Bottom Bunk Boys Academy

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Craig Witterson, 17 Adam Larson, 17 *Matt McWesson, 16 *Rick Darzak, 16 *Warren Bensoll, 16 *Kevin Averill, 16 Jamie Ciermo, 15 Derek Stillerby, 15 *Joshy Miller, 14 Tyler Adams, 14 and 300 other high school boys, 14 to 18 years old

*David Addlesby, 27, Narrator Biology teacher to 16-year-olds; (Juniors)

Wallace Bingham, 43, Principal and Headmaster Harmon Besterson, 31, Dean of Discipline


9Freshman14 (years old) 10Sophomore15 11Junior 16 12Senior 17 ______________________________________________

"It's an all boys school, so why SHOULDN'T they be naked?"

That sentence, referring to the students, uttered six years ago by the chairman at a 2001 board meeting, revolutionized Bottom Bunk Boys Academy.

Sex among students is the main free-time activity and also takes place between classes.School policy permits this, allowing twenty minutes between one class and another.The chairman had no idea at the time that sexual activity would expand astronomically.

The chairman went on to say that naked students would be calmer and could more readily be disciplined in the classroom. Without the need for a boy to undress for his punishment, the time it took to spank a boy would be greatly reduced and more teaching could take place.Time was everything.Also, the boy's naked and well-imprinted buttocks would be visible for the next several days to all others who passed his way.

The 'visibility of punishment' concept at first reduced student misbehavior.As time passed, it served to foster competition among the boys to see who could have the 'baddest' butt.This increased punishment activity by 30 percent.

It was amazing, the pain some boys deliberately brought upon themselves so they could show off the marks on their butts.As time went by, this voluntary suffering became less amazing to me. They were trying to prove their manhood.Remote tribes have similar but harsher rites for boys passage into manhood--and those are not voluntary.

While not all students were brave enough to try that, a well- marked butt became a prized status symbol.There was much comparing, shouting and grab-ass in the showers and dorms as boys bragged about their punishments and slid fingers admiringly over one another's welts.This caused raging erections that were made more urgent by reminders of the suffering they willingly endured and the sense of pride that arose, as boyhood struggled toward manhood.In other words, they made themselves crazy horny and fucked each other's brains out.

The staff knew that nakedness caused a big increase in sex among students, but the naked rule remained because the teachers enjoyed the sight of the nude boys, and would not vote it down.

Established in 1889, Bottom Bunk Boys Academy, a 100 percent boarding school, was so named to emphasize that all its beds were bottom bunks--in other words, they weren't bunks but single beds. This had great appeal at the time because it indicated that the dormitories were spacious when most other boarding school sleeping quarters were badly crowded.

The school had only one bunk-bed, located in one of many fantasy-sex rooms where students could act out their more carnal desires--bunk beds considered by some boys to be an exotic item. It was a novelty to them, and it saw a lot of sex.

If you taught at Bottom Bunk for any length of time, you became at least bisexual.After all, out in the wilderness with nowhere to go, the sight of hundreds of smooth-faced high school boys--with all their "new and shiny" boy parts showing--was the only stimulating entertainment the teachers had, except for the occasional maverick who dared to have sex with a student and was promptly dismissed.

Another famous board-meeting quote went something like this: "We don't harm them, actually--we give them a sound thrashing. No one has ever complained or come away scarred.Besides, a red bottom is prettier to look at than a plain one."

The boys certainly complained as boys always do when you spank them, but not after graduation--and parents never voiced an objection to their son's stripes, which did not last.It was a normal part of growing up and attending high school.

From its pioneer-day origin to the present, the school's fame resulted from its corporal punishment, which was more important than academic prestige to parents and scholars in many places in the far southwest, the school's location.A tough, alert, hard worker was considered more valuable than a highly educated brain.

Most parents wore it as a badge--not that their offspring were the best educated--but that their sons got proper corporal punishment.Employers shared this view and hired Bottom Bunk alumni over other job applicants.

Teachers and parents alike turned a blind eye to sex among students--passing it off as a rite of passage or boyish experimentation.This was accurate because boys did experiment, and those unfortunate enough to have an impatient or overly- endowed partner could be heard screaming in pain when their virginity was taken, so it was truly a rite of passage.

More often, boys would be heard shouting in pleasure when they had their first orgasm inside the mouth of another boy --or whispering as one student seduced another, introducing him to the joys of boysex.The school encouraged sex as a way of easing tensions--including sex in the hallways.

One of the few enforceable rules governing sex among students was that anal sex was forbidden in hallways and empty classrooms, except as directed by a staff member.

