Harsh Punishment For Jeff

------------------------------------------- If you're not of age (18 years old+), it's probably illegal for you to read this, so don't.

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These accounts are 100% true.. though some of the locations and maybe some of the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Background: This account contains three main characters...Jeff is a 27 year old cub type, 5'11, 190lbs, solid and hairy, when not shaved bare. Though Jeff doesn't live with Sir, he remains in chastity almost constantly and reports for service and abuse many times a week. "Boy", aka "Slaveboy" is a young 20-something slender, hairless, tone, cute as button slave who lives with our Master full time. Slaveboy is the real deal, he sleeps in a cell, eats from a bowl, and is 100% committed to his slave life. Sir is a 6'7" 300lbs giant and strong as an ox and as intimidating as he sounds. Sir, Slaveboy, and Jeff have been playing with each other for quite some time now..and last night, Jeff got another taste of why you should never cross a line.

A few days ago, while edging Slaveboy, I accidentally took it too far and he came like a fountain. Being that both slave and I are locked in chastity most of the time, we never supposed to cum without permission and slave had definitely came without permission and I was the cause. Without hesitation, I told Sir what had happened and he seemed disappointed but not angry -- his anger was to come later.

Around 9pm, on Sunday evening, Sir instructed me to run (about 3 miles) to his house wearing nothing but my sneakers, tight running shorts, and a large metal plug up my ass. Though he said not to come by until I had stopped at the 7-11 for some Gatorade. I knew immediately he was out to punish me/humiliate for letting slave cum, because my the shorts he had selected are almost sheer and very much expose the large bulge created by my CB6000 chastity device. I slipped into the 7-11 that I often visit on a regular basis, hurried to get the Gatorade, and went to the counter to pay. Within just one second, you could tell the young kid behind the counter had immediately noticed the large bulge in my shorts, as it's all he could look at. Surely red faced, I rushed out of the store and continued my run.

I arrived at Sir's house a few moments later. I stripped down and walked into Sir's playroom (dungeon) only to find slave in the new restraint chair I had just helped Sir finish the night before. Slaveboy surely had been worked over, he was sweaty, breathing heavy, and just looked plain miserable (but a good sort of miserable). Sir said he was punishing slave for cumming the other night and that since it was my fault that I should administer the punishment. The restraint chair has 3 elctro-stim control boxes with multiple rings and sticky electrodes... and best of all, an electro metal plug directly in the center of the chair for a very uncomfortable impalement.

I asked Sir what he had done so far and he simply said "we were just getting warmed up"... A little upset that this poor boy was taking a lot of grief for something I had caused, I didn't protest and began working the control boxes. I started out slow with a pulse wave to all the electrodes connected to the tip of his cock, his balls, nipples, ass, and feet. Though I knew he had to be in quite a bit of discomfort, he just whimpered quietly while I worked him over for what seemed like forever as Sir looked on with a sadistic grin.

After about 30 minutes of so, slave was clearly wiped out, tears had started to run down his cheek and he just had the most pathetic look on his face...I finally said to Sir "how long does this need to go on?" and he said "I'd have stopped it 20 minutes ago, but for every minute you torture him, I'm going to double it on you.." I gulped, I had really been working him over and Sir knew pain was not my thing, but it sounded like I was in for it tonight....

I released Slave from his chair and Sir instructed me to chain him to the wall directly in front of the chair, I did as I told. He told me to remove my plug and further lube my hole... I liberally put lube around and in my man pussy and then he instructed me to get on the chair that I had so attentively help build. A little reluctant, Sir slapped my face and yelled "I said now, bitch!"..it required no more thought on my part, I sat on the chair and carefully worked the metal electrified plug into my ass, but about midway down, Sir pushed me the rest of the down and I cried out in pain. He forcefully restrained my neck, feet, and hands to the chair and even put a strap around my mid section... he turned on the butt plug to full juice, but pulsing.. in random but frequent intervals the pulse would come, and I'd cry out. Sir put a leather hood on me, zippered the eyes and said "I'll be back in awhile, I'm going to watch the end of my program..." I wasn't sure what time it was, but I knew when he said that I was in for it. After what seemed like more than hour of sheer misery, I could hear Master entered the room with another man. They were talking about slave and I and what I had allowed to happen. They seemed to get great amusement from my yelping as a surge of current would awaken my tired and sore hole... but it wasn't over.

