Nubian Lover


Dear Grossao I'm a young German doctor and I work helping refugees from Africa. I was called to see a woman from Sudan with a high fever. When I knock on the small apartment in a high-rise outside Berlin, a man answers the door. Towering over me is the most gorgeous black male I've ever seen, a pure-blood Nubian, powerfully built, welcoming me with a wide smile. He brings me to the room where his wife is shaking with fever, with their two teenage sons by her side. I medicate her and soon she's serenely sleeping with no fever.

- Doctor I feel so grateful, I don't know how to thank you, the big black stud says, hugging me tight in his huge arms. The power of his hard body gives me an instant hard-on. I feel between us his own massive dick surging. He's horny for me!

- You're welcome, it's my pleasure. Just this hug is a wonderful way of showing your gratitude. I can feel that you're more than grateful.

He gives me a horny smile, tells his kids to stay with their mom and takes me outside to a little balcony from which one sees the city lights far away. I lean on the railing, feeling his warm body so close to me. Without a word, he hugs me from behind. Now his huge hard cock is pressed against my buttocks. We stay like that for what seems like an infinite, delicious moment. I feel his desire for me in the growing bulge lodged between my buttocks. My submission to his powerful embrace makes it more than clear that he can fuck me as much as he wants.

- You're so hot doctor, I felt horny for you as soon as I opened that door. And then while you treated my wife I watched your sexy butt and that drove me crazy. My wife has been sick for a long time, I haven't had sex for ages. You want to make love to me, don't you doctor?

As an answer I turn my face around to kiss his full, thick black lips. His fat tongue finds its way through my mouth. I surrender.

He opens his fly as I go down, hitting my face hard with his enormous manhood. I stare in disbelief at the most magnificent phallus ever conceived, a perfectly cylindrical column, thicker than a strong arm, crowned by a wide head sculpted like a helmet, standing proudly over a pair of large round balls, the whole shining like the blackest and hardest ebony, and throbbing with a network of thick veins bulging under the silken skin.

One pearl of the most translucent male honey graces the deep cleft at the tip. I pull my tongue out and sip the drop of precum which quickly turns into a stream. I cry in joy and gratitude to be allowed to worship this god of manhood and feel its urge to fuck me.

The Nubian stud lifts me by the nipples and turns my back to him. He shoves the giant cock between my thighs, bringing the glistening head way above my waist. I bend over to kiss and slurp the bulging glans while he rubs the wide fucker on my puckered hole, crushing my balls and bruising my buttocks.

Being so tall, the Nubian raises me from the floor mounted on his enormous dick. I feel like a little boy, sucking the tip of the head as I ride the black stallion. His large hands take possession of by buttocks as he whispers in my ears.

- You don't know it doctor, but I've been horny for you for a long time. I was still in the Sudan when you came to visit our camp. At night I saw you going inside a tent with another Nubian man. I eavesdropped and watched as he fucked you. I had never had gay sex, not even felt horny for another man. But when I saw the way you rode his big cock and took it up your ass, the way you swayed your hips and moaned, making him cum many times inside you, while you shot loads through your hard dick, I went crazy. From then on I've been thinking of you all the time. I've never fucked any man. You're the one I desire.

The big black stud raises me with his hands under my ass, until my asshole is aligned with his giant dick. He sits me on the head, as wide as a stool, then raises my legs, pressed against my chest. I feel like a puppet in his big arms. Now, holding me up like that, he rubs my anus on the tip of his dick to lube it with the thick honey that flows from the throbbing glans.

He turns me around, I'm now facing him with my legs on his shoulders, and he leans his head forward to spit on my hole. He's getting me ready for the fuck of my life. I kiss the top of his clean-shaven head as he sucks my balls into his big mouth. I can't hold in any longer, I start to cum in his mouth. He swallows the first jet then spits the rest of my load right back into me through my back door. I'm now fully lubed.

- Are you ready my love?

No stud ever asked me that, before shoving his big fucker up my ass. I have a flashback of when I was a young boy biking around Berlin in the summer and I saw a muscular black stud in speedos watering the plants with a hose in front of a house. I stopped to watch him, so sexy with a huge bulge in his crotch. He smiled at me.

