Without A Word

A pair of ice cubes swirled over the half-dollar sized nipples of the blonde swimmer. Blonde peach fuzz covered the young man's chest, crotch, pits, legs, everything, a thin fuzz that wasn't prickly but wasn't quite furry. Brett was on his back, tied spread eagle to the bed, alternating between gasps and moans of pleasure. The cubes were having their intended effect. The swimmer's nipples were rock hard, pointing erotically and almost obscenely from his body. He'd worn his barbell piercing and the hands that used the ice cubes slipped wooden clothes pins under the barbells, stretching the swimmer's nips further. Brett's mind didn't even register the ice cube on his dick as the sensations of the clothes pins took effect. The half-moon shaped cube tried to lodge itself inside the lean lad's jizz slit, sending jolts of pleasure through his body. He cried out in delight as the cube traced from the tip of his dick to the base of his balls, and then swirled around between his hole and scrotum. Hands used the moment to tie Brett's nuts off, whipping a white shoe string in a circular motion, pulling the ball sack tight around its package, each turn pulling the balls further from the blonde boy's body. Brett's pecker lurched and a clear drop of man cream peaked from the cock and slowly flowed toward the shoestring. The ice petted over the pucker, wetting peach fuzz, and devolving Brett to whimpers of pleasure. Fingers from a left hand flicked the clothespins in an alternating pattern as a right hand slowly stroked the blonde's dick. Brett looked at the brunette that was using the swimmer's body. The man was probably twice Brett's 19 years, with a receding hairline Brett found sexy without being old. Brett had asked the man to shave him, but the man had refused. Brett was jealous as he gazed in a combination of lust and sexual endorphins at the man who was naturally smooth with only the random stray hair swirled around a nipple or oddly across his abs. The man leaned in and let the swimmer suckle on his left nipple while his right hand started massaging the swimmer's ass pucker. The ice had melted, and the man's middle right finger had dipped into a bowl of lube on the night stand. He worked the boy's ass until his back arched and only the very tip of the finger had penetrated the orifice, not even fully in the swimmer's rectum. Brett's voice said nothing, but his sounds of pleasure were unmistakable. His 8-inch cut penis drooled man honey which would have been great lube had it been in something. The man saw the glistening liquid and lubed a second finger in it to shove up the boy's ass. Another finger was coated in the nectar and was placed in the boy's mouth just a second before the 2 fingers found their target deep within the swimmer's bowels. Sphincter muscles tightened around the man's digits and Brett picked up a sucking rhythm on the nectar-coated finger in his mouth. The man smiled, looking up from the boy for a few moments, then turning his attention back to the college man. The man leaned down, licked a swath across the torso, right below the chest and nipples, his cheek brushing both clothespins. The fingers were pulled from the boy's mouth, and the man upped the rhythm of the finger job while moving his body. His sperm-shooter came to rest on the boy's lips. As Brett took the 6.5-inch thick slab of manhood between his lips, a third finger found its way up the swimmer's shitter. The man constantly probed the swimmer's prostate, causing an arched back, and a willing ass pushing deeper on his fingers. The man slowly eased his dick down the blonde's throat until pubic hairs scratched the boy's chin. A tongue slipped out and started fucking the boy's piss crack, slightly tasting the swimmer's clear love juice. Three fingers fiercely fucked the blonde's shitter. Brett cried around the man's cock, tears streaming down his cheeks as his body convulsed repeatedly. The man moved his head to the side and Brett's spunk flew through the air, hitting Brett's face, then his neck, then his pierced and clothespinned nipples. Only after Brett's orgasmic convulsions stopped did the man release his sperm down the boy's throat, pulling out halfway through to coat the college boy's face with cum. After that, the man pulled his finger's from the blonde's bowels, slowly, letting Brett feel his sphincter being stretched. Brett lay there, cum drying on his face, his own and the man's, mingled together. The man looked up again, and made eye contact with Randall. "There's what I did to your swimmer, coach Bronston," the man smiled. "Imagine what I can do for you."

The end

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