Unfortunately, the always-naked rule encouraged occasional trickery, as a boy with an unmarked rear-end became a target. Boys often picked out a 'victim' and found clever ways to get him into trouble, resulting in their delight when the hapless lad got his butt spanked in front of the class.This was a subtle form of bullying, and I found it grossly offensive.

Sometimes, the trickery backfired, and the plotter received his just punishment, which happened this morning.

As I was about to begin another biology class, the day's announcements came over the public address system, indicating among other things that I would receive the teacher of the year award at an assembly scheduled for the following week.

As I listened, I didn't hear any names of my students reported for having committed a punishable offense the day before.This meant I could start teaching right away.Usually, I had to start each class by calling a few boys to the front of the room and punishing them--hard, sometimes.I was a student here once, and the firm discipline did me a world of good.

"Next Monday, we will be pleased to honor professor David Addlesby as teacher of the year. . . ."

My students applauded.I was not only popular among my students, but respected for academic excellence and fairness in disciplinary matters--which did not mean that I paddled or caned more softly than other teachers.I looked over the small class of 16-year-olds with warm thoughts.

This week, the lesson revolved around the male reproductive system, and we had poster-sized pictures of the penis, scrotum, and testicles posted at the front of the room.

One would think that after a year or two of sitting naked in class and walking naked through the hallways, the boys would be less sensitive to these things, but that wasn't true.The pictures at the front of the room and much of the discussion embarrassed the boys, and excited some of them.

One such aroused boy was Matt McWesson, a well-behaved student.Matt has a big sexual appetite and is easily aroused--a trait I find admirable.He is a cute boy, a fine specimen of manly, 16-year-old boyhood--5 feet 9 inches tall, not too thin at 150 pounds, with a well-built chest, light brown hair, blue eyes, and a sunny disposition.

I saw another boy, Rick Darzak, part of a band of mischief- makers, teasing Matt about his erection, which was clearly visible with Rick's sideways view of Matt's desk.Rick whispered several comments, his face revealing these were not good comments.Then Rick pointed at Matt's hardon and laughed.

After that, Rick tapped Matt's penis, not harshly, with the eraser end of his pencil a few times, causing Matt to speak out in complaint.

Rick grinned, knowing that Matt's speaking out and distracting the class was a punishable offense.But Rick did not know that I had seen the whole incident.

"Matthew, what seems to be the problem?" I said, knowing the boy was innocent.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched Rick's smug laughter, as he was confident Matt would receive some whacks to his unblemished butt.

"Well, sir I--I don't--" Matt said nervously.He was wise enough to know that withholding the truth would amount to lying, yet betraying another student was something most students avoided.I was glad to interrupt Matt before he could fib.

"I know what the problem is," I said coldly.

"Yes, sir," Matt said quietly, blushing, lowering his head and putting a hand to his mouth.He knew what would happen now, and as a good-natured kid, he was already embarrassed over the certain fate of his tormentor, Rick Darzak, who was now trembling in his seat.

"Mister Darzak, front and center now!" I shouted, tapping my wooden pointer to a spot on the floor, my anger obvious.As soon as Rick was in place, I swung the pointer viciously, at the backs of his legs.One strike changed the boy's face radically.

"Aahhrrrrgh!" the boy said, bending severely and nearly falling.

It was time to bring Rick down a few pegs.Then I would redden his butt like never before.

"Mister Darzak, I saw you staring and pointing at Matt's penis.Matt had a boner, didn't he?"

"Yes, sir."

"So, I take it you like cocks, especially hard ones, Mister Darzak."

"Well . . . ah--I--no, I don't like them, sir."

"Oh, I see.You think you are going to find a girl out there, amid the cactus and tumbleweed?"

"Well . . . n-no, sir."

"Stand up, class.Let tricky-Ricky see your cocks."

A good portion of the boys displayed erections.Sixteen- year-olds were a particularly horny group.Once aroused to full hardness, their dicks seldom went down without ejaculating first.

"Look at all those nice-looking boners, Mister Darzak," I continued."That doesn't cause little dickie here to harden up?" I said, lifting his flaccid penis with the pointer.

"N-no, sir."

"Now I see, Mister Darzak.You don't like cocks, you can't find a girl--so you must be one messed-up, celibate, sexually frustrated, boy."

"Well, um--no, sir."

"Ah.That explains why dickie isn't erect.When did you last ejaculate, Mister Darzak?"

"Uh--last night, sir."

"And how did you accomplish that?Mental telepathy?" I said, admiring the boy's embarrassed blush and enjoying the hoots of the other students.

"N-no, sir.I fucked a boy."

"Did you suck him, too?"

"Well, um--a little, sir."

"Now you have us confused, lad."

