Making Uncle Cry Uncle


Provided By: Lester James

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and is intended only as a literary stimulant to enhance solo and safe sex.It is not intended nor should it be read by anyone under 18 years of age. It is not intended to be offensive or morally repugnant. The practices and relationships in this story are purely fictional and are not intended to resemble realism.


"Well, that has it. Now we can enjoy ourselves for a few days," the uncle said, stepping back from the tent they had erected. "It's only the two of us and a whole lot of nature out here, boy. That's just how I like it." Alex Murphy grabbed his 18-year-old nephew around the neck, hugged the boy to his body and allowed his hairy arm to rest on the boy's bare shoulder. Ricky looked at the large, spacious tent. A stream flowing behind them emitted cool air and a natural soothing sound that added to the serenity of the moment. The boy looked at his handsome uncle and noticed the beads of sweat on the man's deeply tanned chest. Uncle Alex's partly unbuttoned shirt displayed a sexy, tanned torso that was visible almost to his belly button. The sight made Ricky hot with lust. "It looks great, Uncle Alex. I like it a lot," the boy said. "Thanks for bringing me.""No problem, glad to do it," Alex Murphy said as he gripped his nephew's shoulder and again hugged the boy to him. "We'll have a good time. Just the two of us." Young Ricky could not deny his attraction to his uncle.Although in his mid-40s, Alex Murphy was an extremely handsome man.Ricky thought his uncle resembled the actors Sean Connery and Gregory Peck, when in their prime. Nicely tanned, Uncle Alex had well-proportioned facial features highlighted by deep, blue eyes, a strong jaw line and a pretty, seductive smile. His gorgeous, black hair was swept with distinguished touches of gray. He stood an inch over six feet, with broad shoulders, a beefy, curvaceous chest and a flat belly. He was a senior corporate attorney for a major firm and he looked the part. After Ricky's parents were divorced when he was young, the boy took a strong liking to his Uncle Alex. Alex and Jane Murphy did not have any children of their own, so Alex enjoyed taking Ricky under his wing and Ricky liked having the father figure. They lived in separate regions of the country though and only got to see each other a few weeks each year. This visit marked the first time that Ricky and his uncle were alone together. They were spending a month together while Ricky's mom and her sister, Ricky's Aunt Jane, enjoyed an extended Hawaiian vacation.


Ricky recognized during their first few days together that he and his uncle were growing even closer. He even thought his uncle knew his interests. After all, with both of them wearing shorts, they had kept their hairy legs pushed together for most of an afternoon, baseball game at the stadium. It appeared more than accidental. Also, one morning when Ricky emerged from the swimming pool, his uncle had remarked, "Damn Rick, your body bulges nicely, my boy." But most of all, Ricky recalled the incident that had occurred the evening before.The twosome had stayed up drinking and relaxing together. They talked about a lot of things. They even told a few risque jokes and then finally Uncle Alex said, "I've got a videotape that'll knock your socks off." The handsome man, dressed in a long white, terry cloth robe that openly displayed his tanned, hairy chest, got up and proceeded to put a videotape in the VCR. "I'll watch a little of this and then leave it with you," Uncle Alex said. "You'll enjoy it." Ricky looked at his uncle, who held a tight, sexy smile. Within the first two minutes of the video, a young man and woman began to undress and have sex. "She's got great hooters, huh?" Uncle Alex asked. "Yeah, nice, big ones. Real nice." Ricky replied. "And look at that fine cock on that son-of-a-bitch; he looks like a stallion," Uncle Alex said. The description hit Ricky like a sledgehammer to the stomach; after all, it acknowledged that his uncle had noticed another man's dick. With his young cock pushing against his gym shorts, the nephew looked at his uncle and then at the screen and back at the man. Uncle Alex continued, "Here's the part where she really fucks it to him. Watch them! When he comes, you'll swear we'll need to wipe off the television screen." The uncle chuckled. "You like it, Rick? I told you this tape would get to you." "Shit, Uncle Alex, I'm still bombed at the thought of you showing me a fuck film," the boy replied. Alex grinned. "Well don't be. You don't have any idea what I'd enjoy Rick, ole boy. I'm not that old or conservative," Alex said, winking at his nephew. The couple fucked long and hard. Finally, the young blond man with the humongous dick shot his wad toward the camera lens as the young brunette with the big tits licked his balls. "What a cum shot. A real hard shooter," Alex said as he stood up, stretched and briefly rubbed at his own crotch through the robe. "Oh well Rick, I'll leave it with you. I've got to get to bed," Uncle Alex said, leaning down to slap Ricky on the shoulder. As the two men said goodnight, Ricky caught a glimpse of what looked like an erection under his uncle's robe. He wished his uncle had stayed to finish watching the film with him. The film showed another fuck scene between a man and two women and then it really surprised Ricky. The third scene started out between a man and a woman, but a second man entered and got involved. Just as the first man was about to come, he pulled out of the woman, allowing the second man to jack his long, stiff dick to orgasm. The final scene showed an orgy with guys giving blowjobs to each other. The film had made Ricky horny. He recalled his uncle saying, "You don't have any idea what I'd enjoy." As he walked to his bedroom, the boy felt his dick fully hard inside his shorts. Climbing into the soft bed, he thought about the baseball game and sitting leg to leg with his uncle. He thought about Jeff, his secret lover and best friend back home. He remembered the manager at the city pool who once caught Ricky alone in the showers and seduced the boy with an offer of a "trainer's massage." And he recalled the look of his tall uncle in the lush, white robe. Long periods went by, but the boy could not sleep. The movie and the evening with his uncle were too much on his mind and on other parts of his body. He thought about jerking off, but that did not seem satisfying enough. His mind echoed his uncle's words, "Look at that fine cock..." as he tossed and turned. Finally, the boy's curiosity overtook him. Ricky slipped from his bed, edged his way out to the hall and stepped lightly towards his uncle's bedroom door. If it were locked, it would stop him. He turned the knob gently, and the door opened. Ricky's heart raced. He noticed the moonlight beaming brightly across the room. There was enough light for him to see his uncle sleeping under a white sheet. His uncle snored lightly. Ricky trembled, but he was determined. His wanton desires and the adrenalin rushing through his body directed him. He walked over to the bed and noticed that his uncle was not wearing a top. The lad wanted to stop himself, but his heart raced wildly and his base desires caused his own private parts to throb madly. Ricky admired his uncle's many handsome features, the saltandpepper hair, the movie star face, the seductive lips, the sexy pointed chin, the strong neck, and the manly hairs on the upper part of his chest. Ricky then lightly took the top of the sheet and guided it delicately away from his uncle's body. He revealed his uncle's entire bare chest. The young athlete's throat was completely dry; his legs shook. Ricky wanted to embrace his uncle, yet he wanted to run from the room. The duality of thoughts troubled him greatly. He admired his uncle's chest, especially the hair that was thick enough to be noticed, yet not too dominant. He starred at his uncle's thick pectoral muscles, admiring the tanned plates of tight muscle. The nephew then marveled at his uncle's attractive, brown nipples. They were wide and meaty, looking as round as silver dollars and sticking up boldly from the long hairs that surrounded them. Ricky wondered if the tits were sensitive, if having them rubbed would excite his handsome uncle. The more he viewed his uncle's body, the more intense his desires became. Ricky inhaled deeply, but quietly. Staring intensely at Uncle Alex, he lifted the sheet all the way off of his body. Without a doubt, Alex Murphy was made all the more attractive by his age and good health. He had the superior body of a much younger man, but the striking good looks of a more mature one. The best of both. The hair on his torso fanned out nicely across his pecs, streamed down in a thick, thin line to his belly and then spread nicely around his belly button. His stomach did not ripple like the proverbial washboard, but it was firm and sensuous. Ricky noticed the manly bulge under his uncle's white satin boxer shorts, but he could not see the man's privates. As Uncle Alex continued sleeping, Ricky could not resist wanting to discover the man's beautiful body. He was afraid his touch would disturb the sleeping man, yet his desires outraced his caution. Ricky moved his hand down to touch the hair on his uncle's broad chest. It was fine, soft and nice. He moved his hand over his uncle's left pectoral plate, rubbing ever so gently in a circular motion to feel the wonderful hardness of his uncle's muscle slab. His uncle's breasts were large and firm. He traced his right index finger around the man's curvaceous left breast and up to his uncle's nipple. He touched the colored button of meat, rubbing the nipple gently and circling the tit point and its surrounding color with his index finger. He lightly grabbed the chest crown to feel it between his thumb and forefinger. The man tit hardened. Uncle Alex stopped snoring, but was not awakened. Ricky knew he should stop, but his own desires overtook him. The boy's cock hardened more to press tightly against his protruding underwear. After several moments, Ricky leaned down, hesitated and then placed his tongue carefully on his uncle's nipple. He felt his own cock jerk as the tip of his young tongue connected the nipple's fleshy tip. He licked around it, feeling its soft leathery tissue and savoring the fact that it was his uncle's gland. He kissed it and then sucked it lightly. Ricky enjoyed the feel of the sensuous tit flesh in his mouth. The boy desperately wanted to touch his uncle's penis, but he could not find the courage to take the initiative. Instead, Ricky leaned over to suck at his uncle's other nipple. It, too, was hard, perky and succulent. He kissed the mature nipple, causing it to erect even more, and then he licked the hairs that surrounded it. The boy could not get enough of the man's breasts. He moved from one nipple to the other, salivating over the colored fresh. "Oh, Jane... oh, that feels good," Uncle Alex moaned. Ricky froze! The nephew did not want to stop, but he knew he could not awaken his uncle. Ricky looked at his uncle's saliva-coated nipples and admired his sexy chest once again. Awakening slowly and faintly feeling the sexual stimulation that flooded his chest area, Alex Murphy groggily thought about his wife, thinking that she was awaking him in the middle of the night. He liked waking up to his wife when she was hot and in need of a long, hot fuck. As he struggled to wake up from his deep sleep, Alex felt the lips leave his chest. He knew his lover's face was just above him. Ricky then heard his uncle groggily say, "Jane... please don't stop, honey. You know I like that..." Ricky knew he would be unable to explain his presence at his uncle's bedside. The boy quickly, but quietly, lifted his frame from the bed and covered his uncle's body. He then tiptoed away from the king-size bed. But as Ricky neared the open bedroom door, Alex Murphy lifted his head and shoulders from the bed, feeling the bed sheet rake slowly down his sensitive chest. He was surprised to remember that his wife was not sleeping with him and even more surprised to see Ricky in his bedroom. He then shook his head; he wanted to assure himself that it was indeed his nephew that he was watching sneak from the room. Alex almost called out for Ricky, but he hesitated, still wondering if he could be dreaming. He then noticed what appeared to be a wetness around his nipples. He felt his tits. They were damp, but he was not sweating. He had dreamed that his wife had been kissing and sucking at his chest. Alex reached down and felt his penis. It was erect. He thought about his nephew. He smiled. Ricky returned to his bedroom and quickly stripped out of his shorts. He visualized his uncle's wonderfully macho body as he jerked off. He stroked his cock until his juices soon flowed into his outstretched hand. Likewise, he smiled. The next morning Uncle Alex did not give any indication that he had been aware of Ricky's great adventure into his bedroom. But it aroused Ricky's curiosity when his uncle unexpectedly said, "Rick, let's go camping. Let's get out of the house, go to the woods and be alone with nature. Just the two of us." Within minutes, Uncle Alex was calling an old friend to line up a private and very picturesque camping spot. Alex told Ricky that it was "one of the prettiest places in this area." The camping area belonged to one of Uncle Alex's clients, a wealthy, older gentleman named Elliott Hendricks.

CHAPTER TWO A Foreign Affair

"Suck it boy, suck it good," the silver-haired Elliott Hendricks ordered as he dropped his shorts and stood over a young, Asian lad. An intelligent gentleman, Elliott Hendricks was thin, yet physically fit and nicely packaged for a man of his age. His dick was hard from the excitement of the evening. As the owner of a major corporation, there wasn't much that Elliott Hendricks could not get when he wanted it and now at 50-something years old, there wasn't anything he enjoyed better than finding a young boy with a hot mouth that wanted to eat his mature penis. Ling Chung, a boy of Vietnamese origin was fitting the bill. Ling was 19, but by appearance, most men thought he was much younger. The boy had come highly recommended to Hendricks. The lad worked the streets, but he most enjoyed it when rich men like Mr. Hendricks picked him up and kept him in their homes for weeks or even months. He liked pleasing his masters. After having stripped the distinguished, older man of his clothing as ordered, the young boy admired the cock in front of him, knowing he would enjoy sucking its thickness. His experience told him the cock was big enough to enjoy, yet not so large that it would block his breathing as he ate it. Little Ling knew that he would enjoy watching this rich, sophisticated man shed his smugness for the thrills of orgasm."Like it? Do you like it, Ling?" Hendricks asked emphatically as he felt the boy circle his extended shaft with his small fingers. "Yes sir, your cock is the best shaped one of all American men," the boy said. Hendricks smiled. He grabbed the boy by his dark hair and shoved the boy's mouth down upon his dick. The wetness and warmth of the boy's lips and mouth felt incredible. "Eat it, Ling... suck it down your throat," Hendricks said as he rammed the dick into the boy's mouth. The older man's balls banged against the boy's chin. The young boy wrapped part of his hand near the base of the dick and masturbated it as he sucked the upper third of it. With another hand, he rubbed at the man's smooth stomach, chest, back and buttocks. "Ah... boy... that's good... suck it... harder... make me come," Hendricks urged as he felt the boy's suction drawing the sexual surges from the depths of his balls. "Keep it up, Ling, keep it up." The boy's mouth was small, but Hendricks was able to shove his cock down the boy's tight throat. He thrilled at how well the little Asian lad could suck cock. The Asian boy looked up at his master and wondered how long it would take for Hendricks to let loose of his cum. "Take it boy, eat my cock, tell me how much you like it," Hendricks said as he held the Asian lad by the hair of his head, banging his dick into the boy's mouth. Knowing what the man wanted to hear, Ling Chung answered immediately. "I love it, Mr. Hendricks. Your American penis is just the right size. Not too short, not too long," the boy said as he licked all around the cock, holding and jacking it with one hand, while rubbing his client's balls with the other. "You are so good to taste. So good. I love your cock, Mr. Hendricks." Hendricks smiled, but forced the boy's head away from his rigid dick. He could feel the pre-cum seeping from his cockhead. "Turn around Ling, I want some of your young, sweet foreign box," the older man said as he grabbed Ling by the hips. He immediately started rubbing the boy's buttocks, quickly running a hand into the crack of the petite boy's tight ass. "Spread your legs wide, part those cheeks, Ling," Hendricks instructed. The boy did as told and Hendricks knelt down to explore the depths of the boy's young ass. He bathed the boy's young ass with his own saliva, but just enough to get him ready. He leaned up to reach under the dark-skinned kid, grabbing him by one shoulder, while using his other hand to discover the boy's small chest and to tease the darkened nipples there. "Tell me you want it Ling... beg me for it, boy," Hendricks said as he touched the boy's hole with the tip of his finely-shaped, six-inch cock. "Let me hear it, Ling Chung. Beg boy!" "Mr. Elliott... please... I want to be fucked by your handsome cock. I want to feel you inside me... Please put your dick in my ass... please... please..." Hendricks slapped Ling on the ass and repeated the blows time and again. "Beg me boy, beg me for it. Beg..." "Please, Mr. Elliott, please, fuck me. Fuck my ass with your American cock. Show me why American cock is the best cock. Please fuck me. Please..." "Beg boy, beg," Hendricks ordered, this time edging his cock into the boy's tight ass. Ling chanted and begged non-stop as Hendricks buried his cock into the boy's rump. The millionaire bottomed out in the boy, using his hand to pull at the boy's shoulder, bringing the boy down more tightly upon him. Hendricks felt the incredible grip that the boy's rectal muscles gave his dick and the friction that was caused. The boy felt his own dick growing hard and enjoyed the feel of the older man's balls as they banged into his own during their fuck motion. Hendricks fucked Ling with a faster pace wanting to increase his pleasure. He tweaked at the boy's small nipples, pinching them painfully between two of his fingernails. Ling released a loud cry. Hendricks felt his churning balls boil as Ling squeezed his ass, pressing his cock forcibly. "Take it, boy... take it... I feel it swelling." "Please Mr. Hendricks... fuck me... fuck me... I want you to shoot your big load. Wet me down, master, wet me down..." "That's it Ling, that's it boy, keep squeezing that pecker of mine, that's it, feel it, fuck it," Hendricks ordered as his cock banged into the boy repeatedly. "Please come... my master... wet me with it." The mature cock went even deeper into the bowels of the boy's tight love canal. The older man felt release. "Oh, Ling... oh... I'm coming!!!" Hendricks screamed as the juices roared from his stimulated balls to blast their way through his body, down his swollen shaft and into the boy's cute, little butt. "Your cock is spraying me, Mr. Hendricks," the boy said, gasping from the fucking he was receiving. Hendricks drove his spurting cock deep into the boy, grinding his pubic hair into the boy's ass. Ling continued feeling Hendricks pounding his guts and spurting his shots of cum into the depths of his small ass for several, long seconds. Hendricks almost passed out from the tremendous fuck. Finally, the older man patted the boy's small rump and allowed his subsiding dick to relax. When he withdrew from the boy's tight ass, Ling collapsed on the bed. "That was good, boy. Real good. Why don't you stay with me for a while," Hendricks said. Ling smiled. He looked at the distinguished, naked man who had just finished plowing his behind. It had been a much better fuck than with most older men that young Ling found himself having to service. He wished he could seduce this rich executive into taking him as a permanent lover, but he knew how self-serving men like Elliott Hendricks operated. Hendricks hugged Ling tightly to his body. They kissed passionately and then settled against the pillow of the bed. Within a few minutes, both dozed off. The two new lovers slept late the next morning until the phone rang. Mr. Hendricks reached for it and immediately felt his cock starting to erect as he heard the unmistakable and unusually sexy voice of the macho Alex Murphy on the other end. Ling sat up in the bed, listening to Hendricks' part of the telephone conversation. He caressed his newfound master's chest, going from puckered pink pap to puckered pink pap as he listened. "What's the story here, Alex, needing some time alone with a special mistress? Your nephew? You expect me to believe that? Sounds too innocent for you... No, there's no problem, please use the property... But when are you going to invite me camping with you? Just us boys, you know? Okay, enjoy yourself. You're welcomed, big friend." On the other end, Ricky sat gulping a large glass of orange juice, overhearing most of the telephone conversation that his uncle was conducting with his friend about the camping site. "Nothing like that Elliott... I just want to get away from the house and the city...Do a little fishing and hunting, with my nephew, Ricky. You should believe it, he's a nice kid... Now Elliott, watch it, you old cuss. But now tell me, is it okay for us to use your property? I appreciate it... Just wanting to make sure that we didn't disturb anyone or that nobody disturbed us. Thanks. Later." When Alex finished, Elliott Hendricks returned the phone to its receiver and turned to Ling. He rubbed his flaccid dick as the boy watched him. The sly, wealthy man released a slow, tight smile. He ran his fingers through his well-kept, rich silver hair before reaching out to grab Ling by his cheek. "Ling, now if you had wanted something for several years and you thought it might be available, would you go for it? Tell me?"But Hendricks did not wait for an answer. He dropped his thumb and forefinger down to the boy's dark tit and pinched on it gently as he spoke, "Yes, you'd go for it; Alexander Murphy would go for it; and so will Elliott Hendricks. Nobody goes camping with his nephew. Who does that sidewinder think he's kidding?"

