Park Toilet

Park Toilet by ZebraBob

This story is partially based on some true events, but I'm not going to say which ones are which. Gosh, ain't I a stinker?

Back in the summer of `81, I was a graduated senior, fresh out of school, dating a sweet little brunette who liked to make out but was saving herself for marriage so I had to find alternate means of getting my rocks off after our dates.

One night, after dropping her off at her house I headed off in my truck to one of the locations I knew about in my small hometown where a guy could almost always be sure of getting some action.

It was after eleven when I drove thru the entrance to the small public park. The sign at the entrance listed the times that the park was open, but there was no gate or chain blocking the way and I was needing to take a piss anyway so I had a legitimate excuse to swing by and hit the head. The cinder block building housing the mens and womens toilets was close to the entrance but the road was only one way and you had to go all the way around to get to it. There was a river that encircled about three quarters of the park, defining its shape and as I drove around the outer edge I noticed that there weren't any cars parked. It was a little odd that there was absolutely no one in the park, every time that I'd ever been there, day or night, there was always at least a couple of cars around.

I parked and walked the short distance to the toilets. Once inside, I noticed that the light wasn't on but since the door was propped open the light from the outside park lights provided ample illumination and actually added to the late night excursion. As did that aroma of stale piss that filled my nostrils as I breathed in deep. To this day I still have the same reaction to that smell of piss that I did then, I get horny as hell!

The small public toilet consisted of a small sink with soap and paper towel dispensers, a single mirror and then two simple stalls, one for the urinal and the other for the toilet. While the dividers for the stalls were also made of cinder block, when you sat on the toilet you could see the small hole someone had chiseled thru the wall right at waist height and offered a good view of a stranger's dick as they stood at the urinal in the next stall and took a piss.

It was a warm summer night and I pulled the front of my t-shirt up and over my head, locking it behind my neck before I dropped my denim shorts to my ankles. My hard cock sprang up and waved in the air as I stood there before the stalls practically naked and let my hands caress my exposed flesh for a few moments before I took a seat on the single toilet.

I pinched and tugged on my hard nipples as I sat there in the semi darkness and thought of all hard cocks I'd enjoyed sucking on in that same stall over the past 6 months since I'd discovered the park and it's secrets.

Feeling especially kinky and needing to pee, I leaned back as I continued to play with my nipples and concentrated at relaxing enough to piss. Images of all the anonymous cocks I'd spied on thru that little hole in the thick wall as they pissed into the urinal flashed thru my head and my bladder finally let loose with some of its load. The stream arched out from the tip of my cock and splashed against my chest and flat stomach, cursing over my naked flesh before dripping off my sweaty balls and draining into the toilet. I clenched my inner muscles and staunched the flow, wanting to prolong the session as long as I could. Rubbing my hands over my wet body, I brought my wet palms up to my nose, smelling the fresh piss before I began to lick it from my hands.

Slowly stroking my wet dick and fondling my dripping balls I thought back to the mechanic I'd met in the toilet a few weeks back. I'd watched him piss, but the angle he was standing at didn't allow for a clear view of his cock, what I did see had me drooling, but just as he poked his head around the wall to check me out, we were interrupted by someone coming in to the toilet. The mechanic left the building and as the newcomer pissed, I'd flushed the toilet and pulled up my jeans. Outside I saw my bathroom buddy across the way standing by a trail that led to the river and the train trestle. When he saw me, he turned and started down the trail. Trying to be as nonchalant as possible I bee lined for the same trail. He was standing on the other side of the trestle, waiting for me as I followed the path underneath the large structure and we walked together a little ways further from any prying eyes before we stopped at a small clearing in the woods. The patch on his work shirt read, "Mike", but we both made quick work of discarding all of our clothes and he laid down on his clothes as I just stood there with my hard dick throbbing in the breeze as I tried to get my jaw back off the ground as I stared at the monster cock Mike the mechanic was offering me.

