Tiny Dorm Room

That Tiny Dorm Room With the Wireless Internet By TJ Welker

The clamor of yammering college critters and clinking utensils filled the drably appointed cafeteria. This was the re-acquantance and catch up time for the returning students of Wilton College, a small private liberal arts school nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires. For the first-year students however, this was a pretty awkward period. They find themselves faced with being away from home for the first time and having exciting new found freedoms. Some have trouble reconciling this new liberty with their need to do well in class. They all need to find a way to handle the nervous responsibilities that come with adjusting to the social culture of college life. Some find the balance and settle in quicker and cleaner than others.

Two weeks into the fall semester, you could still spot with little trouble many of the freshmen around campus. Wide eyed and jittery, many had not yet managed to make many friends, eating either alone or with one or two people whom they recognized, one of which was likely to be their own roommate.

Nicholas Walsh was one of those adjusting freshlings. He sat alone eating a slice of greasy pizza and chugging a glass of rootbeer, gazing around the cavernous dining hall at the fifty or so students taking in dinner. This had become a nightly custom for Nick, who seriously missed the home cooked meals and comfortable life he left behind.

Nick was a smaller guy, about five foot eight, weighing in at about 145 pounds. His hazel eyes and baby face made him very attractive and a hit with the girls back home,whether he wanted them or not. His straight light brown hair fell from his head in perfect lines in a short bowl. He was not particularly athletic, though he tried hard and managed to keep a spot on the swim and tennis teams back in high school on shear hard work rather than any real semblance of talent.

Nick had become reasonably popular back at King Arthur High School in Renault, New York. His parents had moved to Renault before the start of his freshman year of high school, so going in, he knew no one. He had developed from a shy frosh to a partying senior cool kid in the span of four years at King Arthur. But here, now, 200 miles away from home, someone had cruelly hit the reset button and Nick was again the shy kid who knew not a soul. Well there was his roommate, but his roommate seemed to be as shy as Nick, making it hard to communicate with him in any meaningful sort of way. They certainly hadn't yet bonded.

Nick was also intimidated by Sean's incredible looks. Yeah, Nick is gay. Another huge contributing factor to his shyness. He had still been wrestling with his own acceptance and remained deep in the closet. He knew that here at college, far away from the eyes of his family and friends, he could explore his sexuality,but he didn't know the first way to begin. So far chartrooms had been disappointing and he was too nervous to go to the gay events and meetings on campus. There were no gay clubs in this rural area and he didn't know if he could galvanize the nerve to step foot in one anyway.

As Nick was finishing his pizza and wiping his mouth, his roommate emerged from the buffet line and scanned the room for a place to sit. He saw Nick sitting alone about thirty feet away and pondered heading that way. He fought back the natural shyness that made him almost instinctively head the other way to find a place to sit down alone. But instead, he took in a deep breath, went up to Nick's table and said, "Hey,mind some company?".

Startled, "Uh. No. Not at all", Nick said, avoiding direct eye contact with his sexy roommate.

Sean sat down and began to dig into his order of macaroni and cheese. An uneasy silence fell upon the pair as both looked nervously around the room.

It was Sean who broke the silence, "I see you have an ipod" he gestured to the portable music player sitting next to Nick's book bag on the table beside him."You like it?"

Nick smiled. "Yeah its really cool. I got it was a graduation present."

Sean responded, "I got an ipod mini this summer, but I have a lot more music I'd like to have on it. Iwant one of the bigger ones."

Nick said as he thumbed the ipod, "Yeah this one holds a lot of music."

Sean nodded and then the silence resumed. Nick ate his ice cream sandwich while Sean continued to eat his mac and cheese. They sat and ate silently. When Nick had finished his ice cream he said, "all right. See ya later" and stood up and walked away.

Sean, mouthful of food, gave a wave and watched Nick as he walked from the table to the trash bin and then out the door. Sean let his gaze linger as Nick exited, enjoying the way Nick's jeans highlighted his nice round butt.

Yes, it is true. By sheer coincidence or maybe even by fate, Nick Walsh and Sean DiRico, two closeted, shy, attractive homosexuals had been paired as roommates in a 10x10 dorm room. The stuff of porn stories you say? Perhaps.

