciting as my fantasies of cock-sucking had been, the sensation of having an actual boy-cock in my mouth surpassed anything I could imagine.

My hands came out from behind my back, and caressed Tommy's strong, slender thighs... then moved up to feel his smooth, firm butt.With the prompting of Tommy hands on my head, and the gentle thrusts of his hips, I quickly established a rhythm of cock-sucking.As I slid my lips and tongue up and down his stiff penis, time after time, I was consumed with lust.My mouth and tongue had become ultra-sensitive sexual organs whose stimulation was pushing me to new heights of erotic pleasure.

Tommy's sighs and moans of satisfaction told me how well he was enjoying my efforts, and this knowledge made me work even harder, picking up more stamina and desire as I went. It seemed I was a natural cock-sucker. I knew instinctively how to give pleasure with my mouth.I would gladly have kept sucking Tommy's 12-year-old boner forever, but he suddenly pulled it out of my mouth.

"Let's do it on the bed," he said, moving to lay on his back, with his shoulders and head propped up on pillows and his legs spread.He patted the bed between his legs to indicate where I should get."Come on!" he urged."Get back to suckin' me!"

I scarcely needed prompting, kneeling between his legs and dipping my head down to his hard, slender dick, which glistened with my saliva.My mouth resumed its vigorous sucking, racing up and down Tommy's youthful erection, and his grunts of pleasure started up anew.

My hands were free to roam over much of his body, reaching up to feel his smooth chest and tiny nipples, stroking his flat belly and feeling its tense muscles, caressing the baby-soft skin of his inner thighs, and cupping the cheeks of his perfect butt.

The longer I went, the more I could feel tremors building inside him, as his pre-pubescent body ascended the peak of sexual arousal.Tommy's hips were humping up so forcefully that I no longer needed to move my head.He was thrusting his stiff rod into my mouth in piston-strokes.

And then his back arched up and his muscles froze in trembling tension.

"Oh!Oh!!OH!!! OHHHHHH!!!"His high-pitched voice announced his orgasm, while his boyish penis not much longer than my finger - spasmed in dry orgasm as I kept sucking it.

"Stop!It's too intense!" he said suddenly, pushing my head away to free his twitching boner."Jesus, Bill!You did it even better than Jim does!"His body relaxed, but his penis remained totally rigid."I gotta wait a minute before I can start again.You've done a good job so far, but you gotta keep doing what I tell you.Then you'll get your reward."

"OK, Tommy," I said.The experience had been awesome so far, so I had no hesitation about continuing.

"How `bout you lick my balls," he instructed, as he bent his legs and tilted up his crotch.

My mouth came down again, and my tongue explored the soft hairless skin of his scrotum, feeling the two balls roll around within.

"Now suck them," he said.

My lips captured both of the boyish testicles.They were smaller than mine, the size of small bird's eggs, and I tongued and sucked them in a way clearly pleased my brother.So concentrated was I on this task that Tommy's next order didn't immediately sink in to my consciousness.

"Now lick my asshole."He pulled back his legs, as his crotch tilted back even more.

"Did you say you want me to...."I couldn't even repeat the words.

"Your heard me, Billy.Do it.I just took a shower, so it's all clean.And I've done it with the some of the guys, so don't be a wimp."He held his legs back with his hands, and his pink anus was pointing right at my face. "If you want me to jack your cock and give you a super-good cum, you gotta do it."

I'd gone this far, and I had enjoyed the fantasy and reality of being Tommy's slave.Why not go all the way? Hesitantly, I stuck my tongue out and slowly brought my face down.My tongue-tip touched lightly.

"Yeah; that's it!" Tommy said.

My tongue swiped upward, like I was licking a popsicle.

"Oh, yeah!Keep going, slave!"

I moved my tongue around some more, exploring the clean anal flesh.Tommy groaned his pleasure.It wasn't repulsive at all, as I had feared.In fact, I almost instantly enjoyed it! Less than 30 seconds after the first cautious contact, I was rimming my younger brother's asshole with the same eagerness with which I'd sucked his cock.And when Tommy flexed open the circle of muscle, I found myself drilling my tongue into it with lust-driven abandon.

