Spying On My Dad Jacking Off

I remember it everyone talking about 'Jacking off' when i was just in the 7th grade in middle school. The older boys in the 8th grade would talk about how it 'felt so good' when 'the white stuff came out'. I had always been curious with this sensation that they were talking about. I remember i had tried it for days but got no luck in feeling any sort of sensation. My friend Pete had told me that 'all the real men did it, probably even our dads,' I remember being disgusted when he had mentioned this. Pete was also the one that told me the 'white stuff was sperm,' so i automatically realized that if anyone had been able to shoot sperm, that means they had finally reached puberty. I didn't know if i was able to shoot 'sperm' because every time i would 'try' to masturbate, i felt my penis was too dry. The guys in the 8th grade would also brag about their growing penises. One guy said his was 7 inches long, which got me curious. I remember measuring mine and it was exactly 4 inches erect. I was ashamed of myself, because i thought i was one of the only boys in my school who didn't reach puberty, and who didn't know how to Jack off.

This is where my dad stepped in. Growing up, i had always just lived with my dad. My parents got divorced when i was only 5 years old. My mom left Michigan and moved to California, taking my younger sister with her. It had just been Dad and I for seven years in the house by ourselves. When i was 12 years old, my dad was 37 years old. He was on the taller side of the scale, around 5'11.. He had a little belly, but even then, his body was in great condition. He had a very nice chest, with a line of hair running down passed his stomach. I remember wishing being like his physique when i got older. One thing dad and i never discussed though, was the topic of sex. He would occasionally make a reference to my penis, jokingly asking me if i had grown yet. I of course, being ashamed that i hadn't reached puberty, would usually change the subject. My dad owned his own private business, so the good thing about that was that he would be able to make his own schedule as he pleased. While i was in school, he'd usually work Monday-Thursday, and have Friday off (and work on Saturday), i never really questioned why he would do that, even though i thought it was a little strange. Little did i know that soon i would figure out why.

After Pete had told me that 'all men jack off, including our dads,' it had stuck in my head since. I was beginning to be curious about my father and his man hood. I wonder if my dad jacked off i thought. In fact, i wonder how he looked naked. Growing up in the house with him, the most i had ever seen was him in his underwear. While back then i would always notice a bulge, i never really payed attention to it as that was not in my interest. So i wondered, 'wouldn't it be cool to catch my dad jacking off?,' after all it would answer a lot of my questions about puberty, and i would be able to see how it's really done. An opportunity had risen, and i realized this could be my perfect opportunity. Every morning, my dad drops me off at school, and heads to work. However, on Fridays (his day off), he drops me off to school, heads to the gym, and then makes his way back home. When i found out that on an upcoming Friday, they were going to dismiss us early from school for a staff meeting, i thought maybe this would be a perfect opportunity for me to see if my dad jacked off. I decided not to tell my father about the early dismissal.

We were let out of school at 11 a.m. that morning, and i had asked Pete if his mom would be able to drop me off at home, since i had lied and said my dad was 'working'. When they pulled up on my driveway, i was relieved. My dad had not gotten home from the gym yet, so i would be able to plan something out. I quickly got inside the house and went into his bedroom. After debating where would be a good place to hide, i decided it would be the closet right next to his bed. I knew that if he was going to be taking a shower and then getting into his comfortable clothes, he would only be using the drawer, and not needing to open the closet, or so i hoped. The closet door was wooden, and the type where i would be able to peek through all the cracks. I had a perfect view of the entire bedroom, including the walk in bathroom. I had waited in there for about 10 minutes and debated on whether or not i wanted to go through with this. I was scared that i might get caught. But it was too late now, i had heard the front door open.

I was in the closet, breathing heavy, and panicking. My dad had walked into the room with his gym bag. 'Shit!' i though. I had totally forgotten about that gym bag. The bag usually goes in this closet. I had quickly gotten up, and moved to the far left side of the closet. 'Maybe if he opens it, he won't look to his left,' i thought. While doing that i had noticed that my dad was still in his gym clothes. 'That's odd, i wonder why he didn't take a shower at the gym,' i had thought. I peeked through the door and realized that my dad was about to take a shower! He dropped his shorts and took off his t-shirt. In his underwear, he began to rub his biceps in the mirror, as a way of congratulating himself for a great workout. Finally, my dad dropped his underwear. The first thing i saw was his butt, which i thought was very tight. When he turned in my direction, i was saw my dads penis.

I remember my jaw dropping. My dads soft penis, was bigger than mine hard! He was circumsized like myself, and his ball sack was enormous! I remember thinking one of his balls must've been bigger than my entire sack!

'Okay boy, it's been a long hard earned week and you deserve this,' my dad had said.

I panicked at first because i thought he was talking to me. I then realized that my dad was talking to himself, or rather to his penis. He began stroking his penis as he got on top of his bed. 'Oh my god!' i thought. It's actually happening! I'm going to watch my dad masturbate!

