Dominant And Submissive

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I have read many stories in this section and have yet to read one of which the dominant is the main character, since im a dominant myself, I decided to write this story.

Dominant and Submissive

Hey, my names Dylan.I moved to a little town, not alot of things to do.It would be a big change, since i'm from the city.I don't like labels, so if you want to call me something, call me gay, but I just like guys, and I don't care.Ever since I was little, ive always felt the need to be in control, to own something, to be in power.That's what it was about for me, the more I had, the better I felt.I'm naturally built like a football player, I workout so I look even bigger.I used to have a short fuse, blow up real easy.But Ive gained control of that and used it to my advantage.So, I think that enough about me, let's get on with this story.

I walked in the front door with my leather jacket, tight black jeans and cowboy boots on.I like cowboy boots, but only when I have my pant leg covering it, so it just shoes the foot part.I had somewhat long hair, trying to grow it long, about halfway of what I want it to be. As I walked down the hall of my new school I glanced at everyone I passed.I couldn't help it, but every time I passed a guy the thought came into my head."how would he hold up in a fight?"None could beat me, im sure of that.I got to my locker and tried opening the combination.The code wasn't easy to remember, so it took me about three tries to get it.I finally unlocked it, and put up a few pictures of G.G. Allin and a few other singers I like from my favorite bands.

I walked into my first class.We got the usual introduction and what we were going to do that year.Everything went along like a regular "first day".Then came PE.

I walked down the steps casually to get the gym.I really didn't care if I was late for any classes.If I was, the teachers would have to deal with it, and if they have a problem, they'll have to deal with me. I grabbed the door handle and walked in to the locker room.There was three guys in the first section as I walked in.I could smell the odor of sweat and axe deoderant, this will be the smell that will fill my nostrils everyday.I didn't want to get dressed in front of them, I wanted to get used to the place first.So I walked across the locker room, and passed a few more locker sections with more guys.They werent really my type.I like guys that are naturally skinny, probably couldn't gain weight if they tried.Weak looking, shy, and always have that look on their face like they need a hug desperately.I continued walking until I got to the last section. In that section was one boy, extremely beautiful.The second my eyes landed on him, he put his head down.He was so cut, I wanted to grab him right there and squeeze him.I put my clothes down and started to change.He made sure to keep his distance.He was already changed when I came in, but he just stood there. I enjoyed him being there, but instinctively I said, "what?" he immediately whispered, "nothing...."So after I was finished changing I walked up to him and stared into his eyes.He lowered his head, and I heard a whimper escape his lips.Right then I felt a tug of excitement in my chest, and it made adrenaline pour into my arms.Did he like me? or was he afraid of me?I couldn't tell.Either way I had to do something.I moved forward,as I moved forward he backed up.Then he bumped into the locker, which startled him.I grabbed his arms with both of my hands and he immediately fell.So I stood there, holding him up slightly, while he didn't even try to get up, he just layed there looking at me with fear in his eyes, I loved it. I sat down on the bench, still holding his arms.his eyes didn't leave mine, before he couldn't even look at my eyes, now he couldn't look away.I had to laugh at this.The second I laughed his eyes looked hurt, and his mouth fell open slightly.I pulled him closer, so he was between my legs.He put his arms around my waist and his head on my arm. "It's alright...." I said as I rubbed his face."I'll take good care of you."Then I kissed his lips.A huge grin spread across his face as he tried to speak, "uuuhumm uhh ah...." "Whats your name?" I demanded. "J-J-Jacob, but y-you can call me, Jake." He smiled. "Jake, meet me afterschool, so you can come to my house, my names Dylan." "O-Ok...D-D-Dylan" he said obediently.