I kept going like that for several minutes, until finally my tongue was aching from the exertion.When I brought my head up to give it a rest, Tommy issued the next surprising order.

"You're doing real good, Billy-boy.Now we'll see how you like getting fucked in the ass."

I was pretty nave, but I wasn't an idiot.I knew a little about heterosexual fucking.But I had never heard of this.

"You mean you're going to put your penis in my....Gosh; I don't know, Tommy."

"Just shut up, slave, and do what I tell you."

"OK," I said meekly.

Tommy got up off the bed and walked quickly to the bathroom.He came back with a small plastic bottle of hand lotion... the kind that motels provide free with shampoo.

"Lie on you back with your legs pulled back, like I was doin' when you licked out my ass."

I did as Tommy instructed, feeling humiliated as I exposed my asshole to him, but totally captured by the erotic thrill of submissive sex.

Tommy slathered the lotion on his boner, which was still as stiff as it had been when I was sucking him.He wiped his hand on the bed, and then got into position, kneeling close to my up-raised ass.Using his fingers to point his erection forward, Tommy directed his slender glans to the entrance of my hole.He rubbed it around, awakening the nerve endings in the sensitive anal flesh... and then pushed his hips forward, mounting me.The boyish 4-inch boner met with only slight resistance as it slid in, as easily as if it had been his index finger.

It felt strange at first, but not at all painful.(If his boner had been the size of mine, it would surely have been otherwise.)As he began to move his hips, sliding his cock back and forth in my asshole, we both groaned with lust at the same time.A minute before, it would have been inconceivable that I would have derived such pleasure from an erect penis working in and out of my anus; but now I felt addicted the wonderful feelings.As he continued to fuck me, my hands reached for his butt cheeks, and I pulled him into me with each thrust.My penis was so stiff that I thought I might cum without even touching it.

Tommy was loving it too, humping me hard and fast, pounding into my tight virgin ass with a rutting fervor.

"Oh, shit!Yeah!You love taking my boner in your ass! You love being fucked by your little brother, don't you?"

"Yes!" I gasped, knowing that he had read me perfectly.

"Tell me what you want!" he demanded."Beg me to fuck you some more!"

"Please, Tommy!" I moaned."Fuck my ass! Give it to me harder!It's so good! Please keep fucking me!"

"Yeah, that's it!" he said. "You're a faggot slut, and you love being fucked in the ass."Both of us were getting off on the dirty-talk... something that was no surprise coming from him, but totally out-of-character from me.

He kept fucking me at full-throttle, his face scrunched up in straining lust."Oh, God!" he moaned at last."I'm almost there!"Tommy's head arched back, his mouth open in a silent gasp, and his whole body shook with the rush of orgasm.Then his body sagged and he pulled his cock out of my ass.

"Christ!That was awesome!" he said, as he raised his torso up, still kneeling between my legs."Now it's time for your reward, slave-boy."

He reached for the little plastic bottle of lotion and emptied the rest of it onto the palm of his right hand.

"To do this right, you need to pretend your hands are tied to the bed... yeah, like that.If we were at home, I could do it for real with clothes line."

I had understood immediately and had grabbed onto vertical spindles on the headboard of the bed and imagined myself tied to them.The feeling of helpless bondage, under Tommy's total control, was enormously arousing.

Then he reached for my boner.

"Ahhhhh!" I moaned with total pleasure.His hand quickly slathered lotion all over the head and shaft of my rigid cock, and he began to masturbate me with a skill that far surpassed my own.When I masturbated, alone in my bedroom, my only goal was to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible. But now, practically everything Tommy did was a new revelation to me: varying the speed and pressure of his strokes... using one hand, then both... squeezing my balls, gently at first, them more firmly, as he stroked... working on just the glans, then just the shaft, then back again to the glans... rotating his slippery hand around my cock-head as if he was polishing a brass fixture... making a `endless tunnel' with one hand moving downward along my cock while the other came up to the top to take its place moving down, over and over.

