The following is a work of erotic fiction which is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be read by minors. It contains explicit sex and racial humiliation by voluntary participants who enjoy extreme role-play. Anyone who thinks they might be offended or improperly influenced by reading this story should search for another form of fictional entertainment.


"I'm home, pop." Johnny threw a stack of books on the mahogany coffee table in his father's office. He was eager to help out in his daddy's business now that he was home from high school. "I'm going to make the rounds to check up on the workers," he called out as he rushed from the office.

"Hold on boy," his father called back, looking amused, "Don't you have homework to do?"

"That can wait until after I've made my rounds. Business comes first."

"That boy of mine," Mr. Smith chuckled to himself, shaking his head as he filed away papers, "He's going to make a great business manager when he gets older."

Johnny strode up and down the long corridors of his father's warehouse. His blond teenaged mop of hair bobbed up and down as walked the isles. The older men snapped to when they saw him coming. "Heads up, here comes the boss' son," a grisly man said to his co-worker. They picked up their pace as they loaded up a dolly.

Johnny reached the end of the corridor where he noticed a friend who recently dropped out from high school: a black teenager named Tyrone who was about his own age, with colorful baggy clothing. The boy sat on rail, smoking a cigarette and looking sullen. His baseball cap was defiantly cocked on his head and turned sideways. Johnny's blue eyes narrowed.

"Hey, what are you doing here? This is private property."

Tyrone sucked his teeth in contempt and turned away from Johnny.

"Hey, I asked you a question. You better answer me or I'll call a security guard. This is trespassing."

Tyrone cast a lazy glance in Johnny's direction. "Wha th' fuck iz it ta you? Ya acts like ya ownz da place."

Johnny came close to the black boy, got directly in the boy's face. "As a matter of fact I do own the place. At least my dad does. And you're gonna be in deep shit when I report you to a security guard."

Both boys knew Johnny was kidding. He would never turn his friend in for trespassing on his father's property; but this was all part of the role-play that both boys liked to go through.

The black boy's eyes widened. "No, ya'll don't hafta call no guards. I works here. Yo pops hired me just the otha day."

Johnny gave the boy a suspicious glance. "You work here, huh? Well, lemme see you work. Lemme see you move that stack of boxes to the next storage room."

Tyrone looked annoyed but his dick got hard as he slid off the rail. He loved it when the white boy gave him orders. Tyrone moved toward the stack of boxes. His pants sagged so low it was difficult for him to walk. Johnny repressed his laughter.

"If you work here why aren't you wearing work clothes like the rest of the guys? Why are you wearing that hip hop monkey shit that's too big for you? You wear your clothes so loose you might as well not be wearing them at all. You look stupid dressed like that; somebody in prison needs to rape your ass to beat some sense into you."

The black boy's face flashed with mock anger, "Eat a dick, muthafucka. I got all the ladies wantin' to be swingin' offa my nutts. You probably wanna do dat too."

Johnny waved his hand dismissively at the falsely enraged black boy. "Just get busy stacking those boxes. I don't have all day."

One by one Tyrone picked up a box and carried it into a nearby storage room. Johnny refused to let the boy carry more than one box at a time or to use a dolly. It didn't take long before the boy was hot and sweaty. He pealed off his shirt, exposing his smooth muscular chest and dark rippled abs.

Johnny watched the black boy labor. He felt himself growing aroused as he focused on the glistening sweat of the nigger's body. For some reason Tyrone reminded him of a sweaty black ship hand loading cargo. It occurred to him that he should demand even more from his captive.

"You look ridiculous in those baggy monkey clothes," Johnny said once again.

The black boy frowned. "Dis here is da shyt. I'm da original nigga; I'm keepin' it real."

Johnny laughed derisively, "Yeah, you're `keepin' it real' alright. Did you bother to finish high school? You wouldn't even be able to pay for the clothes on your back if somebody didn't give you a hand-out. And if you ever try to get a job in a few years, then I'll be in charge of this place; I'm gonna be your boss. Maybe you should get used to the idea now by getting down on your knees to clean my sneakers."

The black boy glared at Johnny as both boys tried to suppress their laughter, "Suck my dick, muthafucka. I'll knock yo gay school-goin' azz out if ya talks ta me like dat one mo' time." Tyrone let the box he was carrying fall out of his hands, knocking over a smaller stack nearby. "Fuck all dese boxes."

Johnny remained cool, carefully eyeing the falsely irate black boy. "All I'm saying is that you should go to school."

Tyrone pouted at his mock tormentor and slumped against the wall. "Dere aint no reason ta go back ta school. Ya canst learn nuthin' important there. All de important shyt is happenin' right here, out on da streets."

Johnny pursed his lips and walked toward the angry acting black boy. He pushed his body up against Tyrone, making it hard for the boy to keep his balance and daring him to do something about it. "That's where you're wrong `homeboy'; just today we were learning about slavery."

Tyrone looked annoyed. Johnny had the black boy backed up against the boxes. He was directly in the black boy's face. Tyrone felt Johnny's hot breath on his cheeks, "Know what I learned about slavery? I learned that there's nothing that makes my dick as hard as seeing a nigger bound and helpless so that his white master can fuck his face and his ass as much as he wants."

