Cum Diet

Please use common sense and read no further if you're not supposed to be here. Standard disclaimers apply to my story, and beware. My writings are graphic details of homosexual feasting on men's sperm. I happen to be the lucky faggot who gets to eat it.

I knew I was interested in dick around 10 years old. Just beginning my curiosity, I seen my black friend take a piss outside. His dick was uncut and much larger than mine was. It was very nice to me and I wanted to see more of it. His dick was the first to recruit my desire. I stared at every mans crotch and looked at all the boys cocks in school showers. I loved seeing man sized dicks at urinals in public bathrooms. The more I saw dick, the more my affection of the special unique cock of man attracted me. I became more attracted to big dick. The bigger the cock, the stronger my fascination. As I matured, I took great notice of the rumors about black men being hung. I progressed to spending all my leisure time searching for cock to admire. I got so obsessed, I started taking pubic hairs from public restrooms and sucked them in my mouth. I was painfully anxious to feel a cock in my mouth. I was a pre teen boy with a plan to be queer. I wanted to enjoy the captivating sexuality of men's penises.

I managed to get lots of looks at cock. I also saw some bulging crotches that hypnotized me. One revealing basket was on a guy that dated my neighbor. She was very hot and got plenty of guys. They were in a circle playing cards and his legs were opened to give a great view of his package. His shorts were snug tight to his big dick and I could see the cock was big. His shorts nicely outlined a lengthy shaft. I made a point to stay around and act interested in the card game. Nobody seemed aware of his display. I easily got to study the bulge while everyone's eyes were busy elsewhere. I studied his big dick for several minutes. I was deeply wishing I could see it without the shorts. I kept my gay needs concealed.

Another mouthwatering crotch I was treated to seeing was a black guys'. I was about 14, and some older black guys were playing basketball at a nearby court. I instantly began my crotch scan. They were all wearing shorts, but one guy revealed a very descript dong. I could see his giant cock outlined perfectly with strides he took. I was captivated at how long his rod was. I stayed there watching them until they left. His cock was just the thing I craved. Still not introduced to cock, I was becoming extremely anxious.

At age 17, one late night trip to a 24 hour restaurant fueled more hope. I went into the bathroom and did my usual hoping to see dick. A guy came to the urinal beside me and pulled his out. I don't know if he peed, but even though other guys were in the bathroom, he was stroking his limp dick. I couldn't believe it. He wasn't hung, but I was very entertained. He further surprised me as I could hear him moaning. Just like he was getting head, this guy was rubbing his dick and verbally expressing the pleasure. I terribly wanted to respond to his obvious invitation. It seemed like I was the only one who realized his actions. As I continued to gaze at his dick, I purposely kept my eyes looking at his tool. I wanted him to notice my approval. I desperately wanted to suck my first cock. He didn't even notice anything. It's like he was oblivious to the world. Here a guy is blatantly advertising his homosexuality, and not even checking to see if he has any interested takers around. I overstayed my time at the urinal so I could enjoy the show. My excitement was bursting. Beside me was a guy that would obviously submit to my gay desires. I was with my friends at the restaurant and was stifled. So far in my life, this was the closest I'd gotten to a homosexual experience. I wanted badly to get down and show this queer that I was one too. To show him that I was fond of cock. I was frustrated and returned to the guys I was with. Secretly thinking of how I could get with the bathroom guy, he came out and sat at a booth near us. I checked him out thoroughly knowing he was like me. I was furiously trying to devise my gay connection, but failed. So close yet so far.