I went to Matt's desk and whispered in his ear.He agreed to my plan and accompanied me to the front of the room to join Rick Darzak, the miscreant.

Matt was still erect.His sturdy seven-and-a-half inch erection with a little drool of precum was a delicious looking bundle that attracted many admiring stares--most of the other students delighting me with their squirms and subtle adjustments of their erections as they stared at Matt.

"Now, Mister Darzak, fold your hands behind your back and don't move a muscle.Is it true that you don't like cocks?"

"Yes, sir," the embarrassed boy said, trembling now.

"But you fucked a boy.Hmmm.That's it!You like asses!" I said, turning Matt sideways.

The other boys were going hysterical.

"Ah, well--let's give the boy what he likes," I said, looking directly at the class, who knew where this was going and could hardly contain themselves as I had Rick kneel.

"Lick Matt's butt lovingly and kiss it for the next twenty seconds."

The mortified kneeling boy nearly sobbed but did as I had ordered, blushing badly.I thought Matt's erection was reaching new levels of length and stiffness.The boy had an impressive thick penis.

"Stand up now, Ricky-boy."As he stood, a few disappointed moans came from the eager audience who wanted to see more. "Mister Darzak, I think you lied to us," I said dramatically, again lifting his soft flesh with my pointer.

The taunting laughter rose to a new level.

"Matthew, would you say Mister Darzak did a good job licking and kissing your butt?"

"Oh, yes, sir!" Matt said, giving his cock a few strokes, eliciting friendly chuckles from the class."Mister Darzak is a good ass-kisser, at least," I said to a roaring, howling class.

"So, boy--are you saying that a young man with a hard dick doesn't excite you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Matt, do you think he is telling the truth?"

"I'm not sure, Mister Addlesby."

"See if you can find out," I said, giving Matt the cue from my earlier instructions.

"Ooo!" the class moaned.

Matt slid the tip of his hard cock under the head of Rick's penis and moved it about sensuously.Matt tried to maintain eye contact, but Rick could not look at him.

Within a minute, Rick's penis reached its 5-and-a-half inch erect state.Matthew backed away.The room was silent.I ordered Rick to turn so the class could see his erection.

"You lied, Mister Darzak, but it's very gratifying to see you DO like cock after all.What do you think, Matt?"

More outbursts of snickering reached my ears.Rick blushed a new shade of crimson.

"Seems as if he likes it," Matt said, suppressing a grin.

"You look a bit uncertain, Ricky-boy.So I'll do you a big favor and help you learn to love cock.That's what you need."

Again I turned Matt sideways, facing Rick this time.

"Rick, you're going to love this.Please kneel again and use your mouth to pleasure Matt's lovely penis.You DO prefer them HARD, don't you Mister Darzak?"

"Ooff, uh--Oh God," the boy said, shamed to the core.

"Open up your big mouth for the nice big cock that's waiting just for you."

And Rick Darzak sealed his mortification by sucking Matt's penis--the one he made fun of earlier.I had instructed Matt not to come--for reasons he would never guess.

"Oooo!YEAH!" the class taunted."Suck that hot cock." "He's hot for Matt's bone!""Take more!""Shove it down his throat!""Show him who's boss, Matt!""Use that big dick!"

Just when Rick had a rhythm going on Matt's hardon, I spoke.

"Now be sure he doesn't come, boy," I said, making Rick jump. I paused."Don't stop sucking his nice penis, Mister Darzak, but please acknowledge my instruction."

"Rmmmmmm, rmmm!" the blushing boy said, nodding.

The class howled with uproarious laughter.

I let the sensual scene continue until I saw Matt dancing in desperation, his pretty teeth clenched anxiously.I pulled Matt away from Rick.

"Did Rick give you a good blow job?" I asked a very aroused Matthew, who did another little dance.

"Oh, yes, sir," Matt said, quite unsuccessfully trying to sound calm.

"Well, that's great!" I said, bringing Rick to his feet and holding up his right arm."Let's hear it for the cocksucker of the day!"

The class hooted and hollered until I thought the light fixtures would come loose.

"Now, Matthew--I see you still have a boner."

"Yes, sir."

"It seems to be throbbing," I said, fingering his erect manhood."Do you feel a need for release?"

"Oh, yes, SIR!" Matt said to the sounds of erotic encouragement from the class.

"Well, Mister Darzak seems quite unoccupied at the moment. You will please bend over the left end of the desk, Ricky-boy."

"Please no, sir," Rick said as he lay his torso on my desk, giving everyone a side view.

"Here's the lube, Matt, I think you know what to do."

"Yes, sir!"

"I was just thinking--Mister Darzak looks like the type of bottom that likes it shoved it quickly--all at once."

"No!Please, no, sir!"

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