Blowing Straight Friend

One note: This is an entirely true story.Everything that happens in this story happened to me in real life.As such, I felt it was important I put everything here as accurately as possible.I understand that many stories surface with thirteen-year-olds with 8" penises, and I was worried that people would see my younger friend with a larger penis and immediately disregard my story.However, I did not want to change the truth just so more people will believe me.It doesn't matter enough to me to change an accurate recording for false "accuracy".Just accept that a tall, developed, fifteen-year-old with an older brother who is tall and large as well, may be able to have a package slightly above average.

I was finally back home after my first few weeks at school.I managed to survive my midterms and was rewarded with a weeklong fall break.Being able to relax and get some sleep in was definitely something I looked forward to, but I looked forward to seeing my best friend Sean Murphy even more.Sean and I had an interesting relationship.We are best of friends even though I'm eighteen and Sean is a mere fifteen years old.The age difference never presented a problem.We both found ourselves enjoying each other's company and so our friendship worked.I always thought that Sean was physically attractive though, and had a pretty strong crush for the kid.I guess this would be a good time to describe us.

I am 5'8" tall and relatively skinny.I have brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale complexion.I'm gay, but no one at home really knows and no one would ever guess because I act completely straight.However, because of my hidden sexuality, I remained a virgin.I have a 6.75" cut penis, which is relatively thick.I'm not athletic, but I keep in well enough shape that I have a skinny frame.

Sean is 6'1" tall and has a sleek swimmer-like body.His short brown hair seems to fit him well, and his green eyes are always seemingly glistening. He has very tan skin, and even in the dead of winter he remains more tan than most of the people I know.He is, unfortunately for me, straight, and has caught the eye of quite a few girls at his school.Nevertheless, his Catholic roots have kept him a virgin as well.He was quick to develop as shown by his height. In fact, I was amazed to find that he had a 7" cut penis, only slightly thinner than mine, and a ton of pubic hair.Of course I didn't actually find this out until later in the story, but I thought you'd appreciate knowing.

So when I was home we decided we would hang out on Monday and so when Monday came around, I picked him up after school and drove him to my house. When we got to my house, we went up to my room and started the ritual we had called "hanging out" for the past few months.This ritual consisted of him sitting in my computer chair surfing the web and playing games while he placed his feet in my lap and I would massage them.Now, at this point I should probably note that I have a thing for feet, and Sean's feet are perfect.Size 10, tanned, soft and smooth, and his second toe is slightly longer than his big toe.Basically, if you are into feet, his feet are perfect.It's a long story as to how this came to be, but that doesn't matter, all that matters is that now every time I see him I get to massage his wonderful feet.

As expected, he got into my computer chair, took off his shoes and started to take off his socks as I sat down on the chair by him.The one difference this time was that the last class for him that day was gym, so as he took off his socks he commented on how they were sweaty.When he plopped his feet in my lap, I thought how it was good to be back, and got to work massaging them the best I could.His foot odor I always found extremely pleasant, and the fact that his feet were sweaty did not change that, instead making the odor far more noticeable.I would massage one foot for awhile, paying attention to each individual toe and tickling the sole lightly with my nails all the while enjoying the feel of his soft skin against my hands, and then he would ask me to switch and I would move on to the next foot.It would go back and forth like that for a while, sometimes hours, and I would be happy.

Today, however, was different.I had bought porn the week before and had suggested that we watch it together when I came home, and he agreed.So after awhile of massaging his feet, I suggested we watch the porn.He was a bit hesitant at first, but agreed.So I put my laptop on my bed and we both sat with our backs to the headboard and legs outstretched as I put on a video with very attractive blonde women giving equally attractive guys blowjobs.

After a bit of talk, I gave him control over which scenes to watch, and found that he was particularly fascinated with the blowjob scenes, and skipped past all of the guy giving the girl oral and the actual sex to get to those scenes.I wondered whether he was actually enjoying this at all, so I decided to make a risky move.

"Is this doing anything for you... or is it just me?" I asked, as I looked over my tall, slim good-looking fifteen-year-old friend.

"No, it's good" Sean replied, still concentrating on the movie.