My dad grabbed the remote control laying on his bed, and turned on the TV. I couldn't see what he was watching as the TV was on the side of the closet that i had been looking through, but i heard a women and a man moaning, and i automatically knew that he was watching porn. My dad reached under the bed, and brought forth a huge bottle of Lube. I wondered what he was doing as i had never known anything about lube. He squirted some onto his hand and began massaging his penis with it. I noticed then that i had an erection. Watching my dad doing this to himself had turned me on. I didn't know what to think.

I had also noticed that my dads penis had began to grow significantly. I saw the look on his face, and it seemed like he was enjoying it very much. I was so eager now to try to jack off with the lube that he was using. I had looked down and noticed that my dads penis was ENGORGED!

I quietly gasped. I had to grab my hand and cover my mouth with it. My dads penis was huge! I remember thinking at the time that it must've been at least a foot long, but in reality it was probably a little over 8 inches. The thickness was also an aspect that shocked me, and the head looked so swollen. My dad began using both his hands to stroke his fully erect penis up and down. Even then the head had been sticking out. I simply couldn't believe my eyes.

My dad grabbed more lube and began pumping his penis slowly while watching the porn. He must've did this every Friday while i was at school. I was so glad to be in the closet watching him do this to himself. His entire body had turned red and he was beating faster. I remember Pete telling me that it would usually take him a minute or two to Jack off. But not my dad, i had noticed that it had been a while and he was still working on his erection. But i didn't care. In fact, i never wanted it to end. I was learning so much techniques from my dad. I remember at one point he got so tensed that he had to stop what he was doing for a bout 20 seconds. I thought that was it (and was very confused because i didn't see any sperm). But he picked right back up and continued. Along the way, rubbing his gigantic balls, and rubbing the head as well. He must've built up and stopped at least 4 or 5 times. At this point i had probably been in that closet for at least an hour.

Finally, i had noticed that my dads pace had began to change. He began rubbing faster and more vigorously. The entire bed was squeaking and i was actually beginning to get scared. I had never seen him in this state before. He began to groan. It was a sound i had never heard him make before. If i was standing in his way, i probably would've been knocked over because of how rough he was going at it. I thought to myself, this was probably the moment he was going to have sperm.

Suddenly, his feet curled. I saw something shoot out of his penis. I couldn't believe that's how it looked like. It was so thick and creamy. The first shot had hit him straight in the face! I was in total shock because i thought he had probably peed. But then i noticed more squirts. The second shot had went over his head and hit the headboard behind him which had a mirror. I saw the sperm dripping down the mirror. Then another shot which reached even higher. I couldn't believe this. He must've shot at least 5 or 6 more times. More shots on his face, some on his chest, his hairy belly, then his shots began to get weaker. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe what i had seen!

This was the sperm that had created me! I can't believe this was what everyone was talking about. I looked down and realized that my underwear was a little moist. I didn't think anything of it at the time. My dad laid in his bed for about a minute, just relaxing. I thought it was weird that he had kept the cum all over him while he was doing so. He leaned over and grabbed a towel and began wiping himself with it. He also wiped the headboard and everything else that had cum on it. I noticed his penis had shrunk back to it's original size. He got off the bed and threw the towel on the floor. He walked across the room and grabbed some underwear and went into the bathroom. I was relieved that he hadn't come into the closet! When the shower turned on, i automatically opened the closet and ran out of the room.

I had noticed the time, it was 1:30 p.m. I don't usually get home until 3:00, so if i had stayed in the house, my dad would've questioned me. I called Pete and told him i was coming over, but i couldn't leave the house because i had an erection. Suddenly i remembered the lube in my dads room, and thought now would be a perfect chance to run in there and grab some. I snuck back into the room while he was showering (his showers usually lasted long), and that was when i saw the cum-filled towel laying on the floor. I was so curious that i grabbed the towel and seen the cum that had mostly soaked through it. However, there had still been some streams that were on it. I grabbed one of the streams with my hand and looked at it closely. 'This is sperm. This is what made me,' i thought. It felt so sticky and it had a different smell. I tried grabbing as much semen as i could and ran out of the room.

I ran downstairs and quickly pulled down my pants. I used my dads semen as lube, and it actually worked. I was feeling this amazing sensation and i had been thinking about my dads huge penis the entire time. After a minute, i had cummed. I was a little disappointed because it was only a drop, and probably just a small portion compared to my dads enormous eruption. But it was a start! I was so happy. I quickly zipped myself up and went to Pete's house. I did not tell Pete about my dad, however i told him that i had jacked off for the first time. The two of us ended up jerking off together that day (however that's a different story).

Over the course of the next several years, i would try to catch my dad as much as possible without him knowing. When i was 15, i had logged onto his computer and seen his profile that he had in an adult chartroom. His profile included photos and videos of himself. It was then that i learned that my dads penis was actually 8.5x6 inches. When i had seen that, i quickly measured myself and realized that i was now 6.5 inches in length. It looked like i would be getting daddies genes.

Today, i am 19 years old and have a 7x5.5 inch penis. It might not be big as dad, but I'll take it!