Wading Marines

"Stop it" were the words running through his head. But Todd was talking to Marshall about politics and arguing at that.

Behind him was Bobby pesturing him.

They were near waist deep in the water, so Marshall couldn't see the effects on Todd. The pesturing amounted to Bobby's hard penis nesting between Todd's asschecks and rubbing up and down.

They had been playing grab ass on the nude beach earlier after pretending to play tackle football.

Hard cocks and their sunbaked bodies demanded they take their hoseplay into the ocean's annointing and cooling waves. Body surfing naked led to underwater sneak attacks and their childish yells attracted the eyes of those naked bodies on shore.

Smiles and erotic wishes resulted by the sight of two marine haircut clad naked youths hoseplay.

Others moved into the water, perhaps in a wish to participate or to let the ocean's water help them hide if not subside their individual excitement they felt.

"He's so passionate" Marshall said to Bobby.

"Yea isn't he?" His arms surrounded Todd bringing him closer to his hardness and entire body.

Todd knew he should wrestle away and laugh it off. He should push Bobby back into the water both to be playful and to avoid the inevitable.

But in his youth, the feeling of sun on his nude body, his cock openly hard in public, the feeling of Bobby's cock pressing between his buttocks and his arms holding him while finger toyed with his nipples was too much pleasure to shun.

"Hold him" Marshall said as he ducked underwater.

Todd couldn't take more. Bobby's cock was not half inside him and Marshall's mouth was around him underwater.

"OH shit" he said as his body erupted into the water that hid what Marshall and Bobby were both doing to him.

"You guys, you can't wait till later?" He asked not so much in protest but out of a loss of what to say about the introduction to pleasures he hadn't admitted to wanting before.

"Let's go" Bobby had said. They had already thrown their duffle bags of uniforms and boots on the motel room bed.Their civilian clothes didn't sucessfully hide their military status defined by haircuts and looks.

The desert had been enough to endure and coming home safe and sane was an achievement that not many of their buddies had.

Bobby would fly off to his hometown, Marshall was going on a month's leave and Todd would be visiting friends in a nearby city. Thrity days later they'd be back awaiting new orders.

Thanks to the fire, there weren't any temporary barracks and the corps had contracted motel rooms for in transient Marines.

"Shit there's only one bed" Todd had proclaimed. "But it's a king size we'll fit" Marshall offered.

"Yea we'll find a way to fit" Bobby said goosing. "But what do we do now?"

It had been Todd's idea. He had heard about the beach nearby and since Marshall had recovered his car, they could go.

They had run around the desert without uniform and even played full size team football in a foreign country. Perhaps thats why they wanted to bare their bodies once again to recall the comraderie of the past year.

They returned tired, exhausted and reddened. It took prolonged streams of flowing water to chase away the sand from their bodies and that included the cracks and crevaces.

The beer they acquired and shared with Marines who were put in other rooms, turned their impatient wait for release into an all night of parties, cursing, watching adult films and finally the three shared the bed and each other.

"Shit you've already had it in you" Bobby rationalized as he smoothed lotion on his erection.

"And I've had yours in me so it's your turn" Marshall said as he aimed his cock towards Todd's mouth.

It wasn't the first time they had buddy sex. The pressure and danger of the desert had kept guys jacking and helping each other in a number of ways they wouldn't admit to but would remember the rest of their lives.

By sunrise when the phone rang, they had inserted, swallowed, spurt with each other every way possible and imagined. They were released by the Corps the voice said.

"So, let's meet up here in a month" Todd said. "We can hang out here and maybe hit Blacks Beach again before we report in for orders."

Marshall drove away, Bobby took the cab to the airport and Todd waited for his friends to pick him up. Each had promised.

And Marines always fulfill their promises especially to fellow Marines.