One Lucky Slave

My name is Leroy Green.I'm a fairly successful, middle-aged colored guy, happily married with two children, yet I have a secret, private life on the side as a nigger slave.It isn't easy living a double life, in fact it's maddening, nerve-wracking, and at times I feel as though I'll go mad, but I have no choice.

No, that's not true.I had choices and I made them. Although no one will ever read this shameful narrative, I feel compelled to set down into words all that has befallen me.

It all started when I was a sophomore in college.I had intended on spending Thanksgiving with my parents, but had to change my plans at the last minute when I learned they were taking a Caribbean cruise.I was disappointed, but shouldn't have been surprised.

I come from a large family, youngest of a litter of nine, plus half a dozen half-siblings, a few step-brothers and step-sisters and countless cousins. My family never had much time for me.Sometimes I think the happiest day in their life was when I got a scholarship and went away to an out of state college.

Returning to the off-campus apartment that I shared with another student, I walked in upon a startling scene.

Imagine my astonishment when I opened the door and found my roommate Scott and his buddy Mark in a threesome with some black chick on our living room floor. They were both completely naked and the girl was on her back with her plump thighs spread and her big brown titties flopping as Scott fucked her voracious cunt like a jackhammer.Mark was feeding his plump, thickly-veined alabaster shaft in and out of her greedy mouth.

"Bro-bro!C'mon in man,!"Scott shouted, spotting me."What happened, Bro-bro?Thought you weren't gonna be around this weekend.See what you'd've missed?"

"Bro-bro" was a nickname Scott bestowed upon me. Both Scott and Mark used it with humorous contempt.I don't know why I put up with it.No, that's not true. I do know why.I wanted them to like me.

When I answered Scott's ad for a roommate, he wasn't too pleased that I was black.He didn't say so outright, but I could discern it from his expression of disappointment, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to live with a racist, but mutual desperation settled both our qualms.Scott was desperately behind on the rent and I was in desperate need of a place to stay. I sealed the deal by offering one month's back rent and double the security deposit.

We shared a bedroom.I said nothing about the Confederate flag on the wall above his bed, the infamous Southern Cross with all its racist implications, and he treated me okay, if with occasional disdain.We got along by staying out of each other's way.

I knew Scott saw a lot of action but I had never walked in on him fucking someone before.

His rugged, handsome face and body glistened with sweat.I stared as if transfixed as he spanked her quivering brown ass real hard a few times with a loud whackkkkk!

"Join the party!"Mark shouted, with a shit-eating grin."You can see she's got a purty mouth!"

He was definitely enjoying himself as his thick white shaft slid in and out between her ample lips, gagging her.

"Yeah, and she's got a purty ass, too!" added Scott with a chuckle.

Scott had the largest, most innocent looking blue eyes I've ever seen and a shaved head with blond brows.He had a wiry, hard physique with great abs and a yellow treasure trail.I couldn't take my eyes off his muscular ass cheeks, clenching tightly as he pumped away inside the black girl's pussy.

The sight of Scott's taut, muscular white body always excited me.A lot of times I pretended to be asleep, but watched him secretly when he came from the shower naked to get dressed in our room.Not that I needed to pretend I was sleeping, since Scott was something of an exhibitionist.

He had a lengthy, thin, circumcised cock, and was never shy about walking around the apartment with it swinging between his legs.But this was the first time I ever saw Scott's cock fully erect.Although I hadn't yet admitted to myself that I had gay tendencies, I knew I was fascinated by his beautiful white penis.

It was a treat seeing Mark in action too.He was hairy with a massive chest, bulging arms, muscular legs, a beefy tight ass, and a thick, uncut Italian sausage.He looked like a young Tony Danza with the tattoo of an eagle on one of his delts and tribal bands encircling both biceps.Watching the two of them driving their big white dicks inside this girl's pussy and mouth got my black cock hard as hell!

When Scott encouraged me to join them, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to get in on the action.I kicked off my sneaks, peeled off my shirt, and shucked both my jeans and boxers.Wearing nothing but my white socks, I got down on my knees and started nibbling the girl's melon-sized tits.Her nipples were sweet.I love sucking on titties.

For the next hour, the three of us fucked her relentlessly.She hardly said a word.She just accommodated our needs.First, Scott ejaculated inside her vagina and then Mark busted a nutt in her rectum.With both of them cheering me on, I unleashed a load down her throat.It felt so good getting my cock sucked like that.I felt like a man for once.

"Fuck her Bro-bro, fuck her good," said Scott.

"Pump that black bitch, Bro!" echoed Mark."Fuck her big lips!"

Scott scoffed, "Shit, I thought you brothers are supposed to be hung."

My cock is nothing to be ashamed of, seven inches hard, but it was at least an inch shorter than Scott's ivory pole and about the same length as Mark's olive-colored phallus, but thinner.Both had monster testicles, hairy white scrotums holding nuts the size of walnuts, while mine are somewhat the size of pecans.

