Cum Eating

Standard disclaimers apply. Don't read this if you are offended by homosexual acts. This story describes major cum swallowing.

I have been sucking cock for twenty years, and have given head to at least 300 different guys. When I started my love affair with dick it was right when aids was discovered. Consequently, my need to stay disease free kept me from having any of those cocks feed me their sperm. I experimented with eating my loads, and found that I thoroughly enjoy tasting and swallowing it. I had badly wanted for a long time to take a guys load down my throat, but I was always safe.

2 years ago, I lived in DC and found the bookstores and my first tearoom. As you might guess, the majority of the patrons were black guys, but they mostly were looking for other black men. My favorite dick is black and the low success rate at getting it frustrated me. I turned to finding a gay bar in a predominately black area and went there to try and score some big black cock to suck.

I got to the bar on a Friday night at 8:00. The place was busy already, with all black guys, and I didn't see any other white guys. I was encouraged and presumed that some of these guys surely like white meat. I browsed with my beer and tried to make suggestive smiles at every guy I made eye contact with. I was determined to get some black cock in my mouth. I wasn't getting any vibes or progress so I decided to get more aggressive. I approached any guy who appeared to be alone and offered to buy him a drink and make small talk. Very few guys responded and those that did gave me the feeling to bug off. I was getting rejected one after the other. It was about 8:45 and one guy showed me a glimmer of interest. He said he didn't need a drink and said, "you must be looking for some black dick white boy". Somewhat surprised, I said, "well yeah, I really would like to find some". He asked what I was into, and I told him that I love to give head. He said, "you like sucking black dick don't you boy"? I told him yes and he grinned a little. I was now becoming largely encouraged. He said to wait here and when he gets back from the bathroom, he is a friend with the owner and there's a private room that he is able to use. Relieved, I said, "sure, I'll be right here". As he went to the restroom I watched him thinking about my luck paying off. I kept fixed on the path back from the bathroom and on his way back, he stopped for a moment and chatted briefly with a couple guys. He wasn't gone long as I anxiously waited. He came back and said, "come on, lets go". I followed him towards the back and we soon entered a room and he shut the door behind me. It was dark but light enough that noticed several large glory holes on one wall. They were grouped together and I thought it strange that they were in a pattern like they were. My attention was only on sucking dick, and I gave no more thought about the holes. I later discovered they weren't glory holes.

I hurriedly knelt reaching for his zipper, and he went to work on it himself. While he worked his cock out of his pants, he told me to take off my shirt. I quickly did and tossed it aside in my hunger to get his meat. All ready now, he stepped to my crotch level face and presented me with a juicy limp 5" black uncut delicacy. I hungrily wrapped my dickloving lips around that yummy shaft and began my job getting it hard. I sucked him with loyal devotion and displayed my thanks to him for letting me get my gift. I made love to his cock and quickly got him rock hard and a good 8-1/2" long. I sucked and tightened my lips as I bobbed up and down his veiny shaft. This dick was exactly what I was hoping to find and I made sure he knew I was very grateful he allowed me to blow him. I sucked awhile and intermittently paused to lick all over the shaft and give it kisses. I even told him, "thank you so much. Your dick is perfect and I could suck it every day. I absolutely love it". He said, "yeah boy you suck that cock great. Back up to the wall so I can slide it in and out nice and slow". I backed to the wall and was now against the holes. He moved my head over slightly and started slowly pumping his boner in and out of my lips. I really liked his sensual pace and got lost in my passion. I was so engrossed in my head giving, I didn't notice until it was too late that a strap was through one hole, around my neck, and back through another hole. As I realized my restraint on my neck, I became deathly frightened. I stopped my attention on his dick and my face reflected my deep fear. I moaned out a loud mmmfh, but his dick in my mouth stopped my speaking. He said, "don't worry white boy, you said you wanted to suck some black dick and I'm just gonna give you what you asked for". He kept sliding in and out my mouth, and I now was completely not into the event. I was terribly frightened and he just kept gently fucking my face. As he pumped my mouth, the door opened and 2 guys came in and shut the door. They each took my wrists and secured them to a couple of the holes with straps and I was now totally restrained and intensely scared. The 2 guys opened their pants, pulled out their big dicks and moved towards my face as the first guy pulled out of my mouth. I started to ask what they're doing but a cock was put in my mouth too quickly. The guy I was now sucking said, "here you go white boy. Suck my black dick. Get that cock hard you cocksucker. You wanted black dick and here you go." He fucked my mouth while the other two were jacking off. I was still scared to death, but as his cock got harder, I started to get more into sucking him. I was slowly beginning to like the idea of having three nice dicks to suck. My interest shortly returned to enthusiasm, and the third guy stepped up to offer me his 9 incher. He was hard and I went right into my best to make his dick feel good. My acceptance was apparent now and he said, "yeah boy, you suck dick good. I know you love my big black cock in your pussy mouth. Yeah suck my dick. Show me how you love black cock boy". I was, I sucked him eagerly while he kept his cock in my face. "Yeah boy, oh yeah, you suck dick so good. Oh yeah baby, suck that cock".

