High School Shower Sex

Taylor Jordan was in his sophmore year in high school.He was secretly gay and had a very healthy appetite for cock.Taylor was 6 feet tall with sandy blonde hair and an athletic build.He kept his body shaved except for his pubic hair which he trimmed short.Taylor had a nice tan from playing on the tennis team out in the hot sun. After practice each day was Taylor's favorite daily routine.He and his hot and sweaty teamates made their way from practice to the lockerrooms.Most of the players stripped down and showered as Taylor would watch and try to keep his cock from becoming too erect.On this particular day Taylor, as usual, was the last to stay in the shower.Only one player remained.It was Jack.Taylor had suspected Jack was gay because of his flamboyant demeanor.Jack was about Taylor's height with dark brown hair, tanned and with a very muscular body.Jack also was blessed with a large cock.As Taylor watched Jack continue to lather his sexy body up and grope his cock and balls gently, Taylor became fully erect with his 8 inch cock standing straight out.Jack seemed to sense Taylor's peeping eyes on him and looked over.He smiled as he spotted the throbbing cock that Taylor could not hide. As it was just the two of them, Jack decided it was safe and made his move.He slowly walked over to Taylor, his cock swinging like a 7 inch pendulum. "You like what you see sexy?" -Jack whispered. Taylor was lost for words but let his actions speak for him.He reached out and started stroking Jack's cock.He explored every inch of it with his hands and then slowly started caressing Jack's large balls. Jack moaned and responded by putting both his hands over Taylors bubble but.The two eventually made eye contact and slowly put their lips together in a gentle kiss that soon made way to passionate tongues massaging each other.As the two explored each others bodies their cocks smashed together as they tightened their embrace.The two sexy teens were such a sexy site to behold.Slowly, Taylor broke their kiss and started to use his tongue to explore his new lover's body.He kissed Jack's erect nipples.Then Taylor slowly kissed his way down Jack's stomach till he reached Jack's large circumcised cock.He licked the tip and slowly moved down to give Jack's balls a nice hot saliva bath.Jack moaned with delight.Taylor then went back to the magnificent cock and slowly led it deeper and deeper into his horny mouth.After about two minutes of intense deep throat sucking Jack's moaning incresed and he warned he was about to cum.Then, 7 spurts of cum quickly shot into Taylor's eager mouth.He swallowed almost all of it.The remnents Taylor kept in his mouth to share with Jack as the two kissed and shared Jack's load."Fuck me baby." Jack pleaded. Taylor turned Jack around and slowly parted his sexy ass cheeks and dove his tongue right into Jack's purting anus.Taylor loved the taste and could have continued with this rim job for hours if Jack's pleading to be fucked was notcontinually issued. Jack got his wish as Taylor lined up his throbbing cock and slowly entered Jack.Jack was leaning forward keeping his weight on the shower wall barely able to keep his balance through the pleasure he was experiencing.In and out taylor's cock went slowly becoming faster and faster.Finally Taylor started to cum a huge load deep inside Jack.With Taylor's cock still inside Jack the two started frenching again and were totally spent from this sexual episode.