Dont Dare Cooper

It started in gym class when Cooper got pantsed. Since he wore boxers under his shorts, and since Rod got a good grip on them both, Cooper was naked from his belly button to his ankles. As expected, the other boys all laughed at Cooper's humiliation. Except he didn't seem to be too humiliated. In fact, he just stood there, his hands on hips, his junk on display to the entire class.

"Pull them up Rodney," Cooper said to his would be tormentor. "You pulled them down, you pull them up."

Normally when a boy gets pantsed, he pulls them up as quickly as possible, his equipment on display for only a very short time, with most of the class not really getting a good look. The victim then swears revenge on the perpetrator and sometimes gets assistance from his friends to pull down the perpetrators' shorts, sometimes getting boxers as well, but most of the time only getting the shorts down. But even that was usually enough for the original victim to feel satisfied.

The basketball game had stopped and most of the boys were gathered around nearly naked Cooper and Rod.

Coopers shirt must have been last years because it did not hang down too far, certainly not far enough to cover his family jewels. He had a small amount of hair, about an inch above and 3 inches across. His stuff looked to be about 2 inches not quite reaching down to the bottom of his nuts. And still, he just stood there.

"Pull them up, you look like a dork," said Rod.

"I'm not the dork, you're the dork. You pulled them down, you can pull them up."

By then, the lack of basketballs bouncing and boys yelling, caused to coach to come out of his office. He saw a circle of boys in the middle of the gym floor and naturally assumed there was a fight. He quickly made his way over, and parted the sea of boys to find the nearly naked Cooper.

And still Cooper just stood there, fully exposed.

"What's going on here?" Coach gruffly asked.

Of course, nobody narked on Rod, not even Cooper.

"Well?" he fumed at Cooper.

"I guess somebody pantsed me," Cooper replied.

The coach sighed, glad that this wasn't a fight or a major incident. Pantsings were relatively common and the coach's philosophy was `no harm, no foul.'

"Get dressed Cooper. Everybody get back to the game. Come on, move it, move it, move it."

Reluctantly Cooper pulled up his clothes and class returned to normal.

"So you just stood there? Naked and all?" asked Erik as he walked home from school with his best friend and neighbor Cooper. Erik had heard the story in each and every of his classes. The twenty seven boys in gym had done an excellent job of letting the school know of the incident.

"Yeah sure, why not?"

"Well everybody could see you."

"So? Everybody's got the same stuff. Right?" Cooper asked Erik.

"I guess," replied Erik, wondering if Cooper had any hair. Although they had spent the last two years as best friends, this was 2007 and kids just didn't go around exposing themselves to each other. In fact, Erik had never seen anyone else down there, except for his baby brother during diaper changes. Erik had just only recently started to grow hair and was curious about other boys. Although he thought about it quite a bit, particularly at night when his own would grow to it's full four inches, he could not think of anyway to see anybody else's. He wished he had been in Cooper's gym class.

"I can't believe you just stood there. The coach saw it too?" Erik went on.

Cooper nods.

"Are you going to get revenge on Rod?"

"No, why should I?"

"Because he pantsed you!"

"Hey if wanted to see it, why should I care?"

"You don't care if people see your...all of your...stuff?" asked Erik, very, very interested.

"No. Why should I care? You want to see it?"

Every fiber of Erik's being wanted to cry out, `yes, yes, yes, I want to see it.'

"Dude, we're in the middle of day, in the middle of the sidewalk, people would see you, would see it."

"I don't care. You want to see it. Right now, right here?"

Erik looked around. There was nobody in the immediate area. "I guess," he said has bored as he could with his heart pounding so hard, he could barely hear his own worlds.

Without looking around, Cooper undoes his Velcro, open up his shorts and pulls his boxers down releasing his manhood for Erik to see.

Erik is seeing another boys for the first time. He was excited to see that Cooper had what to his perception was tons of hair. He was excited to see that hair was in fact a normal part of puberty. It's one thing to hear about it from your teacher and dad, but another thing to actually see it in front of your face.

On a hormonally drenched roll, Erik asked, "How big is it?"

"Five hard," Cooper said casually.

"Five hard?" Erik gasped out.

"Yeah."Cooper started to play with it, to demonstrate.

Although Erik wanted to say `stop, people will see you,' all he could do was stand there, staring at it.

In a few seconds, Cooper had it up to its full potential. Needless to say Erik's was about to bust out of his own shorts.

"Take a picture it lasts longer," Cooper taunted Erik.

"Put it away, someone will see," Said Erik, still dazed by the glory of what he was seeing.

"Bigger than yours?" Cooper asks, putting it away.