CHAPTER THREE A Camping We Will Come

Ricky shivered with anticipation as he and his uncle continued looking at the tent they had erected. Ricky realized that he never had been quite this alone with his uncle in all of his life. A chill of excitement shook his body, increasing many times over when Ricky felt his Uncle Alex drape his hairy arm over his shoulder. As they stood there together, Ricky knew that at some point, he would reveal his interests to his uncle. Right or wrong, the urge was simply too great to contain. But as events started unfolding, his uncle ensured that it would be sooner than later. Uncle Alex brought his right hand around to squeeze the lad closer to his body. He gently placed his hand down on the boy's chest and started rubbing its upper portion nonchalantly with his fingertips. He could feel the boy respond. "Like it, Rick, like it, son?" "Yes, Uncle Alex. I like it here with you." "Being here or being with me," Alex asked as he quickly passed his rough fingertips over the boy's sensitive tit to then lightly massage the muscles of the boy's chest plate. Ricky moaned and leaned into his uncle. "Does it matter which?" the boy asked realizing that his uncle now seemed to be flirting with both his mind and body. Uncle Alex moved his strong hand back up the boy's bare shoulder and rested it there. He squeezed. A long pause filled the air. Finally, Uncle Alex slowly hugged the boy to him, again. Ricky relaxed in his uncle's arm, feeling his uncle running his hand along his side. His uncle smiled and then whispered. "I like feeling close to you, Rick. Out here. Just us and nature. Two men. To ourselves. Free. Do you like it that way?" Somewhat startled, Ricky looked up at his uncle. He wanted to kiss the man firmly on his seductive lips. He wanted to taste his uncle. Instead, he whispered, "That's just fine with me, Uncle Alex. That's exactly what I want." Ricky turned toward his uncle. He took a deep breathe and then made his first move. He slide his left hand inside his uncle's open denim shirt, feeling his uncle's strong chest and moving his hand up around his uncle's broad shoulder. "Free to be physical with each other... Is that part of it, Uncle Alex?" His uncle inhaled deeply as the boy rubbed his broad shoulder. He replied, "Do you know where we are heading, boy?" "I hope so, Uncle Alex. God, I hope so," Ricky said as he brought his other hand up to rub at both of Alex's broad shoulders. "Then, tell me one thing. Please be honest," Uncle Alex said as his breathing drew heavier and as he ran his own left hand down Ricky's bare back. "What Uncle Alex, ask it," Ricky said as he looked directly into his uncle's deep, blue eyes. Alex Murphy hesitated, inhaled and then asked, "Were you caressing me last night in my bed?" Although surprised by the question, Ricky could not lie to this man with whom he felt himself falling in love. "Yes, yes, I wanted to feel your body, Uncle Alex. I..." Before the boy could say anything further, his uncle embraced him closely, pressing his mouth savagely into the boy's and kissing him long and hard. When they broke the kiss, Uncle Alex said, "Why don't we go inside, and try this damn tent out?" As they entered the tent, the man led his nephew over to his bedroll. He turned and faced Ricky. He knew it was time to give the boy the thrills he had eagerly wanted the night before. Uncle Alex slowly and sensuously moved his hands over the boy's ribs to his inviting nipples. He captured the them lightly between his thumbs and forefingers. Ricky moaned. Uncle Alex tenderly stroked his nephew's riveting tits, again and again. "Oh Rick, is this what you did to my tits last night as I slept? Huh? Did you caress my nipples just like this?" "Yes, Uncle Alex, god yes," the boy gasped. The uncle felt the textured, fleshy mounds and noticed that they had grown hard. The boy's nipples were a pretty pink-brown, with projecting points and a fairly pronounced areola. Uncle Alex delicately topped the tits with his fingers and rubbed at their tiny erected tips. A smile escaped his smooth, handsome face. Low, but gutteral moans emerged from the boy. Uncle Alex noticed his own arousal as he left the tits and rubbed firmly over the boy's entire chest. Ricky moaned deeply, melting to the man's strong, sexy touch. Uncle Alex brought the boy to him and kissed him again. Uncle Alex noticed Ricky pulling his denim shirt out of his pants, and then spreading it open wide. He watched as the boy ran his hands up his stomach to his own sensitive chest. The boy rubbed the outside of the man's curvaceous breasts before slowing bringing both thumbs around to caress the nipples. "Oh, my boy, that excites me," Uncle Alex exclaimed, fully stimulated by the boy's tender touch. "Damn, your tits are so sexy, Uncle Alex. They are fine and sexy," Ricky replied while delicately stroking the finely embossed nipples. "Kiss them, Rick, kiss my tits real good for me, please," the uncle requested. Ricky complied. As he moved to the older man's left nipple, it stood out excitedly from the man's hairy chest, presenting its savory tip to Ricky's tongue. The crests of his uncle's chest turned the boy on without compare. The man's nipples were big, pronounced and downright sexy. Ricky had never seen a man's nipples as marvelously well-formed and as succulent as the two, finely aged ones that highlighted his uncle's broad, hairy chest. The lad spent several minutes kissing, licking and sucking at the two meaty paps. The boy nipped each point with his teeth, pulling the points away from the chest until his uncle groaned. "Oh Rick... you chew those tits like nobody's business... damn, that feels good..." "Your hairy chest and big tits are so handsome, Uncle Alex. So damned handsome," Ricky freely admitted. The boy enjoyed knowing that his uncle liked having his manly tits caressed. At the same time, Uncle Alex loved how the boy could not get enough of his beefy pecs. The boy kneaded his uncle's broad, hairy chest until Uncle Alex stepped back, allowing Ricky to strip him completely of his shirt. The full range of the man's naked upper body excited Ricky greatly. "You are so good looking with your shirt off, Uncle Alex," Ricky said, his voice labored with excitement. "You're such a gorgeous hunk." Alex smiled and replied, "Glad you like the looks of things, Rick." The two kissed, with Ricky again pulling and twisting gently at his uncle's tits. He scraped the meaty center tips with his fingernails as his uncle moaned. After Uncle Alex broke the kiss, Ricky trailed his tongue to the man's navel. He wormed the belly hole a few times, delighting that his uncle put his hand on the back of his head as though instructing Ricky to keep his tongue buried there. While sucking at the deep belly button, he unbuckled his uncle's belt and unsnapped the metal button of his jeans. "That's it, Rick. Go ahead, strip me," his uncle ordered. Ricky realized his uncle now hungered for sex with him. He took off his uncle's footwear and kissed the man's feet. Uncle Alex smile and said, "Enough of that, get to the best parts, son." Ricky returned the smile, leaned up and grabbed the zipper to work it down slowly. He then moved his hands to the flanks of the jeans and pulled them down his uncle's long, muscular legs. He removed them from around his uncle's ankles and looked up. Ricky drank in the scene of his strong, tanned, hairy and handsome uncle standing before him, waiting in only his undershorts. The man's boner stood out tremendously. The boy placed his hands on his uncle's hairy legs and slowly ran them up to the man's shorts. Uncle Alex inhaled heavily and stared down at his sex-starved nephew. He held a tight, seductive smile as the boy's hands moved onto his covered cock. The nephew trembled at the thought of finally being able to touch his uncle's long, sensuous penis. He knew he would always remember this moment. Ricky lightly held his uncle's penis for several seconds, noticing its immense size. Alex reeled in the touch, closing his own hand around the outside of the boy's. "Go on Rick, do it... Stroke me... Show me what you wanted last night," the man said in a challenging voice. Ricky squeezed the massive piece of love meat, soliciting a low groan from his uncle. Ricky squeezed again and again, soliciting a groan each time from his uncle. Uncle Alex thrust his hips forward to manipulate his nephew's hand up and down his hard, aching dick. After a couple of strokes, Ricky slipped the awesome cock through the opening of the man's boxer shorts, freeing it from its confines and allowing him to admire its tremendous size. "Oh gee, it's beautiful. Your dick is so huge, Uncle Alex," the boy said obviously awed by the titanic cock filling his palm. Ricky could not believe he was holding his uncle's manhood, the man's personal, sexual being. The cock was long, thick and wonderfully shaped. Its head was nicely formed, with a distinctive, circumcised rim around it. The piss slit was bigger than normal and well defined. Ricky stroked his uncle's cock fully, but delicately, running his left hand up to massage his uncle's shapely balls. His uncle panted, and released a low groan. "Oh Rick... this feels too, too good... but, maybe we shouldn't, maybe we should stop," his Uncle Alex said obviously having second thoughts. Ricky released his grip on the man's tremendous cock, but only long enough to remove the man's boxer shorts. He pulled the shorts down allowing Uncle Alex's huge, hard cock to pop free, uncovered and unrestrained.For the first time ever, Ricky examined his uncle totally naked. The muscular, well-toned, well-tanned body was hot and beautiful. He placed his hands on his uncle's warm, manly butt. The unblemished buttocks were firm and tight, with sparse traces of light fuzz. Ricky then locked his hand around the older man's fine dick and started slowly jacking it off. "Oh god, Rick... oh... oh, that feels so good... too good," his uncle moaned. "Your dick is so big and hot, Uncle Alex... so big..." The two men collapsed to the floor of the tent and rolled over together locked in each other's arms. The boy took the top with Uncle Alex on his back. Uncle Alex raised his arms above his head and said in a labored voice, "Go on, Rick, enjoy my body." The boy cherished the thrill of being offered his uncle's virile body. He envied the man's mature, handsome looks. Ricky lowered his mouth to trace his warm, wet tongue through his uncle armpits, up his neck, into his ear, around his mouth, over his lips, down his chin and throat, into his soft, chest hair and then on to his luscious brown nipple. Ricky then closely examined the longveined meat that he held. His uncle's thick shaft was at least nine inches long; Ricky could barely get his hand around its middle. Its circumcised head was a dark pink. A pearl droplet bubbled from its wide slit. "Gosh Uncle Alex, you are so amazingly big. Your cock is so damn nice to stroke like this," the boy said in obvious praise. He stroked the cock firmly and reached up with his free hand to tweak first at one nipple and then at the other. "That's nice, Rick. Real nice. You make me hot," his uncle said. Ricky started massaging his uncle's balls, thrilling to the moans and groans that he produced from this big, hot and distinguished man. "I want to taste it, Uncle Alex. I want to suck you," Ricky freely admitted. "I don't know, Rick... that might be taking things too far," Uncle Alex said. "Please, just stroke me for now." But Ricky wanted the man too much to hear otherwise. The massive, rigid dick was too tempting for the boy. "I want you badly Uncle Alex," the boy said almost in desperation. "Please, let me give you that pleasure. Please..." Uncle Alex knew he wanted the sexual pleasure of the boy's young, eager mouth on his long, stiff cock. He wanted to feel the boy bring off the hot, heavy load of cum that was burning in his eggsized balls. "Please Uncle Alex, let me have it.It's so damn long and handsome. Please," the boy begged. Uncle Alex smiled. He ran his hand to the base of his cock, slowly lifted his hips, slightly rotated his ass and presented his manhood to his nephew. "If you want it Rick, take it. Suck it good," his uncle answered in a deeply labored voice. Starring at the bold, handsome underside of the man's huge cock, Ricky did not hesitate. The boy lowered his mouth to his uncle's gorgeous, hot penis. The lad sucked the meaty knob of his uncle's cockhead into his wet mouth, surprising himself and his uncle with his tight hold on the hard cock. His uncle immediately grabbed the boy's head and thrust his hips forward, allowing the boy to take all but a few inches of his massive, red-hot cock. "Oh god, Rick, my boy... oh... shit... oh, suck me..." The sexual thrills ravaged his loins as the boy slurped greedily at his elongated prick. The sexy uncle thrust his hips up again and looked down the length of his naked torso.Uncle Alex watched intently as the boy's fingers tickled his balls and his other hand played gently in his pubic patch. The boy licked all around the head of the huge piece of manroot, forming a tight suction with his cheeks to draw the seepage from the cockhead. "Damn Ricky... you've got me so hot, boy... too hot for our own good, I'm afraid."Within his raging lust, Alex Murphy knew he was becoming too involved with his young nephew, but he could not resist the feel and sight of his long cock going in and out of the boy's greedy mouth. He forced the boy to bury his nose into his pubes until he felt the tip of his penis far down in the boy's throat. "Suck it, boy... suck it all over." He then slowly withdrew the stiff penis and allowed the boy to lap eagerly at his cockhead. The feeling was fantastic, but Uncle Alex did not want to come so quickly and did not know if he should allow the boy to suck the juices from him. "Take your pants and things off, get naked with me," the uncle urged, his dick seeping of its clear pre-cum and jutting upward in a near orgasmic state. Uncle Alex helped Ricky peel off his pants. Ricky kept his eyes affixed to his uncle's throbbing member. Uncle Alex moved both of his large, thick hands up the boy's legs. He worked his way up to the boy's shorts and then placed his fingers in the flanks of the elastic waistband. As he pulled them slowly down, Ricky whispered, "Uncle Alex, this excites me so damn much." The lad's pubic hair, cock and hefty balls came into view. Uncle Alex released a tight smile and reached up to slowly run his right hand over the hardened young dick. "Damn... ooohhhhh... your hand feels so great," Ricky said. Uncle Alex studied his nephew; the boy's dick was rock hard. It wasn't as long as his own, but it was a good seven inches and finely shape, arching at its middle. The uncle stroked it, thrilling to the deep moans that escaped the boy's throat. "You've got a great body, Rick. Makes me want to feel all of it," Uncle Alex admitted.The boy smiled and said, "Thanks, but you don't want to me half as much as I want a piece of you. It makes my balls ache to be next to you." Uncle Alex smiled widely and sat up as the boy knelt beside him. He felt the boy's hand on his upper leg. He liked the boy's touch. He did not know if this was right or wrong, he could only enjoy the fascination that the boy had for him and the ravishing sex that they could enjoy together. "Your penis is so bold and beautiful, Uncle Alex... So powerful looking, yet so nice and sensuous." "Rick, do we have an agreement that what goes on remains between us? Between only us... forever?" "Uncle Alex, of course, it will only be ours to share," the boy replied in a voice that sounded surprisingly mature to the older man. The boy's hand again grabbed at his uncle's hardened penis. Alex gasped and again reached out for the boy's pretty peter. The two men slowly massaged each other. "Rick, I just want to make sure that what we do remains our secret. That you can handle it emotionally. That we both understand the limits. That..." Ricky could no longer control his reaction. He did not care what his uncle wanted to promise. He only cared about his lust, the heat of passion shared between them, and their rock hard cocks that stood erect just inches from each other. Ricky leaned into his uncle and kissed him firmly on the lips. "Rick, Rick, just a second," the uncle said, but to little avail. The nephew pushed his uncle's back to the ground again and began kissing wildly and deeply down his uncle's neck, over his shoulders and then across the expanse of his gorgeous chest. When he came to his uncle's right nipple, he took the tit meat into his mouth and diligently ran his tongue over it, back and forth, again and again. "Ooohhhhh... argh... damn, damn, do it, boy," Uncle Alex said in a sex-soaked voice. He took the boy's head and held it tightly to the nipple, arching his chest upward to give the boy a solid taste of the fleshy nugget. Ricky used his teeth to tug the tit away from the man's chest and to lightly bite it. The boy continued stroking the man's hard cock with his free hand. It pulsated madly as the boy gently wiped his thumb over the cockhead, thrilling to the large drop of pre-cum that he found there. He tried going down again on the enormous cock, but Uncle Alex prevented it. Ricky thought that even if his uncle wasn't ready to be sucked off, he at least wanted to enjoy the thrill of jerking him off and watching him shoot his magnificent load. "Rick, my boy... damn you're making me crazy... stroke me, beat me." Uncle Alex thrust his large, muscled thighs upward, giving Ricky easy access. Ricky stuck their cockheads together, hearing his Uncle Alex gasp the moment their cocks kissed. The older man's pre-cum moistened both cocks as the lips of their cock slits kissed repeated. Ricky then worked both cocks together in a slow, delicate motion. The boy's treatment worked his uncle into a sexual frenzy. Uncle Alex's moans became guttural; his groans grew primal. The lad couldn't believe the amount of heat surrounding his uncle's bold, excited mancock. The huge, mushroom knob of the man's cock meat looked ready to explode as drop after drop of pre-cum surfaced at its hole. "Do you intend on watching your big, old uncle come? Is that what you want," Uncle Alex asked in a raspy voice. "Yes, Uncle Alex, yes. Let me pull the cum from your fat, juicy balls, please!" Ricky insisted his fist pounded away at his uncle large shaft. "Come, Uncle Alex! Please, let me watch you come." The older man could not remember the last time he had felt such a tremendous load of cum boiling in his balls. Knowing that a boy like Ricky, his nephew, was waiting to see his large cock ejaculate its load of heavy cum made the moment intensely exciting for him. He looked at the boy and knew Ricky would thrill at the sight. At that point, his body released. Uncle Alex's powerful orgasm swept his massive, hairy body. The uncle grabbed his own big balls and thrust his hips into the air. "Here I come, Rick... Oh... argh... oh... I'm coming!!!" Ricky trembled as he watched his uncle's piss slit open wide and erupt, shooting its thick, rich white cream from deep within the man's trembling testicles. "Oh boy... argh... I'm shooting it off just for you..." The man's first spurt of thick cum shot high into the air.Uncle Alex pumped his pelvis and hips again, and a second large, heavy gob of his semen came bursting forth from the hot, stiff penis. An intense and deep sexual thrill swept the nephew as he watched and listened to his uncle in the throes of sexual climax. "Oh damn, Uncle Alex. Geez, your cock is so strong," the boy said in admiration. Uncle Alex could barely control his primal sounds when the spitting cock shot its third round.The cum barely missed Ricky's nearby face, making him desperate to taste his uncle's innermost juices. Without restraint, the boy leaned his head down close to the penis head, opened his mouth and waited for his uncle's love juice to spit again from the cock stalk. Without delay, the dick pumped another spurt from its head and Ricky felt the load of hot, salty semen land on his tongue. The nephew savored the seminal taste, knowing that it was the liquid treasure from deep within his uncle's warm, lovely balls. As Ricky pumped on the meaty stalk, his uncle's powerful dick continued spurting, sending most of its rich cum to sizzle on the boy's smooth chest. The big, physically fit, barrel-chested man thrust his hips into the air and a final heavy spurt of cum was released from his cock. Two or three lesser gushes followed, rushing out over the cockhead to drip slowly down the long, extended shaft. Ricky gathered the cum into his hand and rubbed it into the thick dick from whence it came. "Oh Rick, what a fucking cum load; I've shot jism all over you... all over your tits and all..." The scene has been incredibly intense. Ricky could not imagine anything more sexual and sensual than what he just watched. Strong, handsome and virile Alex Murphy was spent. He managed to lean his body up so he could extend his hand to the boy's chest. He gently massaged his semen deliberately around and into both of the boy's young nipples. "Oh Rick, my boy, there are lots of things we are going to do together. Lots and lots," the uncle said as he gently moved his handiwork to the boy's penis. "I love feeling your big, firm hand on my penis. It drives me fucking out of my mind," the boy freely said. Alex Murphy smiled, patted the boy's stomach and rolled away. He got to his feet, leaving the boy tense and horny. Uncle Alex went over to the ice chest and pulled out a beer. He popped its top and set back.