It looked like it would be more at home hanging from the underside of a horse. Easily over a foot long, I estimated we were talking maybe fourteen inches of fat cock as I got on my hands and knees to get a better look at it. The smell of the day's sweat from his balls was intoxicating as I took his horsecock into my hands, needing both to just wrap around it and steady that meaty stalk as I began to lick it's length. I'd sucked on a few big dicks by then, but his was not only the longest but also the thickest cock I'd ever tackled. It took some effort but I'd been able to suck some of his cock into my mouth, but there was no way that I'd be able to deep throat him like I had done the others. We sixty-nined for a while and Mike had me squat over his face while he tongued my ass like a pro, making me moan and groan in pleasure while I continued to suck on his pole.

I wanted to try to take him up my ass, even tho' he said that everyone who had tried just gave up on it after a while. Oh was I up for that challenge!

As I sat there in the toilet stall, fingering my asshole, remembering every nuance of the memory of straddling Mike's monster cock, slowly bouncing my hole against his head before it finally started to stretch me wider than anything before, my revelry was abruptly interrupted by the flashing of high beams from outside of the toilet house.

Frozen there, basically naked on the toilet my mind instantly whipped thru various scenarios on what the lights meant. I quickly concluded that it had to be the cops, but I wasn't about to go walking out that door, my cock wasn't going down and I smelled like piss. Maybe if I just sat still they'd figure that the owner of the truck parked outside was elsewhere in the park. That's about the time that I heard footsteps on the gravel outside the toilets...and they were coming closer.

I pulled my t-shirt back down and tried to look as innocent as one can sitting on a public toilet with no door, hiding a throbbing hardon. The footsteps stopped as someone entered the open doorway and then slowly began to come closer. I was looking down at the ground as the shiny shoes and black pant legs came into view.


I slowly looked up and before I even saw the gun belt around his waist I knew I would be facing a cop.

"The park's closed. What do you think you're doing here?"

As I looked up to face the owner of the gruff voice, I was momentarily taken aback by the opposing authority figure. He easily stood six foot four and had a barrel chest. A thick bushy mustache, with a touch of gray stood out above his upper lip and the lines in his face showed that he was well weathered, definitely not a desk jockey of a cop. But it was his eyes that shook me the most. They seemed to bore right thru me to the core and there was no way that he'd fall for any bullshit that I might try to give him.


"I...I was just headed home and needed to use the toilet...Sir."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I don't believe you. Lean back."

He didn't like my hesitation and barked the order again, "I said, Lean back, boy!"

Doing as I was told the cop looked down at my crotch and then into my eyes.

"The engine on your truck is barely warm and if you were in here taking a dump, your dick would be hanging down between your legs instead of sticking up and making a tent under your shirt. to tell me what you're really doing in here boy?"

"Honest, Sir. I was just going home after dropping off my date and needed to use the toilet."

"It's a bit out of the way isn't it?"

"It was the closest one that I thought would be open, Sir."

The big cop looked down at me for a minute, not saying a thing as he pondered the situation.

"Out on a date, huh?"

"Yes Sir."

"With a girl?"

"Yes Sir."

"She didn't put out?"

"...No , Sir. She's saving herself for marriage."

"...Take of your shirt boy."

I looked up at the cop, wondering if I'd heard him right.

"Now! Take of your fucking shirt!" he barked back at me.

The big cop held out his hand to take my shirt after I'd slipped it over my head, leaving my hard seven inches with no covering to hide underneath anymore.

The cop placed my t-shirt over the top of the cinder block wall.

"Now your shorts. Kick them off and hand them to me."

Knowing better than to hesitate, I was completely naked except for my tennis shoes in seconds and the cop set my shorts with my shirt.

"She must have worked you up pretty bad to make you have a boner as you sit naked on a toilet in front of a cop."

Before I could even utter any kind of a response the cop continued his evaluation.

"That or you're a horny little toilet slut looking for some hard cocks to suck on!"

"No Sir! I..."