"Yeah, way bigger," admits Erik.

"So, show it to me. I showed you mine."

Erik looks around. "No way, Cooper."

"Ok, show me when we get to your house. Ok?"

"I don't know. My mom and sister will both be there."

"Jesus, Erik, then just pull it out now."

Horrified Erik said, "No way. Not now."

The boys continued to walk. Cooper did not turn off at his own house and was walking with Erik to Erik's house. They greet his mom and learn Erik's sister is at her dance lessons, and after grabbing a couple of Dr. Peppers, go into Erik's room.

"So...let's see what you got," Cooper says, sitting on Erik's bed.

"I don't know. My mom might come in."

"Jesus Erik, why are you such a pussy. Want me to show mine again? Dare me to get totally naked?"

Erik's eye widen at the thought of Cooper totally naked.

"Ok, I dare you to get naked."

Cooper quickly kicked off his shoes, yanked off his socks, whipped off his shirt and in one quick pull had both his shorts and boxers on the floor. He stands up on Erik's bed thrusting out his hips to better show off his 5 inches. He gently bounces on the bed, causing his pole to rock as if a gentle breeze was wafting through a willow branch.

Erik was in total shock.

"Come on, Erik. Do it now. Get naked."

Erik, forgetting about any possible consequences of getting caught naked with his naked friend, sits on the bed and while starring at Cooper, slowly gets undressed. He stands up when he finishes and Cooper hops off the bed and stands in front of him, their towers of power almost touching.

"Erik, I'm going shopping and then to pick up Katy. You boys be careful," his mom shouts through the closed door. Erik is frozen in shock until he hears the front door slam and the car start.

"See, no big deal," says Cooper, pulling on his clothes. "I got a ton of homework, see you later."

Erik, still in shock, stays naked and lays down on his bed. He lays there thinking about the incredible experience he has just had and falls asleep.

In a groggy state, Erik hears the sounds of his mom and sister bringing in groceries. "Erik, get out here and help," his mom shouts. Erik quickly realizes his state of nakedness, quickly pulls on his boxers, shorts and shirt and goes to help his mom empty the car.

In English the next day Erik and Cooper are quietly discussing the gym class incident with Lawrence, who sits right in front of Cooper.

"Why are you guys so freaked out? It was gym class. All boys. Now what would be daring would be if someone dared me to pull it out here, in English.

While Erik was torn between want to see Little Cooper, and not wanting big Cooper to get caught and busted, Lawrence says to Cooper, "All right, big shot, I dare you to pull it all the way out right now."

The boys were in the back of the class, where as long as they didn't create a disturbance and got their work done, Mrs. Johnson didn't care.

Cooper takes a brief look around, then puts his hand under his desk and pulls it out.

Lawrence drops his pencil so he will have an excuse to get down and gets an excellent view of Little Cooper. Erik, sitting next to him, also has an excellent view.

"Damn, Cooper, you got the biggest balls in the world." Lawrence was of course referring to Cooper's bravery, not his actual balls, as his view was obstructed to see them.

Cooper's exhibitionism was the main topic of conversation at lunch. "And right there in English, I dared him and he pulled IT out." The boys let out another explosion of laughter.

Tony says to Cooper, "Ok, I dare you to do it now."

About one second later Cooper says, "Ok, it's out." All the boys duck under the table and sure enough, there it is, just getting some air.

"Make it big," suggests Lawrence, as the other guys agree. Erik, sitting next to Cooper has the best view as his best friend strokes himself to fullness. The bell rings and ends the show.

Although it's all he thinks about over the next few days, Erik has trouble bringing anything up in conversation with Cooper. It's Cooper's night to have Erik over on Friday and it's while they are getting undressed for bed, that Cooper notices Erik's boxers sticking out.

"Hehe, dare you to go across the hall to the bathroom like that," Cooper suggests to Erik.

"No way man," Erik replies getting under the covers.

"Jesus Erik, that's not a hard dare, I would do it."

"Duh, it's your house and you don't care if people see you. I care."

"Fine, I do it at your house. Naked. Naked and hard," exclaims Cooper.

Thinking about Cooper naked, naked and hard, Erik doesn't fall asleep until 1:42am.

The next morning, right before lunch they get a call from Lawrence.

"I just got the new Star Wars Lego game for my xBox. You guys want to come over?"

Another friend from school, Mike is already playing with Lawrence when they get there. Mike is in 6th grade, one year behind the others, but is Lawrence's next door neighbor and with him most of the time.

"You really got naked in gym and just stood there. Everybody saw?" he asks Cooper.