CHAPTER FOUR Give And Take, Relatively Speaking

Alex Murphy drank the beer slowly, offering a couple of sips to Ricky who had declined his own. Ricky could hardly believe what had just taken place, yet he wanted so much more. Finally, the uncle felt rested and the boy was eager. Uncle Alex rolled over on top of his nephew, gathered the boy up in his big arms and then kissed him, sliding his tongue deep into the boy's throat. Ricky reached up to caress his uncle's deep armpits, enjoying the hair there. The huge appendage dangling between his uncle's powerful, hairy legs poked aimlessly at the boy's lower extremities. The virile uncle leaned down and planted his lips firmly on the boy's pectoral muscle, quickly sliding his way to the boy's right nipple. He sucked it hard, causing the lad to tilt his chest upward, giving himself freely to his uncle. Alex tongued the youthful tit, licking and sucking on the pap and noticing its rubbery texture. He knew he was giving the boy great pleasure. "Uncle Alex... oh, Uncle Alex... I love you... oh... what you do to me... oh, suck me..." The uncle gave the boy's right nipple a deep, hard kiss before kissing his way across the boy's smooth chest and down his stomach. With a free hand, he reached down and began rubbing under the boy's balls, flirting with the boy's asshole. He rimmed the boy's navel with his tongue as his finger toyed with the edges of the boy's asshole. He then buried his tongue deep into the boy's belly button, finding the tiny tip of the button and sucking it hard. Ricky groaned loudly. Uncle Alex began stroking sensuously at his nephew's erection with his right hand while using the index finger of his left hand to pry lightly at the edge of the boy's sensuous asshole. Ricky was filled with pleasure and lust. His brain swirled as his uncle caressed him in expert fashion. At that point, his uncle's big, firm finger worm its way into his ass. The boy spread his legs allowing his uncle unrestricted access. At the same time, his dick fell slave to his uncle's hand. Alex lifted the boy and once again kissed his nephew's sweet-tasting nipples. He grazed across the boy's chest, nipping the boyish tits lightly with his teeth. Ricky groaned uncontrollably. "My Uncle Alex... love me... fuck me..." "Yeah boy... it's just us two hot men," the uncle assured. The boy's dick raged wildly. The boy saw his uncle release a handsome, manly smile as the first noticeable drop of pre-cum surfaced on the boy's piss slit. Both men looked longingly at each other. The corporate executive gently placed a second finger in the boy's tail and worked it deep into the boy's guts. He felt the boy's dry membranes and then made his way to the boy's charger. He knew what he was doing. He delicately jacked the boy's heated rod as he started a slow sensuous massage of the boy's prostrate. He bent down to again slurp the boy's right nipple. The boy's body tensed as his tits riveted to form swollen nuggets of heated desire. Ricky knew he was about to erupt -- brains, heart, guts, balls, dick, everything. The uncle and the nephew exchanged a hard kiss as Alex pumped the boy's cock to orgasm. Ricky grabbed tightly to his uncle and screamed, "I'm coming so hard... coming, Uncle Alex!!!" "Let go, boy... let me see it... shoot it, big Rick!" Surrounded by its pretty blonde hair, the stiff cock convulsed. Its handsome head flared as a long streak of cum bolted from it. It surprised Ricky immensely when his uncle quickly moved into position so the boy's dick shot its cum directly at his uncle's own hard cock and round balls. Other spurts landed in Uncle Alex's pubic hair, some shooting up to puddle in his belly button. "That's it, my boy... Oh Rick, such a hard, powerful come," Uncle Alex said, enjoying the warmth of the boy's cum hitting his privates. "Oh, Uncle Alex, you jacked me off so nicely... so firm and sure and exciting." Uncle Alex massaged the boy's spent cock before running his hand up to rub firmly at Ricky's curvaceous chest muscles. He wanted to continue before his own cock lost its zest. "Rick, are you ready to go further," the uncle asked as he panted heavily. "I want you, boy. I don't want to scare you or hurt you, but I want to screw you, man to man." "Yes, Uncle Alex, god yes... With your big cock, yes," the boy replied enthusiastically. Uncle Alex looked at the boy for several long seconds, surveying his face, chest and belly and then taking a closer look at his nephew's nipples, cock and balls. He removed the boy's hand from his buttocks. "Here Rick, grease my cock, I want in you now," the man instructed. Ricky hesitated. "Go ahead boy, grease me with it, grease me good," Alex panted. "Uncle Alex... with my," the boy started to ask. "Yes boy, with your hot, thick cum. There's nothing better. There's enough of it, I grant you." Ricky gathered his cum from the man's pubic bush and scooped it from his uncle's massive balls. He then gathered his uncle's huge cock. As the boy touched the massive cockhead, the man leaned back and groaned. Ricky greased the full length of the meaty stalk with his own cock syrup and then began to masturbate the love pole. "Oh boy... Rick... Oh... my babe... I want you..." "I want you, too, Uncle Alex. I want you to make love to me... to screw me with this marvelous cock." Ricky grabbed tightly to his uncle's back, bringing the big man in closer contact with him. He positioned himself so his young, delectable nipples raked across his uncle's finely-aged ones. The moment was chilling. "Oh Rick... My lad, my lover... I want to make love to this young, athletic body of yours. I want to plow your precious tail." Ricky did not hesitate. He threw his legs into the air, letting them wrap around his uncle's broad shoulders. He tilted his sweet, young ass upwards, noticing his own cock sticking up partially hard between the two bodies. The boy reached around, grabbed his ass cheeks and held them wide. He looked passionately and lustfully at his uncle. "Screw me now, Uncle Alex... fuck me... love me with your giant cock." "Oh Rick... I want to, but are you sure?" Uncle Alex asked panting heavily, but again having second doubts about his desires. "Yes, Uncle Alex! Yes! Let me feel your hard cock. Fuck me... please... oh, fuck me."The boy's heavy urging and wild cursing overcame his uncle. Alex mounted the boy, held his big cock in his hand to position it and then lowered his big frame onto the lad. His huge cockhead pushed against the opening of the boy's asshole. Ricky realized as his distinguished and handsome uncle prepared to enter him that their relationship was about to enter a new level of intimacy. "Rick, my boy, oh... I want to feel you riding my swollen cock," the man admitted aloud. "Take me, Uncle Alex. I feel your cockhead, push it on into my ass... please let me feel your manhood inside me." The boy's eyes swept over the man's beautiful broad chest.Alex Murphy pushed forward and felt the boy's incredible tightness. He pushed forward again and found the kid's wall of resistance. Both men moaned deeply. The coating of semen helped, but the older man's huge cock was almost more than the boy could handle. The uncle raised his hips up, withdrew his dick about an inch and then slowly, but forcibly, drove his cockhead forward. The boy felt his love canal ripping open to take the monstrous cock. He screamed. His tailbone ached. His own dick raged from the sexual excitement. His uncle continued edging his massive penis forward inch by inch. Ricky could barely catch his breathe. Feeling the hot smooth texture of the boy's inner cavity sent sexual sparks shooting through Alex's driving cock. The big man shoved forward again and the boy knew that his uncle was touching places with the head of his giant cock that had never been touched before. The uncle rotated his hips, screwing his cockhead into the lad to stir the boy's bowels. "Your cock is so fucking long, Uncle Alex. So incredibly big and hot," the boy gasped. The tremendous size of his uncle made this ass fucking so much different from anything Ricky had experienced. The pain and the pleasure were immense. Ricky could hardly control his whirling brain from going out of control from just the realization that at last his uncle's private shaft was inside him. Chills ran over his body as he thought about the union and intercourse they were enjoying. Alex pulled the boy up and held Ricky's youthful body closer to him, still able to keep his long shaft planted firmly in the boy. As Ricky straddled his uncle, the two kissed, their chests brushing against each other. Ricky reached down to pinch his soft, pink nipples into his uncle's hard, deep brown ones. Both men gasped. Uncle Alex pushed upward again, holding the boy tightly to force the turgid dick shaft deeper and deeper. Alex Murphy knew he was now positioned to deliver a vigorous fucking to the boy, to teach him the finer techniques of making love. His cock ached to be screwed and he knew he wanted to control the boy. Uncle Alex started a rhythmic fuck motion, enjoying the grips of the boy's tight ass. Ricky felt his prostrate and guts being screwed beyond belief by the head of his uncle's penis. Ricky panted and gasped. He wanted his uncle to enjoy his ass, yet it almost frightened him to think about what his uncle could do to his butt, if both were not careful. Ricky gasped as his uncle's manroot expanded his ass, burning it with immense pleasure. Uncle Alex reached down and tightly grabbed his nephew's seven inches of jutting, hard boy cock in his hand. He held it tightly. Uncle Alex felt the boy's fingers raking vigorously down his hairy chest, eventually finding his stiff, hard nipple and pulling roughly at it. The boy squeezed the nipple, causing his uncle noticeable pain. He felt his uncle jump. He pinched the nipple repeatedly, using it to focus his spinning mind on something as his uncle's dick pounded his ass. For Uncle Alex, the boy's butt felt like it was literally stripping the skin from his cock, driving the virile man out of control. Alex's dick burned from the friction. He felt his pre-cum bubbling from the cockhead. The uncle knew the boy was fucking him like few women ever had before. "Get ready, my boy...I'm going to give you all of it now... here it is!!!" With that said, Uncle Alex slammed his bloated meat fully into the lad's fine ass, grinding his pubic hairs up into the boy's balls as his own balls slapped against the boy's ass crack. Ricky yelped. Ricky felt the amazing sex root jerk and twitch deep inside him. Uncle Alex began pumping his hips, pulling his long stalk almost all the way out and then driving it all the way into the innocent body below him. To counter the older man's incredible fuck motion, the boy slapped wildly at Uncle Alex's ass cheeks, beating them madly, in a sense, spanking his uncle for fucking him. Uncle Alex felt the boy's inner cavity walls wrapped tightly around his cock; the boy's insides felt like a furnace. He felt the heat of the membranes and the softness of the boy's prostrate. He felt the stinging in his butt from the boy's ass slaps. Again and again, he savagely plowed his cock into and out of the boy's small asshole. Ricky clawed at his uncle's ass cheeks, dimly aware that he was clinging to his uncle's body, even biting madly at the older man's left nipple and the skin surrounding it. Ricky cried out from the sexual flight. His uncle's amazing dick felt like a sizzling hot, vibrating log that was ramming every inch of his body.Ricky could not restrain himself. He reached down to take his hard cock from his uncle's immobile grip. He jacked it vigorously as his uncle fucked him. "Yes Ricky, my boy... get after it... go for it... yes, this is so good," Uncle Alex moaned. "Fuck me... fuck me, with you big cock, my dear uncle," Ricky whimpered, his hand flashing up and down on his own extended cock. Without warning, the boy's young, eager dick exploded, releasing huge spurts of cum.Alex smiled as the cum hit him on the lower belly, dripping down into his deep belly button.He knew he had screwed the boy into his second orgasm of the day. "That's it Rick, that's it, my boy," Alex said as he breathed heavily. He reached down and took the boy's cock in his hand as it finished shooting. He shook the hard stalk and then covered its head with the palm of his hand. He reached lower to gently caress the boy's delicate balls. Ricky smiled lovingly. Uncle Alex then felt his own balls boiling over. He closed his eyes and shivered with exhilarating joy as his body fucked his nephew's wonderfully cute ass to the limit of his unquenchable, unexplainable lust. His orgasm ripped his handsome body. "Oh Rick... your ass is fucking me so hard and oh so nice... so nice, my boy." Although almost passing out from the orgasm he'd just finished and the fucking he was receiving, Ricky flexed his ass muscles to strangle his uncle's mighty dick, causing more friction and stimulation than the man cock could withstand. Alex felt the cum tremors begin deep in his loins, rushing throughout his body, coursing his legs, ass, belly, chest, brain and finally the entire length of his nine-inch penis. The uncle screamed into the wilderness as his cum rushed forth to shoot wildly into his nephew's spasmodic bowels. "Rick... I'm coming... baby... argh.... there.... you've got me!!!" Alex Murphy shot off into his young nephew with a great and powerful blast. Uncle Alex gasped as the spasms shook his body and his load blasted from his balls to splatter up Ricky's guts. Ricky placed his hands on his uncle's sexy buttocks, feeling them flex in the throes of the orgasm. Young Ricky felt his bowels flooded by his uncle's love juice. For a fleeting second, he wished he were female so could become impregnated by the millions of sperm being sprayed throughout his guts. He looked longingly into his uncle's eyes as the orgasm continued. Both men groaned deeply. Uncle Alex's long dick hosed his insides completely with warm jism. Ricky enjoyed feeling the hot blasts. The pleasure continued for several long, rapturous moments. Sweat popped out on his uncle's back as the man's intense orgasm finally subsided.Ricky knew he had never been screwed with the feeling just provided by his loving uncle; Alex could not deny how much he had enjoyed the act. "Rick that was so good... you took my big cock and fucked me inside and out, boy," Alex said, sweeping his nephew's smooth chest with the palm of his hand and allowing a small chuckle to escape from his throat. The nephew had proudly completed the act of intercourse with his handsome, older uncle. With both hands, he grabbed his uncle on the ass as the two settled against the floor of the tent, still linked together by his uncle's marvelous cock.

