Dannys Amazing Bubble Butt

All characters in this story are of 18 years and older. Please do not engage in unsafe sex practices in real life. I hope you enjoy this story.

Danny's Amazing Bubble Butt

Danny was gay and pretty much didn't care who knew about it. Not nowadays. He was short, but had a strong body from all the gymnastics he did. He was proud of his dirty blond long hair and cute button nose, along with his sweet pink lips, but by no doubt his best feature was his amazing bubble butt. He had been blessed with a bottom which protruded just enough that everyone noticed it, and everyone wanted it.

When he first hit puberty, he was embarrassed about his big butt; but now he saw it as his prizest possession in enabling him to get what he really wanted - sex with hot guys, and lots of it!

The first time Danny noticed what an asset his butt was, was in the showers at school one night. He had stayed late after gymnastics practice and had found the school's star 1st XV fly half Paulo DeRossi alone in the showers. Paulo had also been staying late working on his kicking and so the two found themselves alone in the locker room that day. Danny was nervous because Paulo was uber-hot, and the jocks at school often teased him about his suspected sexuality. Paulo wasn't usually the ring leader, in fact now he came to think about it, Paulo himself never made fun of Danny, but even still... he felt a little nervous being alone with him.

Anyway, Paulo seemed friendly enough and struck up some idle chit chat when Danny entered the shower. Just talking about school and stuff, asking what Danny was doing there so late, cracking some jokes about coach. But then Paulo started talking about Amanda, his stuck up girlfriend, moaning about how she was such a tease, but never gave him anything. He idly soaped up his hanging cock and balls as he talked about how despite all Amanda's many faults, she drove him wild. This was when Danny realised his own cock was getting hard and jutting out at an embarrassing angle. In his embarrassment in trying to hide it from Paulo's gaze, he quickly turned his back to Paulo, only to clumsily drop his shampoo. Yes, cliche. Like all the guys say "Don't drop the soap..." But nontheless, as Danny bent down to pick up the bottle, Paulo got a glimpse of that beautiful ass.

'Say, Danny... Is it true what all the guys say about you then?'

'Huh...er... what's... that?'

'You know, that you're a... fag?'

Danny's brow furrowed, and Paulo must have sensed his nervousness , as he rephrased his question.

'I mean... gay.' No reply. 'Not that there's anything wrong with that. At least I don't think so.'


'Nah. I mean, live and let live, that's what I say. You shouldn't listen to half those dudes on the football team. They're my buddies an' all, but some of them - complete assholes! I think you're pretty cool anyhow, gay or not gay.'

'You think I'm cool?' asked a startled Danny.

'Oh yeah, sure. I mean you're pretty good at gymnastics aren't you. I admire that. You're an athlete just like me. You've got skill like me. Not like half those morons on the team. Half a' them could barely do five push ups, let alone do any of those cartwheels and flips you're so good at.'


'Oh yeah, Danny-boy. I mean you must work out pretty hard to get a body like yours.'

'Really? You think?'

'Oh definitely... I mean, if I were gay I'd totally want to do you, dude!'

Paulo stepped forward, closer to Danny.

'I mean, fuck Danny-boy, you seen your ass?'

Paulo grabbed Danny's ass softly but firmly and caressed the smaller man's ass cheeks.

'Fuck, you got a nice ass, Danny. Smooth and firm.... Say, why don't you bend over again... Let me have a good look.'

Danny hesitated, but Paulo took control of the situation. 'No point trying to act like you don't want it, Danny. Your little cock's telling me your loving this... It's okay though, I'm liking it too. Why don't you feel for yourself?'

With that, Paulo grabbed Danny's hand and guided it to his own thick and heavy but not yet hard member.

'Mmm... yeah, stroke it nice and slow. Get it nice and hard. You know you want to.'

Danny did, and almost instinctively he got down on his knees as he continued to stroke the now fattening cock of the star quarterback. 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 8.5....

'Wow' Danny couldn't help letting out his thoughts. He also didn't need any more prompting from Paulo. Instictively, on his knees he opened his pretty pink lips and started to suck on the cock in front of him. As he closed his eyes, on his knees, he arched his back ever so slightly and his bubble butt jutted out as he bobbed up and down, up and down, up and down, getting Paulo's cock all slimy with his saliva. Paulo grabbed the back of the boy's head and guided him up and down, again gently but firmly. He was enjoying this blowjob, but the sight of that arched back and beautiful boy butt beneath was too alluring. Danny, for one was lost in his own little dream world, sucking on a cock for the first time intoxicated on the lust of the situation, so when a slimy hand found its way into his ass crack and started lubing it up with spit, he didn't care too much. And when he found himself being lifted up and turned round, knowing that the cock which had just been in his mouth and was wet with his saliva would now be entering his bottom, he didn't complain. Fact is, he wanted this. This was where he knew he was supposed to be - in heat like a slutty bottom, with a stud's cock up his ass.

