Time To Go All The Way

My name is Mike, 29 and gay. Well I can finally accept that now. However there was a period in my life where I was in such denial I can only back and laugh. I started fooling around with guys when I was 12, and lost my virginity to a girl when I was 13. Up until I was 23 I had always dated girls and fooled around with guys on the side. I told myself I was just "experimenting". I guess you can say I never did quite understand the definition. Well the story below relates to the first time I went all the way with a guy, not just the usually J/O and Suck. Enjoy. True story.

I was 22 and in my last year of University. I had a girlfriend that I thought I wanted to marry and a great desire for cock. I was your typical university kid, 23, 5'10" 175lbs, thick muscular build, Italian Canadian, and a frat president to add. The only problem was that I still lived at home. I grew up 5 minutes from the local university so it just only made sense that I attend my undergrad their. I had intentions of going to law school afterwards so to stay home during my undergrad years was an easy deal. It just meant that in order to get laid I had to be creative.

For money I worked a part time job at the local pharmacy, and that's where I met Chris. I was intrigued because it was quite obvious that he was gay. The guys that I had fooled with up to that point were usually drunken friends that just wanted to get off. I had never fooled around with an actual gay guy, someone that would return the favour of sucking my cock, or what I was really hoping....to take my cock. Chris was friendly and we always seemed to have lunch together at work or go on break at the same time. He was 5 years older then me and I was always eager to talk to him. Chris was the same height as myself, average build, Black hair and the most amazing blue eyes. so one Saturday afternoon I asked him if he would like to go see a movie or something that night since my girlfriend was out of town for the weekend and I didn't feel like staying home. It was a few days before Christmas and all my friends had gone home for the holidays. He agreed to a movie and was to pick him up at 8.

I arrived at his place and he came out looking hotter then ever. I was so used to seeing him in those cheesy uniforms at work so I was caught off guard as to my reaction seeing him done up for a night out. When he got into my pick up I had to hide the semi that was beginning to tent in my pants. We said the normal "hey what's up, how's it going" type of stuff, but I was surprised at his next reaction. He just looked a little nervous then he began to speak.

"look Mike, I need to be open about some things if were going to hang out. I'm gay and I need you to know that, just so I'm upfront and honest".

Well at that I just started to laugh. However I quickly explained why I was laughing.

"Chris, yeah I know your gay, its quite obvious, no offense but your not hiding anything....besides I'm cool with it. If I didn't want to hang out with you we wouldn't be here right now.....besides its not like I've never sucked a cock in my life....."

That just left him speechless, with a gaping mouth open in which I told him to close. It was weird. I had never been that upfront before, looking for the shock factor. In the past I had always been so paranoid of anyone hearing the truth, that I liked to suck cock. We drove in silence for a bit before he began to speak. He wanted to know the usual, when was the first time? how many? do I still do it? do I like it? why am I with a girl? etc. etc. etc. So yeah it was an interesting car ride to say the least. And all that talk of gay sex had given me the largest hard on of my life. Finally I just got the balls and just flat out asked him if we can skip the movie and go somewhere to take care of ourselves. Once again he was speechless, sat their with an open mouth and nodded yes.

"perfect, now that we have that settled, I know just the place."

Well membership does have its privleges. It was Chrismas holidays, the frat house was empty, and being the president, I had the main key. So finding a place was easy.

We pulled up to the house and I could tell Chris was nervous. I laughed "you didn't think I was going to park the truck on the side of the road somewhere did you? I mean come on I have more class then that.....and besides the house is empty for the holidays." So up to the front door I went with Chris in toe. I was so hard by this point I could tell I was damp in my pants from all the precum in the December air.

As soon we were in and the door shut, I just turned and kissed him. After a few mintues we broke apart in silence. For him it was disbelief that this was happening, and for me it was in disbelief because he was the first guy I ever kissed. I had no problem sucking a cock up to this point, but kissing a guy was just gay.

He leaned in for more but I pulled away. "not here, come with me." I led him up to the third floor loft in the old house. Up their is the presidents suite. Well a suite as far as university standards go. Basiclly just a loft room with a bed and some shelves. Since I lived off campus at my parents the room was rarely utilized. I just used it as a place to bring my girlfriend or some sorority slut to fuck. This was whole new territory for me.