Sean DiRico, son of Kelly O'Donnell DiRico & Dominic DiRico, hailed from the Philadelphia suburbs. His mom was an moderately successful attorney in Philly and his father, owner of two extremely successful upper crust Italian restaurants in the city. Dominic's father Benito was a major cappo in the local mafia family and Dominic had maintained a love-hate relationship with the family since his father's death a few years ago. In his youth,Dom was heavily involved in his father's affairs. Kelly truly disliked the business and since their marriage Dom had tried to distance himself from it, though not as much as he would have liked. The fact of the matter was, the mafia still got their cut of the business and frequently held meetings at Dom's establishments. Dom had successfully shielded Sean from that side of the business completely however. Their only child, Kelly had warned Dom that if he ever exposed Sean to the mafia, she would divorce him. He believed her and obeyed her wishes,he himself desperately wanting their son to go to college and get out of the neighborhood.

Sean had two very attractive parents and it showed. He had the brooding olive skinned good looks of his Italian father and the beautiful celtic facial features and smooth skin of his Irish mother. At five foot eleven and 160 pounds, Sean was a solid, toned specimen with smiling brown eyes, beautiful long eye lashes and caesar cut hair style without a single hair out of place. Sean played baseball and football at Mountville High School and was class vice president.He had a nice wardrobe and always looked good. He had a lot going for him.But not unlike Nick, he was shy around new people. He figured that by the time he was a senior,he'd probably have lots of friends, but right now it was lonely and it sucked. He sighed and resumed his meal.

Nick went back to the dorm, turned on the television to MTV and grabbed his laptop computer. The dorms might be small concrete tombs, but they had one thing going for them: Wireless internet. He tooled around some web sites and checked his e-mail. One from his overly worried mom, which he ignored, lots of spam. An assignment from his elderly yet tech savvy and proud English Comp professor. Nothing interesting. Typical.

Nick was horny. Also typical. Hesat down on his bed, resting his back against the wall at the head of the bed and rested the computer on his tucked up knees. He logged onto his favorite trusty gay porn site and tried to find something that caught his eye. He figured he had about twenty minutes before Sean would be back. But he didn't find anything to hold his interest. He was getting to the point that porn and jerking just weren't satisfying his sexual needs any longer. He needed to have sex. He logged on to gay.com and went to the local chat room. He didn't use his real name but he always worried about gay.com because his face picture was posted in his profile. But when he was horny,he was willing to risk more. He privately chatted with a few people who were mildly interesting, fended off the older men looking to score with a college kid and egged on the drama queens arguing in the open chat. Then Sean opened the door.

Sean looked over and said "Hey". Nick looked up and returned the greeting.

Sean went into the bathroom and when he came out he asked if Nick was watching the show on the tv. Nick said no and Sean grabbed the remote, sat down on his bed on the opposite wall from Nick's and began flipping through the channels like a child with Attention Deficit Disorder.Finding nothing worth watching, Sean too grabbed his laptop and in similar fashion, sat and began to check e-mail and web surf. This had become their nightly ritual. In their own little worlds, dead to each other and to their immediate surroundings, the two guys focused on their cyberworlds, not for a moment considering that those two worlds could ever cross.

Sean logged on to his instant messenger looking to chat with his best friend from high school Tim, who was going to Columbia and who had usually been online at this time. Tim was not there. Bummer.Sean checked ESPN.com to see how the Phillies were doing. Losing again. Never mind that he had someone to chat with in the flesh only four feet away but he then for the first time in a while and out of sheer boredom and desire to chat with someone....logged onto gay.com.

The first thing that flashed across the text field was an english challenged message from a spambot begging for sex. The next thing that happened was a private message from a HankSpank55. The words "Wanna get nasty with daddy?" was the best the old guy could muster. Sean typed in "No thanks", closed the window and went back to the chartroom. He began clicking on screen names, checking pictures and profiles and watching the amusing banter in the main chartroom. Sean's own profile showed his professionally done class photo which highlighted his handsomeness. He began to get several privates from all sorts of people. He began to weed them out politely.

Meanwhile Nick was watching the main chartroom, viewing the new profiles as people came in. He clicked on a screen name of PhillyBoy87 and was met with the jolting shock of recognition of this gorgeous smiling face on his computer screen.He blinked and got a queazy feeling in the pit of his stomach. He looked up at Sean and confirmed that Sean was indeed on his computer. "Could Sean DiRico, my incredibly hot roommate be gay? This must be someone who stole his picture or something.", Nick thought to himself. He then thought, "I should log off quick before he sees me." He was about to do this but something stopped him.