Still 17, with my friends at an out of the closet (very rare in the 1970's) queers' house, we went there to smoke some pot. This guy was late twenties and let everyone know he was gay. He was masculine, and while we were there, he wasn't wearing a shirt. He had beautiful muscles and a hairy chest. Back then, I thought I was only interested in penis. Looking back, I now see how gorgeous he was. He was a sexy hunk that I drool about now. I now find men attractive as well as dick. This stud would have made the perfect boyfriend. He was very hot. His jeans didn't reveal his dick, but I remember he had a great butt. I didn't have the awareness of how sexy men were back then. Now that I'm an admitted gay, I look at guy's with sensual interest only. I used to find women attractive, but I don't now. I am only interested in men. I was born gay and I gladly embrace it. Anyway, I was blowing some smoke rings, and Toby out of the blue said, "wow, those are perfect. There just about the size of my dick." Everyone clammed up. I so badly wanted to test his theory. I a gay young teen had another pass from a gay guy. I was so desperate to find a way to get into Toby's bed. This wonderful opportunity to get my first sex with a outspoken queer and I was again handcuffed. My thoughts raced as I had just been propositioned by a man. I was with friends who didn't know of my desire to suck Toby's cock. What a great thing to casually have a homo make a suggestion to me. I wished I could see just how comfortably my smoke rings would fit his dick. Alas, my friends prevented my needs. It was my first time meeting Toby. Later, once everyone had gone home, I wandered around Toby's street. I tried to concoct a way to get back into his house. My friend lived right across the street, and I feared being seen at the front door of Toby. My young ignorance stopped me from being in bed with Toby. I didn't realize that Toby would have gladly taken in a 17-year-old kid. I didn't even consider going to Toby's back door to be undiscovered. I gave up trying to solve my problem and I went home.

If I were able to get back in Toby's house, my life would have changed forever. He would have seduced that innocent, curious boy into every facet of homosexuality. I would have realized my true self and spent my adult life as the homo I now understand I am. I would have known I like kissing men. I would have had the pleasure of dating men. I would have felt the wonder of having my arms around a man while feeling his dick slide in and out of my ass. I would have enjoyed my destiny of being a gay man.

Until I became 41, I tried believing I found women attractive. My closet gay life was spent cruising for cock to suck. I was very successful at finding dick, but eventually my need for more made me try new things. At 40 years old, I had my first bottom experience. I had a slightly smaller hung black guy fuck me. It was so awesome to feel it. I knew I was meant to be fucked. As he pumped me, I told him, "oh yeah. Fuck that virgin hole. Oh yes baby, fuck me." I was very into it. I've since had another black guy fuck me. He was even smaller endowed. I didn't care though because I was being the person I was born to be. This time, I got fully into it and we fucked for hours. I kissed him as much as I could while I enjoyed being with a man. I am naturally submissive and blossomed as being "the woman". I like that role for me and love who I am. I was so intensely getting into my life's purpose. I showed him my tremendous passion and pleasure of being there. My kisses were genuine and I loved being fucked. It was that experience that opened my eyes to the fact that I am gay. Admitting that I am attracted to men is liberating. I now see the beauty in men's chests, asses, face, and everything. I hope to find a man and fall in love with him. I want a guy that appreciates my feminine passion. My life was meant to be a wife to a man. Instead of a pussy, I was given a asshole. My sensuality far more exceeds any woman. The romance I've felt with men is so pure. I am very much a sissy, and I want to be. Cuddling with a man, kissing his lips, gently sucking his neck, embracing mutual sensuality with him is the natural thing for me. I welcome my gay feelings with open arms and dream of the day I start my life by waking up in my man's arms.

My acceptance and embracing my true homosexual nature caused my exploration beyond cocksucking. I had always licked my precum while jacking off, and I liked it right away. I even licked some off a black guy's big dick I was sucking at a gloryhole. His tasted exactly like mine, and I licked a bunch of his off his piss slit. I knew it was risking disease, but I loved the taste of his clear liquid and gave into my desire. Other than my own, his was the only precum I savored and fortunately, I got away without getting any disease. His dick oozed out a generous amount and I licked it up like it was my last drink of water in the dessert. One night I decided that since I deeply loved tasting precum, I wanted to taste the real thing. I shot a load of cum into a rubber and took it in my mouth. I was completely elated. The feeling of sperm on my tongue blew me away. When I swallowed it, I found heaven. The act of swallowing sperm was the best thing I've ever done. I repeated eating my cumloads on a regular basis. I have truly become a cumslut. I spend every night finding cum shots on the internet. I save them and study them in detail. I look at the pics and drool. I have several photos of sperm that I study and pretend they're in my mouth. My favorite is a video clip of a blonde with her mouth open. Her mouth is amazingly full of several cum loads. A black dick adds 4 or 5 shots into her mouth. The amount of sperm is incredible. She closes her mouth and takes one big gulp, and swallows it all. I can only imagine and fantasize it is my mouth in place of hers. It is the best I've found yet. I do wish it was me on that video clip. If you'd like the web address, I'll send it to you.