Tyrone acted as though his first impulse was to hit Johnny, but then he was overcome by a wave of desire. He wanted to be dominated by this brazen white boy. He had a sudden urge to be held in the white boy's arms and to allow the boy to ravish his black body like he was one of those helpless slaves Johnny had just told him about. He was confused. He wasn't gay, and he sure as fuck didn't like being "disrespected," especially by a white teenager -- even though he played these games with Johnny all the time. Suddenly he lashed out at the boy to save face.

"Youse a gay muthafucka. Youse a fuckin Homo."

Johnny pushed his body against the alarmed and confused black boy. Tyrone felt weak inside as the white boy pressed his body up against him. "I'm just telling you what I learned. I saw pictures of black bodies being stripped naked and held captive and helpless. Those black slaves had to give themselves over to their masters -- all of themselves -- every inch of their dark nigger bodies, including the cum outta their nutt sacs -- they had to surrender everything..."

Johnny's voice trailed off as if he were lost in a dream. He rubbed his hand up and down the black boy's firm, muscular arm. Tyrone's knees got weak and his body sank a little under the looming frame of his white teenaged tormentor.

"...They had to surrender themselves. They were strapped down and raped by a gang of white overseers who had the right to probe every inch of their nigger bodies. Pissing on them and shooting cum inside of them; making them mere receptacles for every bodily desire. And best of all, those black slaves were helpless to do anything about it. That's what somebody needs to do to your black ass."

Tyrone tried to back away, but he was cornered by the boxes. "Man, you mus be sick getting' off on dat shyt."

"Take off your clothes," Johnny snapped.

"Whaaa?" The black boy's jaw dropped.

"You heard me, I said take off your clothes and climb on top of those boxes or I'm gonna call my daddy's security guards. I wanna see what a nigger's cock looks like. I wanna see you to jack that black dick off for me." Johnny was clearly taking their little "game" to new levels.

Tyrone eyed the white boy suspiciously as he climbed on top of the boxes. He grudgingly undid his slacks and arched his back to allow them to slide off his legs. Slowly he pulled off his black and red checkered boxer shorts, revealing his thick, long dark cock. The only clothing that remained on his body was his baseball cap, still defiantly twisted sideways.

The boy sullenly began stroking his massive nigger sausage while Johnny beamed. Both boys enjoyed this new level of intensity. This was real live entertainment.

Johnny's mouth dropped open as he took in the size of the nigger's cock. He was mesmerized by the sight of the boy's big, hairy black balls bouncing up and down on the box top. Johnny felt his own dick getting harder and harder as it pressed against his pants. It was not unlike the sensations he had many times before as he watched sweaty black semi-naked athletes playing basketball on the concrete inner-city courts near the warehouse.

Tyrone kept pumping his black sausage for the white boy's approval. Tyrone couldn't help getting caught up in his own passions and fantasies as his fist slid rapidly up and down the thick meaty shaft of his fuck tool. He began to take short, quick breaths and his body began to buck as he involuntarily neared orgasm. Just when he was about shoot his load of thick white cum juices all over his glistening dark body Johnny ordered the nigger to stop.

"I don't want you to cum just yet. I've still got more `fun' in store for you."

The black boy looked at Johnny as if he were in a daze. The boy's eyes were clouded with trickles of sweat from his forehead. His thick dark lips hung open with longing and frustration after being interrupted in the middle of his mounting pleasure. He used the back of his hand to wipe away saliva that was trickling from the corner of his lips. He thought to himself, "Now what's this white boy gonna have me do for him?" It didn't take long for him to find out.

"Get down from those boxes and crawl on your knees to suck my cock," Johnny sneered. "You said you try to keep it real? Okay, Show the world what real really is. You work for me now. Wrap those nigger lips around my hard white cock."

A thrill rushed through Tyrone's spine. Something inside of the black boy that he couldn't quite understand made him feel weak when he was in the white boy's young mythical godlike presence. It seemed that the white boy had the confidence and the power to make the sullen street-hardened black boy do anything he wanted. Johnny's glowing fair white skin and soft golden hair, and the pools of his deep blue eyes grabbed Tyrone from inside and freed him from the prison of his blackness.

Tyrone was surprised to find his cock growing even harder at the prospect of having an intimate part of this young white boy's body inside of his mouth. Tyrone's dark cock began to leak streams of pre-cum.

Tyrone sank to his knees in front of the white boy. Johnny's hand swooped down, knocking the cap off of the black boy's head. "Get rid of that stupid cap and get to work sucking my cock, nigger."

Hesitantly, with his black lips quivering, Tyrone opened his mouth to receive Johnny's throbbing white manhood. Johnny slid his penis deep inside the black boy's mouth and looked down at the tough nigger boy with contempt, "Wrap those dark lips around my white cock."

Tyrone pressed his lips tightly on Johnny's hard member. He grimaced and closed his eyes tightly. Tyrone bobbed his head back and forth, massaging the white boy's cock with his mouth. Johnny moaned, "Yeeeeah. Suck that cock, nigger."