- You look hot boy. Want me to hose you?

- Yeah, that would be great.

I got off my bike and stood on the sidewalk as he got me wet. He went behind me, shoved the nuzzle of the hose in the back of my shorts and said:

- You need to cool that hot ass. Gosh I've never seen a German boy with such a juicy butt. What? You're blushing? Don't tell me you're a virgin. Yeah? Wow, we have to take care of that. Let's chain your bike and go inside.

As he helped me with the bike he rubbed his crotch on my ass. For the first time I felt on my buttocks the wonderful touch of a horny stud's big hard dick. I knew then and there that I was born to be a bottom and to service black men with huge cocks.

To make a long story short, he spent the rest of the day fucking me and I became his sex slave. He rented me out to other black fuckers and they all loved me because I was able to take their giant dicks. My master was a Nubian from the sources of the Nile. He told me that from antiquity Nubians were prized for their huge cocks and sexual power, and also for a very special quality. The male anus fed with Nubian sperm turns into a cunt that is able to take the largest dicks. That's why the Emperor Caligula had his own Nubian who trained him so he be fucked by his beloved horse.

Soon my boypussy became the most popular among the black community and I was set on the journey that took me to work with refugees in Africa. And now I'm about to take up the ass the largest of all Nubian cocks I have ever seen.

Without waiting for an answer, after he asked if I was ready, my Nubian just shoves the head of his dick in. My scream would have been heard all over Europe if he hadn't put his large hand on my mouth. The pain is terrible and then it goes away. That's the thing with giant dicks. The entry is almost too much to bear. But once it's in, the sheer massiveness of the invader brings in a total surrender and all resistance melts away. You must have seen the bliss on the face of guys fucked by truly enormous cocks. Those whose smirk in pain are being screwed by the not-so-big.

The Nubian sees that in my face and releases my mouth so I can moan in delight as the giant head of his dics travels inside me, all the way to my heart. He looks at me with passion.

- Fuck you're so tight and hot. No female cunt ever felt like that. No wonder in the camps they call you the she-camel doc. They're the only animals who can take our Nubian dicks so well.

What a compliment. First he says he loves me, then he calls me a she-camel, soon he'll take me to his village to introduce me to his family as his new wife. All I know about camels is that they hump, so that's what I do, sucking his elephant-trunk cock in with all the power of my anal muscles.

The giant Nubian hits my buttocks with his pelvis every time I take his whole cock up my ass, kicking me up. But as soon as my pussy disgorges the huge head with a loud PLOP!, he pulls me down, and I bounce back on his lap, like a rag doll. He increases his tempo, and soon he's playing me like a soccer ball, kicking me up, landing me down, as he fucks the hell out of me.

It's too much, I can't hold it any longer, I start to shoot up in the night sky. My cunt squeezes his monster and it too starts to blast away a volley of hot jets in my bowels. I feel impregnated with his Nubian seed. I'm now ready to become his lover.

Then I notice his two boys watching us behind the balcony doors, huge cocks in hand.

- They're learning from dad how to treat a German bitch. Nice cocks, huh? Wanna try? Come here boys, the doc wants to give you your first fuck.

Wow, they're just like their father, only a little smaller. Two giant young cocks raising their black heads high. I try to suck both at the same time. Then the father pulls me down on my knees, ass raised, and helps his sons to aim their monsters at my cum-filled hole. When they shove in, together, their dad's cum squirts out of my cunt. The feeling of the two virgin cocks fucking their first male pussy is too much and I start to cum again. I'm still squirming when another hard thing hits my ass. Daddy is trying to join his sons, a third giant cock up my overstuffed back door.

There's no way to resist a Nubian dick, so I just surrender and enjoy the sensation of three monsters fighting for space in my by now tight anus. The boys don't last long, they shoot huge loads inside me, and the dad finishes me off, breeding me with another flood of Nubian seed.

By the time I get back to the office, I'm still dizzy with so much cock and so much cum inside me. My boss asks me how the woman is. I had forgotten.

- Oh, her I don't know, but her husbands and sons are just wonderful. I gave them the best I have to give, and they loved it.