All up until now was 100 percent true and honest. The following is my erotic fantasy. I wish the rest of my story could be reality. The risk of getting aids prevents my indulgence.

My fetish for sperm went into overdrive as soon as I swallowed my first load. I instantly knew I would seek cum from as many men I could get to feed my hunger.

My first trip to feed my diet of sperm was a month ago. I went into a bookstore that I knew had some booths with gloryholes. I got there at 10:00 in the morning so I could get a jump on swallowing man chowder. I also had plans for later on that day. I got 50 dollars in tokens and took my place in a booth that had a hole on 2 walls. I waited only 2 or 3 minutes and the booth next door had my first prospect. The guy responded to my finger invite, and I had my lips around cock number 1 for the day. I gave my expert blowjob and in 10 minutes, delicious sperm flowed onto my tongue. I was overwhelmed with joy as his warm goo poured generously in my mouth. His load was huge and very creamy. I held the cum in my mouth until I'd sucked every drop from his dick. My mouth was nearly full and I swished it around vigorously. The sperm was absolutely scrumptious. My tongue greeted the strong flavor of his creamy treat. I reveled in the taste I've grown to worship. I was getting the maximum flavor for my tastebuds. Thoroughly satisfied with the precious flavor, I tilted my head and swallowed in my glory. It was wonderful to get such a big potent load that early. My euphoria was interrupted as I heard the door of the other booth. I quickly went to work seeking more of the sacred man juice. I didn't have to wait long. After 5 minutes of giving the new dick my second to none sucking skill, a nice yummy load of man juice was deposited into my grateful mouth. His cum didn't burst, but steadily flowed in good sized clumps. He came many continuous tasty shots and fed me quite a delicious load. I happily savored his salty treat and swallowed the creamy delight. The feel of his plentiful sperm sliding down my throat made me warm with joy.

After my latest donor left, I waited and became impatient. I heard activity outside my booth and with my appetite whetted with my favorite food, I now craved it badly. I took my jacket off and exited my booth. I cruised the hallways. I made sure the 15 or so guys in the halls got a good look at what I had written on my T-shirt. Before going to the bookstore, I used a bold magic marker on the front and back of my white T-shirt. The words said, I SWALLOW. Every guy gave me the raised eyebrows so I knew I had their attention. After giving my notice to everyone, I went back into the booth. Immediately, I had action in the adjoining booth. I quickly began to cash in on my advertisement. I slurped hungrily on a new cock searching for my goal. This dick was black and big. It took the stud 15 minutes to start his shuddering. It seemed like forever, but the wait was well worth it. He fired a small volley right on the center of my tongue. Very quickly a thunderbolt blasted the back of my throat. I was slightly dazed at the force and amount while a third even heavier blast followed the second. The black cock shot bolts of hot sperm like a machine gun. My throat entrance was getting pounded with load after load of precious cum. He ejaculated for 15 or 20 seconds and gave me about a half mouthful of his sperm. After he took his dick away, I made an extra effort and enjoyed his wonderful gift. I swirled the creamy sperm around my happy mouth for a couple glorious minutes. I was getting full pleasure from this biggest load yet. I couldn't have asked for a better treat. I had to swallow my joy of his salty bleachy babyliquid as I saw another offer through the hole. I gathered myself and went after what I came there for. I sucked this dick for 10 minutes to get my sought after food. I dreamily ate another fantastic course of fresh sperm and my thirst grew. Right after the gloryhole was vacant, a new prospect came through to me. My advertising was paying off as my tired jaw went after some more lunch. Sore or not, my jaw was overrun by my hunger to slurp more semen. My hunger was recognized as yet another hard cock pumped my throat with white gold. I swallowed this load as it flowed out. I gulped like a starved man. It was so satisfying to drink the sperm right from the source. My mouth was saturated with the flavor I adore now that I'd eaten a few tasty loads. My thirst grew stronger with each load I ate.

