Slavesat At The Cottage

The rule is simple: "i will not have sex with myself unless directed or permitted by a Master." Article 5.5 of the contract i signed almost 3 years ago.

i have been with Master Dave for almost three years and i believe i have performed adequately. i love Him and i believe He loves me. Of course the occasional broken rule happens and the necessary punishment ensues, but i have never broken a major rule since i signed that contract.

As per the instruction of my Master, i am submitting this account of my slavesitting experience with Master Ryan. This is an adaptation of the report i submitted to Master Dave since He was not present. You see, Master Dave often travels for His job. He often leaves for weeks at a time. The longest He has left was 7 long and torturous weeks. We live in the same apartment building, with units across the hall from each other. i have a good career job which helps Master Dave finance our relationship. Although i have a debit card and online banking account, i do not have the PIN or password to my finances. i am very comfortable with this arrangement and i spend my time pleasing Master Dave and obeying His orders.

Master Dave and i are both 27 years old. Our builds are remarkably similar. We are both 5'8" with short dark hair. He, however, is more muscular than my smaller frame. Although we both visit the gym 4 times a week, His well developed musculature outweighs my swimmer's build.

When He is away, i can only get permission to masturbate and relieve myself if i go online on and obtain permission from a Master. i usually have to earn this permission with hours of online servitude, submissions and humiliation. These permissions can only be obtained on Friday (after 9 pm), Saturday and Sunday. Well, one Friday evening, i was being teased by an online Master, trying desperately to obtain permission to relieve myself when i irresponsibly and foolishly crossed the edge and shot my load. i had cum without permission. i was horrified. i reported the act to my online Master and immediately emailed Master Dave.

He was furious. i had now earned permanent wear of the CB 3000 chastity device and was put through several days of tortures and punishments. But Master Dave had to leave again, and He no longer trusted me to be left alone during his absence. i had disappointed Him and He now saw this serious infraction as a possible sign of an ending relationship. Therefore, i was instructed to take a 5 day holiday from work and spend that time with Master Ryan, Master Dave's best friend. He was often called upon to slavesit me. But never before for such a long time!

You see, Master Ryan is especially cruel and difficult. It is no secret that i have no love for Him and He has none for me. i am simply a thing for Him to play with and a receptacle to take His loads of cum. He loves to inflict pain for no reason and to push faggot boys beyond their limits of endurance. 5 days with Master Ryan was frightening.

"You will obey everything He commands. I love Ryan and I will not stand for any of this disobedience shit you pulled on me a few weeks ago," said Master Dave as we rode in His Jetta towards Master Ryan's house. "You haven't shot your load in three weeks and I'm worried you'd disobey me again. I'm thinking that maybe you'd rather we go our separate ways. It might actually be easier for me to find another lowlife to swallow my cock than to try to keep you in check".

i pleaded, "i apologize again Sir for having disappointed You, but i assure you that my devotion to You has not wavered. i truly love You Sir and am still completely committed to your happiness and pleasure Sir."

Master Dave said, "Well here's the deal matt, Ryan is going to put you through some paces. He's going to see if you really do still love me. He's going to find out how far you'll go to suck my cock. And He knows that He can do absolutely anything to you. He has complete control and authority. If He sees that you're not devoted anymore, I'm ending this relationship. I might just sell you actually. I know some people in town who would buy you off of me. I think I could make some decent cash with your sale. Hell, Ryan might even take you himself!"

i was stunned by what i was hearing! Master Dave was considering letting me go! And that last comment scared the living daylights out of me. i could not imagine serving Master Ryan on a permanent basis!

We pulled up to Master Ryan's house and went inside. Although i don't like Him, Master Ryan is one of the hottest men i have ever seen. Having grown up with Master Dave, He is also 27 years old. He is meatier that Master Dave and His 6'2" body are noticeably more muscular.His baby blue eyes are set underneath a short thick matt of curly blond hair. He is a true image of a Greek Adonis.