Lawrence adds, "He also pulled it out in English class and even got it hard in the lunchroom and showed it to everybody."

"Damn," says Mike admiringly.

"Yeah, better be careful, Cooper will do anything if he's dared," Erik says, wanting to tell the about him jumping up and down naked, but not sure if Cooper would want him to discuss it.

Mike, messes up the game and loses, making way for Erik to have a turn.

"So you'll do any dare?" Mike asks Cooper, while they are both waiting for their turns.

"Probably. Why? You want to see it?"

"Hell yeah," responds Mike enthusiastically.

"Fine, you have to show your's too."

"Ok if I show mine, you have to get naked. And play the game naked until you lose," challenges Mike.

Lawrence pauses the game, gets up and shuts the door to his room.

Cooper meanwhile is already done to his shorts and boxers, pulls them off and stands in the middle of the room with his jewels just hanging there. Lawrence's door opens and his 10 year old brother sees what is going on. He comes in and quickly shuts the door.

Lawrence once again pauses the game and tells his brother, "You better not tell."

"Tell what? What are you guys doing?" asks Stan, looking at Cooper still posing for Mike.

"Doing dares," explains Mike. "Want to play?"

"Dares? Naked dares?" asks Stan.

"You better not tell," repeats Lawrence, handing the control to Cooper, who sits down naked and plays the game.

"I won't tell, I promise," swears Stan.

They all watch Erik and totally naked Cooper play until Erik messes up and the game ends for both players. Cooper turns around and says to Mike, "Ok your turn to show."

"I'm not getting naked, that wasn't the deal," whines Mike.

"Fine, just show it."

Mike pulls up his shirt and holds it under his chin, then quickly pulls down his pants and boxers releasing his 3 and a half hard, hairless inches. After less than a second, he puts it away and drops his shirt.

"Your turn," he says to Stan, figuring that Stan was the only one he could really boss around. "Get naked, like Lawrence."

"All the way naked?" asks Stan looking to his big brother.

"If you want," says Lawrence not really caring, having seen his brother naked about one million times.

Lawrence, still naked says, "Yeah, get all the way naked. We'll play a game together."

Stan, eager for a turn on the xBox, and wanting to fit in the his brothers friends, strips off his clothes, exposing his 1.5 inch hanger, and not feeling too uncomfortable, sits next to Cooper as they start another round.

"Ok, who's next?" says Mike to Erik and Lawrence. They look at each other.

"All the way?" suggests Lawrence. Erik, scared about his hardness, but excited, nods his agreement.

"You have to get naked too," Erik says to Mike. "If we do it, you have to do it too."

Mike nods and the three boys stand up and slowly strip. Erik's boings out when released from his boxers. "Damn!" says Mike, never having seen a hard one before. The three just stand there naked, looking at each other. Stan and Lawrence have paused the game and are looking at the others.

It's at this moment when all five boys are naked, two of them hard, that there is a knock on the door.

"Boys..." says Lawrence and Stan's mom.

"Hang on mom, just a second," shouts Lawrence, sounding as guilty as can be, as the boys all scramble for their clothes.

"Just a minute mom," echoes Stan, giggling and not seeming to care if he gets caught naked with the older kids.

Mrs. Anderson patiently waits on the other side of the closed door as she hears the laughing and scrabbling in her oldest son's room. Without really thinking too much about it, she assumes that they have acquired a Playboy or other similar magazine. Although she does not approve of porn, particularly for her youngest son, she knows that boys will be boys.

After all are dressed in shorts and shirts, Lawrence opens the door and says as innocently as he can muster, "Yes mom?"

Mrs. Anderson looks in the room as sees nobody crying, fighting or bloody, and all seem to be on the verge of laughing, as if some gigantic joke had just been told and they are all holding in their laughter.

"You boys want some snacks?"

Barefoot, but mostly clothed the boys all follow her out to the kitchen.

After snacking, the dare mood is broken and they play xBox the rest of the afternoon.

Cooper and Erik walk back to Erik's house together.

"Man that was close. We almost got caught," says Erik.

"Yeah, see how fun it is," explains Cooper.


"Yeah, almost getting caught. It's a rush. Want to get naked now?"

"Now?" asks Erik, looking around at the darkened neighborhood and the bright street lights.

"Yeah, we can leave our shirts on, and carry our shorts and boxers. We can go in the alley if you want."

They cut through to the alley. It's not dark enough to suit Erik, but Cooper has already stripped and his holding his clothes. Erik, feels he has no choice, and realizes he does like the rush, strips as well. Walking through the alley is the easy part. Running across the street to the next alley is the hard part. After the first street crossing, Cooper decides to take it one step more, as he pulls off his shirt and continues totally naked, except for his shoes and socks.

