Cum Eater Forever

This is the way I started my life as a cum deposit for black sperm. My mouth is always open for any black man's gift. I will always cherish the precious helpings of ebony sperm in my stomach. Please acknowledge the normal disclaimers.

When I was 11 years old, we lived in Atlanta. In a predominantly black population, I went to a school with mostly black students. I was a popular white boy and had many black buddies. I slept over their houses as they did mine often on weekends. One particular weekend I was staying over Reggie's house and his parents were gone for the weekend. Reggie had two older brothers 15 and 17 years old to baby-sit the house. We all were watching videos and as the night got later, Reggie decided to go to bed. I stayed watching the movies with Leroy and Willie. A half-hour after Reggie turned in, the movie ended. Leroy the oldest, went out of the room for a moment and came back to put in another video. I watched the movie start and Leroy had put in a porn tape. I had never seen anything like it and it caught my interest right away. We all watched the sex scenes and shifted in our seats to adjust our growing dicks. As the scenes got hotter, Leroy began mentioning how hot it was. He commented that his cock was rock hard and he massaged his crotch. Willie added that his was too and also rubbed his package. As their comment increased, Leroy looked over at me while he was rubbing his cock. He said, "don't this make you hot?" I said, "yeah, it is cool." He was still rubbing and looking at me and said, "look at how hard my dick is." He pulled his hand away and I saw a massive rod outlined in his pants snaking down his leg. It was gigantic and I stared with astonishment. I said, "wow". He said, "look at it", and undoing his trousers. He unzipped and pulled his long dark dick out. I was still staring with interest. He said, "see my dick is like a rock" and he started stroking his shaft. He slowly stroked and saw me still staring right at his boner. I didn't look away and he reached over and took my hand. He gently pulled my hand over placed it around his big dick. He got no resistance and motioned my hand to stroke him. After two or three strokes, he pulled his hand away and I continued my massage. I grasped firmer and gave him long strokes as he moaned and said, "oh yeah, that's nice, keep going." I did. He relaxed his body and I jacked his whopper. By then, Willie pulled his long hard on out and was stroking to. He came over to us and stood beside me pointing his rod toward me. He had let go of his cock and I instinctively reached out and pumped his dick also. Both brothers relaxed and let me experience their enormous black cocks. My hands wrapped around their boners and I was getting the feel of how hard and good their black cocks felt. I adjusted my grip and tested the strength of their rock hard dicks. I get very attracted to feeling the skin and firmness of both cocks. They had a young white boy mesmerized at their ebony prizes. Leroy finally said, "why don't you put it in your mouth. You will like the feeling and taste I promise." I easily slid my face down and opened my mouth and moved to his uncut head as I took it in my lips. I wrapped my lips around the pole and he was right I loved how it felt. He coached me to move it and vary my suction. I slid his veiny dark shaft back and forth through my tight lips. The more I had it in my mouth, the stronger my need grew. I loved sucking his black cock and wanted it in my white mouth forever. I tried to get as much of it in my mouth and gagged trying to have the entire length to suck. He commented and said it felt good having my mouth on his dick. I pulled off and said I really liked it to. He told me to enjoy it and keep going. I dove down to slurp his incredible cock. I studied how it felt as his veins bulged out and crossed my lips while I bobbed. I was completely captivated by his sliding foreskin and dark skin. Willie had taken over his jacking and stepped closer to me and said, "hey, wanna try mine to?" I turned to him and engulfed Willie's dick. I bounced my face back and forth as I worshipped my second black dick. He placed his hands on my head and played with my blonde hair as I sucked his cock. After blowing Willie for a few minutes, he interrupted me to sit down beside Leroy. I got between Leroys' knees and continued being their white cocksucker. I jacked one while I sucked the other and alternated back and forth with my mouth attending to each one equally. My jaw was tiring after thirty minutes or so and I had to start taking rests and only jack both of them off with my hands. Not wanting their cock out of my mouth, I sucked as much as I could without caring about my jaw. After an hour or so, as I was devouring Leroy's meat, he grabbed my head and started to tense up. He said, "oh yeah, keep going. Don't stop. I'm gonna cum. Do it man." I had no idea what he meant, and had no knowledge of ejaculation. I kept my sucking and he readied himself as he tightened his grip on my head. He held my head still and began bucking his hips. I felt a gush land on my tongue as he groaned. He strained to say, "oh yes white boy, take that load. Eat my fucking sperm you faggot. Taste my black cum dick sucker." He fired a second helping and blasted a gob of cream into the back of my mouth. He had my face secured and pumped another strong portion of his thick load. I was somewhat dumbfounded and felt him launch 4 more blasts into my filling mouth. I could begin to taste the salty juice. After he deposited a huge amount of his babies in my mouth, he pulled out. As he was exiting my mouth, he said, "now you keep that cum in your mouth boy. Make sure you hold all that sperm. When I tell you to, you swallow all my jizz." His cock was out of my mouth and I held my lips closed with a pool of cum flooding my tongue. He said, "now swirl that cum around in your white mouth and taste it. Get a good taste of my nigger sperm." I obeyed and was overwhelmed at the chlorine like flavor and salty mixture. His cum was thick and creamy as I took in the taste. He said, "now swallow down my cock juice like the faggot you are." I obeyed him again and felt his sticky cum slide into my throat. My throat walls tingled as it oozed further into my throat. Although I was concerned at his aggressive attitude, the unique experience was fascinating me. He watched my throat work the load and knew I had taken it all. He said, "now boy, tell me how much you liked eating my black sperm." I looked him in the eye and said, "yes Leroy, I loved it. Thank you and I'm very happy that you gave me the chance to taste it." He came back with, "yeah white punk I know you want more of my black sperm to eat and I'm gonna give you lots of creamy cum for your sissy white mouth. I like to feed pussy honkies my cum and watch them gulp my big loads of black baby makers. You want me to give you more of that cum boy?" I couldn't help it, I said, "yes Leroy. It was creamy and delicious and I want as much of it as I can get. Please let me have more of your tasty cum." He said, "good punk, I like my sissy whites to beg for my sperm."

