Falling For The Straight Guy

Disclaimer: This story is a mostly true experience of mine in college that occurred recently. The ending though, is purely fantasy. Names have been changed to protect the "innocent." Rights reserved by the author. All members in the story are age 18 and older. If you are under the age of 18, why are you even on Nifty anyway?

It wasn't supposed to be like this. I never wanted to fall in love with a straight guy. In fact, through my whole life I have been opposed to any type of affection toward straight men. I base this on that fact that I wouldn't want a woman hitting on me, so why would a straight guy want me hitting on him? That is why the situation I am experiencing is so strange. I never wanted this to happen and I still oppose it, but some things just happen in the weirdest ways. In fact, James really isn't even that cute. He's about 5'7" tall, which is a little shorter than me. He has wavier hair that hangs down a little past his collar line in the back. He also dyes it blond, but it always seems like you can see his light brown roots. He has a normal body, but has some athletic talent. I'm kind of a normal guy. I am about 5'9" tall and I weigh 155 pounds. I also have a normal body and a little athletic talent. I have short brown hair, usually spiked in the front and brown eyes with green flecks, sometimes people tell me they are completely green. So like I said, I never expected to be in love only two quarters into my college career and especially not with a straight guy. I fell in love during the second quarter for some reason or another. If I had to put my finger on it, I would say that I feel really comfortable around him. You know the times when you just lay down and know someone cares? That is how James makes me feel. He is also really intelligent, which is always a big plus. He is a triple major in philosophy, history, and English. A lot of times we stay up into the early mornings talking about anything until three a.m. When I first met James, I never though I would fall in love. I was the first gay guy he met and he the second time he ever saw me I was holding hands with another guy. He said that it was okay and that it didn't bother him. We started growing closer throughout the quarter and I had learned to trust him. When we came back after winter break, I started to hang out with him a little more (many times in a larger group of friends). It was funny though because we started to have a flirty relationship going on. He would say something sexual and then pretend to bite his lip or his fingertip (the Dr. Evil type of move from Austin Powers). There were other things that made my mind react strangely. He once said that he would cream his pants if he touched a guy's pecs. He also spooned with one of our guy friends in his friend's bed. He was also very liberal in giving hugs to everyone and taking things I said in a sexual connotation. Truly, after a time, I get really annoyed at his constantly hitting on me. I mean, not only had I fallen for him, he was messing with my mind, or so it seemed. Why would anyone hit on a gay guy if they weren't interested? So at the start of spring quarter I decided to post a disclaimer on my profile saying that if a straight guy hit on me, he was subject to be hit on by me. I was hoping to curb his hitting on me and concentrate on finding a gay guy. That is kind of ironic because more than one person (probably a half dozen people) really thinks that James has bisexual tendencies. I have always thought that he was straight. I guess this is also strange because until I tell them, most people don't think I am gay either. Finally I developed a plan with the disclaimer. Every time he hit on me, my response would be more sexual. I told him this and that the third time he hit on me I was going to kiss him. He responded with one short statement, "Maybe after you kiss me I'll quit hitting on you." By now, I was ultra confused and didn't know what to think. James and I started hanging out more, one on one, going to functions by ourselves, playing cards together online, and even video games not bothering to ask anyone else to play. I was really falling for him hard by now. Finally one day we were in his room and he said something very sexual toward me and then bit his fingertip and coyly smiled at me. So I decided to fire back. I said something to the affect of, "you'd like that wouldn't you?" and seductively licked my finger. He then laughed and said, "Enough, it's time for you to go," and escorted me out of the room. A few days later we were talking about the exquisite nature of my back rubs. I am known for given awesome massages and have actually had someone tell me that I have "orgasmic fingertips." James said something about how he hadn't had a back rub from anyone for a long time. I countered with the fact that my hands were at use for anyone who needed them. He said that he may need them soon. Of course I just told him that he would just need to tell me where and when. He said okay, and that he might need them for more than his back (implying sexual needs). This was step two of the disclaimer plan. So I got behind him put my hands at the very top of his back, near his shoulders, leaned down and whispered, "Oh don't worry, I will give you whatever you want, believe me." There was no reaction from him after this, I don't know if this was an astonishment factor, or something, but James is usually never at a loss for words. I just backed up, took my hands off his body, and just pretended like nothing happened. I was really excited now because my plan was moving to step three (the kiss). I was also scared because I respected him as a friend and I didn't want to jeopardize that. I asked our friends if they thought it was okay, and they all agreed that he was getting what he deserved and that if he got pissed, they were on my side, so that made me feel better.