When they get to the next street crossing, Cooper hands all of his clothes to the half naked Erik, and runs to the next alley. When Erik catches up, Cooper says, "God this feels great, running around outside naked. Feels great. Go for it."

Erik pulls off his shirt and continues to hold both their clothes as they walk through the last alley before Erik's house.

"This is great. Let's go to the park," suggests Cooper.

"Naked?" asks Erik, enjoying it, but still a little freaked out.

"Of course," says Cooper, running off, down the street, through the streetlights. A car passes, but doesn't slow down, stop or honk. Erik puts on his shorts with no boxers and jogs to catch up to Cooper.

Cooper is on one of the swings, swinging as high as he can, laughing at the world.

After looking around, Erik pulls off his shorts and quickly catches up to Cooper on the swings. They swing and shout and enjoy the cool, crisp evening air on their naked bodies.

After tiring out, they just sit on the swings talking.

"Why is it we can't go naked all the time? It feels good," says Cooper.

"Yeah, feels good," agrees Erik.

Cooper grabs his and starts to play with it. "Feels real good." He brings it to full mast. "Feels real good."

Erik has gotten to full mast just by watching Cooper. Cooper, feeling more alive than he ever has, starts to go for it.

Erik just watches, enjoy the watching more than if were going for it himself. In just a few minutes, Cooper erupts, then finally shows down.


Erik has just seen sperm for the first time in his life.

"Damn," he says, agreeing with Cooper.

"You going for it too?" he asks Erik.

"Maybe later. I'm hungry, let's go home."

They reluctantly dress and go back to the house. The inhale dinner and are soon in the living room watching Heroes on Erik's Tivo. Erik keeps hoping his mom will leave, so they can maybe do more dares, but they end up getting tired before she does and head off the Erik's room.

"Let's sleep naked," suggests Cooper, already stripping down all the way.

"Naked? Together?"

"Duh," says Cooper hopping into Erik's bed. "Who will know?"

Erik doesn't need to be invited twice, strips and hops into bed.

"Damn, Erik, you still got a boner from the swings?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"So do it. I want to do mine again too."Cooper pulls down the covers and side by side they pound away. Erik gets a much better view this time of Cooper's explosion. Cooper quickly falls asleep; Erik finally falls asleep after 2am.

Waking up naked, hard and in bed with your best friend who is also naked and hard is a wonderful experience for Erik.

"Hey," says Cooper, already awake.


"I got to pee says Cooper jumping out of the bed, this hard 5 inches bouncing. He opens the door a little peeks out and runs across the hall to the bathroom. After peeing he peeks out, runs back into Erik's room, shuts the door and sits on the bed.

"Your turn," he informs Erik. Whether from seeing how easy it was for Cooper, or from the dares the night before, Erik bravely runs naked to the bathroom as well.

When he gets back in the room, Cooper is pounding away at his again. Erik quickly closes the door, sits next to his friend and does the same.

After the explosion, Cooper pulls on his boxers and asks Erik, "You can't make it yet?"

"No," admits Erik.

"Well, soon I bet," encourages Cooper.

They get dressed and go down to breakfast. After they eat, they call up Lawrence. "Can we come over for some Lego Star Wars?" Erik asks.

"Yes, cool," relies Lawrence.

Mike and Stan are not there. Erik tells Lawrence about them running naked though the alleys and swinging naked on the swings.

"Damn, you guys are crazy."

After over an hour of taking turns Stan comes in from outside. He shuts the door and quietly asks, "Are we doing dares again?"

"Not now," says his brother.

"Sure," adds, Cooper. "What do you want to do?"

`YES!' thinks Erik.

"Hehehe," giggles Stan.

Feeling suddenly massively horny, Erik says to Cooper, "Dare you to do it. All the way."

"Do what?" asks Stan.

Meanwhile Cooper looks to Lawrence. "Cool?"

Lawrence looks to the shut door, not wanting Cooper, or any of them to get caught by his mom, but pretty sure she would not come in unless she knocked first. Earlier in the year, she had come in early one morning while Lawrence had his morning wood and was changing into clean boxers. He freaked out and she promised never to come in again without knocking, and had kept her word. Plus, Lawrence was curious to see another boy do it.

"Sure, go for it."

"Go for what?" asks Stan, still clueless.

Cooper hands his controller to Erik and begins pulling down his shorts and boxers.

"You're going to get naked again?" asks Stan, once again showing his cluelessness.

"Just watch," answers Erik, who instead of playing xBox, gets in a position to watch the Cooper show.

