Boys Lair

Endre Kovacs presents


Chris was a fine lad. He did well at school and had some close friends whom he liked to hang out with. One day a friend, Hugh invited him for a sleepover as his parents left for a few days. He thought why not and accepted the offer.

He arrived at the other end of town where Hugh lived. He rang the doorbell and waited. It was Lawrence who opened a door wearing only a pair of jeans and with a towel on his head. He has just come out of the shower.

Chris gulped. He wasn't used to seeing naked bodies as he had no siblings. He was fascinated though by the body of an older boy. Lawrence was a well-built guy with hairs around his belly and his armpit.

`Hi there, Chris. I'll be off in a minute so I won't bother you two. Hugh is upstairs, I believe you can find him, don't you?' said Lawrence in his usual chatty voice.

`Yes.' answered Chris short.

He went upstairs and into Hugh's room. His friend was putting up clothes just like his brother. Chris became curious and couldn't help himself but ask:

`Were you having shower?'

`Yes.' turned Hugh around smiling.

`With your brother?' asked a stunned Chris.

`Yes. It's no big deal. We can do it together too if you'd like.' said Hugh.

`Sure.' said Chris without thinking.

The two friends started doing usual stuff after this like playing on the computer and watching movies. It grew late and Chris couldn't think of anything else. He was afraid he had to shower with another boy around. He was so shy and unconfident about what he should do. He had never seen another boy's cock before. The bare idea of having a shower with Hugh made him shake.

It was late night when they decided to eat something. They had ordered pizza but they were told to wait an hour. Hugh said that they should have their shower in the meantime. Chris was afraid very much but he couldn't speak a word. They went upstairs and into the bathroom.

`Drop your clothes over there!' said Hugh pointing in the direction of a table while throwing his shirt to the same spot.

Chris turned around and started removing his clothes slowly. Just seconds later which were like ages to Chris he realized the water was running in the background and only had his boxers on. A warm hand touched his shoulders:

`Don't worry! I'm curious about your body too.' said Hugh gently forcing Chris to turn around.

Chris couldn't help but watch his friend all over. Hugh had a nice shaped body like his brother. He was tall and a bit skinny with big hands and... An erected penis. Chris stopped and stared at his friend's hard shaft. Why did he get hard? Is he gay?

Chris hasn't realized that meanwhile his boxers were slowly pulled down by Hugh. Hugh kneeled down before Chris to help him out of his boxers and his head reached the level of Chris's thong.`Wow. You have a big one!' said Hugh and touched Chris's penis.

`What are you doing?' gasped Chris.

`I want to have a look at it when it's hard. Is it bad if I do this?' said Hugh gently kissing Chris's balls.

`Well...' said Chris but the next word couldn't get out. `Oh, dear!'

Hugh was licking his hardening cock and it felt wonderful. They found themselves under the shower in a couple of seconds and it was so hot and so good Chris couldn't help but moan continuously.

Even Chris was amazed at himself when he hungrily started rubbing Hugh's body. They became more and more excited as they discovered each other's body. Chris had found himself kissing his friend on the lips and passionately licking his tongue with his own.

`Khm...' coughed a strangely familiar boys.

It was Lawrence, Hugh's brother. He was standing in the door holding two boxes of hot pizza. His face showed a bit of a surprise but at the same time: lust.

`Can I join you?' asked licking his lips and pulling his shirt down quickly.

Hugh did not show any sign of surprise so only Chris found it odd a bit. But he hasn't got time to think because in a second both his friend and his brother were kissing his body. Lawrence and Chris had just about the same size and both of them were rock hard now. Hugh knelt down and sucked on his brother's and Chris's cock simultaneously.

It was a great and hot sensation that Chris felt. The running water only topped the experience, but there was still more to come.

`Are you hungry? How about a sandwich?' giggled Lawrence.

`It would be even more fun with the 3 of us.' said Hugh.

The two brothers instructed Chris what he had to do. He had to move behind his friend and put his shaft into his bottom. He slowly pushed his oozing cock inside and it felt wonderful as he could feel Hugh shaking with pleasure.

He slowly started to move in and out when he felt another warm thing now from the behind. It was Lawrence and his cock behind Chris. He felt Lawrence's gentle push and he was inside of him. It hurt a bit in the beginning but became dull in a minute and it was amazing afterwards.

Both pleasures from behind and his front he enjoyed the most marvellous minutes in his life. The strange hot and sweet hamburger moved quicker and quicker and a big shake in the end...