As Nick sat like a deer caught in the headlights across the room, shocked by his new discovery, Sean continued to go down the list for interesting profiles. He came upon a screen name with promise nyrobby18. "Finally someone my age", he thought and double clicked on the link to bring up the profile.

Bringing new meaning to the "boy next door", Sean saw the photo of Nick and audibly gasped. He looked up at Nick who was now staring at him from over his laptop. Nick looked away quickly. Sean looked back down at his computer and decided he needed to confirm this was not just a bizarre case of totally dead on resemblance. He typed, "Hey there" in the text box and hit enter.

Nick saw it flash into his text box. "Hey there." He almost panicked and shut his computer but realized it had passed that point anyway. So he typed, "Hey" and hit enter.

Sean was listening for Nick's keystrokes and confirmed that they matched up with the timing of what was entered. "So it is Nick." Sean decided to try to ease the tension by typing, entering, pausing and then saying "Wow, what a coincidence".

With the pretense gone, Nick turning bright red, said "No kidding".

Silence fell on them as they fumbled for words.

Nick finally broke the silence by saying, "it sounds weird but it might be easier for now to just continue to chat on the computer."

Sean did not answer verbally, he just typed, "good idea."

For the better part of the night into the small hours of the morning,their conversation spanned their lives and drew them closer. Within an hour of their discoverythey had grown more comfortable with each other and Nick's computer had crashed. So they actually began to talk face to face with no cyber barrier, Sean having moved over to Nick's bed to sit closer to him. By the time the sun had begun to rise, they were dead tired. Nick fell asleep first and had leaned his head onto Sean's lap.Sean curled up and pulled Nick into a spoon position on the bed with his arm wrapped around him and fell fast to sleep.

At about 1:30 in the afternoon Sean jerked awake,which startled Nick out of his slumber. Sean looked at the clock on the night stand and laughed.

"What time is it?" asked a bleary eyed Nick as Sean leaned in and put his arm back around Nick's waist.

"Its past 1:00, I missed all my classes." Sean offered.

"Damn me too." Nick said.

"You don't sound too sad about it" Sean chuckled.

"Hmm going to a boring statistics class or sleeping in with my hot roommate who Ijust found out is gay......now that's tough choice." he said mock sarcastically.


"You think I am hot?" Sean asked seriously after about a minute of sleepy silence.

"Yeah. Is that a shock? You're very attractive Sean." Nick said.

"So are you." was the reply.

>From the spoon position Nick could feel from behind some tightening and poking down in the vicinity of his ass.

Nick's own dick began to harden as the sexual tension and anticipation began to fill the air around them in intoxicating intensity.

Nick turned his head so he could look into Sean's eyes and said, "Thanks." Their eyes locked and they held still for one of those moments that feel like a year. Finally Sean closed the distance between their faces and met Nick's waiting lips with his own.

What happened next was a lust filled open mouthed tongue war as the two young men in their prime began to unleash years of pent up sexual energy. Sean reached around with his right arm and put his arm up Nick's shirt and used his thumb and forefinger to play with and twist Nick's nipples, further enhancing the lust between them.

Sean and Nick sat up without breaking their lip lock,Nick reaching down and feeling Sean's leg and crotch area through his cargo shorts and Sean continuing to play with Nick's nipples.

As they continued their kiss, Sean began to push Nick's shirt up his body to his armpits. Momentarily and with great will power, the two broke their mouth lock and Sean managed to get the shirt up over Nick's head before yanking his own shirt off at record speed and quickly resuming the passionate make out session. Nick loved the feeling of Sean's tongue exploring his mouth and by the little moans Sean was making,he was enjoying the reciprocation as well.

As Nick continued to concentrate on the bulge in Sean's shorts with his hand, it began to grow harder and harder. Nick felt around for the button and after a few failed attempts, managed to unhook it. The zipper was no trouble from there as it relented to the tug of one flap. Nick reached in and found Sean's now boxer covered cock which was leaking pre cum. He wiggled his finger into the front opening of the boxers and finally had bare hand on bare cock. This sent a jolt of desire through both of them as Nick began stroking Sean's now fully hard eight inch cut cock which felt hot,slick and totally amazing in his fist.

Nick broke the kiss and in a maneuver he had seen in countless porn movies,crawled down the bed as Sean pushed back so as to lay flat in the center of the bed. His cock sticking straight up like a lighthouse from around the sea of cloth at its base. Nick positioned himself between Sean's legs, stood up on his knees, unzipped his jeans and pulled them off along with his own boxers, leaving his tight smooth body totally naked looming over the smiling Sean who enjoyed the show and Nick's tight, hot body.