"Don't lie to me boy! This park and this shithouse has faggots running thru it all day long and would all night long if we let them. Men come in here and wave their hard cocks in front of boys like you all the time. Shooting their hot loads of cum down their sucking throats for a quickie on the way to work, at lunch and on the way home to their unsuspecting wives."

I could only stare as the cop let one hand drop and scratch his balls.

"Sometimes those little sluts will even offer up their asses. Needing a man's cock to stretch their little bungholes and fuck them until they get a load of cum filling their hole...that's what you were looking for ,isn't boy? A hard cock to suck and fuck that little asshole of yours, am I right?"

He was now openly groping his bulging crotch right in front of me.

"Yeah, your dick's hard as a fucking rock, needing the relief only a real man's cock can give you, ain't it boy?"

The cop's big hand pulled down the zipper of his pants.

"Answer me boy! You need a man's big dick to please you, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir." I quietly answered.

"I said, Answer me boy!"

"Yes, Sir! I need a big dick to suck on."

"And what else?"

"I need your big dick to fuck my ass, Sir and fill it with your hot load of cum!"

The cop hauled out his uncut cock and hairy ball thru his open fly.

"This big cock?"

It was a beauty. Rugged, with thick veins running around the plump shaft with a thick foreskin still covering over half of the fat head. His balls were also worthy of my awe, large and hanging low as if full of manseed, the smell of his exposed manliness added to the aroma of the room.

"Yes, Sir! I need that big cock in your hands!"

"Well boy. This big cock before you IS in need of some relief. You sure that you want it?" The big cop smirked as he waved his cock slowly from side to side.

"Yes, Sir. Please!" I said as I leaned forward, but the cop stopped me.

"Uh-uh boy. You just lean back as you were...That's it, just like that."

The cop stood there, concentrating as I kept my eyes glued to his big cock. He gave a little grunt and his cock flexed in his hand just before a strong stream of his piss shot out and began hosing me down. The hot piss sprayed against my chest and belly before he aimed for my hard dick and balls.

"Open your mouth boy, now!"

He altered the trajectory and his piss began hitting me in the face before he hit the target of my wide open mouth. The cop ordered me to swallow the mouthful of piss and gave me another one before the flow abruptly stopped.

"Yeah, you liked that. You're a hot little piss pig, ain't you boy?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Now, get over here and get down on your knees you little toilet slut!"

The cop had stepped to the side and made room for me to kneel before him on the cold concrete floor with my back to the wall. His large frame blocked out the rest of the room as he took my head and guided me to his cock, gruffly instructing me to suck his cock. He quickly grew and hardened to over nine fat inches.

"Fuck! You are a hungry little cocksucker, ain't you?" he gasped as I treated him to my best deep throat action. Holding my head in place with his strong hands, the big cops ground his long cock from side to side while his balls pressed against my chin. He slowly fucked my face with his hard nine inches for a minute or two before he withdrew his spit and pre-cum covered hose.

Slapping my face with his slimy dick the burly cop asked if I liked his big cop cock.

"Yes, Sir! I love sucking on your big, fat cock, Sir!"

"Yeah, I bet you're thinking of how my big cock's going to feel fucking that little ass of yours, ain't you boy?"

"Yes, Sir!" I stared up at him, past his jutting cock and directly into his hard, steely eyes.

"Stand up slut and turn around. Place your hands on the wall and spread your feet!"

The big cop gave me a good pat down, giving my cock and balls a groping before he raised his hand to my mouth and had me lick his hand clean before he pulled his handcuffs from his belt and quickly had my hands cuffed behind my back as my face was pressed into the painted white concrete block wall. Fear flashed thru my sex fogged brain as the cop huffed in my ear that he was making sure that I didn't get away until he was done with my ass. I heard him spit and then felt two slicked fat fingers begin to probe at my little asshole.

"Come on boy, let me in that ass of yours. I'm not about to fuck a shit filled hole."