I am very good at sucking cock, and all 3 of these tasty dicks were getting lots of appreciation from my lips. They rotated cocks in my mouth for 15 minutes or so and my jaw was feeling the stress. I couldn't do anything due to being tied up, so had to let them use my mouth however they chose. I have never taken a load in my mouth and started to worry that they were going to force me to take theirs. My jaw was on autopilot and one of them started to spasm. I couldn't escape as he kept his cock stuck in my mouth. "Oh yeah boy, here it comes, take my cum you cocksucker". Moaning and jerking, he started rapidly stroking his dick as half of it was lodged in my mouth. I was helpless to stop him. He threw his head back and strained out, "oh yeah I'm gonna shoot, eat my cum boy. Ohh yeah". His dick started it's pulsing and his cum shot well into the back of my mouth. He kept groaning and his dick shot again. His load was collected on my throat and my natural reflex caused me to gulp. I felt his cum pass into my throat as another shot came from his dick. I was extremely resistant, but there was nothing I could do. His dick pumped a lot of cum and it was gathering in the back of my mouth and it seemed like it was never going to stop. As the warm cum pooled at my throat entrance, my reflex again forced me to gulp. This time, I felt a lot of cum go down and I could feel it on the walls of my throat. I had to gulp again and it was fully swallowed and going down my esophagus. He said, "yeah boy swallow that load. You needed that hot cum didn't you boy. Yeah cocksucker, eat my black cum." Hi dick was ending its explosion and his cum was coating my tongue as he worked his cock around my helpless mouth. I was now getting a full taste of his sperm and feeling it slightly stinging my throat. I had swallowed a big gulp of it and the taste was getting strong on my tastebuds. The salty flavor assaulted my senses and I had no choice but to receive it. He finally pulled his dick out and the first guy took its place right away. I now dreaded what was happening and realized I was going to be forced to eat all their cum. The first guy resumed fucking my sore jaw and I was despondent. Strong taste of cum in my mouth as well as feeling it in my throat, I was terribly regretting my actions.