CHAPTER FIVE Deeper Into The Forest

There was no mistaking it for Ricky. He had fallen asleep with his uncle, but now he was awake. He was wide awake. His dick was wet and stiff and hot and on fire! And then like a bolt of lightning striking his body, Ricky realized what was happening. He could not believe it. His extended dick kept disappearing into the handsome mouth. He felt the tip of his dick descending deep into the warm throat. He felt the touch of whiskers on the man's face as the older man's cheek bottomed out at the base of his fresh dick. This feeling was incredible. This was not a dream. His Uncle Alex was sucking him off! Alex massaged the boy's hefty balls as he ran his long, soft tongue up the underside of the boy's hard cock. Ricky was close to an orgasm that he could not control. The nephew could not believe the absolute expert lover his uncle was in the oral department. "Uncle Alex... this is fan-fuckin'-tastic..." Ricky moaned, letting his uncle know that he was awake. "You're so good at that... so damn good... oh, you're sucking me off, Uncle Alex." Alex sucked the hot piece of meat deep into the depths of his throat. His aggressive tongue made passionate love to the young shaft. Ricky groaned. "Uncle Alex, I'm about to come; I can't hold back," the boy mumbled, but Alex Murphy did not release his nephew's hard cock. "Uncle Alex... I'm gonna shoot... Uncle Alex," Ricky again warned. Uncle Alex sucked tightly on the dick while increasing the pressure of his massage to the boy's tender balls. He then reached up with his free hand to pinch at one of Ricky's rosy pink tits. The boy could not hold back nor did he want to. "I'm shooting ooooooffffffff, Uncle Alex..." As the boy screamed, jolt after jolt of semen shot from his youthful cock into his uncle's waiting mouth. Uncle Alex continued the hard sucking, swallowing the boy's cum juice as load after load of it drained from the boy's ravaged loins. Alex gasped for air and grabbed Ricky's ass. He held Ricky's shooting cock in his mouth until he had sucked every drop from his nephew's splendid young dick. When the boy stopped coming, Alex knew he had left him spent. He leaned down to dance his tongue over the boy's tender balls until Ricky begged him to stop. He moved up on the bed, kissing the boy on his reddish, jutting tit and then lightly and quickly kissing him on the lips. He dropped down on his stomach and rested his arm across the lad, burying his head into the boy's armpit. He smiled at the thought of having brought his nephew's sensuous dick to orgasm with his oral treatment. The twosome once again drifted off to sleep... naked... entwined... pretty as a picture. The twosome awoke after a short nap. They washed their sex-coated bodies in the stream, taking time to skinny dip at a basin about 100 yards from their camp. They pulled themselves up on the bank to dry off. Both Alex and Ricky felt primitive, woodsy, al naturel. "Oh, my Rick...isn't this nice," his uncle said, rolling over to look at the boy. "Yes, it is Uncle Alex. I wish we could stay here for a long time. Just the two of us... undisturbed by anyone." As he talked, the boy reached over and started a slow delicate rub of his uncle's tanned belly. It thrilled him to be so personal and intimate with this wonderful man. Before long, the nephew began rubbing his uncle's limp penis, delighting as it pulsed and grew in his hands. Ricky leaned over and kissed the head of the dick as his uncle leaned back to watch, with both hands behind his head. Ricky delicately licked at the meaty ridge surrounding the circumcised cockhead. The boy's mouth made Alex's dick run hot. But Ricky did not stop with the man's dick. He ate at his uncle's round, weighty balls and then slipped his tongue below them. He kissed and tasted the skin lying under the balls. Uncle Alex could not contain his primal needs. "Eat me, Rick. I want you to eat my ass out," the Uncle directed as he quickly turned his body over. "I want you down there, please." Uncle Alex positioned himself on all fours, with his legs spread widely apart and the cheeks of his ass gaped open, providing the boy complete access to his warm, waiting hole. The boy scooted his lithe body into position, placing his tongue near the hole to first lick around its edges before licking against it. He teased the asterisk doorway of the man's welcoming ass lips. "Oh Rick, my ass-licking baby... oh... oh... that feels good," his uncle said. The boy tongued the sides near the man's anal opening, occasionally sticking his tongue forward to feel the man's puckered inner rectum. Each time he touched the sensitive muscles, his uncle released a primal yelp. "Oh Rick... that feels so incredibly good... oh... what you do to me, boy..." The more his uncle groaned and the more he told Ricky that he was burning with lust, the harder the boy ate from his uncle's canal. Finally, Ricky stuck his nose and mouth completely on his uncle's tight butt and started sucking and eating at it without reservation. Unknowingly, Uncle Alex gyrated his fine looking ass. "Oh son... that's it... eat it good... suck it out... oh Rick... you do so much for me..." Ricky pushed his tongue forward, going beyond the ringlike muscle to work his tongue into the depths of the man's ass. The boy licked vigorously at the canal walls. His uncle's deep odors were not offensive; if anything, the man tasted of vanilla. He was clean, warm, salty and manly. "Oh, Rick, oh, damn... I'm so fuckin' hot!" Ricky planted his young mouth entirely on the writhing, hot ass and sucked hard. The force created a tremendous vacuum. The sensations were immense for the handsome uncle. At the same time, Ricky reached around under his uncle, grabbed his long, hot dong and tightly stroked it. Alex was barely able to contain himself.The boy's desire to gratify the most personal parts of his body turned Uncle Alex on tremendously. There was no sense of obligation, just hot, flaming desire. "Stroke it boy... stroke that big dick of mine... it's yours." Alex relaxed his entire anal cavity onto the boy's thriving tongue. Ricky's tongue drilled against his uncle's bowels. The feeling forced the older man's sexual surrender."Screw me with that tongue, boy... eat me... eat all of me," his uncle screamed. Ricky pushed the tongue in deep and wiggled it quickly along the older man's ass canal. He ate his uncle's ass for a good while, but just before he took his uncle over the edge, the nephew dropped his uncle's peter and withdrew his tongue. "Rick... don't stop... eat me... please... don't stop," Uncle Alex panted. But Ricky had other ideas. "Rick... where's your tongue... put it back... please," the uncle repeated. Alex wanted to feel the tongue again, but instead, what he was about to feel would be bigger and better. The boy aimed his youthful shaft at the waiting hole and took a deep breathe. He edged forward guided by his burning penis. Ricky's balls tightened as the boy prepared to enter. He pushed forward and touched his uncle in the most private of spots, cutting him with his young, sexual spear. At first, Alex thought the shaft was the boy's fingers, but once the head touched his inner muscles, the uncle knew that the boy was screwing him with his young dick. His nephew's dick invaded his wet ass canal with relative ease. Its heat penetrated his lower body. "Oh baby... that feels real good down there." "Uncle Alex... Uncle... I've wanted to do this for so long," the boy emphasized as his dick split through his uncle's sphincter and rammed its way into the man's internal depths. "Oh... argh.... oh... you're so hard, Rick... so hot and hard..." The boy pushed his dick in further, noticing the gripping of his uncle's ass muscles and paying special attention to the texture of the ass walls themselves. The boy's penis was throbbing inside the tight spot. Uncle Alex struggled to hold himself up as the dick pushed into his bowels. He wiggled and rotated his ass, gripping at Ricky's dick to pull it slowly into his hot ass. Uncle Alex then tightened his ass around the boy's fine cock before encouraging Ricky to thrust forward. The boy did as told, causing his youthful cock to sink to the hilt. The man's ass burned into his boy cock. His pubic hairs meshed into the crack of his uncle's butt. Both men whimpered. "Damn, Uncle Alex... this is so great... your ass is controlling my whole cock," the boy admitted. The lad's balls touched his uncle's bigger, fuller testicles as the man gyrated his handsome ass around the boy's cock. The thought of their balls jangling together sent fires of desire racing through the young man. He once again took in his uncle's massively hard, aching penis with one hand; he caressed his uncle's left nipple, with the other. Ricky watched as the seven-inches of his dick buried into the man's rump and then withdrew only to quickly enter again. The feeling of making love to his uncle's marvelous ass was mind shattering. On the receiving end, Alex Murphy screamed from the quadruple pleasure. His ass felt wonderful from the young, splendid dick that worked it. His balls were heated by the boy's own hot rocks. His tits tingled from Ricky's attentions to them, and his own dick was on the verge of exploding as the boy jacked it rapidly back and forth. "Oh... argh... Rick... I feel it... I'm coming... I'm shooting.... your terrific, kid!" As he screamed, Alex Murphy's nine inches of hot, heated pulsating cock shot its cum load. The first spurt shot at least four feet out of the man, landing among the grass. The subsequent shots were long and streamy. The sight of Uncle Alex's heavy ejaculations took the boy over the edge, bringing about a simultaneous orgasm for the two men. "Uncle Alex... I'm going to come, too... My cock is there!!!" Alex let his young nephew know that he wanted him. He quickly reached around to place his large, thick hand on the boy's rump even as his own hard, giant dick continued shooting the last of its load. He held the boy's ass to him. Rick groaned loudly and drilled down on his dick to capture it in the hallows of the man's heated ass. The flood gates opened and streams of the boy's semen coated the man's insides. "Uncle... there it is... oh, oh... feel me... oh... argh... ekkkk... fuck it..." Wanting the boy to receive the full pleasure of a total ass fucking, Alex pushed his ass further back onto the boy's shooting cock and then gripped the dick head with his internal muscles. Ricky kissed his uncle's broad back as his dick continued shooting its cum juice far inside his uncle. Uncle Alex felt the boy pinching tightly to his nipples. He could not get enough of the boy's hands running over his chest... pinching, clawing and caressing its firm muscles and shapely nipples. Uncle Alex's cock finished its ejaculation, but the boy shot several more times, each spurt shooting far into the man's warm bowels. Ricky knew that nobody would ever substitute for the tremendous, masculine pleasure that he had just received from going man-to-man with his gorgeous uncle. "I love you, Uncle Alex," the boy said as he rested his head completely on Uncle Alex's back. He hugged the man, with his hands wrapped around his uncle's chest. The two collapsed to the grass together, Ricky's dick still planted in his uncle's semen-coated butt. Ricky felt on top of the most important treasure he had ever found.

CHAPTER SIX Too Much Of A Good Thing

The two men spent the next couple of days enjoying themselves to the fullest. They spent their time swimming, fishing, hiking and literally screwing around in the wilderness. Neither man could get enough of the other, but still, Uncle Alex had refused the boy the pleasure of feeling and drinking a full load of his uncle's cum. During one of their hikes, Ricky had been trailing his uncle as they walked. Finally, they came to a stopping point, an overlook with an impressive vista. Trees were all around them, with two boulders also close by. As Alex stopped in front of Ricky to admire the view, he felt the boy's hands on his buttocks. The boy swiftly planted a tender kiss on the nape of his uncle's neck and ran his hands around to the front of his shirt. He pulled his uncle to him, rubbing his face into the man's back. "I feel hot for you, Uncle Alex," Ricky said, but his uncle did not reply. Standing behind his uncle, the boy continued rubbing at the older man's chest and kissing on his neck. "I really want you, Uncle Alex, right here, right now," the boy said, but still his uncle did not reply. Finally, Ricky started unbuttoning his uncle's shirt, growing increasingly excited as the first and then the second button came undone. He pushed his eager hands inside to roam over the man's hairy body, thrilling to the touch of the man's hard, muscular mounds. But before he could finger the luscious tits, his uncle stopped him and turned around. "Rick, I don't think so..." "Uncle Alex! Please... please..." "Not here, Rick... I know we've played around outdoors several times over the last couple of days, but I'm feeling a little paranoid out here. We might be in a part of the woods where someone could see us." "Not likely. There aren't any houses for miles," the boy replied immediately. "We haven't heard any hunters today. Please Uncle Alex... please let me touch you." Alex looked down at the boy. He felt what seemed like electrical charges racing through his body. He knew how the boy could excite his tits and dick; he knew how good a long, hard orgasm would feel. Yet, he also knew that he and the boy had been going at each other pretty strong for most of two days. "Rick, I just don't think..." "Uncle Alex, I don't care," Ricky interrupted. "Nobody is anywhere near here. Nobody," the boy said as he towards his uncle. He starred into his uncle's eyes. He longed for the older man. "But I care, Rick... not here... not now," the uncle said. "Please... I want to touch you now... please..." the boy begged. Alex was trying his damnest to prevent the boy from becoming too attached to their sexual relationship. Instead, he thought the boy obsessed with it. He braced the boy by his shoulders. "Rick... we have shared as much as any two men can share... it's been hot... it's been fabulous... your young, athletic body turns me on like I never knew another man could, but we have to have some..." The boy brought his hands up to the man's shirt and unbuttoned the third button very gently. Alex looked down at him, and futilely continued. "...some control... Rick, that is what we need...that is what..." The boy unbuttoned the fourth button of the man's blue denim shirt and then pulled the shirt from the man's pants. "Oh Rick, please stop. For the good of all, please stop." But Ricky instead quickly got the last two buttons of the man's shirt undone and placed a string of kisses from the man's neck all the way down to his navel. He grabbed the shirt in the middle, spreading it wide open to reveal his uncle's handsome chest cleavage. He did not lose any time unbuckling the man's belt and immediately unsnapping the metal button of the jeans. He looked up at his uncle and spoke with a sense of desperation and desire. "But you haven't let me feel you come completely in my mouth, Uncle Alex... that is what I want... and that is what I have to have... please don't stop me..." "Rick, please... I'd rather not... you've tasted my spunk... that's enough..." "No, it isn't Uncle Alex... no it isn't... I want all of you..." "Rick, what we're doing is dangerous. We've gone too far already with all the jacking off and fucking. We need..." "I need you, Uncle Alex... that's all," the boy said as his right hand grabbed the man's jeans and his left hand grabbed the zipper. As the boy tugged on it, the zipper eased down the track of the man's pants. The older man stood there in the outdoors looking down at his deliciously seductive nephew. His shirt was gaped open just ready to be pulled off. His pants were unsnapped and unzipped, waiting to be pulled down. The silence of the woods seemed to be the only thing around them. "Please... Uncle Alex... please..." Alex felt his dick throb and once again found himself amazed that this teenager had created such a sexual spark in his loins. The boy reached up and put both hands at the flanks of the man's jeans. He looked longingly at his uncle for permission. "Let me pull them off you, Uncle Alex... please... please... let me suck you off right here... please..." The man's dick was rigid. The boy's begging had turned him on in a strange and lustful way. "I want you, Uncle Alex... I want to taste your cock... I want to milk it..." Ricky said, still looking into his uncle's deep blue eyes. Alex stared at the boy, knowing the kid was breaking his resistance. Ricky started to beg. "Please... let me pull these pants down your long, powerful legs... let me suck your dick off... please." Alex could not deny the lad. He spread his arms and said, "Have it your way, Rick," as though surrendering. Ricky pulled the man's jeans down. He again noticed the hair on his uncle's shapely legs and the size of the man's well-muscled calves. He quickly untied his uncle's shoes to slip both of them and the pants from the man. The boy looked up to see Alex stripping off his loose shirt, then running his hands across his own chest. The man now stood in only his undershorts. "I don't want to be the only one..." but before Alex could suggest that the boy undress, Ricky pulled his own tee shirt off and without losing a beat dropped his jeans to the ground. Ricky moved into his uncle to kiss him on the cheek and to dip his tongue into his ear. He kissed down his uncle's neck line, moving to his shoulders and then down across his hairy chest. Uncle Alex watched as Ricky licked firmly at each of his nipples and then dropped completely to his knees. The boy quickly pulled the shorts down. Jutting out from between his uncle's muscular legs, the long, sexy dong sprang into view. Ricky instantly captured it in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. Alex pushed quickly into the boy, taking the back of his nephew's head and pressing it against him, and then thrusting his hips forward. His pubs mashed into Ricky's young face. The boy reached up with both hands to massage the man's firm buttocks. After a while, Ricky brought his hands up the man's backsides and then around to the front of his chest. He found the erogenous man nips and rubbed them in a loving fashion. He felt Uncle Alex push his dick into his mouth again and again. Ricky felt the man's warm, hairy balls banging against his chin. Uncle Alex felt the boy curl his tongue around the heavy meat, he felt the suction of the oral cavity, and he felt the added sensations that shot throughout his body as the boy's teeth lightly grazed against his big penis. Within a minute, Uncle Alex lost all control. Without hesitation, he bucked his hips into the boy's face, screwing Ricky's mouth as fast as he could. The boy had made him horny, and now he wanted release. The uncle felt his nephew grab his balls. He flinched as Ricky began to pull at them, tugging them down until the man released a primal plea. The sensation was tremendous. His tits stood taut from his chest, forming small, but elongated pieces of hot, excited meat. His cockhead expanded. Sweat broke out over his body. The forest and its trees stood all around them. And then, the hot charges of orgasm shook his body and he knew he was about to unload into the boy's waiting mouth. "Oh... oh... argh... Rick... it's coming... I'm feeling it... it's hitting me... oh... Rick... my boy... my man..." The first large bolt of cum hit the back of Ricky's throat followed by a steady stream of the rich, white, salty cream. Ricky began to swallow as he sucked hungrily. "Suck me... oh... Rick... it's there... I'm shooting into your mouth..." Ricky drank the delicious cream from his uncle's volcanic balls. The boy grabbed his uncle's ass cheeks, holding them steady so the dick would spasm fully inside his waiting mouth. The man's tool shot a second, third and fourth load, flooding the boy's mouth with the cum. "Take it, boy... Oh, drink it all... suck me good," Alex uttered as the sex wrecked his body. The boy sucked even harder as the man held his blonde head to the pulsating manroot. He felt his uncle's balls drawn tight into his scrotum.He savored the taste of his uncle's most precious juices. He listened to the thrill of his uncle's heavy grunts and groans. Uncle Alex pushed his bare ass forward, allowing the boy to have full access to the last couple of drops that were released from the hearty dick. Ricky sucked down hard on the throbbing knob, eagerly wanting to suck his macho uncle dry of his semen. "Oh Rick, oh... you sure know how to suck a cock... damn!" Ricky took the mighty penis from his mouth and eyed its slit. The nephew licked his uncle's cum-shot pecker delicately with his tongue and then kissed down the complete length of the cock itself, tracing its big vein from just below its head all the way to the base. Neither man was eager to finish the sex. "Oh Rick... damn that was good... I came so hard." The boy smiled, but returned to his licking and kissing of the man's dick and balls. Within a couple of minutes, he could feel the dick beginning the early stages of hardening again. He smiled."I think it's time you let me get my clothes on, Rick," the uncle said. "I don't think so," the boy responded. "I like you too much naked. Maybe it's time I take my shorts off instead." Alex smiled down at the boy, knowing that the kid was perfectly capable of once again stirring his penis to erection. The boy took the penis fully into his mouth again and proceed to suck it. Alex ran his hands over his own chest, feeling his still taut tits. He noticed how knotted they had become in the excitement created by the boy. He smiled. Alex got ready to grab his nephew's head to push it further onto his dick and to submit to the boy's desires once again. But before they could begin a second act, they were stunned by a strange voice and loud, taunting laughter. Both Alex and Ricky froze! To their horror, the voice was nearby and it was speaking to them.


