Cigar Daddy

Note: Usual disclaimers apply. Don't read this if you are underage, object to gay sex or gays in general. This is a work of fiction. All rights reserved by the author.

I was bored and horny one saturday evening. So I decided to hop on the net, and use the new webcam for my laptop.

I got the program started, and after logging in, I went to the "Smokers" room to se if I could chat with a hot cigar daddy type.

As it was still wintertime, I was wearing my robe, and tenderly played with my soft cock, knowing that it wouldn't remain that way for long.

I scrolled down while looking over who was in the room, and noticed a hot looking older guy's profile that was also a local. Man, nice furry chest, cigar in his mouth, stroking a nice thick club - I had to message him after seeing that hot picture!

I said hello with an instant message, and replied with a hot video shot of him flexing his massive biceps, puffing his big stogie, and then stood up to stroke his cock for me, then the vid ended.

Man, my cock swelled to full hardness in record time, and I parted my robe so he could see what was interested in his form. We started going back and forth with our instant messages, him liking what he saw as much as I did. We chatted back and forth in this state, me telling him secrets about myself, including why I am so attracted to older masculine top daddy men, since my own daddy ran out on me when I was just a kid.

Soon enough, he said "Boy, I"m tired of playing on here. Give me your email address, follow the directions, and get over here immediately. I'm having a party, and I think you will meet the daddy of your dreams over here. You want a daddy of your own, right?"

I complied with his request, and soon I found myself pulling on my tightest and most worn denim shorts, tanktop, and boots with short socks. I hopped in the car, and soon enough I arrived at his address, parked and was ringing his doorbell.

Cigardaddy answered the door, wearing his chaps, harness, and boots, puffing on his cigar, and wearing mirrored sun glasses. He said "Get in" and I walked through the door past him while he shut the door and locked it behind him. I stood at attention while I waited cigardaddy's first command.

"Son, you ready for the night of your life? After tonight, you won't be lonely. Are you ready?" I nodded my head and answered firmly "Yes Sir, I am ready Sir."

"Good. Strip."

CigarDaddy was ready to begin his lesson for a grown boy wanting to become a man.

I stripped off my clothes in record speed, and admired daddy in the process, smoking his stogie, and pullin on his nips while his uncut mancock jutted out hard and angry looking from the crotch of his chaps. It was so hard that the skin was riding back - I could almost check his pulse by watching it flex.

"On your knees boy."

I quickly obeyed, and daddy checked my neck with a tape, then put a dog collar around my neck, and I could feel his cock rubbing against my back as he attached it to me. He then circled around to stand in front of me, and rubbed his cockhead under my nose, teasing me as his leaky cock drooled on my goatee.

"Smell it, boy." I took a deep sniff of his cockhead, and it had that musky smell that a masculine top man that is uncut has that drives me wild. I was hard to the point of almost being in pain, I was having to restrain myself so much from sticking my tongue out for a taste of this bull studcock in front of me.

"Stand up boy." I got to my feet, and daddy blew a large puff in my face, with a determined look on his face, putting his bearded face about an inch from mine, the tip of his nose just barely touching my nose. "You like that mancock BOY?!"

I barked "YES SIR!" as I expected he wanted the obedience of a soldier. He wanted to test me, and I knew I would enjoy it more if he was enjoying himself.

Daddy nodded his approval, and attached a short leash to my collar, and led me with a "C'mon boy" and I obediently followed him as he led me to a set of stairs leading downward, with sconces in the wall leading to a darkened basement, which I expected would be a dimly lit playroom.

As we reached the bottom step, I could see ahead of me what looked like a billiards table covered by a black leather cover. To my right I could see a leather sling suspended in the air with nothing around it, and to my left I could see what looked like a long padded platform that looked like it would be good for several guys to be fucked at the same time.

My cock was leaking as I continued to be led by my daddy past all these things, down a hallway to a closed door.

Daddy opened the door, and removed the leash as he flipped on a dimmer light, and told me to get on the large square platform bed in front of me. On the bed there was a scrapbook folder. Daddy told me to open the folder, and start reading.

"Boy, I have invited some daddies to come over here. I think you have been sadly neglected. So we are going to make sure you know all there is to know about being a daddy's boy. By the end of this night, you will no longer be a boy alone in the world. You will belong to your own daddy, and you will be the one to choose him. I will not claim you as my own - you will claim your daddy. That book will tell you about all the daddies looking for a boy. You will be allowed to play with all of us, and we will play with you tonight. There will be other boys here later, but you will get to choose first. Your happiness is my happiness. No boy should be without a daddy"

Before he left the room, Cigardaddy pulled me close to him, growled a deep manly growl, and gave me a passionate, intense, and lovingly male kiss complete with all the tongue I could handle. Then he shut the door and I went to pick up the scrapbook.

I began to leaf through the book, looking at the portfolio of daddies that are looking for boys, including bios, incomes, likes and dislikes. There wasn't much left to the imagination.