I sucked out at least a dozen more sperm treats over the next hour. My mission was going great. I wasn't nearly finished and as the day went on, the bookstore kept a steady flow of cocks to feed my cum starved belly. One of the guys asked through the hole if he could come into my booth. I said sure, and unlocked the door. He came in with 2 other guys and said they were his friends. He also said that as the last guy left, he told him that I swallow. Apparently, the men were spreading the news as they left. Lucky me. In my kneeling position I gobbled all 3 dicks. I alternated between them for 30 minutes or so and one guy said, "I'm there. Oh yeah, eat my cum. Take my load you faggot." The other 2 both said, "yeah I'm close too." Responding to the first offer, I said, "love too. Just please aim good so it all gets in my mouth." I tilted my head and opened my mouth with my tongue stuck out. He pointed his dick at the target and spurted a nice hefty load in my waiting mouth. His aim was perfect and each spurt was where I wanted it. Following suit, the remaining two took aim. Both dicks put every precious spurt of their sperm straight into my delirious mouth. With 3 nice fresh loads filling my mouth, I showed the generous givers my immense gratitude. I looked up at them and smiled while the flavor rich cum swirled around my mouth. I swallowed the luscious sperm and moaned to them how tasty their sperm was. I smiled wide and licked my lips telling them how awesome eating their cum was. They left and I kept licking my tongue throughout my teeth and gums. My throat was coated with the warm 3 loads of cum. I couldn't have been happier than that moment. Me, the always hungry cum eater, with 3 delectable servings of my most wanted food. Hot, fresh, creamy, thick, salty, sperm. It was my ultimate honor to show the studs how much it was a pleasure to eat their loads of cum all mixed together. I gave them a long look at my white washed tongue. They made remarks about how so much sperm was in my mouth. Also about how pearly white my faggot mouth was. I closed my lips while still looking up at them, and took small swallows. I drank the massive gift in segments. It took 4 or 5 exhilarating swallows to get my throat coated with the scrumptious jizz. The cum donors all exited and I revisited the flavors of multiple cum loads as I patiently hoped for more to emerge through the hole.

I got my wish and another big black cock was enjoying my soft sensual lips. After my sucking got him to the boiling point, he plastered my mouth with a mighty portion of goo. His sperm stuck tightly to the surfaces it had been shot to. The oversized load was thick like pudding. I got an intense flavor of bitter and tangy ebony sperm cells. The more potent the taste, the better I enjoy eating it. I saturated my tastebuds extra carefully with this rare cum load. When I swallowed the yummy gift, it stayed in my throat due to it's density and stickiness. For several minutes, I could feel my throat walls holding on to it's precious contents while I waited for another cock serving. Pleasantly surprised, I got some more dick in my cum starved mouth soon. I managed to get a regular flow of dicks pumping their sperm into my eager mouth for all afternoon. I estimate I was able to eat 35 to 40 tasty cum loads. I was elated with my success at having sperm for lunch. I was incredibly pleased and certainly hungry for more. Much more.

It was getting late afternoon, so I left to go for what I had planned. A very special plan. I had previously made arrangements with a gay film producer. He had 40 black men gathered at a hotel right down the street. They were all getting paid one hundred dollars each. They had also been instructed about potential bonus, and chance to appear in a second film for five hundred dollars pay.

I got to the hotel room and went in. it was very crowded and I went right into my starring role position. I sat in a beach type chair in the center of the room. My head was right about crotch level.