The rest of the day went by very fast, same old stuff they were giving us in the other classes, "hi my name is Mr./Mrs., welcome...we will be doing this....blah blah blah...."I really didn't care.I wanted to see Jake afterschool, I couldn't wait.It thrilled me how cute and shy he was. As I walke dout of school I saw Jake standing there, waiting for me.I had to stop for a second to look at him, he was so beautiful.Right when I was about to start walking towards him, I saw two guys go over to him. "hey faggot, how you like your first day of school?"he just put his head down at that. "we didn't forget, neither did anyone else, we know you're a faggot, and we're gonna make sure you know it!" Right after he had said that he raised his hand, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to hit Jake, he just want to make him afraid.Jake winced as if he had hit him, which means I think they have hurt him before.This made me angry, not just angry, this Pissed Me Off. "HEY!"I shouted as I ran after them. "hey man, you know this kid...hes a faggo-" before he could finish the sentence my knuckles hit his teeth, which cut my knuckles.He flew backwards, that felt so good to hit him.I grabbed the other guy by his shirt and threw him on the ground before he could get away.I jumped on him and it took only three shots to his face before I saw blood.I went over to the other guy and stomped on his stomache, and he threw up blood.I didn't want to go all out too bad, cause if I had, one of them might be dead. People are fragile creatures, you know. Jake just watched in amazement.I went right in the guys face who had started it and said, "If you ever EVER! go near..SPEAK! to Jake again, I will kill you!"As I said the word "kill" I clenched my teeth.I could feel the fire in my eyes, I didn't have tobe the one seeing it.I most definitely scared the shit out of him.I hacked up a loogy and spit in his mouth, making him choke.I felt almost weightless as I got up.Ah, I definitely made an impression, everyone was watching.I still had alot of energy left in me, so I picked Jake up and brought him to my car.he was almost weightless himself, I could carry him around all day and not even get tired.I put Jake in the passengers side, then I ran around to the drivers seat.I got in and smiled at Jake.He smiled back, then he looked at my hand and gave me a concerned look. "you're hurt...." he said quietly, I almost didn't hear him. "Nah, that's no problem, I can put a bandage on it when I get home"The skin on my knuckles were sliced open from that guys teeth, and was bleeding pretty bad, but I didn't feel a thing with all the adrenaline rushing inside me.Jake was quiet for the whole ride, I think he was too afraid or confused to say anything.

Once I got to me house I parked the car and got out, telling Jake to follow.I immedietly went upstairs and into my room.Jake followed silently.Once I got in Jake asked, "wheres your bandages?" I answered, "downstairs in the bathroom, go down the stairs and take a left once you see the living room."Jake went downstairs to get the bandages.I sat down in a chair and waited.About a minute later he came back with the box of bandages.He got down on his knees and started to put the bandage on. "t-t-thank you for....saving" he lowered his head and continued to put the bandage over my hand.After he was done he slightly raised his head and looked at me.I smiled.He smiled.I put my hand on his head and just stayed like that, it felt good, and Jake didn't object to it.I took my hand off his head and patted my lap, "come here" I said. Jake gave me a confused look."sit on my lap, I want to hold you." He slowly came closer to me and went to my side, he sat down on my knee and leaned back, and I held him.I raised his back, so I was holding him like a baby, but his head was resting on my chest.

I could feel it.Even though he was shy, that seemed to be in his nature, he completely trusted me.It felt good to just sit here, holding him.Through all the mental and physical pain I deal with, it felt good to just hold someone, to have someone to love, and loves me back. Then I heard soft crying.Jake was crying in my chest. "Jake...What's wrong?"I asked, and he cried even harder.I lifted his head up to look at me." I love you Dylan...I used to be picked on and beat up just about every day, I didn't want to live anymore....but then you came, we just met each other...and I already know...I already know....I love you...."I wiped the tears in his eyes away with my thumb.I kissed him, it felt so good.His soft, delicate lips touching mine, his soft, delicate body pressed again mine. I stood up, with Jake in my arms, and laid him out on the bed.I took shirt off, and the started undoing his pants.I slid his pants down his legs and off his feet.There he was, the boy I loved, laying right next to me, naked and beautiful.I layed back as jake undressed me, the whole time he had a smile on his face.Not a grin as I would expect, but a smile of completion.A smile of content, like he finally had what he always wanted. My penis stood erect, I couldn't take it any longer, I needed Jake to do something.The fatherly type figure in my, was gone.Now I was consumed with lust, I wanted to take Jake, I wanted to ravish this beauty. I wanted him to be mine. I grabbed him and started making out with him.Our tongues fighting with each other.I wanted more.I started to rub my penis against his side, it felt so good, I didn't want to stop, but I still wanted more.I took the baby oil out of my drawer next to me bed and poured it all over Jake, it went all over the bed, but I didn't care.I rubbed Jakes asshole with it, made sure it was lubed up real good.I was going to fuck him. Jake started to rub my chest and arms with the baby oil as I did this.I could feel him shivering, he was as horny as I was. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the head against Jakes hole.I pushed in slowly, very slowly,Jakes face winced, this time that didn't anger me, it made my excited, it made that demon of lust inside me grow even more hungry.I eased my way inside of him, all the way.Jakes asshole massaged my cock like no other way.I started pumping, in and out, stop[ing right before my dick fell out, then I rammed it back in.It felt sooo goood.I did this for a few minutes, enjoying the heat of Jakes hole.I felt myself getting there, I was nearing the climax.Jake layed there, taking every inch of me.Jake was jacking off as I was humping him.I felt the fluid rise in my dick then I moaned in ecstasy as I came inside Jake. It was beautiful.I felt good, Jake looked good.I felt like a god as I huffed and puffed, bending over Jake.It felt awesome.a few seconds after I had climaxed Jake had came, he was whimpering as he came.I leaned over and kissed Jake on the mouth.I then hugged him, our juices were getting all over each other, but we didn't care.

I held Jake that entire night, and he layed in my arms.And we both were perfect for each other.