We got to the room and I picked him uphe wraped his legs around me and I carried him to the bed. and threw him on it. He just laid back and watched me. He tried to say something but I just motioned him to not speak. I stood their in the room, lit a few candles and just stared at him. As he laid their watching me, I pulled off my sweater and tossed it to the side. then pulled off my tshirt exposing my well definded chest. I turned around, pulled off my socks and jeans and tossed them. I approaced the bed standing thier in my boxer briefs. Hard cock. And massive wet spot from all the precum. I Leaned in a kised him hard collapsing on him.

Of couse at this point I just started pulling his shirt off, pulling his socks off and litteraly yanking his jeans right off. And As for his boxerbriefs, those were torn off. I was rough but gentle. I knew what i wanted and I was getting it. His cock was awesome. 7" cut average thickness. I just put my left hand up on his chest and pushed him back on the bed. while my mouth quickly engulfed his cock. That boy was quivering in delight. I just kept working his cock over and over. I jsut love the feeling of a cock in my mouth and I had never been with anyone that loved having my mouth on his cock as much as Chirs. its that soapy musky man sent mixed with that salty taste of pre-cum that was driving me wild.

While I was doing this, I had removed my boxers with my right and and I was gently stroking my cock to match my motuh movements over Chris cock. He was jsut moaning in delight. After about five minurtes I could tell that he was getting close. Hoever I wasn't ready for him to cum and obviously he wasn't either cause he pulled my head off and whispered "not yet".

He instructed me to stand up while he got on his knees to service my cock. I was 7" like he was, but caught him off guard with how thick my cock was. I just looked at him and said "yeah your mouh is going to hurt tomorrow", in which he pulled his head off looked up to me and said yeah and hopefully my ass as well". At hearing this I just impaled my cock into his hungry mouth that much more. Just the tought of actually sticking my cock into a guys ass for the first time was driving me just wild. After a few minutes he just pulled of and told me he couldn't take it anymore. He wanted me to fuck him. I just looked at him and told him "I was hoping you'd say that". I walked over to drawer in the room and pulled out a box of condoms. and walked back to the bed. Chris was fumbling with something in his coat. He then pulled out a bottle of Wet Lite.

"What did you think you were getting laid tonight?"

"Actually I was." "I had a date with a hook up after you dropped me off after the moview, but this is soo much better"

I leaned in and kissed him again. We were both on cloud 9 at this point. However he grabed my hand and pulled the condoms out and told me I could fuck him bare if I wanted, well being the stupidcollege kid at the time, that just excited me even more, I mean hell I can't get him pregnant so its all good.

He told me to lay on my back and began to lube up my cock and his ass. He leaned over, kissed me once more, then positioned my cock at his hole.

"You Ready?" he asked.

At which I jsut nodded my head yes and he began to work my thick cock in his ass. He struggled with it for a few minutes before finally getting it in ball deep, whith a big breath in.

"Man are you tight" as I began to thrust up to meet his wanting ass.

For the next while he just rocked up and down on my cock. Both of us moaning in pleasure. The moans, the sounds of my slicked up cock sliding in and out of a nicely greased hole. I told him to get up and lie down on the bed on his stomache. I wanted to lie on him and ride his ass.

What an amazing feeling of a man underneath me. I just slid my cock back up his ass and began to pump in and out of him. I loved having my head buried into his neck in the process. smelling him, licking his ears, tasting him. I loved hearing his moans as I fucked his ass deep. 20 minutes into it and we were covered in sweat, sliding over his back, sweat dripping from both of our foreheads, hair soaked, and his ass feeling nicely worked in.

10 minutes after that he could take it more and either could I. I could tell he was getting close and his screaming out that he was going to shoot just confirmed it. Within seconds I could feel his ass contract from within which caused my own cock to statrt to convulse. Before I knew it I was blowing my load deep in his ass, moaning in pleasure spurt after spurt, stroke after stroke, till finally collpsing on the sweaty mess we created.

We layed there for the next five minutes trying to catch our breath. The only things we could say was wow. When We finally separated my cock came out with a pop in which we both laughed at. I laid in bed on my back ready to pass out while he went to the washroom to clean up. When he returned he jsut sat next to me and began to talk.

Apparently hes had alot of jerk off fantasies about me fucking my girlfriend, whcih needless to say caught me off guard. And I admitted to being curious on fucking a guy. He was estatic that he was my first. We jsut laughed. We both got dressed cleaned up and heading down to the car. The ride back to his place was great. No awkward silence, jsut a feeling of a good frinedship with no barriers. We both agreed that the sex was awesome and that we would be doing it on a regualr basis. Both getting what we needed, a frined with benefits. This went on for another year before he moved away out of province.

Hope you enjoyed. It was my first time writing one of my experiences on here. People have told me for years that I should, and now I have.