Black Hitchhiker

Disclaimer - This story is about sex between two males.If you are too young to read this in your area, read no further.If you find this kind of material offensive, stop right now.Otherwise, keep reading....

Before I get started, I wanted to bring you all up to date.Many, many of you have written over the past months asking, "Where have you gone?" I have so wanted to write another installment of the crazy shit that goes on in my life.I have come up with a thousand and one excuses, none of which you give a fuck about!The important thing is to tell you about sucking some fat, black dicks!

For the last year, I had stopped combing the streets for cock.Through word of mouth it was coming (and cumming) to me.I had several very hot looking regulars:a 20 year old, a 27 year old, and a 37 year old.All liked to cuss me out and put me in my place as I begged them for a taste of their dicks and asses.Sadly, they are all gone now.Two are locked up and one has left the area.As you can imagine, I am now a churning mass of emotions, willing to grovel to suck a dick, any dick.

** The Black Hitchhiker **

A few weeks ago, I was driving to my weekend job.Thanks to our wonderful economy, I now get to work two jobs now instead of one.Of course, together they add up to half the money I was making a year ago... Oh well, I could go on about that, but such is life... I didn't vote for the fucking president so I guess I can bitch about him having his head up his ass thinking everything is rosy.I guess three degrees gets a person a fast food job nowadays.

Anyway, I was driving along the interstate highway headed to my weekend job when I saw a kid walking along the road.He was as black as the ace of spades and a little on the chunky side.I judged him to be early twenties.The kid was carrying a bag of what I presumed to be clothes. The temptation was too strong not to stop.I was about an hour from needing to be to work and was actually going to go suck one of my regulars at the time.Deciding to try this boy out, I pulled him over and offered him a ride.He was grateful.Little did he know what this sick, cocksucking pervert had planned for him.

The kid said his name was Joseph and he was headed to a city that is about sixty miles away. I told him I was headed to work and it was only about ten minutes from where we were.He seemed grateful for any assistance.As we got close to where I work, he asked if I could get him a Pepsi.I said sure, I had time to kill.I went and bought him a Pepsi and a box of Newport cigarettes and went back out to the car.(As in my old stories, you might remember I used to have a truck, but when the job went to shit, I lost it... Fucking economy...)

Anyway, I went out to the car where Joseph was and we got to talking and I told him I was early to work because I was hoping to get a booty call from a friend of mine.He said to hook him up with the bitch.I told him not to be offended but it was a dude.He seemed puzzled and asked me what I was going to do with a dude.I told him I like to suck black cocks.He grinned and asked if I wanted to suck his.I told him I would.

I took Joseph to a remote area on the edge of town and we parked on a gravel road.He and I are both bigger guys and my car is small.I had to open the driver's door and lean over to get at the right angle, but I was able to suck his dick.It was actually a little on the thin side and only about five and a half inches.Joseph's dick reeked of sweat from walking, but it smelled like a black dick to me and it tasted wonderful.I gave him a fantastic blowjob and had the boy panting.By the time he came, he said he was exhausted.I am leaving out a few details - I will tell you more in a minute.

Joseph begged me to drive him to where he was going.By my reckoning, I had about forty minutes to get to work.I called in and spoke with a co-worker named Caleb and told Caleb that I was in the car with a booty call and asked him if he could cover for me for a couple of hours.Caleb said it was cool with him.

I told Joseph I would take him to his front door if he would do me one more favor.He asked what it was.I told him that I needed to suck his cock one more time.He said he was too tired and I told him that I needed his cock and his cum so bad I just had to have more, especially with gas being about three bucks a gallon.Finally, Joseph agreed.

I drove Joseph to a seedy part of town where the porno shops are located.When he got out of the car, I asked myself what the fuck was I doing... This kid was chubby and his hair was picked out in a frizzy and inconsistent looking afro.It looked like some cows had chewed on it! The kid had a flat nose and big old flabby lips.He wasn't the prettiest looking kid out there but I thought to myself, what better way to humiliate myself than with a young, sloppy, poor hygiene, fat black kid from the 'hood?

I took Joseph into the bookstore and we went to a large booth.The booth contained two chairs.I fed a five-dollar bill into the video machine. Joseph sat down.He said he was tired and his dick said the same thing. It was drooping and shriveled like a limp noodle.I had to make him cum and knew it would respond.Most young guys' dicks can't stay soft very long if a practiced mouth is working them.

I attacked Joseph's dick with a passion for chocolate only surpassed by Mister Willy Wonka himself.I had to suck that ghetto dick.The boy reeked of sweat.I sucked and sucked, licked and licked, but I could only get a half rise out of him and his tired dick.Then I decided to go lower.I shoved my face down towards his nuts.Before I even licked his nuts, the stench hit me.It was powerful and not all that pleasant.I went lower.That chubby kid had probably never had his ass licked before, but I did it for him.I shoved my tongue under his balls and damn near threw up from the stench.It was potent and putrid.The only thing to do was to breathe through the mouth.It didn't take much licking and his cock was ready to go.He was moaning and panting from the ass licking.

Joseph's five and a half inch, cut black cock was soon up to about the normal height.I deep throated him and sucked like a damned car wash vacuum.Joseph moaned loudly.To add a little more stimulation, I rubbed the middle finger on my right hand around his anus a little bit to which he wiggled his big ass in approval.I set up a nice rhythm of sucking his cock and rubbing his butthole.I was tired, too, and that booth was hotter than hell.The sweat was burning my eyes.At least the stench of sex was keeping me going.I could feel Joseph's young cock start to tighten up.It was then that my finger started to slip into his ass.I jammed it in there and he yelped "no", but did not fight me. After he got used to it, I started to finger him a little as I gobbled his baby maker.The more intense the blowjob, the more comfortable Joseph got with getting finger fucked.

"Yeah, you faggot.Suck that black dick.Yeah, make me cum, motherfucker. You love that black cock, don't you bitch?Swallow my nut you fucking bitch."

Joseph really turned me on with that abusive talk.I assaulted his butthole, twisting my finger, thrusting it, and sucking hard on his cock.He finally gave a hard jab of his cock and yelled out loud as a hot splash of cum hit my throat.It was followed by another, and then another.After he stopped cumming, he said his leg cramped up.

I laid down on the floor on my back, pulled out my cock, and put my head up, licking Joseph's stinky balls.The smell of his body put me over the edge in no time at all and I blasted the fucking video screen with a huge load of jism.I had to wash my hand 'cause it smelled like ass and shit.

On the way out, Joseph told me that the back of my shirt was covered with dirt.I realized that it was from rolling around on the dirty bookstore floor.Fortunately, I had a clean one in the car and I changed.But the knees of my khaki pants were black with the grime from the floor of the booth. I didn't have any spare pants with me.

I drove Joseph the sixty miles to where he lived.(He took my phone number but never called me back.)I stopped at a bar, rewarded myself with a couple of drinks and then drove back to work.Caleb gave me some shit.Even the owner of the business (it's a small business) called later that night and said he heard I had to give someone a ride. I should have been embarrassed but was not.All night long, I smelled his stinking, filthy crotch and ass on my face, as well as having all the grime on the knees of my slacks.

Only a connoisseur of black cock, thugs, and humiliation will put themselves through this kind of shit and be a better person for it.I am working on seducing some new guys and will write to tell you what happens.In the meantime, be safe and keep sucking cock.Some of you have written and told me fantastic stories.Please send them to Nifty so we can all share!:)

Feel free to write.I try to write back, but sometimes I get busy with my two fucking shit jobs and it's hard to find time.Sorry, I can't tell you what area I am from.This is for my protection.