While I had been slurping Leroy's sperm, Willie kept stroking his boner. He tensed and forced out the words, "come here fag boy. I'm gonna blow my load too. I am gonna shoot my hot load into your cum sucking mouth. Come on now and get your tongue out sissy." I moved to his crotch and he directed my position. My head was tilted back and my tongue stretched out. He took close aim and pumped his cock at my gaping mouth entrance. His bursting sperm launched with a force and striped my tongue white. He watched his man chowder fly into my ready mouth and shot several bursts with deadly aim. I felt my tongue coated thick with another salty treat. This second load had a different taste and was slightly like a milk aftertaste. I posed for him as he emptied his nut juice into my wide receptacle. He slowed and ordered me to eat his big cumload. I repeated my tongue review and swirled his generous jizz all throughout my mouth. I got a comprehensive taste of my second feeding and I really did like it. His cum load was very rich and had a thick lumpy texture. I took a little longer to savor the flavor before I happily gulped portions down with gulps. I worked his huge offering down my throat until my mouth was empty. He was still in front of me and I noticed a bit of sperm on the end of his dick. I leaned forward and licked him clean. He said, "yeah you cracker queer. You nothin but a sperm eatin pussy. All you white punks want black dick to feed you cum. You ain"t nothin but a sissy homo." I looked up and I showed my acceptance. If that's what it takes to get more of their sperm, I was whatever they wanted me to be. I said, "yes sir I am." I then ran my tongue around my teeth and gums getting as much flavor that I could.

