Best Rated Stories

Jacob And Dameian (Interracial)
The Cure (Highschool)
High School Lessons Learned (Interracial)
Strictly Business (Highschool)
To Catch A Bird (Interracial)
Black Lamborghini (Interracial)
Taunus Slut (BDSM)
Last Year At Uni (College)
Teamwork (Interracial)
Orientation Week (College)
Dorm Incident (College)
How To Move On (College)
Dont Look At Me Like That (Highschool)
Good Morning St Petersberg (Highschool)
Dark Dreams (Interracial)
King Of The Hill (Highschool)
What About Me (College)
Cry Baby (Highschool)
Where The Love Light Gleams (Military)
Olympic Training Camp Men (Athletics)
Unexpected Returns (Interracial)
Hill Street Blacks (Interracial)
Supporting Out Troops (Military)
Locker Room Playing (Athletics)
Spring Break Virgin (Highschool)
Good Sub (BDSM)
Parker Brothers (Athletics)
Night On The Links (Interracial)
When I Was Young (College)
The Party (Interracial)
Turning The Tables (Athletics)
Landscaping My Ass (Interracial)
Hungry Black Bottom (Interracial)
Brocker (Athletics)
Brocker Original (Athletics)
Egyptian Adventure (Interracial)
Dishy Martin (Highschool)
Internet Encounter With Steve (Interracial)
Homeboy Breaking And Entering (Interracial)
Getting Off With Josh (Highschool)
Uncovered (Highschool)
Sweet Cum Uppance (Athletics)
Windows Of The World (Interracial)
The Stadium (College)
Submarine Chaser (Military)
Caribbean Stud (Interracial)
Escape And Evasion (Military)
Garage Mechanic (Highschool)
Please (College)
My New Life (BDSM)