Master Ryan was standing in the foyer of His house as we walked in. Master Dave took my shoulders and torso in His arms and shoved His tongue in my mouth. i sucked on His tongue and held His beautiful face in my hands. He stopped, held my face inches from His, staring into my eyes. "I hope this isn't the last time I see you," He said, very sincerely. Those were frightening words. Then I doubled over in pain as He crushed my balls with His right knee. Master Ryan just looked down at me as i held my throbbing gonads and said, "Get your faggot ass in the garage and strip naked. Wait for me."

i limped into the garage, took off my t-shirt, jeans and sandals (i haven't worn underwear in two years) and knelt on the rough concrete floor facing the wall with my hands clasped in the small of my back. After about 10 minutes, Master Ryan came in the garage, and put something in the back seat of the 2001 forest green Jeep Cherokee Laredo.

"Get your ass back here" said Master Ryan. i climbed in the back cargo area of the Jeep. He effortlessly pinned my neck and face down to the floor. He cuffed my hands behind my back and ironed my ankles to the cuffs. i was now hog-tied in the back of the Jeep, staring under the seat in front of me. A blanket was loosely thrown on me to hide me. Then, the door was shut, and i waited for at least 30 minutes, alone in the back of this Jeep.

Finally i heard the driver door open and Stetson climbed in the Jeep. Stetson is Master Ryan's jogging partner. He is a white short haired dog that Master Ryan calls an Argentinean Dogo. He's a pretty passive dog but has learned that i am beneath Him in the hierarchy of things. Master Ryan got in the Jeep and we were underway.

We drove for quite awhile. We were actually on the road for 2 hours. i quickly suspected that we were headed for Master Ryan's cottage on Manitoulin Island. i started getting very nervous at this point. i was about to spend 5 days at Master Ryan's cottage on Lake Kagawong on Manitoulin Island. i had only been there once, and that was two summers ago. It was a very isolated place that could only be reached after a 20 minute boat ride. Built in the winter of 1975 when the lake was frozen, the cottage had no electricity and was a model of rustic living.

We finally reached the landing after the long 2 hour drive. i heard the Master stop the Jeep and get out with Stetson. He then unloaded the Jeep and again left me there for about 20 minutes. i was aching from the uncomfortable position. But it was the scratchy carpet on my cheek and body that was really driving me nuts. My nipples were pretty raw from the bumpy gravel road that led us to this secluded boat ramp. Master Ryan opened the back of the Jeep and released my bonds, except for the chastity device of course.

"Get the canoe in the water and load it up," He said. i stretched and walked over, naked, to the boat shed that was tucked in the trees. The door had been opened and there was a single red fiberglass Scott canoe inside. i was rarely naked outdoors and i was feeling very exposed. The breeze wrapped around my naked hairless, well defined body and i could feel every pebble under my feet.i watched as Master Ryan strolled towards the water's edge, followed by the white short-haired Stetson. Master Ryan was dressed in an old pair of light, very form fitting jeans. The bottoms of the jeans were frayed and there were a few worn patches on the knees and butt. He was wearing a tight green and brown t- shirt. The `Birch Island Lodge' logo on the front of the shirt followed the contour of Master Ryan's very impressive pecs. Although He was a very rough and sadistic Master, He was an image of perfection as He crouched down to find the perfect stone and skipped it across the calm lake, rippling the reflection of the pine forest around us.

Having spent my childhood in boats and canoes, i easily picked up the canoe, inverted it and balance it above my head. i took it to the water's edge and set it down. i grabbed the two paddles, two duffle bags, a cooler, a bag of food, a case of 24 Molson Canadian beer, a fishing rod and a tackle box and secured them in the middle section of the canoe. Master Ryan walked up to the canoe, didn't even look at me, and pushed it out into the water. He called Stetson into the boat and climbed in the front section. i pushed the canoe off into the lake, feeling the cool water on my naked feet, and set myself down in the back. The last time i was here, the ride to the cottage took 20 minutes - but we were in a motor boat. A canoe is a bit slower. For the next hour and a half, i paddled the canoe toward the cottage while Master Ryan threw out His fishing line along the shores. Stetson slept quietly in the bottom of the canoe. Master Ryan never acknowledged my presence. He occasionally spoke to Stetson but continued to ignore me. At one point, Master Ryan threw a bottle of sunscreen in my direction to keep me from burning in this beautiful sunshine.