We all rested for a half-hour when Leroy said, "come on pussy. Get your lips on my cock. If you make me happy, I might even let you chow on another load of my cum." I alertly responded and wanted to make him very happy. I positioned myself with face buried in his groin and started to blow him again. My jaw ached, but I desperately wanted to please him and I ignored the discomfort. My jaw could rest later, right then I wanted to be fed more cum. I sucked as he verbally insulted me. He said things like, "all you white pussyboys ain't nothin but cock lovin faggots. You punks were born to suck dick and belong kneeling in front of black men. All you sissy queers love feeling a black nut bust in your fag mouths. I'm gonna let you eat my cum all the time to remind you that you are a pussy. Come on and suck my black dick you little sissy. Make my sperm your candy." I heard his words and my mind accepted his view. I wanted to do what I was doing and really did like the idea of eating his cum a lot. From that moment on, he then owned me for his personal cock sucker. I was a slave to him and I was happy to be one. I sucked a second load from his balls and my affection of the sperm grew. My order was to go down on Willie again and I went right into my duty. I ate another load from Willie and I was beginning to love my mouth washed with their cum. All I could taste was their sperm and it thrilled me.

I never went into Reggies' bedroom that night, and spent the entire night until dawn sucking cumloads from the two brothers. I ate load after load and had 9 servings in my stomach. By morning, I was addicted to their sperm and craved more of it. They were both spent by daybreak and we fell asleep on Leroys' bed. I slept with my face close to his cock and realized his dick was now my whole world. In one night, these two black studs converted me from a person to their cum stared slave. From then on, I wanted to swallow their sperm all day.

We all awoke that afternoon and I get right into my newfound purpose. I sucked Leroys' morning hard on and got him to feed his cream to me for my breakfast. Willie watched me suck and as soon as I munched Leroys' gift, I went to work on Willie. I got Willie's creamy treat and was even hungrier to have more. I was getting crazy for their sperm. I couldn't believe how much I loved having their cum dance in my mouth and end up in my stomach. Leroy said he needed a break and told me to stay put. I waited, and fifteen minutes later, a guy came in the bedroom with Leroy. Leroy said, my homie Derrick needs a good blowjob and you make sure you give his dick a good time. Now I'll be back, but you suck his black cock like all white sissy boys are supposed to. His friend sat on the bed and I loyally got between his legs and soon had a new black dick sliding in my lips. He had a big cock also and he told me to lick his black nuts. I lifted his dick and was greeted by two gigantic boulders. Derrick's nuts were like tennis balls. I licked his big balls and tried to express my affection. I licked all over his packed nutbag and he told me to get back on his cock. I did as he asked and got very excited of sucking a new black pecker. I then certainly knew I was meant to be face down in a black mans crotch. I sucked his delicious cock and while I was coaxing his baby fluid, another guy came in the room with Leroy. Leroy ordered me to keep right on sucking and when I was finished to suck Sammie's cock. I was overjoyed at having another cum donor and did my best on Derrick. I took a hefty load of potent cum from Derrick's gracious balls and swallowed my gift. Derrick pumped out a huge amount of sperm from those horse nuts and I had a bunch of strong tasting cum greeting my tongue. The enormous amount and intense taste was wonderful. Derrick's nuts unloaded nearly twice as much as Leroy or Willie had. I relished the gigantic amount in my bulging cheeks and thrilled at the flavor and creamy gift. Having my sperm reservoir getting fed, I got on Sammie's cock searching for another dish of jizz. I drained his cum holders and was served another black rod to suck. Like clockwork, Leroy kept a steady stream of his friends lined up to get a blowjob. And like clockwork, I gratefully obeyed his wishes.

I sucked so many loads of cum, I never needed a food break. I was dining on a meal fit for a king. Several of his friends stayed for a second serving of their cream to my tongue. I stayed in the bedroom that whole Saturday and swallowed at least 40 cumloads from black cocks. My feeding went on into the night. My jaw gave out early, but the guy's were happy to jack off their loads to feed me. They just wanted to see a white queer eating their nasty cum. I was happy to oblige them. I spent the most of Sunday doing my duty and ate another 20 or so loads. My stomach was pooling with billions of black sperm cells swimming all around. I never had any food to eat all weekend. I had become a cum eating sissy.

