I Swallow

This is the true autobiography of a man who is committed to swallowing as much sperm from black men that he can get. Standard disclaimers apply.

My curiosity of dicks began as a young teen and turned into an interest, then a desire, and is now a necessity. I am a good looking blonde man with no trouble of getting women's attention. My desire has only been in men and I've never been interested or been with a woman. From the first time I answered the curiosity about men's dick and put my lips around one, I knew that I was meant and destined to suck cock. I extremely loved having dick in my mouth and appropriately, my first was very big. In fact, the first cock I got to suck was a trophy and led me right where I belonged. I went crazy with lust as I devoured that tasty dick. I was 18 then, and started my quest to find more cock to blow.

I lived in Michigan and managed to suck 5 or 6 dicks before I left home and moved to Florida. Down here, I immediately searched and went to the adult book stores. To my joy, I discovered the peep shows down here had gloryholes. My discovery of the holes was the greatest gift I could ever get.

I found work and proceeded to spend as much time possible at the peep shows to get cock in my mouth. Being an attractive young blonde, men were very willing to offer dick for my mouth. I gave head to 3 or 4 guys before I was treated to my first black dick. I always wondered about black men and often saw very tempting black cock in public toilets.

I was in a peep booth of a store and it was unusually bright. Unlike most booths, this one was lit like a normal room. I was the only one in the booths as I waited for a prospect to wander in. not waiting long, I heard the door of the booth next to me. I looked through the hole and saw a black mans' hand. I instantly got excited and as soon as he dropped tokens, I gestured my finger in the hole. He noticed my invite and rubbed his crotch once. I repeated my finger motion and he rubbed his crotch again with more deliberation. I was so anxious I began to feel a little frustrated but I signaled again. He began to unbuckle and unzip. I was getting very excited then. I gestured again, and he pointed his crotch towards the hole and rubbed his underwear. This guy was either reluctant or teasing me. I persisted my invitation and he finally made the move. He stepped to the hole and pulled his tool out and I slowly began to see the first black dick I would get to taste. He slid his limp dick through and I helped pull as it was being offered. After he finally got the whole cock in the hole, I looked to size up the ebony pole. His dick was limp and not as big as I'd hoped, but larger than most I'd sampled. I put the soft cock in my mouth and sucked his flesh through my lips. I gave my best efforts and his dick began to grow and harden right away. Before I knew it, he was so big that I could only get a third in my eager mouth. His cock grew to a hefty 8 solid inches and I was delirious. What I thought was going to be an average cock had turned into exactly what I was hoping for. I sucked his wonderful dick with deep passion. My thoughts were to do everything I could to please him and make him feel how grateful he had made me. I lavished his big dick like I was madly in love with it, which I was. After sucking 8 or 9 white cocks, I knew I had found my life purpose. I was a good looking 18 year old white boy learning the joy of black cock. I sucked as much of his long shaft into my mouth as I could get. I wanted every delicious millimeter of his wonderful dick in my cocksucking mouth. I was giving my all to please that generous stud. He had treated me to my best hardon yet and I wanted him to know that I wanted it with all my heart. As I was worshipping my lovely cock, he surprised me and pulled away. He bent down and asked if he could come to my booth. I said yes faster than a speeding bullet. I unlocked my door and sat back down. He promptly came in and I went right after his belt. He helped me retrieve his dick and I quickly resumed my loyal service of his black delight. He watched his young servant slurp in the well lit sucking booth. He made comments about how young and cute I was. He said I am even cuter with his long hard cock in my hungry mouth. I moaned as I agreed with him. He told me to suck and enjoy his black cock. He asked how many black dicks a young guy like me gotten to suck. I stopped and looked him in the eye and told him his is my first. I went back to sucking and he said wow and I am good at sucking his cock. He asked me if I liked it. I pulled off again and told him I loved it. I added that I'd wanted to try it for a long time and it was incredible. I went back to sucking and he continued his praise and commenting. He said that he was glad that I loved it and I look great with a big black cock in my mouth. He ran his fingers through my blonde hair and cooed as he fed his dick to me. I blew him for 20 minutes occasionally resting my jaw and gazing at his beautiful pole. His moaning intensified and he asked me if he could cum in my mouth. To that point in my life, no guy had ever shot in my mouth and I thought as I sucked. I considered the meaning of his question and realized that I overwhelmingly loved his cock. My intense pleasure combined with the fact that I was grateful he had let me suck him made my decision. I pulled off and looked up at him and with sincere passion in my eyes and heart and I said yes. He smiled big at me and said, "oh yeah baby, you're gonna love my load. It's been over a week since I came and I've got a nice load for you. Suck my big dick and get that big load from me." I resumed sucking as I was thinking about what I had just committed to. With a little reluctance, I kept up my mouth action and I gradually concluded that why not, I really was thankful to him and if he wanted to unload in my mouth, he deserved that from me. I figured that it couldn't be that terrible and went on with my blowjob. I figured I owed him that much.