After about 30 minutes, I heard the door open and Cigardaddy walked into the room, followed by 8 daddies of various types.

"Men, one of you will become the daddy to this boy. HE will choose one of you - he's had a little while to look over your bios, and now you get to greet him, and develop some chemistry. Remember the rules - the boy is in charge until you are selected. Then you become the daddy in charge of your new boy."

This sounded like fun!

I waited for Cigardaddy to come and talk to me quietly before getting off the bed. He came over and said "Now son, you heard what they heard. Until you choose one, you are in charge of them. They will serve you, and prove to you their worthiness to be your daddy. You need to remember that as you eliminate one, another boy will enter the play space, and other matches will be made. Once you eliminate a potential daddy, you may no longer have any power over him. He will be free to do as he pleases with other potential boys. Once you select your daddy, only he can give permission for you to play with another daddy. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. I will be observing, and will step in if someone crosses the line. Once you select your daddy, you will sign a contract with an attorney present along with your daddy in the side room over there. This is your marker - once you mark a daddy with it, he's free to find another boy. Choose well, son."

Cigardaddy then released me from my leash. I was a loose boy, free to roam until I chose my daddy.

I walked over to the line of daddies standing next to the wall, and decided the first thing I needed to find out was about kissing. "I like to kiss my daddy, and I need to find the daddy that can kiss me best."

One by one, I went down the line, and made out for a few moments with each daddy. All were satisfactory kissers, except for one older bearded daddy with blond fur. He was not so good at kissing, so I marked him with my mark, releasing him. He left the room and went into the playroom, and rang a bell suspended from the ceiling. He then closed the door to the room we were in, I suppose so the next boy couldn't see any potential daddies until they were released.

Next, I decided I needed each of the daddies to suck my cock. I moved over to a big leather chair, sat down, and put my legs over the padded arms, and said "Suck me, daddy." One by one, the men took a turn sucking on my dick. Five were good cocksuckers, but the last two just weren't so good at it, so I marked them, and they left. Two bell rings could be heard quietly peeling from the other room.

I like a verbal daddy, so next test was going to be finding out how well these five daddies could talk trash to me while getting me worked up. "Daddies - talk dirty to me and get me turned on. You may play with my nips, cock and balls, or my ass."

The first daddy was tall, about 6'6", hairy as can be, with a nice large bulge in his jeans. He got on his knees and started right in - "Yeah boy, I got what you need..." He dove into my ass beard first, and started licking my hole with a long deep tongue fuck. he reached up and pulled on my nipples while he licked around my hole, and lowly whispered nasty things to me to get me aroused. Nice job, he'd stay in the running.

Next was a smaller daddy, probably 5'11", but very muscular with a real nice furry chest perfect for resting your head on at night. He yanked out his cock from his jeans as soon as he got in front of me, and teased my hole with his massive hot cock leaking copious amounts of his manfluid, and excited me with his big dick and very deep, masculine voice. He was doing a good job and would stay in the race.

The next couple of daddies were okay, but just didn't excite me enough, so they both were marked and sent to the adjoining room to ring the bell.

The last daddy to stay in the running was almost a pornstar dream come true, with his dark eyes, tattoos, furry body, muscular frame, and goatee. He reminded me so much of my favorite star, Hank Tower. He pulled out his nice uncut cock, started jacking on it while rubbing it on my face, rubbing my hole with his masculine fingers, and even pulled out a bottle of poppers which I eagerly inhaled. Man, this guy was HOT!

I started to hear sex noises coming from the other side, which only increased the sexual temperature in the men still in the running to be my daddy.

Down to three. Doug, the 6'6" daddy with the long tongue. Stan, the 5'11" daddy with the huge leaky cock. And Marcos, the latino stud with the poppers.

I decided that we needed to move to the platform bed, and let them each have a turn fucking me without cumming.

Stan went first, and while he was passionate, the chemistry wasn't right. He got stamped and didn't have to wait before exiting to the other room where it was obvious an orgy was in progress.

Next was Marcos, and while he was hot, he was into his own pleasure more than mine, I could sense it. I decided to let him wait though, as I wondered how he would react to seeing another daddy's attention to me.

Doug's bullcock was leaking precum like a faucet - he was so eager to please me, and there wasn't a part of my body he didn't lick, tongue, kiss, and suck. He even pulled out his own bottle of poppers, his own pair of snakebite suction cups for my tits, and a magnum condom for his massive meat. He even smiled a brilliant white smile and said "I was a bearscout. I cum prepared!"

The contest was over. Marcos left the room in a huff, and my new daddy Doug kissed me deeply as we made passionate love for what seemed like hours.

We lay snuggling in a passionate embrace, when Cigardaddy entered the room, and said "Doug, when you and your boy are ready, you are welcome to come join us. Everyone is having a good time, and the daddies all seem to have found a suitable boy for themselves.

"We're fine right now, Jim, but maybe later we will join the party. Right now, I just want to get to know my boy without any more distractions."