Reggie saw me in bed with my face worshipping Leroy's cock on Sunday afternoon, he told me he wasn't my friend anymore. I told him I understand. I really didn't care. I only wanted to suck the juice out of black balls. Black nut drink was my friend now. I was hoping Reggie would step up to let me suck him also.

After that weekend, I began going straight to Leroy's house every day after school and eating as much cum as he would feed me. I sucked him off every single day and often he let me eat his sperm two times. On the weekends, he orchestrated his friends to shove their cocks and shoot my throat with their loads. Every weekend I was chowing down scores of sperm servings. Each weekend brought new cocks and I was eating more loads each time. As the friends spread the word to other friends about my sperm deposit mouth, more cock feeders appeared. The number of black men increasing got to the point that Leroy began setting times. Eventually it got to the point that I was slurping down a sperm treat at 15 minutes after school let out on Friday. I didn't stop drinking cum until late Sunday night. I was staying up 24 hours a day on the weekends to digest gallons of fresh sperm from the generous black givers. I never got sleepy, and my thirst for more black sperm never decreased. In fact, I only craved more sperm each time I enjoyed a load. As I enjoyed tasting each cum load, I looked forward to the next delicious load. All through the nights, I focused on nonstop sperm donations. I was exactly where I needed to be and my life had meaning for me. My purpose was to receive cum loads from black men and my stomach needed to be filled with it continuously. I eventually found out that Leroy was getting 5 bucks from each guy that came in my mouth. I was very willing to help him make money since he was so successful at getting loads of sperm for me.

Leroy was creative and started to make a production out of my sperm eating so the cock shooters would remain interested and keep coming over to have me swallow cum. I was extremely pleased at his ideas because he was able to keep my tongue covered continuously. We had a consistent line up of black guy's to feed me their sperm loads. I was able to get so many delicious treats, that I rarely needed solid food. My diet mainly consisted of non-stop cum feedings. I couldn't have been luckier or happier. I didn't want to eat regular food, but I needed to maintain my strength. I tried to have sperm protein for my sole source of nutrition.

For the sake of keeping interest to the cum customers, Leroy came up with several plans. He would have a bunch of guys altogether and have them fill a cereal bowl with sperm. Once the bowl had contained an inch or two deep of cum, they watched as I spooned it out. I would fill the spoon heaping and eat it like someone eating pudding. I didn't like the cooler jizz loads as much as straight from the nuts, but it was still quite tasty. I would gobble up the sperm helping and lick the bowl shiny clean. The audience was amazed at my enthusiasm and how natural I looked being a cum eater.