Nick jerked his hard thick eight inch cock a few times and then leaned into Sean's crotch. Pulling Shawn's cargo and boxers down his legs and off onto the floor by the bed.

A huge sigh escaped Sean's lips as Nick hesitated at first but finally began to lick the head of Sean's cock while slowly stroking it from the base. Sean resumed moaning, but this time much louder than before.

Happy that Sean was enjoying this, Nick then tried to do things the way he saw in those porn videos. He began to try to take Sean's cock down to the base in one long, slow motion, but ran into trouble with his gag reflexes. So he continued to lick and suck as best he could. Given Sean's reaction to the attention being given his dick, this was not a bad thing at all.

Nick began to play with Sean's balls while he sucked his cock. "Oh man that feels so good Nick!" Sean moaned out in lustful passion.

As he fondled Sean's balls in one hand and held the base of Sean's dick with the other, Nick began to pay close attention to licking the sides, tip and underside of the dick, teasing his roommate and gazing up into Sean's big, beautiful brown eyes.

Nick continued to suck on Sean's cock as the Italian stud's orgasm began to build within his hefty balls. Nick knew what was about to happen and he didn't want Sean to cum just yet. He had other ideas. Something he had wanted for a very, very long time. He decided to just ask for it.

"Sean fuck me!" He loudly and carnally growled.

It came out as more of a command than a request, but Sean did not seem to mind.

The power of the sexual intensity had taken over Sean's brain and any restraint or hesitation he may otherwise have felt about this was completely negated by horny man lust.

Sean sat up and moved so that Nick could kneel in the center of the bed facing the foot of the bed, his smooth, inviting ass smiling right back at Sean whose lust redoubled at the sight before him. He had seen Nick's ass in clothes a lot and imagined what the amazing bubble butt might look like naked and here, now, in front of him, it was his for the taking and it even seemed to be begging for it.

Sean, regaining a second's worth of common sense, asked, "Don't we need lube for this?" Nick, wiggled his cute ass up at Sean and said, "You could lick it and get it nice and wet".

Suddenly as if reaching some kind of epiphany, Sean eagerly agreed that Nick's suggestion was a good one and leaned his face down toward Nick's rear end. Grabbing his own butt cheeks in each of his hands, Nick parted the way for Sean's tongue. As the tip hit Nick's bare hole for the first time, a wave of wondrous pleasure swept over him. As Sean continued to lick the area on and around Nick's smooth anus, Nick moaned in loud, throaty sounds and encouraged Sean to continue his tongue bath. Sean was intensely enjoying this moment, the feeling,smell, taste and feeling of doing something this utterly taboo, the act of having his face buried in another guy's ass. "What would people think?" he briefly thought to himself, following it with, "Who cares, this is fucking amazing!"

Sean began to stiffen his tongue and poke it at Nick's asshole, pushing in as far as his tongue could go, sending new and shocking sensations through Nick and erupting gush after gush of cum out of Nick's cock onto the sheets of the bed. "Oh fuck!" Nick screamed as his orgasm spread up and down his body, audible throughout the halls of the dorm building.

"Shit" Sean said as he pulled his mouth away from Nick's buttocks. "Did I do that?"

"Yeah, that felt too fucking good. Damn dude." Nick said, catching his breath.

"Do you still want me to fuck you?" Sean said, a little disappointed.

"Hell yeah. You haven't gotten off yet anyway, so go for it."

"OK. Here goes." Sean said, hope renewed.

"Fuck me dude. Do it!"

Sean needed no further encouragement. He'd never done this before, but he'd seen it and read about it since he was thirteen. He went to his night stand and grabbed the condom he "wishfully" had put there when he moved in, and quickly went back to the bed, his throbbing cock bouncing this way and that as he moved.

He slipped back behind Nick's amazing ass and licked it some more as he fumbled with the condom package and got it out and began sliding it onto his completely aroused cock. Sean put his index finger in his mouth and got it wet with saliva. He then pressed it at Nick's puckered hole and pushed. It slid in and Nick's ass quickly grabbed hold of it like a vise. Nick groaned loudly. "Oh man, that's huge".

"That's just my finger Nick." Sean chuckled as he wiggled his finger around, enjoying the hot, squishy feeling inside Nick's butt. He continued to finger in, out and around Nick's hole with one, then two fingers, just as he'd read about in the porn stories, getting Nick nice and ready for his cock.