"Well, ain't that a sight, a fuckin' big sight..." Ricky looked up to see not one, but three men standing within 10 yards of them. "A grown man naked out here in the wilderness, with a young boy lapping at his cock like some dog." The man who had spoken was quite handsome and wore a forest ranger uniform. He had a shotgun pointed at Uncle Alex. A huge, black man stood next to the ranger. The third man was a young Mexican, probably just a few years older than Ricky. "Just like a dog... ain't that a sight..."the handsome forest ranger repeated as he positioned himself just a few feet away from the naked Alex and the partially naked Ricky. All three of the men broke into strong, mocking laughter as Alex stepped away from the boy. Uncle Alex quickly grabbed his boxer shorts and hurried into them before stepping toward the three men. "We were just getting dressed gentlemen; we were about to leave," Alex said."Can I help you with something?" "Not so fast, dog lover. You ain't going nowhere, but with us," the big, black man said. As the ranger cocked the shotgun, the larger man stepped forward, stopping within a foot of Uncle Alex. Ricky noticed that the black man looked to be three inches taller than his uncle and at least 50 pounds bulkier. "My name's Chester, city man. I live in these woods. That there is Ranger Gene Oliver, he has what they call `territorial jurisdiction' over this place. And over there is Juan, he's mine and the ranger's personal friend and helper. "Gentlemen, we don't want any trouble," Uncle Alex said. "Then you best just cooperate with us," the ranger said, keeping the shotgun cocked and pointed. The big, black man slowly lowered his eyes to roam over Alex's body. He smiled. The man then reached out and dropped one of his large, ebony hands on Uncle Alex's bare shoulder. He looked down again, slowly surveying Alex Murphy's body. "Lawd a mercy, white man. Ain't no wonder that boy wanted to lick all over this pretty, queer body of yours," he said. The ranger stepped closer and sarcastically exclaimed, "To lick all over it like a whore bitch. Like a filthy, cum-sucking whore dog lapping at his master's drippy dick." "I think you need to shut your goddamned mouth, bozo brains," Alex quickly replied. The ranger only smiled, and then he turned to quickly slap Alex hard across the face. Ricky watched his uncle draw back to retaliate, but before he hit the ranger, the black man stepped between them. He grabbed Alex's arm with one hand and a tight handful of Alex's hair with the other. "You best keep your goddamned mouth shut," the serious black man said as Alex struggled. "Put the collar and chain on him and let's go," the stern-faced ranger instructed impatiently. The big black man and the young Mexican immediately grabbed Uncle Alex. They tackled him to the ground. Ricky jumped up to help out, but the ranger caught him the pit of his stomach with the shotgun barrel, knocking the breath from him and sending him sprawling to the ground. As the big, black man and the Mexican struggled on the ground with Alex, the ranger went over and kicked Alex in the ribs. Alex yelped and rolled over, beaten and exhausted. Chester lifted Alex from the ground and held him from behind. He ran his arms under Alex's arms and then over Alex's shoulders so he could lock his hands behind the man's neck. The grip stretched Alex's body, presenting his bare chest for close inspection. Ricky looked up to take in the sight. He hated seeing his uncle bound, but at the same time, seeing his uncle's gorgeous pectoral muscles and sizeable tits stretched tightly across his chest was incredibly sexy. The ranger walked in front of the pinned Alex, studied the man's handsome body for a short while and then reached up to tightly pinch at Alex's left nipple. The ranger smiled slowly before releasing the tit to quickly run both of his hands over Alex's hairy chest. The stern ranger then took the dog collar and placed it around Alex's neck.The black man finally released Alex. "You try anything mister and we'll beat yours and the boy's butts with this dog chain," Chester said as a wide, toothy grin flashed across his face. Juan gathered Alex's shirt and pants and passed them to him. While the ranger flirted with the chain around his neck, Alex began to dress. He snapped his pants and buttoned his shirt and then walked over to Ricky. "Rick, are you okay?"Ricky shook his head `yes' without answering. Alex stood up and again felt a great need to protect his nephew. "What are you going to do with us?This is kidnapping, if you force us to go with you... this is..." The ranger interrupted. "Mr. Murphy... I was hired to follow yo ass... I've got pictures of you with this here boy... suckin'... fuckin'. We've watched you for several days." Alex closed his eyes to drink in the full ramifications. The big man named Chester approached him, deliberately putting his foot on top of Alex's."And that is why you have to come with us. Let's go," Chester said. Uncle Alex could not believe that these men had been lurking in the woods watching his personal sessions with Ricky. He wished Ricky were not with him. He wished he and the boy had confined their sexual activities to inside the tent. He wished he had the power to change the situation. At the same time, he could not deny his feelings for his nephew as a lover. The ranger jerked on the chain and the five men started walking. Ricky was hurting from the pain in his stomach; Alex felt the chain being tugged sharply, hurting his neck.As the men covered the first three hundred yards or so, it became apparent to Alex that they were returning to their campsite. At last, they cleared the most wooded portion of the trip and came to within sight of their camp. Alex stopped. Emerging from the tent was none other than Elliott Hendricks. Even from a distance, Alex recognized the silver hair and the figure. As they neared the campsite he noticed a young, Oriental boy with Hendricks. Alex and Ricky both noticed the eagerness that lurked on Elliott Hendrick's face. The man rubbed his hands repeatedly, smiling at the two as they approached. "What the fuck is this shit, Elliott," Alex Murphy asked without hesitation. "Is this some joke?Tell these slime balls to let us go." Elliott Hendricks did not reply. Instead, he looked at the three men and said to Chester, "Don't stop, I think you know how I want these fine, physical specimen presented to me." "We sure do, Mr. Hendricks," Chester said. "Ranger, let's do it." The men did not waste any time. Within a couple of minutes, several ropes were tossed over a nearby tree. Elliott Hendricks watched intently as Ricky was strung up, with Juan taking a few extra seconds to run his hands down the boy's upper body. Alex was then dragged to the ropes. The men struggled, but at last, Alex, too, was stretched. The ropes were drawn tight, forcing the men's arms to be raised above their heads. The uncle and the nephew were presented as prisoners to the smiling, waiting Elliott Hendricks. "Hendricks, what is this? Why are you doing this? This is criminal, man," Alex instructed. Hendricks smiled. He looked longingly, first at Alex and then at Ricky. He rubbed his own loins in excitement. Ricky and his Uncle Alex hung stretched, their wrists bound by the rope and their feet barely touching the ground. Hendricks moved over to grab Alex by the cheek, holding his face snug. Alex shook his face loose, but Hendricks grabbed at him again. "Now, now Alex, let's be friendly about this," the older of the two men said. "I have nothing to be friendly with you about, Hendricks. You offer me your property and then you invade my privacy and now look at this shit. For Christ sake untie us, stop this shit.""What shit, Alex?You and the boy have brought this upon yourselves. Ling bring me the photographs." The boy went into the tent and came back with a photo album.As Alex hung from the tree, Elliott Hendricks opened the book and released a wide smile across his face. "There... now see... see what you have caused yourself, dear Alex... I didn't force you into these positions with the boy there." Alex could not believe what he was seeing. The clear, color photos, at least a dozen of them, showed him and Ricky completely naked and in various sex positions together.The campsite echoed with mocking laughter. Hendricks continued, "So, at first I thought you were coming up here with some little vixen. Well, you know how I've always come on to you, but you've never given me the time of day, much less a good look at your fine body. So, I thought I'd get myself some pictures of the real thing. And then, low and behold, you are up here with a boy and, above all confounding else, he is your nephew." The man paused. The others laughed. Ricky looked wearily at his uncle, who was reduced to submitting to the whims of this sick, rich man whom he had grossly misjudged. "Look Alex, here's my favorite," Hendricks said pointing to another photo. The 8 x 12 photo showed a bareassed Uncle Alex sucking the boy's dick. The ranger had used a high-powered lens to get a close up of Uncle Alex holding and tonguing the boy's stiff penis. Alex remembered the act he had enjoyed with Ricky just a day earlier. They had been swimming and had just finished when he approached his naked nephew and once again gave the boy the complete joy of being sucked to orgasm. Other photos showed the uncle screwing the boy, the boy screwing his uncle, and the boy jacking Uncle Alex's long, straight-standing, blood engorged penis. Two photos showed them sleeping, arm in arm, leg over leg. There was no doubt what the photos revealed. "Now Alex, baby, we are going to have some fun. If you cooperate, you can have these photos with you, and your sweet, dear wife and the boy's mommy and the State Bar and your cheesy-ass boss won't ever have to know about any of this." A long silence fell over the scene. Alex stared blankly at the man, trying to comprehend the ends to which Hendricks had gone to trap him. He looked around, also realizing that he and Ricky were helpless to break the bonds of these five men. He surveyed Hendricks, the ranger, the burly black man, the anxious Mexican and the young Asian teenager. He knew Hendricks had the goods and the numbers on him; he knew this time Elliott Hendricks had outmaneuvered him.


Ricky watched as Hendricks proceeded to rake his hand slowly down Uncle Alex's chest."Alex, I think it's time we get busy about what we're here for," Hendricks said. "My dick is growing inside my pants just from the anticipation of it all." Hendricks turned to the cute, yellow-skinned Ling and said, "Get the knife." The Vietnamese lad once again went into the tent and came out with a shiny, new knife that had at least a six-inch blade. The boy passed it to Hendricks, and then the man released a wide smile. Alex spoke up when he saw the knife."Elliott, don't be sick... please... spare us this crap..." Hendricks mocked Alex in reply, "Please? Spare us? Come now Alex. What about two years ago when we shared that hotel suite on business? What about last year when I threw myself at you at the big party at my house? Both times, all I heard was `no.'Well, you have my answer, too, asshole!" Hendricks approached Alex and planted the sharp point of the knife right at the bottom of the v-shape, which was formed by the top of Alex's shirt. Alex stared blankly at Hendricks, not wanting to appear frightened, yet not wanting to provoke him. "Alex, I'm going to cut your buttons off... right now!" As Alex watched closely, Hendricks brought the knife down and cut the top button that held Alex's shirt together. The top of the shirt parted and the man ran the knife lightly along Alex's upper chest. He then cut a second button and parted the shirt further. "Alex baby, like I always said, there's more than one way to skin a cat... or to get a man's shirt off."Hendricks chuckled, obviously amused at himself. A third button was cut and then a fourth. Hendricks parted the man's shirt slightly before running the knife from Alex's throat to just above his belly button. He held the point there. "Oh Alex... this excites me, big man... it excites me so much... your body is so beautiful... so tanned and macho and beautiful. And it's all mine to do with as I please." The man then plucked the remaining button that held Alex's shirt together. He slowly pushed the shirt away from Alex's body revealing the man's curvaceous, hairy chest. Hendricks grinned as the point of the knife passed over Alex's wide, brown nipple. "Alex, I could do all sorts of thing to this pretty chest of yours," Hendricks said in an authoritative manner. Hendricks lightly touched the point of the sharp knife to the tip of the man's tit. He held it there and smiled. "Beg me, Alexander. Beg me not to cut your precious tittie... beg me." A silence fell over the camp before Alex looked Hendricks directly in the eyes and said, "Go to hell." "What did you say," Hendricks screamed. He then paused to control his temper and said, "Apologize to me, Alex." Instead, Alex spat at Hendricks, hitting him squarely in the face. Hendricks exploded! He slapped Alex twice across the face and threatened to cut him. Then, with Ricky watching in horror, Hendricks used the knife to swiftly rip and cut all of Alex's shirt from his body. The older man touched the knife to Alex's chest and started running it in figure eights around each of the man's sexy paps."Alexander... I should shave the hair right off your chest.I should slice these precious tits... humble you as you deserve to be humbled." Ricky could not believe that Hendricks actually wanted to torture his uncle. To Alex's relief, Hendricks dropped the knife to the ground. He then reached out to grab at both of Alex's tits. He examined the shapely nipples, rubbing them gently between his fingers and thumbs for a few seconds. His wicked smile returned, and he began to twist the luscious nipples. He coiled them and then pinched sharply at their tips. He then pressed Alex's nipples between his thumbnails and the nails of his forefingers. Alex moaned from the pain. Hendicks' smile widened as Alex's tits grew red and taut. At last, Hendricks dropped the fleshy paps and stepped away. While holding his sadistic smile, he spoke again. "Little Ling, see what you can do to present Mr. Murphy here for my inspection." The innocent-looking Ling slowly approached the tired Alex. Chester, Ranger Oliver and Juan sat amused at the action. Ricky looked on with disgust, still mystified at how Hendricks had successfully coordinated this blackmail. As the others verbally taunted Alex, Ling delighted in stripping the handsome, older man of his pants. He slowly unsnapped the man's boxer shorts, gaping them open so that the others could enjoy the slow, visual revelation of first Alex's thick pubic hair and then his long, sexy cock. Ricky watched as Ling grabbed his uncle's shorts by their flanks, leaned down and pulled. Uncle Alex's big cock and hefty balls popped into full view as he swayed from the ropes. He was now stretched naked, with his gorgeous privates fully exposed for all to see. Ricky wanted to cry out for his uncle. He wanted to kill Elliott Hendricks. Still, he noticed his uncle's handsome dick hanging limply down. "Impressive, Alexander, quite impressive," Hendricks said. "Just look at you there. Hanging like that. Helpless. And offering us such a big dick to play with." Hendricks licked his lips before reaching out and grabbing Alex's penis. Ricky watched his uncle twist and buck his hips, attempting to free his dick from Hendricks' hand. Hendricks held tight and began to stroke the cock's full length. "Ling, get the clamps," Hendricks said as he stroked the limp dick while lightly tickling Alex's balls with his free hand. Alex looked up to see the young Asian boy passing Hendricks a pair of small, steel clamps held together by a black cord. Hendricks dropped Alex's privates to take the clamps from the boy. "I want you to apologize for telling me to go to hell." Hendricks sternly demanded, raking the sharp, open-ended clamps back and forth across Alex's perky nipples. "Apologize to me now, Alex." Alex looked at the clamps touching his tits and then at Hendricks. He knew he was looking into the eyes of a desperate man, yet Alex felt very disgusted. "Hell no, I won't apologize," Alex said directly. "Fuck you!" "I think you'll change your tune," Hendricks shouted at Alex. He then plunged the two clamps into Alex's overly attractive nipples, allowing the sharp edges of the steel clothespins to clamp shut. Alex screamed, "Damn it, Elliott! They're cutting my tits!"But Elliott only smiled as the clamps pinched tightly into the fleshy tits. With his chest throbbing under the immense pain of the nipple clamps, Alex looked down to see Elliott Hendricks holding the black cord in his hand. Hendricks then pulled it. It jerked both clamps, sending excruciating pain through both nipples. Alex's tit flesh felt torn. Hendricks released a slow smile and again pulled the cord. "Oh Elliott... please don't... you're tearing my tits," Alex cried again in pain. The others around the camp looked on intently as Hendricks began torturing the meaty paps with precision. They watched the agony register on Uncle Alex's face each time Hendricks pulled the cord, sending shots of pain through the man's nipples. After several such repetitions, Ricky watched as Hendricks then slowly pulled the cord, this time stretching his uncle's fatty nipples out wider than ever and sending the studly man writhing in pain. "Look at that tittie tissue, Alex, stretched out like it's about to tear away from your hairy chest, stretched out there so temptingly," Hendricks said in a spiteful tone. "Alex, apologize now, and let's end this madness." But again, Alex did not answer. Hendricks continued. "Why do you insist on making me do these things to you? But, if that's how you want it, then I'll keep going until you are humbled. Take his dick, ranger. Stretch it out longer than it wants to go. Stretch it far... even that monster cock has its limits." The ranger did as he was told. The cock flesh stretched boldly, the purplish head looking like it was going to explode from the stalk. "Now doctor it with the sauce," Hendricks instructed. While holding the man's cock, the ranger reached out to take a bottle of red, hot sauce from Ling. He poured the scorching liquid all over Alex's slab of meat. Ricky heard his Uncle Alex cry out again."Oh god, somebody help me, please stop this," his Uncle Alex moaned. Uncle Alex felt like his dick was being burned, as though the skin was being roasted. At the same time, Hendricks reached up to loosen the clamps from Alex's tortured tits. He opened both, letting Alex feel the relief. Just as suddenly though, he shut both clamps down painfully right on the nipple tips. Alex grimaced and hissed in renewed pain. "Oh god... Elliott, please... You're cutting my tits off," Alex said in a barely audible whisper. "I intend to do just that if you don't apologize, Alexander," Hendricks said flatly. He motioned to the ranger who cupped Alex's large, hairy balls and then started bathing them with the scorching sauce. "Please Elliott, please," Alex moaned, now on the verge of passing out. "My nuts are burning off, my tits hurt... please..." "Have you had enough, Alex?" Hendricks asked. "Yes, I've had enough, yes," Alex stammered. "I apologize to you. I'm sorry." "Say `uncle,' Alex. Say `uncle' for all of us to hear," the crazed Hendricks insisted. Alex surrendered without choice.He cried, "UNCLE!!!" as the pain wrecked his body. Hendricks smiled widely, while the ranger, Chester and Juan laughed boldly. Ricky felt tears in his eyes, but strangely his cock stood swollen inside his pants. He saw Hendricks reach up and unfasten both nipple clamps. Hendricks then washed Alex's burning genitalia with a cool towel. As he cooled the man's burning balls, Hendricks noticed that Alex's hardened man tits were indented and a deep red, but they had not been cut. "Alexander, you've got tough tits," Hendricks said reaching up to circle each of the colored paps with his fingers. "Do you suppose it would make them feel better if little Ling sucked on them for you? Would you like that?"Again, Alex did not answer, instead he stared stoned face at the crazed Hendricks. "It'd make you feel real good, Alex, and I'd like to watch it. Or, shall I tell Chester to butt fuck that cute nephew of yours while you watch? The choice is yours, dear Alex." Hendricks reached down, cupped Alex's balls, held them firmly and then massaged them gently. "Which is it, Alex?" Wanting to protect Ricky, his uncle did not hesitate further. "I want the boy to suck my tits. Now, is that good enough for you?" "No, say it again, say it," Hendricks ordered, a smile ripping across his face. Alex looked back at Hendricks, considering him out of control. "Say it with meaning, Alexander. I want you to beg little Ling." The older man walked over to Ricky and again reminded Alex of the consequences. "Or shall I rip the boy's pants down and let Chester rearrange his ass?" Alex consented further. "Ling, please come suck my tits. Let Mr. Hendricks watch you suck my tits... please boy... come suck them real good, please..." "Say more Alex... I want to hear more!" Hendricks demanded. Ricky noticed the sadistic man's tight briefs bulging with an erection. "Please boy... my big titties need to be sucked... please Ling... come lick your hot tongue across my nice, meaty nipples. Please boy, please..." Hendricks grabbed Ling and pushed him into Alex. "Do it Ling, suck his man tits, suck them hard," Hendricks demanded, forcing the boy's lips to smack Alex's right tit. Ling sucked the perky pap, coating it with his saliva. As Alex groaned, the boy went to his other nipple and sucked deeply. The boy's sucking stood the tits taut. "Don't stop begging him, Alex. Beg him good. Beg him or I'll cut your damn tits," Hendricks sternly demanded. "Oh... Ling... please suck those tits... please suck them real good... let Mr. Hendricks watch you... please boy... keep those cute little lips around my big nipples... oh yeah, that's it, right there..." Ling sucked eagerly, even stretching the tit flesh out with his teeth so Hendricks could see it in full view.Hendricks shouted, "More Alexander, more. I want to hear you pretend like he's your own boy... that it's your son who is sucking your titties." Alex consented, mumbling mindlessly, "Please my son... take those big, sweet nipples far into your little mouth, my boy... suck on daddy's tits... please me, son... eat papa's tits... let Mr. Hendricks get a good look... oh, your big daddy likes you sucking on both of his titties, son..." The dark-skinned lad felt the tips of Uncle Alex's sexy orbs offering themselves to him as juicy, ripened red berries. He made like a baby over the deliciously inviting tits. As Ling kissed, licked, sucked and chewed at both of his now tender nipples, Alex could not deny the stimulation. Ricky heard his uncle's mumbling continue. "Please, please son, suck your daddy's titties for him... let Granddaddy Hendricks watch you suck your paw's tits... suck them hard, suck your paw's big ole titties... ah, yes... keep sucking hard on my nipples, boy..." Hendricks freed his own stiff dick from his tight briefs, began to masturbate and decided to take the scenario even further. "Get that boy over here," Hendricks ordered, pointing to Ricky. The others loosened the ropes and guided Ricky over to his uncle. "Move over Ling, move over and let the boy suck at his uncle's tit."Chester took Ricky's head and buried it into his uncle's fine chest. Without recourse, Ricky knew it was best to satisfy Hendrick's bizarre needs. With Ling sucking at his uncle's left tit, Ricky began to lick and suck the right one. Alex looked down to watch the two youngsters lapping at his man tits. He released a slow, wide smile as the boys got his nipples as pointed and perky as he had ever remembered. The double pleasure that was created by the two warm mouths bathing his tender tits took Alex beyond verbal control. "Oh, geez... oh, Rick, Ling... that feels so good. Aaawwwww, I feel both of you lapping at my tits, getting them so excited." While the boys ate at his knotted mannips, Alex turned toward his captor and asked, "Do you like watching them suck my paps, Elliott?" "Aaaawwwww... damn, it's so fucking great Alexander," Hendricks said breathing heavily and holding his palm over his own organ to prevent an orgasm. "Two young boys sucking deeply at your bosoms, nursing from their daddy's tits. Damn!"