Another creative plan Leroy devised was to gather a bunch of guy's like before. This scene had me in the center of the room on my knees. Every man would jack off. He told them to hold off until everyone was near shooting. The time came for loads to fly and they stepped to my face. I held my head back and each guy fired his load into my open mouth. As the cum was being deposited, Leroy made commentary. He said, "yeah brother, fill that faggot's mouth with your cum. Shoot every drop of sperm into his sissy mouth. Fill that fuckin honkies queer throat." I had been instructed by Leroy to hold off swallowing until each load was in my mouth. Most guy's hit their target, but some cum always ended up on my face. The black studs were talented and I didn't have many time lapses between loads. Most guy's were able to step up and deliver right after one had finished. They were also careful to aim deep if they were a distance shooter so their bolts would splash against the back of my throat. The guy's who oozed out loads positioned vertically above the bullseye and dropped wads of cum right on the growing lake. It took about 5 minutes of continuous cumshots until every guy had ejaculated. During the 5 minutes, I could taste the potent loads I was so pleased to be getting. The wonderful flavor of sperm was gracing my tastebuds heavily. After the last load was donated, my mouth would be filled to the edge of my lips and I was careful to tilt just right so it all stayed inside my mouth. I held my mouth open so everybody could get a good look at the massive amount of mixed sperm loads. They commented at how some white thicker portions were different from some thinner and some yellow looking loads. They all got to see the mingling of several sperm treats. I then carefully closed my lips and tilted forward a bit. My cheeks would bulge from the vast amount I h ad collected. They watched my expressions as I swirled my tongue throughout the cum. I took the maximum taste from the many loads as I could. I pulsed my cheeks to circulate the mouthful and taste the luscious sperm. I worked the offerings for several minutes to extract the most flavor I could. I thoroughly savored my food and began gulping portions down my throat. The large amount allowed me to swallow many times. After I had finished the wonderful feast of creamy cum, they watched my clean every bit with my delighted tongue. Every guy was stunned to see how grateful and overjoyed I was to be so happy from eating cum. My affection for men's sperm was unique and obvious. I was hungry to dine on sperm non stop. I just kept gobbling all that precious cream the balls could feed me. I delighted at each delicious treat I was rewarded with.

My favorite cum is very thick with a lumpy texture. I know that load is heaping with sperm and not made of mostly semen. While I adore semen, I go crazy with more sperm cells to taste. The thicker the load and the brighter solid white means overflowing flavor and is so satisfying. I love feeling a clod of extremely thick cum load being savored by my tastebuds. Several of the black men awarded me with extra rich potent loads of thick juice. I always took extra care to maximize the flavor of them.

Leroy also told the guy's to save and freeze their cum filled rubbers when they fucked their women. That caught on quick and I was getting dozens every day. In addition to gulping cum straight from their cocks, the rubbers were thawed and warmed in warm water for me. My intake of sperm increased dramatically. I was deeply blessed.

I became thrilled smelling countless loads all the time. Not only did I get to eat it, I was also enjoying the scent all the time. I could taste and smell sperm all the time. I was in heaven.

Leroy also had a bunch of loads shot on my face in a period of about 15 minutes. Then he would scoop it off with a spoon and feed it to my lips. Once in awhile, he let it stay and dry a thick layer on my face. I really wanted it on my tongue, but I wasn't going to be greedy. I was eating plenty of loads as it was. He had me go out in public with the caked on mask of sperm to display my faggot life. Many strangers saw my cum dressed face and I loved expressing my happiness of who I had been fortunate to become. I was proud these black men had chosen me to be their cum worshipper.

He had me memorize some lines and I spoke them during a group feeding. In the middle of the guy's working up loads for me, I said loudly, "I want to thank all you guy's for allowing me to be here. I'm honored to be given the gift of tasting your ebony sperm loads. You all are very generous and I can't tell you how thankful I am to swallow your sperm. Please work up a huge load to feed my sissy mouth. I am a pussy white boy that loves to eat black men's cum. White men are faggots and like me are only good to be a cum eater for black cock. I want and I beg to be used for a cum dump by you guy's forever. I plead with you to get every drop of your load in my queer lips where it belongs. I want to spend the rest of my life swallowing black sperm as much as possible. Black men are superior to all white pussies and us fags are lucky to eat your wonderful cum. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me taste and swallow your sperm. I need to eat your cum to serve as the sissy punk I am. Your creamy loads are the best thing I've ever tasted and I am proud to be your worthless cum pig queer." Every word I said was totally true and I meant it.