I thought that he was just checking my hole, but after a few moments of probing up my ass he pulled his fingers out, only to shove them into my mouth as he leaned into me and I felt the head of his still hard cock pressing thru the crack of my ass seeking entrance. Like a guided missile, that big cop cock found the pucker of my hole and began to push its way inside. I flexed my sphincter as best I could against the insistent intruder and I flashed back upon the memory of Mike the mechanic's huge cock stretching my hole. I knew that if I could finally fit that ripper of a cock in my ass that the cop's cock could also fit. The flared head finally broke past my outer anal ring and then stopped as my hole kept flinching at the intruder. Bracing for the length of that cock to start burrowing deeper, I was surprised by the feel of liquid hear suddenly filling my bowels.

"That's it boy, just relax and let my piss flood your hole."

More and more of the cop's hot piss kept streaming into my ass and going deeper and deeper, spreading its warmth throughout my belly.

I was surprised at how much piss the cop had left after his hosing me down on the toilet and making me drink, his cock was like a fire hose plugged into my ass.

Finally he was finished, slapping my ass as he slowly pulled his cock from my hole.

"Now, keep that piss up your ass boy."

The cop spun me around and told me to bend over and lick his cock clean.

His big hand smacked down on my bare ass several times as I tongued his cock, tasting my ass and his piss until he pulled away and tucked himself back into his pants. Gathering my clothes into a bundle the cops ordered me to follow him.

Naked and handcuffed, I had no choice but to follow the big cop out thru the mensroom door and into the night. Outside sat the police cruiser he had arrived in, also waiting for us was his partner.

"Got us a live one do we?"

"Yep. One bonafide, cock sucking, piss pig, toilet slut."

"Gonna run him in?"

"Fuck no, he's got an ass full of piss. No way is he getting into the cruiser. Just pull around to the far corner of the park and I'll walk him across...and tell dispatch that we're taking a 10-410."

"You got it!" the cop's partner said as he climbed into the cruiser and circled halfway around the park while the big cop escorted me thru the children's playground area and across the grassy field to that far corner. All along the way, I was fighting to hold back the massive amount of piss that was fighting to get out of my ass. The big cop stopped us a couple of times to rub my distended belly, pressing down on the fullness while giving my ass a couple of resounding smacks with his big hand before continuing us on our short hike. By the time we reached the parked cruiser and his waiting partner, the strain of holding all of that piss in my ass was becoming too much and I warned the cop that I didn't think that I could hold it any longer. The cop gripped the back of my neck with one of his hands, squeezing tight as he told me to just keep walking.

Suddenly, my ass relented to the inner pressure and every step caused the hot piss to squirt out from my ass. The cop and his partner just laughed as piss streamed out of my ass and my hard dick as we walked up to our final destination.

The park had recently installed sandstone picnic pavilions and we were coming up to the last one. It was built into the hillside, over looking the river and you had to walk down a small flight of stairs to get to the BBQ pit and table where you were now out of sight from the rest of the park.

Most of the pressure in my bowels was relieved, but when the two officers had me squat down in the grass, more piss drained from my ass than I thought it was possible to be left. I was surprised at the tenderness the big cop exhibited as he took some paper towels from is partner and wiped my ass and thighs dry. When he was done, I was left standing there in the night air to watch as the two men began stripping out of their uniforms. The partner wasn't as built as the big cop, but he was still solidly built and also had an impressive cock. A little bit bigger and thicker than my own but not quite as large as the first cop's. I began to shiver a bit, not from the temperature since it had to still be almost 90 degrees out, but from the anticipation of being taken by these two masculine, well endowed authority figures. Being naked with them outside, in the dark and at their mercy also had my horniness cranked up to an amazing level.

Now naked, the big cop had me get down on my knees and presented his hairy ass to me, ordering me to tongue his sweaty asshole as his partner shoved my face into the crack of his ass.

