Mississippi Thug Dick

Well, the old ho' is at it again.This time I picked up a hottie who I later found out might be wanted by more than me!Here are all the details on another piece of hot thug dick.

Word of mouth is the best advertising.I was visiting some friends recently and met another hot black guy who I will call Jerome.Jerome was in his late twenties, about six foot and two inches tall, and very lean.He had a shaved head and a nice, dark complexion.Jerome told me he came from Mississippi. Word has it that Jerome is a thief and if it's not bolted down, he'll steal it. Other than that little character flaw, I took quite a liking to him.My friend Denise clued him in that I like guys.

The next day Jerome was still at my friends' house.He's one of those people who jumps from house to house staying with whoever will let him.I stopped by and chatted a little bit.The beer ran out and Jerome suggested that I go with him to pick up some beer.On the way to the gas station he immediately told me he knew I wanted some cock and we'd have to do it fast.I told him I wanted cock, but I also wanted to eat some black ass, too.He was up for that. I knew things would work out because some of the others had taken off for a while, too.We wouldn't be missed while absent from Denise's house.

Jerome and I went down to the gas station near where I live.I bought the beer and the squares (slang for cigarettes).Jerome and I went back to my place.The nosy neighbor bitch was outside and waved at us.She knows how I am and I'm sure she was lighting up the phone lines with some new gossip that the fag slut brought another black guy home.

Once inside, Jerome asked me if he could take a fast shower.I got him a towel and by the time I handed it to him he was completely naked.At least seven inches of semi-hard, cut cock hung down.I fondled it and groped the heavy, cum-filled nuts.This man was going to be more than a mouthful.

After his shower, Jerome dried himself off.He lay on my bed on his back.I looked at him, his big black Mississippi cock sticking up like a periscope. All I said was "turn over."He did.I explained I was going to eat his ass.

Jerome got up on his elbows and knees.I started licking, teasing his black ass.My tongue darted everywhere but the center of the pucker.He moaned and squirmed.With no warning, I suddenly thrust my tongue hard against the center of his booty hole and it opened up to me.Jerome moaned loudly and ground his ass into my face.I continued to tongue fuck his ass all the while pulling on his big, swollen cock.Finally he pulled away from me and rolled over.

I was face to face with one of the biggest, most perfect circumcised cocks I've ever seen.I had him sit on the edge of the bed and I slowly started sucking him.I couldn't go very fast because his cock was so long and thick.I periodically gagged; I'm not one that normally gags.That big black pole had to be pushing ten inches and it was a respectable thickness, too.My jaws started wearing out and I had to rest.

"You like that dick?"He asked.

"Ummmm... Can I say the 'n' word for a second?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

"I want that cock so bad,"I replied."I love nigger dick.I crave it. Please nut in my mouth.I want to eat your black seed."He laughed.

"You little bitch," he said."Get down here and suck some more of mah nigga dick.I'm gonna give you whatcha need.Start sucking."

I got back on my knees in front of him and started sucking his cock again. He guided my head and softly moaned as I worked over his cock.My jaws were absolutely killing me when I felt the big heavy black dick start to swell. I kept bobbing up and down on the big organ and soon I was rewarded with a big squirt of jizz, followed by three more.I licked him clean.

After I pulled off and he'd rested he told me that was the best head he had for a while.I told him I know he doesn't want to do me but would he at least let me kiss his big lips.He agreed and he held my head and kissed me gently at first, then harder and more aggressively, using his thick tongue and big lips.I pulled my cock out and started pounding it as he started to ravage my neck.I pulled away from him and nutted on a shirt on the floor.

When I got up, I asked Jerome if I could please take a picture of his face. He told me I could take a picture of anything I wanted but not his face.I had him lie on the bed and spread that athletic young black ass wide.I got two ass shots and then had him roll over.Then I took two nice pics of his big black cock.I pretended like I wasn't getting his face, but really I did.< grin>

So the following day I took the file in to the local 24 hour pharmacy (major chain) for developing.I asked the Mexican lady if it was okay to have pictures of a naked man on my film.Jeez, if that isn't fucking humiliating.(By the way, it was okay to develop nudes as long as children aren't involved...) On top of that humiliation, I had to wear band-aids to work to cover the hickeys Jerome left.

Jerome quickly left the state.Word of mouth is that he has a warrant out for his arrest for violating some prison work release or something.He's called me once and left an invalid phone number for me to call.I'm hoping to see him again some time soon.Like so many of these thug guys, they come and go, but if you're watching and waiting, you can land a hottie from time to time.

Oh yeah.The pictures came back from the developer.At least I have a nice little souvenir of this not so little Mississippi thug dick.

Feel free to write me.Everything I've published under this name has happened.You won't see many multi-part stories 'cause these are usually quickie tricks.The audience I'm trying to entertain are the people like me who want to here a true story, jack off, and look for another.Thanks for you kind letters -- Zenith64131