Once our juices were spent, the prostitute dressed to leave.She expected payment for services rendered. Scott said he would pay me back if I took care of it, which I did.Fortunately, I usually carried a large amount of cash on me.I guess Scott knew that.

Cost me $200, which I didn't expect to be reimbursed. I never challenged Scott when he asked to borrow something from me or when he told me to do something. It was like we had this tacit understanding who was in charge.

Even Mark treated me this way like the time he came over to watch the Superbowl with Scott and called out to me to bring him another beer from the fridge.I happened to be in the other room on the phone with my folks, but I submissively obeyed.

After the prostitute left, Scott told me to mix us some drinks.He wanted Tanqueray and tonic with a twist of lime.Mark wanted a double Bacardi and coke. I fixed myself a Jack Daniels on the rocks.

We sat on the floor in the living room, still naked with flaccid dicks, when Scott put a porno flick into the VCR:it was a gangbang with six guys and one female, who fucked and sucked for all she was worth.

Scott said, "I want to see some more fucking.That gal should've never left."

I forget how many more drinks we had or when we all passed out on the floor.

The next morning, I was the first to awaken.We were all still naked.Scott was sprawled beside me with his eyes closed, breathing softly, while Mark was snoring on the sofa in a seated position.Both their cocks were half-hard, half-soft, lying against their thighs.

I was tempted as hell to take one into my mouth, but of course I didn't dare.My own dick was stiff as it could be.I couldn't keep my hand away from it.

Scott opened his eyes to see stroking my dick.

"Damn," he muttered."You still hard, Bro-bro?Me too."Actually his dick wasn't that hard, but it got like that as soon as he grabbed it.

Mark let out a loud snore.

"Marky's out cold," Scott observed."Guess the pussy was too much for him."

"I guess so," I replied, nervously, awkwardly.

"I wish that black bitch was still here," said Scott. "I need my dick sucked so fuckin' bad right now!I'm horny as hell!"

He started stroking his cock.I stared as it began to swell.

"Gotta jerk off," he said."Wanna jerk off together, Bro-bro?You ever jerk off with your buddies to see who comes first?"

"Yeah, I guess so," I admitted, completely unprepared for his next question.

"Let me ask you something wild, okay?" said Scott, looking at me strangely."Don't take offense, but I was just wondering...have you ever sucked a dick before?"

Whether it was because I was still drunk or because I was horny or because I was simply used to obeying Scott, I told the truth.

"Yeah, I've done it," I said, surprised to hear myself admit this.

"You have, huh?" he said, but not as surprised as I would have liked.

"Yeah, I done it once or twice, but that's between us, right?Mark don't gotta know nothin about this, okay?"

"Sure," said Scott."Hell, ain't no way I'm gonna tell my best friend my roommate's a fuckin' fag.I ain't gonna tell Scott shit, but you gotta help me out, Bro.I'm horny as hell.You gotta get me off, okay?"

"What you mean?" I asked, stalling for time."I'm not a fag!"

Was he serious?

"You know I don't bullshit.C'mon over here and suck my white dick.Mark don't gotta know shit. Anyway, it looks like he's out for the count!So, c'mon and get me off.I know you want it."

It was like he could read my mind.I very much wanted to taste his cock and feel its heft upon my tongue.I wanted to worship a white man.I couldn't help myself.

I thrust my brown face between Scott's milky thighs and wrapped my ample lips around his stiff white cock. He moaned with such intense satisfaction."Oh, yeah, that's good, Bro-bro.Go for it, nigger!"

He called me a nigger but I didn't mind.For the next twenty minutes or so I took his huge white phallus into my mouth.He laid back and enjoyed himself, letting me do all the work.

When I was a young teen some of my step-brothers made me suck their dicks, but this was the first time I had ever sucked a white man's cock.

"Yeah, suck it like that, Bro-bro," he said, as I took it all the way down my throat."That's what I like! Suck it just like that!Make me bust a nutt!"

I sucked on his juicy, spicy white sausage for all I was worth, which isn't much.I loved feeling it in my mouth.

"That's right," said Scott."Suck my fuckin' dick, boy.Oh, yeah, keep suckin'.Suck it good."

That's when Mark woke up.

"Shit, what the fuck is goin on?" I heard him mumble while my large, flaring nostrils were buried in Scott's yellow pubic hair and his hirsute pink scrotum banged relentlessly against my brown chin.

"What do you fucking think, man?" Scott snickered. "I'm getting my dick sucked."

"Yeah, I see that," said Mark, sitting up, his fat cock drooping over the edge of the couch."I see your nigger roommate finally came out of the closet!"

Scott chuckled, "Is that right?You my nigger, Bro-bro?"

"Yessir," I said, instinctively, startled to hear myself say those words.Why did I call him Sir?

They both laughed.Scott pushed my head down on his dick.I didn't know what else to do but keep on sucking.I sucked his white cock like there was no tomorrow.I couldn't get enough of it.

"Looks like we got us a real fuckin' nigger on our hands,"Scott announced."I knew this bitch had to be a freak!"