The big cop was growling in pleasure as I slobbered over his hole, trying to get my tongue as far up that ass as possible. When he pulled away, that big cock of his was drooling pre-cum like a leaky faucet. He slowly fisted the slick juice along his thick shaft as his partner laid back on the picnic table and raised his legs, baring his hole for my tongue to attack. The big cop pulled me up off of my knees and bent me over so I could rim his partners ass while he got into position behind me. Again, that bulbous head on his cock sought entrance to my hole, but all patience and gentleness was gone as he speared me deep in one thrust. I yelled out from the intrusion, but my cries were muffled by his partner's ass. The big cop didn't waste any time in setting a fast, hard pace of thrusting deep into my hole, his big balls were slapping loudly against my flesh as he rode me hard.

Remembering how the big cop had said I was a piss pig, the partner pointed his dick upwards and began to piss, letting his stream rain down on me while I kept tonguing his butthole. The big cop got off on seeing me getting soaked and spanked my ass hard several times, while still hammering away at my hole.

"Give him some to drink!" he growled and his partner sat up so he could feed me his cock and pissed down my throat. He moaned as I kept swallowing and taking more and more of his cock deeper until my throat muscles were milking his pissing shaft. The two cops then began to fuck me from both ends, the big cop steadying me by holding onto my cuffed hands and I was nothing but two willing holes for their cocks to use for their own pleasure.

They took turns on which hole they were filling with hard cock and the big cop had just returned back to my asshole while I got his partner's slimy cock in my mouth when we heard a car approaching. Not missing a beat, the two naked cops kept fucking my holes as the engine was turned of, followed by the headlights and then the sound of two doors opening then closing.

"Looks like we're about to have some company boy! Think you're man enough to handle some more cop cock?...I bet you're enough of a cock loving little slut to want to take on any cock that comes your way!"

"Doesn't matter if he's not, but he's going to anyways!" a voice said as two figures came down the steps to find our naked three-way in full action.

"Hey guys. Man, are you going to be glad that you could make it! This little slut's all action."

"Yeah, sucks cock like a fucking pro and that hole of his is mighty hungry for all the cock it can get!"

"Hell, he better be hungry. Haven't gotten off since the wife left me last week and it's gonna take several loads before my balls are anywhere near satisfied!" one of the new arrivals said as he began to strip off.

"Fuck! I haven't had me any boy ass in months. Not since I pulled over that kid over on Osage Road that one night and he promised to do anything I said as long as I didn't write him a ticket or tell his parents. He squealed like a pig when I stuck my dick up his ass, but he was wanting another round after I blasted my load up his little bubble butt." the other arrival said as he too shucked his uniform and came over to join us.

When the first shift finally dropped their loads, the second shift was right there to keep the sucking and fucking action going. From what I could tell, one of the prerequisites for being a cop in the city was to have your own thick, fleshy night stick. While the first two cops were taking a breather, watching the action between me and the second two cops, another car pulled up and we were soon joined by two more of our city's finest.

All in all, I took on eight cops that summer night. I don't know how many loads of cum they all shot or how many loads of piss I got sprayed with or drank. After a while it was all a blur as I found myself in cock loving-piss pig heaven. I even took two cocks up my stretched ass a couple of times. The feeling them burying themselves balls deep and then pissing two loads of piss up my ass before fucking it back out was out of this world. And once they found out that they could fuck me and make me piss, well, they made sure that my bladder had plenty of piss to empty over and over again.

The first pair of cops had to get dressed and answer a call, taking my clothes with them, leaving me alone with the others, but they came back and fucked me some more afterwards. The action didn't stop until just about sunrise, when they all gathered around me and hosed me down with a last group piss. The big cop was the last one to get dressed and as he handed me my clothes he said that he'd better not catch me in the park after closing time again or I'd really be fucked. Then with a wink and a smack on my ass he climbed the stairs and drove off with his partner.

Dripping piss and cum, not even bothering to get dressed, I managed to walk slowly back to my truck on the other end of the park, . I'd just climbed into my truck when the first of the morning cruisers entered the park. As truly fucked out as I was, I still flashed on the thought of walking naked over to the toilet, but my sore and weary body won out. So I pulled on my shorts and started the engine. It had been a long night and I was going to need to get some sleep before I called the number on the card the big cop had tucked into my shorts.