As the situation continued, Leroy moved from his parent's home and got a seedy place in the black part of town. We had been working together for a long time and he saw a chance to increase his income off my fag mouth and throat. He moved me into the place and I was dedicated a small bedroom in the back. I stayed in the room 7 days a week as he kept a steady flow of cum shooters attending to feed my throat. He awarded me a never-ending line of loaded black balls to supply my diet of sperm. He then went for doubling up the clientele. He realized that if a man climaxed while another was using my throat, the guy who was unable to unload in my mouth could shoot on a plate. When I finished chowing the first yummy load, I would be given the cum covered plate and lick it clean. I made them shine new getting every delicious morsel of sperm on my tongue. The magnificent idea allowed my food to increase and my cum consumption rapidly grew more. He easily found hundreds of studs and I was eating loads every moment. I never waited to taste a helping cause either one was pumping in my lips or a plate was waiting to be polished. I was eating sperm in massive quantities. I was overjoyed by the increased servings. I had amounts of cum to munch on far more than I could have ever dreamed of. I rarely slept so I could enjoy the jizz as much as possible. I was taking full advantage of my opportunity and good fortune.

Leroy was making tons of money, but found a way to make even more. Since he was able to find more and more guy's to cum in my mouth, he added another feature. He scheduled two at a time and increased the volume. Often he had three at a time and if two guy's were shooting at the same time, he just made sure they both had an easy target for my mouth. He kept finding more men from the neighborhood and the cum feeding was unbelievable. It grew to well over three hundred loads a day.

With the plates, direct injecting, and the filled rubbers, my menu was nothing but loads of cum.

Leroy was happy to make such a fine income from the arrangement and showed his appreciation of my loyal serving. He didn't have to, because I was happy as could be being fed the overwhelming treats of sperm. He wanted to show his gratitude for me and had spent months leading up to my birthday to express his thanks. Without my knowledge, he had been secretly taking a load here and there from the men and sticking it in a tied rubber in the freezer. On my birthday, I was drinking jizz in my room like normal and he came in to surprise me. He had collected the rubbers and thawed them in warm water. He had enough loads that he filled a 2 quart pitcher to the top. He walked in with the pitcher and a candle on the top. When I saw the present I was shocked. He placed the container and a glass on the table in front of me and I looked at him with deep affection. I said thank you and leaned to blow out the candle. I took the lid off and poured a thick glass full. I looked to see the swirls of different hues of the mixed loads. It had a beige body with brighter lines of white throughout. The glass shimmered with magnificence. I ceremoniously took the challis to my lips and poured a mouthful of sticky love juice. My cheeks were puckered with the nectar. I savored the heaping amount of tasty cum for a few minutes and swallowed delightfully. The serving of so much sperm was beyond words. I took the remaining treat and poured it into my grateful mouth I swallowed as the enormous cream flowed from the glass. Like someone would drink water, I was pouring the cum straight into my stomach. It was so delicious as I felt the walls of my throat warm with the coating it desired. The cum poured slowly so I was able to drink for an extended period. I felt the offering reach my stomach and I nearly fainted with pleasure. I could feel the heavy load of sperm settling in my body. I poured another full glass and proceeded to take pleasure from my birthday gift. I felt abundant amounts of sperm gracing my mouth. I was swallowing mouthful gulps of the delectable candy. I drank the second glass and was overjoyed to feel my stomach holding more thick cum. I poured 4 glasses total and savored the special event. For 15 minutes, my mouth was sending full servings of black sperm into my happy throat. It was the best birthday by far. I was able to gulp mouthfuls over and over. A whole half gallon of cum to have all at once was a dream come true.

Leroy asked what I wished when I blew out the candle. I smile and said, "I wished the pitcher was filled from a barrel in the kitchen and more was waiting for me."

I resumed the normal cum eating routine and was hoping that next birthday was a repeat. He said, "I like having you around faggot." I replied, "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." I was fortunate enough to spend 5 years there and drank thousands of gallons of rich tasty ebony sperm.

Obviously the story I wrote is not real, but I sure wish it could be. If you want to write me, please feel free and compelled to express my nasty faggot persona. If you write to me and tell me how I'm such a pussy queer and I belong on my knees, I'm more likely to respond. I identify better with guy's who understand that I am a sissy fag. Thanks.