Camping Circle Jerk

The following story is true.It is a memory of mine that I treasure and am happy to share.It involved teenagers, nudity and masturbation so if these subjects offend you or you are underage, please skip this story.

Camping Circle Jerk

One summer when I was about 14, two of my friends - Frank and John - and I used to go 'camping.'Now, we wouldn't go very far away from home, we would gather our sleeping bags and one guy had a large tent and we would go about 10 blocks from our neighborhood where there was a small wooded area.

We'd walk in far enough so that no one could see us from the street and set up camp.The woods were plenty thick and it seemed to us that we were hundreds of miles from home rather then just a few blocks.

It was a chance to be alone together and 'on our own.'But mostly it was an excuse to try smoking cigarettes and cigars and to curse and tell dirty stories totally away from our parents' earshot.

We'd set up camp while it was still light: the tent could sleep three fairly comfortably and took a while to set up right.We would neatly arrange our sleeping bags inside which took up pretty much of the floor space.We positioned our bags so that our feet all pointed towards the middle of the tent where the pole was thus leaving a good bit of space between our sleeping bags.

We'd hang kerosene lanterns from the tent pole for light and it was amazing how much light two lanterns could throw!

Then, since we had brought 'dinner' (hot dogs and coke), we would gather wood and start a fire as it started to get dark and eat like pigs.

Over dinner we would curse and tell dirty jokes and talk about the girls in our class.This banter would last until about 11 p.m. and then we'd decide to turn in.

We would go into the tent and strip down to our white briefs and climb into the sleeping bags.The first time it was a bit awkward as we were Catholic school kids and there were no locker rooms that we commonly changed in where we would see other guys.So we took our time removing our shoes, shirts and pants and made sure that we took off items at the same time.We were all pretty skinny hairless guys - I was the tallest with fair skin and lighter hair, Frank was Irish and a redhead with a freckle-face, and John was on the short side with tight curly hair and always looked like he had a tan.

Once our clothes were off, we slipped quickly into our sleeping bags and talked for an hour or so before we went to sleep.

This became somewhat of a weekly ritual that summer: camping out. Sometimes we would go for walks at all hours of the night ... One time we climbed over the fence to the community pool that was in a secluded area and went skinny-dipping.That was really cool being naked outdoors and not caring at all about it.Of course it was the dead of night and there wasn't a soul around, but still, it had its risks in that someone could have caught us.

Swimming in the warm pool, in the moonlight the moon, with water rushing over my cock and balls and ass was one of the most liberating experiences I had ever had.

We did this several times and one time Frank found the pool lights and turned them on and it was great swimming in that pool naked with the lights on us.

One night after about an hour in the pool, we returned to our tent, stripped down and, still damp and smelling of chlorine, snuggled for warmth in our sleeping bags.

We talked and laughed about our adventure ... John had taken the time to throw some of the lawn chairs there into the pool and we giggled about that.Then we were silent for a while, just enjoying the quiet of the woods.

Then Frank started talking about jerking off and how much he enjoyed it. John joined in and agreed that jerking off was his favorite pastime and that he bet he could cum faster then Frank.

"Nahhhh," said Frank, "I can cum faster then anyone."

"Cannot," said John, "I can cum in a matter of minutes."

"Oh yeah?" Frank shot back, "I can cum in a matter of seconds."

"How about you." Looking at me John asked, "How fast do you cum?"

"Well," I said, "I've never timed it, but I can cum pretty fast I guess."

Now I was a fervent and frequent masturbator.Ever since I perfected the practice early in my 13th year, I whacked off morning and night.I would cum in my underwear usually, sleeping in the damp pants and then in the morning, cumming again just before I got up to take a shower.Later in life I wondered what my Mother thought as she washed all those sperm-stained underpants!

"Hey," said Frank, "I've got an idea!Why don't we have a jerk-off contest!"

"Yeah," said John, "that is a great idea.We could turn off the lights and the first one who cums can yell out.How does that sound?" he asked me.

Well, I thought it was pretty weird, and said as much, but I agreed to the contest.

"Let's turn off the lights so we don't like get all queer for each other," said Frank laughing, and he went and turned off the lanterns.

