Story Archive

1968 Convention (Military)
37th Day (College)
A Bet Is A Bet (College)
A Boys Love (Highschool)
A Day At The Beach (Interracial)
A Faggots Place (BDSM)
A Friend Who Can Teach (Highschool)
A Generous Soul (BDSM)
A Good Start (BDSM)
A Lesson Learned (BDSM)
A New Friend (Highschool)
A Night At The Gym (Athletics)
A Play With Nothing But Sex (BDSM)
A Privates Life (Military)
A Quick Story (Interracial)
Aarons Bro (Highschool)
About Time (College)
Abu (Interracial)
Accelerated Exercise Program (Athletics)
Action In The Barn (Interracial)
Adam And Bryan (Highschool)
Adam And Jeff (Athletics)
Adam And The Journey Of Self Discovery (College)
Adams Bitch (Interracial)
Adams Football Tackle (BDSM)
Adams Nylon Briefs (Athletics)
Addicted To It (Interracial)
Adrian The Redhead (Highschool)
Adrians Birthday (College)
Adrians Initiation (BDSM)
Adventures In Palestine (Interracial)
Adventures Of Dan And Brad (College)
Adventures On Bicycle (Interracial)
Af Flight Suits (Masturbation)
Afghan Fuck Mission (Interracial)
African Beach Red Speedos (Interracial)
African Encounter (Interracial)
African Kidnapping (Interracial)
African Photoshoot (Athletics)
After Graduation (Highschool)
After School Activities (Athletics)
After School Park Boys (Masturbation)
After School Workout (Athletics)
After The Fight (Athletics)
After The Party (Highschool)
After The Race (Highschool)
After The Theatre (Interracial)
Afternoon At The Gym (Athletics)
Afternoons (Highschool)
Against The Clock (College)