It must have been about a week and a half later, on a Friday night. We were in his room consuming alcoholic beverages. Well really just one, Jose Cuervo. Taking shots made by Jose is my favorite drink, and I don't really drink that often, so this was a treat. Not only did I have my favorite drinking material, James was drinking with me. After a few (5 or 6) shots in an hour or so we were pretty buzzed, going on getting drunk (we are lightweights, maybe a 3.5 or a 4 on a scale of 1-10).

He asked about the backrub again, and I said, `I am probably too intoxicated to do anything "orgasmic" tonight.'

And he said, "I don't know about that," and winked at me.

I said, "You know you are hitting on me again?"

He said, "Isn't that the point?"

I was pretty confused because we were both drunk and didn't know if he was meaning to hit on me but I just said, "If that's what you want," and kissed him on the lips. It wasn't even open mouthed. I just wanted to make the point that he shouldn't hit on gay guys unless he wants to be hit on by them.

When I pulled back I looked at his eyes and he definitely looked incredulous. I asked him if he was okay and he just responded, "How `bout that back rub?"

So we lay down on his bed, he removed his shirt and I sat, straddling his waist and went to my work. After a good 20 minutes, my hands were getting a little tired, even though I would have massaged him all night. I leaned down and asked him how he felt. He said that he felt relaxed and really tired. I asked him if he wanted me to leave so he could sleep, but he said no.

I was also tired because it was getting late so I told him I was tired and going to go to bed. He just said, "there is plenty of room here." So I dressed down to my t-shirt and boxers and climbed back in next to him. I don't remember much about what happened before I fell asleep except for the warmth of our bodies under the blanket, even though we weren't touching.

I woke up the next morning really early, probably about 6:30 or so; it was still dark outside. I don't get hangovers, so I just felt normal. Suddenly, I remembered what happened the night before. The spot next to me was empty; James was gone. I figured he had moved to one of his chairs to get more comfortable, but he wasn't there either. I hoped my roommate wasn't concerned that I was absent from my bed. I had made it home every day this year before three, but not tonight. I was just sitting there with the thoughts of why and what had happened between me and James going through my head and worrying about my roommate when James walked back in. Apparently he had been in the bathroom.

I asked him how he was and he responded that he was fine. On the other hand, I felt awkward. I was sitting in his bed with only underwear clothing my body and he was just standing there. I figured that 6:30 a.m. was just as good a time as any to address the issue of what had happened.

"James, about last night, I had to do it to teach you a lesson. Even if you were drinking, it needed to be done. I'm sorry, though, because I know you aren't gay. I just love you. I have grown feelings toward you. I just don't know how to express them."

He climbed in next to me. "You know I love you too. I'm not gay, but I do love you as a friend. I am comfortable enough with myself that I can be in this bed with you, and be able to hug you and hold you and know you aren't going to want anything more from me. I'm not going to want to make out with you, or hold hands with you or anything. But any time you need a hug, or you have had a bad day, you can come to me." With that said he wrapped his arms around me and softly kissed the back of my neck. "I'll always be there for you if you ever need anything."

I responded, "James, you'll never need anything, because I'll always be there for you."

I turned around, looked him in his eyes and we kissed. This time, our mouths opened for each other and a shock went through my body, I felt like I had never felt before for anyone. Our tongues collided in a slow dance. It was the most passionate kiss that I had ever experienced. This kiss exuded love from both sides. We weren't trying to build some kind of sexual foundation or anything, we just loved each other.

"James, if I never kiss you again, it's alright. I just wanted to know how it felt."

He just said, "It's fine, I know that you have the best intentions." He smiled as we wrapped ourselves to each other in the dim light of the morning.