We finally arrived at the small, secluded cottage. It was inside a small rivulet, off the main lake which meant that there was absolutely no other boat traffic except for the occasional fisherman. The small two-bedroom structure was nestled amongst the trees about 15 metres from the shore. The grass had been allowed to grow and it was almost knee high. Cords of chopped wood were stacked against the back wall of the cabin and more unchopped wood was stacked against a small shed deeper in the forest. A nice small deck led to a front door and held a covered barbecue and some lawn furniture. An old picnic table sat in the middle of the yard. It had clearly seen many seasons. Theft was not really a problem in this area. The shed door had been left open and the sun was reflecting on the chrome handles of a gas lawn mower and other tools. A few stacks of cinder blocks could be seen against the old shed. Originally used when the cottage was first built, they were now often useful to contain fire pits or serve as boat anchors.

Although there was a fairly new looking floating dock, we landed the canoe on the small beach and disembarked. i pulled the canoe on the shore and prepared to unload it. Master Ryan suddenly walked right up to me and stopped inches from my face, looking at me right in my eyes with a slight grin on his face. i stood there, watching Him, wondering what He is about to do. He simply took out His dick (very impressive uncut tool, even when flaccid) and started pissing on my legs and feet. He continued to stare into my eyes as He shook off the last drops. He then walked to the water's edge to wash His hands. My heart was beating hard and i was sweating as Stetson sniffed His Master urine on my feet. i then grabbed the two duffles and walked towards the cottage. i climbed the deck and was about to reach the front door when Master Ryan started shouting, "What the fuck do you think you're doing? You fuckin' faggot piece of shit!" He was walking alarmingly fast, staring me down, looking very pissed off. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me hard against the wall next to the door. His left hand grabbed my hair and held my head against the wall. His right forearm was on my neck, pushing my chin up so my face was looking up at Him. And then He drove His right knee up in my balls actually raising me a little off the ground. He held me there in that position and very angrily looked into my eyes.

He started shouting at me. "You are NOT to set one fuckin' foot inside that cabin! Do you understand FAGGOT?"

"Yes Sir!"

"You stay outside! You eat outside! You shit outside! You sleep outside! And you will suck my cock outside! Got it you fuckin' piece of worthless crap?"

"Yes Sir! i understand Sir! i will always stay outside Sir!"

He jerked His knee in my balls again, driving an incredible heat of pain into my gut and spit in my face. The warm spit running down my left cheek, over my lip. He kneed my balls again, dragged me to the edge of the deck and threw me onto the ground.

"Don't step onto the deck unless I tell you to faggot. Man, I can't wait `til Dave finally gets rid of you."

With that, He walked to the door, opened it to let Stetson inside and disappeared inside the cottage. The dog was inside with Master Ryan while i was lying on the dirt path that led to the lake, my balls were in agony and my Master's spit was running down my face. Master Ryan was supposed to give His recommendation to Master Dave as to whether i was loyal enough to be kept around. And Master Ryan seemed eager to get rid of me. My prospects were not very good. This was going to be a difficult five days.

i had finished unloading the canoe and left all the gear on the deck for Master Ryan to take inside the cottage. i sat against a tree on the edge where the yard meets the forest. i sat and looked around, not knowing what to do. It was a very nice property and i could be comfortable here.

Master Ryan came out of the cottage and unpacked the gear. He took off His shirt revealing His incredible hairless body, grabbed a beer and started cleaning off the barbecue. My cock was stirring inside its cage as i watched the muscles in His back work with each stroke of the brush. It must have about 6 pm and i was pretty hungry. The barbecue was fired up and a few thick slabs of meat were put on the grill. Master Ryan sat on the deck, in a lawn chair, balancing it onto its hind legs and watched me as He sipped from his bottle of beer. He finally got up, grabbed some rope from the duffle still on the deck and walked towards me.