When Paulo's head entered his hole, he moaned in total submission. And when the rest of that massive schlong followed behind, and began slow fucking motion, he moaned some more in total submission. This was not going to last long. The two young men were so horny for each other and the situation that Paulo soon quickened up as he felt that familiar urge of pleasure rising inside him.

'Oh. Fuck Danny. Fuck Danny. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk. Holy Fuck.' as he grabbed Danny's hips tightly and deposited one, two, three, four loads of his spunk up his little friend's ass.

Spent, he withdrew, finished up, and left the shower to get changed. Silence. Danny was left realizing he himself had also shot his load in all the mayhem. He finished up his shower alone. And when he got out and started to get changed, Paulo was gone.

Danny knew he should have felt ashamed. He had just got fucked in the boy's locker room at school and taken another boys spunk up his bum. But only, he didn't. He felt like a slut, yes. But he was proud of the fact. He felt like he had become a man that night, and suddenly his confidence shone out from his inner being. If this was how sucking a cock and taking it up his bum made him feel, he wondered why he had waited so long for this, and he knew that he wouldn't be waiting so long before his next encounter with some other hot stud's cock.


He didn't wait long. On the packed bus home, he had found himself pushed up against an older guy, about 30, in his suit obviously on his way home from work. At first, he tried to give the guy some space, but as the bus got more packed, he found himself being pushed up against this hot older genteleman. In an act he never would have dreamed of doing just yesterday, he subtly started to jut his ass back into the guy's crotch. Little by little at first, but deliberately enough leaving his ass there so that this older guy was left in no doubt of the younger guy's intentions. And sure enough, as he left his ass there, he felt what must have been the gentleman's cock firming up behind him. Encouraged by this, he started grinding his ass against the stiffy. The gentleman replied by reaching round and rubbing Danny's own stiff one through his school trousers. When the bus cleared out some, so that they could move apart, neither man did. Danny continued subtly but surely grinding the man's cock behind him, and the gentleman for his part continued rubbing the younger boy's boner. It must have seemed strange to others in the bus. Yet it was subtle enough that no one really commented. Danny was the first to lose himself, and felt himself about to cum from the situation. He did, and he grabbed the man's hand and held it still over his cock which was busy shooting into his school pants and making a mess. Danny withdrew and got off at the next stop. The older gentleman followed, and Danny spent the next 10 minutes behind some bushes in a park near the bus stop servicing properly this older man's cock. He was rewarded with a face full of businessman cum for his efforts.

The next day, Danny was back at school and was a little nervous about seeing Paulo again after last night's escapades. In class, Paulo seemed his usual self, in his own world, legs stretched out reclining in his chair, not paying much attention to teacher, but idly doodling on his notepad. He shared a few private jokes with his friends and Danny wondered if he was telling them the story of what happened last night. Paulo must have sensed this, for every time Danny looked back, Paulo seemed to catch his eye. He gave him a knowing look, without any obvious expression either way. As class ended, Danny tried to put his things away slowly so that he wouldn't have to walk past Paulo on his way out, but Paulo was deliberately going even slower so it seemed. Danny realised he couldn't wait for ever, and got on with it. As he walked past Paulo's desk, Paulo grabbed his arm, again firmly but not aggressively.

'I meant what I said yesterday you know... I wasn't trying to butter you up just to get into your pants.... Not.. that you were wearing any mind...hehe...' Danny was a little shocked, but happy that Paulo seemingly wasn't going to be an ass about all this.

'Yeah' he continued '... you really do have a nice butt for a boy', and he gently stroked it through Danny's school pants, not caring who saw.

'Real nice. And. So... I think you really enjoyed it last night, and seeing as I'm not getting anything from Little Miss No-Hands-Down-Her-panties Amanda at the moment, how about we make this a regular thing, you and me?'

'Er... what do you... what do you mean?'

'I mean, you service me here in school whenever I need it. Because, I'm really horny all the time you know. And. Well, looks like you are too. I mean it's not like you'd be my slave or anything... unless you want to...hehe...But. Like I said, I think you're a pretty cool guy. You and me, I think we understand each other right?'

'Sure... I...'

'Great. I'll see you later Danny-O. Gotta rush.'