In a short time,  he showed the signs of approaching orgasm and his moaning was continuous as he caressed my head with both hands. I knew what was coming and I actually began to get more excited about it. I was already obligated, and my curiosity grew. With anticipation, I renewed my efforts to please him. I slowly and lovingly gave long wet strokes with my lips glued to his dark cock. He responded and his hands gripped my head firmer as he said, "oh yes baby here it comes. I'm gonna shoot. Oh baby, I'm gonna cum in your mouth." The more I heard his words, the more I liked what was happening. I moaned to show him my acceptance and used my hand to jack him as I held an inch or two steadily in my mouth. He started to quake and gripped harder as he forced out, "oh yeah baby take my cum. Eat my load." I felt the first dollop hit my tongue. He was gripping my head very hard and he jerked as the second spurt came. The second shot was like a bullet hitting the roof of my mouth and ricocheting onto the back of my tongue. I had no time to survey his sperm as another massive shot came from his delightful dick. One after the other, he shot 7 or 8 heavy bolts of cum on my tongue. After the dense shots decreased, he continued to ooze lots of slower offerings of nut juice. His ejaculate lasted about 30 full seconds until he completed his wish to pump my mouth with his sperm. He pulled his sensitive cum shooter away and my mouth was now able to evaluate my experience. I absorbed the flavor of his thick cum. As I recognized the taste, I increasingly liked it. I swished his load around my mouth and my tongue became saturated with texture and flavor of my first cum load. The cream was thick and yet smooth. I had always been a big salt eater and his salty cum was quite tasty. I noticed a chlorine flavor but it didn't bother me. I swirled the sperm vigorously while studying its' taste. Instead of being offended or disgusted, I enjoyed every facet of it. The thickness was lessening as I forced the cum back and forth between my teeth. I had thousands or millions of the black guy's tiny sperm cells swimming all around my mouth. I was evaluating the event and was realizing that I loved it. I had studied the cum for a minute or so and I very willingly began swallowing. I wanted his big load of cum in my belly. I was nearly stunned at how incredible I felt while I relished eating his man chowder. I had all the creamy nectar oozing down my throat and I slid my tongue over the surface of my teeth. I got residue on my tastebuds as I sought for more taste of sperm. My eyes were closed as I was lost in my discovery. I was elated at my decision to receive his cum and delighted about the entire event. I looked up at him as he was ready to leave the booth. I smiled and told him thanks. He told me, "sure man, my pleasure. Looked like you enjoyed my cum." I told him, "it was fantastic. I loved it." He promptly left and I did to.

As I was driving home and reliving the experience, I enjoyed the thought more and more. I had found how great it was to suck a hung black guy, and more importantly, I found his sperm delicious. I knew I had elevated from just being a cocksucker. From that day forward, I also wanted to taste and swallow cumloads.

The very next day I went into my cock lusting routine and got to taste my second cumload. The guy was white and although I loved the sperm, I realized I felt less satisfied. I began to figure out that I wanted black cock. When I cruised the following day, I ignored the white guy's and waited in my booth until a black man took the booth next to me. He put  his nice dick in the hole and I had a 8 inch black dick again. This guy's cock was uncut and intensified my desire for it. I sucked him with my loving affection and in 15 minutes or so, he shot his load. I was anxious to compare my second black man's cum. I was not disappointed. I was overjoyed again as I dined on his cum. Like I was in another world, I savored the taste and my mind was confirming what I wanted from then on. As I took in the flavor of the second black man sperm, I was aware that I would crave it now. I deliberately took notice of my actions as I tasted and swallowed his cum. I rejoiced in knowing I was getting more sperm from a black dick in my stomach. I then knew that I would seek black men's cum only.

Perhaps my hunger for having a black man's cum in my stomach is partially mental. Most people see my actions as taboo and like most humans, that inspires my rebellious side. I know that my affection of eating ebony sperm is vastly due to the taste. I absolutely love tasting and feeling their cum on my tongue. I love the taste of white men's cum also, but I think that's where the mental portion comes in. I'm much more satisfied being fed cum from a black cock. I am very much a starved cumpig, but prefer to dine on sperm from black nuts.