My heart started thumping hard. My stomach felt like it was my throat. i was terrified of this shirtless god as He approached me with a grin on His face.

"Stand up boy. You're way too comfortable."

i stood and He walked me to a nearby overhead branch. He tied my hands above my head. He then tied my ankles to nearby trees to force me to separate my legs. My arms were now stretched out, as were my legs. He came closer, His larger and taller frame touching my stretched naked body. i loved the feeling of His hard, smooth, muscled torso, against mine. He grabbed me and started kissing me, deeply. His hands squeezed and pinched every part of my back, my head and my butt. His left hand grabbed my ballsac and squeezed and twisted. He got a better grip and squeezed harder. The pain is intense, but i had learned to tolerate it. He stopped kissing me, backed up a step, put both hands on my shoulders and drove His right knee into my nuts. i couldn't double over and just hung, in agony, from the tree limb. The knee found its mark again. And again. And again. He slapped my face. Hard! And again. And again. Another knee in my balls. And another knee. Then, putting His left hand on my right shoulder, He drove His fist in my gut. i could no longer breathe. He had knocked the breath out of me as another punch landed in my abs. And His knee again in my balls. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. i was gasping, out of breath, looking up into His eyes. He sniffed deep from His sinus, then from the back of His throat and spit a huge wad of sputum in my open mouth. Strings of the mucus hit my chin.

He whispered into my ear "I am going to have so much fun with you, you little faggot cocksucker". And with that, i got another knee in the groin and He returned to His cooking meat. i hung in pain, out of breath, already aching from this difficult position.

The meat, which smelled like steak, was ready. Two big pieces were taken off the grill onto a plate. It smelled incredible. i was absolutely starving. He took a slab of steak and a stack of grilled vegetables and sat down on His chair. Stetson ran in from the woods and joined Master Ryan on the deck. Master grabbed the second steak and threw it on the deck floor where Stetson laid down to eat his meal. i was almost in tears to see the dog eating the steak while my stomach felt like it was digesting itself!

i was left there, hanging for at least another 3 hours. At around 9 pm, with the sun just barely under the horizon and the air starting to cool, Master Ryan reemerged in an old worn red-hooded McGill University sweatshirt. Halfway to my strung up position, He built himself a camp fire, sat down in a lawn chair with Stetson lying next to Him and looked out at the sunset over the beautiful calm lake. i was starved, sore, uncomfortable and getting a bit chilly. The one very positive thing about Manitoulin Island is that there are no annoying insects. i didn't have to worry about mosquitoes or black flies bothering me in my bondage.

Master Ryan then got up and walked up to me. He kneed me in my balls again. Then He kicked me with His right foot in my already very sore ballsack. The kick was much more painful than the knee! i felt like throwing up. He then untied my ankles and then my hands. i collapsed at His feet cradling my testicles.

"Clean the dishes and I'll feed you."

i rushed to grab His plate and utensils from the edge of the deck and cleaned them in the lake. i then replaced them and knelt slightly behind and to the right of Master Ryan's chair. He got up, went into the cottage and came back with an open can of Alphagetties. He cuffed my hands behind my back, sat down and emptied the can on the grass and ash- covered ground slightly in front of Him. Then He sat back and planted His naked right foot on the edge of the pile of cold food.


i crawled over and started eating the mess at His foot. i did my best, but it was hard. Stetson came over and started eating with me. i tried to eat faster `because i was absolutely starved. Master Ryan was not shooing Stetson away so i had to hurry up and eat as much as i could. i was trying to push him aside but he was pushing back. This dog was strong! i was eating cold Alphagetties off dirt and grass which was getting slobbered by a dog. i was eating food that the dog had slurped. Stetson actually snipped at me and almost bit me! His little bark was pretty scary.

Master Ryan suddenly roared, "MATT! FUCK! Can't you just SHARE?!? Don't be such a fuckin' jerk! Shit!"

