Self Pleasuring

My Fantasy #2 Self Pleasuring Anonymous

It is a lovely summer night, a gentle breeze floats through my open deck door of my bedroom.I stand at the door, feeling the breeze on my naked body.It caresses my face, my nipples, by cock and balls.It feels as someone gently caressing me.I stare at the lights of downtown Chicago, and the stars above.I am becoming aroused, my nipples hardening.I cup my man breasts with my hands, and play with my nipples.My eyes close as I enjoy the moment.

I have Debussy playing on the CD.His music is so sensual, so romantic. It increase my arousal.My hands lightly move down my body, until I feel my hardening cock.They move down to my love sacks, gently caressing them through my pubic hair.They are the hands of my invisible lover man.They move from my sacks to my hips, and them my cheeks.Then down my crack, to my male pussy.Oh, it feels so good.

I turn and enter my bedroom, illuminated by candle light.All is ready, my bed, and my wonderful joy cock.I sit on the edge of my bed, and look down on my lovely hard cock.Precum is slowly dripping from his cum hole.His head is like a shiny helmet, mauve in color, and over 5" around.Below his head, his shaft goes 6" to his cum sacks.Each of his sacks is a mouthful, for someone other than me, what a shame.

I bend over and lick his dripping precum. His head is hot, and so is his nectar, and sweet to the taste.I kiss his head, and gently suck his cum hole for more nectar.Oh! He feels and taste so good.I am now fully aroused, and ready for the ecstasy to come.

I lay back on my bed, and adjust my pillow under head.Raising my knees toward my chest, I grab my lubricated joy cock with its sacks.It is 7" of vibrating pleasure.I place its head at the entrance of my pussy, and slowly push it side, inch by inch, enjoying each inch.Then, I feel the sack rest on my cheeks.I pause for a moment, enjoying the feel of the joy cock inside me.I set the vibration to low, letting the feeling spread through my pussy and prostrate.It feel sooooooo good!

I then bring my knees up over my head and spread them so that my cock is directly over my drooling mouth.I kiss his dripping head, the slowly lick around it, enjoying the taste of the precum and the feel of his head on my tongue and my tongue on his head.Taking his head into my mouth, I gently suck and lick the nectar he gives.I am now entering ecstasy, my mouth, my cock, my pussy, nothing else in the world.My mind is filled with visions of men sucking and fucking each other all around me!I begin pulling down on my thighs, pushing his head into my mouth, feeling his shaft in my mouth!In and out, in as far as I can push him in, then letting him out until only his head remains.

Around me, all those men keep sucking and fucking each other, the ecstasy is wonderful!Then, I can feel the cum entering his shaft as he prepares to pump it into my waiting mouth.We both feel his head swell even larger, feel his cum move up his shaft.And then the first pump shoots into my mouth!I cannot swallow, so it stays in my mouth.Wad after wad of the creamy white cum is pumped into my mouth.!It seems as if he will never stop!But he does.I continue to suck him and he slowly begins to shrink, until his slips from my lips.

I stay in this position for several moments, savoring his tasty cream, its spicy flavor, and its pungent smell.I turn off the joy cock, and slowly pull it out of my pussy.It pops out, and my pussy feels so empty.I lower my legs down, and lay for a moment resting and savoring the cream. Then slowly I swallow it.I am sated!My whole body is relaxed!My mouth has the pungent smell of cum, oh how I love it.