The first guy used my mouth about 2 minutes and began his obvious start to orgasm. Again I could do nothing to stop him. He groaned forcefully while stroking his cock in my mouth just like the previous guy. I felt his dick shoot it's sperm into my innocent mouth. His spurts came rapidly in succession as my mouth quickly filled with another load of cum. He came with a big load also and the taste was nearly the same but less salty. At least this load was a little more tolerable to my tongue. After finishing his shooting, he kept his cock stuck in my mouth and said, "now swallow that cum boy. You know you love black men's cream so gulp it down now. Eat that hot cum and make room for Marcus's load now". "You bout ready to feed this cocksucker Marcus"? Marcus said, "yeah, working up a nice big load for that cumsucker" as he jacked off. Knowing that I had no choice, and fearing for my life, I conceded. With his dick still in my mouth, I swallowed two big gulps and felt his cum slide down my throat. He said, "yeah boy, you love eatin that hot cum. I told you I'd give you what you need boy. Take that load boy. Now Marcus here is gonna give you some more dick juice. I know you want it boy, and I'm gonna make sure he treats you right. Come on Marcus, this white boy is thirsty for some more hot cum". Marcus stepped up and the first guy pulled out. With my mouth empty, hoping for some type of rescue, I said, "please guys". But before I had a chance to say anything further, Marcus stuffed his cock in my pleading mouth. Marcus laughed and said, "hear that Derrick, white said please. He's so hungry for our juice that he's beggin for it. Don't you worry boy, you don't have to beg, I'm gonna feed you a nice hot load real soon. I promise". Again dejected, my lifeless mouth was pumped with a third black abuser. While Marcus worked up his load in my lips, Derrick opened the door to leave and another guy walked in. From the side, I could see I hadn't seen him before and I now became overwhelmed. Defenseless, I felt Marcus begin his shooting in my mouth. The new guy started stroking while Marcus pumped a very thick load from his tool. His cum continuously poured out like a stream and quickly covered my tongue. The taste was a little different again, and had a sort of sour twinge. Knowing what was inevitable and not wanting to prolong having to taste it on my tongue, I started swallowing as he was filling my mouth. As my throat muscles worked it down, he said, "that's it boy. Drink it up. Swallow daddy's cum boy". I ignored his humiliation of me and swallowed a few times to get his flowing cum out of my mouth. He persisted with, "oh yeah boy, drink up. Eat that big load you want so much. Yeah, that's it boy. You did good you cum eating pussy. Now since you were a good boy and was beggin me for my hot cum, Antonio here is gonna let you have his cum to eat. I know you can't wait boy, so let's get him over here to give you that dick cream that you are so anxious for. Come on Antonio, this white dicksucker needs some more black cum to eat". The guy came over and instead of attempting to protest when my mouth was dickless, I knew I again had no choice. Instead of speaking, I leaned my face to his crotch and my mouth got another hefty black dick to taste. I sucked him with hopelessness, and the door opened before Marcus was ready to leave. 3 guys stepped in and I knew I had made a tremendous mistake. Marcus left and now I had 4 black dicks wanting to share in the assault on me. I had to rotate between all 4 new cocks and suck each one for a few minutes. Like the previous hour, I was being forced to taste and swallow another big load of sperm. I ate a load from the first guy and one guy said, "lets give him 2 at the same time". One of them said, "I'm getting close". Another said, "me too". One of the two said, "open up wide boy". The two of them stepped up to my face. I knew I had to obey and I feared for my safety. They both were jacking fast and I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I tilted my head back, and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. One guy said, "yeah boy you want it don't you? Tell me how bad you want to swallow our cum boy". I submissively said, "please shoot your hot sperm all over my tongue. I am starving for your cum. Please shoot every drop of your cum in my mouth. I want you to pump the biggest load you have ever shot. I hope you aim good so every bit of your delicious cream gets in my mouth so I can taste it and feel it ooze down my happy throat while I swallow every delicious bit. I badly want to eat all your cum sir". Wow, I couldn't believe what I had said. I realized I went overboard, and was astonished at how eager I seemed. I knew I had to cooperate but questioned myself of what I just blurted out. I resumed my receiving position, and they both let go. Both cocks were at the edge of my tongue and rope after rope of cum was blasting in my wide-open mouth. The door opened while they simultaneously filled my mouth. I couldn't pay attention to the new assailants, and the 2 guys pumped a large volume while muttering things like, "oh this boy loves our hot cream. Eat it up you cum punk". They kept insulting as they relentlessly shot gobs of sperm straight in my mouth. Both seemed to shoot the biggest load I'd got so far and as it was subsiding, I could feel my mouth nearly half full. One guy stepped back and said, "look at that". Surrounded by about 9 guys now, I felt at the end of my rope. They all looked in awe at my mouth full of cum and I closed my mouth. Hoping that if I put on a good enough show, maybe they'd relent and let me go. I swirled the warm sperm around my mouth so they could see. After giving them a thorough show, I tilted my head