I had never felt anything like this in my life.The intensity of sexual stimulation overwhelmed me completely, and I grabbed even tighter to the bed.And just when I felt my lust building to a crescendo, and I was moaning with anticipation of the impending glorious orgasm....

He stopped!Tommy stopped his masturbation strokes entirely, squeezing my throbbing cock just below the head with his thumb and forefinger in a tight ring.

I panted, out of breath, as my intense need to climax slowly subsided.Tommy did nothing for almost a minute. Then his hand began to slowly stroke again, and the erotic momentum began to build anew.I had never paused like this in the middle of masturbating myself, and it was an incredible sensation.The urge to orgasm and the pressure in my groin built up quicker this time, and I craved sexual release.But then it happened again -- Tommy stopping suddenly, just before I reached my `point of no return'.I almost reached down to finish myself off, but I felt compelled to submit totally to my little brother.

When he started masturbating me once again, there was something new... something incredible... that he added to his repertoire.Tommy's finger slithered between my ass cheeks and sought out my anus.He was tickling my asshole, still slippery with lube, and slowly probing inside.

Oh my God!As his right hand churned on my cock, his left index finger fucked and twisted inside my rectum.The double-dose of stimulation was incredible!I pulled back my legs to give him easier access to my asshole as he drilled into it.It was different from when his cock fucked me, but just as pleasurable.But once again, just as I was feeling the approach of sexual climax rising up, he stopped again, leaving me desperate for sexual relief.

"Please, Tommy! Finish me off!" I begged. "Please, Master!" My extreme sexual arousal was exquisite agony... utterly maddening, yet intensely pleasurable.

"That's it, Billy-boy," he said haughtily."I'm your master, and you're my slave.You're gonna be my sex-slave whenever I want it, aren't you?"

"Yes, Master!" I moaned, as his fingertips slid lightly along the shaft of my straining erection.

"And you're gonna be a sex-slut for the guys in the neighborhood too... and suck their cocks and let them fuck you."His fingertip circled slowly around the ridge of my cock-head.

"Yes!"In my hyper-aroused condition, I couldn't imagine anything I wanted more than being a submissive slut in a neighborhood boy-orgy.

"Alright then.Here goes."

As he began the final round of masturbation, two of his fingers slid into my ass.His stroking was less of a variety this time... firm full-handed along the head and shaft of my erection.He was going just slow enough to keep me from cumming immediately.Instead the tension in my body just continued to grow.

And then the fingers in my ass started rubbing a spot inside my rectum that was like an electric switch.I practically shouted from the overload of sexual input. And as he massaged my prostate, his masturbating hand finally went into to high-gear, jacking as fast as he could.

I was out of my mind with lust as the first rope of sperm flew at high velocity from my cock, some going as far as the bed's headboard, while most landed on my face and in my hair.Another pulse emerged, then another, and another. Spurts of semen were pumping from my cock in volumes that defied belief... easily three times as much as I had ever experienced before.And it kept coming, urged out by Tommy's stroking hand and his fingers on my prostate.

Tommy expertly slowed the tempo as the intensity of my climax diminished.But even then, aftershocks of orgasm wracked my body, centered in my penis and also in my anus, which clenched around his fingers.With each spasm, a little more cum oozed from my cock.

And then, after what seemed an eternity, I was totally spent.I looked down at my torso, puddled with cum.Tommy ran his hand over my chest and belly, collecting some of the semen, and brought his fingers to my mouth.

"Eat your sperm, slave," Tommy demanded.

There wasn't even a thought of refusing.I lapped at the semen hungrily, then sucked his fingers as Tommy pushed them one-by-one between my lips.

"Time for you to take a shower," he said at last.

I agreed, and slowly got up off the bed.

"And we'll start out with a special shower," he said, cryptically.I wasn't sure what he meant, but the tone of his voice suggested yet another taboo revelation."Lie down in the bathtub, slave, and I'll rinse the cum off you with my pee."

"You're going to piss on me?" I asked in disbelief.

"Shut up, slave.Just do it."

Suddenly, I understood that this was exactly what I wanted. I wanted my little brother standing above me, showering my body with his hot boy-pee."Yes, Master," I said humbly; "please shower your piss all over me."

The End