Tyrone slurped on the young boy's cock, taking the full length of the boy's shaft deep inside his throat. He felt the slow rhythmic pace as the boy's cock rubbed back and forth against his warm moist tongue. The colored boy's thick nigger lips massaged the white boy's cock harder and harder, faster and faster -- serving the purpose for which his lips were intended.

Johnny grunted with pleasure and withdrew his cock from the black boy's mouth. He lifted his throbbing cock up so that his testicles where in the subdued black boy's face. "Lick those balls, nigger. Lick `em like you do when I'm fucking your mama."

Tyrone stuck out his tongue and licked the white boy's hairy balls. He buried his dark face between the white boy's thighs and licked the shit stains off of the boy's ass. Precum from Johnny's throbbing cock dribbled on the black boy's head. Johnny moaned, "Oooooh that feels so good. Lick those hairy white balls. You know you want them to breed your sister."

Tyrone obediently licked the symbol of the superiority of white manhood. He kissed the white boy's testicles like they were the precious jewels that could free him from his ghetto mentality. Johnny looked down and smirked at the black boy who was dutifully and absent-mindedly slurping on his cock.

"I bet you always dreamed of being a rapper or a basketball star -- but here you are, down on your knees sucking on my big white cock."

Tyrone found himself nodding his head in agreement with the white boy's assessment of the situation. Here he was, a pitiful and helpless black boy down on his ashy knees, giving props to his blond white master's manhood. Nothing in all of Tyrone's experience of running in the streets, acting "gangsta," could feel as real and as truthful as this moment of submission.

Johnny looked down and took in the scene of the black boy's admission of powerlessness on the `downlow.' He spat on the side of the black boy's face and watched as his slime oozed down the boy's neck, forming a pool on the nigger's shoulders.

Tyrone felt the warmth of the white boy's saliva on his body. The very thought of a white boy spitting on him made Tyrone's cock leak a few more spurts of pre-cum onto the floor.

Johnny started to get carried away with his power over the black boy. He grabbed Tyrone's head and forced the boy's mouth to work harder and faster to give pleasure to his cock. He moved Tyrone's face back and forth, back and forth in a rapid motion -- not paying attention as the nigger coughed and gagged on the thick, white fuckmeat that dominated him.

Electricity shot through Tyrone's body as Johnny grabbed him by the ears and violently thrust his cock down his throat. Tyrone swallowed his own saliva and the white boy's pre-cum. He felt the soft blond hair of the Johnny's pubes brushing against his face. He took a deep breath of the smell arising from the white boy's pubes. The smell was a powerful aphrodisiac and nearly made Tyrone shoot his load right then and there without even touching his cock. Tyrone's thick black lips worked naturally to give the white boy's cock pleasure.

"Yeah, that's the way to do it. Nigger lip that cock for me."

Tyrone slurped as Johnny moaned. Both boys groaned and gasped as the smell of sweat, saliva, and pubes filled that air. The two boys' sweaty teenaged bodies pumped and grinded -- moving frantically but rhythmically in a naked, erotic dance of sheer masculine sexuality. Johnny's smooth, sweaty white body dominated the firm, lean, dark muscular body of the young urban hip hopper.

Johnny could no longer contain himself. He gasped, "I'm gonna blow -- I'm gonna blow -- I'm gonna blow..." as he slammed his body against the black boy's face, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper inside the nigger's throat. The helpless young black thug took all of that aggressive white cock meat, gagging, wheezing, and gasping for air.

Johnny grabbed Tyrone's nappy black head and shot hot globs of cum down the nigger's throat. Tyrone gagged, almost drowning from the thickness of pure, unadulterated liquid white manhood that was shooting down his throat. Before he fully realized what he was doing and how much he was enjoying this shameful forbidden pleasure he swallowed most of the Johnny's cum, accepting his role as the boy's young nigger cocksucker.

Johnny yanked his cock out of Tyrone's mouth and shot the rest of his jizz all over the black boy's face until it was dripping off of the boy's chin. Tyrone's face was covered with white boy cum. It was so thick and sticky it nearly glued his eyes shut.

Johnny slowly tucked his cock back inside his pants, leaving Tyrone kneeling on the floor in front of him -- a naked, sticky black mess. As he was leaving Johnny said to the humiliated black boy, "Next time I catch you trespassing I'm gonna have to tap that smooth nigger ass of yours."

As the young white teenager walked triumphantly down the corridor Tyrone struggled to his feet. He pulled his baggy clothes back on to over up his ass. He slid his shirt on even though his face was still sticky with the white boy's cum. Tyrone ducked his head as he shuffled out of the warehouse; walking awkwardly to keep his sagging pants from falling down.

Some of the older guys who were working in the warehouse saw the black boy leaving. "Look at the low sagging teenaged nigger exposing his ass," one of the guys said, "When I see a boy like that I wanna ram my white cock hard up that young nigger's ass." The other men around him clutched their throbbing cocks through their pants and agreed. Tyrone quickened his pace -- determined to avoid learning any more about the force of white manhood; at least for this day.