This film was part one of a series that the producer and I had devised. The black men were told that all they needed to do was masturbate until they reach orgasm. When they were ready to climax, they were to step up and point their dick carefully into the center of my mouth and shoot their sperm in my mouth. They were also asked to try and refrain from cumming at least a week prior to the filming. This was intended to maximize the amount of cum and the richness of it. If I gave a signal to the producer, during my assessment of the load size, the producer made arrangements for that cum shooter to appear in part 2. My signal was sent if I felt the sperm load was larger than normal. My mouth was to be open wide with my tongue extended for each cum shot. We wanted to capture every spurt heading into my mouth on camera. We hoped to fill a 2-hour video with only cum shot after cum shot into my mouth. The title of the movie is "the man who loves to eat sperm". With the production spelled out, we began to shoot the film.

In my position, cock number 1 took aim and white cream was lining my mouth. Having several loads in my tummy already, I was quite serene. My laps of 20 minutes or so without having a fresh load to taste had increased my thirst. I sort of greedily lapped up the first load. A second cock was pointed in my face and I opened wide for the camera. Jizz bomb number 2 was a memorable one. Nearly a dozen massive ropes of man chowder belted my outstretched tongue. The glistening stripes shined against my pink flesh mouth. I posed my sperm serving for the video to memorialize the special moment. With my face directly pointed at the camera, I closed my mouth and displayed my intake of flavor followed by my throat convulsing as I swallowed. I gave the signal to the producer so I could eat this studs load again. The same general action continued for 45 minutes or so and I was being fed many healthy loads of luscious sperm. The cum loads varied in every way and each and every one was choice. My belly was greeting all the sperm treats with passion. My thirst had maintained a high level for more cum. I was the lucky recipient of a continuous supply for my willing throat. Not having to suck cocks, gave my jaw a needed rest as the men's jizz was deposited in my posed orifice. It was a very efficient method for me to dine on sperm.

About half the guy's had given me their cum load to munch on and I decided to vary the picture a little. I had signaled the producer that about 14 of the loads were extra special and I badly wanted those studs cock sneeze in my throat for part 2.

To give a little feature on the cum devouring movie, I held a juicy load in my mouth. I kept my mouth coated with a tasty dish of sperm as a second, and eventually 5 more loads had collected in my mouth. The delicious goo was too valuable and was dangerously close to overflow of my lips. With a full mouth of creamy beige cum loads flooding my happy mouth, I had the camera catch a good long view of my prize. I shook my head slightly so the precious fluid giggled and danced over my tongue. The varied thickness of loads showed some thicker white clouds mixed in with the thinner more transparent juice. I dutifully gulped a couple large swallows and showed the camera my mouth was now empty. It was so beautiful, that I certainly wasn't "acting" as I smiled big and licked my chops. The movie clearly portrayed my utter delight.

For a while longer, I resumed filming of individual loads painting my tongue and swallowing them. Now with only 10 cocks remaining to pump goo in my mouth, we staged the finale. A hunk jacked his cream bomb into a condom. The rubber was removed and fitted over the head of each other dick and they all shot into the challis. After 10 loads contributed to the collection, the elongated condom was bulging and 3 inches full of the nectar I craved. The last sperm donor turned the rubber up to my greedy mouth and poured the amazing chowder in. The fertile semen with billions of sperm swimming about gracefully oozed out. The entire 3 inches was emptied into my puffing cheeks. I gave the camera an extended view of my pool of cum. And after I gulped down the mouthwatering sperm, I sucked the condom inside out to enjoy the residue left inside.

The film was one hour and forty-eight minutes of my face being fed cum load after cum load. It was perfect and we hope to sell thousands. As well as promoting part 2 and maybe 3. We realized, that for the sequel, we'll need 50 or to be safe, 60 men to serve me their sperm in order to fill the whole 2 hours up. My producer insisted on giving me some money for the shoot even though I told him the loads of cum was payment enough for me.

Part 2 will be called "the man who loves to eat sperm 2". With a subtitle "largest cumloads he can find".

After the filming, I went to a 24 hour t-room to guzzle more loads. I successfully drank 25 more sperm cocktails at the t-room. What a special day I was blessed with.

I hope the scientists soon discover a cure or vaccine for HIV. When and if they do, I'll get it and try to live out the same scenario I've written here. I would truly love to swallow cum all day and make a movie of me doing it. It's wish that you enjoyed my cum obsession and shot a load reading it. I more wish that your shot was in my throat.