The humiliation of Alex Murphy did not stop. Before Hendricks ended the scenario, he ordered Juan and Chester to join in. "Get over here men, and eat out his pits."With the two boys nursing from Alex's tits, Juan and Chester started kissing and sucking Alex's hairy armpits. As the foursome worked over Alex's sensuous upper body, the ranger stood nearby studying Alex's strong arms and legs, his deep armpits, his powerful thighs and, most of all, his large crotch. At the same time, Hendricks knew the quadruple pleasure was too much stimulation, even for the stubborn Alex.When he noticed Alex's penis twitch and begin to stir, he thought it time to stop the action. "Back off, all of you. It's my turn," Hendricks demanded. As Alex attempted to control both the pain and pleasure that his tits and pits had received, Hendricks moved in and grabbed him by the cock. Ricky wanted to protect his uncle, but instead he could only watch while again being secured to the tree by Chester. "Will it get big and hard if I rub it for you, Alexander?" Hendricks asked while massaging the large dick and delicately running his fingers through Alex's pubic hairs and then downward to cup Alex's nuts. "Come Alexander. Amuse me. Let me see this thing nice and hard. Let it show me how much it wants me to take it into my mouth and to suck it down my throat." Hendricks began masturbating the cock with vigor, rubbing the uncle's balls with precision and purpose. Alex looked at the ground while Hendricks worked over his man flesh. Hendricks knew he was masturbating and caressing Alex in a way that any man -- straight or gay -- would appreciate. Ricky watched Hendricks kiss under his uncle's outstretched arms, before making his way slowly down Alex's battered body. Leaving a trail of kisses down Alex's bare belly, Hendricks dropped to his knees and pushed his head into the man's crotch. Hendricks' mouth was on fire for Alex Murphy's penis. His lips contacted the long, meaty appendage. He sucked it fully into his mouth, learning its size, taste and texture. The enormity of the juicy penis amazed Hendricks. Without inhibition, he started slurping, sucking and eating at the powerful, meaty stalk, providing it with great stimulation. Alex soon felt himself growing hard from the intensity of the blow job. Hendricks continued eating wildly at the meat, massaging Alex's free hanging balls and occasionally glancing into the man's tired eyes. Alex tried desperately to control his growing dick, but the suction being applied by Hendricks was too much for him. Hendricks sucked tightly at the very tip of Alex's bulky penis, causing a shrill sound to escape Alex's lips. Hendricks then salivated up and down the man's dangling dick for several minutes. At the same time, Hendricks caressed Alex's alluring balls with the expert handling that had been learned through years of practice. The man's warm hands felt almost comforting to Alex in some strange way. Alex's cock stiffened fully. Hendricks released it from his mouth and held it proudly before him, its size evident to all of the men. "Look at this boys. Now this is a big, handsome, fully matured cock," Hendricks said as he began to stroke it slowly from the tip of its head to its thick pubic bush. "Real nice and tanned and juicy." Each of the men took time to personally inspect the monstrous cock. The ranger looked most impressed. Meanwhile, the young Mexican stepped up close to Ricky, ripped the boy's tee shirt from his body, raked his big, brown hands across the boy's slick chest and said, "Your uncle is going to shoot his cum and we're gonna watch." The stoic ranger stepped behind Alex and began to massage his buttocks. After a few seconds, Ranger Gene surprised Alex by jamming his middle finger between Alex's firm cheeks and into his ass. He reached around to pick at Alex's left nipple with his fingernails. "You're a sweet one, city man. Strong and sweet," the ranger said as he massaged Alex. Hendricks again started sucking expertly at the strained cock, squeezing it repeatedly at that special point where the stalk's base met the upper part of the nutsac. The ranger leaned in and kissed Alex on the back of his neck, repeating the action while tenderly massaging Alex's heated prostate. The ranger held Alex tight while using his free hand to find Alex's taut right nipple. He forced Alex's head around, enabling him to slide his tongue into Alex's mouth. Below them, Hendricks sucked madly at Alex's arching pressurized cock. Ricky saw his Uncle Alex panting heavily. Alex held back an orgasmic charge, yet he knew the men were working him up beyond his control. Finally, the ranger broke the kiss, withdrew his finger and stepped back. "Elliott, please," Alex said immediately. "If you want me, do me and get through with it. Just don't make the boy watch this." Hendricks lifted his head from the reddened cock, but kept it captured within his hand. He smiled, winked at his companions and said, "What was that, Alex? What did I hear? Say it again." Alex repeated himself. "You can have me, just don't force Ricky to have to watch it." "Okay Alex, whatever makes you the most comfortable. But humor me and I'll accommodate you. Do you want me to suck you off?" Ricky looked over at both Hendricks and his defeated uncle. His uncle cooperated with Hendricks request. "I want you to suck me off, Elliott. I want your mouth on my long, hard cock." Hendricks smiled widely, pointed at the men around him and then at the ropes that held Alex in place. "Take him down and take him into the tent, boys. It's time I get what I came for." Alex knew what the man wanted and knew that pleasing Elliott Hendricks was the only way Ricky would escape this situation without irreparable harm being inflicted upon him. Alex's first concern was for his nephew. His second concern was making sure nobody ever knew about him and Ricky or this scene in the woods. Ricky was left hanging from the tree as the five men led his uncle into the tent. Once inside, Hendricks gave the orders. "Stake him out, Chester. Let me see have him with his armpits open and those big legs spread wide." Hendricks instructed. With help from the ranger and the young Mexican, Chester pushed Alex on his back to tie his wrists to a stake the men had driven into the ground. The black man took Alex's two wrists and brought them together above his head. Once secured, Hendricks reached out to again take Alex's fully extended cock in his hand. He pointed the bulbous stalk at Juan and then at Ling and then at Chester. He ran his index finger over the head, tickled the slit with his fingernail, rubbed the man's balls and then prepared for his next act. "Alex... This hard, fine penis of yours needs to come... tell me that it wants to come for me," Hendricks asked. The uncle patronized his former friend and captor. "Yes Elliott, it wants to come for you." "Ah... that's it, my friend. Just look at it." Hendricks said as the others studied the massive meat. "Don't fight it Alex, have some fun with us..." Alex saw the ranger approach him holding the end of a long straw. The tent filled with nervous laughter as the ranger held one end of the straw before placing it inside Uncle Alex's left nostril. He then blew into the other end. Alex felt an immense rush of what felt like menthol overtake his nostrils, sinus passages and head. The ranger got up, filled the straw again with the white powder and repeated the action in the other nostril. The men packed Alex full of sex-intoxicating cocaine. They then gathered around the uncle's powerful, naked frame to enjoy the sight of his body reacting to Hendricks' bizarre stimulations. Hendricks pinched the man's tits and pulled at his balls while stroking faster and faster at his blood-filled, hard-standing cock. He knew Alex was close to shooting, yet he wanted to have just a little more fun with the handsome man. Hendricks turned and asked the others to leave the tent, but agreed to let them watch from the flap's opening. He told Ling to remain behind. He took the young boy to the side and whispered into his ear. Ling smiled, shook his head in agreement and looked at the strong, handsome Alex. Alex knew the drug was having a strange effect on his body and mind, yet he wondered what Elliott and Ling were planning. Ling walked over slowly toward Alex. The young boy removed his remaining clothes and then squatted by the captive Alex. He caressed Alex's body for several minutes, enjoying its fine curves, tanned belly and muscular thighs. The uncle watched intently as the young Asian slowly ran his small fingers through his manly pubic hair. Alex watched Ling examine the texture of his pubic hair pulling its individual strands. The lad then leaned down to kiss the head of Uncle Alex's cock, slowly and deeply. "Please Elliott, the boy shouldn't," Alex said feeling the boy's soft lips exploring his still excited penis. "No, he shouldn't," Hendricks agreed. "He should know to save that for me." As though ordered, Ling lifted his head, but he gripped Alex's prick with his right hand. Alex watched closely as the lad reached down with his other hand to delicately bob his sizeable balls. Alex felt the effects of the cocaine overtake his system. Strangely enough, he started to enjoy the boy's touch. He moaned as Ling began running his tiny, young fist sensuously up and down his massive cock. Even Alex was surprised when his cock failed to lose its erection, but instead hardened more fully in tribute to Ling's delicate stroking. As Alex lay helpless, the young Asian stroked his mighty cock with care and precision. Hendricks mocked, "Enjoy him, Ling. He likes young boys to play with him. He likes your innocence." Upon Hendricks' orders, Ling placed both of his small hands around Alex's large, brown flesh pole and started jacking it madly. Alex moaned loudly, too excited by the coke and Ling's touch to restrain himself. Hendricks, not to be left out of the action, scooted down to make oral love to Alex's low hanging balls. The older man took Alex's left ball fully into his mouth. "Oooohhhhhhhh... ooohhhh goooddddd, you are burning me down," the helpless Alex moaned."Aaaawwwwwww... my cock, my balls... my hot, precious fuckin' cock," Alex screamed loudly. He could not resist the sexual charges racing down his hot stalk and into his nuts, making them boil with raging desire. Alex's huge erection presented itself to the young boy and the older man as they worked at his privates. His breathing intensified greatly as his body broke into another sweat. He was glad Ricky was not watching the twosome bring him off. The boy's small, tender hands pushed Alex to the edge. His massive, purplish cockhead expanded even more, becoming almost cobra-like. The cock was about to explode and Hendricks knew it. "Oh, you are so sexy, Alex, so hot and sexy," Hendricks said lifting his head from the man's sweaty balls as they tightened before ejaculation. "Get ready, Ling, this big cock is going to give us quite a load." Ling's fist raced madly as the cockhead reddened even more. At last, its mighty piss hole opened and released a long stream of manly cum. Alex groaned wildly when his sperm shot from his cock. Hendricks quickly grabbed Ling's head, forcing the boy's warm mouth down on the meaty cock's shooting fountain. "Ooohhhh... what are you doing... ooohhhh," Alex moaned. Little Ling sucked deeply at the cock's geyser causing Alex's hot orgasm to intensify. Hendricks soon ordered Ling away from the shooting cock, allowing the older man a chance to put his own face in Alex's lap. Hendricks then drank Alex's next shot of sperm, before immediately lifting his head from the dripping dick and holding it for the young Asian. Ling took another mouthful of cum, feeling the hot spurts hit the walls of his mouth and splatter deep within his throat. Alex grunted and groaned, loudly at times. Again, Hendricks pushed Ling away and took another gulp of Alex's hot seed. Before pulling away again, he quickly licked down the length of the cock to take in its seminal spillage. Alex moaned loudly as Hendricks then gave little Ling the orders to finish the job. "Drink him dry... make his balls collapse," Elliott Hendricks ordered. Ling wrapped his small, tight mouth around the huge cockhead and sucked deeply, getting another good shot of sweet cum juice from Alex's mighty cock. "Your lips... oh, your lips are so hot and nice," Alex moaned no longer caring that he was the captive. Ling sucked the man's cock all the more diligently, loving its head until it was dry of even the remotest of leftover jism. Tears ran down Ricky's cheeks as he heard the moans of orgasm end from within the tent. Still, the sexual sounds had made his own dick hard. "Ravaged by your orgasm like that makes you look so sexy, dear Alex," Hendricks observed. "Sexy and wonderful." Hendricks rolled away from Alex, but the sly fox knew that between Alex's virility and the effects of the cocaine, the big man could be forced to shoot again and again.

CHAPTER TEN Down By The Old Sex Stream

Watching the scene inside the tent had been too much for the handsome, horny ranger. He walked from the tent over to the barechested Ricky. Without any hesitation, he opened the boy's jeans, ripped the front of the boy's underwear and forced the young dick out into the open. He dropped to his knees, wrapped his big, rough hand around the dick's base, licked its piss slit and then placed his mouth fully around it. He sucked the boy's penis, feeling the head of it rubbing against the insides of his mouth. He rubbed his teeth across the cock's stalk, soliciting a loud, almost primal plea from the teenager. Ranger Oliver then opened his throat wide and went down deep on the full cock. The boy was fully erect. The hardness thrilled Ranger Oliver as he ate the young piece of meat with a special sense of country fervor. "No... oh, no... stop... I don't want to do this with you," Ricky said as felt the strong ranger devour his innocent penis. "Get 'em, Big Gene... suck that thing off... look at it... you've got 'em going," Chester said as he moved away from the tent to join in the fun with the cute boy. Within a few seconds the others gathered around to watch the action, but the ranger lifted himself from Ricky. He turned to Chester and said, "I need some privacy with this boy. Want to take him down to the stream with me?" Chester smiled and rubbed his massive cock. With Alex unable to protest from being passed out in the tent, Hendricks allowed the two men to take Ricky from the ropes and to lead him away from the campsite. Ricky's heart pounded, frightened by the thought of what the two, gangly men would do to him. When the threesome was a good distance downstream in the woods, Chester turned around to the ranger. "This is far enuf'. We can take him down to the stream to wash him up when we are finished," Chester said. He motioned to the ranger, who quickly began to shed his shirt and pants. Chester watched for a few seconds and then chuckled before beginning to take off his own clothes. "Ranger Gene, I never get tired of your cute body. I sure do like those little brownie tits of yours and that feisty, feisty cock," Big Chester said in admiration of his partner. "Well, let's have us some more fun, big Chester. Let the boy see that black tool between your thighs; he'll forget all about that uncle of his." Both men stripped down to their undershorts. Ricky studied their upper bodies. Chester had large muscular arms and a smooth, hairless chest. The man's nipples were huge, dominating the appearance of his black chest. His flabby belly appeared to be the product of years of beer drinking. On the other side, Ranger Oliver was not very hairy either, but there were sexy patches of hair in the middle of his chest and stomach and around his small, dark brown nipples. He was physically smaller than Uncle Alex, but trim and very physically fit. The man looked a great deal like the actor, Brian Kelly, who had actually played a park ranger in the TV series, Flipper. Chester stroked at his large sausage through his underwear. The ranger rubbed his hand over his own chest, toying with the fine points on his raised nipples. Ricky was scared. "Look, I am under age, you can get into a whole lot of trouble," Ricky said, but Chester and Ranger Gene only laughed. "I mean, a lot of trouble."They knew Ricky was lying, after all, Hendricks had found his wallet in the tent and assured them the boy was 18 before they ever got involved in this scenario. "And I guess we would be sharing a jail cell with yo uncle, huh boy? He sure has taken a piece of your ass, right?" Chester said raising his voice and grabbing Ricky tightly by his buttocks. The ranger slowly pushed his own underwear from his crotch and down his slender legs. His dick was too nicely shaped not to appeal to Ricky. As Chester held the boy, Ranger Oliver reached out and grabbed Ricky under his arms. He rubbed at the boy's pits. The ranger then stripped Ricky of his pants and shorts as Chester held him. The two men chuckled excitedly as Ricky's fine cock sprang into view. Chester quickly pushed his own underwear off his legs. All three of them, Chester, Ranger Oliver and Ricky studied each other, noticeably attentive to the three dicks among them. Chester's manroot was huge, hanging as long as Alex's, although uncircumcised and not as nicely shaped. The ranger's cock was shorter than either Ricky's or Chester's, but it was thick and already quite hard. Ricky then felt Ranger Oliver come up behind him to spread his ass cheeks as Chester moved into him to push his own stiffening crotch into that of the boy's. He knew he was in trouble being alone with these two men. The boy felt the ranger spread his cheeks and then he felt the man's warm tongue slide into the depths of his ass canal. He felt the tongue part his inner flesh. Knowing that it was the sexy ranger's tongue led Ricky to relax and to enjoy the sensuous feeling of having a warm, wet, wagging tongue licking at his rectal nerves. "Like that boy, like it, huh?" asked Chester as he continued sliding his own cock along Ricky's. Chester watched as the boy parted his feet wider, causing his legs and butt cheeks to spread, allowing the handsome ranger even greater freedoms. Ricky released a loud gutteral groan as Ranger Oliver plunged his tongue as far into Ricky's asshole as it would go, burying his face completely into the boy's bottom. Ricky moaned and groaned and then found himself leaning on the naked Chester for support. He looked up and noticed that Chester was smiling and that the smile was warm and friendly. Ricky was breathing hard and fast as Ranger Oliver bathed his prostate and Chester pulled at his cock. The boy forgot who he was with as the two woodsmen worked him over. He was then further surprised as the big Chester dropped to his knees and quickly gathered the boy's fresh, young penis into his mouth. Ricky felt his penis contact the man's prickly stubble, then felt it sink into the wetness of Chester's mouth. Chester sucked it hard, pleasurably hard. Ricky reared back as Chester ate at his dick. The boy's ass was wide open, completely available to Ranger Oliver who ate vigorously at it. "Oh... oh... please stop... stop," Ricky moaned, but nobody listened. Chester took Ricky's full cock into his mouth, while also pulling at his excited balls. The sexy ranger continued sucking at the boy's ass as hard as anyone had ever sucked at any part of the boy. The two woodsmen were without inhibitions or apprehensions as they worked away at the fresh, young meat that the boy offered. Ricky did not know how much more of the double action he could take. Ricky's jutting dick started leaking its pre-seminal fluids into Chester's greedy mouth. He looked down as his pink dick sank in and out of the whiskered black face, with Chester's large hand holding the base of the elongated dick firmly in place. "Yeah, he's ready, Chester... he's good and ready," Ranger Oliver said, releasing the wet asshole. He slapped playfully at Ricky's buttocks and then reached under the boy to grab at his balls. Chester felt the ranger's roaming hand and relinquished part of the boy's ballsac to share it with his friend. Ricky felt Chester pulling at one of his balls while the ranger massaged the other. His long, hard dick released more pre-cum, providing Chester with a reward for his oral efforts. Ricky felt Ranger Oliver shift positions, and then felt Chester bury his mouth even further on to his dick, this time deep throating the boy. Ricky jutted his hips out, parted his buttocks even wider, and groaned like an animal. He then felt the unmistakable feeling as the ranger's hard, stiff dick press itself against his saliva-treated ass. The ranger's dick was not nearly as large as Uncle Alex's, but it pushed deep into Ricky's young ass. It filled the boy, banging into his prostate as Ranger Oliver skillfully rotated his hips. He repeatedly pushed in and pulled out of Ricky's flexing ass canal."Kid, you've got a sweet ass, real sweet," the ranger said, continuing to shove his dick into the boy. The ranger sucked at Ricky's neck and clawed the boy's muscular chest and meaty tits. "Oh, oh, be gentle, please... oh, argh," Ricky begged and moaned. To Ricky, it felt like the ranger was packing his guts into him while Chester was sucking them out of him. The dual action was incredible. Ricky knew that under most any conditions the feeling would be marvelous, especially with two lovers of his own choosing. He then imagined that his Uncle Alex was sucking him as his friend, Jeff, fucked him. "Get it boy... Just look at you, taking Mr. Oliver's cock up your butt and pushing this here dick at me to suck off... Just lookie at ya," Chester said before returning to the stiff boy cock that he was enjoying. Chester pushed his other hand under Ricky to grab Ranger Oliver's balls. The big man delighted at having Ricky's balls in one hand and the ranger's in the other. The sturdy ranger felt the boy's ass screwing his cock for all it was worth. Chester's big hand delicately massaged his aching balls, getting his manly nuts ready to explode. His strong body melted. "I'm going to blow boy... I'm going to blow hard," Ranger Oliver said as he tightly gripped Ricky around the waist with one arm. "Chester baby, yo hand is melting my balls; squeezing the syrup, I feel it, babe... Oh, this boy is too much, too good." As Ranger Gene Oliver neared the point on no return, the boy felt the man's thumbnail picking at his taunted tit, exciting it wildly. He also could not deny the sensations that the ranger had created in his ass as Chester worked on his cock. He then heard Ranger Oliver scream and knew he was about to come. "Squeeze those balls, Chester. Fuck me, Ricky boy. I'm shootin' the stars... I'm cooommmiiinnnn'!Argh!!!" Ricky felt the ranger's fine cock as it enlarged even more just before the point of orgasm. Ranger Oliver then screamed again as he shot his load, shooting the hot streams of cum far up into Ricky's love canal. He gripped the boy tightly as the tremendous ejaculations swept his body. He pumped his hips, thrusting his shooting cock into and out of the boy's tight ass. He then deliberately guided his cock out of the ass, allowing it to spill its last remaining juices on the boy's butt. Ricky felt the warm, thick cum hitting his butt and dripping into its crevice. The ranger guided his stiff, shooting penis along the fine crack of Ricky's young ass. Ricky's excitement further increased as Ranger Oliver continued running his semi-erect dick up and down the crack of the boy's ass while using both of his hands to reach around and pull at the boy's tits. Chester sucked down hard on the boy. The boy then reached down, and for the first time, grabbed Chester's head and held it as he felt his own cum surge from his balls. He felt his balls as they rested against Chester's thick jowls. "Oh... Oh... Oh... Take me, take it... oh..." Ricky moaned as his cock began to shoot large loads of cum into Chester's fast sucking mouth. "God, I'm coming so much, so damn much." "Shoot it boy, shoot it good," the ranger encouraged as he pinched down hard on the boy's nipples. The ranger liked the feel of the boy's nice, young tits. "Oh... argh... oh... I'm shooting it," Ricky moaned. "Yes you are, big boy. Yes, you are," the ranger said as Chester clamped down on the hard dick and with great suction pulled the cum juices from Ricky's pretty piece of boy cock. Chester lapped at the juice, tasting the salty, sweet cream as it shot down his throat. Ricky felt the crown of his cock expand and then shrink as Chester forced more semen from it. The boy shot so much until finally Chester forced his head away from Ricky's controlling hand to pull his face from the stalk. The boy's last couple of white drops fell onto Chester's dark face. "Oh... oh... What a suckin'... oh," Ricky said as he looked down to see his long, straight, extended dick lying among the coarse whiskers of Chester's face. The feel of the man's stubble around his dick flesh was somehow exciting for the boy. He noticed that not only had Ranger Oliver continued fingering at his nipples, but he was also licking and kissing at his neck. "Yeah boy, you liked it, didn't ya. Ya liked it a lot, now, didn't ya," Chester said as showed a wide smile and wiped the drops of cum from his whiskers. Ranger Oliver joined in, "Tell us, Ricky boy. Ya liked it, didn't ya? Me bumpin' your butt and twistin' yo titties; Chester suckin' yo cock and bouncin' yo balls. Ya liked it, huh?" Ricky knew he had enjoyed the intensity of the act. The two older men had not hurt him. For the most part, they had been surprisingly gentle. Yet, he could not tell them that he had enjoyed it, after all, he had been forced to give his body to them against his will. The rope around his neck said as much. Yet, all at once, his dick had been wildly eaten and his ass had been solidly fucked, a sheer physical pleasure that was a first. Chester then brought the boy into his naked body and embraced him. Ricky also felt the ranger's strong hands moving between them. The boy gasped as the ranger took his limp dick and placed it in contact with Chester's rigid and ready manroot. "Ohhhh... ohhhh... You and Gene have me going, boy. Now I need some help with this cock of mine," Chester said as he kissed on the boy's face. The ranger worked the two dicks together with special interest. The boy's soft meat was used to caress Chester's large, hard cock. Ricky tried to relax. "Feel it, boy. Feel that hot, stiff goober of mine. Feel it..." Chester whispered. Ranger Oliver kept masturbating the dicks together, harder and faster. Both Ricky and Chester groaned as the ranger titillated their privates. "That's it, Big Gene, stroke it," Chester said. The black man leaned his head back and closed his eyes, taking Ricky's hands and placing them on his chest. "Rub me, boy. Get me good and hot." Ricky ran his hands across Chester's manly chest. The man's skin was extremely soft, almost like velvet. Ricky caressed the man's overly large nipples, playing with them and becoming fascinated by their erected state. "Go, my friend, blow it, shoot the boy with it, come Chester... come on big man," the ranger urged as he worked their privates together. Seeing that Chester was getting close, the ranger pushed Ricky to his knees. "Take his dick, boy, bring him off," the ranger instructed. The studly ranger pulled tightly at his friend's erected nipples while watching Ricky grab the man's long, black cock. Feeling Ricky's hand jacking his meaty cock, Chester groaned wildly. Within seconds, he felt the cum load leave his balls and make its way to his cock. The string of semen shot forth. Gobs of the hot, odorous cum coated the boy's youthful face and smooth chest. "Look at you, Chester, shoot it all over him, big man, go on, do it," Ranger Oliver shouted as he twisted, pulled and tweaked at the man's large, excited nipples. Chester grunted and fell to the ground, straddling the boy's neck with his powerful legs and large crotch. Chester then pressed his large cock against the boy's lips and released more of his load. The cum bubbled over the boy's lips, dripping down his chin and falling on the upper portion of his chest. Ricky was pinned against the ground without recourse. "Oh, Chester baby, you have pumped it all over him, big friend," the sleek ranger said as he stood to the side. The black man smiled widely as his huge cock rested at the base of the boy's neck. He took the shaft in his hand and traced its head around the boy's attractive pink nipples. He pressed it against the tit skin and then leaned up and presented it to the boy. "Kiss it white boy, show me you like it," Chester demanded. The boy hesitated, but realized he did not have any option. He leaned up and kissed the uncut black cockhead. Chester groaned.


