Construction Port O Potties

Construction Port-O-Potties ZebraBob

When I was sixteen, the city was building a new rail station near my house. It being summer and me with nothing to do but play with my dick every chance that I got, I walked the couple of blocks to the construction site.There were a series of work trailers at the far end of the lot with several cars parked about while work men and machines were busy at different sections. Sort of in the middle of all this was a small row of port-o-potties. I beelined straight towards them as I kept an eye out for anyone nearby. Inside the one on the nearest end, I pulled my t-shirt off and dropped my shorts, kicking them off and setting all of my clothes in the corner by the air pipe for the toilet tank. The small plastic enclosure didn't reek too much, mostly of piss which had my growing dick throbbing at full erection in no time. The thought of all the sweaty workmen that had stood right there in front of me, their dicks swinging before the plastic urinal on the wall to my right kept me hard as I ran my hands over my body, the summer sun that heated the small space to near sauna like temperatures already had me sweating.

Tearing off a length of toilet paper from the holder on my left, I wiped off some of the sweat and then used the wet wad to plug up the drain of the urinal before I stood up and pissed in it, leaving a nice puddle of fresh urine to add to the scent of my little domain. Slowly stroking my cock, I bent over and sniffed at my fresh offering in the urinal before perusing the various graffiti littering the walls. I ignored the couple of racist scribblings altho' noting the poor spelling and read of several offers to suck dick, a Thank You for the big dick that had shot a big load in a previous visitor's ass and snickered at the terrible drawings of naked women and dicks. But it all served to turn me on even more.

Being six foot, it was easy for me to sit on the edge of the toilet seat and lean back, placing my feet on either side of the door allowing me to tease my asshole with my finger while I continued to fist my 7 inches of dick. The heat was causing me to sweat more and my balls to hang down low, the sound of their wet slapping against my skin filled the toilet as my finger slipped up my ass.

Lost in my jerk-off session I didn't hear the approaching footsteps and the door to my port-o-potty swung open. The look of surprise on the construction worker in overalls standing in the doorway must have been equal to my look of shock of being discovered. I was frozen in place as we eyed each other up...and then he smiled and stepped into the tiny space. Dust fell from his overalls as he unzipped the front of his work suit and he told me to stay just as I was, with my legs still spread and my feet on the opposite walls. I stared as he undid his jeans and hauled out his cock and balls thru his fly. He said that it looked like we both needed a little relief and then aimed his ample looking cock right at me before letting his piss fly!

I dared not stroke my dick as his piss splashed against me skin, all I could do was watch in awe as the steady stream kept shooting out from the tip of his cock and he soaked me from my head to my crotch.

When he moved his stream back up to my face, the dusty worker told me to open my mouth and he promptly filled it to overflowing. I swallowed his offering and that seemed to really excite him. He pinched his dick, staunching any more flow and the big man told me to lean forward and take his dick in my mouth.

Doing as I was told, I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick while he used his free hand to grip the back of my head and held me in place before he told me to not spill a drop and let loose with the rest of his load of piss.

Thankfully it wasn't nearly as much as what he'd already hosed me down with, but I almost choked on that first forceful burst of pent up piss.I managed to gulp down the three or four mouthfuls of hot piss without spilling a drop. Afterwards, he kept his dick in my mouth and I could feel it stiffening. Turned on beyond belief and out of instinct I began to suck on his shaft which quickly turned into a full fledged boner, a boner bigger than my own. He slowly pumped his manly dick in and out of my mouth while keeping one hand on the back of my head and I watched from below as he reached up with the other to tug on one of his nipples under his t-shirt. His cock leaked copious amounts of sweat pre-cum and in no time his entire shaft was coated in the slick mix of spit and his juice.

He had me suck on his cock and lick his balls for several minutes before he told me to stand up and face the urinal. My rock hard dick jutted out before me as I took my place as instructed and felt the construction workers rough hands grope my ass cheeks, telling me what a sweet little cock sucking piss pig I was.Sweaty as I was, he had plenty of lube to work a finger into my ass as he asked if I was a real toilet slut. I guess my groan as he worked a second finger into my hole was a sufficient answer for him.

The big man instructed me to put my right foot up onto the toilet tank and then positioned himself behind me, telling me not to worry, that he'd go nice and slow until I was ready for more. His fingers pulled out of my asshole and the head of his cock quickly prodded my empty hole. Those big hands of his spread my cheeks and I felt him begin to push forward. He gruffly told me to push out with my ass, like I was farting and that big head started its journey up my ass.

His cock wasn't the first fleshy pole to slide up my hole, but he was definitely a bit bigger than the few of my buddies that I'd let do it to me. I was surprised that he was able to get up my ass as easily as he did. It took a good bit of concentration on my part, but I didn't feel any real discomfort as he stretched my eager hole and he just Ooh'd and Aah'd while telling me how tight my ass felt on his cock.

I'd love to say that he fucked me for a long time in that steamy port-o-potty, but my construction worker needed to get back to work as much as he needed to bust his nut.We rutted like two dogs in heat as he pounded my hole with that big dick of his. Using one of his hands on my back, he pushed me down until my head was directly over the urinal, the smell of my piss and the stale piss of all of his coworkers filled my nostrils as he kept jack hammering my hole with his cock and gave my quivering ass several hard smacks with his palm.