Sir removed my CB6000 chastity device and started to attach the additional electrodes to my nipples and balls and I heard him say to whoever was in the room with him "want to see how this works? I know you like to make boys cry..." And he sure did, within just a few seconds, tears were running down my cheek, I begged and pleaded with him to stop. Sir said "if you had only gone easier on the slave, you wouldn't be in this situation right now"... sadist bastard, I thought to myself. After what seemed like an eternity, the other man left and Sir came back to release me from the chair from hell.

As I staggered to get up and examine my poor balls, he said laughing "now you know what it's like to take a taser to the nuts".. and I believe it. Hoping we were done with my punishment, I stood there waiting for whatever came next. Sir led me to the cell where slave usually sleeps and chained me to the wall, again restrained by the hands, feet, and neck. A few minutes Sir led Slave into the cell and instructed slave to do whatever he had to make me cum and then said to me "if you cum, it'll be the last time you do for a year"... a year of chastity, I'd explode, I thought.

Sir locked us in the cell.. Slaveboy immediately went to servicing my cock with both his hands and mouth. I almost came 100 different times, but I was able to hold back until finally after a good hour, I finally burst. A flick of the tongue and my load flew right into slave's mouth and down his throat. "Aw fuck", I shouted.. and I heard Sir laughing from outside the door. "I knew you wouldn't be able to keep from cumming, the his mouth is too talented...".

Sir came back in the cell, released me from the bondage and led me back into the playroom where he allowed me to shower, if you can call it that. Sir's idea of a slave shower is a cold water pipe hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the playroom with a drain. He turned on the water and made sure I cleaned the area around my cock very well. Wearing a CB6000, it's hard to get 100% clean while wearing it. When I got done showering, Sir had me clean up the dungeon a bit and told me to meet him in his bedroom.

When I got to his bedroom, Sir was already naked with a bottle of lube and a box of condoms by the dresser....He first locked the CB6000 back on me commenting "get used to this thing for awhile, it may not be coming off..." We always play safe, even went for a group HIV test a month or so ago, but tonight Sir had an unusual request. He wanted to fuck me bareback -- never in my life had I been fucked bareback and I was very hesitant, but we discussed it and I agreed.

He was very slow and sweet, almost remorseful for what I had endured earlier. He lay on top of me pumping my ass, pushing my head into the pillows.... after a long awhile, I felt his warm seed fill my hole, it was a wonderful feeling. We lay there sedated for awhile, Sir laying on top of me with his softening cock still partially in my hole. Normally if I spend the night at Sir's, he locks me away with slaveboy or I sleep on the floor by the foot of his bed, but he told me to stay in bed with him. I drifted asleep but was suddenly awoken by the feel of a hard cock between my cheeks. He was ready to go again, I looked over and saw it was 2am... I was sound asleep and I looked back at him and he said "ssshhh, you don't have to move, just lay there.." -- so I did. He again slowly and sweetly pumped my very sore hole until I felt his seed drip down my crack and drip onto my balls. I again drifted off to sleep and at 5am, Sir's alarm sounded.

I asked Sir if I could use the bathroom, but "Go outside" he barked at me..'There's the Sir, I know' I thought to myself. Thankfully Sir's house is on a decent amount of property, so privacy isn't too big of a concern. I did my business and re-entered the house where he was standing there with my running shorts, plug, and magic marker. Without being told, I took the plug and quickly inserted it. Sir grabbed me and wrote something in large lettering across my forehead. And shoved me out the door throwing my shorts about as far as he could in his front yard.

I quickly grabbed my shorts and put them on, hoping no one saw me... the sun had just come up and I sprinted home with surely something obscene written across my forehead in red magic marker. I snuck in the house past my roommates and quickly scrubbed off 'cocksucker' from my forehead. Moments later, Sir called laughing "did you have a nice time running home?" to which I replied "Yes Sir, and I had a nice time last night as well". "See you again tonight at 9pm, boy."......

Sir always like to read a journal of my experiences when they're new, harsh, or just plain fun or bad.. This was a little of all of the above.