It was early evening, almost dark, when Alex shifted his body and opened his eyes. A blanket had been placed over him. His wrists ached. He tried to bring his hands down to run them over his sore, aching body, but he was reminded that he had been staked out. Alex felt a body next to his and looked to his right side as he awoke. Hendricks stared back at him. He felt Hendricks' hand on his bare leg and realized that he had been left naked. From all accounts, Hendricks also was naked. Hendricks moved his hand up to the man's belly, worked it in a slow, circular motion and then spoke again. "Alex, how do you feel?" "Where's Ricky? Where is he?" "Now the boy is fine. He's outside resting against the tree," Hendricks said as he let his hand moved to Alex's chest. He rubbed the man's broad chest, feeling its large muscles and kneading its pectorals. He leaned up and kissed Alex on the chin and then on the mouth. "Ah Alex... you are so sexy... so sexy... you drive me nuts with your hot body... you always did."Hendricks lifted the blanket partially away from both of them. He admired Alex's face, running his hand through the man's hair. He kissed Alex again on the chin before moving his other hand to Alex's crotch. "For so long, I've wanted to be intimate with you, dear Alex. God, how I wanted to drop below the conference table during our meetings and crawl over and suck you off. That's what I wanted to do Alexander, did you know that? Huh?" Hendricks laughed, quickly pulling on the head of Alex's long, soft cock and then removing his hand. He leaned up, kissed Alex on the nose and then removed the blanket fully from around the two of them, leaving Alex staked out and naked. "Alex, I think you should know that I want your cock deep inside my guts... real deep. My ass is tight, Alex. I know how to fuck a man's brains out. Your big dick would just about screw me all the way down, big guy." Without saying another word, Hendricks gathered the big dick in his hand and leaned down to take it into his mouth. He began sucking at its head. He also rubbed Alex's balls, playing with them in expert fashion. Intense physical sensations raced through Alex's hairy loins as Elliott Hendricks applied a strong vacuum to the top of his dick. Hendricks' cheeks showed the excessive force he was using to give Alex and his growing dick a powerful sucking. The cocaine denied Alex the ability to resist the pleasures that Hendricks offered his sexy body. Hendricks tantalized Alex's balls as the sucking continued, running his tongue slowly down the full length of the throbbing cock and noticing how the ridge of the main vein in Alex's king-size dick shot up to be noticed, traced and licked. Alex mind whirled as he experienced the intensity at which Hendricks was making love to his privates. Alex's dick grew hard, with the physical pleasure now outweighing any disgust. "Oh Alex, your penis is so wonderfully hard... so erect... it likes me sucking on it and rubbing it... see... see." Hendricks returned his lips immediately to the man's cock. He sucked wildly at it, salivating up and down its entire length. Finally, Hendricks let go and repositioned himself. This time crawling on top of the outstretched Alex."I love feeling your big body under me, Alex... so strong and hairy and pretty... I want you to fuck me." Alex knew he was defenseless to Hendricks approaches. He wanted to satisfy the man's demands and then get him and Ricky out of this dangerous situation. "Where are the others, Elliott? I don't want Ricky to see this and I don't want to be watched." "It's just us here. Ricky is with the others, he won't be coming in here," Hendricks said as he leaned down and kissed Alex across his wide chest. "I'm going to untie you, but if you resist, I'll have your boy instead, and I won't be nice about it." The ropes were removed. Alex slowly brought his tired arms back into his body and rubbed his wrists. Hendricks caressed Alex's left shoulder before leaning into the man and saying, "Kiss me, lover man, kiss me." Alex looked somewhat bewildered at the savage, raw nature of Hendricks' need for him. Hendricks brought his lips to Alex's mouth. He was surprised and felt a stirring in own penis as he felt Alex return the kiss. He groaned when Alex's tongue intertwined with his own as though both men were sharing in the experience. The kiss became long and, at least for Hendricks, it was passionate. As the kiss continued, Alex thought about Elliott Hendricks, an older man who had actually done him several favors in the business world. Alex recalled his couple of younger secretaries who had commented on how they thought the rich Elliott Hendricks resembled Jason Robards or Johnny Carson. The man's silvery hair was gorgeous; his face was distinguished and cute. Alex also knew that Elliott was experienced in the gay world and, no doubt, a highly accomplished lover.The affects of the cocaine allowed Alex to completely relax as Elliott ran his hands through the hair on the back of Alex's head and down onto the big man's thick neck. "Oh Alex, I want you so badly, please don't blame me for wanting you so much that it's made me do crazy things. You're just so gorgeous, so damn fucking sexy until I cannot help myself. Your huge cock and those plum-size balls are just too big. Look at them. There's so much of you," Hendricks observed. Hendricks leaned down and began kissing Alex's broad chest, sweeping back and forth across its hairy range. "Oh Alex, you are so beautiful. Your chest is so muscular, so nicely tanned and so sexy with its soft hair. Your luscious nipples are just the very finest. Ready to be sucked, ready to be my dessert." As Hendricks' lips descended to suck at his right nipple, the uncle leaned his head back, closed his eyes and groaned. He could not deny the physical pleasures that a sensuous kiss to his nipples always brought. The circumstances did not matter.Hendricks paid special attention to the sizeable tip at the tit's center, licking quickly at its point and circling it repeatedly. Hendricks then tongued the pap's deep brown flesh, feeling its protuberance. "Oooooo...that feels good, Elliott... you do that so good," Alex said without knowing if he was saying it because he meant it or to appease Hendricks. Alex then leaned up to watch as Elliott made oral love to his body. "I want you, Alex. Please tell me to take you, please... please," Hendricks said. Alex stared at Hendricks for a few seconds and then said, "Take me, Elliott... You want it this badly, take it... suck me off!"Alex grabbed the base of his protruding dick that had become partially erect. He held it out for his old business friend, Elliott.Elliott took the cock with his right hand, again looked up at Alex and again let a wide smile spread across his face. He then slowly brought his lips to the very tip of Alex's engorged penis, stuck his tongue out and then placed it on the dominant piss hole of the man's dick crown. Alex inhaled loudly as Hendricks contacted his cock. "Do you like this Alex, huh?" "Yes, Elliott, yes." Alex's reply motivated his partner further. Elliott opened his mouth wider. He expanded his throat, going down as far as he could on Alex's manly, juicy cock, taking almost all of it down into his throat and burying his nose in the man's pubic patch. Alex had grown horny and hot. He grabbed Hendricks head and held it on his dick. His dick grew fully erect inside the warm, wet grip of Hendrick's experienced mouth. Alex shifted his hips, holding them upward and offering Hendricks total access to his large, hard cock. Elliott Hendricks knew he had waited a long time to get Alex Murphy in such a willing position, and he was going to take advantage. He sucked on the dick with fervor, creating a siphoning vacuum in his mouth and using great rapidity to bob his silver-haired head over the massive cock. "Ooooo... goddamned Elliott... damn, you know what you are doing don't you... damn... argh... take it, take every fucking inch of it," Alex demanded as he bucked his hips and fucked the sucking mouth before him. The two men kept up the action for about a minute before Hendricks broke away from the pistoning manflesh. He feared Alex would shoot off in his mouth before he had the pleasure of getting screwed by his handsome partner. "I want you to fuck me now, big boy... right in my hot, tight ass with your long, fat, stiff cock. Take me, Alex. I want to feel your love now. Please. Please," Hendricks begged. It occurred to Alex that fucking Hendricks would be a form of payback. Yet, with Hendricks pulling skillfully on his aching, hot cock, Alex surrendered willingly. After Hendricks offered him more cocaine, Alex pulled his old friend to him and kissed the man deeply. He noticed that Hendricks knew exactly how to respond to another man. Alex noticed Hendrick's soft lips, his warm tongue and the fit of their mouths as they clung together. A tremendous rush from the drug filled Alex's body, churning hot waves of lust inside his balls.The broad, sexy man felt his dick throbbing wildly. When he looked down, he saw the large meat actually twitching before him. His heart pounded. His tits hardened. His balls ached. A drop of pre-cum surfaced on the head of his pulsating dick. A highly sexual charge roared through Alex's brain, capturing his wants, needs and desires. Alex positioned himself over Elliott and kissed the man hard on the mouth and then pushed his chest down so Elliott could suck his nipples. Both men were on fire. "Suck my hot, delicious titties, Elliott. Suck them good... suck the juices from them," Alex said in a primitive way. Elliott sucked hard at the rosettes. He chewed at them until Alex yelped. Alex rolled Elliott on top of him, kissed him and brought his hands up to discover the man's own pink, gumdrop tits. He pulled at them, making Elliott groan loudly. Finally, Elliott could wait no longer. "I want your fat cock, Alex. I want it in my ass, now," Elliott said without restraint. Elliott leaned up to retrieve a jar of vaseline from the canvas bag. "Grease my cock, Elliott. I'm about to fuck you like you've never known. Like I've never known. I'm going to stick this big cock of mine in you and screw you down," Alex said breathing heavily. As Elliott worked the pre-seminal fluids to the surface of his cock, big Alex rolled the older man over, again pushing him on his back. "Do it, big man... Do it, do it!" Hendricks urged. "You've got it Elliott, old friend. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked." Elliott immediately spread his legs, pulling them upward to his chest and positioning his butt so his small love hole awaited Alex's massive cock. Elliott pulled at Alex's nipples to bring the handsome man closer to him. "Let's do it, Alexander, do it together..." Feeling on fire from the drug and his own sexual lust, the muscular Alex edged his large, greased cock into Elliott's small anal opening. The immediate feeling was tight and feverish, but Alex did not stop. He pushed forcibly into Elliott, not caring about any pain he might cause the man, instead caring only about getting his rocks off. Alex screwed his large cock into Elliott's tight butt, thrilling to its tightness and the fine grip that Elliott provided. Elliott moved his ass in an expert fashion. The movement allowed Alex even greater access while also providing tremendous sensations to the mushroomed tip of his shapely, circumcised cock. Elliott let his hands roam over Alex's back, down his buttocks, up his sides and over his hairy chest. Elliott pulled at the curly hairs just above Alex's tits as Alex reared back with his hips. The corporate attorney took his rich client's ass, positioned it and rotated his own hips to screw his cock even deeper. He paused to enjoy the sensation. Both men gasped from the feeling.Alex then rammed his giant cock to the hilt. "Alex... Oh... Oh gads... you have filled me to the brink. My whole fucking body is filled with your throbbing cock... oh Alex... oh, I love it; I love you; fuck me..." Alex lifted Elliott's whole body on his stiff dick and held his cockhead deep in Elliott's bowels. He rotated his hips, sending lustful sparks of fire into the man. Alex then increased the tempo, creating a fast-paced fuck motion that sent both men screaming with excitement. His huge cock hammered into and out of Elliott's love-soaked ass sleeve. The muscles of Elliott's ass moved with a will of their own, massaging Alex's tremendous throbbing erection in a way that Alex had never felt. Wanting to please and excite Alex fully, Elliott bent his neck to clamp his mouth securely around one of Alex's erect tits. Their animalistic desires overtook both of them. "Suck that tit, Elliott. Suck it good. Screw me like you've wanted," Alex demanded in a labored voice wrought with man lust. Alex felt the most primal parts of himself coming forth. He strained to extend his cock, knowing he was spearing throughout Elliott's prostrate and guts. "Screw it, Elliott. Screw my long, hard cock. Fuck it, fuck it hard, pretty man." Alex pushed his hard cock up into the deepest parts of Elliott's ass cavity. He felt Elliott's balls bouncing against his lower belly. His own balls slapped wildly at Elliott's crack. He lowered his chest so Elliott could once again chew at his man tits. He felt Elliott's own cock wedged between their bodies, occasionally tapping at the indention of his belly button. He then felt his orgasm. "Oh Elliott... I'm there... I'm going to shoot," Alex announced in a sex-strained voice. Alex felt the most unique and unusual sexual crescendo begin within his balls. The cum-laden plums tugged at his swollen dick as his orgasm enveloped his entire body. His body buckled with tremendous pleasure as his large volume of cum seemed to race through his balls, up his back, into his chest, down through his belly and into his big hose of a dick that was plunging madly and wildly into Elliott's writhing ass. "There... That's it... Goddamn it, Elliott ... I'm commmiiiiinnnngggg... Argh... oh my sweet cock is exploding!!!" "Awwwwgghhh, Alex! Oh baby, my man, my main man," Elliott screamed as he clawed Alex's broad back. Alex closed his eyes and reared back to enjoy the release. His spurts were voluminous, filling Elliott with gobs of cum. He felt his juices against his own heated dick as the cockhead sprayed forcefully inside the tight, tiny crevice of Elliott's ass. Elliott held tightly to Alex's naked body, sucking at the man's neck and enjoying the sensational dong that throbbed deep within him. "I love it, Alex... I love your warm come filling me fully... shoot it, Alex... oh yes..." Elliott said. Alex replied, "Whew, what a fuck, Elliott.What a wild, crazy fuck. Feel those juices of mine, you whore ass." Finally, Alex's powerful dick released his last smaller spurts of semen. The sheer volume of the man's cum caused it to spill from Elliott's ass and to run down along his crack. Both men noticed the sloshing sound that the cum juice created as Alex slowly backed his dick out and then pushed it forward again, burrowing the dick's full length burrowing into Elliott. When the blood left his dong, Alex let it slip from Elliott's butt and fell to the side of him. He looked up at the tent and was immediately reminded of the act he had just completed. He was at a loss to explain the mixed feelings of hate and lust that he had for this professional business clinet.