With a roar the construction worker began to blast his load, shooting several volleys of his hot cum deep up my ass. When he'd finally stopped, he slowly pulled his cock from my ass and told me to get down on my knees and lick him clean. The taste of cum and fresh ass, mixed with his cock was a delicacy and I hungrily swabbed him clean in just minutes. With my mouth once again wrapped around his cock, the dusty worker gave me another offering of his piss before his put away his dick, zipped up his coveralls and left me kneeling on the shithouse floor.

This time I heard him climb into his truck and drive back off to his duties as I sat on the toilet and caught my breath, clenching my ass closed to try an keep his load up my ass. What I hadn't heard was the car that pulled up as he left. Sitting there in my reverie I was startled to hear the door to the toilet next to me open and someone step inside, I was even more startled when the door to my toilet opened and I found myself naked and sweaty before a burly cop!

He quickly summed up the situation and I'm sure that the heavy smell of sex hanging in the air confirmed what had been going on just minutes before. Without a word, the cop stepped inside and unzipped his pants, hauling out another more than ample set of sweaty cock and balls. He held his uncut cock out in front of him and nodded for me to get down on it. As he let his piss splash down my throat he called out to his partner in the next toilet and asked if it was a full service toilet like his was. I could hear the flow of piss draining from the urinal in the neighboring coming to a stop as the partner asked my cop what he was talking about. The burly cop chuckled and told his partner that if he had to asked than it wasn't a full service toilet like his. I heard the other door swing open and shut then the partner outside our door asking just what the fuck he was talking about. Keeping my head firmly in place against is crotch, the burly cop stepped a bit to the side and opened the door behind him, giving his partner an eyeful of just what he meant.

the partner gave a little curse and asked the burly cop how come he always lucked out. The burly cop laughed and said that it was his big dick, it had the knack of finding the cock hounds. He then added that after he was done, the partner could have his turn.

That cop wasn't kidding about his big dick, it grew and grew in my mouth until I had difficulty stretching enough to keep sucking on it. But he wasn't interested in just a blowjob, with his partner now standing near the door and keeping it opened enough to watch the action, the burly cop pulled me off his cock and the toilet to stand once again in front of the urinal and aimed that monster at my ass. He gave my hole a quick prodding and noticed the glob of cum coating the head of his dick. That seemed to set him off on calling me all sorts of filthy names, asking me how many cocks I'd had fucking my ass and saying how he was going to be the best dick to fuck my ass all day.

It was a wicked and wild fuck that that burly cop gave my ass. Making me howl in pleasure and pain as I felt the full force of his lust pounding my tender hole. Dropping his pants, the burly cop changed positions so that he was sitting on the toilet and had my ride his long, fat pole while inviting his partner to step inside and feed me his cock. The second cop quickly stepped inside and fished out his hard eight inches, pulling my head towards him and planting his cock deep in my throat in one single move.

The burly cop kept my hips pumping up and down his log, using his hands on my hips to keep up the pace he wanted. From the way he and his partner kept talking to one another, I wasn't the first toilet slut that they'd used and abused together. The last one apparently a college girl they'd pulled over for expired tags and offered to do anything that they wanted to avoid the ticket. She'd balked at taking the burly cops dick, but couldn't get enough of it once he bent her over and plugged her pussy with it. The partner said that she couldn't suck dick worth a shit and should take some lessons from me, but she did have a tight ass.

The partner didn't last much longer, especially since I'd started playing with his hairy balls and blasted his load in my mouth. After sucking him clean, he zipped up and left the burly cop and me to finish our fuck.

Changing our position again, the cop had me get up on the toilet tank and squat down onto his cock as he stood behind me. My hard dick was drooling pre-cum as the cop worked to fuck all of his big dick in and out of my hole. The angle allowed his cock to hit my prostate just right and in moments I was yelling that I was cumming. The burly cop just speeded up his attack on my ass and without touching my cock, I started shooting my load all over the back wall of the toilet. My ass spasms, clenching around that fat cop cock sent the burly officer over the edge and grunted as he filled my bowels to overflowing with his massive load.

I sat on the closed toilet seat, feeling some of the cop's load drooling from my stretched hole as the burly cop stood before me, his pants and underwear around his ankles. He slapped my face repeatedly with his cum slimed truncheon , before having me lick him clean and then turned around and ordered me to lick the sweat from his hairy crack. Damn but that cop loved a tongue on his hole. When he turned back around I saw that his big cock had barely deflated and thought that he might actually want seconds. Instead he hosed me down with a final long, steady stream of piss.

When he was dressed, he handed me his card and said to call him when I was ready for some more of his cock, but not to wait too long, otherwise he'd come and find me.

Sitting naked in a puddle of cum, alone once more, I heard the cops talking before they drove off.

I was worn out and about ready to go when the toilet door opened again. The older gentleman standing there was wearing tight jeans, collared shirt and a leather vest, just past the door I could see the Harley that I'd seen parked over by the trailers when I first arrived. The grey haired, suntanned man looked down at me and told me to get dressed, we were going for a ride.

He wasn't lying!