"You ready cuz I fucking am?", Sean asked eagerly as he continued to finger fuck his hot roommate.

"Yeah but go easy at first, ya know?"

"I will, If it hurts tell me, I'll pull back, ok"? Sean replied.

Nick,enjoying the invasion of his hole by the fingers just nodded and moaned.

Sean jerked his cock a few strokes and then spit on his hands and rubbed it on his cock. He climbed into position behind Nick's exposed butt hole.

"Here we go!" Sean said.

"Yeah Fuck Me!" Nick said with animal lust in his voice as he shuddered with anticipation.

Without any further hesitation Sean leaned in, found Nick's hole with his finger, guided his dick to the same spot and rested the tip on the entryway. He then pushed slowly, gently and felt the tip slipping slightly into the lips of Nick's ass. Sean went as slowly as possible but he did not know how much this first invasion was going to hurt Nick as he pressed too far, causing Nick to gasp and yelp.

Sean quickly pulled out and said, "You ok?"

Nick replied, "No don't pull out, just take it a little slower."

Sean tried again, putting his cock in slowly, spreading Nick's guts slowly, but surely in an excruciating battle with his internal desire to just plow away at the inviting orifice surrounding his cock. He pressed firmly but slowly as the cock head began to stretch Nick's virgin sphincter.

"How are we doing?"

"I'm ok dude, its so fucking big but I want this so bad." Nick managed to whisper.

Sean continued his slow steady pressure against Nick's amazingly tight hole, watching his friend's reaction, making sure he was still enjoying it. A moment later it happened, that moment when the hole gives up and the cock glides freely passed the sphincter and deep into the rectum and rubs the prostate. Sean let out an animal howl as Nick exhaled and adjusted to the invading cock now buried deep inside him.

"How's that?" Sean growled, barely able to contain his building lust.

"Its amazing. Huge.Damn. Dude." He moaned.

Sean took that as a green light and began to slide his cock in and out of Nick's burning ass, slamming wildly in short, fast, deep strokes. Nick feeling the cock crash in and out of his hole began to moan so loudly that it was undoubtedly heard throughout the dorms. Sean shushed him a couple of times, but before long, both had given up on caring who heard their hot fuck session.

Nick begged Sean to fuck him harder, cooing and moaning as he pleaded for more. To which Sean gladly obliged. It wasn't very long before the virgin Sean was returning to the verge of orgasm.But Nick was the first to launch. A series of powerful thrusts inward from Sean's cock hit Nick's prostrate in just the right spot and sent him spiraling over the edge toward a second orgasm. As Nick's orgasm rose up out of his balls, he let out a series of increasingly loud and higher pitched squeaks that ended in a speechless whimper as gush after gush of hot cum shot up out of his cock.

As the most intense, amazing orgasm of his life rocked through his body, Nick's ass squeezed uncontrollably like a vise around Sean's cock and pushed the young Italian stud over the edge. Sean grunted, pulled out and then slammed his cock back into Nick as deep as humanly possible as his orgasm unleashed several bursts of steaming cum into the condom buried deep inside his roommate's tight ass. Sean kept pumping in slow, short strokes until all the cum had finished coming out. When he was completely spent, he grabbed Nick by the waist and brought him back into the spoon position they had woken up in just an hour earlier. Cooing and kissing, the two young lovers enjoyed silent snuggling and drifted back to sleep, Nick in Sean's arms.

Nick and Sean had a wild freshman year at Wilton College, spending most of their time together, completely inseparable and often in the throws of sexual passion. Like most first loves, it was highly passionate at first and flamed out by junior year. Nick Walsh would go on to become an accomplished civil rights attorney and state legislator. He and his partner Eric, also an attorney, whom he met in law school, would go on to have three kids together.

Sean DiRico would go on to get a degree in business management and his MBA before returning home to Pennsylvania to take over his father's now ten store restaurant chain, which Sean later managed to build into the largest Italian restaurant chain in the United States. Sean met his partner Greg, a chef, at one of his restaurants and the two together built a giant food empire.

Nick and Sean went on to brilliant lives and careers apart from each other. Still, both remained friends the rest of their lives and neither ever forgot that fateful day when the cyberworld and the real world brought them together in the unlikeliest of places, at a small college in the middle of nowhere and in that tiny, concrete dorm room with the wireless internet.