With that, Paulo headed out. But he checked and called back.

'You know what, I think I lost my watch in the locker room Danny. Why don't you come and help me look for it otherwise I'll be late for my next class.' Wink. Needless to say, the two spent the next period in the locker room, but they sure weren't searching for any watch. Paulo sat on the toilet as Danny kneeled between his legs and sucked his big schlong. He was rewarded with a belly full of cum for his efforts and a pat on his big bubble butt. And after school, they had again reconvened in the toilets where they shared a locked cubicle and this time, Danny bounced up and down on Paulo's large cock. They had to try to be quiet because there were other guys coming in and out at the end of the school day, and at one time someone had entered the cubicle next to them... Paulo wanted to stop, but Danny was so lost in his world of sluttiness and pleasure that he continued to milk Paulo's cock with his guts as someone was but two feet away from them behind the partition.


One day, Danny sucked Paulo's cock underneath a desk during one of the lessons. He didn't get to make him cum. That would have been too risky, but Paulo had deliberately dropped his pencil and asked Danny to pick it up for him. He had taken that opportunity to climb between Paulo's legs and unzip him and feel him up through his briefs. He then got a little more daring and pulled him out of his briefs and gave him a few short but pleasurable sucks before he returned to his seat. When he did, Paulo (and everyone else) could see a trail of precum from his lower lip to his chin. Danny and Paulo skipped the next period and Danny finished sucking him off in the hallway where anyone could have caught them.

Danny continued sucking and fucking older guys outside of school too. He worked weekends as a store assistant at a clothing store, and had taken this opportunity to take advantage of some of the customers. He sucked off one guy, about 25 and Spanish looking, in the fitting rooms when the guy was trying on some jeans. The guy had cum all over his face and hair, and then left. When another guy pulled back the curtain Danny was on his knees whacking off furiously while trying to scoop some of the cum off his face and licking his sticky fingers. He immediately pulled down his zip and a hard uncut cock jutted out which he proceeded to fuck Danny's face with. By now, he was a good cocksucker and could deepthroat without too much trouble. The guy was pretty rough though and came with his cock head right down Danny's gullet, and Danny's nose right in his pungent pubes. The guy was so horny though that he pulled Danny's own jeans down and shoved his cock up Danny's ass right there and then. Danny had trouble keeping his voice down as they fucked furiously hoping for quick release in the fitting rooms. If his manager had caught him, he surely would have been fired right there on the spot. I mean, how can you explain having a customer's cock in your butt and cum all over your hair and cheeks? But they had been quick about it, and the guy came up his butt, zipped up and left pretty sharpish. Later, his manager said he had been with a customer when he heard some strange noises from the fitting rooms, and said he was about to investigate when the phone had rung and he stopped to answer it. Danny shrugged it off and said he hadn't heard anything strange.

That had been exciting. But Danny's most exciting encounter had been at school with Paulo during a biology class. Danny and Paulo had paired themselves together and sat at the back of the class. Danny had unzipped Paulo and was nonchalantly jerking him off as the teacher gave out instructions of the practical they were about to undertake. Paulo for his part rubbed Danny's boner through his pants, but he didn't get his cock out. Then when everyone got down to the practical experiment, some boring stuff to do with enymes, Danny had knelt in a roomful of students and sucked Paulo's protruding cock. The desks were the high type so you needed to sit on a high stool and the front was covered by a panel so Danny ahd thought they were relatively safe. He couldn't stay down for long though as although they were at the back of the class, someone might see. But in his state of horniness, he needed more. When teacher left the classroom for a minute, Danny thought that gave them the opportunity to try something daring even by their standards. He pulled his trousers down just enough that his ass was protruding and leaned over the table in front. Paulo didn't need to be told what to do. The rest of the class were busy with their experiments in front and facing the other way. Paulo spat on his hand and lubed up Danny's hole, and as the rest of the class chatted away, he serupticiously entered his cock into Danny's ass. This was Danny's ultimate dream. Here he was bent over a desk in a class full of students with a cock up his ass. The pleasure on his face was immense. Tears were in his eyes as he rocked back and forth and Paulo did the same in his own state of excitement and wanton need. It took less than a minute before cum was being exchanged from Paulo to Danny inside Danny's butt in a room full of people. Paulo quickly withdrew and some of his spunk got deposited on the back of Danny's trousers, staining them. As Danny looked over his shoulder he gave a sly smile and farted a little cum out of his butthole as he pulled up his trousers.

'Fucking hell, Danny-O... you outdid yourself that time!' Paulo mouthed and he winked and gave Danny a little peck on the cheek.