against the wall and gulped with extra effort to let them see my throat swallow the cum. There was so much this time, I had to take 4 big gulps to get it all down and I felt like I needed to gag. Instead, I regrouped and smiled up at them as I licked my lips as if to reflect my delight. I certainly wasn't delighted, but I thought I needed to make them think I was. I was however feeling something different. I didn't feel as repulsed about it this time. The flavor was actually intriguing to me and I felt like it soothed me by feeling it slide down my throat. I could feel it going down my throat and I was actually enjoying how it felt. As degrading and threatening this all was, I was beginning to like the whole experience. The more I tasted the residue of sperm on my tastebuds, the more it tasted good to me. I even ran my tongue around my gums and teeth trying to get more flavor. As I did find some lingering tastes, I was enjoying it more by the second. Surprised at my change of heart, I regained focus to see all guys jacking their cocks as they each seemed to be allowing a reprieve for me. They just kept pumping for several minutes while I thought about being forced to swallow so many loads of cum, and trying to understand why I was now satisfied rather than frightened. My attention was caught as one guy began to show his pending orgasm. I looked to his dick and seen he had a rubber on. I was relieved. He moaned as I saw the tip of the rubber turn white with his sperm. As he settled down, another guy said, "hurry man, I'm gonna shoot". The guy who had just shot in the rubber, took it off and handed it to the guy who was ready to cum. The guy getting close, quickly struggled and put the rubber just over the end of his dick. Just as he got the rubber on, he began to shoot his load into it. Another guy said, "my turn". The rubber was switched to the third cock and was again pumped with another load. One after the other, each guy took the condom over the end of his dick and shot their sperm into it. The rubber was about one quarter full and bulging with the white cream after each of the 8 or 9 guys deposited their loads, and I started to catch on. During the filling of the sperm holder, about a half dozen more guys came in as they rotated in and out of the room. Every single man jacked off until he was adding his sperm to the growing package. The increasing number of cumloads grew the amount to around 3 inches deep of their many loads in the condom. As the last guy took it off, he came to me and held the rubber in my face. It was about 3" to 4" full of sperm and looked heavy. He said, "you want this don't you boy"? I raised my eyes to him and said, "yes I do. All that cum looks delicious. Will you please let me eat it"? With nothing said, he grabbed the full end, put the open end to my mouth, and I pursed my lips reaching for it. He smoothly raised the full end, and the massive loads came flowing out into my mouth. I kept my lips secure to the opening as my mouth filled. I moaned a signal that I was full and he backed the condom away. He understood my moan as I hoped he would, and when I looked, the rubber was still half full. My cheeks puffed and I swirled the multiple loads all around my mouth. The powerful taste was flooding my mouth and I kept running my tongue all through the creamy sperm loads. I was savoring it. I was now loving the taste and feeling of having my mouth full of all that cum. I swirled it around for a minute at least and I was hoping to get the succulent flavor to soak into my delirious taste buds. An hour previous, I was in fear for my life and abhorred at the thought. Now I was elated to have all that cum floating over my tongue. It was delicious beyond words. After thoroughly absorbing the flavor I now cherished, I calmly took gulp after delightful gulp until my throat had swallowed the entire mouthful. My eyes closed and serenity overcame me as I smiled warmly reeling with euphoria. Taking in my new obsession of being a cum eater, my mind returned to the current situation and I opened my mouth to display my wish to have the rest of that sperm. The stud holding the rubber said, "you want this load boy"? I pleaded, "oh yes please. It tastes so wonderful and I desperately want all you can treat me too". He put the challis to my mouth and gently poured the remaining cock juice onto my thankful tongue. Every morsel got in my mouth, as he didn't spill any of the nectar. With about half of the sperm that was left in the rubber, my mouth was once again packed full with marvelous loads of hot black men's cum. My delight increased more while I adored my mouthful of these guys sperm. Like before, I explored it entirely and soaked up all the flavor for my grateful tongue to save. Once again I graciously gulped until every precious drop of the cum flowed down my throat. The rubber was placed on my lips and I sucked it in as he pushed it until it was inside out in my mouth so I could clean out the residue it held. I made a point to not swallow these remnants so the flavor would stay in my mouth a long time.

The men must have been satisfied with their abuse of me because they released my bondage and told me to get lost. I now had a never ending thirst for loads, but had been fed so many loads that I didn't want to push my luck. I gathered myself and left with a feeling of incredible pleasure. My stomach was holding gobs of sperm and my mouth was exhilarated with the lingering taste of it. The adventure changed into my best experience ever and would plan more multiple feasts of sperm.

As you probably guessed, this story is fictitious. It is however a wish that I could do it in every detail. If I could eat scores of cumloads in succession, my dream would come true.