At that point I hoped that maybe he would be aroused enough to want to masturbate as we watched, so I asked, "Have you ever been naked in front of anyone else before?"

"No, you?" responded Sean, looking directly at me.

"Yeah, well, once when I was eight a friend and I compared penises," I replied, and I began to get excited as he showed interest in our talk.

"Did you do anything?" asked Sean with a very inquisitive look.

"No, we were eight, we didn't know anything else..." I said.

At that point I felt something was going to happen, but I couldn't imagine what or when and so I waited, but I didn't have to wait long.

"Is anyone home?" asked Sean, with almost a blank look in his eyes.

"Just my mom," I answered, before quickly adding, "she never comes up here when I have friends over, and the door is locked."

Now I was certain that he had some interest in at least getting naked, so I decided to take the next step for him, not wanting to blow the chance of seeing my hot, straight, fifteen-year-old friend in all of his glory.

"Wanna try...?" I asked, trailing off not wanting to suggest something if he was willing for more.

Without hesitation, Sean replied, "Sure," and slowly got off the bed and unzipped his pants, pulling them down with his boxers in one fell swoop.

I was incredibly excited.I never thought that I would get to see him naked at all, let alone naked and hard in my room!He left his shirt on, but as I undressed I could clearly see his erect penis hanging there, and was impressed.He also had a fair amount of hair on his upper thighs.

After undressing I joined him on his side of the bed and sat on the edge and looked over, quickly putting my hand on it to feel it as though if I didn't know I would never have the chance.

"Wow, you're even bigger than me," I said quickly, after grabbing his penis and pulling it down a little so it bounced back up.

Sean laughed a little awkwardly but stayed there waiting.I took a moment to appreciate what he looked like.His dick was 7" long but slightly thinner than my own.His head was relatively pronounced against his more slender shaft.What impressed me the most was that he had a very thick mat of pubic hair.He really was quite developed.Not wanting to waste anymore time, and understanding what he meant, I made my move.

"Can I?" I asked, hopefully."Yeah" said Sean.

With that, I leaned in until my lips just barely touched the head of Sean's engorged penis.I then took just the head into my mouth and swirled it around gently with his tongue.It was clear by the look in Sean's face that he was enjoying the new feeling.

"Is that good?" I prodded, as this was my first time ever giving head.

Sean managed to get out a small "Yeah" and not waiting a second more, I got back to work.

I returned to sucking on Sean's cock with renewed vigor.I took as much of it into my mouth as I could and began bobbing up and down on the creamy white shaft.I stopped bobbing on the shaft to just kiss the head, occasionally letting my tongue glide over the bulbous purple head.

Sean just watched the porno on screen, and I noticed he had rewound it to the beginning of the last blowjob scene.His breathing was clearly more labored though.

"Tell me when you're close." I requested, before quickly taking his cock back in my mouth.

I began to explore the shaft, taking first one inch then another until I had a good five inches of Sean's penis in his mouth.I licked the sides while enjoying the feel of Sean's muscular thighs pressing against my face. Then I paused for a moment to try and feel Sean's balls before going back to sucking on his now slick cock.

Soon I noticed that Sean's breathing had started to speed up and so I doubled my efforts to suck and lick every inch of my best friend's cock. As Sean leaned back I was able to move forward and enjoy the feel of Sean's last remaining baby fat and his pubes against my skin.

"I'm close," said Sean under very labored breathing.

I said nothing, but rather continued to move up and down on Sean's shaft.

"Like just about to..." said Sean urgently.

I had no desire to stop and continued, eager to taste Sean's cum.

All of a sudden, I felt Sean's cock start to spasm and I was rewarded for my efforts with my first ever load of boy juice.Sean's hips thrust up towards my mouth, desperately trying to get his penis as deep as possible. During his orgasm I could feel his whole body quake against me, and reveled in the fact that I brought this pleasure to my hot straight friend.As the spasms subsided I continued to suck on my friend's slowly deflating penis, trying to get as much cum as possible.While I swallowed the salty load of my no longer innocent friend, I looked forward to the amount of straight boy cum I would swallow before a girl would even see this wonderful piece of equipment.