Once again, at the Master's feet, my position was put below that of the dog. Stetson finally left when the Alphagetties were gone. But Master Ryan lifted His foot and there was still a small pool of food under it. i licked his foot, since this was actually the cleanest surface i was eating from. Then i attacked the noodles that were under the foot. As i was eating, Master Ryan rested His foot on the back of my head.

When i was done, the foot came off, my hands were uncuffed and i returned to my kneeling position, naked behind Master Ryan.

The sun had set and everything was calm. The fire crackled and pinecones popped in the flames. It was going to be a nice, mild night with a full moon. Master Ryan got up, grabbed me by the hair and threw me on my back. He planted His foot down on my balls and took off His sweatshirt. Then He opened His jeans and peeled them off. He was now standing over me in black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. His was so beautiful. My cock was straining in the chastity device, under his massive foot. He bent down, grabbed my hair and forced me backwards until i hit a tree. i was put in a kneeling position with my back against the tree and the Master's incredible, massive, glistening dick sprung in front of me. i instinctively opened my mouth and the entire monster was forced down my throat. He wasted no time pumping my face. His incredible body pounded against my head, my throat taking His huge meat. i timed my breaths with His slams. My throat was being bruised and the back of my head is being pounded against the tree. His right hand was braced against the tree and His left hand clutched my hair.

He continued pounding for what seemed like forever. Sometimes, He pumped His dick with His hand, pointing its end at my face then started slamming my throat again. He would slap my face with his dick, smearing precum and saliva all over my face, and quickly return His incredibly beautiful cock down my throat.

Then, suddenly, He stepped back, grabbed the back of my head and threw me face first in the grass. He climbed on my back, holding my two hands behind me. i was hoping that i had coated His cock with enough slobber because i could feel Him mounting me. He knelt behind me and pulled my two bound hands back so that i was on my knees, with my face in the dirt and my ass sticking up in the air. Now my asshole was lined up perfectly with His cock. Still holding onto my hands, He drove His dick in with a single move. i cried out with pain as i felt my insides being ripped to shreds. He had driven His cock up to the hilt and started savagely raping my ass. i was screaming and crying in pain.

"Cry all you fuckin' want you pussy boy!," He shouted at me.

He pumped with so much force, i was being pushed forward. i finally fell off my knees and fell flat on the ground. He straddled my ass and re-entered my asshole. My ass was now open and loving His cock. With one hand He held my wrists together, and the other was clutching my hair, pushing my face in the dirt. He spit in my ear and groaned loudly in ecstasy.

Finally, He release a deep, testosterone filled howl as He shots gallons of His cum in my ass. He pumped a few more times and completely filled my bowels with His hot seed. He collapsed on top of me. He was heavy, but He was so hot. i could feel every hard muscle moving as He was slowly catching His breath. His incredible body was dripping sweat all over mine. i was in heaven!

He then sat up, straddling my ass and flipped me onto my back. He rested His knees on my arms, pinning them down and stuck His cum soaked, shit covered, still-hard cock in my face. He didn't have to say a word. i licked it clean. He looked down at me, still a bit out of breath.

Then He stood up, went to the lawn chair by the camp fire and i watched this incredibly shaped, naked, confident and powerful man walk back with a collar and chain. He knelt down and locked the leather collar around my neck. i heard the click of the padlock as it was secured around my neck. Then He locked a length of chain to the collar and secured it around the tree where He had just fucked my face. Then He went into the dark water for a moonlight swim. Master Ryan then returned with a bucket of lake water which He left next to me. i drank it with pleasure.

He then grabbed His clothes, His two empty beer bottles, called Stetson and retreated back in the cottage.

i was left, chained to a tree, a campfire burning itself out about 8 metres away from me. The cool air wrapped around me as i curled at the foot of the tree to get any sleep i could. i peed, but i didn't shit. i didn't know if i was allowed and i was terrified of doing something wrong.

The lantern in the cottage went out. i could feel the cum leaking out of my ass as i fell asleep to the sounds of frogs and crickets.

This was my first night being slavesat by Master Ryan. This was Sunday night.