CHAPTER TWELVE The More, The Merrier

Alex was now relaxed. After a long while, Elliott turned to caress his broad chest, enjoying the feel of his manliness. Elliott leaned over and began kissing Alex's body. He sucked deeply at the man's armpits until Alex said it tickled him. He tongued the man's ear and kissed over the boldly handsome features of his face. He kissed down the man's neck and then swept quickly down to kiss Alex along his inner thighs, licking at the creases of both of his strong legs. He then took Alex's big cock and kissed it. Elliott enjoyed the feel of its big head. He took his fingers and held its slit open wide. He pointed his tongue and drilled into it. The act was repeated, time and again, with Elliott soliciting a deep groan from the disciplined Alex. Alex knew he was losing control again.Elliott delighted watching the manroot pulse and throb and rise up to be treated. "Screw me again Alex. I want this pretty penis of yours... come on you beautiful manfucker... screw me!" Still intoxicated from the cocaine, Alex did not hesitate. He turned over and positioned himself behind Elliott. He gently slapped Elliott's bottom. The twosome could have been teenagers together. Alex looked down to watch his knobby dick head tap at the man's anal opening. Elliott yelped as he felt the man's long, thick sausage split his ass walls. "That's it, big Alex... awwwhhh, again... your cock is magnificent... the absolute best!" As Alex entered Elliott, he knew he could feel the leftover wetness of his earlier cum. He somehow found the thought wildly exciting. He nudged his cock in a couple of inches and then, just like a tornado hit his testicles, he felt an overwhelmingly powerful urge to fuck the absolute shit out of Elliott. Elliott knew Alex was hot, but was still surprised when Alex jammed his cock into him with a fury and immediately began a reckless, forceful fuck motion. Elliott grimaced as Alex fucked him tremendously fast. He knew his ass would be damaged if Alex's giant cock kept up the assault. "Your fucking penis is screwing me so hard," the breathless Elliott uttered, feeling the pain of having Alex's oversized penis fucking him with its powerful will and force. Alex repeatedly drove his lengthy cock in and out of Elliott's expanding ass with a frequency that strained both of them. The intensity of the sex then drove Alex beyond reasonable control. He plunged his hard, fuck stalk into Elliott with the obvious aim of wanting to hurt the man. "Umppphhh... Help me!" Elliott screamed. The sensations became too much for the older man as Alex dog-fucked as though a mad man. "Alex, please, take it easy. Your giant cock is killing me," Elliott hissed. But Uncle Alex had no interest in letting up. "Take it, Elliott... You've got me burning hot..." Alex said as he pounded his hefty manroot into the man below him. Alex then solicited a primal scream from the older man as he grabbed Elliott under his shoulders and jammed the man's full body forcibly down onto all of his engorged cock. Alex repeated the action, producing a painful, animalistic scream from Elliott. At the same time, Alex purposely took his strong, right hand and wrapped it around Elliott's stiff, but starved penis. He noticed its shape, its stiffness, its desire. He began to milk it. "Alex, my lover, that's it. Oh, stroke my cock, make me come, oh..." While increasing the rate of his strokes on Elliott's cock, Alex again drove Elliott down on his massive sex spear. He felt his meat embedded deeply in the sophisticated man's tight ass. Within moments, he felt Elliott's warm ejaculations flooding his big hand, sending its creamy wetness between his fingers. "My Alex, my big, tough, sexy Alex... that's it... oh... you have brought me off so nicely," Elliott mumbled as the ecstasy of the orgasm with Alex Murphy thrilled his personal parts. But Alex did not stop driving his juicy, deluxe meat into the helpless Elliott Hendricks. He wanted Elliott to be sexually punished as he and Ricky had been punished. His huge dong pushed as far into Elliott as it would go, just as the last drop of sperm surfaced at the head of Elliott's cock. Elliott felt Alex battering his ass with the huge, meaty hammer and feared it was about to rip his asshole. He knew he needed help if this big, healthy, vibrant man was going to be brought off a second time before Alex damaged his guts. Elliott yelled out for Ling Chung and the others. The Asian lad came quickly into the tent, followed by the young Mexican, the ranger and the big black man. Each of them felt their cocks throb as they watched Alex's smooth ass drive back and forth with his mammoth dick obviously punishing Elliott. "Help me, please help me," Hendricks pleaded with the others as Alex screwed him with a mad dog force. Ling crawled over to get behind Alex. Ling rubbed the man's good-looking rump and then forced Alex's cheeks wide apart. Then as Alex backed his meaty spear from Elliott's tight ass, Ling leaned down and drove his tongue into Alex's expanded butt. Alex whimpered under his heavy breathing as he felt the tongue pierce his burning anus. "Oh boy... eat that ass of mine... eat it boy," Alex shouted as his cock pounded Elliott. Meanwhile, the others reacted. Chester reached under Alex and began to massage his weighty balls. Juan claimed the man's sexy titties, pulling them far away from Alex's chest, and then pinching and twisting them as the big man fucked away. "So, you've got to have help fucking me, huh Elliott?" Alex asked now delirious from the mixture of sex and cocaine. Elliott did not answer, but focused on accommodating Alex's hard-driving cock. While watching the action, the ranger slipped off his shirt, pants and shorts."Damn! Look at that handsome fucker," the ranger said, admiring Alex as he grabbed at his own crotch. He had to get in on this piece of action. "Move over boy, let me help with that nice, round bouncing ass," Ranger Oliver said. "My thick cock is ready for a piece of that sophisticated city meat." The Asian lad lifted his head and watched as the ranger moved in. Within seconds, the ranger mounted Alex and quickly shoved his cock fully into the wet, driving ass. He immediately started fucking Alex as Alex fucked Elliott. The daisy chain was power love at its finest. "Ah... your ass is steaming hot, city man... steaming hot... You are a fine piece," the ranger said as he slapped Alex hard across his ass cheeks a couple of times before quickening his fuck pace to equal Alex's. "Screw him, Gene, fuck him hard. He's killing me with his cock," Elliott faintly said. Juan let go of Uncle Alex's nipples and quickly stepped back to strip off his clothes. When he removed his soiled underwear, his brown, uncut ramrod stuck out for attention. He stepped up and straddled Hendricks' back as he fronted Alex. With his libido too hot from the double fucking to care, Alex allowed Juan to push the long, thin cock far down into his throat as Elliott and the ranger sandwiched him. "Look at that white man suck that cock. Suckin' it like there ain't no tomorrow," big Chester said as he motioned to Ling to take his place attending to Alex's nuts. Ling stretched the eggsac, forcing it back and up so that he could rub it against the ranger's hot balls. As for pure, raw sex, Alex knew he had seldom felt such an outstanding physical sensation. The group controlled his body, leaving him only his cock to direct far deep in Elliott's ass. As the group fucked away, Chester left the tent in a hurry. Alex could have cared less. With the ranger fucking his ass, Elliott fucking his cock, Juan fucking his mouth and Ling twisting on his tortured balls, he was goners. "Oh, Mr. Hendricks... this is a fine ass... he's fucking me off," the ranger declared as the group fuck became one massive body movement. "Screw him, ranger... tame that wild, hot ass," Elliott whined as he felt Alex expanding his butt as much as he had ever remembered with any lover. "He's got a hot cock oven, Mr. Hendricks, a real hot one here," the ranger said knowing his orgasm was fast approaching.The flap of the tent opened, but nobody noticed. Unexpectedly, Chester had brought Ricky in to watch his uncle in the middle of the group fuck. The young nephew stood watching as the colossal fuck quickly hit its crescendo with a mass eruption of balls. Ricky saw his Uncle Alex jam his mushroomed-shaped cockhead into the far depths of Elliott's ass as the ranger stabbed him with a final, long stroke of his hot dick. Ricky immediately thought about the ranger being the first man to fuck both him and his uncle. At the same time, he saw Juan's cock swell in his uncle's mouth and heard Elliott order Ling to leave Alex's nuts and to service his own unattended cock. Within seconds, the foursome came in a wild and crazy manner. "Taste me, big American stud, suck me," Juan said as he felt his hot cum rush from his dick to shoot into Alex's mouth. Alex took the first shot of the man's cum before his own pending orgasm forced him to drop Juan's shooting cock from his mouth. "Take it, Elliott, take my cum," Alex said as he released several long jolts of semen into his old friend's fucking ass. "And here's yours too, hoss," the ranger said as the textured walls of Alex's flexing ass grabbed his cock to suck the cum from his loins. The sexy ranger arched his ass and shot his load into Alex's butt, no doubt, the finest piece of man ass he had ever known. The moans from those above him sent Elliott over the edge as the warmth of Alex's juices flooded his butt. He shouted, "Take me, Ling... you've drawn the syrup out of me, take it," Elliott gasped as his own ejaculation occurred. "Aaawwwgghhh, Alexander, your cock is so huge inside me." Chester stood behind Ricky, slowly jacking the boy's highly excited and erected cock. Ricky watched as the love session finished before him. The nephew could not believe he had watched his uncle brought off in such a fashion. Ricky had seen Juan shoot the rest of his cock juices boldly on to Uncle Alex's hairy chest. He had watched his uncle lean back and release his long ejaculation into Mr. Hendricks' guts. And he had watched as the ranger came inside his uncle while slapping his uncle's firm buttocks. As the four collapsed together to the floor of the tent, Chester directed the naked Ricky over to them. Uncle Alex looked bewildered as he saw Ricky. He had not wanted the boy to see this action, but Chester had forced it. "Rick, my boy, oh Ricky... I'm sorry," Uncle Alex said and was about to elaborate before Chester stopped him. "You ain't got nothing to be sorry of, city man, nothing at all. Now just stay there and let me finish this boy." Without a choice, Ricky allowed the big black to have his way. Once Chester forced Ricky into a snort of the coke, it didn't long. As the big, soft black hand stimulated his cock to orgasm, Ricky surveyed the mass of naked bodies before him. He mainly kept his eyes peeled to his uncle's fine, wet crotch and his broad beautiful chest as he felt his own cum surge from deep within his balls. "Uncle Alex, oh... I'm going to shoot off; I can't hold back, he's got my cock on fire," the boy testified between gasps."It's okay, Rick, show these men what that fine cock can do," Uncle Alex encouraged, wanting Ricky to relax and come. Uncle Alex did not want the boy to experience too much bad guilt over the scene that now captured both of them. With the strength left in his body, he reached up and caressed the boy's hanging balls as sensuously as he knew how. He stroked them lightly on the sides with his fingers, while rubbing them underneath with his thumb. "Go ahead sweet boy, shoot it out strong. Show us your stuff," Chester cajoled from behind as he jerked Ricky's inflamed prick with one hand while picking at the boy's rosy tit with the other. "I'm there... oh Uncle Alex, oh... I'm cooommmiinnnng," Ricky screamed. Chester jacked the boy's dick diligently as Uncle Alex waited for the bulbous cockhead to yield its youthful seed. Ricky lost all control. He shot off violently, shooting spurt after spurt onto the bodies below him. Chester laughed and directed the boy's young, athletic cock as it shot a tremendous load. Shots of white cream landed on Hendricks' legs, and Juan's stomach, with other droplets hitting Ranger Gene Oliver directly on his cute nipples. Chester then finished the show by pointing the cock straight downward and letting its remaining three shots hit the stridently sophisticated Alex Murphy square in the face. Alex smiled and licked the semen into his mouth. The big, black man then turned the throbbing teenager's penis toward himself. He knelt down and immediately slurped the athletic cock into his mouth. Ricky released a gutteral cry of pleasure. Uncle Alex felt a twinge of jealousy. Chester then proceeded to drain the boy's dick dry of its remaining love juice. Once done, he released the cock, allowing it to slowly fall from his mouth and to slide down his ebony chin. He eased the boy down into the pile of naked bodies. Uncle Alex welcomed him, letting the spent Ricky lay directly on top of him, with the boy's back covering his hairy chest. He felt his own cock wedged up into the back of the boy's depleted testicles. Uncle Alex took his arm and wrapped it around the boy's belly. He caressed the smooth flesh of the boy's stomach. He brought his other hand up to gently rub the solid, flat part of his fingertip over the boy's pretty, rosy-colored nipple. He leaned into his nephew, kissed him behind the neck and whispered, "I'm right here, Rick. Right here. That's my dick that's touching your balls. Just relax, play along and we are going to be okay. Maybe fucked, but okay."


The group fucked throughout the night and into the next morning. Various combinations, various styles and a lot of hard, pelvis-thrusting cum shots were seen. Ricky fucked the ranger as Ling ate out his fellow teenager's ass. Ricky extracted revenge on the ranger's powerful butt while enjoying the feel of his Asian peer lapping at his ass like a hungry dog. Immediately after Ricky finished screwing the ranger, Elliott motioned to Juan, who started flirting with and caressing a playful Uncle Alex. The Mexican slipped easily under Alex to lick at his balls and to suck his dick. With Juan lying under him, Alex face-fucked the Mexican for several minutes. He dominated the young man as the group watched and cheered. But actually, Juan was manipulating Alex for Elliott's delights. Elliott moved behind Alex. As Alex started to gasp and began his orgasm, Juan grabbed his ass to spread his strong, firm buns for Elliott's entry. Alex allowed Elliott to take him. Alex shot his load into the Mexican's wet mouth as Elliott's dick edged into his ass. Elliott then settled into a long fuck of Alex's exposed butt. Alex, too tired from his own orgasm to respond, simply lay on the ground, allowing Elliott to fuck his ass raw. Elliott sent his dick into Alex's bottom time after time, enjoying the ass that he had wanted for years. Finally, his orgasm overtook him. "My Alex... my dear Alex... feel me, feel my come... I'm flooding your ass, my lover, do you feel it," Elliott asked. "Yes, I feel you, Elliott. I feel your cock shooting in me. It's warming my guts." Shortly, the man's orgasm subsided and he withdrew from the helpless ass below him. He patted Alex on the rump before rolling the man over on his back. "Alex, my man, you have loved me completely and I shall never forget it. Never." Elliott patted Alex on his bare stomach and then kissed him on his forehead. "Sleep with me now, Alex. Sleep with me and then you and the boy can go." Elliott kissed Alex directly on his right nipple before settling down to rest his head on Alex's shoulder. The two men closed their eyes, but Alex could not sleep. Long after sunrise, Chester and the ranger prepared a large breakfast for the group. They all ate heartily, while sitting around naked, flirting with one another and enjoying the morning. When they had finished eating, Elliott Hendricks walked over to Alex Murphy. He held out a large, canvas travel bag and passed it to his old friend. "Alex, let me tell you what's in here before you open it. There is the photo album and all of the negatives. I swear I don't have anything in my possession that could hurt you. Yes, I wanted to keep one picture of you spread out in all your glory, but I refrained. "There are clothes for you and the boy. And, there's also $10,000 in cash. It's yours. I suggest you and the boy use it to take a vacation together so you can fuck each other until content. Most importantly, your freedom and privacy are symbolically given to you in this bag. I am sorry for what I've done to you. On the other hand, I could never be sorry for fulfilling a fantasy and for enjoying some of the very best sex of my life." Alex took the bag and politely said "thank you." He had every intention of getting his clothes on and leaving with Ricky. He knew he would destroy the photos as memories of the camping trip. And he also knew he had every right to take the money for the boy's future well being. He and the boy began to dress. Just before Alex got ready to button his shirt, Ricky watched Elliott rush over to his uncle. The gentleman placed one hand on Alex's hairy chest and stroked it, taking a moment to gently squeeze the man's succulent nipple. Elliott smiled as Alex released a soft, whispery moan obviously enjoying Elliott's caress. Elliott then turned and told the others to pack up Alex's and the boy's camping gear. He then reached down and took Alex's fat cock in his hand. He wanted to feel it and experience it one last time. Within an hour, the uncle and nephew returned to their vehicle and drove away from the bizarre experience. It took them most of the next week to recover from the ordeal. Uncle Alex suggested that they sleep together at night, and they did, but they did not have sex. Both were exhausted and both felt abused. Night after night they cuddled, but both respected the healing process. After all, time heals all wounds... ... And time healed their wounds as well. One morning a groggy Uncle Alex woke up to feel his nephew's hot, wet mouth sucking hard at his morning erection and taking the massive penis into the depths of his throat. Uncle Alex held the boy's head tightly, arched his powerful hips and watched the boy stimulate his aroused cock. After a while, he turned Ricky around to sixty-nine with him. Ricky's fine cock proudly offered itself to his uncle's lips and mouth. Moments later, Uncle Alex quickly flooded Ricky's throat with a sizzling round of his salty, cock syrup. He then reached one of his large hands around to hold the boy's fine ass. He sucked tightly to the boy's expanding cock, tasting its release of pre-cum and preparing to receive its warm cream of climax. Everything was going to be alright.