By then, Cooper is in full motion, pounding rapidly. Lawrence pauses the game and joins the audience, fully aroused himself.

"Yours his huge," Stan says to Cooper. And to his brother, "Way bigger than yours."

"Naw, mine's as big as his. You just never seen it hard.

"Go for it too," Erik challenges Lawrence.

"I will if you will," he responds.

Immediately both Erik and Lawrence have joined Cooper in the pounding show.

Cooper with a huge head start naturally finishes first. Stan is of course impressed and starts peppering Cooper with questions.

"Shhhh" says Lawrence, wanting to concentrate on his own.

Erik explodes next and he and Cooper lay there quietly waiting for Lawrence to finish.

"Get some tissues," Lawrence orders his little brother, who walks over to the desk and brings the box. As the Cooper and Lawrence clean themselves up, Lawrence explains the facts of life to his bro.

"Mine is hard too" says Stan, pulling it out to show everyone, but nobody really cares to see his little one, and besides, they aren't horny now, and want to mess with the game.

At school on Monday, Cooper's fame starts to spread. In gym class he is dared to strip naked and run a lap. He does it successfully and without getting caught by the coach. And at lunch, he is almost always asked to show it, and he does.

After school on Thursday, Cooper is over at Lawrence's house. Mike and another 6th grader are there playing when Cooper arrives.

Cooper hears Mike telling his friend, "That's the guy, the horny guy."

After losing his turn and giving up his controller to Lawrence, Billy asks Cooper, "You're the one? Who went naked in gym class?"

"Yeah, that's me. Never met a dare I didn't like."

"You LIKE to do dares?" he asks.

"Hell yeah. Don't you?"

"Uh, not really ever done any." Mike lets out a laugh and looks at Billy. "Well not done too many before."

"So you want to do dares now? While we're waiting for them?" asks Cooper.

Working up his courage, Billy says, "Maybe."

"Ok you want to go first?" asks Cooper.

"No way, you go first. I dare you to pull it out."

With out hesitating Cooper pulls it out.


"See," says Mike over his shoulder, "he doesn't give a damn."

Leaving his out, Cooper says to Billy, "So let's see yours."

The moment of truth has come, and Billy who has shown it to Mike before, has never shown it to anybody else, and certainly not anybody in 7th grade, slowly opens his pants and pulls them down enough to let it pop out, pointing at the ceiling.

He just as quickly puts his away. Cooper's is still airing out.

"You just going to leave it out?" asks Billy.

Cooper looks down at his. "Oh, forgot I left it out." He then puts it away.

"You forgot?"

Mike tells Billy, "Last weekend, he played an entire level of Star Wars, totally naked."


"Yes, I saw it."

Billy says to Cooper," Ok, I dare your to play totally naked."

Cooper yawns. "No problem. You too."

"Me too? Squeeks Billy.

"Yeah, why the hell not."

"You too?" Billy asks Mike.

"Yeah, why not. Lawrence you will do it too right?"

"I guess."

Soon all four boys are naked, the two youngest hard as rocks. After about an half hour they hear Mrs. Anderson making dinner and get dressed.

At lunch on Friday, Lawrence says to the guys, "You know what would be the best dare ever in the history of dares?"

The guys are on the edge of their seats waiting to hear. "Why don't you," he indicates Cooper, "streak the football game tonight."

"Run across the field totally naked?" asks Cooper.

"Yes, at half time. After the band, before the game starts."

They make the plans.

Later that night during the last part of the 2nd quarter Lawrence and Cooper go down to one end of the field. Erik, Mike, Rod, and Stan go to the other end with five other 7th graders from their class. They are holder some sweats, a tshirt and a jacket.

After the band is almost clear of the field, Cooper strips off his clothes, throws them to Lawrence who puts them in a backpack, and takes off, He gets to the 20 yard line before the fans all see him. The crowd goes wild as he runs across the 40 to the 50. By the time he gets to the other 20, two rent a cops are chasing him and the fans are creaming their asses off.

Cooper runs off the field and quickly runs into his buddies who have made a circle. He quickly dresses and blends in with them.

Rod runs down from the stands and joins them. "I got it all on the camera. It's all here."

They leave the game and all pile into Lawrences room. Rod hooks up the camera to the tv and they relive the show.

"Damn, yours was small," comments Rod.

"Yeah, well it was fucking cold dude."

"Shit man," adds Mike. Your's looked even smaller than mine. The guys all laugh at the 6th grader.

"It even looked smaller than mine," adds Stan.

"That was the best dare ever," says Erik and they all agree.