Since I realized I was focused on black men, I patiently waited for them as I cruised every day. Being a good-looking blonde white boy, I quickly picked up black guys. I mostly found them in gay hangouts, gay bars, and bookstores. I even got a guy while standing in line at a Best Buy. It was Christmas time in 2001. He saw me checking out his crotch and he started flaunting his bulge to my attention. Realizing I was connecting with this black man, I obviously displayed my interest in his bulging crotch. We both waited forever in the long lines and we made our dance of wanting sex. He got through his line before me and when I was finished, I quickly went to find him in the parking lot. Luckily I caught up with him and as we started small talk, I boldly said I wanted to suck his dick. He casually asked where and I had no ideas. After a moment, he said the bathroom is cool. I agreed and we went back inside. Surprisingly the bathroom was empty and we went into a stall. I impatiently worked out his dick and engulfed it with my cocksucking mouth. By then, I'd become an excellent cocksucker and I used all my talent. I feared our being busted and worked as fast I could on his bone. I gave him head for 4 or 5 minutes and paused to tell him that I wanted him to shoot in my mouth. I added that we needed to hurry before anyone comes in. He said sure as I resumed sucking his dick. Most guy's don't take cum anymore and I think he was surprised that I wanted his. As I worked his cock, he was involved and telling me things like oh yeah keep goin, yeah that's it, suck my dick. We worked him to climax in short time and he pumped his ebony sperm in my mouth. I swallowed while he was feeding me. I was so rushed, I just needed to get his cum in my belly as fast as possible. Nobody came in the whole time I was doing him.

A black stud I hooked up with at the main cruising spot here in town, was working a third shift as a house sitter of a convalescent home. He took me to the home and all the residents were sleeping upstairs. He had left them alone while he went cruising. I didn't care though, all I wanted was to suck a new black dick. We quietly went into the living room and I turned into my slut mode. I was rewarded with a giant 10 inch tool. I sucked his big dick for at least an hour by the light of a muted television. He thought he heard a noise and got up to investigate. When he came back in the room, I couldn't believe my eyes. His dick was hanging nearly to his kneecaps. He stated that he needed to cum and needed a towel. I promptly offered that he could cum in my mouth. He was a little astonished and said, "you sure?" I replied, "yeah it's ok,  no problem." We got back into position and I sucked for his sperm. When he got close, he stopped me and got up to turn on a light. I was kneeling and he was jacking and he put his dick to my face. He said he wanted to watch his cum shoot into my mouth. I understood and opened wide and extended my tongue. He said, "oh yeah, just like that" as he pumped his dick. He worked up his load and put his dick close to his sperm target. I anxiously waited to feast on his cum. He started shooting his backed up load right where it belonged. I felt my tongue being densely coated with many lengthy volleys of his ebony baby juice. His shots had a rope type form and nicely covered the length of my tongue as they landed. He pumped a giant load and my tongue was nicely covered with stripes of scrumptious sperm. He finished and watched me explore the wonder of his creamy load. I did my usual enjoyment and savor methods while he commented. He said, "yeah white boy, eat my black cum. Taste that big sperm serving. Show me how you love eatin my black cum." I dutifully did as he ordered. It was my pleasure and honor to be a sperm receptacle for his huge load. I expressed my utter delight and swallowed his tasty treat. He gave me his phone number and I ended up sucking his cumloads every weekend for over a year. A couple times he had a friend over and I drank both their cumloads for the weekend. On one of the weekends, they both worked their orgasm at the same time and I got both in my mouth at the same time. That was the best ever. I had 2 hefty loads of black cum to eat at the same time. I miss him feeding me.

I have spent over 5 hours at bookstores taking load after load. The most loads I've eaten in one of those days was 7. I got lucky and had a steady flow of dicks to suck. I would gladly swallow twice that many if I could get it. I absolutely love cum on my tongue, sliding down my throat, and filling my stomach.

I have made it my life's mission to feed my need of ebony sperm. I cherish having black men's sperm cells swimming in my belly. I cruise bookstores and gay bars to suck cocks and swallow cum in my leisure time. I estimate I have been drinking cum 3 to 4 times a week over the last 15 years. My thirst has never diminished and is as strong as ever. In fact I'm now probably more appreciative and grateful when I have sperm in my stomach. My maturity has evolved to my respect and worship of the unique liquid. Only one place in the world has man's sperm and it's sacred to me. A man's balls hold the tasty precious liquid I've grown to adore. I am very proud of my position as a gay cum eater and will be who I am until I die. I might have a fetish for sperm, but I need it and can savor it nonstop. I am honored to have black men shoot their sperm in my mouth and will always be this way. I take all regardless of age or looks. I was born for this and I want as much sperm from ebony nuts that I can swallow.