"Don't you know all niggers are sex freaks?" Mark snorted.He grabbed both my arms and twisted them behind my back.It hurt so hard my jaw dropped and Scott's thick, wet dick plopped from my mouth.

"You niggers like sex any way you can get it, even if means suckin' another man's cock, isn't that right, faggot?" Mark snarled.

Scott said, "Nah, I don't think that's it.Leroy here just does what he's told like a good nigger supposed to.After all them years working on the plantation, doing what they're told, pickin' cotton is in their blood.Just like suckin dick. You niggers want to be slaves, don't you, Bro!"

Mark twisted my arms harder until I whimpered, "Please don't hurt me, Sir, please, Sir, please...."

"So, what is it, boy?You like suckin cock or do you just like doin' what you're told?"

"What I'm told," I sobbed, uncontrollably.It was the truth.

"What did you say?" barked Scott.

"Doing what I'm told."

Mark twisted my arms a little higher.Both my arms were behind my back, almost to my shoulders."Say it like you mean it, nigger!"

He wrung the words out of me:"Yessir, I do what I'm told, sir.Please, sir, you're hurtin' me, sir."

"Sir?"Mark laughed, cruelly."Is that how colored boys talk to yo `massuh?'Let me hear you talk like a nigger!"'

"Yes suh, it's like you say, suh."

"I guess you're right, Scotty," said Mark."We got us a fuckin' nigger slaveboy!"

He released my wrists and pushed my head back down on Scott's stiff cock.

Scott said, "Look at me Bro-bro, while you're sucking my white cock."

As I lifted my eyes, he spit right into my face. Saliva dripped frommy nose and cheeks onto his dick. I was completely humiliated and terrified of what would happen next.I was also totally turned on.

"Suck my dick!" Scott barked.

"Wait a minute," said Mark."You still got Lucky's leash & collar, don't you?"Lucky was Scott's Rottweiler that got hit by a car last month.

A few minutes later, I was wearing Lucky's dog collar around my neck, leash attached.

"Yeah, that's right," said Scott."Listen up, Bro-bro!From now on I don't want to see your nigger neck without that collar.You can take the leash off when you leave the apartment, but you put it back on every time you come back here, you got that, Bro-bro? Your nigger ass belongs to me now."

"Yessuh," I murmured.

Scott:"Let me hear you say it loud, boy."

"Yessuh!" I said, loudly.

>From that day on I was their slave.Most of the time they didn't make me do anything sexual.Mark and Scott weren't even bisexual.Making me suck their dicks only occurred to them when they were really horny or really drunk.

Most of the time, I just had to wait on them, hand and foot.When their friends stopped by, they made me wear a pair of gym shorts, but I still had to keep the collar on my neck.

At the end of the semester, I wanted to look for another place to stay, but Scott wouldn't hear of it.

"You my nigger now, Bro-bro.You ain't goin nowhere. I own your colored ass, you got that?You're a lucky negro, you know that?"

I hoped this would be over when we graduated, but soon learned it would never be over.These two white men liked having an obedient nigger boy at their beck and call.There was no way they were going to let go of a nigger who sucked their cocks and served them like a slave.For them it was a white fantasy come true. For me, it was a momentary fantasy from which I could not escape.

It's been fifteen years now since I graduated, the only one in my entire family to earn a college degree. After graduation, Mark joined the Air Force and I never saw him again, but Scott always kept in touch.

I didn't hear from Scott for a year or so.During that time, I fell in love with a black girl from my home town, got married, and had a couple kids, but I still belonged to Scott.

Then one night Scott phoned me.He wanted to see his nigger again, he said.I had no choice but to visit him and become again the cocksucker I was in college.

"You are always gonna be my slave, nigger!" he told me."Don't ever forget that, slave!"

A few weeks might go by, sometimes months, but sooner or later I get a call from Scott, sometimes during the day, sometimes in the middle of the night, and I have to go to him with Lucky's collar around my neck to do yard work or clean his house or serve drinks at one of his parties.

Whenever Master Scott wants his dick sucked or tells me to go down on one of his redneck buddies, I have no choice.I'm Bro-bro, his negro slave.I have to do what I'm told.Some mornings I return to my wife Janeen with a flimsy excuse and a pint of cum in my belly.I hope she never finds out.

In this day and age being enslaved is the most humiliating fate a nigger can endure.We colored people like to think the past is behind us, but many of us are still slaves to white people, and as time goes on, the more I accept how fortunate we are to be of service to such a superior race of achievers.

Master Scott says I'm a lucky nigger.As I write this, his girlfriend Tammi is pregnant.Master Scott says that when his sons are old enough, I'm gonna suck their dicks too.And he tells me if I'mreally lucky, I might live to worship his grandsons' dicks.

"I'm gonna enjoy seeing that happen," he says."The nigger that blows me sucking my grandson's white cocks.That's what I call keeping it in the family!"

Strangely enough, I look forward to that day.Like my Master says, "I'm one lucky slave."