"And hey," said John, since its pitch black in here, "I'm going to get on top of my sleeping bag and pull down my underwear so I can really get my fist around me."

"Yeah," said Frank, "me too."

So naturally, I did the same thing.

"Okay," said Frank, "everyone say when you have a boner."

And I started massaging my cock and in no time got a good stiff rod.I could hear the other guys rustling what I pictured were their hands around their cocks and stroking.

"I've got one!" Said John,

"Me too!" Said Frank

...and I chimed in, "Me three!" And everyone laughed.

"Okay, here's the deal.I've got a watch with a nightglow face here," said Frank, "when I say GO, everyone beat their meat and the first one to cum yell out 'Bingo!'" and Frank laughed, "Bingo, that's the prize."

"Ok," said Frank, "everyone ready?"And we both murmured yes.

"OK GO!"

And I started whacking off and heard John and Frank making noises as if their hands were stroking their cocks.

"God, this feels so great," said Frank.

"Yeah, I'm going to cum any minute now" said John and I heard them grunting with pleasure all of which made me even more aroused.

It didn't take me long - I had a rather fast trigger - and within a few minutes I yelled out "BINGO!"

And with that the two of them turned on flashlights and shined them on me, my rock hard cock and wet stomach.

"CIRCLE JERK!"They both yelled in unison and I could see from the light that neither of them were naked outside of their sleeping bags like I was; they were both in their bags!I had been had! It was a trick!

"Jesus, did you fall for that one!" yelled Frank derisively, and the two of them were giggling.I quickly covered myself with my underwear and dove into my sleeping bag.

"You assholes!" I yelled, embarrassed as all get out.

"God!I never thought we'd get you with that one!" Said Frank.

After a few minutes of thoroughly enjoying my humiliation, the two of them calmed down and they could see that I was really pissed.

Then Frank said to me, "Look, its no big deal.So you fell for it.So what?"

"Yeah," said John, "its not a real big thing, I fell for that one at day camp last year myself and there must have been a dozen guys involved in the joke."

They went on telling me that it was okay and then started saying that in fact, they wished that they had cum too.

Frank said he bet it felt great "didn't it?"

And somewhat mollified by their consoling words, I said, "Damn right it felt pretty good" and we all laughed.

"Hey," said Frank, "why don't we all jerk off for real!"

"You know," responded John, "I really do have a hard on, let's do it. Think you can you cum again?Because you can if you want?"

"Gee, I don't know," I said, "you guys for real?"

"Sure," said Frank, and they turned off the flashlights again."Let's go for it for real."

"Hey, how far can you shoot it? John asked.

Frank said, "I can shoot really far."

"How far?" John asked.

"At least two feet," Frank bragged.

"Hell I can shoot three feet easy.Hey, why don't we see who can shoot the farthest?" John said.

"We can cum in the dark and then whoever cums first, we will measure his shot and then see if we can beat it!"

"Yeah, that sounds good, let's get started," Frank said.

And I heard them rustling again as all of us got out of our sleeping bags supposedly.Then it was quiet and all I could hear was them slapping their cocks and them moaning.

And damn if I wasn't hard again, so I pulled down the sleeping bag and started jerking off again.

"Hmmmmm," said Frank, "this fucking feels really really good.I'm gonna pop any minute!"

"Me too," said John, "God I'm gonna cum!"And he started moaning and breathing really heavily.

Frank followed suit, and then the two of them were crying out ... "Jesus, I'm cumming, Oh God it feels so ... f--king good!"

And I started cumming again and started moaning and grunting with pleasure ... and BOOM the lights went on again and DAMN the two of them got me again!!!Jesus, what a jerk I was!

They were once again still in their sleeping bags and their lights revealed me completely naked with sperm on my tummy again.

"God, you are SO f--king gullible ...."

And I was.But they didn't get me again either that night or on subsequent nights, but they would tease me and kid me for years about the night I won the circle jerk!

Those summer weekends of camping out with my friends are among my fondest memories.We three grew up in that small town together. After high School, John and I went off to separate colleges and Frank was drafted and was killed in Viet Nam.I lost touch with John.

But whatever happened to us later, we had those times together, laughing and swimming naked and playing jokes on one another.I hope kids today have as much fun as we had.

The end